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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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haven't seen any talk about OpenStreetMap on here. any other users/contributors?
I like to contribute using StreetComplete when I'm on walks and JOSM when I'm at home and bored


I had no idea about StreetComplete, it sounds pretty cool. I'm just an user, I sometimes use WaymarkedTrails to find hiking trails and OpenRouteService service to estimate how much I have walked (I wish there was some site especially for this and not for planning, and without needing to track myself). I have OsmAnd+ on my phone but I very rarely use it and even then just as a replacement for paper maps. I did play with the Overpass query thing once and it was pretty cool tho.


hooray, another user
yeah StreetComplete can be quite fun. clearing the entire area around where you live of tasks gives deep satisfaction. you can also leave notes for other mappers, particularly people who use JOSM in case there are errors that can't be easily fixed on your phone
if you hike a lot, consider installing Vespucci and record + upload GPS tracks. this is a great help when drawing trails


StreetComplete is great if you don't have the ability/time to manually edit the maps (I don't). I have a few hundred edits from there. I also checked the main site and there's a couple of mappers in my area. It's cool!


you should try and meet up with them. we did a mapping pub crawl where I live. great fun


just got back from StreetCompleting some more. how're you other OSM anons doing? :3


wow, wholesome open source panopticon chungus


what did you mean by this


none of this datamining serves anyone except for, you know, dataminers


>mapping things that can be seen with the naked eye by everyone is a panopticon
no anon


>looking at a street and mapping it is datamining
uygha you stupid lmao
>implying there aren't actually beneficial applications using this data


Protip: Don't map your own house without mapping so many random areas. Users can see where you map and when you did it to find where you live.


Did this ever happen to anyone?


>implying I use my real name
>implying I didn't claim to be a little girl
>implying I just map one area
>implying I upload them in real time


I use my amateur radio callsign when mapping, which is easily resolved to my name and address as per regulations
hashtag yolo


Is there an easy way to fix elevation issues with OSM? I looked at the wiki and it talks about triangulation, I can't do that. But I noticed some places where there are jumps in elevation and it is bugging me.


Probably not


What app for android to use for hiking and google maps replacement?


I use OsmAnd~ it can show trails and you can download the maps offline: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/net.osmand.plus/

But the quality of the map will depend a lot on where you are.


I use it, but it lacks public transport data in most places google maps has it. This includes state owned public transport, so you'd think that data would be easy enough to integrate.


so add it then
it'd be best of course if we could get goberment employees to OSM

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