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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1619741421162.jpg (60.41 KB, 1698x1150, spotify.jpg)


How bad is Spotify?

It's a bourgeoise vice, but I really like it. I hate having to search all over the web to pirate albums, organize those albums in my desktop, and transfer transfer both to my phone and laptop from my desktop. Spotify just makes the process so much easier. I can listen from any device I want. I want to add some songs to my playlist? I search it up and add it in a matter of seconds. I want to share music? I copy a link and send it over in seconds. Spotify has 99% of the music I listen to and I don't even listen to mainstream stuff.

Should I really make the effort to switch back to pirating? Should I stop prioritizing comfort over data security? What does /tech/ think?international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Well it's obviously a big fucking botnet like all proprietary mobile apps. Also they're miserable to artists.


But should I really care if I'm in a music botnet? I mean, the only data they can get is what I listen to—why should I care about that?international_brigadeInternational Brigade



Well torrenting is retarded easy, I dunno why you'd ever stop.


https://newpipe.net/ newpipe is a free (of charge, but also free) android app that lets you use youtube with no ads, and you can have audio in the background or in a popup window. newpipe has been the reason not to use spotify for me, for so longgentooGentoo


I never switched away from pirating. My digital music collection has been growing for 15 years and while probably 90% of it is available on Spotify I wouldn't trade it away for anything.

What about the rare radio freestyles I downloaded on underground rap forums ~2006?
What about the rare compilations and B-sides?
What about all the fanmade video game remixes from OCRemix?
What about the hundreds of datpiff mixtapes?
What about fanmade remasters that eclipse the botched commercial release (e.g. Frances the Mute)?
What about songs that get region-locked or that Spotify loses the rights to or may lose the right to in the future?
What if I want the ability to play the music on any device, at any time, without the device ever connecting to the internet?

If you have to ask why piracy is better then you're obviously already at home in the botnet. You yourself say it's convenient and has everything you need, so what's the problem?


Not when I don't have a dependable torrent site and I have to scout a million sites just to listen to music.international_brigadeInternational Brigade




I had an app like that on my phone but I deleted it because I'm trying to make my phone as "dumb" as possible.

Also youtube quality is crap.

1% of the music I like isn't on spotify but I pirate those and put in on my phone. Easier than doing it for every single album that I listen to.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


I just "google" whatever I need and find it immediately lol, mostly lossless even.


Maybe it's different now. I got on Spotify in 2016. Back then, it was a real pain in the ass to pirate everything. Perhaps it's easier now. If it is, maybe I'll switch back.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


I got a huge music collection, but I've been using Spotify because most devices today are so storage averse that it became a pain carrying even 1/3rd of my ENORMOUS library around.

I really wish there was a 1TB music player with bluetooth and some internet connectivity

use Soulseek dummy


SD cards?


Mine's going strong after 4 years.

plus an SD card like >>8176 says. If you really need 1TB you're gonna have to cough up another 200 clams for the storage. No way around that though.


Spotify is great for discovering new music from it's playlists and shit.
I still pirate music after finding stuff from it.

Sucks there's not way to download stuff from it though. I don't want to download from deezer or youtube.


Sounds like you're too far gone, stick to goyify.



just use soulseek (nicotine+) to download music



join a private tracker, you can get the best version of any album you want and people there know how to rip music from streaming services. supplement with soulseek or just use soulseek alone if you're not picky about quality control
you can use funkwhale create your own private streaming service tailored to your needs


based testimonials



There is though. I found this app on F-Droid called SpotiFlyer that literally does that. I'm not a tech expert, but I trust F-Droid apps for privacy and it only wants permission to access storage do download the file, but you can see that on their F-droid page.


Stop paying porky a monthly fee for spotify.
$5 for a lifetime Spotify subscription, you can transfer your existing spotify playlists too using spotmybackup.

It really works, trust me.


> I want to share music? I copy a link and send it over in seconds.
That does not work because any self-respecting person will refuse to click on your link and use Spotify.


>How bad is Spotify?
the worst



Less bad than Amazon and YouTube but still shit. Just torrent, for fuck's sake.




people that share streaming links that aren't youtube can shove it up their ass


I have a tiny script to quickly turn songs into a lower bitrate file and upload it to my personal server whenever I want to share anything.


spotify isn't convenient unless you wanna listen to a bunch of awful industry plants and barely anything actually worth listening to


at least apple music has a proper catalogue


File: 1644158742969-0.png (196.28 KB, 461x453, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1644158742969-1.png (6.09 MB, 3431x2573, ClipboardImage.png)






beemp3 was the best for this but it's gone now, so time to get into p2p


Still torrents…? You can select which files you want to download, unless the uploader was a fucking retard and made a torrent of a single compressed file.


Soulseek (Nicotine+ client)
Know any alternatives to Soulseek for torrenting music nowadays?


rutracker if you don't want to get into private tracker autism.


I never made the TPB -> rutracker jump because rutracker requires login
You saying it's still worth it? Should I just make an acc? Also is there an onion?


"site:rutracker.org [keywords]" in your search engine


I made this and I absolutely don't want any leftards to use it or promote it.


>Say goodbye to proprietary music players filled with ads, tracking, and profiling.
<Nuclear supports Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp,
does not compute.


what? are u frfr?


i downloaded an actual .cue file and don't know how to extract the song out of it

i do that, but lot of them are flac files or old songs that don't get seeed torrents


blow us rightoid
we don't want it anyways

>makes foss, seethes about lefties

why are you even here then?


You need a .flac or whatever else file with that .cue. Also, flacon will split that for you if you don't want to use a terminal.


I use BlockTheSpot
hwo odes it work and will i get banned for it

i think it seems to work like an adblock for host files instead of modifying the client

so i must be safe? https://github.com/mrpond/BlockTheSpot


i used a foobar extension that did that


File: 1653815458848.jpg (37.47 KB, 576x323, hippies.jpg)



The botnet is inescapable. Everybody is talking about how they are getting advertised for stuff they didn't even search for, only that it came up in conversation.

NSA have more enough indications that you are a marxist. The NSA don't care that you are marxist. We are so far away from any achieving any meaningful improvements to our lives that the porkies have simply made a game about how much they can get away with.


BlockTheSpot works, sometimes needs reinstallation >>15113
For downloading from Spotify playlists: https://github.com/Shabinder/SpotiFlyer
Soulseek gets an obvious mention and so does youtube-dl. Youtube-dl + mpv makes it pretty easy to stream stuff from youtube, including usermade playlists. Keep a text file of links to playlists and albums and just mpv it them.


retarded /g/ tier thread
just use soulseek or another p2p network like everyone with half a brain's used for the past 20+ years

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