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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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What's your favorite setup for working on the front end?

I just downloaded the "Epic React" course, I plan on maybe using it to learn. I heard from a colleague that it's good.

I have tons of experience doing back-end work, and nearly 0 doing front-end stuff. So I want to learn front-end.

My little time working with this stuff, it seems that Vue is a cleaner React. React seems to have a shit ton of hacks and mutations are leaking everywhere, despite the promises of being somewhat functional. I've heard Solid is a cleaner, way faster, and leaner version of React, but with less packages native to it. On the other hand, having billions of NPM packages is a self-imposed permanent vacation to dependency hell. An interesting middle ground is Svelte, which I've heard good things about.

Which framework do you like to use?

Regarding languages, TypeScript, the most commonly used Compile-To-JS language, is objectively way better than vanilla Javascript. But there are other languages, Dart, ScalaJS, Elm, Purescript, Clojurescript, ReasonML, Coffeescript, and a slew of others.
Which one do you like?


What's the point of differentiating between "back-end" and "front-end"?


My job has mostly Angular 2+ frontends. I appreciate that TS is the standard in Angular, that a lot of stuff comes built in. However, it's clearly overly abstracted, bloated, and messy.

React looks like a really messy ecosystem to me, but it's great if you want to get hired. I'd look at Next.JS if you're taking the React route, because Next.JS simplifies React development.

For a personal project, I'd try out Svelte/Sveltekit, Vue, or Elm.


>What's your favorite setup for working on the front end?
>Which framework do you like to use?
I know this is a popular opinion but none, I fucking hate them. It doesn't help that it's what's bringing in the most money these days.


I loathe them. After the release of AngularJS and then React the internet soon became a massive RAM & CPU hog, and there's no end in sight for the continual increase in RAM requirements.


Svelte, Solid, Inferno, and some other libraries basically eliminate the bloat.


ok, so you know NOTHING about programming. You probably have problems with basics of algorithms, you know nothing about how to create web app of moderate complexity, you know nothing about testing, architecture, design patters, nothing nada. You are not a programmer. Yet for some stupid reason you feel need to answer in any such thread that this is bloat, and other this is bloat too, even tho you know nothing about, about how any of this framework works or even basics of programming language. I saw way too many programming threads devolved to shitposting about "bloat" from people who know nothing about programming. You really should fuck off to /g/ or whatever hole you crawled from you roach.




i am employed programmer for 2 years, i earn lot of money yet i am still lonely loser who never even kissed a girl and showing myself in public places causes me discomfort


I don't know about programming because I hate the industry? Lol


React has a lower learning curve but IMO angular is better overall. with react every project is different because you need additional libraries but angular projects are all the standards so theres more knowledge transfer.


Vue is closer to angular than react

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