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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Neural networks in the hands of corporations and governments are going to be a nightmare.


File: 1661996400106.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1080, dwhhjb8wmyi71_jpg.png)

Time to make swimming pools in shapes that fuck with the AI, like those anti-facial recognition makeups. Might even be possible to get a tax break if you can convince it you have a negative number of pools.


>Look how cynical I am. I am the smartest person here and deserve updoots.
No one here owes you a slurs-per-hour quota, redditor.


That makeup hasn't worked for a while if anyone is wondering.


But once you're off the training wheels (and not even necessary ones, I never used Reddit) people tend not to say slurs simply because there's more interesting things to say than circle jerking about "he he slur funni hav updoot." A single stimulus can only be funny for so long, all the slurs are boring now.


or just put a cover on them.

also >>16479


File: 1662539497745.png (656.73 KB, 1012x546, ClipboardImage.png)

Youtube Ad for increasing shopping cart money with AI and data.




"Guys, I've got an algo that will hypnotize people into buying shit they don't need. It increases cart sizes by 75%"

At what point do we start to make commercial algorithms illegal? When 30% of the country is in crippling cc debt from shit bought online? 60%?


Never lol just expand welfare state making ppl dependent on a daily basis


>Oi! Got a loicence for that loidoe??



What's wrong with catching the bourgeoisie for tax evasion?


just wear a mask or helmet if you really gotta avoid face detection. They can probably recognize you by height, build, gait, etc anyway tho.


maybe anti surveillance outfits will become fashionable, the metallic look from the IR blocking feature looks neat.


>a script looking for swimmingpool-sized bodies of water in residential areas counts as "AI" now


It's over for weed plantations


weed plantations are already trivial to find with hyperspectral cameras. each species of plant has its own spectral signature


How does that work, why do they have different spectral signatures?


I guess since they have different chemicals in them, so they reflect different wavelengths of light, even invisible kinds like ultraviolet. So a watermelon and a cucumber will reflect different wavelengths because they taste different, even if they're the same shade of green.


You guess? Wasn't this studied by someone?


Think so, but not having sources on hand I wanted to convey uncertainty. Might look for where I read that and link it here if I find it.


File: 1664180805509.jpg (1.24 MB, 3264x1836, Hi_camera.jpg)

I've worked with hyperspectral cameras (wikipedia pic very related) and yeah, pretty much everything around us have its own characteristic spectrum. usually you calibrate your system based on the light source, and the sun is a known light source. the client had clients in turn that used the cameras both for classifying drugs (telling baking soda from cocaine) and for measuring the fat and protein contents in cheeses


this pic from wikipedia explain the amount of data. instead of the usual 3 components (red, green and blue) you instead have hundreds or even thousands of spectral lines per pixel
second pic is telling sulfur hexaflouride and ammonia apart


Is hidden swimming pool really a thing


that's crazy, do i have a spectral spectrum? i wnat to see what i look like


>do i have a spectral spectrum?
not really. skin color is likely the biggest "spectral difference" between humans. you can likely measure how greasy someone's hair is as well. stuff like that

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