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Anarchist/Communalist hero Murray Bookchin was a Zionist who whitewashed Israeli colonialism and war crimes @ Murray Bookchin article "Attacks on Israel Ignore the Long History of Arab Conflict" for the Burlington Free Press, dated 1985

I was actually unaware of this information. It seems to be a well hidden fact about Bookchin/Communalism on the left, which indeed is a rather important detail to sweep under the rug from mid-late Bookchin. I would've excused it if it was from 'early' Bookchin, but it isn't and that is rather disgraceful.

'Critique' noted, anon - but in the future, if you wish to not have your posts deleted, don't be aggressive and needlessly divisive/sectarian, as I've stated in the rules: no flaming (and indeed it has been discouraged since the beginning of this leftypol community, but your newfag post-Body Odor ass might not remember that. We're 'leftypol', not '[x tendency]pol' and we treat each other with more respect.
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Mod public announcement
I will make a revolutionary social anarchist general and a libertarian Marxist one as well.
This will happen in a day or two.

Feel free to make any threads you want to that relates to the board topic, but if you flame or troll I will just remove your post.

Have fun in the digital Free Territory, comrades!
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Free except to criticize bookchin, in which case you get banned
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I even saved your critique of Bookchin >>1181 after I removed your post for breaking rule 1; being intentionally divisive (advertising your board while shit-talking this one). That's why you got the shortest amount of time banned (what, 2 days?) once, after the second time you came and did the exact same thing. Have some self-awareness.
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