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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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This is your science on capitalism.

Oxford Physicist Unloads on Quantum Computing Industry, Says It's Basically a Scam
>"In essence, the quantum computing industry has yet to demonstrate any practical utility..

>"I’m disturbed by some of the quantum computing hype I see these days."


it will be like the AI winter of the early 90s all over again. Hype cycles are pretty normal like this under capitalism


Quantum computing is more engineering/research than some sort of pure science, but even then, the real problem isn’t that if quantum computing is actually possible it has no useful applications, the problem is that it’s progressing slower than people are led to believe and people also have a fundamental misunderstanding of what computation is and how it and AI which is based on it fundamentally differ from what actual biological minds do that severely limits what they (like all mechanical implements) actually capable of


No, ai is extremely capable of solving many problems including economic planning under socialism. But under capitalism its artificially manipulated into serving useless ends maximizing profit


Like I said, AI is useful, when I say people not understanding the limits of computation I mean the retards that fear some Skynet scenario or want conscious machines and other sci-fi concepts
Also people that think superpowerful computers will somehow enable them to break the laws of physics or fulfill science-fantasy tropes like planet terraforming


Wow, you'll be able to solve equations in 10^-10000 sec rather than 10^-1000. Who gives a shit? Economic planning algorithms are already tractable.


Who will decide how we run our society?



>failing to notice obvious sarcasm


Glad to see that they aren't close to breaking encryption


Quantum stuff is useful for communication, the Chinese use it to secure their electric grid


File: 1662309304989.jpg (201.26 KB, 800x808, GlushkovPainting.jpg)

What is more practical is correlating and abstracting economic data into a form that is more digestible for the human planners. Take any game with economic planning be it like Victoria 2 or Workers & Resources and you'd notice experienced gamers with proper situational awareness can make far more rational plans then the games own AI as the AI can't properly learn to develop better methodology. This is with game AI not having to deal with understanding how humans measure a good economy, changes in human wants and with a far simpler model of an economy.


Ummm jannies shouldn't this be shuffled off to die in /tech/?


"quantum computing is actually possible it has no useful applications"
Routing, going over possibilities in parallel.
Military/Int breaking some encryption


Just slap a neural network on it and train it and have humans supervise it and make corrections when needed. No need to grind on routine stuff when it could be automated.


The problem with neural networks is they only brute force thus why human speed runners can still run circles around neural networks as humans can understand how to break a game while also knowing the that program flags need to be triggered else they can get in a unwinnable state, something much harder to do through brute force.

When planning an economy you have the same issue with humans actually able to make logical causal links rather then simply trying everything till you get a good result.


I don't agree that neural networks force anything more than a human child forces things as it is growing and learning. There is certain element of chaos and uncertainty that a simple algorithm probably couldn't handle, but neural networks are better at working with chaos and with limited data than just list of "if this then that" type of simple algorithms that sometimes pass as an AI. I guess we can agree that at some level planning will need computers, programs at varied levels of complexity.

Could I make the argument that this is mostly a problem of insufficient datasets used for training and/or lack in the scale of neural network, since that is pretty much what separates a human (or animal) mind and a current neural network. Not that it probably needs nearly the levels of human complexity to provide results at human level or even better since it will be a specialized thing and when it makes a mistake it will be corrected and it will be improved. Unlike a human that might repeat the same mistake multiple times or at least multiple humans from generation to generation could repeat the same mistake multiple times.

What I however am a bit worried about is "black boxing" the whole planning process with neural networks and algorithms and such. I'm not afraid of any machine uprising, but it's dangerously undemocratic if nobody or only a select few can tell how and on what basis were these certain planning results reached.


>neural networks bruteforce
Literally that's what hyperparameters and network design spaces were invented to prevent!


It's more accurate to say the applications are much more narrow than the hype makes it seem. They won't be replacing traditional computers.


We don't yet have universal quantum computing. As I know all of them are specific built for solving a specific quantum algorithm. Also quantum computer don't much benefit every day user at best they are great for science and encryption.

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