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I have recently started my first course in Software Engineering. The first programming subject we got apart from C is learning assembly language. I have zero knowledge of the subject and it seems quite intimidating at first glance, and was described to us as a hard course. So I wanted to ask, what would be the best sources of information to learn the language and how to even use it? The YouTube tutorials always seem a bit shit and from my first glance it is true for asm as well. We were also all recommended to read picrel over the course. Is it good and or enough for learning? It's 34 years old, so I was wondering if there were more recent manuals on the subject.


If your book is that you're probably learning x86 so yes you want that book


Assembly is easy. All you need to learn is the order of operands(with intel syntax it's destination, source, at&t is the opposite), and various jump instructions including call. Also, when calling C functions from assembly, pass the arguments through stack in the reverse order than you would in C. Because assembly isn't portable and takes way too much time to write, you'll most likely never write anything more complex than a fizzbuzz in assembly unless you write want to write operating systems.


This is a good book on the subject. I learned a lot from doing crackmes, reverse engineering in general is often about just reading and understanding (disassembled) assembly. Don't be afraid of it, it's not black magic.


Play TIS-100 or Shenzhen IO or Exapunks. They don't use actually existing assembly languages, but the principles, commands and syntax are kinda similar.


Where would one be able to find a pirated version of this?


I've played all of them on Linux. Can post links to Linux versions if that's your OS, but it shouldn't be hard to find Windows ones via your preferred search engine.



Thanks for the help anons. Just finished my first proper assembly program. Feels good, but damn is this shit unintuitive to code.

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