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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I currently use Gmail for my email(s). I should probably change over from Gmail, right, for security reasons? It's not that I have anything interesting or worth while in my emails, just thought it would be nice to make it more difficult for surveillance capitalism to work.

So basically I'm asking:
What are some secure and safe email providers (if they exist)?
What email provider do you guys use?

ps. I'm not surer advanced with tech so dont ask me to "throttle the ip of the dingle drive until you set up the proxy cum email server with the soyjak harddrive tor sleeper agent software" because I'm not willing to do that shit.


Riseup is the best, but I have no friends to invite me, so currently I use disroot.


Is ProtonMail any good?




mutt (terminal, http://www.mutt.org/download.html) or claws mail (graphical, https://www.claws-mail.org/downloads.php) are good clients that support gpg
you don't really need to trust the provider too much (just at least minimal encryption of files and connections) as long as you have end-to-end gpg handshakes set up, at which point it's between you and the recipient


> gmail alternative
> Help a bigot out.
> I've been stuck with my gmail account since I was 17 or so, when it first started. I'm trying to find a new online mail provider that
> 1) is safe
> 2) close as possible to GNU philosophy
> 3) not likely to be shut down soon
> 3.1) preferably is on the rise
> 4) won't leak my shit to the CIA
> 5) it's okay if it's Chinese (with Eng interface), because I'm okay with the PRC having access to my shit




it's a glowie honeypot so its just as bad as gmail, maybe a little better or worse depending on your threat model, but basically it sucks the same

i dont email much but i use cockli for burner stuff (cockli sucks, it's down sometimes and i think yahoo won't send to it)
dnmx[dot]org for other stuff

don't listen to anon about autistici cause u have to do an interview and shit, they might give u an email but like u gotta prove ur rad creds. I mean, unless ur using ur email for leftie shit then go for it. but i wouldnt use it for anything else or bother them by trying


autistic doesn’t want your “rad creds” in fact they’ll reject you if you get too elaborate, you can just honestly say you want a secure alternative to gmail and they’ll let you in


The problem is how to convince other people to use GPG.


have u gotten rejected for elaboration? i'm curious how u know this. I'm surprised they'd do that
basically… unless they know there's an actual danger in not encrypting (which there usually is not), ppl won't use it. Unless they're paranoid af.
Depends on the model tho. Some ppl i've seen just say "here's my key, if it's not encrypted i'm not responding". But it depends if you're talking about getting ur friends to use gpg or what


people already regularly use it for one-on-one email exchanges. if someone refuses to use it, then that's pretty shady on its own and you should avoid them


Does GPG work for mailing lists (not just signing)?

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