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File: 1663344298736.png (319.52 KB, 1080x1080, hWNqAWk.png)

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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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your thread about owning da libs belongs on /siberia/ at best
cope + ratio


Why do Lysenkoism threads belong on /leftypol/?

File: 1621853302281.png (477.83 KB, 1922x2163, leftybooruemblem.png)


This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:
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File: 1640311403326.png (27.33 KB, 250x305, ClipboardImage.png)

B-but, i'm just talking about something that i thought it was worth mentioning


Tf is this spam


a bot got past the captcha. this has been removed.




File: 1679417694513.png (84.2 KB, 1920x638, clipboardimage.png)

You forgot to delete this on the forum

File: 1656950045180.jpg (42.52 KB, 336x500, Meetings.JPG)


I forgotten where I kept the June meeting notes, so I decided to just post all meeting notes from here on out.

Derail this thread at your own peril. I will not play nice like the other mods.

Meeting Report 03/07/22

New Moderation Drive to be determined soon. To ease burden on active members

-Make mod posts in LATAM and Africa threads to encourage applicants from these regions as their NA and EU counterparts are most active
-Must be done before American Midterms really begins to counter the flood of new users in NA region

Finalization of Ban Lengths.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Typically no. But I don't attend every meeting.


leftypol meeting notes for 19/03/23

-voted to let Jae into the moderation team. Need to let Anti to give her credentials soon.

-Still need more Devs

-Brazilian collective declined their own board.

-Long term plans on the site's structure were suggested: split off generals into their own board, we could have a leftypol overboard (/leftypol/ and /general/), a social overboard (/siberia/ and /babel/), and a hobby overboard (all the various hobby threads). /edu/ could also be a part of it, so you have theory (edu) politics (leftypol), social, hobby and happenings (interpol) all in one overboard.

-/leftypol/ Minetest server plan and its infastructure

Mods Present
Comet WVobbly Sindikat мμμ Caballo


no minecraft :(


Good luck with your tests and appointments мμμ!


Did you consider changing gender? Cause that's such a saccharine way to try and attack someone.


Why was my anti natalism thread deleted?

is anti natalism banned on leftypol now?
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>Not a janny tho.
I'm just going to assume you are a janny mostly because they refuse to post with their capcodes on /meta/ for "some" reason.


Are you still beating your mom tho?


No, but your mom is beating me off and she is enjoying it.


You are boring, predictable. I was making yo mama jokes when you were no more than a clump of cells.




Four pages of this is fucking absurd, and only some are related to Alunya. I think its time we put of foot down and tell Grace Anon that the booru is not a storage area for them and we will delete anything grace related not related to Alunya/leftypol. It floods the booru and makes it so that you have to go through several pages to browse it for leftypol OC


Uh-uhm… I like it. Thanks to anon :3


grace has paid for alunya art so why not let them use the booru in return, it's fine




>sexualized cartoons = principles

File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)


it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
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Agent K has successfully infiltrated Leftypol, their overthrown is imminent






jesus fuck


This website needs a travel board


You mean a board to doxx users by their movement?


why not just use hobby?


yeah there is a travel thread in hobby already:

I made a thread a while ago for making a cytube channel for a leftypol road trip if anyone's interested:


No wonder I didn't see that thread, it's on page 15

File: 1622431625518.gif (93.64 KB, 300x100, crapitalism.gif)

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There are some new banners at >>212019

Can you guys please add?
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File: 1672662006823.gif (50.36 KB, 300x100, anim.gif)

From the Andrew Callaghan documentary.


File: 1673871566952.png (20 KB, 300x100, image.png)

repostan from the congress chat



File: 1675977291291.png (44.93 KB, 300x100, Untitled.png)


File: 1678586045308-1.png (395.59 KB, 632x668, 1678559703482.png)


I think that the Tor posting should be allowed again but Tor user cannot post images or create threads and must complete a CAPTCHA before posting.
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/leftypol/'s homebrew captcha doesn't require javascript iirc, its only ever been used like twice during big spam/raids though.


but why


>retarded opinion


who are you quoting


The OP clearly

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What actually prompted the soyjak ban? Was it really just the "bussiness proposal" thread? Popular demand? The soy machine from 2020? Or was it just mods powertripping?(Derailed, question answered)
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Probably because this person doesn't want to be held accountable for his stupid ass posts. I made a post in the sticky the other week asking why I'd been banned and my thread deleted and his response was to call me a schizo. It's incomprehensible behavior for a mod, really.


Moss are made up of the dregs of regular posters, what do you expect?


It doesn't have to be this way.
The mod team back in 8gag was nowhere near this insufferable, not even a fraction.


Then why are you responding you fucking moron. I quoted that person and responded to it. You are genuinely a brain damaged retard


What they are is the worst possible posters. That is the reason they became mods, they got dunked on all the time and couldn’t handle it

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