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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Does it glow? Can I use it safely?


If you are using Windows it doesn't matter anyway. You might as well send your DNA directly to the CIA.


haven-t heard anything bad about it beyond the devs being libs


why does it matter? If you're going to do something illegal you wouldn't use your main operating system anyway.



No, they have been compromised in the past (Snowden leaks) but it's been fixed by now.



no but the developer is annoying


its safe just avoid looking at the patch notes

those are binaries from a third-party


NP++ is open source. Just compile the source code yourself if you are scared of backdoors.

Personally, I wouldn't use NP++ because the developer is a virtue signaler and a fag that names his releases after dumb glowups such as: support for Hong Kong and Ukraine, muh 100 trillion Uyghurs in China, and support for right-wing newspapers in France.

I wouldn't be surprised if the developer is a glowie himself considering how obsessed he is with U.S. State department global narratives.


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Honestly why isn't there more left wing cyber warfare? I can only imagine what stunts USSR would pull if it got its hands on cybertech



I automatically undo the filter in my head


open notepad in a dvm with no network access and copy the files to a appvm with no network access that you only use for storing documents when you're done and ur good 😏


This guy Qubes.


How difficult is it to buy a machine that can run Qubes fairly well and last long?


Not difficult if you stick to this list. https://www.qubes-os.org/hcl/
Lots of people buy old Thinkpads because they usually work (not all, see the link) and you can disable Intel Management Engine on some of them.


I have a CPU that I want to repurpose. Some of those builds have the one I will use. I think I will take the risk



First of all even if there were any leftist haxxers they wouldn't be widely known (for obvious reasons?).

Second, barrier to entry and lack of any focus on this exact thing. In other words, programming communities are either apolitical or right-leaning, or that we communists ourselves usually just glance over it in favor of a more direct approach (organizing, strikes, protests, clubs, unions).

Third, we are very unorganized and there is lack of necessary structure. I mean it's good for attracting new members into the Leftist cause but the lack of internationally united socialist/workers' movement (Internationale) prevents us commies to successfully coordinate our actions in a way that it really matters or just have enough people in various numerous haxxing groups. There isn't enough people.

Though, I must agree with ya, comrade. We really lack the absolutely crucial media presence: Lenin, Liebknehct, Luxembourg and many marxists at the time were either relying on or were directly involved into the newspaper campaigns and articles, going as far as having a lot of their own newspapers (and it was at the time when it was the only medium of mass influence). Just Youtube videos or Jacobin wouldn't suffice. Besides, we don't even have proper AgitProp (stuff like creative design, posters, art). Many genuinely good anti-capitalist art pieces aren't even done by open communists but rather by attentive libs. This isn't cyberwarfare, but this involvement into internets culture is necessary too.



>Honestly why isn't there more left wing cyber warfare?
because being capable of cyber warfare requires a level of education and free time that most working class people don't have


is there a better looking but feature rich as notepad++ alternative?? for windows


what the FUCK are you talking about lmao
ppl will say the dumbest shit trying to sound woke


The fuck?


Emacs, but it's quite the learning curve.

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