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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>DuckDuckGo Just Got Worse [Mental Outlaw]:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQC28Is_k2k (embedded)


another "private" search engine bites the dust


I'm still getting rutracker in web results.



I only JUST started trying to improve my digital hygiene and now THIS



No biggie there were better alternatives far back.
Add MetaGer, Searx and Yandex


based retard
do you also suggest bing as a "private" alternative lmfao


Is brave SE a good alternative to the duck?


Yandex is the least worst "normal" search engine. Also I suggested it third for a reason.
If you're Russian then absolutely go ahead and skip it overall.


Personally I always found Brave cringe due to its Chromium base, stupid tor integration as well as cryptocoin bullshit - I don't trust them because of this


theres plenty of other reasons to not use brave

fair enough, yandex has a great reverse search but i use it exclusively on tor


>all these people on the web now saying searx is an alternative
It's a metasearch engine. Last I checked (and it was a while ago) they just proxy and aggregate Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia. If those are affected, searx is affected.
Not dissing searx, but dissing loud mouth empty heads.


So what's your suggestion then, big-brain?


As long as ddg still offers an onion service I'm going to use it. I keep getting piracy websites in my searches anyway.


MetaGer also has an onion service. Its source code is open too, as opposed to DDG's. Finally it's based in Germany rather than the US.


don’t go for a meme like startpage, which has a weird moralist filter on by default and also ads and tracking


startpage is old news, it bought by an ad company years ago


>startpage, which has a weird moralist filter on by default and also ads and tracking
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what?


woops, searx.space






Levine sucks in that he only contributes to the discussion with doomerism.
Like no shit the internet was created by US intelligence. He just states this in thurough detail while not providing any solution, instead only casting FUD on anything that is an objective, but surely non-perfect solution to a given comms problem like shitting on Signal endlessly while glossing over that the default is fucking SMS. Encryption is math at the end of the day and being able to review source code rather than running proprietary black box software are wiser practices. Yes we obviously shouldn't be ignorant to the history and fundamental aspects of The Internet/ARPANET, but doomering about is is also objectively counterproductive.


Yeah all of the non-technical lefties who talk about this are often pretty bad. Like "Tor and Signal…. were funded by… the US GOVERNMENT!!!" which might be important if Tor and Signal were NGOs like most of the bad things funded by the government that they complain about are


Wouldn't that make it pretty solid? Glowies wouldn't want weaknesses in their own stuff.


.pdf version pls


you can add your own sites in for it to search, its highly customizable, also its instance based so if you trust who runs the server or run one yourself, you're not giving anyone specific data on you which is a plus.



It's not on libgen.is?


File: 1653614162069.jpg (211.31 KB, 944x1702, 1653607287980.jpg)

Come on dude.


File: 1653864014667-0.png (345.83 KB, 884x860, 1653862342864.png)

File: 1653864014667-1.png (1.01 MB, 514x4032, 1653862131227.png)

ruh roh


Never picked it up to begin with. I don't know how people thought they could trust this guy after his previous company was literally a Facebook-style datamining operation.


my browser don't censor censor
it differs differs


use the ddg .onion


how sussy amogus is it that tor uses ddg as default? is it just because they donated a ton of money?



ddg runs without javascript
actually, it generally just runs decently, which sets it apart from pretty much every other modern search engine
iirc the server software is just an old school CGI script


>It's a metasearch engine. Last I checked (and it was a while ago) they just proxy and aggregate Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia. If those are affected, searx is affected.

This and I tell you that DuckDuckGo basically copy pasts search results from google.

So if google decides to remove something from their search results then DDG will also and it will not be on searx. Bing is a wild card since I do not know how hard they copy past from google.

If you are using searx then you are simply using a proxy to get google search results, googles plagiarizing brother and googles secret lover bing results.

This changes practically nothing. And everyone with 10% of a brain already can disable googles tracking and use google itself.

None of this trash is a solution to the control google or your alt google will have over you.

And google has its own problems



I can not stand the tech community.
All of them shill the same non answers like serx and trash like brave.

<Oh boy i sure love the same people making my browser making the search engine, not like this can horribly backfire.

And the tech e-celebs shiting on VPNs now like they speak in one voice makes you think.

If anything they should be promoting VPNs.

>b-b-b-b- DDG promised on their advertisement that they do not log me

>I see however what if the corporation who stood to police demands and FBI raids and did not give their data is secretly working for the government ? Or will get hacked ?

>So either way keep browsing DDG with no VPN.


File: 1656526416886.png (23.55 KB, 1298x735, TOR.png)

> "Tor and Signal…. were funded by… the US GOVERNMENT!!!"
So is the internet stop using it then.


This is actually a valid criticism since TOR today only exists to help the spies of NATO.

What TOR is:
(super simplified)
TOR is 1 website operated by NATO that you can use to make your web page on and using JS on it communicate with others.

You see since the TOR address is known it would be 100% useless since every other government will know that whoever accesses TOR is a agent , this is why NATO needs crazies and pedos on TOR since if the ratio is 90% pedos to 10% NATO agents then the other government does not know if the guy who loged to the TOR website is an agent or some local pedo or crazy.

This is why NATO needs shit loads of pedos on the TOR website.

However since the bandwidth of the TOR website is limited NATO gets really angry if there are to many users, look up how angry these TOR fags get when you try to torrent over TOR, they get like super angry and tell you to not do this since you will take the entire website down or overload it.

This is a real thing they get like super angry over this.
This is also when there are to many pedos the NATO uses the back doors to purge the pedos and bust them.

Correction: TOR is not one website it is a list of known servers all over the world you connect to. This is named obfuscation. Since all tor entry nodes are known.

Also the official TOR material will tell you that a """global adversary""" can circumvent tor literally in the official talks.

A """global adversary""" is one who controls the majority of TOR nodes. And the majority of TOR nodes are controlled by NATO who can read all you send over TOR (literally in the official materials).

So in the end TOR is like a NATO website where NATO can read everything you send on it (literally in the official materials) only with more obfuscation and extra steps.


only the TOR exit nodes are sus since it's mostly big institutions hosting them although that's because they can handle the legal aspects unlike an individual so not really sus
really funny tankie rant though, don't use TOR it's glowies!!! don't use https or openpgp either, because they're gladio and psyop. subscribe to my patreon for more


YES. https literally ads another spyware system and tells the certificate authority what website you are going to. There is no reason to use https over http.

>only the TOR exit nodes are sus since

All of them are NATO operated. How stupid are you ? You think the government gives you free zero $ VPN ?

>big institutions hosting them

And these big institutions are NATO cover operations nothing more. At a minimum 95% of all tor nodes are NATO operated.



What did you mean by this ?


>dumb false assumptions
Guess I'm NATO because I have an exit node.


unencrypted http is not better than https, too many actors in between you and the web-server could inject shit into the website you want to look, not just malware but also advertisement and fraudulent fishing.
Some parts of the TOR network are likely to be compromised nodes, but it's not all bad.


TOR is also literally designed in the first place to pick up the slack of compromised nodes and make sure data is secure despite them, and also you should be using TOR exclusively to access hidden services so exit nodes are irrelevant anyways


>unencrypted http is not better than https
This is nonsense.
> could inject shit into the website you want to look,
Like ?
Draw a picture and name these magic people. And while you do that try to not also fall for this.

Remember that the certificate authorities are gods here. A certificate authority can simply tell you that whatever IP is legitimate and this website and you basically get redirected to whatever website or IP the CA wants.

I also remind you that cloud flare is basically the biggest extortion racket and biggest man in the middle attack that ever existed. Basically how your traffic looks is this

Domain name
Cloud Flare
then the real website.

So these magic people who will be injecting on the internet backbone level can also have a compromised CA who will do all of that. you need to stop repeating reddit security advice or think that the internet can be fixed with new tech. The only way for you to have secure communication is to know peopel in person and use vera crypt containers to send messages using a password you exchanged outside the internet.

Only this is not reddit cool. Basically there will never be any technology that makes your internet connection secure with total strangers.


the "private" means private sector lmao


read surveillance valley by yasha levine



Can you post the epub ?
Also summery ?


Now you are literally arguing against what the
<The TOR project themselves are SAYING


>book blurb
literally everyone knows the internet came out of DARPA lmfao, it's not some white rabbit shit or something
GPT generated post


>As Levine shows, surveillance wasn't something that suddenly appeared on the internet; it was woven into the fabric of the technology.

I was suspecting that in the 80s the government planned the internet as a surveillance technology and to control people. It is a theory of mine. Basically the 90s
<Oh my god we are the government and we literally do not understand how the internet works.
Was basically fake to build up the internaut culture and get more people on the internet.
And after 2010 the trap started to close and sniffle everything.

This feeds into other theories I have like software companies letting piracy happen, movies and software are pirated basically by the government and thrown onto the internet as bait to get people to use it.

>literally everyone knows the internet came out of DARPA lmfao,

There is a difference between the powerful internaut interpretation of
<And the government made the internet, not knowing what they created we now have this tool for instant communication and power over the government

<And the government made the internet, it was a honeypot since day 1 and is a trap since day 1.


you don't seem to understand how DARPA worked, it was basically the government financing academics that wouldn't have been financed otherwise because of prestige over the cold war. the government itself didn't have much objective of its own beyond showing off


>GPT generated post
NO !
is this all you have ?
<Everything I do not like is GPT
I mena it becomes obvious if you listen to the TOR project and official lectures from them how tor works simply pay attention to the """global adversary""" and
<Is enough nodes are compromised they can unclocke you.

Basically stop thinking the US government gave you and is still giving you a tool for privet communication that they can not uncloak you on TOR.


academic research that wouldn't have been financed otherwise*


you're triggered because a bunch of people in the TOR project talked about fighting censorship in whatever right wing dictatorship you're a fan of
nothing else


>you don't seem to understand how DARPA worked
OK. And ?
The theory is that in the 80s and definitively in the 90s if not in the 2000s the government would realize that that the internet can be made into a surveillance tool. I do not buy the
<Muh during the Vietnam war
Shit however anyone in the 80s who understands computers (remember we are talking usenet level of TXT postings here) understood the power of knowing when you posted something and in what location and you doing this more can be used to spy and control you.

So what is the alternative ?
The theory that in 2010 the government realized this can be used for surveillance ? Possible. I give you that. The internet has one of the worst designed ideas all culminating in a nightmarish government control all the black parts of the internet are nothing more then a cover for NATO agents and NATO operations.

Whatever your theory this is the reality we live in.


File: 1656558486128.png (23.16 KB, 599x196, TOR.png)

You are a disinfo agent.
>in whatever right wing dictatorship you're a fan of
Are these the best CIA memes we get ?

>you're triggered because

NO. I literally understand how the technology works.

>TOR project talked about fighting censorship

If the TOR project wanted to fight censorship they suicide bomb the US government.
Funny what "fighting censorship" translates to
<REEEE other government is not letting our agents spam NATO propaganda all day REE
While everyone and their mother on the american internet want to fight the "Russian propaganda spam online"

If other government does it it is CENSORSHIP if the US government does it it is FIGHTING DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA.

Funny how it is always whatever aligns with the US governments agenda that the TOR project supports.
Ukraine ?
<Quick use TOR brave friends of NATO, to fight censorship !
<Ignore the Russian government not censoring twitter or anything so you can also use that …..

However it is never
<Quick use TOR to see what the US government is hiding from you.


fuck russia lmao
good to know what your agenda spreading FUD is about


File: 1656558807513.jpg (747.16 KB, 1920x2506, 1656155963421.jpg)

>fuck russia lmao
<Russia bad.
Twitter is this way sir twitter.com


This picture is wrong because in 2012 only a couple of the shittiest boards depicted themselves as le feeling guy.


friendly reminder that if you live in a country like russia that monitors connections to tor entry nodes, you can connect via a bridge node


cancer halfchan meme


This has to be one of the most retarded thing I have seen.

>connect via a bridge node

Who are also known. Why is this magic again ?


who let the uneducated schizo in ?

>muh darpa

CERN had a big part in early internet too. it was an university tool first

>pirated basically by the government and thrown onto the internet as bait to get people to use it.

wow your conspiracies theories are shit


I've been mostly using SearX recently but am giving MetaGer and Mojeek a try as well. Dropped DDG as my primary search engine when they went full retard over the war in Ukraine.


>There is no reason to use https over http.
Stfu lol
You're an idiot. Just because systems can be compromised and a MITM is possible, doesn't mean it is absolutely useless. That's like saying locking your bike is the same as not locking it because a thief could lock it and the government might have skeleton keys.


first website is alright
2nd website is channer memeshit
>bro geocities epic!!
3rd one seems to be a christoid so instantly disregard everything they write


>channer memeshit
/g/ has a lot of good resources if you know how to dig but if you want to be retarded I won't stop you.


i hope the people that run that site enjoy the lunch money online small businesses pay them to be shilled as the answer to the new globohomo world order to lonely boomers on IBs


>/g/ has a lot of good resources
10 years ago sure.

>if you know how to dig

You have to dig a lot these days.

Unique IPs: 20

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