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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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notepad++ is radical centrism gang.


Is it truth that notepad++ uses your computer to ddos the chinese government?


any good alternatives? should i uninstall this from my PC




Uninstall it along with the garbage operating system it runs on.


File: 1622502866167.png (61.17 KB, 314x707, Screenshot_2021-05-31 Note….png)

Most "open source" projects are contributed to by centrists.


It says it's GPLv3 what your issue?


Closest equivalent to notepad++ on Linux is geany.


Funny I was going to make a thread asking for a replacement for this app because it's owner seems unstable and reddit-y

Any other better note application on windows?


use vim or emacs


what about akelpad its proprietory but works fine for me

also i will never install any software that supports any political ideology regardless of what it is just for safety


>would rather install mediocre proprietary software than FLOSS because of silly patch names
Bloody retarded.


if you run Windows your computer is part of a/the botnet.



Better is subjective but you could use Visual Codium or even Emacs if you have enough time to learn it.


>Better is subjective
Brain worms. Stop defending proprietary trash.


Visual Copium


your FLOSS won't protect you. the NSA has an entire division dedicated to infiltrating FOSS projects. The Linux kernel is MILLIONS of lines long and i no Linus and friends are not sitting there auditing every single line of code. it's a pipe dream. just use mac or windows and air gap the fucking thing. your welcome.


>just give up bro, you've already lost
t. NSA

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