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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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General for all things piracy related:
Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests.


Current onion for the piratebay^

Pirate the planet.
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What pirate bay mirror should I use? Not onion


I can recommend few books on meditation if you want to experiment with it.


Is there a torrent for 3DS games or something like that? I hate having to download them from browser


Check emuwiki for that.


"wolf of walstreet" is to 10 on tpb lmao


Anyone know why some anime sites crash my iPhone? Has this happened to anyone else?


Does the NFT actually stop the copying of digital content or is it just literally "unique snowflake" bits functioning like a deed to an imaginary piece of property, not that regular property is less spooked? Either way it seems to be extremely stupid, almost an attempt to "enclose" virtual shit to create even more worthless value for consuming that'll only work if people take the bait.


Any good (public) sites for cartoon downloads? The only sites I've seen have a fairly small variety of shows


Godzilla vs Kong probably coming out (on torrents) tomorrow


Where can I pirate family feud usa


I know there were some that were public forums that didn't show downloads without a login, not sure which were up as I'm out if the loop and they keep getting drama'd.
The best group in existence for certain western animation is WMAA, a literal archival project, but I think its all in a Discord with a protected Google Drive. I can ask if they have public invites (AFAIK they arent sekrit club types, they just dont want to be taken down) but I doubt they ever did that.
I'd DL and upload if my internet wasn't complete shit. Any requests?


I like Watch Cartoon Online


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What were those two sites for downloading books?


Libgen and zlibrary?


Yes! thank you.


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File: 1619862603906-0.jpg (170.32 KB, 588x800, Couv_414475.jpg)

File: 1619862603906-1.jpg (741.31 KB, 1098x1500, VIVA_L_ANARCHIE_ID573_0_12….jpg)

Not sure if this is the right thread but can anyone help me find those comics Viva l'anarchie/Viva la Anarquia ?the original is in french and there is a spanish translation ,i would be grateful for any of those editions


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File: 1620213593971-1.jpg (80.92 KB, 856x1360, 61tt2sf0 2L.jpg)

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>not on libgen or aaaaarg and sci-hub has been restricted by court order for many months now


what's up with sci-hub ?
Are they starting to censor scientific research ? Taking down Sci-hub would be like medieval theocratic tyranny, or like the Nazis burning books. Are liberals going full fascism ?


File: 1620227623363.png (33 KB, 1136x326, Screenshot_2021-05-05 Anno….png)



i don't know what that means, what needs to happen for sci-hub to continue functioning as normal ? It's a fundamental to human civilization at this point. Why doesn't anybody put down the CopyrightSS ?



This is an ed2k link, you'll need something that can access the edonkey network to download it, like emule. Your best source for French comics is emulebdz, a forum that posts ed2k links to pretty much everything that gets ripped or scanned in French.


File: 1620232659226.png (2.26 MB, 1098x948, ClipboardImage.png)

I really like this images, Does anyone know who artist is?
Edited to remove that text at bottom.


It looks like until the court hearings end, sci-hub will remain paralyzed.


The artist is Bruno Loth: https://www.bedetheque.com/auteur-12827-BD-Loth-Bruno.html

By the way, the volume 2 came out in January, and most of the French comic scanners/rippers have a rule that they won't release a comic until 6 months after it gets published, so it'll be on emulebdz in July probably. If you're don't want to wait until then, you can buy a digital on izneo, and quite easily rip it yourself:



thanks man ,appreciate it


Where can I find licensed manga (particularly recent releases)? Every manga reading site I can find has only fan scanlations. And of course, once a series is officially licensed, every group drops it.


/co/ win-o + find-o, nyaa; look out for releases by danke, LuCaZ, XRA, aKraa and Shizu


Unfortunately it seems that nobody has uploaded it yet, although I can't access find-o so I haven't searched there.


Well, I take that back, I think I found the correct find-o site but yep, it's not there either.


what are you trying to find?


Tsumi to Kai Volume 3 in English (official translation is called Pleasure & Corruption) I think it came out early this year


Anybody has a way to use Deepl Pro?


bumping for interest; would love to have these as pdfs


File: 1621215827156.pdf (4.93 MB, 198x300, evgeny-dobrenko-late-stali….pdf)

Found the first one


is that a good book or is it anti-communism, the word "stalinism" is usually used in that way.


I want to automatic download my spotify playlist and I would prefer it through youtube because it has a wider catalog

Could you link any .exe programs that have an easy-to-use GUI to do that?


iwant to know too


File: 1621593503523.jpg (35.03 KB, 210x210, 1488856623620.jpg)

Was shopping monitors online and a dude posted a picture showcasing the quality of the desktop while installing fitgirl repack in the background.


does ghidira have a private version?

how do i solve crackmes are they much harder

i managed to finish the cheatengine tutorial except for the last level


where do i get the malware sample https://archive.is/RTERO
also how do i clean an infected keygen executable while searching randomly on youtube (for IDM crack)
i believe this is how they make cracktro/NFO text https://patorjk.com/software/taag/


Is anyone here on the /ptg/ pyramid? How far did you guys get and how long did it take?



cool limewire cause we all want viruses and illegal pr0n on here -_-;; some of us just want to watch wandavision without d*sn*y+


the entire internet is spyware now



because live action shows have actual production companies behind them that are greedy about that stuff


my mother language is Spanish so I use epublibre



the archive is down, can someone post a torrent link?

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