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File: 1685096129930.jpg (2.48 MB, 4624x3468, Z(11).jpg)

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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


last one reached max replies
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Please don't just merge threads. Make a post announcing it a while in advance, because otherwise it just looks exactly as if the thread got deleted.
This is especially an issue if a non-local OP has their thread disappear without any reason and assume they're just not welcome anymore.
in fact, just don't merge threads tbh. its not as if we have 5 USA news threads covering the first page


October 10th 2022: tor node is disabled
Mod response: >>23341
>Tor service is not broken, it requires authorization
>We're working on a tentative solution which will allow access to the onion hidden service based on user accounts, in order to moderate the the traffic coming from the loopback address in more targeted way

The tor node was then down for ~3 months. The account system discusses was never implemented - likely because it's a terrible idea. Eventually you were forced to enable tor again due to internal and external pressure.


File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)

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it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
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in the /siberia/ sex and relationship general


remember: "image.webp.enable = false" so it never caches.


Oh I see what it is, the 2+2 prompt is only on OPs, not replies. So it is an effective deterrent is a sense.


uh, why the fuck is MISATO deleting pictures from my posts? Is picrel officially banned on /leftypol/ or something?
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sorry this isn't good enough - unless there is an official policy banning this image (like the wojak script) there is no good reason to delete only one specific reaction image, because presumably it annoys you. Are we living under the rules which are merely enforced by mods, or does every post have to cater to individual mods specific "tastes".


it's spammy and somehow worse than users that post with an avatar.
You deserve it for being obnoxious.
rare mod w


anyone who posts pics of lena denham should be banned


t. crypto mod


File: 1695321508312.jpg (408.89 KB, 1011x994, concern2.jpg)

just watch GIRLS and relax anon


I hate reactionaries, man. I fucking hate them.
I hate the way they slither around everywhere trying to "JQ" everyone. It's so fucking cynical and evil.
I thought as I grew older I'd simmer down about wanting to kill every Nazi on earth, but I didn't. In fact with years of life experience my hatred has grown stronger, my contempt more profound. If I found out one of my neighbors was a Nazi smearing his propaganda all over the internet I'd kill him (in minecraft). I'd go to prison just to know one less Nazi walked the earth (in Sim City 2).

I mean, just look at the posts in picrelated. Take a moment to think about how slimy this is, to try and bait-and-switch people into your fucked up cult of jew hate by appealing to the proletarian revolution. The cowardice of it all. God. Fuck.
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File: 1695160527238.png (94.59 KB, 291x270, Soviet afg.png)

>then you're a fool
Your opinion is noted and dismissed.


>you nearly died fighting for the bourgoisie
Anon, I…


>The USSR fighting CIA funded Mujaheds and Islamic fanatics is fighting for the bourgs
>Fighting the Nazis and taking Berlin is fighting for the Bourgs


>Russians use American military speak
did you forget how this conversation started? take that American cock out of your mouth, diaspo.


1) Yes Russians do use some American lingo, including military lingo - it's called loan-words.
2) Reread my post
>every country with a standing army has veterans and people that sign up for service and later discharged
>Army speak flows out into the population naturally, veterans or servicemen leave their posts and use this language irl.
My point being that this is universal for all countries with a military, has military lingo become part of common language, English, Russian, Chinese, etc. and it's not cringe, it's consistent with how language develops and grows over time. A specific usage becomes more widespread with exposure and time if it is relevant. Acronyms, slang and terminology spread naturally, regardless of origin.

File: 1656950045180.jpg (42.52 KB, 336x500, Meetings.JPG)


I forgotten where I kept the June meeting notes, so I decided to just post all meeting notes from here on out.

Derail this thread at your own peril. I will not play nice like the other mods.

Meeting Report 03/07/22

New Moderation Drive to be determined soon. To ease burden on active members

-Make mod posts in LATAM and Africa threads to encourage applicants from these regions as their NA and EU counterparts are most active
-Must be done before American Midterms really begins to counter the flood of new users in NA region

Finalization of Ban Lengths.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yes we can.

Not now, but large scale raids in the past use TOR. IIRC the raid that came from Thai royalists use TOR. This idea is just a backup in case we get raided and have to turn off TOR but still let people who need it to post still able to post.


> This idea is just a backup in case we get raided and have to turn off TOR
Ok, that's not bad

Also be careful with how heavy handed you do your moderation, the other site is relying on that for you to chase away the userbase and make this site unuseable.
Paste /i/res/1351.html to their link and you'll see.


Like literally right now ThingNoticer is using TOR to spam.

Yea we will try to test it to see if it works before implementing it.


Tbh I think it just means that IPs which are flagged as bad faith get banned under a single term. You don’t have to actually spam to get banned for it, it’s the mods way of telling you to fuck off and stop ruining this place.


>it’s the mods way of telling you to fuck off and stop preventing them from ruining this place.

File: 1694781745289.jpg (1.75 MB, 3024x4032, eehx10vhi6m71.jpg)


Why is there no thread on /leftypol/ about the United Auto Workers strike
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This. Workers strikes dont work anymore.

t. Self deluded idealist




There should be, it's a really huge strike going on. Although I'm guessing the auto industry will be bailed out, just like every other major insolvent compromised institution and enterprise is these days. Although, taking into consideration the economic realities due to massive increases in the cost of living - price inflation - that is not so much the fault of employers or businesses. It's a currency issue: insolvency. And currency issues have to do with unsustainable governmental budgets and bad central banking monetary policies.


nice cat


its in the general

File: 1695000462738.jpg (30.84 KB, 490x380, f07-10_small.jpg)


What happened to this site? it is barely populated compared the user count a few years ago, or compared to bunkerchan/8chan
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damn this thread got me sap af I think I may be one of the few zoomer posters here and also completely missed the peak era of the sight by a few years. I've been phoneposting and lurking this imageboards since middleschool but literally didn't own a PC until abt a year or two ago. lmk if theres any chill life boat servers fr. fwiw the site is slow and low pop but that gives it kinda of a cozy feel. Generally speaking I still get a good discussions(fucking galaxybrain tier by 4chan standards) as long as you avoid certain generals. I get annoyed by the whole socialism is when the government does stuff and has decent foreign policy crowd but they're only a problem cuz issa slow and small sight so a couple no-lifers can easily fuck up all discussion. It's still annoying to have some guy who has a cold war americans understanding of socialism shit there pants everytime someone has a slightly different opinion then them. Like >>28971 said alotta Dengist posters are great and have convincing arguements. Its basically the Leninhat-Tankanon users who would be annoying no matter what tendency they want to misunderstand that are the problem. I also suspect at least one or two of the mods actively side with them but thats pure speculation. tbh I could see the site having a resurgence if chan culture in general does just cuz its the only imageboard I know of that effectively purges nazis that alone makes it way more appealing to new people than any other board. ik this corny but if anyone wants to drop a fbi.gov server link I do need some chill commie servers again cuz my old acc got deleted.


Mfs need to learn to do their research and organize whatever theory they own.
There is a point to quoting everything marx, engels and lenin wrote like the gospel. Most of it is accurate for the time. Their lives are well understood and so are the caveats i.e. specific tactical positions.
Better yet, quote often and for every time explain the circumstances of the quote and why it may be applied outside of them.


most users left last year i think
it's gone the way of every imageboard


>have solid arguments
pretty much every interaction i've had with them has been them throwing a bad faith tantrum
these are people who have been isolated from society and developmentally inhibited as a result, i think


This is exactly why .net came into existence in the first place.

I think anons saying that the cultural moment of leftypol has post might hold some validity, but, I think it has more to do with this than anything.

File: 1694891012415.png (214.41 KB, 919x737, hide lenin hat posts.png)



File: 1694861572770.jpg (47.87 KB, 610x720, E-SXpVRWUAszRTk.jpg)


Just looking for clarification here, this has happened on multiple occasions from the multipolarism thread to the taiwan thread, is it the official stance of the mod team that we can't criticize China? any even vaguely anti china comments are deleted almost immediately for no reason.
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then why you lying


you may as well fuck off and die



Go fuck yourself you racist prick


I've def posted china skeptical shit b4 without getting banned but I wouldn't be suprised if a faction of the modteam were nolifers aligned with the whole multapolarist-dengist crew. fwiw most of the dengists here are fine its just the mfers built like leninhat/Tankanon that fuck discussion up but they would do that regardless of what ideology they try to turn into a replacment for a personality. that being said I do think it would be helpful if we actually knew if the mods ideologies better just for transparency sake. also wtw with this pasquale guy some people have a strong dislike for that fellow. Misato and Sabocat are the only mods I think I've directly interacted with and they seemed p chill.

File: 1694203662617.jpg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)


The anti-sectarian rule on this board is problematic. There are too many libs calling themselves "socialists" and yet they reject Marxism-Leninism outright in favour of liberal theory. You can see this most in the multipolarity threads. There needs to be a board, or even leftypol needs to undo the anti-sectarianism rule, in order for us to get to the root of how these anti-Marxist libshits think. Otherwise they have free reign to smear every anti-imperialist force as fascist and imperialist based on "muh capitalism" which spits in the face of the continuation of Marxist-Leninist theory which cemented imperialism as a definite phenomenon in the contemporary age.
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Multipolarity is inevitable. Multipolarity under capitalism is war and a rewind in the falling rate of profit. Only socialism can survive a multipolar world. You can't promote the inevitable. Become a socialist



>I've seen blatant Nazi posts stay up for hours
Which means they were taken down, so this is just complaining about moderation being slow.


Only after people report the shit out of them and post in /meta/ about it, and the libshit stuff stays up regardless, which is blatant favoritism, given the official "idpol neutral" stance of leftypol demanding that if bad faith nazi bait ought to be removed, so should liberal bait.


ITT: butthurt "MLs" can't handle different opinions proceed to shit up the board and cry(many such cases)

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