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Are we about to witness the next escalation in clampdowns on speech across the internet? The incoming presidential administration in the United States has included among its Department of Defense transition team Alyssa Starzak. Starzak, who previously held positions as General Counsel of the U.S. Army, Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Defense, counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and assistant general counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency, has for the past few years now been Head of Policy at Cloudflare. During her time at Cloudflare, we have already witnessed examples of politically-motived business decisions about who gets to be protected by DDoS protection services and who doesn't, including the shutting down of sites like 8ch and Daily Stormer. But it seems DDoS services have become just another aspect of Silicon Valley's merger with the US national security state.

Sources, since no news sites really seem to have picked up on this yet:


This shit is everywhere, including here, and nobody bats an eye. Fuck, remember Cloudbleed? Or all the times Cloudflare has been down, affecting thousands of websites at once?


Whats the alternative? Switch to a DDoS protection service based in Tanzania?


Do you ever think DDoS protection services could be a literal racket? As in, they covertly hire groups to DDoS to make a market for themselves?


Is ddos even an issue nowadays?


Would that not be noticeable and traceable ?


No, you can pay people anonymously to DDOS for you, and they'll do it via infected computers and hosting providers.
The only noticeable thing is your suggestion that "that wouldn't happen", and >>5961's memoryloss for any website pre-cloudflare.


Yes, bunkerchan itself was forced onto cloudfare due to a ddos less than a year ago


Are ddos protection services really efficient enough to last ? Would it not be easier to use a re-host protocol, if you connect to a server you have to rehost data of that server, for a while. It would make ddos near impossible.


So decentralized DDoS prevention doesn't exist huh

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