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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1619216459498.jpg (40.85 KB, 200x250, Looke Smeethe.jpg)


Are there any good "political" tech tubers? I'm tired of "non political" tech youtubers screeching every other video about politics and how essjaydoobs not letting them say n-word is gonna destroy the world and that's just too "political".


Techrights guy often makes video blog posts and he's pretty clearly on the progressive side if not a full blown anti-capitalist.


I'm gonna check his site out. I've heard somewhere that the guy is insane or something? But I think I heard that from Bryan Lunduke so I guess that should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt


Techrights does seem pretty schizo. Looks like it's a requirement in this field.


OP guy talks about TED unabomber and is a massive anti propietary preacher.

Either OP is a retard who hasn't seen his videos or he is mad at his faggot christianism


Unabomber is an ecofascist.


Huh? I put Luke Seethe as the example of what type of people I don't want to see (sadly they appear to make up like 98% of vocal linux userbase)


I think "unhinged" is probably the best way to describe him.


Uncle Ted is an agrarian communalism fetishist with a hateboner for industrialization because it took that way of life away. I don't think he wants state enforced Malthusian policies, which is the defining feature of being an ecofascist. There would be a necessary mass dieoff if Ted got his way, but it would be collateral damage from what he sees as a necessary act rather than a desirable thing in of itself, whereas ecofascists think we need an authoritarian state that intentionally massacres people until sustainability is achieved.


No the dude actually is deff a right-o. Listen to his videos that aren't tech related.



Didn't he praise Goebbels or some shit like that?


If you don't wanna give him views you can check his website. His articles make it obvious the guy is an anti-tech trad clown.


Well, not only I don't wanna give him views, I don't wanna view his shit in general. His content is very obnoxious.




There are no left tech tubers period. The most "left-wing" thing I have ever seen out of them is Wolfgang ranting about how he should be allowed to paint his nails.


Well wolfgang seems to be alright. And his videos are often actually useful stuff. Another channel I like is gotbletu, I'm unsure if he's left or right wing but he just posts unpretentious videos on cool terminal programs and tricks and doesn't go on rants about made up topics like Luke does.


I will become one, but I don't want to use my face. Should I have a furry avatar?


Become a furry tech vtuber.



There's something disconcerting about a bald fuck in his 30s unironically saying based and cringe irl and using soyjaks in thumbnails.


>I don't really browse /g/ anymore
>makes content around the tops that were discussed on /g/ within the last week

Also he keeps making up stories about some people rabidly hating on poor arch users for being elitist.


You clearly didn't read the manifesto.


Luke is based for a rightoid tbh.


File: 1619920490632.jpg (41.95 KB, 623x1280, crop.jpg)

Wow! That Luke guy is such as autist, I don't understand whats the appeal of using wojaks and pepes in thumbnails and saying "soy" and "based" unironically. His whole website is just retarded rightoid shit.


Bump. I miss early Wolfgang's videos so much, bros. Before he became an itoddler


maybe it's just a phase, that dude is a tinkerer and the fruit company is very hostile towards tinkerers. He's bound to run into a giant corporate FuckYou roadblock and then he's going to switch to a dev-board with a open RiskV processor powered by a RC battery pack inside a 3d printed case and run a source distro.


Things are weird. I went Ethan Schoonover's channel (the guy who made Solarized color scheme and his most popular video is him showing off his xmonad rice) recently and the latest videos are him reviewing some mac os exclusive writing application. And mac os isn't even styled in solarized style.


So i went to his channel and peaked through his latest video, and he said that this one very unique program is the only thing that's tying him to the corporate garden. Fruit Software emulation is apparently still rough, but virtualization should work fine. If you have a tube account maybe leave him a comment.


Right wing autism seems to correlate with "tru unix suckless debloated" autism (dwm, endless configuration, gentoo and other garbage) just like left wing autism correlates with love for rust and js.
Theories of explanation? The explanation for the left wing autism - rust relation is probably that rust is heavily controlled by sjw corporations. But right wing autism? Is it generally more popular among lone programmers who write software for themselves like dwm? Why then?


I like Common Lisp and Erlang myself
C is acceptable no interest in rust
Hate JavaScript simple as


Well to be fair I didn't watch the video properly (since I'm uninterested in whatever he's showing) so I skipped around the video but it's good that he's not surrendering open source.

Rightoids are just more highlighted in the area because they are being kicked out of mainstream platforms so they have to go with alternative open source software where they can be safe. Also there happens to be a lot of foss supporters from countries like Russia where people generally align themselves with hating le sjws and beating their wives.


Right-wingers are poseurs who think they are the hot shit for inconveniencing themselves.


>>11584 (me)
Now that I've said that I'm wondering how redoing the Stalin scheme compiler as common lisp to rust instead of scheme to C would go
Does rust have a decent tree shaker?


The best anti-techs are techs. They know shit's technically fucked rather than just coming from a vague "muh tradition". Although many then succumb to the latter as a byproduct because they latch to the most accessible ideology at hand that justifies their anti-tech stance on some "deeper" level. The guy in OP seems like such an example.


Follow YouTubers who talk about Apple products.



I like LGR, he almost never talks about politics, but his channel is more geared towards "curiosities" and retro shit rather than reviews on the latest shit.

His game reviews are also top notch


Implying suckless devs have wives
Most foss devs are virgin loosers


The father of FOSS, Stallman, is this world's most virgin virgin


He's not even a virgin.


What, some woman really was that generous so as to put out to him once in response to his douchy invitation cards? Any proofs?
I highly doubt it


File: 1631959704739.jpg (53.9 KB, 900x655, 1350891376844.jpg)

> A few months later, a beautiful and clever but rather too forceful woman asked me to be her lover. I had some doubts but wouldn't reject the idea out of hand. So she spent the night with me.
> (For amusement only — I am in a long-term relationship now and not looking for another.)

Stallman is a gigachad, you are just jealous of him.


Sure sure that's all tue
Never seen him with a girl


Why are you disparaging Stallman like this, he's not Chris-Chan.


>literally replies to a picture of stallman with a girl
>noooo i've never seen him with a girl



>libtards == left-wing
The truth is that left-wingers don't have their own "thing" when it comes to tech. And why should they? Most of these tech wars are infantile consoomer wars, where even programming languages become brands and identities.

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