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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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These are optimal for privacy and yet nobody knows how to use them. They aren't routed through cell towers like any regular cell phone but instead radio masts and virtual switchboards (which you can set one up yourself but good luck at maintaining it, because it requires a lot of technical skill). Activating the SIM is a pain in the ass. And they cost a fuckton of money. But they let you spoof your number, encrypt your calls, making for delays at times, cannot receive calls, and they let you change your voice and see if somebody's tapping your connection so you can shut them out.

These phones are what glowuyghurs use. Don't bother getting a Pixel, a Librem or a Pine64.


Sounds like a pain to use.
Is there a video of someone reviewing it?


Honestly, combating government surveillance is no longer doable. There needs to be direct action over this. It needs to be taken to the streets. This is no longer a s9ftware or hardware problem, you can maintain privacy online, but it's a pain the ass and it's becoming increasingly tedious with each passing year.


>user expresses communist sympathies online
>glows gangstalk and put carcinogens in food and water supply or 'accident' happens


>Honestly, combating government surveillance is no longer doable.
I think this is unwarranted pessimism. There is a power-imbalance in the information realm. And there is a tendency for things like this to turn into their opposite. Great advantages turn into great disadvantages and so on.

Many people are looking to defeat surveillance by "brute force" negation, and that might work (historically that approach has seen it's successes), however it could also be that all these surveillance systems (surveillance-state and surveillance-capitalism alike) could be gamed for personal gain, and in the end that's what's going to do them in. There are many ways this could go. One of the most obvious way of looking at this, is thinking about the information sphere as some kind of battle field, a profitable strategy is to sell "weapons" to both sides. Make surveillance tools and sell it to the surveillers and then sell counter measures to the surveilled, back and forth , back and forth. There are of course more subtle ways of going about this.

We haven't really made a materialist analysis, that looks at all the factors, so we are kinda flying blind.

>There needs to be direct action over this. It needs to be taken to the streets. This is no longer a s9ftware or hardware problem, you can maintain privacy online, but it's a pain the ass and it's becoming increasingly tedious with each passing year.

Maybe preserving privacy requires a combination of a technical and political approach.


Any more info? Is there a guide or anything?


>Don't bother getting a Pixel, a Librem or a Pine64.
good thinking https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/linux-phones.html


Ok now make a FOSS clone
Yeah this sort of thing


>Honestly, combating government surveillance is no longer doable.
>I think this is unwarranted pessimism.
Yeah, it's the whole panopticon type of thing. They can't actually watch everyone at once because there's too many people. They instead rely on "quantum observation" or the fact that you can't be sure if you're being watched or not so you assume you are. But at the same time it would be good to have some kind of dual power telecom system since let's be real you are not going to pressure them into giving up centralized control over that infrastructure. You would basically have to seize it directly and at that point you're talking about open class warfare.


>this is what glowguyghurs use
Yeah this is also what they go out of their way to compromise. Want to go look up the Swiss "CryptoAG" company that was basically a literal (not lefty imagined hysterics) CIA front selling compromised encryption devices to all the despots in the world, advertising that it was making stuff that the CIA and KGB couldn't crack etc.

There was also a super secret encrypted cell phone company in the late 90s and early 2000s that basically was using such lousy tech implementation that it was very easy to crack ; it wasn't a front or was intentionally weakened, but of course the gov't looked very hard at anyone who was paying stupid amounts of money for an encrypted phone system at the time and found a bunch of drug cartels, terrorists etc…simply because of it.

You should probably link to something you're talking about because as described that…doesn't sound right.
>Radio masts
Okay, there are a lot of ways to do this, but that's not exactly a phone call. You can't use HAM bands or whatever to make a regular phone call to someone the whole way through, at some point you have to get into the phone system etc.
>virtual switchboards
VOIP PBX are not that difficult really, cumbersome though but the main issue is having to deal with where it breaks into the "normal" phone systems.
>Activating the SIM is a pain in the ass and cost a fuckton of money
Who sells these SIMs? What kind of SIM is it, a "normal" one or is it satellite or..? WiFi only?
>let you spoof your number
There is tech to do this in various ways with differing levels of sophistication
>encrypt your calls
This only works if the "other side" also knows the cryptographic key or paired key, so its not like you can encrypt just your side and the other person can understand you just fine etc. Tons of VOIP apps today do encrypted calls.
>making for delays
Depending on what kind of delay you mean, this can be done several ways or may not apply.
>Cannot receive calls
Permanently? Only at certain times? There are several ways this could be done but it may not necessarily mean better security/privacy
>voice changer
Lots of software for this , plus separate devices
>see if someone is tapping your connection
How? What does it "see" If you're on a decently encrypted call you don't have to worry about this. If you're broadcasting clear with a normal cell phone, it can be hard to tell if someone is listening depending on certain parameters. You can try to see if someone is trying to route your call through a magically appearing faux tower (aka stingray device) but aside from that, you'd only have to worry about someone at the provider of the number being compelled to tap the line and that's different

The whole thing sounds a bit suspect and, especially if its proprietary, may be selling a lot of expensive snake oil that makes you stand out. A FOSS platform that does what you describe would be interesting start and the only way I'd even consider using something that makes these kinds of claims.

Lets just say this author has been unreliable, outdated, or otherwise of issue before, also making some significant assertions about security or privacy that have been questionable. Not everything is necessarily wrong, but taken with a huge grain of salt.


just use shitty unencrypted communications bro!


its hilarious to post this shit as a defense of phones that, again, leave everything unencrypted
this shitty board is full of /g/-tier pseuds


what are you saying? graphene is secure. somewhat.


Where the fuck am I supposed to get the money to buy stupidly expensive and complicated phones and laptops? When am I supposed to find the time to learn not only how to use these devices, Linux variations, and other software but also the proper hygiene for all this shit? I feel like it takes so much time, energy, and resources to maintain a clean and untraceable apparatus that there would be no time to go commit transgressive or revolutionary acts. You’d be too busy updating your drivers on kali or making sure your phone worked.


That's why a de-Googled ROM based on vanilla Android is the way to go: >>19332
>expensive and complicated laptops?
The best laptops for privacy are the old and simple ones. Old thinkpads, for example. Because it is only recently that intel put that ME into CPUs. A thinkpad T60/61 doesn't have the backdoor CPU stuff.


File: 1691089787347.png (1.04 MB, 1257x704, ClipboardImage.png)

Based. The lefists are coming onboard.
burn down 5g towers and so on, they are means of control.
picrel. all it takes is fire-starters, gasoline and some cut up tyres.


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Tech utopians never learn their lesson.

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