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Although he still hasn't regained his position at MIT, Richard Stallman is returning to the board of the Free Software Foundation.


How will the corporate apologists, identarian social climbers, and Microsoft agents who smeared him in the first place respond to this?
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I find it hilarious that you think a leftypol user using "faggot" or "moralfag" is somehow a false flag, or proof of reactionary tendencies, while your reaction mark you as a recently arrived reddit lib. Even more hilarious is you somehow believe sjw twitter retards know about or care about this obscure board or that we support him while "using toxic language", as if anyone in the world gave a fuck.
in short you're a fucking moron

unsurprising, screeching cancel culture retards do more harm than good to their cause, and often cancel actually progressive people because they react like a lobotomized lynch mob without any nuance.


u are gay.


Anyone else in the support letter matrix chat?


No but #free-rms on IRC is pretty comfy.


##rms on freenode


I think that was from the 2019 canceling. #free-rms on Freenode is a lot more active this time around.


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>if you don't act like some child who just binge read all of ED after discovering imageboards last night you're [boogeyman]
I'm sorry that I stopped parroting well-over-a-decade-old memes to fit in.(Shut up faggot)


wtf based

link to snacks' twitter?


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If only we listened earlier…


This isn't true, most "essjaydubyas" spent their adolescence on tumblr or were initiated into it through HR department culture in college or in the cultural industry. The most aggressive ones that play the dirtiest might be former chan reactionaries trying to prove they're a real convert, but the majority of them are not.
I think the modern digital culture war has its earliest identifiable traces in the atheism community. They had a huge falling out over whether the atheist movement needed to become intersectional or not. Out of this we got the "SJWs" who were originally made up of Something Awful goons and RationalWik users who had a newfound sense of smug moral righteousness, the disgruntled Bill Maher wannabes on reddit and 4chan, and the Bayesian centrists who had their own forums where they were too enlightened for such vulgar non-singularity themed things. The digital right was starting to brew with the neoreactionaries on blogspot and wordpress (who were separate from this mess). The far right didn't become a serious force on the English speaking net until Obama's second term, where the edgy n-word using channers, Stormfront and the NRx pseudo-intellectuals merged into the proto-alt-right because they all hated the cultural environment.


File: 1618118418261.png (313.16 KB, 682x517, VIP3dadydycool.png)

>most "essjaydubyas" spent their adolescence on tumblr
I can tell you never were on tumblr, during its first years (2008-2011) most people there came from 4chan or even more niche alternatives like SAoVQ lol. I mean fuck, the most popular blogs among the underground audience back then were by fellow /v/tards.


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>yfw you still have a mountain of VIP/Wall hacks to finish


File: 1618121282658.webm (15.95 MB, 480x270, the-symbol-of-freedom.webm)



File: 1618130281877.jpg (29.68 KB, 500x314, 1344829073535.jpg)

Let's get one thing perfectly clear. There's a certain section of open-source advocates who basically dominate inside any community as open-source advocates who literally – and I know that the term "literally" has been thrown about liberally, but I literally mean "literally" – who have ABSOLUTELY no idea about anything.

Even when I was an open-source advocate I've know that like 80% of my "supposed allies" were literal lunatics, dude. They have not the slightest idea about ANYTHING. They are the DAFTEST mother fuckers.

No, I didn't start this thread to "shit on" Open Source. I started this thread to make perfectly lucent this single fact: open-source advocates have NO idea about the "four freedoms," moreover, they have no sense of user freedom, copyleft, and so on.

"Open Source proper" ended in the first decade of the 21st century.

None of my above statements are even slightly controversial, btw. And yes, I want you to feel bad, I want you to feel like a literal brainlet if you still support Open Source in 2021.


>parroting well-over-a-decade-old memes
using "faggot" to refer to other users you're arguing with, "moralfag" as a short-hand for people with "holier than you" attitudes trying to shame through the internet on moral ground, are basically ingrained terminology for your average chan user than learned english mostly though internet shitposting (also guess what, slurs in other language often have massively reduced impact, explaining why I dont bat an eye when using them)
accusing people using these terms of "false flag" is fucking retarded, especially to pose yourself as some mature wisefag while actually contributing fucking nothing.
so stop your stupid and irrelevant language policing you faggot


>they aren't memes, they're actually [memes]
Well okay. I'm not even the other guy, by the way, I was just pointing out how retarded you sound. :^)


>learned english mostly though internet shitposting
it shows


Pretty much all old school 4chan staff turned leftist except for like invisibro (is he actually part of the old guard?) heh


I really hope this kulakery doesn't lead to the implosion the guix project going forward, it's really the most promising distro I've seen since Gentoo.
idpol really has to ruin everything that alludes to progress in this world.


i heard guix wasn't that good, but, it's over my head for an install.


that doesn't really matter. I'm talking about Guix's (and Nix's philosophy), but it's annoying that Nix uses systemd.




thats a fucking retarded take, or else literally all words fall under the "meme" category


Thesis: Nix
Antithesis: Guix
Synthesis: Another fork but written in Haskell this time


>RMS addresses the free software community
>Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman


> He remains the most articulate philosopher and an unquestionably dedicated advocate of freedom in computing.
Is there anyone else?


>It was right for me to talk about the injustice to Minsky, but it was tone-deaf that I didn't acknowledge as context the injustice that Epstein did to women or the pain that caused.
But he, in fact, did?


All the other freetard zealots (like Lunduke) are even more cancelled than Stallman is. None of them are very philosophical either.


Lovely. Time to celebrate this battle!
But let's not think the war is over. What do you guys think can be done to strengthen the free software movement right now?
We have to start focusing on fighting against the corps rather than inbetween us.


I wouldn't call Lunduke a free software zealot. He's been an open source fence sitter for most of his career and while he recently, in his own words, became a "free software zealot", he still uses plenty of proprietary software.



I'm interested in the philosophical ones, if they exist.


kek'd and check'd


File: 1618251588446.jpg (678.04 KB, 1750x1850, Eben.jpg)

Eben Moglen did a lot of GPL enforcement in the '90s and has written some interesting stuff like this:


Haskell is dead, accept it


Idris then


either way, it's still active.


That was amazing.


>Proprietary software is a hard requirement for online dating, for example.
Wait, why?


FLOSS dating services do not exist. The most popular ones are phone exclusive and will not even work on jailbroken phones/emulators/unlocked bootloaders afaik.
I guess you *could* hook up through IRC chats like it's 2005. So it's not really a hard requirement but it would require you to limit your options significantly and it would require you to be VERY lucky. The vast majority of millennials and zoomers now meet their partners through proprietary dating services now, so this is a pretty significant handicap.
Because most neurotypical people are sexually active extroverts, lI think imiting their dating and friendships to other FLOSS fundamentalists would drive them literally crazy. So I don't think a normie free software zealot could possibly exist for this reason. The best you could hope for is a Ralph Nader like person who isn't socially fucked but is still very ascetic and principled.


Oh that is what you mean. I thought the implication was that dating services couldn't be based on free software.
I once thought about how a free software, decentralized/gossip, non-commercial alternative might look like. The only advantage for normal people would be that it wouldn't force users to pay for "premium" features.


Can some one explain the difference between GPL3 and GPL4 to me, a normie and why they are relevant?


One exists, the other is a hypothetical development in the future.


That and there would be transparency around the app's functioning. Modern dating apps are designed to make you lonely and miserable so that you keep paying them, only a FLOSS service run through donations could possibly address that problem.


What's the bump limit on /tech/ anyway?




Is it Red Hat again? What are they trying to do?


get control of gpl
also get control over gnu / gcc
kill free software at last


But why? What would they gain?

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