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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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How did Bill Gates manage to make people forget what a piece of shit he is?


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he didn't


File: 1656267532420.mp4 (35.76 MB, 1920x1080, bill gates sus.mp4)


read The Real Agenda of the Gates Foundation by Jacob Levich



Cult of personality except personality is measured in net worth


cuz he's the bookish WASP that's gonna fix everything
also he stepped down from Microsoft right before the DoJ could assrape him


Yet the DOJ didn't. The judgement for Microsoft to be split in half was overturned and instead they were given a slap on the wrist and told they had to have their APIs better documented. Also AT&T and IBM had been pulling punches in fear of getting dragged into another anti-trust hearing.


>The judgement for Microsoft to be split in half was overturned
How did Microsoft get away with their monopoly while AT&T got blown into pieces?


On a sadder note, with the end of AT&T's monopoly, the golden days of research at Bell Labs were over, since now you had to do research motivated by immediate profit returns, no more long term research.


The judgement was overturned in appeal with an apples to oranges comparison to the IBM anti-trust ruling half a century early. With IBM's bread and butter being goverment contracts, in the 1960s IBM was more scared of losing contracts with the US goverment then anything the DOJ could do them so bit the bullet and allowed customers to buy their machines instead of just lease them. Microsoft didn't fear this as Microsoft felt they had entrenched themselves as the only PC standard and the US Government couldn't switch to an alternative.


millennials and zoomers were too young or didn't have internet in the 90s and early 2000s so they're unaware of his past shenanigans or what United States v. Microsoft Corp. was


Nice vid


File: 1656359665768-0.png (219.71 KB, 2776x644, swtpc6800_FloppyDisk.png)

File: 1656359665768-1.jpg (157.37 KB, 1058x776, UnixPcGui.jpg)

Also unaware that Microsoft didn't make anything note worthy. Disk operating systems was old hat by 1981, CP/M stood out because it offered portability of applications where software written for say CP/M on the Ti-99 would work on CP/M for the CP/M for the Osborne with little effort (as long as the program didn't directly address hardware). MS-Dos didn't offer this which is why you have somewhat PC compatibles like the Sanyo MBC-550.
As for Windows by the time the first version of MS Windows was released not only was there of course MacOS but the Amiga was released, AT&T Unix had gotten an official desktop, Tandy released Deskmate, Digital Research released GEM, IBM released Top View, and Quarterdeck released DESQView.


Not Jewish or another type of minority so the far right ignores him. He's also able to fly under the radar by playing civility politics and virtue signaling with philanthropy so the your typical liberal ignores him. Stays off social media like Trump and Musk to avoid saying anything controversial. Leftist know he's a scumbag but there are very few in the U.S. with a platform loud enough to complain.


He totally went to the island.



It happened again with Internet Explorer that was just Mosaic that by the time MS re-skinned it as IE was long in the tooth. MS didn't even have the rights to Mosaic (as they used it) as they just bought the licence then refused to pay royalties till they got sued and managed to settle in paying a lump sum along with getting the rights. So when Microsoft was dragged into the anti-trust hearing MS had openly broken copyright law where they were packaged IE with Windows while not having the rights of the copyright holder to do so and still the DOJ still didn't throw the book at them at the end.

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