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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Can we have one of these going? I hate having to be forced to use this shitty spyware for school. It is so janky and broken and is missing several features that I usually take for granted in a computer Also the person who thought shoehorning Grammarly every time I open up CIAhrome deserves to be hung, drawn, and quartered (in minecraft)


I remember using crouton on refurbished ARM chromebook. It was not the best possible linux experience but battery life and portability made it pretty interesting daily driver.

Not sure if you zoomers are allowed to do such thing on school property tho


I think they made all chrome books Linux compatible out of the box so you can just do a full Linux install which would be nice considering the battery life of those things.


I could compile kernel from google's tree and use debian's ARM userland but I could not figure out how to enable modesetting with mali. I know some archfags managed to do it but I could not replicate it.

wonder how atom based chromebooks work


File: 1608526416615.png (1.35 MB, 1000x750, 3re23r23rm.png)

I have literally never used a google product in my life. Yeah, i've used their apps and their web browsers before, but, I refuse to touch anything hardware related to that fucking evil company. Fuck that.


Just format them NIGGA


They made them Linux compatible because ChromeOS is based on Gentoo.


what smartphone do you use?


idk, i kinda like it

been using an acer spin 713 10th gen intel 8gb ram ssd variant because there was a flash deal and i got it for super cheap
basically just wanted something to to lay down in bed with and shitpoast so I said, why not

thing is fast and smooth
I just use it to surf the web and occasionally jot down notes and record audio thoughts

Bluetooth on ChromeOS was a shitshow, that is until the most recent update, and especially since I moved to the beta update channel… idk time will tell

it's cool you get to use android apps on them

I know it's BORG tier, but its kinda reassuring to be in the midst of the GOOGpanopticon – there's always someone listening, there's always someone there. It's nice to know everything I'm doing is being recorded and that they care

besides you can create a google account with a puppet throw away account, you dont even need a mobile number, so all things considered this isn't a deal breaker


i cant think of a non evil fucking company when it comes to the regular OEMs that come to mind

all the linux-marketed hardware companies like system76, purism, linuxmint make shit that's too expensive
maybe it's worth it to save up, but i'm apprehensive


Just put Linux on it. Actually loved my 2-in-1 convertible Chromebook after that, with gnome on it and a nice screen, the ultimate consoom machine.


>its kinda reassuring to be in the midst of the GOOGpanopticon – there's always someone listening, there's always someone there. It's nice to know everything I'm doing is being recorded and that they care


You can install leenukes on chromebooks now.



it pisses me off how many otherwise perfectly appealing X86 netbook type devices at a reasonable price point are only available with chromeOS, with no way to 100% strip it out and use it as a regular machine like you can or at least could before UEFI let some OEMs be cunts with Windows devices.


ChromeOS is based, final (and ultimate) manifestation of Gentoo

if you're really gonna be a punk about it, then just slap CloudReady on it instead of CrOS, and experience the degoogled chromium bliss


It's really not that simple. Tried it, proper fucked. Bios/bootloader is absolutely fucked beyond salvaging.


I like them. I don't see the big deal.

They're usually cheap, you can log into them with a burner Google account (you don't even need to make a gmail account or provide a phone number).

All I do is type up documents, surf the web, shit post, and light photo-editing in GIMP.

I also regularly talk to Google Assistant and try to brainwash it.


File: 1640297456891.jpg (42.2 KB, 700x500, pinebookpro.jpg)

On some Chromebooks its relatively easy (though there is some amount of hoops to go through) to install linux, but it depends on the hardware.
If you want a cheap (200$) Linux laptop with good battery-life (7-10h) in a sturdy metal body, you can always get a pine-book pro. It runs on an arm chip so it's for basic computing needs.


these things suck so much shit that when i worked at a help desk and people called in about them we would be so close to telling them to just buy an actual puter


This person uses a school chromebook, meaning the sysadmin likely disabled devmode and thus making it impossible to install leenoks. The school lets themselves be dominated by G**gle in exchange for being able to dominate their own students.


i tried jailbreaking my school chromebook, it didn't work since the guides were shit
ARM laptops in general seem promising, check out https://www.pine64.org/


What kind of issues were you helping fix?

If you buy one with half-assed okay specs then for surfing the web they're pretty damn smooth and straight-forward

>Optimal Chromebook experience

an actual ssd rather than an emmc for the boot drive
a core-i processor from the last few years
8gb of ram

Three-finger horizontal swipe to move between tabs is an awesome feature and now I can't surf the web any other way.

linux developer mode allows me to use gimp and libreoffice and it works without issue… but I just use docs for most stuff now.
more and more chromebook-specific apps are being made for the appstore

Because the younger generation of kids are being trained on chromebooks, and more & more high schools and colleges are doing assignments on stuff like google workspaces, and more & more OEMs are making evermore premium chromeOS devices, I think we'll see it hitting 20% or more of the OS market share in places like the US. It's already 12% in Sweden.

unless you're a 9000IQ super hacker-supreme, then nothing you do is really anonymous, with all the backdoors in modern CPUs, even your keystrokes can be logged and accessed, just embrace the GOOGLE botnet BORG


cringe a corporate shill, telling people to use spyware on purpose, and there are no "backdoors" just security holes. Even if the lock on the door in the back of your house is bad, that doesn't mean you should not lock the front door.


internet is inherently spyware, always has been, always will be

>there are no backdoors

pppfffffttttt….. okay, who's the shill now, perra de culo
you have very trusting sensibilities

>i-it's better that Windows dominates rather than having the BigOS market as bifurcated as possible

the growth of CrOS = less windows users
this is good, this is better than just Winblows having abject dominance

would it be cool that boomers and my midget brained friends started using gentoo or even linux mint for shit-sake… sure, it would be, but it would also be cool if that shit worked seamlessly out of the box and it didn't confuse retards

it's a pick your poison kind of option
too many are priced out of expensive MacOS so it's windows, google, or pulling your hair out with lynucks


Google has been a bigger problem than Microsoft for many years now.

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