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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Are the glownogs compromising TOR?


they invented TOR


I've heard this said before by a lot of different people.
Because I refuse to actually investigate & read things, I tend to believe that all these people have told me.


Everything is compromised


it was started as a research project at ONI or something, but the very structure of it means that it can't really be backdoored in any conventional way
the NSA has been in an arms race to compromise the network iirc


Would you rather bareback the literal "clearnet" or also use an anonymizing overlay network that at least gives the chance of being more opaque against surveillance?
That's basically why a reasonable person starts using tor.
The OP is retarded and so is the clip embedded (standard brainlet /g/ + /pol/yp pseudointellectual narrator).


It's still the best alternative there is. If you're really worried about getting caught just do shady things offline.


yet they still cant catch everyone using it to stay anonymous while doing crimes….

if shit really gets torn open then we'll know because everyone will start getting arrested, and dark net markets will be no more. (though there have been lots of busts recently so maybe thats whats happening <_<)


They run a lot of exit nodes but the issue is to have any meaningful power over you as an individual they need control of guard nodes and exit nodes and they need to be the ones you just happen to have randomly chosen for you.

Now actually hidden services on the other hand? Those can easily be compromised.


File: 1640665032697.png (238.22 KB, 940x529, ClipboardImage.png)

I doubt they'd be so brazen as to take over the network by spamming nodes or whatever. Tor is useful to keep propaganda flowing. If it was blatantly compromised nobody would use it, then it'd be glowies stalking glowies. But I bet they reserve the right to call in favors on bugs or oversights to remain unfixed if unreported by the public. If the glowies keep a tresure trove of 0-days to exploit,one would expect, doubly so for the things they fund.

On that topic, the latest update TBB 11 broke everything for Windows users(yeye stuff it). Apparently "HTTPS Everywhere", one of the addons bundled, though probably not necessary now that Firefox has similar feature itself, breaks all addons on that version for Windows users. Which means without noscript, javascript goes unobstructed no matter what settings you use.

>Tor Browser 11.0 comes with a number of known issues:
<Bug 40677: Since the update to 11.0a9 some addons are inactive and need disabling-reenabling on each start
Which is wrong. It's all addons and it's inconsistent whether they are enabled or not.
>Tor Browser 11.0.1 comes with a number of known issues (please check the following list before submitting a new bug report):
>Tor Browser 11.0.2 comes with a number of known issues (please check the following list before submitting a new bug report):
It was fixed on:
But the closest thing addressed is :
>Bug 40698: Addon menus missing content in TB11
Which is an issue that doesn't exist in the issue tracker. On that again, the original issue last entries are:

pseudonymisaTor (Busy) :snowflake: @pseudonymisaTor · 2 weeks ago
in newest Release: Tor Browser 11.0.2 bug still existend with ublock origin

Duncan :pencil2: @duncan · 2 weeks ago
Yep, that's due to a separate issue that we've switched to confidential (following Mozilla's lead, hence the 404) – however we're working on a fix and a potential workaround is about to go out in our Alpha release channel for wider testing. I'll clarify the status of this bug on the blog and forum posts too :)

JP95 @JP95 · 2 weeks ago
Why was #40698 set to confidential? I am affected, because I use Windows and uBlock Origin. I had to disable uBlock, since it does not work in TB for Windows anymore.
There was nothing secret in this issues, just some addons, which are broken in latest TorBrowser.

Duncan :pencil2: @duncan · 2 weeks ago
Mozilla made the decision to restrict access in response to the severity and/or nature of the issue, I believe, and we followed suit. Like I said above, I'll clarify the status of it on the blog and forum as I appreciate there's no longer a public link you can track progress on.

Pretty severe bug, but they pushed the update nonetheless even after it was a known problem. Okay… So they are going to address it, right? Surely, they would not push several more updates and neglect to mention this gargantuan hole in their known issues right? Well they did several releases and yep, no fix or mention until about a month later (from 15~ November to 15~ December unpatched). The fact that they admitted a severe enough 0-day was involved to make it confidential at Mozilla's request, glows like the sun.

So while I'm obviously still going to use Tor, things like this and the Tor project signing the anti-RMS letter do make it clear who they are batting for, if their funding didn't, in my view.


Has Snowflake replaced bridges yet?


yoh can host your own guard nodes, and then whitelist them as the only ones you use

more important for hidden services than individual users but important to know.


If you do that, do other people use your guard node? It would be good if they do to cover your tracks. Also, dedicated servers > VPS.


I joined the matrix channel under a tor ip. Would it be a bad idea to log in with my actual ip from now on?


i believe so


Yeah, you might want to not do that. It deppends on if you care or not


oh fuck

i did this but with a server separate from matrix.org, am i on a list now?


I'd only worry if I were American tbh.


reminder to run relays/bridges if you can. help the network out


Or living in a Five Eyes country.

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