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Although he still hasn't regained his position at MIT, Richard Stallman is returning to the board of the Free Software Foundation.


How will the corporate apologists, identarian social climbers, and Microsoft agents who smeared him in the first place respond to this?


First good news I've heard on this front in a while. Nevertheless, RMS won't live forever, neither will Torvalds or any of the other old heroes. Who will carry the torch in the next generation? Who will dare to resist the corporate machine at the risk of being slandered and destroyed? I feel this is a problem for the greater left in general, I just notice it more here since I'm a techie.

I'd love to be wrong on this point. Are there any younger, principled autists that can lead the imminent fight for the future with regards to tech?


Even bigger, serious question: is someone on the autism spectrum who we actually need to be our champion? It seems like all the non-autists in the free software movement have trouble sticking to their principles with unshakable determination in the way that Stallman does. Is it even possible for a neurotypical to be so dedicated?


i wish torvalds was immortal


I regret to inform you that the wreckers are at it again


File: 1616538306971.jpg (19.75 KB, 326x352, what.jpg)

>him and his hurtful and dangerous ideology
What the fuck are they even referring to here?


I don't think so. Most people would compromise in order to socialize. Proprietary software is a hard requirement for online dating, for example.


I think it's about time for members of the free software movement to stand up to these bullies with a counter letter.


A coupe reasons.
>People think he's a TERF because he thinks they/them pronouns for individuals are dumb (he supports per/pers)
>Much of the FOSS community wants to use it for broader social activism (such as trans issues, women's issues, etc.) explicitly while Stallman thinks that different forms of activism should be compartmentalized even though he supports them
>Stallman has a Greenwald-esque view of civil liberties while the people signing the letter consider it acceptable to compromise on privacy and speech laws in order to fight the far right
IMO this is another chapter in the NGO-industrial complex's attempted takeover of the privacy/FOSS movement.


>a TERF because he thinks they/them pronouns for individuals are dumb
I don't even know how the fuck to read this anymore. It seems to me transbabies would call you a TERF if you did prefer to use singular they instead of whatever ridiculous invented language they want you to refer to them as.


Why haven’t these wreckers been exposed as the manipulative snakes that they are? Why does it seem like no one is fighting back against them?

Don’t they see that are just patsies used by corporations to try to destroy/co-opt FOSS for their own ends?


The professional activism world doesn't like it when there are organizations outside of it. The FSF has a good reputation and they want it to submit. That's why they want the ENTIRE board to resign - so they can replace them all with careerist kids who can use the organization's good name to boost their resume and move up in the liberal world.


Well is there anything we can do to stop them?


Find some prominent tech guy with some balls to start a counterletter I guess. And back the rms loyal if the FSF has a schism over it.



Wow, the whole OSI this time? They can burn in hell.


>open source
Corporate cucks.


There's an interesting gap here. The majority GNU programmers and FSF members seem to be in support of the FSF decision (LibrePlanet audience reaction was positive), but the tech personalities and organization leads hate him.
Even more interesting is how we never got a manufactured RMS replacement out of the 2019 fiasco. The Stallman shaped vacuum never filled.


>but the tech personalities and organization leads hate him.
Also hundreds of below-50-follower procedurally generated twitter accounts.


>we never got a manufactured RMS replacement out of the 2019 fiasco
The new FSF president openly uses Mac OS and all sorts of other proprietary software.


I'm going to be so fucking mad if this causes projects to break away from GNU.
(Except GNOME. GNOME can die in a fire.)


I mean from the tech celebrities and media. Why did they never dig up some young person (preferably diverse in some way) to praise as the new, non-problematic Stallman?


Because digging up fake figureheads is something organizations that lack integrity do.


Sad to see a couple Guix programmers on this list of signatories again. They're doing their best to make me hate Guix.


Why can't porky stop winning?


Which ones? Ludovic?


Just these two:
David Thompson (GNU Guile/Guix contributor, ex-FSF)
Efraim Flashner (GNU Guix contributor)

Interesting that Courtes isn't on the list this time, maybe he was too ashamed after gnu.support called him out for spewing partisan bullshit on the gnu.org domain. Maybe.


File: 1616558003625.gif (3.01 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Contributors to a GNU project signing a letter demanding every member of the FSF board of directors resign is beyond shooting yourself in the foot. It's like blowing off your own head with a shotgun.


GNOME is barely a GNU project these days as far as I can tell. They only act like one when they want to demand something. The only big loss I could see happening would be Guix.
I think GNOME and GTK breaking off would be for the best really. Hopefully it would inspire the loyalists to make something that doesn't suck ass.

I don't mean from the FSF itself, but from the big non-FSF Stallman haters like Sarah Mei who kept claiming he was solely responsible for the lack of women and POC in tech. They could have easily found some woman who was willing to be open source Greta in order to solidify the misogyny narrative and get the attention around OSI instead of FSF.


Is Stallman really on the autism spectrum? Hacker News sure is having a gigantic discussion about it right now.


Never heard of Thompson and Flashner has no major decision-making power to my knowledge so it's not THAT big of an emergency. yet.


Well the guy definitely lacks tact, thinks in black-or-white terms and is socially awkward.

I dunno why people need to be labeled before we need to excuse their behavior though.


GNOME literally recommends that you connect google/microsoft/facebook accounts when you log in the first time. I was shocked when I first used it. I still don't know how they're allowed to do that.


I don't think he is formally diagnosed with it. But he probably does, a neurotypcial person would not eat from their foot in public or callously raise taboo questions the way he does. He also has the typical rage meltdowns autistic people have when they are never taught how to cope (hitting himself in the head, stomping his feet, etc.).


>I don't mean from the FSF itself, but from the big non-FSF Stallman haters like Sarah Mei who kept claiming he was solely responsible for the lack of women and POC in tech.
You can probably glean knowledge of their motivations from whether they did this. Finding a new figurehead IS what a principled, (financially) motivated entryist would do. I think that this hasn't happened, and that everyone immediately forgot about it when Stallman stepped down, shows that the bulk of the outrage is being driven by rage-addicted twitter losers with no actual strategic goals and nothing better to do with their time.


When did this start? Got a source so I don't have to install GNOME to see for myself?


I saw it when I first used GNOME about a year ago. I don't know how long it's been happening.


>a neurotypcial person would not eat from their foot in public or callously raise taboo questions the way he does
So you're telling me neurotypicals basically are NPCs?


Well I'm definitely not on the autism spectrum and I don't care. Stallman may be a somewhat embarrassing public speaker, but his ability to construct coherent and undefeatable arguments for free software is why I respect him.


I had a screenshot, but I must have deleted it. Here's the account page. This pops up when you first log in.


Mixed feelings about this. I feel like giving into the outrage in 2019 was a mistake, but loudly jumping back into the spotlight like this was a bad move. He never lost de facto power and being the shadow leader would have given him a chance to handpick a successor. Openly joining the board doesn't seem to have any pragmatic benefits even though I like him being there. Maybe they want to make GPLv4 and know that it wouldn't be trusted unless he was openly involved?


"FSF employees being unionized is evidence that RMS is some sort of monster."
t. some twitter shill.
I'm pretty sure RMS is actually quite pro-union on his website.


I dunno, there's a lot of people who are verbally pro-union or even communist but refuse to budge when they actually have a position of power over proles. Just like how David North won't turn his paper press into a worker coop.


What's up, Nathan?


Seeing a lot of KDE devs on this list. Thankfully Xfce and LXDE remain safe.


> github.io


Sauce on this?


There's a counterpetition here I found via lain:
It would be pretty based if we were to put ', /leftypol/ developer' or 'socialist' after your name.
I would sign but >github, so feel free to put down "Comrade Blissett, youtube-dl contributor, PeerTube contributor, /leftypol/ contributor."


ps: the contribution to /leftypol/ was spam filters, so if devs take issue then feel free to object.


This is vile. They even admit that he said no such thing but still blame him for it because they believe he could have said it? What the fuck is wrong with them?



File: 1616594669221.jpeg (48.29 KB, 600x450, listen and believe.jpeg)

That is pretty typical radlib behaviour. I hate to dive into my past and go full 4chan/stupidpol but there really is no other way to describe the mindset besides
>feels over reals


The RMS defense letter was a big hit in the Russian speaking internet. If you speak some non-Anglo languages, please spread the letter around. Most of the anti-Stallman people come from American universities and companies, showing the broader international support is good.


Constantly takes devil's advocate even on socially inappropriate issues like pedophilia (which he got cancelled for, he fucked up on that one), he is 100% on the spectrum honestly


Chunk Uhygur comes to mind


feels over reals is an actual thing, it's just that this mindset reach way beyond radlibs.


Why did he have to make it so easy for them, can't he just keep his mouth shut and stay out of sensitive topics, jesus christ, how idiotic do you have to be to stick up for Epstein's friends, he literally gifted them everything they needed to cancel him


File: 1616602881152.png (480.51 KB, 590x1206, GNU+AutismTest.png)


File: 1616602894467.jpg (51.15 KB, 832x1000, 1522650237457.jpg)

>Why yes, I signed the support letter with my real name and credentials. How did you know?


>(which he got cancelled for, he fucked up on that one)
He said literally nothing wrong.


This blog post is full of lies and misrepresentations if you actually dig into it.


Full breakdown for credulous newfags on the 2019 canceling, in case anyone is gullible enough to take claims by clickbait radlib rags seriously:


I wonder if Matt Bruenig will sign, he's a known RMS supporter.



I see the X.org Foundation signed off on this letter attempting to lynch Stallman and the FSF now.


Only one Wayland and Pipewire dev so far (and no systemD, surprisingly)


wtf bros were we wrong about the trannyware???


You have to go back.


I can't stop myself from hatescrolling twitter. Everyone on that terrible bird website must be an idiot, me included.
>"I don't know who this guy is, but fire him anyway #killallTERFs"
>Wanking to how many influencers and useless celebrities back the "fire Stallman" side
>Claiming all the Russian Stallman supporters are Putinbots
The pro-Stallman side is full of devs who are lower on the totem poll and these elitist pricks consider this to be a bad thing.


Lookup RMS transphobia claims

> It's a fucking blog post arguing to use the gender neutral 'perse' instead of they

Okay so all the accusations are bullshit.accelerationAcceleration




I swear what will it take for people to call out these grifters and social-climbing snakes for what they are. Only using minorities as a fashionable accessory to show how much “Holier than thou” they are.

Stallman doesn’t deserve this bullying and slander.


I'm so pissed off. I don't think the retards pushing for this cancelling realize what the FSF actually does.


Interestingly, there are more NixOS devs coming out against Stallman than Guix devs. The opposite was true last time.


If you know any e-celebs or journalists who would sympathize with rms, try sending them some emails.
If you speak a non-English language, try spreading the support link around. Having a broad international resistance to the majority American cancelers is a good look.
Having more signatures than the anti-Stallman letter would be even better.


I hate twitter liberals.
>muh Russians
Plus he implies that only people who live in Silicon Valley matter.


I might have more sympathy for this (in the sense of excusing misguided jerks) if the letter wasn't levying some explict accusations against Stallman's character with either non-existent evidence or things taken completely out of context. But no, it'sl repeating a thoroughly debunked smear related to Epstein from 2019 and making some accusations that are even more ludicrous. The scum who signed off on this inquisition judgment haven't even bothered to follow the links to judge the matter for themselves.

When is Stallman going to stand up for himself for once and sue these slime for libel?


Best is people on Twitter calling him a 'monster' and 'the worst of the worst' being kinda greasy aside really what has he ever done that permanently ruined someone's life - outside of making SV companies seethe.


Like at this point anyone should be asking for actual evidence, everyone and their mother has a story, but ZERO allegations of nonconsensual sexual contact have surfaced despite the entire internet defaming him.


The "Stallman is a bigot" arguments are all bogus. He had a mattress in his office because he lived in it, not because he wanted to sleep with visitors. He had "crusader for freedom and hot ladies" on his door because somebody scrawled the and lot ladies part on (not him). His only real crimes were bad boomer jokes and poor social skills leading to him being unable to read the room before he asked girls out.
The transphobia argument doesn't hold up. He's a TERF because he thinks they/them is bad grammar and should be replaced with something more logical? He was supporting nonbinary pronouns several years before they became common. He fucking supported LGBT stuff back in the 80s.


Preaching to the choir I just can't believe the level of mcarthyism that is shown to a guy whose worst trait is that he's hard to work with


People who try to debunk the lies about RMS are getting called sea lions.
That comic and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.


Did the term "sealioning" become more popular recently or is it just my imagination?


It got really popular all of a sudden during the Dan Savage/Jesse Singal fiasco a few days ago.


Now is probably a good time to donate to the FSF (or become a member) if you haven't alreadyaccelerationAcceleration


B-But he asked a 19 year old women on a date while being ugly!


Reproduced from https://textboard.org/prog/239#t239p29

> trans

> Massachusetts citizens: urge your state rep and senator to vote for the Transgender Equal Rights Bill.

> US citizens: call for passage of employment nondiscrimination protection for gays and transgenders.

> A proposed California bill would stop the state from doing business with companies that discriminate against transgender employees. I think it is a step in the right direction.

> US citizens: oppose the bully's plan to make parts of the federal government deny all recognition to transsexuals. If you sign, please spread the word!

> US citizens: call on the Department of Housing and Urban Development not to allow discrimination against trans people.

> Feel free to reproduce these pieces of Verifiable™ Reality® wherever they are needed.


I don't think his comeback is a good thing per se (at least not in the way it was handled) but a lot of the accusations being thrown at him are pretty cringe and completely void of substance.


Also, the European branch of the FSF is distancing itself


It spikes in popularity every time indefensible positions become widely adopted by radlibs


Hello fellow textboard user.


Guile maintainers considering leaving FSF an GNU


>Comments are closed.


>his insinuation that it was somehow OK if his recently-deceased mentor Marvin Minsky, then in his 70s or 80s, had sex with a 17-year-old on Jeffrey Epstein's private island
It's so galling to me that these motherfuckers have had 18 months to examine the substance behind this claims and they're still parroting them as fact.


They know


(begin (display "Hello, Anon.") (newline))


Can the letter be signed as a website i.e. Leftypol or can only real people sign it?


>Stallman having multicultural and international support is proof that Stallman is a racist and misogynist because developing countries are full of racists and misogynists
liberal moment


Who said this?




>hey can someone turn this into a blocklist of some sort?


>like the coordinated harassment of the r`ms open letter signers
This is straight up gaslighting.


>mastodon user
Imagine my shock


retard, the fediverse is pretty divided on this.


I'm surprised by the Russians too, I was under the impression that rms was most popular in Latin America and would have expected them to dominate the list.


The Stallman letter got posted sympathetically on some big Russian Linux website, I don't know if LatAm has something comparable.


I only know of a small hispanic textboard with a userbase filled with freetard leftists, no idea if the free software movement is actually big in spanish-speaking countries.


Mastodon is the cringe crybaby part of the fediverse in my experience


Because it's the biggest one I guess. It was started by the same people behind the first 2ch English knockoffs i.e. SAOVQ, 4-ch.


Red Hat suspends all support for the FSF and associated people unless RMS retires. Realistically speaking, this is probably the end.
There's only three outcomes at this point:
>RMS stays and the free software world has a schism over it
>RMS and the board give in and get replaced by people who are more willing to submit to HR culture (hopefully retaining the same ideals as before but probably won't)
>RMS stays, it all turns out to be a bluff and they move on
I'd say option 2 is by far the most likely.
IMO this was a terrible idea from the start. There was no value in having Stallman publicly jump back in. The liberal side of the culture war is unquestionable orthodoxy in the American tech world and heretics like Stallman were never going to be welcome ever again. It was better for him and the project when he remained as the shadow leader. Risking the organization was a pointlessly arrogant thing to do, especially since a replacement board could draft a poisoned GPLv4.


>(((Red Hat)))


I'm waiting to see which company that makes money of proprietary forks of non-copyleft software will be the first to jump on the bandwagon so that I can blame it all on them.


Isn't Red Hat funded by the fucking CIA?


The people who drafted the original letter might be worth looking up. IIRC the girl who wrote the Medium piece that got Stallman kicked out worked for the military industrial complex.
The drafters who did not list their workplace or software contributions are the most suspicious.


It looks like MS is suppressing the support repo from trending


GPLv4 is gonna be a regression at this point.accelerationAcceleration


What do you think the endgame here is? Try to force everyone to useless toothless "social justice" licenses in order to prove they're not a toxic Stallman bro?


Brain worms.

This is obviously a move by the top dogs to destroy a movement that is harmful to them. As openly stated by corps like Goolag, the GPL license is cancer to them.


There's been a quiet movement trying to get people to use useless socjus/anti-harm licenses that are all unenforceable. Ever since this drama started they have been trying to get projects moving away from the GPL to convert.
I feel like the goal is
>Take over FSF and make GPLv4 into something like MIT, then fork all the GPLv3+/AGPLv3+ repos into proprietary software
>Shame new projects into using what are essentially public domain licenses under the guise of fighting for social justice (same shit that is being used against rms right now)


The counter-letter is also being scrubbed from Wikipedia.
The counter-letter needs some sympathetic journalists to cover it. Maybe Glenn Greenwald would be interested?


The useful idiots on Twitter are already campaigning for this - usually by saying something along the lines of GPL and FSF have never done tanything for computing anyways (which is extremely naive and stupid)

Licenses will shift to even more nebulous ethical pledges with no teethaccelerationAcceleration


Holy shit haha I thought it was just libs being libs but there's an insane amount of Russians on there. So funny seeing whole rows of their first names knowing the seething it's causing in American tech.


The letter imo is pointless sign it if you want - but if you have the money become a member of fsf (you should already) and write an email in support of FSF to [email protected] maybe they will show some courage…

Do not sign some shit like 'leftypol' on the open or any form of not hiding your power level it will just be used against everyone who signed the letter. Credentialism is strong on Twitter.accelerationAcceleration


If you know any of these languages (or know somebody sympathetic who does), please translate the support letter and pass it around the related tech community.


Would having a dev from here sign help? It might fight the narrative that only 4chan /pol/tards are signing it but twitter users might think this is a nazbol website.


Put your actual name and (reputable) employer if applicable if you want anything else is just counterproductive IMHO

People on Twitter are already scouring for names like lolisnatcher because they are degeneratesaccelerationAcceleration


>Take over with a diabolical scheme.
They are not that clever. They want to disrupt the free software movement. If people argue they are distracted from fighting for free software. They want to make people in the free software movement waste finite time that could be used to code, make howtos or persuade others to use free software.


There are a ton of programmers living in India too. If the support letter managed to take off there then the letter could easily double or triple in size.


File: 1616716895048-0.png (28.02 KB, 872x234, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616716895048-1.png (20.72 KB, 701x199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616716895048-2.png (59.59 KB, 899x535, ClipboardImage.png)

Went browsing reddit to see if there's anything interesting going on and found something even more interesting

Chapo mods GLOWING


File: 1616717598786-0.png (31.27 KB, 896x253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1616717598786-1.png (70.97 KB, 974x535, ClipboardImage.png)

This guy fucking glows


Move along, citizen. Nothing to see here. A former OSI staffer simply feels passionate about social justice!




File: 1616718913146.jpg (11.37 KB, 298x292, Bugs Bunny.jpg)

Of course you realize, this means war.



Are there any left wing e-celebs who you think would boost it? Right wing ones like Luke Smith and Distrotube probably would, but it needs more open left wing support in order to weaken the right wing smear.
Unfortunately, the Riseup organization took the anti-Stallman side already.


>in order to weaken the right wing smear
Post a copy of >>7192 in any venue that attempts such a smear.


The anti-downs argument is pretty slimy when you think about. Stallman is an anti-natalist, he doesn't want anyone to have children at all.


File: 1616721087966.png (595.9 KB, 994x989, glowie.png)

Utilitarians are retarded yeah but the "argument" gets worse when the original article had this at the end
>When children with Down's syndrome are born, that's a different situation. They are human beings and I think they deserve the best possible care.
So yeah, glowies gonna glow.


the support letter needs 9 more signatures in order to clear 2k


In addition to >>7241, rms seems to have a good working relationship with Ultraviolet, so Ultraviolet might be willing to speak up for him.

> A noninvasive test for Down's syndrome eliminates the small risk of the old test. This might lead more women to get tested, and abort fetuses that have Down's syndrome.

>According to Wikipedia, Down's syndrome is a combination of many kinds of medical misfortune. Thus, when carrying a fetus that is likely to have Down's syndrome, I think the right course of action for the woman is to terminate the pregnancy.

>That choice does right by the potential children that would otherwise likely be born with grave medical problems and disabilities. As humans, they are entitled to the capacity that is normal for human beings. I don't advocate making rules about the matter, but I think that doing right by your children includes not intentionally starting them out with less than that.

>When children with Down's syndrome are born, that's a different situation. They are human beings and I think they deserve the best possible care.



All these RMS defense posts are so badly written, this is the only one worth sharing



> one of the funny bits of this data is that not a single one of the signatories of this letter has their location set to san francisco. literally one signer is in california.


>wikipedia dumping it into the memory hole because of systematic censorship/selective reporting by journalists
whoa, just got major gamergate flashbacks


I see at least one name I recognize on that Talk page who typically lurks around political articles smearing dissidents.


Yeah except gamergate was a literal non-issue.


It's a case study in propaganda and smearing people.


Also narrative control and admin abuse on "the encyclopedia that anyone can edit" (unless you have the wrong views)


File: 1616729871089-0.png (195.41 KB, 1079x511, exceptionalroutinework.png)

File: 1616729871089-1.png (250.71 KB, 1050x660, philipcross.png)

Looks like this is going to be a battle.


Thank you Daveout for not giving in to Wikipedia jannies.


Why didn't you nuke it?


lmao I fucking hate Americans and liberals


Someone who isn't banned from /g/ repost these there.


File: 1616731106690.png (154.91 KB, 942x327, Untitled.png)

>just got banned from /g/ for posting this and then soyjakking at one of the replies
But I don't understand. I see soyjaks on /g/ all the time. But then, why delete the whole thread? It couldn't be that they were trying to censor this, could it…?


I don't understand /g/'s simultaneous fascination with bootlicking and free software


I don't understand all of 4chan's obsession with praising NEETs and being against wage slavery while at the same time hating communists and licking boots.


Don't put your employer there that's cringe shit and likely to contradict your employers social media policy.



Yep, that settles it, fuck riseup.


How many of the "foundations" for Linux are similar to the RHL glowies?


The Linux Foundation's only purpose is to be an mediator between the conflicting interests of megacorporations.


it doesn't recommend it, it just shows an option. You just press skip and that's it.


Well, technically it is. If you ever visit russian sites like opennet and linux.org.ru 99% of posters there could easily fit in with a typical right-wing poster (except of course they wouldn't agree that putin or hitler is based). I assume most equivalent communities in 3rd world countries are gonna be the same way.


I hope this has been a wakeup call for some people that the free software movement has always truly been a battle against corporate power, even if somewhat unclear over the years.


The GCCEmacs and Emacs GC dev signed the support letter. Hopefully we can get more GNU related names on it.


I'm tempted to make a twitter account just so I can post soy wojaks at some of these people


FSF is having a big meeting on the 28th and is looking for emails on advice for their future. I think this meeting will be what makes or breaks things, so boost the letter and email them your thoughts.


That would be counterproductive. What would help is posting copies of >>7192.


The support letter has surpassed the opposition letter by stars and signatures if you tally up the signatures that haven't been merged.
tbh if every FSF member got a voot I think they would end up vooting for Stallman anyway


File: 1616797104615.png (596.28 KB, 826x720, 1613490850319.png)


The fuck? If enough people sign their names on a screed full of lies, their sentiments must suddenly be respected?
"Wouldn't want to accidentally make them not liable for slander charges; that would be putting words in their mouths!"
Clown world.


I don't understand it either. If I wrote something misleading and got others to give their names to it, my reaction would be to correct my mistakes as soon and transparently as possible, make it clear that it was my mistake and not those who signed, and apologize to everyone whose good reputation my careless actions might have tarnished.


The pull/910 you linked can only be a /PoolOfLosers/ false-flagger trying to hurt rms. The other three that refer to gender are weak attempts that adopt the limits and confines of the letter. The fact that >>7192 will not make the entrenched corporate proxies retract the ludicrous transphobia smear is irrelevant. Posting copies of >>7192 everywhere will work because it will make every outside observer dismiss the ludicrous transphobia smear, and it will make the entrenched corporate proxies look ridiculous on this point.


Oh god the best part is bringing up Leah/libreboot since the gender neutral article was proofread BY HER at stallmans request to guarantee fairness on the issue. The fact they can't even come up with one reason why any of this is transphobic is fucking bullshit and people should rail hard on this.


Oh yea Leah and libreboot are super based


Leah has been very active in defending Stallman. Her redemption arc has been very interesting the last few years.


/pol/tards working tirelessly (and incompetently) to turn other image boards against us.


the onion link was me, I'm just mocking the poltarddemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Chomsky checks his emails and replies to people, it's a good idea


Chomsky himself also signed a letter denouncing this cancel bullshit several months ago.




stop spreading your cancer on Lainchan, faggots




File: 1616811323777.gif (414.68 KB, 500x333, lain.gif)

Lainons are our comrades, I post just every other one.


just like*


Keep politics off Lainchan. Its ruining the atmosphere.


And it'll probably make Appleman sperg out and kill the discussion at some point.


Reminder that Stallman is a socialist and that's why GNU actually happened at all.
Pic above related, him and Chomsky.gentooGentoo


Unfortunately he's not. If you read his news feed for any length of time you'll find out out he's just a very progressive liberal. Maybe some day though.


I'm not the one who called RMS a kike.
Reminder that negroes are low IQ and that you'll never be a woman


That's fucking hilarious.


>I'm not the one who called RMS a kike.
That was me. I didn't really mean much of anything by it either, at least not directly.

Lain was apolitical, but she still searched for truth and the absolute underpinning those structures.


not nearly enough as every other thread being /r9k/ faggotry


*nearly as much


Does anyone speak Hindi, Tamil, etc.? The support letter isn't translated to any of those yet and India has a lot of programmers.


You could ask in the /edu/ translation thread, or even in the language learning thread on /ref/


File: 1616819632550.jpeg (30.72 KB, 464x477, lain.jpeg)


Fucking retards.


Free software is inherently political you silly sausage. (and some of us have been lainons since before you were born)


I think the sarcasm is lost on you. Maybe I should've underlined "cyberpunk".


File: 1616820719075.png (193.86 KB, 900x672, sadlain.png)

Please, n-no bully.


They're fucking savages that only care about aesthetics. Thanks to these subhumans soon cyberpunk is going to be the next steampunk.


Reading the appendix with RMS's supposed crimes is just hilarious. There's barely anything there. The only serious offense is supposed transphobia but that also disproven by his repeated statements to promote trans rights. Oh bros. What are we to do now?


Are there any left wing foss youtubers?


It looks like the entire textboard.org userbase has found itself here. Hi!


File: 1616840117858.jpg (113.18 KB, 473x496, prague.jpg)

Well, this is awkward. Hello there.


Does anyone remember some sort of plus equality language whose repo was shut down by github? It was some disgusting /PoolOfLosers/ misogyny and racism amalgamation, and I agreed with the takedown. Can anyone locate the phrasing github used when justifying the takedown? It seems unlikely that there wouldn't be some parts of it that apply much more blatantly to rms-open-letter. Unless github has since removed the justification so that it couldn't be quoted back to them, which would be strange seeing as how they want to be seen as being on the side of openness, transparency and record keeping.

Remember to post >>7192 in every venue that attempts the ludicrous transphobia smear. Think about someone you might know who can reputably contact Ultraviolet >>7245. If you haven't done so the last time, switch all your projects from (A)GPLv3+ to (A)GPLv3 exactly, since a subverted GPL published swiftly after an FSF takeover is the obvious endgame.


Lainchan is full of fascists. Only imbeciles still waste their time there.


> The pull/910 you linked can only be a /PoolOfLosers/ false-flagger trying to hurt rms.
How so? It points out that Stallman is summarizing an article.


Except it isn't.
t. browsed since 2015


You are so used to it that you don't even notice it anymore.


> Am I supposed to delete a post just because it contains self-degradation? I've actually been moderating for years, unlike those here, and it's an issue when a post contains something objectionable, but not enough that it warrants deleting it. Later on in that thread, someone asked for help with this:
> > i feel like such a white supremacist retard who compensates with a firearms fetish for minuscule genitalia, I'm learning python 3 and am trying to implement a list of primes, does anyone know how to get the primes right in the REPL?
> I didn't delete that either, and now the discussion is calm. A person without a rod shoved up his ass may even call it funny. It worked itself out. I see Wirechan doesn't have as much of an issue with bad posts, because the posts are overall lesser quality, and there are far fewer of them. This imageboard blocks Tor posting, I see, and yet still fails to be better than Lainchan; isn't that interesting?

> I avoid labels, but fascism, authoritarianism, or totalitarianism suit me, yes. I attack irrelevancy in my boards, which includes most of the images being plastered here. Anyway, here's my website; feel free to give me any critique: http://verisimilitudes.net


It's also full of well-versed cyberpunk comrades who aren't going to cede their community to fascists without a fight.


The authors of rms-open-letter only have opinions on that subject to quote from rms, whether reproduced or adopted, but nothing tangible. nadimkobeissi made sure to include "the view of Tom O'Carroll, a former chairman of PIE and tireless paedophilia advocate [u]with a conviction for distributing indecent photographs of children[/u] following a sting operation", but did not bring up
> Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it. Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why.
which was only brought up by mollydb after the pr was closed, and edited in without invalidating signatures predating the edit, which is their repeated justification for refusing to make corrections that they do not dispute are corrections. nadimkobeissi also mysteriously omitted to challenge them on the blatant double standard for which non-signature-invalidating edits are no problem and which are disallowed.

Can anyone link the github phrasing for the plus equality takedown justification? >>7335


[u]with a conviction for distributing indecent photographs of children[/u] → with a conviction for distributing indecent photographs of children


Lol all the homies left when kalyx sold the site
t. know half the old mods


It does not say anything specific, but as far as I remember they were kicked out for impersonating Github users through pushing commits in their names.


Okay but this UDP joke is actually funny:

A man asks a bartender for a drink.
The bartender is unsure if he heard something, so he asks ``What?''.
But the man was already dead.


I hate this woke bullshit in my technical fields. First they came after the master branch, and now they go after the single guy that had the most impact on open source and free software, without which those might not even exist anymore ? fucking sjw


Open Source was invented as an attack against Stallman.


>Glenn Greenwald
Listed on the letter against Stallman.


Another good article about what is at stake




This is the only thing I found about it, but it does not really explain why: https://twitter.com/FreedomofPress/status/1375119944141115395


File: 1616872003665.jpg (60.05 KB, 1239x715, antirms.jpg)


What in the actual fuck?


File: 1616872871472.webm (2.74 MB, 640x304, tenderembraces.webm)



Send them the links about his supposed transphobia: >>7192


thats not me lol






The only person on the Freedom of the Press Foundation board of directors who explicitly signed this was Micah Lee. I wonder if Greenwald, Snowden, Ellsberg, etc. are even aware the FoPF has taken this position.


File: 1616873598417.png (75.51 KB, 746x558, literallywho.png)


Notify Greenwald, he's a messy bitch.



File: 1616874796510.webm (8.45 MB, 1920x1040, Trumbo.webm)


Retard eceleb who didn't even sign it


No it isn't dumbass
god he didn't have to say anything about Minsky or Epstein, why didn't he just keep his mouth shut
Yes but what he said is easily twisted by someone who doesn't understand him and his autism


Because Minsky was his friend and people were making malign inferences about him without enough information.


Yeah and Minsky had died by that point so I imagine he felt he should have defended him in his absence


tbh minsky was probably a piece of shit, rms really should of kept his mouth shut :/


whats mind-boggling though is that this twitter mob isnt targeting MIT for taking Epstein's cash, Dershowitz or Clinton. Just the dude who has in no way anything to do with Epstein ever…obviously its corporate astroturfing but this is a new level of herd mentality


Wasn't he found to have done nothing wrong when it was looked into further?
Gonna sound like a boomer just getting acquainted with 2016 lingo but it's an actual virtue signalling woke mob. They just go where the outrage is because that's their equivalent of doing a politics and fighting the bigots.


i mean visiting the island of a registered sex offender is a pretty bad look. iirc the widow said minsky never had sex with anyone on the island tho


Thanks. I think there should be a page somewhere that justifies the takedown without hiding behind the generic
>a violation of GitHub's terms of service

Remember to post >>7192 in every venue that attempts the ludicrous transphobia smear. If you haven't done so the last time, switch all your projects from (A)GPLv3+ to (A)GPLv3 exactly, since a subverted GPL published swiftly after an FSF takeover is the obvious endgame.


Minsky was never actually accused of doing anything by Epstein's victims.


The opposition letter is slowing to a crawl while the support letter is retaining momentum. I wonder if people are beginning to warm up to signing the support letter now that they know they aren't alone. They can't cancel everyone after all.


How could that be done?


Twitter DMs or email. I imagine if Chomsky manages to read his emails then Greenwald would. Get a hold of Chomsky while you're at it if you're doing it.


I'm surprised no conservative pundits have picked this up. It looks like prime material for them. It has it all: liberal idpol, a Jewish man getting dogpiled by self described progressives, transgender drama, campus drama, race drama, cancel culture, big tech…


It also has people making lots of money if FSF is couped, so they're not interested


File: 1616933502036.jpg (125.52 KB, 1889x1088, 1616909489202.jpg)



I'm only following this event from the overboard but that's pretty neat


The "kill free/open and replace with justice™ licensing" thing is a real goal of these people


Free Software is already justice oriented.




As much as I'm happy the support letter is gaining traction, the prospects for FOSS community look grim. I know that no one really follows FSF guidelines anymore but it can only get worse as a result of this new split.


im pretty impressed how these randos retards think they can just send a mail with mob boss phrasing to get their way.


Hey, I am curious, how has rms responded to this fiasco? I can't imagine he is super enthusiastic about people using accounts on a Microsoft service, Github, to voice their support for him. Is he just waiting it out or what?


what the fuck was this retarded word salad

>Our commitment to openness has foreclosed our imaginations. So long as the problem is defined as one of ‘closure,’ open projects will be blind to other politics, other ways of knowing and understanding how we organise, how we share power, and how we imagine our shared future. The framing of ‘open’ versus ‘closed’ leaves us without the tools needed to confront violent extremism, online radicalisation, rising inequality, and ecological catastrophe.

what the fuck does this have to do with free and open software, beyond desperately trying to offer a reasoning to get rid of it ? what a dumb fucking bitch


He was annoyed it was on GH but he supports the letter anyway, according to people who emailed him. Also, you can sign it with Codeberg or an email.


File: 1616944159731.png (80.6 KB, 224x224, mollydb.png)

mfw (my face when) I single-handedly launch a smear campaign against a harmless old man, and try to take down the entire free software movement along with him, epic social justice moment


File: 1616944973867-0.png (252.67 KB, 1204x1247, Russiabaiting.png)

File: 1616944973867-1.png (54.2 KB, 1191x277, Gnulicenses.png)

I kid you not, liberals on Twitter are already blaming Russia for the support letter.
And this is definitely an attack on the licenses, check second pic


File: 1616946871705.jpg (127.91 KB, 1280x1109, filler.jpg)

>The atrocious behavior and words of men like Lessig and Joi and Stallman shouldn’t be understood as the one-off failures of specific men, but rather as a reflection of deeper flaws in the underlying philosophy behind open. Open as we understand it comes from Karl Popper’s Open Society and Its Enemies. Popper defined open within a colonialist and masculinist framework.
I'm sorry, what the fuck? Open source is "open" in relation to proprietary, or "closed" software. It has nothing to do with Karl Popper. Elsewhere in that blogpost there is a criticism of "freedom" as a principle, proposing that it be replaced with "justice". This is classic liberal signposting, exchanging one abstract universal for another; except in this case the principle of "justice" would be even more unenforceable and ineffective. The lack of emphasis on "freedom" in V2 of the GPL was fixed in V3, and what happened? Very few major projects actually switched to V3. What makes this blog author think that projects are going to start using an inferior license based on "justice" now? Picrel is just meaningless filler added to the bottom of the blogpost, but it was too funny not to share.


>justice license
The need for an alternative copyleft license was already worked out like 14 years ago, the idea is called "copyfarleft" and it is founded on a theoretically rigorous, and communist, basis. It was appropriated by the Telekommunisten group as one of the two pillars of their manifesto. I hate this liberal "justice" bullshit, not just because it won't fucking work, but because there's no thought whatsoever put into it.


File: 1616949020212.png (85.29 KB, 300x300, 1616778442421.png)

Just let the faggot sjw nigger monkey's have their faggot license and let the real nibbas use FSF.


That's not the same thing as what these libs want, I assume. I haven't read it, but, I am pretty sure I have heard of that stuff and these libs don't want that they want to not be offended. It's retarded because open source means anyone can be involved even people you don't like so it's a moot point.


They want to forbid ICE from using their software.


Call me paranoid, but I don't believe Stallman's personal quirks really had any force in causing him trouble. I believe it is entirely about the power implications of something like the GPL3 compared to the BSD style and that anybody sticking to those principles would be a target for a coordinated smear campaign.
<The open movement failed when it centred freedom over justice. It failed when it placed abstract principles above actual human lives. It failed again when misogyny, racism, and colonialism went unchecked and unchallenged. When the movement failed to understand structures of oppression…
<The atrocious behavior and words of men like Lessig and Joi and Stallman…
Joi Ito is Asian and Lawrence Lessig is a victim of sexual abuse. This article is a prime example of hyper-racist and hyper-sexist pomo talking points that equate rational and formal way of arguing with the "West" and the male sex. These people have a lot of extremely condescending beliefs (for example that atheism is an Anglo/Burger thing, even though Indian atheists have been a thing for hundreds of years).

<By freeing ourselves from the framework of open/closed and dualistic thinking, we create the potential for communities where misogyny, racism, and colonialism can be named and challenged.

Free your colonized minds, my dudxs! By putting your code under a license that allows me to use your code for free in proprietary projects, you are contributing to the fight against racism and so on!


it's just a PR with a name and a link, so nothing preventing you to signing up leftypol


>I believe it is entirely about the power implications of something like the GPL3 compared to the BSD style and that anybody sticking to those principles would be a target for a coordinated smear campaign.
we know for sjw its all about virtue signaling and identity, not material reality, so you just get the ball rolling and all the twitter radlibs will finish the work.


>even though Indian atheists have been a thing for hundreds of years).
Thousands of yearsstalinStalin


took a look at his post, look like a fucking moron that want to kill his niche language for virtue points using debunked bs to backup his shit position
its only value seem to be being part of the free ecosystem, so just fork it and leave these retards behind.


>the faggot sjw nigger monkey's >>7410
/pol/cel idiocy like this is not us, it's just false-flaggers. Same for all the others regurgitating /PoolOfLosers/ talking points about "SJWs".


>The atrocious […] words of […] Stallman
Here are some Stallman words to remind them of: >>7192

>The lack of emphasis on "freedom" in V2 of the GPL was fixed in V3

The GPLv3 fixed specific loopholes in v2 that were in use at the time, and still are, that enable code to be released under v2 without allowing users the four freedoms, such as running modified versions.

>Very few major projects actually switched to V3.

Everyone who was on v2 and not under the corporate thumb switched to v3. Not having switched is a mark of being under the corporate thumb.


Such self-contradictions are typical of a culture-war world where political beliefs are motivated by vague associations. It's quite similar to the right's hilariously oscillatory position on Snowden and arguably the state in general. Establishment bad because "muh deep controlled by Jews" yet at the same time you can't be *too* anti-establishment or you'll look like a leftist.


>freedom and openness are impossible to define but they're racist and colonialist anyway
>that's why we need to get rid of those ideas entirely and embrace something even harder to define and enforce: justice


> opens with the oatmeal

In better news Gavin Mueller is releasing a new book on copyleft and Luddites:


the support letter is 800 ahead and is still getting steady support while the anti-rms letter is grinding to a halt
now they're trying to scare people into taking their signatures off


Cowardly liberals.


>Everything I don't like is x.



they're spoofing email addresses to do this, too



Lol, well two can play at that Game. I'm sure that the fine people of the FOSS community are than capable of spamming pro rms signatures


They're trying to bait somebody into doing it so they can cry about toxic Stallman bros.


Why exactly do tech liberals hate crypto so much? I think it's stupid but I don't understand why so much of their identity is wrapped up in hating Bitcoin and Monero.


Not sure what you're talking about, most liberals don't have any problem with them because they don't have a clue how money works.


lurking twitter it seems all the Stallman haters REALLY hate cryptocurrency and consider the crypto community's support for rms to be a damning condemnation of rms himself


You're a leftist and you don't hate any type of currency?

>and consider the crypto community's support for rms to be a damning condemnation of rms himself

Well this is stupid.


I don't like it, but I don't hate it in particular to the point that I seethe when I see a crypto nerd being lame.



>russian critical support for leftists
yes I know a bunch of them are rightoids its a joke


Damn, I've always liked Stallman but this thread is full of reasons to like him even more.


>Facebook's plan for a global digital currency and payment system would certainly expose people to surveillance of their purchases, just like other non-cash payment systems. However, if it achieves the size that Facebook hopes for, it could be dangerous in other ways.

>"Buyer, beware" is not an adequate response to systems backed by giant corporations that pressure people to use them.

>Our system for anonymous payments, GNU Taler, is being integrated into the Euro banking system and aims for official approval for general use. Recently developers made the first transfer from one real bank account to another real bank account, as part of a test.

>GNU Taler is a free software-based microtransaction and electronic payment system.[1][2] The project is led by Florian Dold and Christian Grothoff[3] of Taler Systems SA. Taler is short for the "Taxable Anonymous Libre Economic Reserves"[4][5] and alludes to the Taler coins in Germany during the Early Modern period. It has vocal support from GNU Project founder Richard Stallman.[6] Stallman has described the program as "designed to be anonymous for the payer, but payees are always identified."[7] In a paper published in Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, GNU Taler is described as meeting ethical considerations - the paying customer is anonymous while the merchant is identified and taxable.[8][9] An implementation is provided by Taler Systems SA.[10][11]


>the paying customer is anonymous while the merchant is identified and taxable
Holy based.


GNU Taler and GNUnet are the most underrated GNU projects imo, if they ever caught on it would be a game changer


Even the Creative Commons is getting aboard the "ethical licensing" train
This Coraline Ada person is a real ghoul. She's a total wrecker that hides behind her gender identity as a shield. She came up with the infamous CoC that causes chaos whenever it gets accepted anywhere, was one of the leaders in the initial anti-rms revolt and has been slowly getting this ethical licensing meme to spread ever since.


btw it is rumored that she is trying to set herself up to take over the FSF if the coup works


CC was started by a libertarian, hardly surprising.accelerationAcceleration


Also this is Imperialism the License but with extra steps. jfc im going to be sick


Everyone shilling this ethicalsource nonsense needs a horrible death.accelerationAcceleration


I thought about this for a moment and then released CC has been a really long running grief.
We need to promote copyleft among non software work like like CC was doing.


>we will allow them to violate human rights BUT NOT IF THEY USE YOUR SOFTWARE CODE!
lol ok


If rms fails, then non-idpol brained people need to gather up and draft something like AGPL but without the obvious flaws so that the fight against SaaS can continue. Whatever replacement board gets forced upon the FSF will almost certainly use the "and later" clause to push some nasty stuff. The original GPL is functionally identical to the MIT license at this point and should be deprecated.
If rms stays he should draft AGPLv4 ASAP and deprecate the "and later" clause to prevent this kind of disaster.

CC was always full of dumb ideas. They used to have several "ethical licenses" before discontinuing them, like one that only people from developing countries could use and one that only poor people could use.


The latest big uproar that I know of was because of Bitcoin's energy consumption. I think that's justified.


Can't wait for copyright courts to decide what is a human right violation and what is not.


>just a very progressive liberal >>7314

>Any deal that commits the state not to build alternate competing facilities is a direct surrender of public power to a business. These deals ought to be canceled by a constitutional amendment if necessary. If the government's hands are tied, so it cannot make a deal to privatize certain state assets, great! That is the goal.

>This is an example of a general principle: privatizing a government activity makes it unaccountable, and the businesses cheat. Private prisons should be abolished. In general, no government activity should be privatized, unless there is no reason for the government to be involved at all.

>Occasionally the state does something there is no need for the state to do, because it works for people to get that something privately from a competitive market (properly regulated, to be sure, and assuming that the state makes sure people don't fall into poverty). In that case, the state can simply stop that activity and leave it to private business. However, outsourcing a state activity to a business is never a good policy. It leads to low pay for the workers and bad, unaccountable service for the public

>A giant international monopoly of privatized water is being formed. Privatization of water for residential use should not be allowed.

>Senator Warren is pushing for closer oversight of Blackrock, because it is so big it endangers the overall economy. I think this is a good first step, but the right thing to do is make Blackrock split up. And other large companies in this and other fields.


That image describes my wet doomerdream


What a surprise

Greenwald has been going full retard for a while now


Stallman support letter is now a full thousand ahead


Did anyone end up asking him about it? I don't have Twitter


File: 1617060566382.jpg (55.92 KB, 861x487, 1616502830168.jpg)


Greenwald has his bad moments but as already pointed out, he didn't explicitly sign it and might not even be aware the Foundation signed it.
Despite all his bad takes freedom of speech is something he has always defended unconditionally, would be a genuine shock to me if he were in favor of this even if half the shit said about RMS were true.


the cope and mental gymnastics are adorable


Why exactly do these people hate Scala? I know nothing about the language but the majority of anti-RMSers are vocally anti-Scala. Is it the inverse version of /g/'s hatred of Rust?



weird shit… The only hate I've seen online is that it's hard to learn. Besides that, doesn't seem to be anything special, legality wise.


File: 1617072709936.png (144.53 KB, 1195x785, 1291256191641952256.png)

Cryptocurrency, Scala, and RMS are near universally hated by liberal tech twitter. I don't like crypto either, but their criticism seems to be "this can give problematic people anonymity and that's bad" and "crypto nerds are annoying brogrammers who like Joe Rogan."


I understand and even agree with disliking memecurrency, but what the fuck is wrong with Scala? Is this literally just the liberal version of "rust trannies"?


> Chrome extension
Of course, I did not expect them to actually use free software.


Okay that's it, I was not really sure but I'm signing the goddamn support letter.

I can sympathize with the argument that RMS is an annoying dude and not a good face for free software, I do not really agree but I can understand. But the more I look into it, the more this reeks of a smear campaign. Like all the allegations are either exaggerated, false or unverifiable. (Somebody saying something on twitter is not proof, fucking hell). I'm even gonna give money to the FSF now. Even if I'm poor as fuck and European.

I really wished his comeback was better communicated though, that would have helped a lot IMO.


It is free! You don't have to pay for it.
Did you mean open source?

I'm sorry for my tasteless joke




>the argument that RMS is an annoying dude and not a good face for free software
Stallman's stance on free software principles https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html is immune to corruption by corporate money, that's their real problem. "How dare he not agree to be bought!" The idea of a principled stance not abandoned in exchange for corporate gravy is much more dangerous to them in general than merely its application to free software. They are desperate to avoid the emergence of a general perception that those who do not abandon their principles in exchange for corporate gravy are in any way "the good guys". See their absurd https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a35812573/steven-donziger-chevron-house-arrest/ but very effectve https://theintercept.com/2020/01/29/chevron-ecuador-lawsuit-steven-donziger/ campaign against https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Donziger Steven Donziger, whose name is unmentionable in corporate medis.

Remember to post >>7192 in every venue that attempts the ludicrous transphobia smear. If you haven't done so the last time, switch all your projects from (A)GPLv3+ to (A)GPLv3 exactly, since a subverted GPL published swiftly after an FSF takeover is the obvious endgame.


>their criticism seems to be "this can give problematic people anonymity and that's bad"
Anytime they try this remind them that there's a gradation in how "problematic" various things are, that giving "problematic people" access to assault weapons is much more "problematic" than anonymity, yet they do not dare to organize and stick to a campaign to ban assault weapons. Not any sort of nebulous "gun control", but specifically and narrowly banning assault weapons. That will give them the option of either putting their energy into something much more useful, since they would be campaigning against something much more "problematic", or admitting to cherrypicking with a helping of cowardice.


I'm very conflicted right now, I try to keep my power levels down because political persecution terrifies me so much but I'm so disgusted with everything right now I feel I should do something like blocking everyone who signed against RMS on github. I want to stop using firefox because of mozilla signing the letter but I like FF far too much.
I just don't want to deal with these people and don't want these people even seeing my code.


Someone should make a version of this that does the same but to people who signed the other letter. Make it a fork of this one for extra keks.


This kind of stuff is counter-productive and will lose us support. A lot of people support Stallman simply because they despise this kind of mob blacklisting. Doing it in the other direction isn't going to win allies.


Hispachan signed the letter.


Stopping using Firefox, or worse, Tor, because they signed the letter would be silly. There's like only one good Chromium fork (Ungoogled Chromium).

That place is a shithole.


>check tech board
>nothing but tech support threads
>Stallman thread is somewhere in page 3
>barely any replies
>"trannies trannies trannies SJWs trannies"


So what are we supposed to do? Pretend this never happened? There must be something to keep them at bay
>They don't even bother in translating or transliterating tranny
Hispachan has always been terrible, translated memes were bad but leaving tranny as it is in english is just so poor


>So what are we supposed to do?
I do not know. It's not like Mozilla haven't repeatedly shot themselves in the foot.


I don't like Scala either (as I don't like any JVM language), but what is there problem?


Firefox is trash anyway, use Librewolf (normal release) or Icecat (ESR) for freedumbs and privacy. Or Ungoogled Chromium.
What we really need is a new browser that uses pure GTK, but starting a new browser seems impossible at this point.


>muh community is mean
hahahaha every fucking time. Don't fucking participate then. Beyond contributing to the compiler, there's not many instances where you need to interface with "the community" for long periods of time. It's just fucking drama and people not liking the Scala flavor of it.


Scala is a functional programming language, it is supposed to be stateless and classless. Liberals prefer the platonic idealism of OOP.


>Liberals prefer the platonic idealism of OOP.
OOP is also pure neoliberalism, and no, I won't explain that.


>Firefox is bad, just use a fork that makes you more identifiable
No thanks, I'll stick to vanilla Firefox with a reinforced user.js or ungoogled chromium.


AFAIK Librewolf and Icecat are just Firefox/ESR except with the hardened js options turned on by default and with the proprietary components removed from compiling. Icecat does ship with some Stallmanite extensions that make the internet unusable for most people.


Waiting for them to self destroy is logical but irrational.
I still want to do something, I was thinking of not coding in english, but that'll keep just as many RMS supporters away


>locked and moved to a dead board
lol since when is lainchan so cucked


Appleman has always been an autist about controversial discussion.


The other thread has cute anime as OP image, it is clearly better.


>completely unrelated picture
Fucking millennials.


Anime is never unrelated on an imageboard.


File: 1617174546568.jpg (71.07 KB, 1003x858, rikacringe.jpg)

Oh, you're one of those retards. Just because Futaba is mostly otaku doesn't mean every single imageboard software must allow anime for some deranged reason.


File: 1617176917699.jpg (71 KB, 596x379, gpl.jpg)

example of a better picture than Random Anime Girl #428 tbh


I want more cyberpunk GPL girls in my life


banner plzaccelerationAcceleration


Literally good moderation. Sages are me.


It's on /hum/, are you illiterate?



Stallman has been kicked out of the GCC committee.
The rest of the committee are on the payroll of big tech companies so the whole situation feels so phony.


simps should be castrated


Is this the death of free software?



This is just someone demanding it.


take the bsd vaccine. With the bsd license the corps just fork the project for their own use and don't touch the upstream. With GPL they have all the incentive to take over upstream and influence every decision and put people in control. This is the paradox of the cuck license vs copyleft. Kind of like in physics when hot water freezes faster than the cold water. Sounds counter-intuitive but it just how it happens in real life.


>hot water freezes faster than the cold water
Nitpick: that's a dubious statement that's usually not true.


File: 1617278950869.png (753.31 KB, 640x480, itstinks.png)

>free as in free labor



File: 1617280350584.png (419.13 KB, 546x674, sadnos.png)


Yes. Shitpost on /g/ n00b


>FSF isn't technology
Sometimes I understand all the hate jannies and their more pathetic cousins, armchair jannies, get.


File: 1617281634957.jpeg (33.02 KB, 397x470, Mokou you go on.jpeg)

<5. The ‘St Ignatius’ ‘EMACS virgins’ non-joke. ‘The commenter writes about seeing the routine when she was only 15, and how RMS singled her out several times during that performance: He actually pointed to me in the back and proclaimed, into the mic, "A GIRL!" causing the audience to turn and look. Mortifying. Then he proceeded to gesture toward me every time he referred to "EMACS Virgins." (I cannot believe that he is still doing the same talk 10+ years later.)’
Oh my God, I am so sad hearing that. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL


It's only free labor in the same sense as piracy is stealing. Meaning not at all. Propriecucks use bsd to build their proprietary shit on top of it. It's not like apple tells them what to implement and they do it for free, they are just developing the os the way they see fit. The desire to lock everything down that GPLcucks express is the same as proprietard desire to put drm in every game despite the fact that it has been proven by many real life examples that games without any copy protection sell as well as DRM'd shit. Like The Witcher 3 and many other games and there's a whole store (gog.com) of drm free games and it's still successful despite the "obvious" proprietard logic of "they'll just play it for free!!!!".


>everything needs to go on lain


I don't even know what argument you're trying to make anymore.


no my inevitable-idpol thread got moved to politics boards! i just wanted to discuss politics of technology!1


>reeeeeee stop making free software threads on my CYBERPUNK imageboard!
no need to post twice, we got the first time that youre a cuck

>technology isnt politics!

lmfao this is why your site is dying, its full of vapid smarts who are only in it for le aesthetics


Lainchan at least used to aims to prioritize high post quality and being on topic. There are dozens of /tech/ and /g/ boards to get your fix of stallman updates. Lain technology boards don't need to be shat up with politics.

>youre a cuck
Lainchan is a cuck site. So fuck off if you don't like it. leftypol is a cuck site too for banning idpol bait
>who are only in it for le aesthetics
No, im in it for discussing actual technology and not shoe-horning politics that encourages /pol/fags who are already infesting the place.
When I want to talk politics, I come here to the politics site.
people like you are why 4chan died.


>if you talk about corporations sabotaging technology youre "shoe-horning politics" into technology
>only my definition of technology should be allowed on my imageboard centered around a genre that revolves around technology and its politics
>people like you are why 4chan died :(((((((((((
lol this is some serious dunning kruger

nobody cares about 4chan so idek why youre bringing it into the discussion, wannabe janny


File: 1617285169914.png (187.27 KB, 491x500, 1617234433578.png)

Stop derailing the thread talking about a shit website, please.

I fucking loathe the corporate speak in all these fucking letters but that shouldn't be surprising when these days GCC has only got a handful of independent members.


It's free labor in the sense that it allows capitalist businesses to literally profit off unpaid labor. It's the most clueless bootlicking license around.


File: 1617285568252.png (103.77 KB, 861x628, 1617236473113.png)

Committee is literally comprised of corporations that actively work against free software.


> https://gcc.gnu.org/pipermail/gcc/2021-March/235091.html
>I had heard that RMS was ‘difficult’, or ‘socially awkward’.
He is evidently on the spectrum. The letter is careful to avoid mentioning this. The entire letter reads like a request to have people on the spectrum excluded, swept under the rug, kept somewhere we don't have to interact with them. Nathan Sidwell would not take that position towards blacks or gays, but if it's people on the spectrum then apparently the "we don't want them anywhere near us" attitude is suddenly OK.

>1. 'skeptical that voluntarily [sic] pedophilia harms children.’

Nathan Sidwell repeats the pattern of rms-open-letter >>7344 of lying by exclusion, by omitting
>Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it. Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why.
The exclusion seems disqualifying. As a bonus, in rms-open-letter >>7294 existing signatures are repeatedly brought up as justification for not accepting corrections that they do not dispute are corrections, but https://www.stallman.org/archives/2019-jul-oct.html#14_September_2019_(Sex_between_an_adult_and_a_child_is_wrong) is quietly edited in without invalidating existing signatures. Can't possibly have the moral backbone to come out and explicitly say: "we have this huge, material correction so previous signatures are invalidated and we invite everyone to see whether they still wish to sign after this huge, material correction".

>That list is no where near exhaustive, nor is it prioritized.

Feeling the need to sneak this in is the standard giveaway that what Nathan Sidwell thought to be the accusation with most weight was put in first place: the accusation with the gross lie by omission of information.

>So many are pointing in the same direction that you cannot ignore the implication.

1. Nathan Sidwell fails to mention that the entire previous Minsky campaign for removing rms was based on every one of the early articles, without exception, replacing pretended to be willing under coercion with was willing. All those articles were also "pointing in the same direction", towards a lie.
2. If numbers and homogeneity and momentum are sufficient even when based on a lie, then Nathan Sidwell must have supported Trump's "stop the steal" campaign to steal the election. Here's a hint about the substance of truth behind those numbers, homogeneity and momentum. It's a subtle hint so you'll have to pay close attention. When the lawyer who spearheaded the election fraud claims on behalf of the Trump campaign was sued for libel by one of the voting machine companies, https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/23/sidney-powell-trump-election-fraud-claims her defense at the trial was that she did not offer her claims as facts, that “no reasonable person” could have mistaken them as facts, and that she herself did not believe what she was saying. Those claims also gathered some numbers, homogeneity and momentum.

>Membership in the steering committee is a personal membership. Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only; steering committee members do not represent their employers

>Generally speaking, committee members were chosen to represent the interests of communities […], not companies
If this is Nathan Sidwell's genuine position then it shows a level of naivety that amounts to a complete disconnect from reality. The entire point of the anti-rms campaign is corporate subversion of the next (A)GPL and use of "or (at your option) any later version" https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html but they must get control of the FSF first due to "as published by the Free Software Foundation".

>The rules of the SC are not immutable laws of the universe, nor does humanity have immutable laws cast in stone.

The author of this post and Nathan Sidwell both agree that "adults having sex with children is wrong" is one of those immutables. I hope Nathan Sidwell uses better syllogistic logic in his gcc contributions, which he is not above using as an appeal to authority ("I present some bona fides"), than stating there is no X after having just given an example of X. The entire letter is high on hubris and low on consistency of reasoning.


>The desire to lock everything down that GPLcucks express is the same as proprietard desire to put drm in every game >>7544

>forbidding you to run modified versions is the same as explicitly protecting your right to run modified versions. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/rms-why-gplv3.html



Your counter arguments don't make any sense. Because I specifically said that all your gpl shit is only nice in theory. In practice BSD systems are left alone while GPL projects are taken over by corps and cucked to the max.


>GPL is bad because it's been sabotaged by corporations due to how scared they're of it
>unlike my license which does absolutely nothing to Big Tech
Uh huh, tell us more about it…


Corps have thousands of lawyers to navigate and circumvent any loopholes they can find. The best thing to do is to disengage and just write your software and share the code with other enthusiasts. Let the corps fuck off and maintain their own proprietary forks if they so desire. You can't beat them at their game, you'll just lose.


Congrats, you just discovered what the FSF is for and why Stallman getting sacked is a huge deal.


I just said that their whole game of trying to beat the corps at the copyright game is futile. They are ultimately irrelevant.


So basically use the shared source model?


so irrelevant there have been a massive offensive to get rid of them
you're exactly the kind of guy they'd want there instead, someone happy to bow down and "work with corporations for the benefit of everyone! (but especially the corporations)", allowing them to take the free work made by passionate people and package, corrupt and sell it for profit, making it so the free version become irrelevant, ignored by the masses and deprecated
fucking idiot


>You can't beat them at their game, you'll just lose.
corps are all powerful, Crony Capitalism is all powerful, why even bother being a communist or fighting back huh ?


What will it take to expose Sidewell and the other anti-RMS people as sellouts and corporate stooges? What should we do to take them out of the FSF and expose this blatant corporate subversion of the FSF?


Holy fuck



You live in a dream world. If there was no FreeBSD then, say, Sony would just license some other OS like Solaris or maybe even windows to make their consoles and share absolutely nothing with anyone. Instead they take FreeBSD and give some things back like improvements for llvm and stuff. If there was only gpl and linux they would absolutely never use it and therefore never shared anything at all. I'm arguing that permissive licenses cause more opensource code to exist. I'm not talking about working with corps at all. Work to make your own OS, like FreeBSD devs do, and if some corps donate code then it's fine and if they don't then who cares?



They don't need to be exposed, everyone knows they're corporate stooges but anti RMS people is completely okay with that, they probably even think those corporation are "left wing" just because they posted something in trans visibility day and are angry that Stallman did not.


The entire point of the FSF and stallmans vision is to prevent this smart.


Is there any evidence that they are stooges/employees of these companies?
Not doubting it, obviously.



They literally work for them.


They proudly display it on their about page lol >>7553


> https://gcc.gnu.org/pipermail/gcc/2021-March/235245.html
>neurodiversity >>7539
>The GCC Steering Committee
So you support neurodiversity but the guy you want removed just happens to be the one with too large a deviation from the neurotypical for your taste, and you want him removed precisely for the consequences of this deviation. Such wonderful support for neurodiversity you have there.


>Corps have thousands of lawyers to navigate and circumvent any loopholes they can find.
>The best thing to do is to disengage
>Let the corps fuck off and maintain their own proprietary forks if they so desire.
>You can't beat them at their game, you'll just lose.

It's like watching an alien slowly progress towards understanding precisely what (A)GPLv3 is for.

Remember to post >>7192 in every venue that attempts the ludicrous transphobia smear. If you haven't done so the last time, switch all your projects from (A)GPLv3+ to (A)GPLv3 exactly, since a subverted GPL published swiftly after an FSF takeover is the obvious endgame.


You sound like somebody who gets cucked by Anthony Burch.


>10. ‘My first interaction with RMS was at a hacker con at 19. He asked my name, I gave it, whether I went to MIT (I had an MIT shirt on), and after confirmation I did, asked me on a date. I said no. That was our entire conversation.’ corbett's twitter feed. This is but one of many reports of utterly inappropriate social interactions.


> hello_hr.jpg


> I do not advocate being "anti-business"; it would be very bad to abolish business. (We have seen how bad social democracy is.)
Stallman is CANCELLED.


Wow the filter made his anti-comm‌unism sound based.


Unlike most imbeciles supporting his "cancellation", I disagree with many things on him but still realize how important he and the FSF are.


Wtf I'm signing the anti-Stallman letter now!


how the fuck is that inappropriate ?
come off as desperate, unlikely to work, a bit funny, sure.
but inappropriate ?


>screeches about how you can't say "viral license" or have to say "libre" instead of free
>blindly equates some banana republic dictatorships with social democracy (a stateless system)

wtf bros i thought he was supposed to be based



RMS has always been a Hyper SJW leninist, he's still immensely based for envisioning a world of free software


Lmao what a great filter jans


>I agree with Ms Farmand's criticism of capitalism as it is practiced by powerful companies in the US today — plutocracy, extractivism and dooH niboR — but I don't believe in eliminating all capitalism (all private business). Rather, I advocate eliminating the political power of business, and restoring democracy.


At least he's right that coops are still capitalism.left_communismLeft Communism


File: 1617387336688.png (64.7 KB, 3200x1700, ClipboardImage.png)

>The GCC Steering Committee is committed to providing a friendly, safe
>and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender identity and
>expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical
>appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or
>similar personal characteristics.

Whenever similar such words are uttered it's as if you hear the click of the person fastening a corporate explosive collar around their neck. At the end of the day that's what IDPOL of this caliber is.This is kowtowing. Full corporate prostration.

You agree that you, or anyone you hold authority over are to fully submit to the judgement of your owners and may be terminated at their discretion alone.


Source? Who was making the accusation? Some rando on the MIT mailing list?



What a shock, it's postmodernist


Nice try Peterson.


>what the fuck does this have to do with free and open software, beyond desperately trying to offer a reasoning to get rid of it ? what a dumb fucking bitch
Get used to it, this is the language naked corporate interests hides behind now.
it's reactionary, regardless of e-celeb lobster opinions.


What is? """Postmodernism"""? Nobody can even define it and its authors vary wildly from each other.

If you mean the article, well, pseudery has always existed and I wouldn't associate vacuous marketing/PR speak to any philosophy.


>GNU Mailman dev signed the letter
uh oh, mailing lists are Stallman's only contact with the outside world.


>Nobody can even define it
40 years ago Alex Callinicos defined it like this:
<Post-modernism, reflects the disappointed revolutionary generation of '68, and the incorporation of many of its members into the professional and managerial 'new middle class'. It is best read as a symptom of political frustration and social mobility rather than as a significant intellectual or cultural phenomenon in its own right.
if you want more discussion, make new thread on the edu board, we shouldn't derail this thread.


>Crony Capitalism
>being a permissivecuck unironically
>ignoring what the corporations do with your code, as if checking out of society or making a hippie commune is a solution
back to halfchan


Heads up, first one was an april fools wordfilter.



So… is anything going to come out of this?


I doubt, it really is a non-issue. Red Hat made a big show about announcing that they are no longer "funding" the FSF but they did not seem to fund it anyway. The last time they were listed as sponsors was in 2019. They still seem to be working on GNU software. It's just a bunch of posturing without any real substance.


It burned out quickly like most idpol shitfests. They'll forget about this spectacle by the end of the month while I doubt the rms supporters will forget about all the treacherous projects and celebrities (they still haven't forgiven Guix even though Stallman has). Ultimately, these people don't have any real power if the person they're gunning for can't be fired easily.


You are lost, boomer → Slashdot.org

>It burned out quickly like most idpol shitfests.
>Ultimately, these people don't have any real power

Disagree, the next blow will cite this spectacle in vague terms and probably gun for popular non-techie support now that they have secured the "surface" that people will see when the google the issue. Every time this happens they lose no power but close a little bit more of the circle on reality.

This will be just one of the many "Stallman scandals" where the infamous figure who had justifiably drawn public outrage( google it sweaty) managed to hold on to power in the dusk of the Trump presidency. People like Stallman remain a pending subject in the software industry, where so many disguise their toxic , noninclusive agendas behind supposed "credentials", gatekeeping the good talents of brave corporate stooges who aren't afraid of removing the minimize button or the context menu.


I won't be donating to the EFF again any time soon.


God, what does it feel like we can never be left alone by these types of people.

This probably won't ever stop as long as these corporations are lining these people's pockets. Is there anything we can do?

What will it take for the majority of people to dismiss these idiots like the hyperventilating pearl-clutching moralists they are?


Most of your opponents and treacherous fake allies will expose themselves at this first sign of cancellation. Just refuse to give in and the moral panic will eventually subside. After that, you will know who your real friends are. Surround yourself with those people and you will be far stronger in the face of any future attacks.


>the issue is the drones ideologized by corporations and not the corporations themselves


Of course I recognize that the issue is the corporations but people simply believe these corporations at face value instead of realizing that the corporations are the enemy. These corporations simply say something to "Support" minorities as a way of pacifying them and to keep them from realizing the corps are the problem.

We need regular laypersons to realize that these wokies are nothing but stooges for corporations and to place the blame on the corporations themselves.


>Red Hat made a big show about announcing that they are no longer "funding" the FSF but they did not seem to fund it anyway
lmao. good.


>We need regular laypersons to […] place the blame on the corporations themselves.
>55 US Corporate Giants Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2020 Thanks to 'Gaping' Loopholes
>"If you paid $120 for a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, you paid more to Nike than it paid in federal income taxes over the past 3 years," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.


>We need regular laypersons to […] place the blame on the corporations themselves.
>AT&T said Trump's tax cut would create jobs – now it's laying off thousands of workers
>The telecoms giant has closed hundreds of stores and cut 3,400 jobs amid the pandemic
>The moves come despite the company’s keen support for a major corporate tax cut under Donald Trump, which it claimed would spur it to create jobs – not cut them.


What's this got to do with Stallman and the FSF?




This is the blog of a literal schizo. Generally the whole antysystemd crowd in incompetent as fuck and their distros are a complete joke


Nice try Poettering.


GNU Shepherd is good


Guix isn't an antisystemd distro. Neither is Gentoo or Void or Slack. I'm talking about distros such as KISS, Artix, Devuan and anything else that blog promotes. Also, nowadays they don't even promote these distros because they consider using elogind as harmful so they limited to shit like Obarun and some other literally who distros I can't even remember the names of.


Yeah grandpa join the systemd revolution!

This post was sponsored by IBM



What does that mean? I don't speak venture capitalist.


Antisystemd screeching and Red Hat conspiracy theory is the same as rightoids screaming about da joos controlling everything


>if you don't uncritically support this corporation you're a conspiracy theorist
Go kill yourself, please.


I'm not gonna bother reading those blogs but why the fuck would you defend IBM infiltrating Linux this badly? On this thread of all things, too, where we're seeing how corporations are actively sabotaging the free/open source movement.


File: 1617703348935.jpg (50.42 KB, 1180x790, parrot-love.jpg)

>>7658 >>7668
"The Poettering is strong with this one."

Could you parrot some more corporate speak? The previous two false-flaggers >>7410 >>7427 trying to set up smears on the rms supporters were pretty incompetent, so I'm hoping you'll be more entertaining, at least.


I support RMS and I support systemd. Fuck off, retard.


Your god Lennart certainly doesn't.




Offtopic and thus sage but for me it's simple.


The moment SystemD was, as a broken incompatible mess, made the default and only option in a number of big distros, it was suspect and corporate.
The moment RedHat and Poettering started blackmailing distros by forcing upstream udev to depend on systemd it was a corporate conspiracy.
The moment SystemD began assimilating other daemons while still not being a drop in replacement for anything and IBM comes clear on buying RedHat everything becomes clear and it's now glowing like the sun.

It also puts into perspective the whole GNOME3 retarded sperg about "branding" and desperately trying to be like mac , while alienating non gnome-org contributors.

If you ask me, Red Hat has been carrying the IBM waters for a while, and trying to set the ground so that IBM could have it's own OS made not as a derivative but carved out of the linux ecosystem by taking over parts of it.




I'm surprised I never thought about it when IBM was buying out Red Hat, but could systemd have been an attempt at Embrace, Extend, Extinguish all along? Is there someone at Red Hat who pushed its development with exactly those intentions?


works on my machine


Should I switch over from Debian to Devuan, then?




File: 1617845109583-0.png (7.37 MB, 2000x1334, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617845109583-1.png (618.29 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>Be picrel
>Why doesn't Stallman lay his male gaze upon me? Am I not good enough?
>Daddy manager doesn't want to pay for more than three thousand signatories
>Try to take down RMS anyway
>Fail miserably


By the way what are those spikes?


This is getting silly.


>when you get so jealous that your belly will never be a perfect sphere that you must destroy your object of envy



Why has the open letter completely flatlined? Is it being debunked wherever it is posted and so people are reluctant to add their names to it, or has it simply burned out and it's not being shared or pushed anywhere?


We need a shoop of Stallman holding someone's head to his belly Blacked style.


They stopped accepting new signatures a few days ago when they realized they were flatlining in order to save face.


The support letter has already been spun as Russian propaganda and an example of how reactionary the tech community is. The support letter has just made the haters double down


Eh, do those retards even realise free software is an international thing and that the world is watching?


> https://debian.community/molly-de-blanc-arrest-and-prosecution-for-cyberbullying/
> de Blanc regularly talks about Codes of Conduct, in other words, trying to make volunteers behave like the submissive and obedient slaves in a cult.
Gave the game away here. Maybe next time they'll be less incompetent.


I'd say because the pool of twitter cancelling moralfags bitches is very loud but very limited, while the pool of devs who respect stallman a lot and dont buy into these stupid moral panics is miles deep, international, and not limited to terminally online faggot who spam social medias for virtue points


File: 1617911501800.png (122.3 KB, 529x482, richard_stallman.png)


>twitter cancelling moralfags bitches
>terminally online faggot
Same idiocy as >>7410. Same comment >>7418.


>ALL of that writing just since January
Goddamn, this dude is a bona fide activist. They're seriously trying to cancel this guy?


his takes on epstein shit was pretty bad ngl


Oh yeah, which one?


>They're seriously trying to cancel this guy?
>I agree with Ms Farmand's criticism of capitalism as it is practiced by powerful companies in the US today — plutocracy, extractivism and dooH niboR — but I don't believe in eliminating all capitalism (all private business). Rather, I advocate eliminating the political power of business, and restoring democracy. >>7601


<Why […] Had to Die
>The reason for this is that […] is an echo of a different world. One where the distinction between the "use" and "programming" of a computer has been weakened and awaits near-total erasure. A world where the […] computer is a mind-amplifier, and not merely an expensive video telephone. A world in which […] walled garden aesthetic has no place.


gtfo my board retard, if basic chan terminology hurt your feelings you're welcome to fuck off moron


>dude it's BOARD CULTURE don't you get it ;) ;) ;)
Kill yourself, kudasai.


Please don't feed them. It's enough to call them out once since all they're here for is to get their false-flagging in unchallenged and set up the "toxic Stallman bros" >>7428 smear on the rms supporters by equating https://textboard.org/prog/236#t236p111 silence with approval. Beyond making it clear for the record that they're not us, interacting with them is counterproductive.


> One remarkable thing about the FSF at that time, when we worked out of dinky spare offices on the campus of MIT, was the degree of participation by women. In the tiny society that was then the FSF, women were more prominent than I had seen in Silicon Valley, or acadamia prior.


I find it hilarious that you think a leftypol user using "faggot" or "moralfag" is somehow a false flag, or proof of reactionary tendencies, while your reaction mark you as a recently arrived reddit lib. Even more hilarious is you somehow believe sjw twitter retards know about or care about this obscure board or that we support him while "using toxic language", as if anyone in the world gave a fuck.
in short you're a fucking moron

unsurprising, screeching cancel culture retards do more harm than good to their cause, and often cancel actually progressive people because they react like a lobotomized lynch mob without any nuance.


u are gay.


Anyone else in the support letter matrix chat?


No but #free-rms on IRC is pretty comfy.


##rms on freenode


I think that was from the 2019 canceling. #free-rms on Freenode is a lot more active this time around.


File: 1618101696004.png (37.71 KB, 588x354, snacks.png)

>if you don't act like some child who just binge read all of ED after discovering imageboards last night you're [boogeyman]
I'm sorry that I stopped parroting well-over-a-decade-old memes to fit in.


wtf based

link to snacks' twitter?



If only we listened earlier…


This isn't true, most "essjaydubyas" spent their adolescence on tumblr or were initiated into it through HR department culture in college or in the cultural industry. The most aggressive ones that play the dirtiest might be former chan reactionaries trying to prove they're a real convert, but the majority of them are not.
I think the modern digital culture war has its earliest identifiable traces in the atheism community. They had a huge falling out over whether the atheist movement needed to become intersectional or not. Out of this we got the "SJWs" who were originally made up of Something Awful goons and RationalWik users who had a newfound sense of smug moral righteousness, the disgruntled Bill Maher wannabes on reddit and 4chan, and the Bayesian centrists who had their own forums where they were too enlightened for such vulgar non-singularity themed things. The digital right was starting to brew with the neoreactionaries on blogspot and wordpress (who were separate from this mess). The far right didn't become a serious force on the English speaking net until Obama's second term, where the edgy n-word using channers, Stormfront and the NRx pseudo-intellectuals merged into the proto-alt-right because they all hated the cultural environment.


File: 1618118418261.png (313.16 KB, 682x517, VIP3dadydycool.png)

>most "essjaydubyas" spent their adolescence on tumblr
I can tell you never were on tumblr, during its first years (2008-2011) most people there came from 4chan or even more niche alternatives like SAoVQ lol. I mean fuck, the most popular blogs among the underground audience back then were by fellow /v/tards.


File: 1618120491455.jpeg (17.16 KB, 400x400, sheev.jpeg)

>yfw you still have a mountain of VIP/Wall hacks to finish



File: 1618130281877.jpg (29.68 KB, 500x314, 1344829073535.jpg)

Let's get one thing perfectly clear. There's a certain section of open-source advocates who basically dominate inside any community as open-source advocates who literally – and I know that the term "literally" has been thrown about liberally, but I literally mean "literally" – who have ABSOLUTELY no idea about anything.

Even when I was an open-source advocate I've know that like 80% of my "supposed allies" were literal lunatics, dude. They have not the slightest idea about ANYTHING. They are the DAFTEST mother fuckers.

No, I didn't start this thread to "shit on" Open Source. I started this thread to make perfectly lucent this single fact: open-source advocates have NO idea about the "four freedoms," moreover, they have no sense of user freedom, copyleft, and so on.

"Open Source proper" ended in the first decade of the 21st century.

None of my above statements are even slightly controversial, btw. And yes, I want you to feel bad, I want you to feel like a literal brainlet if you still support Open Source in 2021.


File: 1618134833132.jpg (2.95 MB, 4320x3240, SAM_1109.jpg)


>parroting well-over-a-decade-old memes
using "faggot" to refer to other users you're arguing with, "moralfag" as a short-hand for people with "holier than you" attitudes trying to shame through the internet on moral ground, are basically ingrained terminology for your average chan user than learned english mostly though internet shitposting (also guess what, slurs in other language often have massively reduced impact, explaining why I dont bat an eye when using them)
accusing people using these terms of "false flag" is fucking retarded, especially to pose yourself as some mature wisefag while actually contributing fucking nothing.
so stop your stupid and irrelevant language policing you faggot


>they aren't memes, they're actually [memes]
Well okay. I'm not even the other guy, by the way, I was just pointing out how retarded you sound. :^)


>learned english mostly though internet shitposting
it shows


Pretty much all old school 4chan staff turned leftist except for like invisibro (is he actually part of the old guard?) heh


I really hope this kulakery doesn't lead to the implosion the guix project going forward, it's really the most promising distro I've seen since Gentoo.
idpol really has to ruin everything that alludes to progress in this world.


i heard guix wasn't that good, but, it's over my head for an install.


that doesn't really matter. I'm talking about Guix's (and Nix's philosophy), but it's annoying that Nix uses systemd.




thats a fucking retarded take, or else literally all words fall under the "meme" category


Thesis: Nix
Antithesis: Guix
Synthesis: Another fork but written in Haskell this time


>RMS addresses the free software community
>Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman


> He remains the most articulate philosopher and an unquestionably dedicated advocate of freedom in computing.
Is there anyone else?


>It was right for me to talk about the injustice to Minsky, but it was tone-deaf that I didn't acknowledge as context the injustice that Epstein did to women or the pain that caused.
But he, in fact, did?


All the other freetard zealots (like Lunduke) are even more cancelled than Stallman is. None of them are very philosophical either.


Lovely. Time to celebrate this battle!
But let's not think the war is over. What do you guys think can be done to strengthen the free software movement right now?
We have to start focusing on fighting against the corps rather than inbetween us.


I wouldn't call Lunduke a free software zealot. He's been an open source fence sitter for most of his career and while he recently, in his own words, became a "free software zealot", he still uses plenty of proprietary software.



I'm interested in the philosophical ones, if they exist.


kek'd and check'd


File: 1618251588446.jpg (678.04 KB, 1750x1850, Eben.jpg)

Eben Moglen did a lot of GPL enforcement in the '90s and has written some interesting stuff like this:


Haskell is dead, accept it


Idris then


either way, it's still active.


That was amazing.


>Proprietary software is a hard requirement for online dating, for example.
Wait, why?


FLOSS dating services do not exist. The most popular ones are phone exclusive and will not even work on jailbroken phones/emulators/unlocked bootloaders afaik.
I guess you *could* hook up through IRC chats like it's 2005. So it's not really a hard requirement but it would require you to limit your options significantly and it would require you to be VERY lucky. The vast majority of millennials and zoomers now meet their partners through proprietary dating services now, so this is a pretty significant handicap.
Because most neurotypical people are sexually active extroverts, lI think imiting their dating and friendships to other FLOSS fundamentalists would drive them literally crazy. So I don't think a normie free software zealot could possibly exist for this reason. The best you could hope for is a Ralph Nader like person who isn't socially fucked but is still very ascetic and principled.


Oh that is what you mean. I thought the implication was that dating services couldn't be based on free software.
I once thought about how a free software, decentralized/gossip, non-commercial alternative might look like. The only advantage for normal people would be that it wouldn't force users to pay for "premium" features.


Can some one explain the difference between GPL3 and GPL4 to me, a normie and why they are relevant?


One exists, the other is a hypothetical development in the future.


That and there would be transparency around the app's functioning. Modern dating apps are designed to make you lonely and miserable so that you keep paying them, only a FLOSS service run through donations could possibly address that problem.


What's the bump limit on /tech/ anyway?



Is it Red Hat again? What are they trying to do?


get control of gpl
also get control over gnu / gcc
kill free software at last


But why? What would they gain?


SV has been trying to kill off FOSS to turn computing into an ivory tower for three decades now, that we aren't all using iPhone like interfaces to do our work is because of FSF and GNU. Torvalds not switching to v3 was a huge misstep and allowed this stupid coup to take place. Maybe I'm giving too much credit for FSFs accomplishments and overstating the foresight of Google/Apple, so I would like to be told otherwise - it seems pretty clear to me that the idea of even opening a terminal will be considered kufar ten years from now.


>Torvalds not switching to v3 was a huge misstep and allowed this stupid coup to take place
Explain this to someone who doesn't really understand the difference between GPLv2 and GPLv3.


GPLv3 includes additional restrictions on locking down hardware, ie only allowing signed firmware to be ran on a device - RMS calls it tivoization if you want to read his ramblings on it - with a more overtly anti-android sentiment I imagine less companies would have been trying to infiltrate kernel development and by proxy GNU projects that would have lead to the current apotheosis. As of today the linux kernel is majority developed by corporations like Intel, Microsoft and IBM, and they are also core contributors to major GNU projects like GCC. This all matches Microsoft's modus operandi of getting a foothold in a company and then taking it over completely - theres a shorthand for this because its such a known tactic of theirs but its escaping me.accelerationAcceleration


>GPLv3 includes additional restrictions on locking down hardware, ie only allowing signed firmware to be ran on a device
I'm still completely confused, can you be more specific?

>theres a shorthand for this because its such a known tactic of theirs but its escaping me.

EEE: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. It's literally the phrase used internally at the company.


From the GNU website

> One major danger that GPLv3 will block is tivoization. Tivoization means certain “appliances” (which have computers inside) contain GPL-covered software that you can't effectively change, because the appliance shuts down if it detects modified software. The usual motive for tivoization is that the software has features the manufacturer knows people will want to change, and aims to stop people from changing them. The manufacturers of these computers take advantage of the freedom that free software provides, but they don't let you do likewise.

so basically an anti android policy

> EEE: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. It's literally the phrase used internally at the company.



They could just replace all GNU software. Other than glibc, it is very easy to do.


gcc/gdb was the real killer but apple spent enough on llvm to get it into a comparable state - though the debugger is still not nearly as good. Android also has Bionic which is there glibc implementation, and I think they already switched to Clang. It's taken them (Silicon Valley) ten years to move off of GNU software regardless, by no means an easy or effortless project.accelerationAcceleration



Bionic has a libc implementation but it is not a glibc replacement, and I doubt Google would be okay with turning it into one.

Android no longer uses gcc at all and now lldb is the default debugger. I hate it, the documentation is trash, discoverability is nonexistent and the commands are pure garbage.


>proprietary software is a hard requirement for online dating
how will freetards cope without a steady supply of somewhat obese single moms and BPD cunts?flqFront de libération du Québec


Yeah I don't know what I'll do without one night stands and choosing people for sex as if I was looking at a restaurant menu.


About making a free open source dating application, it would be interesting to base the matching algorithm on a live interpreter so the match-making code could be edited by users on the fly.


>make FLOSS dating app
>reproduce the same unhealthy dynamics that regular dating apps encourage
>but hey, it's FLOSS!!!
This is Silicon Valley-tier stupidity.


How do you make it a healthy dynamic ? A text and voice only version so people are matched based on compatible personality ?


Emacs for sex?


File: 1619052702636.jpeg (15.55 KB, 400x400, KLrsnCkF_400x400.jpeg)


Jesus, I really pity the guy. How many others have been e-lynched for being hopeless romantics?


the term "autism" is abused a lot, but modern liberal feminism makes discrimination against legitimately autistic men socially acceptable


File: 1619074393489.png (43.89 KB, 500x461, 135604246441.png)

> My ex girlfriends list is pitifully short, mainly because there are so few applicants.


File: 1619076137004.png (375.71 KB, 461x450, 1486993515089.png)

This saga has me concern, once Stallman dies the FSF is going to get completely pozzed and the new iterations of the GPL will utter shit.
We could start our own license that is the GPL but with something to prevent it from being pozzed but without a group like the FSF to back it it means nothing.
I hope GPLv4 come before Stallman dies and gives a big middle finger to big tech but once that's done we'll be castaways.


Stopped reading there.


All you have to do in the short term is license your projects with (A)GPLv3 exactly, removing
>or (at your option) any later version


I have a feeling that the neo-liberals want to lock down all computing into wall garderns.
how is the situation with free and open source hardware ?


Yes, this is openly their goal. They want personal computing to be phased out in favor of glass bricks that stream everything from private companies. The music and video industry have been consumed by this goal entirely, video games are the current thing they're obsessed with taking away. Companies like Salesforce want to kill personal computing entirely (coincidentally, Sarah Mei of Salesforce is one of the most psychotically anti-Stallman individuals around. She celebrated when he risked homelessness).
Terry A. Davis was unironically correct about this.


That sounds really bad. What's to be done to safe personal computing ?


Libre hardware + right to repair + right to upgrade would need to take a higher priority. Normies will probably blindly accept SaaSS world because of the convenience (they accepted blatant corporate greed in the form of airpods) of it, so new free software should use the AGPLv3 to fight corporate attempts to make everything totally proprietary.
Getting the funds to start producing non-porkified modern hardware would be the hardest part. There are a lot of computing features that have a devoted following but are not produced anyway - things like 16:10 aspect ratios, classic laptop keyboards, keyboard phones, replaceable batteries and screens…
RISC V shows potential, but it has a permissive license so we should assume most RISC V productions in the future will have some sort of anti-user proprietary bullshit.


But how future proof is (A)GPLv3? we need regular updates to keep software libre


File: 1619136918808.jpg (382.33 KB, 2048x1483, 1604695542675.jpg)

Maybe we should get this going in another thread? One dedicated for ideas and tactics on how to resist corporate hell in the computing world


I'm not good at computing, but that'd be an interesting thread to lurk


nothing as satisfying as making life hard for billiondollar corporations amirite


>But how future proof is (A)GPLv3? we need regular updates to keep software libre
An update is needed when there is a specific reason for it, not for the sake of having updates. You know you need an update when corporations embrace the current version because they found enough loopholes to neutralize it. You then draft a new version to close those loopholes.
The fact that they are still seething about v3 and have unleashed their cancellation machinery https://theintercept.com/2021/04/10/campus-reform-koch-young-americans-for-freedom-leadership-institute/ against Stallman is the best signal that in 14 years they haven't found loopholes they like.

>One major danger that GPLv3 will block is tivoization. Tivoization means certain “appliances” (which have computers inside) contain GPL-covered software that you can't effectively change, because the appliance shuts down if it detects modified software. The usual motive for tivoization is that the software has features the manufacturer knows people will want to change, and aims to stop people from changing them. The manufacturers of these computers take advantage of the freedom that free software provides, but they don't let you do likewise.

>Some argue that competition between appliances in a free market should suffice to keep nasty features to a low level. Perhaps competition alone would avoid arbitrary, pointless misfeatures like “Must shut down between 1pm and 5pm every Tuesday”, but even so, a choice of masters isn't freedom. Freedom means you control what your software does, not merely that you can beg or threaten someone else who decides for you.

>In the crucial area of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)—nasty features designed to restrict your use of the data in your computer—competition is no help, because relevant competition is forbidden. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and similar laws, it is illegal, in the US and many other countries, to distribute DVD players unless they restrict the user according to the official rules of the DVD conspiracy (its web site is http://www.dvdcca.org/, but the rules do not seem to be published there). The public can't reject DRM by buying non-DRM players because none are available. No matter how many products you can choose from, they all have equivalent digital handcuffs.

>GPLv3 ensures you are free to remove the handcuffs. It doesn't forbid DRM, or any kind of feature. It places no limits on the substantive functionality you can add to a program, or remove from it. Rather, it makes sure that you are just as free to remove nasty features as the distributor of your copy was to add them. Tivoization is the way they deny you that freedom; to protect your freedom, GPLv3 forbids tivoization.


Doesn't GPLv3 have a loop hole that allows running software from the cloud and virtually making it closed source? And I think that's patched on (A)GPLv3
But that's beside the point, what are we going to do when Stallman dies is the biggest issue.


GPLv3 applies to software that is distributed to users, and SaaSS malware is not distributed to users. To prevent your code being used in SaaSS malware is indeed why AGPLv3 exists. If we had a good answer to post-Stallman, removing "any later version" >>7984 from your own projects wouldn't be so pressing.


File: 1619456984027.png (37.98 KB, 620x790, lVSrnuG.png)

The phrase "too good for this world" has become something of a meme, but I think it unironically applies to Stallman. He's so uncompromisingly principled and guileless that it causes him crippling social dysfunction.

He's one of the most selfless people to ever live. Not only launching GNU and fighting for our freedoms, which has been a massive success, but as you can see on his website, campaigning for all manner of human rights causes day in and day out for decades.

He desired one thing for himself, someone in his life to share his interests with, while being too autistic to understand he can never have it while inhabiting the body of a gross old fat man. And what did he get for it? Thousands of people trying to burn his life's work to the ground, even at the risk of their own enslavement to corporate tyranny and state surveillance.


>even at the risk of their own enslavement to corporate tyranny and state surveillance
<because they are agents of "corporate tyranny and state surveillance"



What's wrong with this?


>Woman propositions Stallman for causal sex, gets jealous over his intense platonic relationship with another woman
whoa, slow down, chad.


The more I learn about Stallman's social life, the less respect I have for him. I thought he was an antisocial shut-in like me, turns out he is a party animal and a womanizer.


They're trying to cancel him because he gets all the ladies


> The FSF does not depend on large single sources of funding. It accepts and appreciates support from corporations who want to give back by contributing to the development and advocacy for free software, but direct corporate support accounted for less than 3% of FSF revenue in its most recently audited fiscal year.
> The vast majority of FSF’s financial support comes from individuals – many, but not all, of whom choose to become associate members. At this moment, the FSF has more associate members than at any time in its history.
Looks like this whole fiasco only made the FSF stronger.


>how to resist corporate hell in the computing world
People already tried to at the time of goobergate before it was completely taken over by /pol/ and Brietbart.
There were the same issues with the witch-hunt for the guy who apparently made a joke about forking someone's repo and dongles.
Left-wingers were completely on the woke side then and shitting on anyone who wouldn't "listen and believe women".
They did the same when Linus was pressured into adding some pointless CoC that could be used to witch hunt any Linux contributor that the wokies didn't like, and lefties were all on board with Sarah Sharp then too.
They immediately turn into simps deathly scared of offending m'lady whenever this tactic is used about "techbro misogynists".

This has been going on for a while and it has become entrenched. RMS has no successor. After him, free software is going to devolve into a shitty corporate farm of coder slaves who will release things under corporate-friendly licences like MIT/BSD to pad their resumes and hopefully be given a position at Apple or Microsoft.


FSF member gang gangaccelerationAcceleration


Here is an entire thread of leftypol comrades downplaying the effects of this same kind of woke bullshit that rms is dealing with.
For people who care about free software, the current left-wing of american politics doesn't seem like an ally at all.


It's a shit show. Braindead idpol or ancap nutters. Can't say I have a solution, but anyone who thinks the AOC-types are an ally is not a communist.slavojSlavoj


>reeee muh SJWs
Holy shit kill everyone in that thread


File: 1620060664536.jpg (113.52 KB, 1278x709, oh boy it's a gpu thread.jpg)

What a shitty thread.




File: 1622788269540.webm (12.74 MB, 1920x1080, FREE_PUNCH2.webm)


File: 1622835611079.jpg (144.31 KB, 960x747, anuran-bevan.jpg)


>(satire) *Senate Passes $50 Billion Bill To Combat Chinese Influence By Developing Own Pandas.*

>That is less of a joke than it might seem. China uses its pandas with great care as instruments of influence. It does not give pandas, only lend them, and the contract says that all baby pandas they produce belong to China. Thus, China maintains its monopoly.

>This has been used to induce various countries to panda to China.


File: 1623875227246.pdf (1.59 MB, 67x118, letmedie.pdf)

Why would anyone want pandas? They should have gone extinct by now.


File: 1623926228919.jpeg (133.3 KB, 1503x1000, panda_smile.jpeg)

>This has been used to induce various countries to panda to China.
I see what you did there


>B-but sjws are a harmless distraction who are only built up into bogeymen by polfags!
Reminder that the real battle is not between left vs right, but normalfags vs autists..


And we're on the side of normalfags because they're the working class, right?


Normalfags are useless technolumpens


Aren't normalfags successful capitalists?


File: 1631304530316.jpg (723.11 KB, 2048x1536, img_0906.jpg)

> Richard Stallman will be giving a talk in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, September, 18, titled Free Software and the GNU General Public License.

> Website of the event. https://osdn.org.ua/

(() => {
  Array.from (document.styleSheets).forEach (e => { e.disabled = true; })
  document.querySelectorAll ("*").forEach (e => e.removeAttribute ("style"))
}) ()


View -> Page Style -> No Style



However, while visually equivalent, for dev purposes the latter retains style attributes of elements and prevents their application, e.g. Unique IPs, while the former removes style attributes of elements.
Array.from (document.querySelectorAll ("*")).filter (e => e.hasAttribute ("style")).length


> Richard Stallman will be giving a talk in Montpellier, France, on October 22.

> Monday, October 22, 2021, Montpellier, France
> 14h30-15h30
> Titre: Origine, naissance, évolution et enjeux du logiciel libre
> Dans le cadre de la soirée Cinélibre, Richard Stallman donnera une conférence en français, Salle Fernand Pelloutier - 1, place de Zeus, 34000 Montpellier
> L'entrée est gratuite, sous réserve de présentation de passe sanitaire. Le port du masque sera obligatoire en permanence.
> Page de l'événement https://montpellibre.fr/spip.php?article5281


File: 1637491913567.png (91.17 KB, 1160x1424, Illustration.png)


File: 1641985236623.jpg (67.67 KB, 640x480, MVC-661F.JPG)

> Old joke: how do you tell the difference between a labor organizer and a chemist? By their pronunciations of "unionized."


nice one


Do you think his pubes match his beard?


File: 1648338819210.png (303.4 KB, 529x482, rms-negate.png)

> I have a file where I put the names of the deceased who meant something to me. Sometimes I go through it and remember them one by one.



Someone stop this monster!


It's kinda cool to see how the mind of a giga autist operates.


>person pays respects to the deceased and commemorates them
graveyardfags will mock this


File: 1648432134253.png (66.83 KB, 616x535, from 2014.png)

>You can't download freedom
Uh oh!


anyone doing anything of relevance doesn’t have those things


based stallman
Fuck roses


autobumplock @ 600


> systemhidden2 minutes/tech/User deleted his own post #14418


>anti-stallman open letters signed by endless whiteys
>pro-stallman open letters have tons of arabic, chinese, etc. names signed

Unique IPs: 10

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