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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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Why aren't you using NewPipe instead of the regular YouTube App? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon.

Why NewPipe is better than YouTube?
>Free and Open Source Software
>No Ads
>No tracking by Google
>Everything is stored locally
>Integrated background player
>Download every video easily

the list is endless, just look on https://newpipe.schabi.org


Based. Only google cucks would use YouTube App.


Why would anyone use anything that's not on F-Droid?


are there any erotic visual novels on f-droid?


>NewPipe v0.19 has finally a subscription
Nice, I'll try it again (don't use streaming sites that often on my phone due to cost+why not just listen to mp3s while on commute?).

Are you a dopamine-slave consoomer with no self-control?
Rhetorical question.


cause fdroid updates slow as fuck.


>Are you a dopamine-slave consoomer with no self-control?
as shitty as it sounds, can't really deny that I am


Is there a way to install this on lnux?


Not that I know of

Open Firefox
make a Youtube one
Open it up
Apply edit it to your liking
Specifically add the add-ons ViewTube and disable-polymer-youtube
Install an RSS reader, like QuiteRSS
remake youtube channel links to their rss links
Open RSS feeds in FF-Youtube profile


thank you for the tip comrade! the app works nicely and I am very glad. fuck Google, fuck Youtube, and long live Bunkerchan!


It's written in Java, you just need to build a desktop interface for it. Or turn it into a server and write an emacs mode to communicate with it.


android is linux


But will the API function properly on an actual linux distribution?


I have both and newpipe is great but I mostly only used it as incognito.
Still use the main Youtube app because I want my history connected.


i use vanced so im not sure there is any use to switch.


do they have an iphone versin


Throw that thing in the trash


Lmfao, ayy

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