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8 results in /meta/ - Ruthless criticism of all that exists (in


>caps or it didn't happen.

>because its true when i say it

and yet you have just been proven a liar woopsie
>according to actual data and amount of complaints in /meta/ which all can see
but you delete complaints lmao
>rightoid levels of delusion. You sound like Molymeme or Sargon.
>entitled to free advertising
not the point, another shift of the goal posts, you said there was no obstacle, there is clearly an obstacle, you are just saying you are entitled to put and obstacle there. RETARD ALERT
>then go ahead and make it or im sure you already have.
what is the point if you can't put it where the board users are?
>thats literally true.
no it isn't literally true its literally false, the job of a mod isn't to dictate board policy, it is to moderate according to what the users want. Mask off moment though cos clearly thats how you see it
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Why was my thread locked that's a real mask off moment


Holy mask off


File: 1631209137690.png (83.17 KB, 489x492, soyjak.PNG)

Wow mask off this is such a mask off moment. I can't believe how much the mask is off right now! There's no denying the mask is not on any longer.


File: 1631208837989-0.png (19.47 KB, 717x197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631208837989-1.png (34.73 KB, 900x1242, Floppa Pickle Sneed.png)

meds wearing off aren't they janny? get a fucking life,not everything you don't like is a plot against you god are you lowlifes pathetic


>mask off
Why does someone say this every five fucking minutes. Will you kindly shut the fuck up?


Wow literally being pro Reddit out in the open, complete mask off time. We are not Reddit you stupid fucking jannoid moron(criminally retarded bait)


On a daily basis we get threads regarding this topic which devolve into endless autistic screeching, moralizing, thinly veiled or mask off reactionary judgements, essentialism, bastardization of materialism, conflation of gender and sex, liberal crybullying, woke scolding, false flagging, without the conversation ever moving anywhere and overall it's just very tiresome to deal with to the point that it would be necessary to do something about this before it completely undermines the already lack luster quality of the site.

If nothing is done, we might as well all just stop posting here and leave the Culture Warriors to do their thing until they cause yet another split.egoismEgoism