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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1644706284565.jpg (49.99 KB, 1000x686, picture.jpg)


Is there a more useless key?


Scroll Lock. Caps lock is useful when you need to type a string of uppercase letters for example typing a path with capitalized folders and files.


Use setxkbmap to have it as a more ergonomic Ctrl key.


Swapping Caps Lock with Ctrl works so much better than the normal layout, it's ridiculous. I don't understand why it hasn't been adopted by keyboard manufacturers.


File: 1644713574856.jpg (14.7 KB, 500x225, capslock02.jpg)

This is what they took from us.


t. BASIClet




The only moot point about my mechanical keyboard is, that its BLUE capslock led cant be remote-controlled/disabled.


File: 1644771229933.jpg (228.03 KB, 2048x1536, hhkb.jpg)

Not a problem on my end.


it's useful if you still use a command terminal like the old days and need to type in simple all caps characters from time to time


When are these fuckers going to let me edit the layout via QMK


Instead your end is extremely low functionality for hipster credit.


the biggest hackers would disagree


File: 1644811472051.gif (3 MB, 498x451, no.gif)

>higher wpm = low functionality


File: 1644821015487.jpg (63.55 KB, 596x756, refinedfunctionality.jpg)

Professional data scientist here, I'm afraid this is a non-negotiable functional element in the keyboards I use. And I, too, do a bit of programming and hacking.


yeah 100% keyboards are meant for office workers, i know


I'm about half field, half lab. Wherever I go, however, I always make sure I'm not stuck without a fucking numpad because some clever marketer tried to convince me to pay a ridiculous price for a keyboard with missing functionality so they can reap higher profits for less labor and materials.


If I was involved in data entry I've got a separate layer for that, or you can get a separate macropad. It'd be cheaper than getting a full mechanical keyboard I think.


can someone give me a rundown on these thingamaroos


>It'd be cheaper than getting a full mechanical keyboard I think.
In fact reduced-layout keyboards in the boutique world of mechanical keyboards tend to be priced either very similarly to full-layout boards or even exactly the same. It's an amazing grift that preys upon pseudointellectual fart sniffers. Here's one example:


If you posted some genuinely radical layout like a Maltron board or Alphagrip you might be able to make some sort of serious argument about functionality and wpm (still requiring evidence). However, everything that you are forced to do through modifier keys on the Happy Hacking Keyboard can be setup exactly the same on a standard full-layout board through altering input reads via your operating system, achieving the same words per minute (the one meaningful deviation is its splitting up of right Shift to move the Fn input). While at the same time, a full-layout board preserves the option of using those inputs without modifier keys. So yes, it is objectively less functional.


youre supposed to buy parts from the chinese not from american resellers or even worse, gaming brands


>(still requiring evidence)
do you need me to post a screenshot of my wpm or something, this is all anecdotes - every time the topic comes up people post that their typing speed increases with smaller forms
i seriously doubt having to move your hand around is faster than simply using a modifier key, its like comparing using a regular touchpad vs the thinkpad clit


certified retard


File: 1644857595998-1.jpg (63.32 KB, 630x303, 20160228120906784.jpg)

theyre expensive as fuck and you cant even reflash them with qmk but its the only and best option if you really really want topre switches
making a mechanical keyboard with a similar layout (regular 60%) cost me half as much as their cheapest option and i didnt cheapen out on the parts


File: 1644860103184.jpg (7.6 KB, 149x200, no u.jpg)

>certified retard
Note how I actually constructed an argument by outlining how the layout of the HHKB is actually very similar to other keyboards, just missing keys. You have resorted to simple name calling, presumably because you're incapable of refuting it. I'll restate my point: the "form" of that keyboard is largely identical in key-to-key dimensions to other keyboards, the main difference is that it's simply missing keys. Therefore, you can achieve most of its reduced-travel advantages with a standard keyboard by simply remapping your inputs at an OS level–using a cheaper full-sized Topre-switch board if those switches are your thing. If you want to make some kind of ergonomic argument you need to do it with a physical layout that's actually distinctly different other keyboards, which the HHKB is not.


>You have resorted to simple name calling
i left the insult at the end of the post and you still post this shit lmfao


Curiously, you left it in place of anything resembling an actual refutation of my objectively-less-functionality argument.


>That's why, more than 25 years ago, he set out to design the ultimate keyboard, for the ultimate users. A keyboard not for the masses, but for the masters. A keyboard built to last a lifetime, with only the purest of intentions in mind.
weird marketing but ok


because you were just repeating yourself and id also repeat myself
if youre that deadset on getting a shitty prebuilt 100% then go ahead


>Professional data scientist here,
you type like youre from reddit.


numpads are useful for vim
>im not an “office worker”, im super special ubermensch. can you tell im super insecure over being associated with something considered effeminate by society, i hope not






Numpad is for data entry monkeys.


How else would people get mad online?



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