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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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If I wanted to start my own website dedicated to piracy that is open to the public such as Pirate Bay, libgen, or sci-hub how would I go about it? What providers will protect me from government intervention?
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stop calling it piracy, stop the verbal diarrhea, this are examples of piracy:

If you don't know how this is done, your only option is to join the copy-censorship mafia organizations that want to shake down online sharing websites, to learn all their tricks and get into a position to disrupt their activities, before you start your own online sharing platform. Extra points if you can trick them into funding it. People in the know will never spill the beans in a public forum, the howto you are looking for doesn't exist.

If you want my advice, start a web-service for creatives and "content-producers" that enforces creative commons licenses. Get good integration with free software tools. Your goal is to create a network effect for your licensing scheme that draws in all the creative workers into the creative commons dimension. Once all the living producers of media operate in the creative commons, politics will change and all the old media with copy-censorship licenses will loose enforcement. Creative commons production has one killer feature, it's much easier and cheaper to reuse media assets. You have to make new media formats that have mandatory mod-hooks for styling and theming. Producers should be able to reuse any media asset in the creative commons library and apply styles and themes that make them look consistent. You also have to make the finished media products interactive, for example a video game made with Modable.Creative.Commons. assets should allow artists to pause the game and rightclick on a game-asset and save it for later reuse.

You can make something new that doesn't already exist or you can do something boring like yet another sharing site.


I'm not making another sharing site. I want to create an application akin to Spotify and Soundcloud that has equally gigantic libraries without any copyright enforcement so certain libraries aren't sacrificed. while still keeping it social such that people can create and share playlists easily.
I have a feeling this would be pretty popular based on the responses I've got to such an idea.


My advice would be to add a feature for making and remixing music that is on you application, so that it's not just a spotify or soundcloud clone without copywrong enforcement.


I've toyed around with this idea before, but I don't exactly have the technical knowledge to make it come to fruition. My only concern would be that the tech-mafia would go after the end user. You could create a website with a library of all the media and host it in russia, and then maybe an app where links could easily be viewed but is not explicitly linked to the website.


I could program the website I just dont have the expertise when it comes to security and taking precautions against western governments.


look into NL hosting or chink hosting


A (bad) solution would be to bundle tor and download the streams from a onion host.


Unless you live in Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria or Iran I would forget about it. I would've said Serbia as well a few years ago but the crooks in power recently signed an extradition treaty with the US.



Probably this.

OP. Do you see yourself as a single, lone developer with the abilities and longterm lifestyle dedication needed to make this a viable project?

If not, your energies are probably better utilized by contributing to a team with a successful project in a similar area until you gain abilities and experience.

This is not discouragement post. Do something. Your idea has value. Why hasn't it been considered before?

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