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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I think I'm reaching unhealthy levels of being unable to cope with surveillance capitalism. Some random person caught my face for a few seconds during a whatsapp video chat and my day was fucking ruined, seriously.


Wear ICP makeup and put a rock in your shoe.


you gotta realize that the nsa and fbi already have your face. it's virtually impossible to evade it at this point, go into a store, they caught you on video, if it's a big store it's probably available to the government and whatever corporation that's in bed with them. you got a phone, that's a death sentence, the new ones literally have 3d models of your face stored in the cloud.

you just have to wear masks when you're doing stuff that would make you a worthwhile target for themalbaniaAlbania


The "fun" hasn't even begun, the bio- and life-metric data they are gathering about people isn't just going to be stored and evaluated. It's going to be used for everything, especially for things where it doesn't make sense. And none of it will be secure, not even the big tech giants. People are going to game the crap out of the surveillance system by manipulating it's inputs and a new flood of scams is coming. It's going to make spam email, randsom ware, click fraud and data leaks pale in comparison.

I don't know good advice, except move your digital live to the fringes of alternative technology culture.


Learning about surveillance capitalism is life ruining. I hate how all the stupid normalcattle get the boot shoved in their mouth every day and do nothing because of muh convenience, or even worse, try and drag the handful of sane people left in the world into their bullshit because they're scared of the crabs who don't want to be in the bucket. It's not rational to hate them because of the 24/7 algorithm driven propaganda they get fed, but it's definitely infuriating.


>Fringes of Alternative Technology culture.

Like what? Got any examples?


Bro the worst is these fucking retarded neighbors that get the shitty Ring doorbell. Extreme anxiety knowing i’m being autorecorded by Prism Fedazon every time I go take a walk on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. Ring owners should be gulaged


>Learning about surveillance capitalism is life ruining.
Worst part is that you can barely do a thing about it. It's like finding out about The Game (which you just lost, by the way).


U/ACC retards have it good since they embrace this kind of shit


what >>8620 said
it's normal and safe and good to have a meat body that does legal and normie things. Unless you've faked your death or are wanted by cops, i mean even then shit like Ring isnt that big of a deal, but only in that context would it really matter that your holy image is captured. Your body is already accounted for by the system. So let it exist and be seen, and hopefully the schizos in the government fall for their own bullshit that their surveillance is complete. It's not. For an internet addicted zoomer who is on snapchat, discord, facebook, and tiktok 24/7 then they probably have a very interested and flushed out portfolio of your daily activities. If you're someone who doesnt use social media, often leaves their smartphone at home, doesnt use worst-possible browsing practices (which would be using google chrome, always logged in, on a smartphone), they only have a few random data points about you. And most of the time, what you're paranoid about is forensics capabilities. There's a reason why detectives and OSINT specialists exist. The data that individual companies or individual governments have about you is sparse unless you're intentionally giving them information, and then it's not available to everyone who wants it immediately or super easily. There's not mr FBI man calling up jeff bezos being like "can you tell me if ur facial recognition supercomputer clusters caught anyone recently from those blessed Ring things?".
Even better if they build a model of you that paints you as a boring citizen. If you rarely interact heavily with tech, maybe they peg you as a terrorist or luddite freak, but mostly they'll still get some info, and as long as you use okay practices when using the web and where you take your phone and what you post on social media, you seem boring. That's all. They could extrapolate a weak model of your life, that you live a boring prole life or neet life. This is probably you anyways, but if it's not you, it gives you plenty of room to go be an activist or a terrorist or a hacker or fucking guerrilla in your spare time and their algorithm doesnt know any different, because that part of you life is always separated.
We learn we're in The Game at different points, but as long as you're not in prison you havent lost yet.


now im scared, what are red flags that would put you on an actual watchlist? i try to be careful but im also retarded so im sure ive slipped several times and i dont use vpns or the sort so my online life can be connected to my real life by glowies


I opened leftypol on the regular browser and I started panicking


File: 1621577551881.jpg (23.58 KB, 680x680, fc2.jpg)

Who the fuck cares, were all on the watchlist already anyways. The best thing you can do is not say anything so autistic they really start looking into you for.


IIRC Snowden said to be careful when looking into strong counter-surveillance tools like Tails because they trigger a lot of automatic flags.


>feds see that I've downloaded Tails and knock down my door
>forensics team make backups of all my drives and usbs
>its just filled with my little pony porn
>get arrested for allegedly being a fascist
what the fuck man


>The best thing you can do is not say anything so autistic they really start looking into you for.
thats the issue, since its all automated nowadays they look out for metadata (i.e. >>8664) not specific things youve said on social media or whatever, that comes later


So what can be done to not trigger the automatic flags then if you're trying to stay (mostly) hidden?


fam the flags are probably already triggered
if you're slightly free-thinking or intelligent or curious, you've flagged yourself some

the best you can do is not post anything that scares someone on social media
there's two very different kinds of threats here, one with the abstract "lists" and cybernetic shit, surveillance capitalism, huge databases of faces – all this stuff is very shadowy and we arent told much about it, it also is basically not the thing you actually need to worry about
the other threat is what actual law enforcement gets into their sight. This means dont say anything violent on public social media, or around people that you cant trust or might think you're a spooky gommie/terrorist.
They dont really act on any of the "we think he's a potential terrorist, so we "watch" him" shit
Their advanced profiling, data aggregation, all of that, it's not actionable. If the gov goes full fascist, then it'll be actionable. So just pray that that doesnt happen, and have a gun and friends, and encrypt anything that might be sensitive at all, etc.


>nothing to hide nothing to fear
>not the thing you actually need to worry about
>If the gov goes full fascist, then it'll be actionable. So just pray that that doesnt happen, and have a gun and friends, and encrypt anything that might be sensitive at all, etc.


You definitely are, I'm not going to lie that all this spying feels uneasy sometime since it can be extremely powerful tool. However though, it almost seems like 9 times out of 10 when the usage was applicable they just didn't bother. Situations like preventable shootings and terrorists acts that're conspired on devices which're spyware city, are just ignored.

Almost seems like the collection of data being based not on a plan but as a basis for a future plan that wont materialize into anything. With the exception if they were targeting you, but if all the general electronics that can be used to spy on you (rings, amazon echos, etc.), even if they didn't exist, they would still find a way to spy on you.

Honestly, the positive of being able to spread ideas and communicating with others with those apps outweigh it all. If anything, the bigger worry is the revoking of the internet (which power all those devices), something countries have been interested in doing to combat protests (granted the reasoning is a theory but very probable).

Every great communist in the past has had to deal with red flags, if you ever plan on contributing to the movement, you'll eventually have to deal with it. If you aren't contributing, you'll never have to worry about those flags, even if you trigger them everyday.


We need to fill their systems with crap. Make the systems full of so much incorrect data that they can't use it.


Caring too much about this shit is very unhealthy. You should try to embrace it. We are thousands of millions of people and there is so so so much footage and data that it's impossible to single you out. I can't stress how unhealthy it is to care too much.

Ideally you should set things up so privacy is automatic, and you don't have to think about it too much. Things you can't control you should entirely embrace, simply because it is extremely psychologically harmful.

On another note, I got filmed yesterday by a stranger. I was on the metro, a black probable refugee was laid down sleeping in front of me. I have no idea why he filmed me. I was nicely dressed with some awkward sandals with socks, maybe he thought it was funny? Or maybe he wanted to contrast a well dressed person with a refugee having a shit time? Maybe he wanted to film the metro? Metros are really cool, after all.

I can't do anything, so I just accept it. It's not like he's going to mail it to Kamala Harris or Zuckerberg.
Oh shit! That's insanely dystopic. You should never browse without at least a VPN.


most of the reason activists push the paranoid angle, is because it's safer to be paranoid now than paranoid in retrospect!
that doesnt mean be stupid about it, but all you need to worry about, and all you can control, is to keep your social media and open communications free of anything incriminating in the event that cops will be looking at it, either for a border crossing or way more importantly, if you're charged with a crime and investigated. Thats what most of it is about. If you're investigated, you dont want to be saying shit like venting about the thing you are charged with to a friend or posting shit about it on facebook, or threatening, or even really showing anti-establishment sentiment because that will make you look more suspicious.

What said before>>8671 here about cops vs algorithms, its important also. I saw a video of a kid who got shot and killed by a cop for just standing there. A white kid in america. A notice was put out about him before that incident that he was potentially dangerous because he had said something to the effect of "the only good cop is a dead cop" on social media, and some cop got wind of it i guess.
Don't be the retard that gets shot by a scared cop who saw your drunk/paranoid tweet


Terrible advice coming from a leftoid imageboard lol. Like sure OP should be less neurotic about the panopticon but telling him to "embrace" the botnet is dumb af. Just try to not reveal too much but don't make a fuss over minor slips. Spending less time on the internet is a good idea in general.

Also saying governments are inept at knowing what to do with all this data but you're forgetting all the corporations behind that data accumulation.

>>8711 put it best with "it's safer to be paranoid now than paranoid in retrospect".


File: 1621746488505.png (210.95 KB, 500x340, 1609981960678.png)

I go on international flights a few times each year. I have Global Entry so I don't have to wait in line for hours when I get back to 'murica. This year, I went to the Global Entry kiosk after coming back from Mexico. All it did was simply scan my face. From my face, it got all my information and sent me on my way. Needless to say, I was spooked.

The capitalist surveillance system is dystopically good, lads. It's one of the reasons, among others, that I'm a doomer regarding a successful leftist revolution ever happening in the USA.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


All we can do is wait for face prosthetics to become cheap and mainstream.


>The capitalist surveillance system is dystopically good
it's not, it's very easy to trick these systems, it's a mess and horribly broken. You should be worried about what happens when they are widespread enough that these things will be abused and manipulated, by more faction than just the big corporation that owns it. The dystopia these things bring isn't the orderly overlord that has tight control over everything, it's the chaotic tech-punk dystopia where you have to be aware, of a complex conflict between clan like structures that compete for power, to not get burned by it. If there will be a successful socialist revolution in this environment it's not going to be the rebellion of the renegades that tear down the system, it's going to be the masses that had enough of the bullshit, that want dependable order instead of arbitrary abuse.


Can't blame you, almost anyone with an interest in privacy would go insane from doing a little bit of research and paying attention to development in neural networks and stuff tbh


How do we use neural network for enhancing privacy ?


Just wear a face mask when you need


The only way to win is if we all become like Diogenes. Instead of worrying about being covertly monitored when you use the bathroom and masturbate, masturbate in public and shit on the sidewalk instead.


But then we'll have to deal with my personal biggest fear, replicating a person with AI near completely with a large enough data set.


train an AI to find likely cops based on their face
make a commie robocop
or google glass or something
hack cctv/traffic cams and keept track of where cop cars are in ur city
maybe not neural nets but scrape web to collect and analyze news stories, and sort the different narratives out idk
that could actually be cool

the problem is this shit inherently benefits those with more data to go through, who want generalize from it, and who can store all that shit and run this stuff


you probably couldn't AI clone any of the ancient Greeks but you could probably make a digital replica of Napoleon, Hitler or Chris-chan


It isn't a clone but you can already accurately (to the average person) imitate a person's voice, face and typing mannerisms with modern neural networks.
The next step in the panopticon would be creating accurate predictive models of a person based on their available data so the system can just get rid of all undesirables before they can even think of doing anything.


>typing mannerisms

Just have the AI post cringe under their name and retcon it in place with your agency powers.


We're giving advice to someone who is mentally distressed regarding internet privacy. Whatever the damage of spynets are is much less worse than a mental breakdown.

A good advice is to leave the internet and don't think about privacy at all. Online is where you leak and produce the most data anyways.


i 100% support this stupid google mindset that exists in the minds of the elite.
they for real think that we're reducible to algorithms. And they're mostly right, like you say our voice can easily be replicated. Our movements can be predicted trivially. Our face can be reconstructed probably easily if you use snapchat a ton or something.
But they'll never be able to fake a person that actually does something. They cant fake labor or physical action. I bet you 100% elites think that we are totally reducible to data points though, because they have this atlas shrugged mindset that proles are the expendable ones, and they're the ones that do the real labor.
Just something to think about wrt surveillance. They can create models, but they can only create models.
dont listen to what i'm saying i dont know what i'm saying, listen to what i mean


There is far more intel gathered than there are resources to analyse it all. Some known suspects are probably followed in real time by human operators, the rest is probably stored until "needed", whatever the need may be. Algorithms are probably scouring stored data (and doing re-runs after algorithms are improved) for things that can be flagged.

Still, all experience is that this is not working well yet. The Boston bombers had posted what they planned to do on social media but the systems never picked it up until too late.

Information overload happened decades ago with satellite imaging and data flow is still growing exponentially while algorithms are slow to develop.


File: 1622602150472.jpg (112.37 KB, 790x454, 1590626363020.jpg)

Stay strong.


https://archive.is/hfFml thoughts?

also i heard the github enterprise server was leaked anyone know where i can find it


There's nothing on the wayback machine for anon.io, so it looks like it was not sold to anyone but crims. There's so little information on it, AN0M didn't even claim it was end to end encrypted. So it doesn't look like they cracked encryption or did anything groundbreaking, it was just a MITM attack with a crappy instant messaging app without end to end encryption.


Yeah this was just a followup after they took down those other two centralized servers
They sold the phones for 3500 a pop, btw. So they only took out the stupid rich idiots anyways.


I'm a privacy autist but at the same time I'm incredibly retarded so I've failed big time in trying to cover up my tracks, like I'm sure Microsoft knows most of the accounts I've had in my life even the ones I had as a kid lol….


>(to the average person)
This part is important. I was checking a vidya subreddit's thread on someone making new character lines with neural networks and only one or two people correctly pointed out the voice sounded robotic and everyone else responded that it sounded fine.

>put a rock in your shoe


File: 1623531942658.jpeg (5.49 KB, 225x225, download (628).jpeg)

I posted this before in a /leftypol/ thread on surveillance:
>I don't use a VPN and post using the leftypol Kuroba app 90% of the time. I also live in the UK.

People there said that's really bad, so I'm looking for some advice on how to improve my situation. For context I browse leftypol on a Google Pixel and am a novice with tech stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


>Google Pixel
lol you might be in luck, ive always wanted to get one of those because of grapheneos but im a poorfag

check >>9128 for non-botnet alternative apps


I keep my privacy very tight, but it's become so normal that I don't even think about it much anymore. I'm not that powerful (lol) anyway and everybody else being captured by algos means the society as a whole is fucked in the end.

Privacy is not even the main issue, it's politics and governance being relegated to technical solutions and automation to the degree that nothing will be able to shake the system anymore, especially when you also take into account how individualized and impotent we've become.

To give you an analogy, compare speeding tickets to smart cars being technically unable to go over the speed limit. It seems that's the way we're going but at the scale of a whole society (smart cities, smart homes).


>People won't be able break the law because of technology
There are so many online hackers now because of all the backdoors, surveillance, espionage technology that governments and corporations have developed. This stuff always gets out. When computer security is being undermined like this it will not lead to a suffocating orderly dystopia, it will become a chaotic one.
>compare speeding tickets to smart cars being technically unable to go over the speed limit
The car autopilot that makes no mistakes is the actual utopia. Our future is that your car gets hacked and you have to pay ransom if you don't want to be crashed.


Just think what would have happened in Germany if IBM had the power of google + amazon.

You have to consider that until they are putting people in camps for liking memes on facebook the lists you are on don't really matter.


The nazis did buy IBM punch-card computers to manage the holocaust.
And it goes both ways. Not a single Nazi collaborator would have survived the aftermath of WW2, if there was as much data on people as now.


>Not a single Nazi collaborator would have survived the aftermath of WW2
The Americans helped to smuggle out actual Nazis from Europe to recruit them in their anti-communist death squads. It was never a question of data.


I'm on the same boat, it's getting harder to pass a single day without my neuroses acting up.

I'm reaching unhealthy levels of being afraid of "the botnet" and it's interfering with my life but I don't want to give up on my ideals because it feels like such an ultimate decision, for lack of a better word, like something I'll never be able to go back on.

What should I do? Imageboards have fucked with my brain but I still think I'm completely in the right.


Anyone have any favorite books about this stuff? If I'm going to be paranoid I may as well be well informed.

I've been thinking about it a lot recently, it's definitely hard to know where you're comfortable drawing the line. You are right but if you go too far you're just going to cut yourself off from friends and make it worse.
I do think it's worth trying to get out of the botnet as much as possible and convincing others to do the same.


File: 1631670716267.jpg (35.6 KB, 474x312, ronpaul.jpg)

Landed a job in a boomer company helping with their money and now I've got to cash checks in banks that ask you to remove your facemask in front of their cameras even though the cashier said they don't have facial recognition (yet…) to prove you're the person in the ID. This has caused me great distress but I'd feel a bit silly quitting over this or worse, telling them about it.
I think I'm going to get over it and bite the bullet. I really hope I don't regret it later down the line. Maybe it'll be liberating, who knows? Not going to embrace massive surveillance but haven't got much of a choice currently and I guess you just can't win all the time. Hopefully in the future things will be different (better).


keep defying surveillance, but also the only place to draw the line is where it's not needed. Like, you don't need to use facebook over tor, if you're uploading pictures to a site with your real name, etc. I doubt ur doing literally this, but same idea. It's only a problem if it's not protecting something that needs protecting.

Everything else, fuck it. Let it interfere with your life, because odds are it's making your life better and less lib :P


Tor is still useful for Facebook. Ofc they know it's you if you use a real name, but they don't learn about your real OS, browser, fonts, etc. So they can't link you up with the rest of things you do outside of Tor.

IMO it's best to just use Tor all the time, when that's possible. And even in cases when Tor is blocked you can still use a web proxy to get around blocks.


>If I'm going to be paranoid I may as well be well informed.
Understanding how surveillance works is actually the best cure for paranoia. Instead of constantly being anxious because of you don't know where and when "they might get you", you know on a technical level what is harmful and what isn't. From then on it's simply a matter of applying your knowledge, and thus defending against surveillance becomes a cold technical operation.


You make a good point and I hope that will be the case. I've started reading The Age of Surveillance Capitalism which isn't very technical but it's at least interesting and seems like it will give a good overview of what these companies are doing which I could then apply. Only a few chapters in though so might change.


>espionage technology that governments and corporations have developed

Not only that, a lot of it is just because it's a fucking mess, there is so much software and hardware that some kid just slapped together and we all expect it to be fine, the coming of IoT is going to be a dumpsterfire.

Even all for all the surveillance the government and corporations have, it doesn't really seem that effective, when you get petabytes of information, it can be quite hard to find anomalies (but it can be easy to perceive and abuse them) and loads of shit just passes under the radar

It's all a big mess that barely holds together, I do not believe any of this is resilient.


>It's all a big mess
Big Data paradigm has the messiness of data as its axiom, it's not a problem for it. The more the merrier, correlations instead causations. It's a mistake to think that surveillance depends on some kind of exact analysis, it's all about statistical models and that's why it's dangerous for (You) individually even if (You) escape it individually. The behavioral patterns that are (machine-)learned from the masses are applicable to (You) as well. That becomes painfully apparent when it is manifested physically in the form of smart cities, IOT, and the like. A smart street doesn't care if (You) individually contributed data points to its algorithm, it still manages induce a certain behaviour in (You) directly or indirectly by influencing others around you. It's a problem that can't be tackled individually because the Big Data isn't methodologically individualist.


How much browser fingerprinting can they do outside of Facebook? For example, if a website has a "like us on Facebook" thing, can they work out your browser fingerprint?

Same with Google analytics?


It's not feasible for them to gather any of your fingerprinting data, should you block their javascript. The data would need to be gathered by a server-side script and CGI performance is abysmal when compared to read performance.


>if a website has a "like us on Facebook" thing, can they work out your browser fingerprint?
>Same with Google analytics?
Yes and yes.

But the more important point is that you shouldn't rely on any website to compartmentalize your data for you. User data is often sold and resold by data brokers, then there's leaks, hacks, etc. So it doesn't matter if someone can't directly track you outside of their "territory", they can acquire that data from other sources, now or in the future. And it also doesn't matter if the site directly tracking you is harmless, that data might end up somewhere else as well.

>It's not feasible for them to gather any of your fingerprinting data, should you block their javascript.
Fingerprint isn't gathered just by JS nor is it limited to what JS can gather. There's also the ancient stuff like IPs, user agents, other request headers, cookies, general traffic pattern of your browser like max parallel connections or timeouts. Then there's the "futuristic" stuff like tracking via CSS @media rules instead of JS: https://matt.traudt.xyz/posts/how-css-alone-can-help-track-you-YF4ciVY6/
Image files loaded by the Facebook Like element are enough for all of the above, no JS required.

Ironically, by blocking JS you might in theory make yourself "more unique", because what's essential for anonymity is not reducing your fingerprint size but making it uniform with a sufficiently large group of other people.


Using Facebook over Tor under your real identity is a great way of actually being put on a list.


Facebook is the list


>the new ones literally have 3d models of your face stored in the cloud
maybe that's because people keep putting stickers over all the cameras they're shoving in our faces so now they use lidar to 3d scan the entire face. its convenient! combine that with a fingerprint button that you have to constantly press to keep the phone on wow.

coming to leftypol from the real pol i expected you all to be absolute retards. nice to see that poltards and leftpol tards have something in common, we're tired of the surveillance state.


one theory i've read regarding the reasoning behind the surveillance state: they're building a machine to predict the future. with enough data, and the right algorithms, they could predict actions before they happen, be they economic or social or political trends.

whether or not you think that's absurd, these people are of course insane so. there you go.


>computer predicting the future
was a miniseries already


It's funny because China has been making accurate predictions of the future for deacdes and all they needed was dialectical materialism.


and yet they couldn't predict that forcing farmers to make shitty low quality steel instead of food would starve the nation. they failed to predict that their sloppy safety standards would let slip a pandemic from their sloppy chinese labs. and yet many people predicted these things before they happened without dialectricals or whatever nonsense. they failed to predict that building houses on debt nobody can afford to live in might cause some issues. oh dear well maybe one day they will actually predict something and then your comment won't seem completely out to lunch.


They already are predicting things it's just mostly "will X buy this product at this time" so they can serve the ads to you at time you're most likely going to buy it. Whether or not these systems can predict anything on a grander scale is just a bonus to them.


They want to prevent the unpredictable, but that's part of the larger goal of maintaining the status quo. The goal is not to intervene at the level of causes but at the level of effects. Big data is inherently like that, it only spits out correlations and deliberately ignores causation. Causation is too "metaphysical", we only care about raw numbers. Why does somebody want to drive a truck into a crowd? Who cares, what matters is to detect it and manage it. This is why we're also seeing a push for everything "smart" where a set of possibilities is literally pre-programmed, again to prevent the unpredictable. Ideally you won't even be able to commit any act against the system because the "interface" won't have the option, so the system can do away with managing side-effects as well because there won't be any.

This system has no projects, no dreams, no future. It doesn't want to fundamentally change anything. It might create a spectacle of incessant change, but it's all merely an incremental improvement in how to best recuperate and manage.

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