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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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imagine using apple products


Is this real?
do Brits really?


File: 1663158510746.jpg (90.88 KB, 1200x675, told you so stallman.jpg)

that is a defective computer return it immediately


I wonder how many kids will get radicalized by the goverment and royalty taking their devices away


Apple users should be bullied.
Anybody holding an iphone in public should have it slapped out of their hands on sight.
They should never be able to go anywhere, to have any presence in real life or online, without being hounded with harassment for being rubes. Rubes whose gullibility and deference to marketing are what made Apple the company with the world's biggest market cap.
They are a fucking cult who are trying to force their shit on the rest of the world.
Can't believe we live in a world where people shat themselves over imaginary Satanists back in the 90s but don't give a fuck about these twats pushing a monopoly that's trying to get a stranglehold on communications technology that will charge everyone out the ass for shittier features and proprietary hardware interfaces.

Fuck Steve Jobs. I'm glad he believed in stupid alt medicine woo and that it made him die painfully.


damn son, you seem bitter


All the cult worship around the Steve Jobs is really around a clueless capitalist that got lucky.
In a 90s interview Steve Jobs said during the Mac's development he knew the Apple 2 was running out of gas when the Apple 2e was manufactured (thus sold) till 1993 along with the C64 and MSX so even with hindsight Steve Jobs failed to see the long term success of the 8-bit market, being blinded by the shinny new thing that the following year was blown out of the water by the Amiga and Atari in regards to practically (both offering more for less then the Mac).


The average apple user worships steve jobs no more than the average windows users worships bill gates. It isn't the 90s anymore, apple users are incredibly normie now.


they still acknowledge and consent to Apple's shitty business practices and design ethos that Steve Jobs put in place


>yeah, let's bully normal people for doing normal things while I soapbox about how my preferred 'design principles' are better than theirs
YOU are the one who should be bullied


Steve Jobs hated the expandability of the Apple 2 and other major 8-bit machines thus why the original Macs could not be upgraded. Steve Jobs wanted to make a console computer like if Microsoft tried to sell the Xbox as a PC.
Even when you compare it to the 8-bits that expandability is mostly through the cartridge slot they were designed for mass production at a cheap price thus you are comparing around $200 for the non-Apple 8-bit to $2,795 for the Mac in 1985 dollars.
This overcharging for devices that can not be expanded still plagues Apple.


a pro-apple person can just as easily argue that apple ditching legacy standards and obsolete technologies quicker and pouring their higher profit margins into R&D moved computing forward. They can also point out that the move away from expansion slots and towards the idea of the computer as an appliance presaged the easy peripheral connectivity we have today with USB, thunderbolt, etc.
I have heard both sides of the argument. In the end, apple is no worse (or better) than other big tech companies.


its just a box who cares lmao


Better buy a bottle of champagne for when it's finally Monday and you can use it again


File: 1663172854410.jpg (766.08 KB, 1200x870, Atari800-Desk.jpg)

The idea for USB came from Atari's SIO bus where some of Atari's engineers even went to work on the initial USB standard. The SIO bus allowed for easy plugging in of external devices to the Atari 800 thus easy peripheral connectivity was already done in 1979. Also the Atari 800 was far easier to upgrade the ROM and RAM then the even the later Macs.


I am well aware of that. And atari's own SIO bus was inspired by even earlier research at HP. You can dig these rabbit hole as far back as you like.


The point is that the Macintosh did nothing that Commodore, Atari and Tandy didn't do better. Where it is even easier to plug a hard drive into a Tandy Coco then Mac 128k.


tech history is littered with supposedly great products that failed. Maybe you should look beyond the specs


Yet with the original Machintosh we had a console marketed as a computer, this is why the Mac 128k and 512k are so hard to upgrade even today. Meanwhile the Atari ST and Amiga can be easily hot rodded with PPC accelerator cards, SSDs, DVD drives, mpeg decoders, floppy emulators and ethernet.


We should get a retro computer thread going at some point


>preferred design principles
Apple users will literally complain about how they have to buy proprietary peripherals and how their messaging app doesn't work with non-apple users, but then go right ahead continuing to purchase apple products anyway.


no way i don't believe that


Remember a couple years ago when Apple phones had some amazing for that time AI auto-correcting texts based on the most common expressions of its user base and it corrected almost anything to cum farts and the users were all like oooh what a crazy program bug that is hahaa and then the "silly programmers" had to "fix" the "bug"?

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