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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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They're going to turn streaming into the new TV. Capitalism is funny like that.


I only have a sub because it's quicker to access than torrenting, if I can't block the ads then I will just go back to torrenting. I hardly use it anyway.


nothing good has been on netflix for the better part of the last 10 years


it's a cheaper subscriber option,but yeah,tv died years ago and everyone is trying to get the kids hooked on their money machine.


File: 1657933641009.jpg (110.92 KB, 858x1024, 1657924421519.jpg)

You can (not) skip the ad.


the worse they do, the better the torrenting scene




File: 1658158293685.png (928.04 KB, 1200x800, QuestVRad.png)

Not surprised, they are trying to get ads in VR too.


i would unironically say "McKillYourself" and then destroy the TV with the nearest blunt object… but then again I wouldn't own a TV in the first place


File: 1658160723862.jpg (86.34 KB, 934x680, they adblock.jpg)

These new digital glasses do also represent an opportunity to get adblockers for meat space.


lmao that would be awesome


Its absolutely pathetic seeing people talk about watching shit on netflix. uygha, its called RARBG and 5G made it so all your shit torrents in like 10 minutes tops. I get it if you are in a first-world shithole that prosecutes yiu for piracy, but if you are living anywhere else there is zero excuse not to pirate literally everything. It is beyond me how supposedly tech-savy zoomers I meet IN FUCKING LITHUANIA have all cucked out to Netflix when just a decade ago everyone and their mother pumped shit from local high-quality torrent sites. Absolutely pathetic. Hope the Netflix porkies push the ads too far and piracy comes back with a thunder.


people still torrent dummy, they probably just lied to you because you're an overbearing adult who would probably spaz out at it


But do you trust the glasses to only apply the filters you want? The people making the adblock goggles could filter things they don't want you to see. And worse, if this tech exists, there would be at least as many people who wanted to use it to censor uncomfortable sights, like homeless people. Black Mirror actually had an episode about this shit already.


The success of streaming platforms like netflix is because they figured out how to make watching shows more convenient than piracy. Even if it's just 10 minute downloads, you still have to look for the shit, take safety/security precautions, manage the files, etc. If you use a streaming service, the entire process is taken care of for you. It's trading freedom (both senses) for convenience.


More convenient?
For paid streaming you have to figure out which streaming service has what you are looking for, while torrent tracking sites doesn't have this problem. Then you have streaming piracy sites that is how most people pirate anime online due to them being even easier to use then torrenting.


We're talking about pirating movies not executable binaries man.


stranger things


File: 1659599116616.png (892.82 KB, 776x600, 1588029745551.png)

HBO Max keeps getting gutted and Netflix is falling apart.


free streaming services are still a thing. the only downside is that if you hove no idea how to use an adblock you get shit ton of ads but its still like ten times more convinient than netflix. or any tv shit for that matter, "smart tvs" are just a way to spy on people. just buy a large monitor or some shit if you really think you need it.


Piracy over here is in diapers. There's so much dubbed stuff I can't find in my language, while you can find pretty much everything in English. :(


That's the struggle. I gave up and learned english.


The problem is trying to get others to give up Netflix et al and get into piracy.


Subs are better anyway.

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