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File: 1714142795197.png (983.65 KB, 1200x703, jannie-banner.png)

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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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Maudes, plz lock >>>/leftypol/1860642 it's full. I made a new one THAT TOOK FUCKING FOREVER TO UPLOAD BECAUSE YOU'RE CHOKING THE NODE.


I was banned for saying that autists are the ultimate workers for capital. What I meant was that autists are skilled workers, but because of their limited social skills they struggle to organize. Can you unban me?

File: 1621853302281.png (477.83 KB, 1922x2163, leftybooruemblem.png)


This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:
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File: 1716432850705.png (210.62 KB, 1335x888, ClipboardImage.png)

I'll work on that page in the morning. I agree the current one needs to be changed, although do you think the old booru has it right, or is there a way to improve it?
It seems as if a well-tagged image would take up a lot of vertical space for no reason. Is there even any reason why the tags should be on that page at all? The image thumbnail, ID, date and uploader name should be all the metadata needed to understand which image the comment is on. (I don't use that page, take my perspective with a grain of salt)
How about something like picrel?


The old booru's comments page is pretty solid but perhaps removing tags from the comment section altogetheris right
>How about something like picrel?
Yeah, much better IMO

File: 1616305050017-1.png (536 B, 16x11, Technocrat.png)

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ITT retrieve old and currently-missing /leftypol/ flags that would be good to add back.
I found the Technocrat and snibetti snab flags. I know the Anarcho-Transhumanism flag is missing and I want to find it and have it added back if possible (t. anarcho transhumanist anon). Pics related

P.S. the "Athiesm" flag is misspelled, it's spelled Atheism.
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Add the burger already. To siberia at least.


File: 1714000899036.jpg (516 B, 16x11, ba'sed.jpg)

Add this Ba'athist flag


File: 1714416982448.png (1.39 KB, 23x23, za.png)

Can the weed flag be enabled on all boards? I like using it but it's only been available on siberia…


kinda redundant with the fed flag

just do the head if you're gonna do it



File: 1714404912289.png (186.62 KB, 537x571, ClipboardImage.png)


why tf isn't LGBT its own board but instead an obscure thread in this board's /b/ equivalent (because apparently queer folk existing isn't political enough to be on the main board despite the fact there are several country exclusive main boards there)? It's how the right-wing infested board gives us better representation a space to be among our own but the supposedly leftist one doesn't
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And I do realize a lot of articles call it eugenics and write about how its "nazism" to cure disabilities, but why aren't they advocating for the destruction of medicine? A person can be disabled from an accident, a person can become paralyzed and immobile - is it "NAZISM" to allow them to walk again? Is it racist to do that? Is it eugenics when eugenics is specifically categorized by “racial improvement” and “planned breeding” when transhumanism is not explicitly so? Can we equate that modifying your own body is as bad as forced segregation? Are we to deny people who wish to walk again the ability to do so? People who wish to live healthier? Or to be able to breathe properly? Or be able to stand up? Or be able to feed and clothe themselves? To be able to not be in constant pain? Is it all really "nazism" and "racism"? Or maybe, just maybe, these articles are made by bullshitters?

Its very likely that the term has become a sort of slur to an attempt at a merger with transgender, as if transhumanism which is supposed to be based on material change can somehow be applied onto social studies. But its still fascinating how people who otherwise advocate for social programs that are supposed to improve the lives of people can paint transcending human limits and the human condition as racist, nazist and even ableist.


>“racial improvement” and “planned breeding”
And I'm using the quotations here directly from the articles, as quotations not as an indicator of doubt like quotation marks tend to get used for in sarcastic replies. As direct quotes. And asking, why is it being equated to a broad term which does not even posses a prefix to indicate a proposal of any program. That is that transhumanism by itself, on its own has no concrete proposal for a program.


my suggestion would be that anime, games, music, draw, guns, etc are rolled into hobby, and lifestyle is basically stuff about family, relationships, religion, sex, etc that are too off-topic for /leftypol/ proper but shouldnt necessarily be exiled to siberia or deleted outright. theres a fair amount of those imo, but if that wouldnt be viable as a seperate board fine by me, better less but better


fair enough, i was under the impression they were barely crawling by. if theyre consistent but slow and the consistent posters there like it that way, thats great, nevermind w/r/t >>33377 in that case


It's a wordfilter for tran knee.

File: 1710044768632.png (983.8 KB, 972x1187, 420chanchan.png)


420chan.org redirected me here. I know it got sold and it's been down for a while, but why redirect here? I don't want things to change. I want them to stay the same. Please tell me everything will be alright.
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save up to move out?


the only high paying jobs out in the country are construction jobs. hopefully the anon you're replying to has some musculature otherwise he's gonna have to stick with fast food for a while


Life,bad. Need drug board. Drug board funny people and WWE… WWE and funny drug people and cool stuff… Funny need. Life. Life bad. Life. I hate. Suicide SCARY. Life. I. Drug board…


Honestly it might be a fun idea to have a 420-chan Embassy thread.


File: 1716513756694.jpg (33.83 KB, 699x524, taizou-hasegawa.jpg)

There were several in Siberia, but holy shit they were fucking empty. How will 420chan even repopulate? Where are they all? Why come they see the redirect and still not post on here? 420chan wasn't that slow or dead, it was even more active than leftypol on certain boards. Where are they?


Sometimes its fun, but then after waiting for new threads the new threads are just boring regurgitated shit from 2017
Everything else is just waiting for news to happen to comment on them and maybe make some memes OR redundant questions that don't deserve their own thread which can be answered by reading books on said topics

everything is kind of cyclical and has a pattern to it
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the idea of finding and reading an entire book on (say) pensions ought to be boring, boring, boring compared to discussing it freely on an imageboard where people come at the issue with a variety of perspectives and argue their case while allowing you to ask questions or throw out practical counterexamples. ought to be. you're accidentally right that it'd be better because reading a nautical almanac from 1975 cover to cover would be more novel and educational than anything you'll find here. (maybe a sailor will have annotated it on a past trip! oh, what excitement!) that is this site's failure.

i don't blame the admins, here's my theory: the people who like novelty have fucked off, leaving behind the people who're content with constant re-runs of the same basic nonsense. when you offer them novelty, they get confused, exacerbating the push for the interesting to leave and the boring to remain. since there's no major influx of new users and a slow, constant attrition of old ones, this goes unresolved and we're now at the point where i'm at my limit - but for being temporarilly bedridden, i wouldn't waste another moment here. whatever i used to see here, it is gone. if ever i provided novelty, i won't be doing it soon.

that would be a complete waste. if you have interesting thoughts it's better to keep them to yourself then to see them (a) ignored or (b) bombarded with inane replies from people who clearly made no effort to read or understand them, instead quickly snapping to a response after seeing a key word or two.

every moment i spend here i become more anti-communist. not because i've lost faith in the idea of communism, but because this site is a constant monument to both the inadequacy of so-called communists and, worse yet, a constant reminder that not all inadequate communists are well-meaning radlibs brain poisoned by twitter or boomers indoctrinated into a cult with red flag aesthetics: no, a lot of so-called communists are just cunts. worse: they are boring cunts, the worst kind of cunt. i could take the worthless arrogant posturing from a gaggle of inadequates if they at least provided novelty, but you won't find novelty here. you will find nothing that cannot be better found elsewhere. if you want to run on thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>every moment i spend here i become more anti-communist
This is what happens when the board is overrun with bloodthirsty MLs who hate anarchists and ultras


And at some point it becomes more fun to larp as one of them than to express dissenting views, since most posters enjoy it so much they tend to neglect the "nonsectarian" aspect. They can't even tell bait half the time and just cheer it on.
There is no self-criticism and there will never be in their circles. There will only be eating eachother for whoever expresses less anti-revisionist takes or takes a stance against multipolarism. Seeing oneself as some sort of tactician in the choices between shit sides. Great men will remain as such - Lenin is forever pinned to remind you that he is more important than the rest. Stalin can only be questioned from a point of achievements and refuting accusations, never from a point of critique! Any dissenters are immidietly labeled fascist, liberal and undergo fed-jacketing. Be prepared to be outnumbered and shat on if you dare construct a well-written critique, the conversation will go nowhere, but you will either engage in it until you're no longer able to or automatically become "refuted" for refusing to further respond. It is cyclical in all instances. Don't like it? Go somewhere else is the answer (ironically what these individuals are told in real life when brining up communism i.e. "Go to Venezuela").

It is fun. It is extremely fun and sometimes educational. Though the illusion that posters have is that they can never be wrong through a certain school of thought. Ironically this mirrors lolbert circles in which they think that Austrian economics has long since "refuted" Marxism and fail to engage in any of it - simply relying on said written "refutations" beforehand instead of actually reading Marx and forming a critique themselves. They are afraid that they might be converted if they begin to read on it. This is also why Leninists have barely bothered with anarchist literature and instead recommend their own "refutations" in the example of The State and Revolution being parroted over and over again. The same immuno response to outsideness and difference is seen here. Try to engage with liberals as a proclaimed communist within their circles and watch as they pile up against you with one bad take after the other. You will see the exact same cynicism in here with anarchists and ultras among other views.

Does any of it matter though? I think that this in itself will result in more of what they Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Be prepared to be outnumbered and shat on if you dare construct a well-written critique
In the best cases. Chances are your post will get deleted by mods and maybe even banned.


Slow and boring now, bumps are all boring effortless posting. This is what happens when no drug board. Less users, less posts, less interesting stuff. Ukraine thread right now? Posters redirecting anon to go to Reddit to follow the war updates.

File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)

 No.23574[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
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>it's back, isn't it possible to de-anonymize that pedophile?
They only way I think they could do that is by revealing their IP and that would likely either a VPN or some zombie computer.


So why was the thread bumplocked before? Misclick or glitch or smth?


The current ones, if they're the ones I think they are (I don't use /siberia/, but I'm assuming its the link spam) are from literal Siberia or otherwise Russian-speaking Asia. I have confirmed this with a honeypot, with the help of a couple of admins of unrelated sites. They're not technically advanced, they're random scammers and/or CSAM sellers (don't care to find out which)
Some useful info: https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/374.html
(Ignore the deranged /pol/ user lol)


>I think they are (I don't use /siberia/, but I'm assuming its the link spam) are from literal Siberia or otherwise Russian-speaking Asia.
How did you conclude this from the jumble of information? How do you know they're not using whonix and VPNs to reroute information?


What jumble? I see no jumble.
>How do you know they're not using whonix
I assume you mean using Tor in general. Whonix is an operating system which routes traffic through Tor.
Tor exit nodes (required to access the clearnet sites they spam on) are publicly known, you can check a list of them. And the spam doesn't come from those nodes. Almost no spam does, in fact. It's so easy to block.
>and VPNs
I don't know if they use VPNs specifically, they definitely don't use typical commercial ones like Mullvad or ProtonVPN, but they do use proxies to try and ban evade and/or hide themselves (poorly). Look at the honeypot screenshot in the first reply, their Chrome browser settings like timezone and language options are consistent and contradict their IP address's location (at the bottom). So they're clearly using some kind of proxies. I haven't looked into those IPs.
>How did you conclude this
Given the information in that honeypot capture, and the surrounding info (how easily blocked they are, how simple their setup and evasion techniques are, how tech illiterate they clearly are) there's really only one reasonable conclusion: they're in the Far Eastern Federal District.

File: 1709959457815.jpg (571 KB, 981x1072, headline.jpg)


>Fascists shitting up every board
>Chinafags shitting up every thread
>Anarchopiggers shitting up every reply
>Class collaboration and lesser evil nationalism everywhere
>Retards who haven't even skimmed Marx 101 acting like authorities on topics
>On the other side of the table morons who uncritically uphold low-level slop text and poorly interpreted Marx like scripture
>Communism reduced to spirituality and great man worship
>Constant disguised idpol threads
>General ruin of any sign of a competent, rational left

Perscription: we need to ban all the /pol/yps, and clamp down on /bunker/fags and /GET/fugees. Maybe put up a moderated wall that prevents any IP from access unless you answer a couple long-form questions on basic Marx and Engels. Would weed out retards in a snap.
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>That's exactly what this placed used to be
No, it was not, you're the blatant newfag you Chaya-wannabe
>o we don't need another 4chan
Strawman false-equivalency fallacy
>The site is decaying in real time because of your stupid bullshit.
No anon, the site post numbers have remained stable, you're the retard with the stupid bullshit that wants to make this a subreddit
>Everyone is noticeable dumber
<But not me, I'm totally intelligent
Get off your high-horse. The reason posts are worse isn't for the reasons you listed
>there's Nazis everywhere
No, there isn't. I and many others criticize the mods for over-moderating in areas they really don't need to, but if there's one thing they've consistently been heavy on banning is Nazi-shit. So yes, it's a boogieman and yes you're a faggot for projecting it.
>hen there are unironic Nazis posting in almost every single thread
And this is yet again proof that you're baiting. Most threads do not have anything APPROACHING right-wing takes, let alone nazi ones and any actual nazis get immense pushback from a majority of users. This is called discussion on a free forum, which allows people to form debates, arguments and to learn all while having some fun.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The worst part is mods not clamping down on Nazis like they used to. I think the site has been compromised
Leftychin wreckers go back


>We are at a point, where we have absolutely no common ground, what leftism constitutes.
Good, lol


Your point falls apart when you retardedly chose to go after anarchists as well, as if this board is only meant for Marxists and Stalinists fucking each other in the butt till they knock out


follow your leaders nazi chinlets

File: 1709322574954-0.png (926.68 KB, 945x717, ClipboardImage.png)


♪ \(^ω^\ )


( /^ω^)/♪♪

Help us reach 4k!!!: https://twitter.com/leftypol_org
Appreciate everyone who has been supportive and contributive to the account <3
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I love Elon Musk. imagine if he RT'd leftypol. shit would be so cash.


File: 1711370317637.png (38.03 KB, 1576x366, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1715546388662-0.png (8.14 KB, 410x93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715546388662-1.png (2 MB, 1518x1084, ClipboardImage.png)



>not even hiding the patsoc radlib shit


File: 1712962263805.mp4 (950.75 KB, 720x1282, A little slow tonight.mp4)


<IPs last hour 33
I feel like this site has been dying over the last few weeks
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also wtf is this shit lmao
>our worldviews are closer to humanity's in general


File: 1715822117081.mp4 (95.53 KB, 154x172, Agony.mp4)

>generals getting 1 reply per 30 mins / hour avarage
Holy fucking shit its slow.


no anon, you don't understand: it's quality over quantity, can't you feel the extra effort that goes into every reply now that threads are slow enough for people to think before posting? PPH isn't important, it's like Stalin said: better fewer, but better!
yes, i'm joking. yes, the bit where I misattribute a lenin quote to stalin is part of the joke.


> putting an end to the early era where a good chunk of the userbase had diverse ideologies and - more importantly - wore ideology flags. Using flags in that way was both a great way to stimulate ideological discussion and provide context for a given post, and also a novel way of using imageboards
the culture's too toxic now for that to work. if you say anything controversial with a flag, it will begin to damn all future posters of that flag. people will construct narratives about the kind of fucked up or embarrassing things certain flagposters say. it's the somewhat fuzzier equivalent of redditors digging through your comment history when you posted something they didn't like.


> if you say anything controversial with a flag, it will begin to damn all future posters of that flag.
There's people who will start fights over totally innocuous things based on flags, and often based on assumptions about what someone's ideology is even when there's no flags involved.

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