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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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/g/ and /pol/ are down so I know gotta crash with you retards
say something, what distro are you using, why did you choose free software, how does it align with your retarded world viewfedFed


>still uses Google 4chan

>say something

>what distro/s
Linux Mint and Alpine Linux
>why did you choose
<default installation was Win10 which is literally spyware and uninspiring
<want a balance of ease-of-use, customizability and capability
<more useful programming tools
<looks far better
<wine is good enough I almost never need Windows (usually boot it once a month for a certain game or advanced video editing tool)
<for-profits tend to ruin everything, especially ones moving towards SaaS model with ads and tracking
>how does avoiding big corporates and user freedom align with my world view
quite well

Now your turn, /pol/troon.


Xubuntu and Void at the moment. Vista pissed me off and spending too much time thinking about how I've been robbed of choice by software lock-in convinced me to try another path.


Used Debian for years now.
I'm a programmer autist so it was kind of a natural progression. Free software is intuitive to a tech autist in the same way that colourful buttons and glowing apples are to non-autists.
I am truly unhinged in that I fervently despise artificial scarcity and arbitrarily locking up an infinitely replicable resource like knowledge or software just for reasons of profitability is despicable to me on a very deep level.


>I am truly unhinged in that I fervently despise artificial scarcity and arbitrarily locking up an infinitely replicable resource like knowledge or software just for reasons of profitability is despicable to me on a very deep level.
Can't say I disagree, I actually feel the same way. Glad we could find some common ground.

good choice, xubuntu is cringe though, glad you were reasonable enough to leave the windows train

you sound like you're on your period, anyway i mainly use arch and alpine and by the way I am NOT a transvestite
i use and write free software because it the only reasonable thing to do, I listened to one of stallamans speeches when I was young and the man won me over, how can I trust something if I don't even know what it does or have any way of changing things about it
it's mainly an ethical decision for me and not an utilitarian one even though free software is more practical, usable and useful and proprietary or "open source"


On my laptop I use Linux Mint. I like Linux Mint. I used to be very wary of it. I've previously used Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Manjaro, and even Trisquel and PureOS. Linux Mint XFCE is like Xubuntu but without the snapstore. It is very comfy. But XFCE always leaves me wanting much, much more. It looks hideous sometimes.


go the fuck back to your shithole


i use void and qubes (and debian sometimes)
I use this shit cause it's literally just better and more stable than proprietary OSes and isn't spyware
How does it align with my worldview? Do u know shit about leftists? Most don't want to advertise to the gov that they want to bring it down. Also just ethics, why should they control my computer? Why am I giving away information without any choice, when I use anti-privacy trash? I hate the botnet and it's consequences. If the cops and feds (via private corporations that hate you as a user of its products) can know everything about everyone, and can stop all crime, then we would never get new laws that reduce their power, and never repeal old ones that give them power. It has a social chilling effect. That leads to a snowball towards the people with power deciding what choices it's okay for us to make about what they should be allowed to do. It's fucked up.
So, I at least want to opt out of the surveillance as much as possible. I'm not a huge programmer nerd so i just use the stuff and don't contribute besides hosting some servers and whatever minimal stuff because i'm not there yet. Maybe someday though. Or maybe i'll just leave the programming to the autists who care enough and just love sitting at a computer for hours.


File: 1624847400561.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)

>mffw Qubes is unironically more stable than Windows despite being InceptionOS
Have they fixed those dark mode tray icons yet?


Qubes because I'm paranoid and it lets me experiment with other OSes in VMs.


File: 1624905222265.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1500x1600, 1610314406983.jpeg)

I use Arche, Gentoo and FreeBSD.
I chose free software out of necessity.
I was working at a sweat shop making linens for hospitals in my country making penance. I had enough money to pay my rent, car note, etc etc and that was it. I got tired of not having a computer so I went to a pawn shop and bought a cheap 40 dollar netbook that was barely functional with windows 10 on it, so, I threw on lubuntu and never looked back. I learned GNU\Linux out of necessity.

Coincidentally it seems to coincide with my political ideology fairly well. Total freedom to do whatever you want and create and consume whatever you want as long as it isn't, really, effecting anyone else.


What is this like as a desktop? Is it harder to use than Gentoo?


The simple fact of the matter is yes but the BSD kernel has far less vulnerabilities then the linux kernel and allows you to do things like encrypting your swap and putting every process in its own container.

It's much more difficult to use and much more restrictive but the auditing process is worth it.


GNU Guix because it respects my freedom


I mean i get that gnu guix is based on free licencing but I don't really understand how they are better than BSD if they don't have an auditing process that is similar.


Except for its lead devs who want to destroy the GNU Project.




Ludovics Cortes and some of his other shitheads were the first to jump on the cancel Stallman hate mob in 2020, supported the attacks on the FSF this year, and just a few months ago they started this new "GNU Assembly" project to try and coerce contributors into their own in-group and subject them to the intimidation games of the Creator Covenant code of conduct. It's a blatant attempt to split the GNU Project over disagreements with other members over purity.


Based. While I personally don't really think Stallman did anything wrong or deserved being cancelled (arguments in the open letter were extremely weak), I think it's retarded to go "the cult of personality" route. If GNU and FSF can't stand without Stallman then what's the point? I don't want all of the free software movement being dependent on one person.


It's not based you retard.
Yeah cult of personalities are shit but what these people want is to turn the FSF into their own little safe space which will undermine free software as a whole.


How? Explain without starting to screech about le ebil assjaydoobs and trans people like on /g/.


Let's be clear: some of these people (not necessarily the Guix wreckers) don't merely want a "safe space", they want an FSF that fights for shit like "ethical source" which is literally not free software. People like Coraline Ehmke are outright enemies of the free software movement and they hide their hostility behind a facade of identity politics.


File: 1624958320606.jpg (138.64 KB, 559x320, 1624697589897.jpg)

For me, it's guix


FreeBSD now has a code of conduct and they hire diversity consultants with donor money. They're not immune to the SJW hate mob.

Stallman isn't that much of an attention seeker, people gravitate around him because of his hot takes on software freedom. I'm more cautious of the cancellers wanting to become cults of personality.


That's not the Guix people. Their beef with Stallman is older and they just exploited the controversy for their little power plays that have nothing to do with the accusations of the open letter. They really just disagree with how the GNU project is run, they want it to be more "coherent" like one big super project instead of a collection of various projects with their idiosyncrasies.


Because allowing only Black trans biracial people to access FOSS isn't FOSS, lel.


Can you please explain "ethical source code" for the retards in the thread, anon, please?


>not following dumb online drama makes you a retard now
I object!


It's open source with various different strings attached to deny some people software rights over others. In other words, not free software.


Source? Show any examples of that? What? What do you mean nothing like that ever happened?



Name the projects that were affected by it


File: 1625012289783.jpeg (29.88 KB, 474x441, rgergerggrge.jpeg)

>It hasn't happened yet so the idea is totally fiine!


>le slippery slope with not a single example of anything

Nice going, soyjak.


So you think we should have ethical code as out standard?


>le ebil assjaydoobs and trans people
What they are trying to do against Stallman is actually evil.
I don't see any others who have the same conviction and ideas as Stallman in protecting and promoting free software, so cult of personality or not, currently he seems to be the only option and that's why these corporate and political lackeys are so hell-bent on getting him out of the picture.
The people touted as his replacement are all either clueless autists who don't understand the value of software freedom and only care about "show me le code" or faceless plants in communities and foundations built by corporate open source promoters.


File: 1625031253705.png (1.22 MB, 871x867, 769.png)

Oh shit, what happen?


>Stallman cancelled and in the process of being forced out
>noooooo it's nothing!!!! pay no attention to my heckin' sjw comradinos!!! nooooo
Ye, you need to go back >>>/twitter/


>stallman left fsf for 2 years and nothing happened
>stallman returned, some people made a letter and nothing happened

wow, it sure is happening, anon.


File: 1625033445208.jpg (206.9 KB, 1600x837, bommer.jpg)

What you are referring to as "Autism" is actually just strength of conviction, and the will to master your own tools and technology, which as per cyborg theory are extensions of yourself.

You wouldn't allow Apple or Microsoft to own and set terms and conditions over the use of your own hands.
The macfag is already a slave, so is reduced to shilling for the divine right of his master. He rejects even bourgeois computing, and demands feudal computing with everyone in their rightful place.
Developers (heretical alchemists) exercising their freedom is upsetting and anxiety inducing to macfags.


In fact both the FSF and Stallman came out stronger from the struggle.

"Ethical" licenses have restrictions on what you can run the program for. For example you can't use it to violate human rights. Take a look here: https://ethicalsource.dev/licenses/


>What you are referring to as "Autism" is actually just strength of conviction, and the will to master your own tools and technology, which as per cyborg theory are extensions of yourself.
I don't know anything about cyborg theory but at least this part where tools are the extension of the self is absolutely correct. Once you learn how these tools work the brain generates the same kind of mental adaptation that it did when you learned how to use your hands as an infant.

>In fact both the FSF and Stallman came out stronger from the struggle.
Yes the good guys won and came out ahead, that doesn't rehabilitate the bad guys.


I'm using Ubuntu Gnome

I'm not really that great with linux, but I've been using it for over ten years now, for me installing ubuntu is so much less hassle than other distros. Gnome is also just wonderful and I would hate to have to go back to a windows style desktop.


Stallman still never got his position at MIT back, so the damage hasn't been reversed.


>you can't use it to violate human rights
Human rights as defined by the UN, which predictably doesn't judge the actions of the powers who control it to be in violation of them!


File: 1625582658497.png (237.99 KB, 587x482, 1625096152889.png)

I love ganoo leenooks for laptops. The terminal is set up so you save so much resources from exploring shitty bloated crap or having to use the mousepad, but it sucks ass for desktop imo, at least without dualbooting or VM, because you eventually run into the problem of needing windows for a specific oddjob and need it to work.


Imagine liking fucking gnome.


imagine giving a shit


Hey if ypu wanna use shitty software by all means.


I don't use gnome, but I don't go laugh at people who do.


I do. You are just a faggot.


you owned him xD


>why did you choose free software, how does it align with your retarded world view
Wanting software that doesn't reach into my ass hole any time the corporation who's using me as cattle wants a slightly higher quarterly earnings report seems like a no brainer to me. I never got /pol/s obsession with windows. For all their talk they seem to love taking it up the ass from bill gates and his trillion dollar cock. I'm not going to be a rentlet on my fucking hardware and software like some normie retard


Enjoy your Canonical/Poettering spyware combo.


Isn't the one of the points of free software that he's free to put whatever he wants on his computer? Why be an elitist faggot? Do you use Parabola on a corebooted thinkpad?


Gnome bussy is tight a'f
>I never got /pol/s obsession with windows
anon those might've been feds


>what distro are you using
>why did you choose free software
My workplace requires it
>how does it align with your based world view
Don't care


So he's also free to criticize him. :^)


When did I say he wasn't? I just asked why he was being an elitist faggot :^)


Does anybody run MX Linux? I hear nothing about it, but it's been #1 on distrowatch for a few years. It looks good, no systemd, but it just seems that no one talks about it yet it's the most popular distro?


It's a literally who distro that no one uses. The only reason it's #1 on distrowatch is because the devs use bots to spam the page, thus generating fake interest.


based department

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