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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I recently gotten myself on some books on how to do Java Script again. I came here today to ask what is the programming languages that are worth learning.

Because I think that people still use Java Script but not as nearly as much as other programs. I want to do this on my off time as I look for a job again. That way I can just have something useful other than my knowledge of historic events and wanting to preserve the artifacts.


C, Python, x86/ARM
everything else is webdev trash


this. learn python first because it’s the easiest. you don’t really need assembly


> you don’t really need assembly
assembly is very worth learning imo, and opens up careers in embedded, kernel, and security. im biased tho


also learn C first imo, it's much simpler than Python because of snek's sheer size, and gives you a pretty good understanding of how computers actually work.


C is great on its own and to get into programming.
Assembly seems cool too but I haven't learned it yet.


ultimately it depends what you want to do with it.

python for quick, general-purpose programming or scripting where performance or parallelization are not a priority. learn about what all the popular python libraries are.
javascript along with the popular frameworks/libraries and sql if you want a web development career.
c should not be your first language because it's being used less for general-purpose programming and becoming just an embedded or kernel programming language.
don't waste your time with assembly unless you have a damn good reason to use it.


Learn whatever programming/scripting language best suits the situation. There is no specific set or order to it. Languages are tools, you don't learn how to use a hammer to mow the lawn. However, most languages are combination hammer-lawnmower-screwdriver-paintbrush multitools, so you have some flexibility here.
For the purposes of employment, the main ones are Java, Python and JavaScript. But regardless, what wise employers really care about is your capacity to learn new languages, not just the languages you know at any given point in time.
I'm learning Python right now for a video game project. I use PHP and JavaScript for work, and I had to learn Java for school. I enjoy C and Scheme, and I want to learn Haskell in the future.


Assembly -> LISP -> Holy C
Be a programmer of god


Bad advice.
This guy is a software engineer. I concur with anons advice. After you learn how to program stuff in general, then you can learn Haskell as a hobby.


We know what language is not worth learning:
> A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing.

If you are looking for a job, JavaScript is a good choice.


> Bad advice.
why, im also employed in software lol


Retarded wagecuck advice.


Languages are only tools. There is no free lunch whichever you choose you need to work hard to be good, and every tool has good and bad size: Python is comfy but has no typing, Java is reasonably fast and straightforward but writing in it is like kicking dead whale down the beach, common lisp may be cool, but there is no libraries and few people actually using it so good luck when you get stuck, etc



It heavily depends on what you want to do.

No matter what, I would recommend:
- Python is pretty easy to get into and useful for a lot of general purpose tasks, parsing text, automating tasks, doing math with numpy, and plenty of other stuff, so you should learn it. Its main problem is that it has a slow runtime.
- C is ubiquitous and most of the software we use from day to day are C or C++ under the hood. It has a relatively simple design – though it is hard to use it correctly –, has libraries for basically everything, is very fast, and you will gain an understanding of how memory management works by learning it, which will make you a better programmer in the long run. Also, most languages have a C FFI.
- Getting familiar with Unix shell scripting, pipes, file redirection, and tools like grep, find, sed, awk is highly recommended. It's a massive gain in productivity as it can allow you to do pretty complex text/file manipulation by writing very little code in some situations.
All of these are installed by default on most Linux distributions.

Other than that, what do you want to do?
- If you want to do web stuff, you cannot avoid Javascript.
- If you want to do Android development or get a dull codemonkey job, learn Java.
- If you gotta go fast and using C is getting too painful, learn C++ or Rust.
- If you want to fuck around and learn CS concepts, learn a Lisp dialect or Haskell.

Your choice of language will mostly be determined by the availability of libraries and reusable code related to your problem space, and the trade-offs you are willing to make between convenience and speed.
Most mainstream languages are pretty similar, so you can easily pick one once you are comfortable with paradigms like plain procedural programming, object-oriented programming and functional programming. Most experienced programmers are more or less polyglots for this reason. Once you will be pretty comfortable with basic programming and want to get more advanced, you should learn all these different paradigms, as well as standard algorithms and data structures (C is pretty good for learning the latter).


Does modern school seriously get students to learn programming with javascript? Holy fuck


why is that surprising? given the amount it’s used even outside of web clients with nodejs it makes sense. yeah it’s a half-assed language but so are most other big ones besides C.


It doesn't matter what language you start with.


dont believe this man, probably a LIBTARD




also the setup necessary to get javascript running is minimal.
to get C compiling? lol. good luck.


File: 1630015109080.png (590.53 KB, 1934x1027, paradigmsDIAGRAMeng108.png)

> A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing.
Think about this the next time your are choosing a language to learn. It's worth knowing at least one language of the big paradigms: Prolog, Smalltalk, SML, Pascal, etc.


Learn Forth, Fortran and APL
These languages get you a fuckton of money but nobody knows that

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