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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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Privacy on the internet in an inherently retarded and infeasible concept. For most people, privacy does not matter, and it is a good thing. Since its very inception the internet and its communication protocols were never designed with privacy in mind, because humans don't live a private lifestyle. Do you schizos wrap yourself in tinfoil clothing and hide every inch of your skin and use a voice changer when talking to other people IRL? Do you tunnel every single conversation one on one so no other person can overhear you?

You are already monitored on a daily basis, and humans have been in general for thousands of years now, and it is a general way of information exchange and communication among people. Not everyone can live a hermit lifestyle encrypting every bit of traffic that leaves their basement.

The upcoming integration of cloud based services and the IoT among machines, along with increased automation will help more people who don't care about retarded non issues like muh data mining and those super fucking great cooming sites you searched for the other month. Maybe you neckbeards should try leaving your house more often and realize that technology exists to serve social needs and thus information IS required in the process. Using busted up, old, Thinkpads and then cutting off hardware wiring does not make you any more special or 'secure'. Secure from what? Who exactly are you trying to hide from? Motherfucker I can guarantee that most of these self proclaimed 'privacy enthusiasts' are friendless losers, so nobody would care either way if anything happened to you.

The average human lifespan is around 80 years now, all that time that could be spent being open and social with people, living a carefree life, and instead you spend it on some vague concept of being 'le based privacy chad hackerman', someone who is so non-existent, even online, that the people of your own forums and imageboards won't recognize you.

You won't look back at all those years wasted on ricing up your machines and encrypting your TOR mails for gazillionth time, just in case of that tiny off chance that a glowie decided to read your smut collection that particular day. Though you might remember the day you had a good laugh with your friends on dickcord or other 'privacy nightmares'.

Unless you're an Illegalist, in which case please carry on.


File: 1608526380685.jpg (19.33 KB, 474x251, glow.jpg)

>just give up, it's all over!


3/10 cause you made me reply


File: 1608526381191.png (145.3 KB, 322x527, glowinthedark.png)

So many fallacies in a single post.


File: 1608526381396.png (196.98 KB, 500x378, glowCar.png)


This post illuminated my whole room


File: 1608526384972.png (834.99 KB, 939x704, Object11-Thumbnail.png)

Neo-china comes to hack xenodata from your mitochondria


File: 1608526385245.jpg (55.96 KB, 750x1024, 46254563547576.jpg)

>Why yes, I do fantasize about defecting to the first 21st century revolution and using my tech skills to help develop a digital panopticon that will clap down the entire internet, how could you tell?


I'd be down with total transparency but it cant be one way thats not cool


I wouldn't but that would be better or rather, less bad, than the current state.


I don’t really care about data tracking by itself, but how it’s used. at least if China takes my data it will be contributed to something useful like AI instead of “marketing business analytics” or whatever faggot bullshit research field small dicked ex-jocks are coming up with these days.


>at least if China takes my data it will be contributed to something useful like AI instead of “marketing business analytics”
lmao this is your brain on dengism


File: 1608526385820.jpg (230.22 KB, 1600x1200, fucktechies.jpg)

>it will be contributed to something useful like developing mass surveilance, datamining and profiling instead of developing mass surveilance, datamining and profiling
If you're on this board you should know better.


> I'll go to bunkerchan's /tech/ and ask for glow meme material
&lt that won't work, plus you'll be off-topic
> well, what if I write a post that emits so much radiation that glow memes would be the natural response
&lt sure, go for it


>It's okay when the porkies are yellow

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