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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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what are you using to get this lol


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get a better adblocker. or better yet, install yt-dlp and mpv so you can youtube outside of youtube


Are you a freetard?


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we prefer the term free software enjoyers


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i told all of you to get umatrix. ublock and noscript are nothing compared to it.


yeah umatrix is great. but also so many sites break if you use it with conservative defaults like mine (no scripts, no cookies, no third party anything)


FUD thread, sage


I bless your computer, my child.


didnt it stop getting updates years ago


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sage is not a downvote


haven't opened a youtube page in years thanks to invidious and or yt-dlp. ask here if you need to


I wonder if it's possible to upload to youtube from the terminal these days
what'd be really nice is a way to automate POSSE publish on own site syndicate everywhere else with yt + peertube + regular ol' html and <video> on a blog + others


Sounds like a very cool and useful project to automate. I'm still playing with yt-dlp commands tbh.


Last update was released on July 20, 2021


But I like having subscription lists


I have a keybind to open the clipboard contents in mpv using sway.


File: 1683967620332.png (110.63 KB, 1200x1200, Feed-icon.svg.png)

YouTube has RSS support, you can just put the channel's URL in your feed reader and it will fetch it. Unfortunately it only has the title in the video in it.


Nice, gonna do this.


you can copy the url from your news reader and play it in say mpv though


That's what I do. But it would be nice to know at least the length from the RSS reader.


NewPipe lets you subscribe to people without an account. No idea how they do it, though.


Pretty simple, just a json file you can import, write to, and export.


You can also subscribe to YouTube channels as RSS feeds, but I wouldn't be surprised if that randomly gets nuked one day


Is there NewPipe for the desktop?


No, but there appears to be this rough equivalent:


What I would like is a way to search, that's the only thing I still use the website for.


Just use Freetube


you could use pipe viewer, it lets you search channles, videos, and other features just like regular youtube




>Are you a freetard?
imagine telling on yourself like this, and on leftypol of all places. what are you even doing here wagie?


freetubeapp.io is pretty much this exact thing, similar in features to Newpipe but made for desktop Win/Linux/Mac. Yes, it also has subscriptions and search capability and (if you enable it) even SponsorBlock (Newpipe baseline doesn't have this but there is an approved fork that does ).

This is aside from using a browser (preferably Firefox or one based on it if necessary) and ublock origin + other addons. If so, you can also use Invidious or Piped frontends instances, and/or something lilke the LibRedirect addon to use alternative frontends automatically. However, FreeTube or Newpipe has there advantages.

Also, I highly suggest checking out PeerTube for an alternative platform to Youtube at all. Its one of the few that is open source , federated, and not tied to any crypto-asset to pump its value. It even supports livestreaming and has a multi-instance search now. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Freetube and Newpipe both support PeerTube as well.


The problem with PeerTube is that it does not have anime openings.


I hope they go full overboard. Purely out of spite


who go full overboard


Google, they really should make all of their services unusable because of ads and malware


IIRC umatrix is unmaintained because Ublock origin can do everything umatrix does anyway


Here is the thing: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Dynamic-filtering:-quick-guide
In ublock origin advanced mode, you can block images, all 3rd-party, inline scripts, 1st-party scripts, 3rd-party scripts and/or 3rd-party iframes on a page. Besides that there are two whitelist options for hostnames, to exempt them from all dynamic rules or from all static rules (premade blocking lists).
Besides Cookies, CSS and Media ublock can effectively block everything umatrix can, but you cannot whitelist individual request types.


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Not getting blocked so far over the past couple of days. Another win for Linuxchads?

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