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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Please dump any resource I can use to teach myself, including online communities I can join for questions.

Is Python optimal?

Thanks in advance


python is optional if you're really good at C i guess
people tend to use python cause it's easy and flexible


what do you want to hack


theres a good reading list in this thread:



find bugs in programs, ffmpeg and vlc are pretty common targets for newbies (you may want to start creating a working n-day)

If you don't even understand buffer overflows, ROP, and heap attacks then:


This is more for binary exploitation/vulnerability research - cracking wifi passwords or whatever is skid tier shit and I have no resources for it.accelerationAcceleration


This assumes a working knowledge of x86_64, C, C++ (a little just what a vtable is) and ARM if you ever want to get into embedded or iphone/android hacking. Most people suck ass at C these days even though they say they 'know C' so if you don't understand what struct packing is you don't know C well enough.

You also need a thorough understanding of how a computer executes a program - so that would be syscalls, virtual memory, binary formats and dynamic loaders. From there you should begin to learn about operating systems - basically pick an open source one (bsd, xnu, linux) and stare at it for a really long time.accelerationAcceleration


Being a hacker sounds boring as fuck all hell, all you would be good for is most likely just doxing peoples locations and personal info to check if they're criminals or not, at best all you'll find are trade secrets corporations share between each other and with the government whose effects everyone will already see even if you never hack them.


Learn everything about computers, operating systems, networks, the web from inside out. Most importantly, think outside the box about how to subvert the intended functioning of something.

Hacking isn't just about extracting information, it's also about taking control. And that reaches into the physical world now that so many things are connected to the Internet and are run by code.


Install GNU/Linux. Happy hacking.


Can an ordinary person even do much as a hacker? I once heard or read somewhere how people called the support center of some social medial platform to impersonate someone else and get their account info. If that's what's hacking is like then that's pretty lame. Other then that, yeah what can an ordinary person even achieve with hacking?


thats social engineering aka the least technical type of hacking


Well could a cheeky n word make themselves useful and tell me which book I should read to get into hacking? I'm already into programming and know a think or two about operating systems.


dat ass



Off topic this is, but somewhat relevant.
So some of these are targeted at Linux.
Is this a problem.


Interesting. Thank you.


This blog really cant be overstated in its quantity of quality work.


check the reading list in >>2934


just be curious, look into how systems work practically, whitepapers are especially enlightening and you should just keep up to date with academic developments in tech in general, be more than just a fucking codemonkey, and also don't glorify yourself, stay away from others that glorify themselves

some especially useful RFC's to read


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