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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Talk about your NAS, what services you are running for yourself and for others, webhosting,…


Finished setting up a synapse server for me and some friends


running web, gopher, xmpp, mumble, dns


can i use your xmpp? mine went down for some reason
well i wasnt hosting it, just using some anon xmpp server


Tor relay node and a powerful router with multiple APs to share internet with the neighborhood.


>share internet with the neighborhood
literal communism


My server is currently in pieces because my old drive cages were shit and caused the drives to disconnect intermittently and the new drives use molex for power and I don't have any cables for it


*new drive cages


>not gemini


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>my NAS


I dream of selfhosting my e mail and a personal website.
How feasible is it and what kind of hardware do I need?
What else could I self host?


chances are it's against your isp's tos


Massive bummer


I self host a small dev infrastructure for my personal phone projects and freelance work, mainly off 2-3 VPS'.
Run my own
- website (and some other web and file hosting, personal Gemini capsule, WIP web projects)
- mail server
- git hosting
- CI server (to automate and deploy builds)
- small docker registry
- small kubernetes cluster


You can host it off a cheap VPS from digital ocean/linode/ovh/etc
Hosting it at home would be a problem because ISPs suck and want to convert all users into Facebook/google/Instagram consooming NPCs instead of allowing them to admin their own infra.


>>10875 (me)
>personal phone projects
personal projects*. Not sure where the 'phone' came from.


Website isn't hard and your ISP won't know about it unless you become popular.

Email is a pain in the ass to host. It's not worth it IMHO.


Are there any ISPs that allow self hosted sites?
I've heard about e mail being a pain in the ass to self host but why is it a pain in the first place?


>why is it a pain
It's very modular (different protocols and tools for sending, receiving, authentication, storage formats, signing to ensure authenticity, spam detection and prevention, etc)
Very easy to misconfigure and end up with an insecure relay that spammers can hack or clueless users can send junk through making it end up on spam blacklists, removal from which can be a pain. Many of these blacklists are even rent-seeking assholes which means they have incentive to block servers and then sell services to promote "best practices" about how not to end up on these lists. This is even more of a danger if your server is sending high volumes of mail (like maybe a company sending out regular newsletters, transactional or promotional email etc)
Way too much of a hassle most of the time.

But if you set it up properly it can work just fine for your personal domain. I run mail services for my domains and they have been running fine for several years now, but mail activity on there is pretty low. So if you really want to, you can set it up.


I'm gonna be reeeeeal honest with ya your server looks like its gonna legitimately break down at any day


time-sharing, like a tilde



You can bypass that though, rent the cheapest vps you can find and create a vpn tunnel between the 2, that way you can use the vps as a firewall, reverse proxy and your isp will never know + you don't have to open upany ports at home.

That's what i do. I run a matrix server, web server, nextcloud and mail server like that.


it literally costs $1/mo at ionos for a vps, it makes no sense to self-host a site on your home internet


>personal website
If you need just a personal website don't selfhost at all, just use neocities or something similar.
>What else could I self host?


what if i just find it fun anon

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