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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Making a demo application before I port it into a game engine and thought I'd learn vulkan. Big fucking mistake, this is the most verbose and painful API I've ever worked with. I am actually writing driver code right now, I've worked with gpu driver code and I think this might be even more robust.

Doesn't help the community is full of assholes who say shit like 'well you just don't like low-level code'. Fuck you I'm literally a kernel engineer, I love low-level access and minimal abstraction, but this was designed for maximum pain. I can't imagine DX12 or Metal is anywhere near this sadistic.

Don't believe me, follow along and type ~2k lines before you write a fucking vertex shader:



Basically I fell for the vulkan meme and now feel sunk-cost enough to see it through.


Still better than DirectX or OpenGL.


yea im not so sure about that, probably should have gone with opengl in hindsight.


Do you think you can write a good abstraction layer for it?


there probably should be one (people have floated around the idea of opengl wrapper around vulkan), or at least a minimal project with sensible defaults already set up. Most older opengl books end up writing a mini game-engine with a scene graph, texture and model loading etc - im surprised there is a dearth of this type of material except for the samples written by lunarg.

This looks like the best available atm: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/3D-Graphics-Rendering-Cookbook


SDL has vulkan support (https://wiki.libsdl.org/CategoryVulkan). Are there any advantages to using raw vulkan?


i've never considered sdl adequate enough to abstract away the state engine for opengl, just like past window setup glfw isn't saving you *that* much coding. Like here you are still creating your physical device and swap chain, I'd have to look more but this looks like a rather thin wrapper, rather than an abstraction:


Have you done graphics programming before or are you just spitballing?


I found your tutorial in Vulkan/SDL (https://github.com/electromaggot/HelloVulkanSDL). It still looks verbose but seems to automate most initialization.

>this looks like a rather thin wrapper

you're right
>Have you done graphics programming
a little :^)



> 3641 pages


most of it is currently extensions that you may or may not use. this is the core, a mere 1 and a half thousand pages:

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