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So how can i attack my country's marshall law text system? Can i ddos it? How can i dedtroy it or make it work for the beneffit of the proletariat ?


but who was phone?


Yea stfu and help me.
My country passed a law where you cannot be out in the streets unless you text them and you get a verification text back. You are alowed 1 text per day and many people are poor and cannot get out of home. Many immigrands cant go to work and forge papers. Is like a fucking dictatorship over here…is there anyway to attack this sms system?


What country?

Also I gotta say I generally support the lockdown, though that system sounds dumb


God dammit Marshall! He cannot keep getting away with this >:(


Its not just a lockdown is the transformation of the bourgoise denocracy to a bourgoise dictatorship

>>685 lol yeah my english suck i get it.


Your English is great apart from the martial. Capitalise your 'I' when it's alone though

I guess you'd need to delete your number from their database once you have sent your first text in. Why not use multiple phones?


>Why not use multiple phones?
dunno, cuz he's in martial law maybe?
>text authority
>yeah uh im tryna buy multiple phones can I leave the house
Don't worry. I personally think any trouble you cause wouldn't help so much as put you in prison. I wouldn't approach this so recklessly.


Just don't ask for permission.
Are you asking for a system to spam their text messaging system

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