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let me start by explaining my project here. i'm scraping together video and other documentary evidence of the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the ukranian fascists, going back to maidan until today. someone on here has a 96gb file dump they are sorting now.

i worry because this information is already being systematically scrubbed from the internet and so i want to preserve it. what i would like to do is perhaps have a site where this information could be sorted, searched and perhaps even given brief descriptions. even better if it could have submit feature where people could drop off more stuff.

i also want to do some other writing/intelligence work on there.

the problem:

i have literally no idea how to do this. i do not know how to make a website. i do not know what sort of hosting i would want, or what to do once i get it. i am babby. i am dumb.

please help me nerds. i think its incredibly important for this information to be preserved. we have to do something.


lmao there's literally hundreds of gigs of evidence, dipshit.


it's easy enough to make a basic static website with a little php and html to create a searchable archive , but sorting and confirming historic evidence is hard work. You need to figure out locations and names, track down witnesses to give you context on the material you have. If the material in question is being deleted from the internet, your priority at the moment should be to focus on collecting what you can, store the data and don't forget to make backups (store the data on multiple data storage devices) . Your best bet is to contact journalists and historians from Ukraine to help you with the legwork. You should probably use secure communication if you communicate online, if you are not technical enough for that, at least use a tech-platform from a country that is not involved like maybe wechat from China. I would avoid American or Russian platforms at the moment.


yeah i think for now at least it needs to be stored and preserved. the context and descriptions in that can come later, and as hard as fiveeyes is hitting this id err towards the side of preservation first. you could slowly work through stuff to see if it could be confirmed or translated.


you really made a whole thread instead of a post in QTDDTOT to find out what either MEGA or FTP are


i know what mega is. i dont think it would work very well for this.


If you can do stuff in the background while you organize a secure server, I recommend uploading the videos to archive.org. Use the noindex true metadata option if you don't want them searchable on the site or listed on search engines (direct link or correctly guessing the URL only).
>there's literally hundreds of gigs
Not an issue.

The post you replied to above is right. An interesting alternative option is self-hosting a PeerTube instance and uploading the videos to it, so that they have searchable descriptions, can be searched via other PeerTube instances that federate with yours, and that people can (theoretically, but let's be honest, they probably won't unless you ask them to) seed the videos as torrents. Torrents are a Peer-To-Peer file sharing system that is used by many groups, but a major one being online piracy groups, because as long as one downloader is still seeding the file, it doesn't matter if the original site/uploader goes offline.



i could help some if you want, but i'm a n00b, just have nothing else to do and already host some basic nginx servers and things.

Also i'd recommend to watch out and curate your shit - first of all, for people wanting to upload sketchy shit you know, that would have it taken down and maybe have you prosecuted, and then also because there's also disinformation which either is just russian, or is masquerading as russian opinion while being stupid. Like shit about the chemical stain on the faces, originally said to be ethnically targeted and calling russians orcs, is shown later with more evidence to be a torture for looters, rather than green paint. Or the shit with the citizens killed in bucha, two anti-ukriane narratives - they faked it, the hands moved, guy sits up in rearview mirror - and that the ukrainian military rolled up a bunch of pro-russian ukrainians (white armband).

I know this is a little besides your goal, since it's to do with the russian invasion instead, but you get the idea.

[email protected] is my xmpp if you want. I'll probably check it tomorrow. I could help u get a server up but other anons would have to help to get it pretty :p


seeding them seems like a great backup option

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