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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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How do I actually buy Bitcoin? I'm using Bisq as like the market since apparently it doesn't have all the bullshit and it won't freeze my money, as well as Electrum as my main wallet (of course I don't have anything in it). But there's nowhere for me to pay money into it so I can't actually buy bitcoin and when I try to find out the problem it just tells me ways to get bitcoin to start when all I need is to pay my currency into the machine to get a fraction of a bitcoin to spend, I don't even need it to be super duper anonymous or whatever. It's so frustrating, if you don't know someone who knows this shit it's as obtuse as a rock. I just hope I don't have to go through like robinhood or any of those fuck companies that I have no trust for. Help would be much appreciated.


Just gamble it's better for your health than looking at bitcoin price numbers all day long.


Why would you want this




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why don't you buy some shiny nft's while you're at it?

what do you want it for? you know bitcoin isn't untraceable or anything like that right?


Glow away, we don't want your publicly readable immutable ledger.


don't pay attention to all the meanies here buddy i'm here to help. just gimme your info.


If he truly wants to be anon with Crypto you gotta get into that Monero Game, but you won't find any clear web crypto exchanges selling it anymore. Mining it is not worth it as you will burn through the CPU.

But let them get the Crypto if they want whatever their reasons. If you enjoy gambling go for it as you might hit it big or you might not but you do you OP.


lol guess I'll ask some cryptobros then. I don't want it for stock gambling if that's what you think.


>Mining it is not worth it as you will burn through the CPU.
It's probably the only worthwhile way to get bitcoin if you're willing to splash out on some Asics and solar panels
My brother in Marx do the above instead it's the easiest way to actually own a bitcoin


Okay anon, I'll help you out. Bisq is great but its probably one of the more confusing ways to trade at times due to its privacy. The simplest thing for you to do is to go to any of the big exchanges like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken or whatnot that basically just let you (usually after some small amount of verification) let you use fiat currency - USD, EUR etc. - and just buy crypto, including BTC. Also note the way you pay - bank card, credit card, PayPal etc.. may have different fees. Be wary of this when buying fiat for crypto! Couple of things to keep in mind

DO NOT KEEP YOUR CRYPTO IN THE EXCHANGE"S ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY. This is how people have gotten fucked over. Its okay to keep it there when you're trading or will be, but don't just let it sit in exchanges forever. Its good to keep it in a wallet only YOU control - it doesn't have to be a "full" wallet (aka with a full copy of the blockchain it downloads), it can be a "lite" wallet, so long as you have full control of your keys, account etc.

Next, note that EVERY CRYPTO TRANSMISSION BETWEEN ONE ADDRESS AND ANOTHER RECORDED ON THE BLOCKCHAIN HAS A NETWORK FEE. Some coins will call it something different (ie Etherium call it "gas" ) and when these cryptos started out it was nothing, a tenth of a thousandth of a BTC or whatever. However, as the value of the coins have gone up , proportionally this often gets a little more expensive. Its still not always horrible today and depending on what currency it will vary, but just know that it will cost a small amount of something for the network to process it even if say.. you're sending it from one wallet address you control (or your address at an exchange) to another of "yourself", the "network" fee still needs to be paid. Most clients will tell you this and what the minimum is for "standard" transmission (there's a faster more confirmations thing but don't worry about that) but just keep it in mind.

Anyway, I'll try to help you out. There's a lot of crypto bullshit out there but, if you use it smartly and know what each asset is and can do its not by nature evil or anything. Note that Monero is privacy friendly and one of the better coins (its actually one of the most equitable too updating its algo to keep ASICs from fucking with everyone attempting to mine etc), but isn't held as commonly on major exchanges because of the privacy element. Also be very careful for anything related to "DeFi", "derivatives" "NFT" which is a level of bullshit above even that of "standard" coin/assets. Anyway, good luck. Just start buying some crypto if you want.


>but you won't find any clear web crypto exchanges selling it anymore.
Waht? Yes there are, loads even


This was in Reference to XMR/Monero not Bitcoin, as I was suggesting it as a privacy coin that the OP might been interested in. They nuked Monero off the Majority of the Clear web crypto exchanges to where you can't even buy or trade in it from what I have seen.

Well Monero Mining is the one that uses the CPU and the different threads on the CPU, but not worth mining with just one CPU, but I get what you are saying ASICS with Solar Panels or clean energy alternatives will the way to go for Mining Bitcoin.


hell yeah dude

my man's going fin-goth mode


First of all, you should want to avoid bitcoin as it is horrible wen it comes to privacy. Every transaction is public and viewable by everyone, see if you can buy a privacy coin, such as monero instead.

If you want a different way to buy either of them, be it bitcoin or monero, check out localbitcoin and localmonero. You can use many different ways of making transacting with individuals (even cash by mail) and it's even accessible through the darknet.


Have you used localmonero personally?


Buy drugs with paper dollars, sell drugs for monero


don't lol, we've had two straight years of bitcoin moving horizontally without significant appreciation, which is insane considering we are also going through unprecedented inflation which was the exact scenario that should've pumped bitcoin, but it didn't. because after everyone bought at ATH and lost their fucking money like morons, they never went back and they will never be back.

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