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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.



Please add "cyberpunk" to the OP of >>>/hobby/1782


Why? That changes the meaning.


Have sex with me.


Do mods ever have sex?


Yes but I can only get hard after I ban someone. So you see the predicament.


Cyberpunk is part of dystopian sci fi and not including it makes it hard to find in the catalog search.


What's the girthiest object you have ever put up your bumhole?


File: 1663505180671.webm (3.04 MB, 452x268, corrected_250.webm)

Jannies, where does it say in the rules that it is a bannable offense to mention warcrimes that western media alleges Russia of doing? "Boo hoo my source is biased!" I already hear you cry, but so is literally every single Russian source you biased dipshits. For 6 months straight I've been banging my head against the wall it seems but get no response when I accuse you fucks of Russian bias. I bet you fuckers would be banning me for calling out that the Germans used mustard gas in WW1 if this board operated in 1916.
How about you GROWUPS and realize that you are a paranoic schizoid if you think literally everything anti-Russian is from western glowies, HUH?


Also to add on, why are the Russian schizoids who peddle shit with absolutely zero proof like…
>Literally every time Russian warcrimes are shown it was actually Ukranians killing their own to make Russia look bad
>NATO was developing anti-Slav vaccine
They get to roam free and not also getting banned for "glowops"?

Oh yeah, because jannies have zero integrity and are not even leftists, but hyperonline greyzone readers who became anti-NATO cargocultists where the absolute height of any political action is to be anti-US online and jack off to any enemies of US, no matter how reactionary they are.


Agreed, it's honestly gotten to the point of complete absurdity and it was insufferable "tankie" bias shit like this that killed infinityleftypol when everyone got banned for not gobbling down Russian and Syrian propaganda against the PYD/YPG.
It's just the reality on leftypol at this moment, that Russian Nationalist Chauvinist retards can literally spout the most obscene Nationalist, rightoid, neocon shit without any repurcussions or evidence, and then even questioning them results in a "glow" ban. I mean for fuck sake come on, people in the Ukraine General thread are still arguing that the recent Ukrainian offensive didn't happen and it's just "natocel propaganda" and even questioning that bullshit gets them all screaming "glow glow" like that's an argument and you get banned. Z gang peddle outright rightoid conspiracy theories and don't get banned, yet again, questioning RIGHTOID conspiracy if it comes from a Vatnik's mouth is ban worthy?
The biggest irony here is, people literally posting, propaganda from outright Russian Glowies (confirmed FSB telegrams) is not "glowing", yet questioning that nonsense from a neutral position will 99% get you banned for Glowing.

Can the mods explain what rule is being breached by questioning Zgang bullshit? how is "glowing" determined? Is it a rule now you have to be a thin skinned Russian revanchist chuckefuck?


>I already hear you cry, but so is literally every single Russian source you biased dipshits.

Yeah this is the most absurd shit.
>Post Radiowarnerd episode, and despite RWN being clearly anti-Ukraine but also very realistic, get banned for "glowing"
>Vatnik posts shit from literal FSB spokespeople, everyone has to gobble it down as 100% fact or get banned for "glowing".


What the fuck are you even trying to say? Anyway, its nice to see another anon be in the same boat as me mentally half a year ago and asking questions about what sort of rule mandate outside of "I just don't like it >:(" you use for banning anti-Russian (or more accurately, not pro-Russian, because we are at the euther you are with me or against me stage) sourcess. So please, jannoid, how do you answer the charges of power abuse outlined here: >>22629 ? Well, I already know you will never fucking respond because you got nothing to say, but whatever.


Here to appeal my absurd ban on the site for "idpoling" even though by that logic you should be banning every person in the thread this ban occurred in, since the topic itself is by default about idpol. Bans are not your personal argument stopper, Mods.
>>>/games/22463 is the post I received said ban for. Also the mod that did this didn't know that you don't include /meta/ in the crossboard bans, since you're fucking up the ability to appeal, since your ban appeal box has a tiny character limit.


I'm just agreeing with you, the situation is absurd.
Most of the Z-retards are literally able to post actual propaganda from confirmed, admitted Russian glowies, and aren't banned for "glowing" despite posting little spook propaganda. While if you post anything that is based on the reality of the ground or the situation, even from an anti-Ukraine, but not Russian cocksucking Nationalist head in the sand position, you get banned for glowing.
Radio War Nerd in nobody's mind aside from the most deranged Z-cocksuckers is a "Natocel" or "pro-Ukraine", in fact, he is very much in Russia-camp being part of the eXile group yet they now call even RWN a "Natocel glowie" because he isn't spouting the most deranged Z-Gang propaganda and is talking about the war in a materialist, neutral, holistic analysis and the grim situation on the ground for the Russians rather than literal actual FSB glowing telegram talking points.
Perun "Natocel glowie" despite the guy having the most indepth, neutral analysis on Youtube and actually leans more towards a "ukraine is pretty much fucked and should negoitate" position.
It was obvious months ago the mods clearly picked a side when they said here "Go create your own Ukraine war thread then" and we did, we had decent neutral discussion in there despite all the Zgang spamming of it then we all got banned for "glowing" and the thread deleted.
Mayswell just change the background of leftypol to the Russian imperial eagle and play the Russian anthem as a MP3 in the background of that board at this point because Zgang retards are absolutely NOT socialists or Communists or care about the working class and actual communists and socialists are getting banned left and right for criticising or even just having a realistic outlook on Ukraine that isn't "Actually kiev has already fallen and Ukraine is completely conquered, Westoid glowie media just refuses to acknowledge it" or whatever nonsense Zgang spouts.


Ruthless criticism of all that exists (Except Russia which is perfect and a Communist Utopia beyond reproach in every way)


File: 1663514190076.png (150.98 KB, 537x585, both sides.png)

>schizo: the post
People criticize Russia all the time, the mods ban you for being an uppity faggot that uses bad faith argumentation and blatant misinformation
<I'm smart, unlike doze stupid russkies!
Self-awareness: 0
>confirmed, admitted Russian glowies
Confirmed and admitted where LMAO?
>yet they now call even RWN a "Natocel glowie"
Source: Your ass
>we did, we had decent neutral discussion in there despite all the Zgang spamming of it then we all got banned for "glowing" and the thread deleted
<Make your thread
<Post in it for a long time freely
<It gets deleted for glo-shit
<"could it be my fed-posting?"
<"no its the mods that ruined it!"
You took a calculated risk Mr. Langley, but man are you bad at math.
>Zgang retards are absolutely NOT socialists or Communists or care about the working class
As has been pointed out to you across dozens of threads at this point, they actually do care, a hell of a lot more than your dumb ass. In fact your posts have repeatedly demonstrated bourgeoisie disdain for the proletariat, and a complete dismissal for the opinions of people on the ground there. You are a faggot and have brainworms… must be the reason you do glowie work for free.



>People criticize Russia all the time
They absolutely do not, the Z retards go fucking apeshit and spam glowie the moment anyone states on the ground reality of the Ukraine war. I was being told day after day after day that the Ukrainian counter offensive was crushed day one when it was obvious the Ukrainians had broken through, Z retards were then goalpost moving to "It's was done on purpose to draw the Ukrainians in to cause a cauldron and the massive Russian forces will crush the Ukrainians trapped in there" then when it all collapsed, Z retards for days argued it was all fake news or aksually losing thousands of square kilometers was done on purpose. 1GTA, Russia's elite breakthrough force made of Moscow's finest soldiers literally abandoned their vehicles, tanks, weapons and let DPR conscripts and forces get crushed and caputured for 4D chess reasons. Totally fucking believable and not just retarded cope. Oh tell me how K:D ratio matters now suddenly (Though doesn't matter in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria) even though it's not even based on any evidence. Where in fuck are Z-tards posting evidence beyond cherry picked videos and literal FSB agent telegrams?
>Self-awareness: 0
Smarter than the Z-tards who claimed that both break throughs were fake and not real.
>Source: Your ass
Source multiple threads
>You took a calculated risk Mr. Langley, but man are you bad at math.
Jesus christ you vatniks are literally full of fucking shit. Guess what retard, I AM NOT PRO UKRAINE. I just have a fucking realistic outlook on this war and am disgusted by how fucking retard incompetent the RAF are. This war should have been over in 2 weeks, instead, Russia can't even fucking assert air dominance over ITS OWN BORDER and is getting steamrolled by Ukraine.
>As has been pointed out to you across dozens of threads at this point, they actually do care, a hell of a lot more than your dumb ass.
Yeah man, circlejerking over Russian rightoid revanchism and celebrating civilians being massacred because of their nationality is totally what Socialists do.
> In fact your posts have repeatedly demonstrated bourgeoisie disdain for the proletariat, and a complete dismissal for the opinions of people on the ground there. You are a faggot and have brainworms… must be the reason you do glowie work for free.
Most of the worlds population doesn't support the War in Ukraine, or Russia's invasion. Literal facts based on polling everywhere. Just keep cherry picking extremely specific UN votes or pretending that countries buying Russian gas and oil far below market value is somehow 100% unanimous support for Russia and all it's actions for the entire global population outside of the west.

Fact is, You Z-chuckefucks are actual literal glow adjacent/glowies (FSB are glowies retard) and you're literally the most insufferable, thin skinned, bad faith retards on this entire site who run to the mods any time anyone posts anything that is even 1% critical of Russia.


It ain't idpol to point out the reality of the situation, lol.


No shit; pointing out liberal idpol isn't idpol. The thread is discussing idpol drama on social media, so by default breaks the rules by the metric of "idpoling"


File: 1663516648181.mp4 (8.33 MB, 720x720, BIDEN BTFO.mp4)

>They absolutely do not
<N-no they don't
Yes they do
>bla bla bla muh Z-trigger bla bla bla Ukrain vinning! bla bla bla cope
Same NATOid rubbish that has been debunked by many people of varying ideologies on the Ukraine threads. You're a lazy fed aren't you?
>Smarter than the Z-tards
Every idiot thinks themselves a wiseman
Thanks for exposing yourself
>I AM NOT PRO UKRAINE I just shill pro-ukraine nonsense!
>Russia can't even fucking assert air dominance over ITS OWN BORDER and is getting steamrolled by Ukraine.
>Russian rightoid revanchism
Take meds schizo
>civilians being massacred because of their nationality
<Russkie orcs are massacring!
>Most of the worlds population doesn't support the War in Ukraine, or Russia's invasion
Except, as has been posted in the recent thread, the number of countries opposing Russia's actions in Ukraine dropped from 180+ countries to barely 50+ out of the entire UN. The only countries opposing Russia's actions are their direct enemies in NATO, so your nonsense is blatantly false
>keep cherry picking extremely specific UN votes
LMAO the hypocrisy of your nonsense. >countries buying Russian gas and oil far blow market value is somehow 100% unanimous support for Russia
Imagine being this ignorant of geopolitics and the meaning of such actions in the diplomatic and international stage.
>You Z-chuckefucks are actual literal glow adjacent/glowies
Projection because you got caught
>you're literally the most insufferable, thin skinned, bad faith retards on this entire site
Again, projection
>run to the mods any time anyone posts anything that is even 1% critical of Russia
No anon, you're just a retard that gets banned for being a retard.


trans people/characters existing is not idpol


File: 1663517755460.jpg (23.37 KB, 310x325, really.jpg)

But that's not the argument being made. It's taking a character canonically stated as a male, a male forced into crossdressing by the church from childhood and being called a "feminine male" in Japanese being mistranslated by liberal translators as being "female identifying" even though that is blatant retcon and is essentially reconfirming the concept of trans grooming in the story. Not to mention that there have existed trans characters in anime and vidya that people, including /pol/ have no problem over, and even in regards to bridget /pol/s response can be summarized as "lol no" contrast to a overbearing nitter liberal meltdown. People are point this out in that thread and debating it, nothing that I said is something other people in that very same thread, haven't posted before and after my post. wvobbly is just playing favorites and should be deleting the entire thread by his metric of "idpol" instead of banning an individual responding to existing replies.


The game creator said trans girl so I think its a definitively settled issue



Holy shit you Zfaggots are literally the most insufferable fucking schizo retards holy shit.
You don't even have arguments and anyone can just go into the Ukraine general and see everything you posted is just a load of fucking bullshit.
>Yes they do
Show me all the criticism retard. Show me even a single fucking post being realistically critical of Russia without everyone crying Glowie.
>Same NATOid rubbish that has been debunked by many people of varying ideologies on the Ukraine threads. You're a lazy fed aren't you?
Yeah dude, the Ukrainian breakthroughs never happened, Russia still controls Kupiansk and Izium right now don't they!
Zfaggots don't debunk shit. They just repeat literal FSB propaganda talking points and engage in ridiculous cope and goalpost moving. Explain for why literal days it was obvious Russia had collapsed in the North East, was I being told that Russia was just luring Ukraine into a caldron that was going to be shut any moment now, OH BOY RUSSIA HAS SENT 1GTA UKRAINE IS FUCKED NOW! oh actually 1GTA abandoned all their vehicles, weapons, supplies and DPR support to the Ukrainians on purpose, Actually there were no Russian troops there at all only Military police, actually Russia lost thousands of square kilometers and allowed their troop supply lines get cut on purpose.
Please Ukraine general is fucking cope central and you retards literally spout every piece of FSB glowie propaganda without any second thought or realistic evidence.
>Every idiot thinks themselves a wiseman
Not a wiseman, just smarter than a bunch of chuckefuck revanchist reactionaries who simply cockgobble Russian imperialist propaganda because they're a bunch of edgy ass self hating emos who love Russia for the exact same reason /pol/ does.
I've posted numerous times extremely indepth posts about how NATO lured Russia into this war and the extreme bad faith NATO has engaged with, in terms of Russia and European security architecture. Still not enough for you retards who think Russia is 100% winning this war and everything is going 100% according to plan. (which is why Putin now is dodging suicide attempts and the entire Russian media is in chaos with notable figures speaking out of line from Kremlin propaganda)
You know what's really LMFAO. Ukraine was about to rout Russia and 1GTA using light mechanised infantry right up to the Russian border, and Russia didn't even use it's airforce to cover it's own troops and DPR/LPR retreat because the planes were getting BTFO'ed within minutes of taking off, at the Russian fucking border.
>Take meds schizo
The guy who accuses literally everyone of being a glowie is calling other people Schizos, lol.
>The only countries opposing Russia's actions are their direct enemies in NATO, so your nonsense is blatantly false
>Imagine being this ignorant of geopolitics and the meaning of such actions in the diplomatic and international stage.
Both of these completely contradict eachother retard and cover by exactly what I said. Countries aren't supporting Russia in Ukraine, even China is outright "what the fuck are you doing?" and China is sending very clear signals it's extremely unhappy with Ukraine. What countries are doing is looting Russia of it's resources at a rate far below market value. Do you actually believe all these countries give a shit about Russia? What the fuck? It's called self-interest and playing both sides for gimmies.
>Projection because you got caught
Oh yeah man, totally caught for being a glowie, because I don't cocksuck every piece of literal FSB agent cope and I'm realistic about the situation on the ground in Ukraine. Meanwhile YOU FAGS LITERALLY POST INFORMATION 1:1 FROM CONFIRMED, ADMITTED, FSB AGENTS.
>Again, projection
Oh yeah man, I'm the one acting in bad faith, not the fucking retard vatnik who has literally no argument beyond "GLOWIE" and "MUH MULTIPOLARITY THAT MAKES NO SENSE AND NO GEOPOL EXPERT ON EARTH AGREES WITH"
man Russia looks so fucking strong and powerful after this war, is that why Putin as gone and hid in his Sochi villa from assassination attempts from the Bratva?
>No anon, you're just a retard that gets banned for being a retard.
Dude we can see Meta and the logs and the Ukraine general thread, its clear you Zfaggots literally report anyone who even questions you retards.


No it isn't, one can call Death of Author in this case because it retroactively changes established canon for the sake of changing the identity of the character, at that point just make another TRANS character instead. But they don't do that because drama is publicity.

Also you're ignoring my point, regardless of your opinion of the subject, being banned for this shit is hypocritical, I am not the only one to post an opinion regarding this subject, and if you're going to enforce a strict anti-idpol rule, than liberal idpol counts too.

Furthermore as I pointed out, pandering to corporate virtue signaling or defending it is cancer. If you see my first post in that thread I literally posted a screencap that includes trans people having an opinion about this and being told to "detransition" and attacked for their opinion.


Make a thread for "anti-ziggers" to post. Your posts are disruptive to the discussion.


File: 1663518544440.jpg (28.47 KB, 600x600, lmao.jpg)

Yeah nothing you've posted is of any merit and is just blatantly reposting CNN and BBC rubbish and projecting your retardation onto your boogieman. Your butthurt is fucking "what did you say to me" copy-pasta levels but unironic.
Oh, and


File: 1663518678222.jpg (52.53 KB, 826x550, laughing orcs.jpg)

>I've posted numerous times extremely indepth posts about how NATO lured Russia into this war and the extreme bad faith NATO has engaged with
No you haven't you've just admitted the facts but in a backhanded way, and then proceeded to continue on a line about 'muh evul russkiez'
You're convincing nobody but your Girllpill buttbuddy and nobody reading this that has any context of the actual threads is going to believe you for a moment.


File: 1663518692782.jpg (127.53 KB, 659x631, 1663442847470357.jpg)

We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread. Zfaggots spammed the entire thread then the mods banned all the non-Zfaggot posters for being "glow".
Literally still no argument.
Keep your head in the sand, pretty sure Putin will come suck your dick for your service to White Russia any day now.


Evidence please. Show all my posts where I went on about "Evil ruskies".
Oh wait, Zfaggots don't need evidence, just bad faith spamming, crying to hyper biased mods and spamming t.me/fsbagent t.me/UnitedRussia is proof enough.


Show a single post where I posted CNN or BBC or any Western media outlet retard?
Again, also, you faggots literally post LITERAL ADMITTED FSB AGENTS and Russian military spokespeople.
Man that fridge door is coming to close on Kupiansk and Izium any day now, totally 100%. Any day now!


>We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread
Yeah and you shat it up by having bad faith discussion
>le map
<2 different sources
<meme map that does not actually reflect actual Russian positions at any time during that time
Your manipulations may function on reddit, but not here.
>no argument
You have no argument, you're just spouting diatribe that I have no interest in engaging. Make a /meta/ thread to circlejerk yourself in about "de evul russkie mods" and stop shitting yourself here.
>Keep your head in the sand, pretty sure Putin will come suck your dick for your service to White Russia
Man you really are a schizo

>Oh you know I'm CIA? List all the CIA agents!
Fuck off you know your posts are mostly deleted, especially those that have the inflammatory remarks. But its already evident in your attitude about "le russkies" and "vatniks", typicl anti-communist shit.
>bad faith spamming
Oh the irony mr.kettle
>t.me/fsbagent t.me/UnitedRussi
N-noooo I'm not the glofag you arae, NO u!
You're really becoming deranged at being called out LOL.



Man how much drugs are you on when you’re too retarded to recognize that shit like picrel completely invalidates everything you said previously?



Go post!


File: 1663532705660.png (14.37 KB, 1438x136, ClipboardImage.png)

Just wanted to suggest to wordfilter "twitter.com" to either "nitter.net" or "nitter.it" so that anons can link Twitter posts, then others can view the post without using Twitter.


This is a good idea.


Requesting this, it makes it hard to look up the thread if you don't know the specific key search term "dystopia". and cyberpunk is the most prolific type of dystopia discussed in that thread.
Also thanks NATO-anon for fucking up Tor so much that my range got banned too. Cancerous fuck.


File: 1663538250061.jpg (670.12 KB, 950x1200, golden gaytime trap.jpg)

Can the mods explain the reason my appeal has been denied? I have not posted anything that other anons have not already opinionated, I have not violated the rules any more than anyone else in that thread discussing an already blatantly idpol topic and I have not stated any reactionary views, unless calling out liberals for blatant virtue signaling is suddenly 'bad'. Especially considering that I cited earlier trans people (in a screencap post) and cited the existence and lack of drama over Poison, a trans character that nobody has a problem with.

Retroactively confirming the idea that "you can groom a child into being another gender" and then changing the story so that "the character made this decision", is unironically similar to Dr.Money's experiments on the Reiner brothers, is gay erasure and also promotes the smear of trans grooming, not to mention the fact that this is defending corporate liberalism and deliberately misinterpreting Japanese cultural gender terms.

A three day ban is far in excess of the rule broken, especially compared to the 3 hour ban you gave that ban-evading NATO-shill; banning on Tor is just fucking it up for everyone else. I have no intention on continuing to post in that GuiltyG thread, the discussion already finished nearly a day before I got this arbitrary ban. Even if you're trying to get across the message of 'DO Not Continue This Idpol' then do a warning ban of an hour or two, not three days across the ENTIRE site.


Leftypol mods have become completely unhinged and reactionary.
Pro-capitalist (Russo-Ukraine conflict general), anti-revolutionary (seeing China as some vanguard), pro-idealist (TRA, furries), chauvinistic (rampant misogyny goes unchecked), anti-proletarian (doesn't give a shit about the proletariat, only fawning over the middle classes and how to satisfy them), pro-imperialist (loves it, frankly), pro-colonialist (it "doesn't exist anymore"! Just a meme, stupid!).


>We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread. Zfaggots spammed the entire thread then the mods banned all the non-Zfaggot posters for being "glow".


based mods


t. mod


Requesting the pro-NATO Ukraine general to be merged with the standard Ukraine thread. If those fags can't hold their ground in a normal discussion they shouldn't make their own thread to weaken the Ukraine general so they unironically celebrate NAFO Twitter posts.


We'll be on a new Ukraine thread soon. The pro-nato one should be sage'd and discontinued. No need to merge it with the existing thread.


>The pro-nato one should be sage'd and discontinued.
It's just an unpoopular thread, why get mad?


It's a literal astroturf. Everyone discussed about imperialism on the ukraine thread since day one. Why there should be a literal Nato apology thread? If these retards turists want to debate, there is already a ukraine thread


All of this words just to say "only pro-nato" Agent Kochinskiite posters allowed


File: 1663621105875.png (3.7 MB, 1760x1168, ClipboardImage.png)

Triggered jannies unironically banned me for "wikipedia warrior" for *checks notes* posting wikipedia links that explain how socialist Vietnam was in the right to regime change Pol Pot's Cambodia since Cambodia started the war by attacking Vietnam and Pol Pot's regime was carrying out the Cambodian genocide that killed 2 million people.

And another set of wikipedia links that show China has a 2,000 year history of repeatedly invading Vietnam.

And one of the posters in that thread unironically called me a "glowie" and implied that I was posting "American propaganda". How unhinged of a tankie do you have to be to hold the cognitive dissonance to unironically deny the Cambodian genocide? And believe that supporting the defense policy of socialist Vietnam in the 1970's-1980's makes you pro-American imperialist?


>*checks notes*
You deserve it solely for this.




That's not being a Tankie, that's just the default of third-worldists.


File: 1663653691293.png (202.3 KB, 463x453, 1636647604376.png)

Hey mods, another LGBTQ anon and I were talking about how our discussions about LGBTQ issues are being side-lined because of idpol.

As much as I respect you lot, I'm actually dissapointed. I think we can have our discussions talked about in good faith on this board without radlibs and polyps coming to wreck it.

I'm thinking that the whole anti-idpol stance that leftypol has is waning thin, and I'd like to see a lot more of a neutral stance in the future of this board so anons can learn from queer theory and disagree/agree within reason i.e us not being tokenised/ brushed off as a product of bourgoise decadence.


For one, you crosslink like this
For two, they are dealt with


Wow, you actually deleted my response and banned me for responding to a post crying for your to permit idpol. Fuck you, for real wvobbly.


Also I should point out that the anon blatantly shitposting about Ukraine and promoting anti-communist talking points and ranting about Ukraine got a 3 hour ban despite ban evading multiple times, blatantly spamming threads and providing bad faith arguments… and you gave the guy a 3 hour ban.

Then someone posts a response stating that "no idpol is not conducive to leftypol and has devolved into shitflinging every single time it has been tried" and gets a ban for a week and the same shitty reason you've been spamming "idpoling" as if that's an argument.


Why was my thread deleted in /leftypol? I do not recall the id, but the subject was: Industrial production Vs Bullshit jobs -> policy


As I said, I do not know the id of the thread, I do not save browsing history. But here is the log for this time, my thread should be somewhere in this list. What I wrote was not against the rules. I've explained in details, since there is no industrial production, there is no workers organization tendency, a policy I was talking, might be a good thing to do.


If I were to guess it'd be for discounting service workers as non-proles, which is wrecker behavior.


I did not discount peope working in services from prols. I was talking on tendency and I've listed some points why the tendency is in decline.


report stuff! We want to keep threads clean of bullshit. Sometimes it's hard to tell what people want around in the thread, and with niche stuff personally i'll let ppl just argue with trolls if no one reports shit and it's not too egregious, since otherwise stuff won't get discussed outside said niche thread


it was just cause it was schizo rambling and no one even thought it was good enough to engage, so sorry but it didn't pass the quality filter

Also just the sheer quantity of inaccuracies and assumptions about the world based on, I assume, a post de-industrialzation first world POV. There's still tons of industry, tons of necessary work.

It's not easy to distinguish between schizo shit that just starts with false assumptions (honest mistakes) and advocates anti-revolutionary courses of action (and not even of the stupid outwardly communist reformist variety - just outright saying to not even pursue communism politically even though that's exactly the conclusions to draw from your starting points), and reactionary/glow shit which maliciously starts on false assumptions and tries to stir up shit and pushes anti-communism

TLDR; filtered
If you don't like it get a substack


Free Eugene you filthy bastards.


>There's still tons of industry, tons of necessary work.
<doesn't know what necessary labour even is
<tries to school others
pasquale, vwobbly and misato, the three stooges


everyone gets their notches eventually


OK. I will not argue, here the text that was deleted.

Industrial production Vs Bullshit jobs -> policy

Under industrial production there was tendency for workers to organize and take control of the factories, build city Soviets, then build the higher Soviet and produce by plan.

As you see, this tendency is bleak. I live in ex-USSR, I see remains of industrial production, huge factories that no longer operate.

The number of workers is declining and at the moment, depending on place, commodity production is done by 10-30% of workers, food, machinery, etc. 90-70% employed in services.

Not just the number of workers is declining, but it is no longer industrial production. I do not have numbers, but what I see is small companies with 10-100 workers.

Sometimes good percent of workers at a factory is formed from self-employed immigrants. In Poland, the immigrants, usually from Ukraine, is given a right to work for only 6 months, as I recall. So not just labor laws do not apply fully to them, since they work as self-employed, but they can't change this 6 months law by organizing at workplace.

The 70%-90% employed in services, although sometimes they can benefit from organizing, as nurses for example, but in many cases they will not benefit. How this affects they thinking, looking at everything as tiny individuals.

Note that it is irrelevant how many workers is there if they can organize. Since if they organize, they still can control the food supply and etc, so they can use this as power. But with declining number of workers, they less likely to organize on their own, so helping them is important.

All this and sure there is more, contribute to the decline in tendency.

So what do? Organize politically, but not for communism.

There was a referendum on UBI. UBI is a policy, it was not a party. UBI could change the workers to something new. But the policy was not accepted, I do not know why. But I've said it is not clear what is in heads of those who can't organize at work, may be this can be an example how their tiny individualistic mind can't grasp something like this.

The policy for less working time no wage cut, will not go. This is what workers should demand at their work places.

But policy: abandon right to decline a job at necessary production, sure for those who have qualification.. might be accepted.

What is necessary production? It is production or services necessary for modern biological living. A house of 3x3 meter is too small, 33 m^2, with heating, noise isolation, etc, good.

What is this policy? If you want to work at food production, in a hospital, etc necessary, you study and they can't decline you a job. It may reduce unemployment, allows more free time, allows old and disabled to work since some of them can't work 8 hours/day, but 2 hours/day or fewer days a week is ok, etc.

What will be the wage? Enough for modern biological living.

What will be the working time? 8-2 hours a day. Depends on how many people would like to work in a, f.e., hospital, more workers, less working hours, no wage cut. It may depend on work type, if work can be done in 2 hours/day shifts.

Will enough be produced? With number of people who want to work at these companies, the work time will be reducing individually, but working hours is not declining in sum. So the same number or more products is produced.

Can I work somewhere else and at the necessary production? Sure, this will be perfect.

How will company pay wages, sum(product prices) < sum(wages)? Companies that produce the same type of necessary product should form a monopoly and set prices so that they have enough money to pay the wages.

But supply and demand.. it is necessary production so demand will not be reduced.

But inflation.. production planning will help.

What do you think? If this looks like it can be implemented, may be work more on the policy, print it and distribute at meetings, etc. There is unlimited protest in my city.


File: 1663766533818.png (211.99 KB, 404x316, ClipboardImage.png)

Hi! Misato here!

I know it looks bad out of context but I mostly just delete bait, low-effort replies and replies to bait/posts that have been already deleted, just so the thread looks clean and not leave around isolated replies from bait/deleted posts without any context from said post prior

Hope that makes sense!


I don't think it looks like anything lol


File: 1663768723371.png (528.69 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Well thats good, I just remember another anon having similar complaints before regarding the mod log so I just wanted to make that clear again lol


Ah, so moderators are the arbiters of post quality!
Please explain to me, mods: what what are you NOT allowed to delete?


good posts


Sure, and who determines which posts are considered good?


nothing, didn't you read the fine print?
>15) Volunteers may remove other posts according to their own discretion which they feel do not contribute to the stated mission of /leftypol/, but they should try to adhere to the standards of the community and of their fellow moderators, and to refrain from arbitrary decisions. Where there is disagreement among moderators, the matter will be decided by informal consensus of currently active moderators. If there is still disagreement, the matter should be escalated to a formal vote.
This is highly subjective obviously. Sometimes mods delete posts I'd say are "good" (made me laugh) but were still bad faith, trolling, etc. and someone decides it's detracting from board quality.


also you know what after re-reading your post, i apologize for skimming it and deeming it a schizopost. It's stupid, misguided, difficult to read, a waste of time, dangerously revisionist, and your method is totally backwards (to imagine potential half-solutions - there are an infinite number btw, and ideas are cheap! - and try to implement it with 0 power, 0 analysis, 0 ambition), but it has heart and at least i see now it's not reactionary and not just ravings.

Repost it if you want. Though fr, get a substack or smth if u want to publish ur ideas, or just a text document, cause that's long as hell and you seem like you just need to get your ideas out in writing (to ponder on, amend, etc.). Those types of OPs don't tend to get much attention btw, and even less when it's "here's a political solution i thought up in my head - comments?"; cause no one cares, ideas are cheap. Analysis is hard. Learning is hard. If you have to ask, then the answer is probably that it's a bad idea.


>Having to edit in anime girls because the retards on /pol/4chan are more suggestible if there's coomer or pedo bait on the meme
As the kids say nowadays, "omegalul". I hope you guys get nice bonuses for your social media influence ops because idk how else you'd be able to stand losing your dignity in such a way.


no, he don't get money


Who watches the watchers?
Personally I don't care
I have neither time nor inclination to go over the same thing over and over and over again and that is also how I adjudicate things.
To me it's pretty easy and that's how I've always moderated, you can either be a lobotomite or hostile but you can't be both.
The schizo/glowies that spam this place, they think everyone is gullible as shit and some people are but they constitute a minority.
I think the people that act like that, trying to beat others over the head by spamming the same shit over and over, they are garbage people that have been treated like trash so they threw themselves into the trash.
In other words, liberals (or glowies).


Of course you don't care.


Of course I don't, naturally I don't. I am past that. What I want is people that do the work of making this site better. Why anyone else should be of any concern to me has never been demonstrated to me and I did ask.


Would someone please explain how sticking up for Iran in the face of a color revolution is “idpol” and worthy of a ban? Are we just supporters of westoid liberalism now?


Nobody here, neither poster nor moderator, can make this site better. The left is dead and the awful quality of discussion on leftypol is a symptom of it. What you want is fucking meaningless.


File: 1663891130601.png (46.03 KB, 938x258, ClipboardImage.png)

Crappy take, but no rules broken. Deleted 5 minutes ago from the stonetoss siberia thread.


Is it even that bad of a take?


>delete bait

Seriously, why? If this were a subreddit or serious forum, or even /edu/ and not /leftypol/, it might make sense, but on a website like this there is nothing wrong with people making jokes or posting bad takes. I'm not even complaining that 'bait' is completely arbitrary, I'm complaining that removing anything inflammatory or controversial is literally destroying the purpose of this website.

Half the moderating team at this point are people who are trying to put lipstick on a gun. People trying to sterilize this place when its entire rationale is the opposite. I am sincerely concerned for the future of this site.


You know what, no, it's not. It's not even 'red brown' stuff when you read it properly.


>Removing anything inflammatory or controversial is literally destroying the purpose of this website
Obviously theres a lot of factors to consider. Case by case basis, I suppose. Personally I dont think I am particularly picky, but theres always room for improvement!

I cant speak for the rest of the staff, though :)


I 100% disagree that this site should be given up to whatever bullshit ppl want to post since that just draws everything down to the lowest common denominator of edgy retards and ruins it for those who are not obnoxious and cynical. But I pretty much agree actually. Leftypol's format isn't very conducive to anything positive. Any good points about the site are basically accidental, and there's a constant push and pull between the people who want something less serious, and people who want to get something out of this site.

The nihilists piss me off but are basically right. My take is that leftypol only made sense in the context of opposing a /pol/. Outside of 8ch the idea of a 'leftist' imageboard (that tries to be large, accommodating, allow usual "chan culture" etc) doesnt make much sense. No leftist goals can be met with this format how it is now, and it fails to just be a place to chat and b comfy with other leftists, since the same people who claim to want that just so happen to think that arguing autistically about everything, taking sides on geopolitics like larping geeks, fantasizing about torture, complaining about women, and bitching at anyone who tells them to be better is comfy. It's a no-win situation. Pain is the only option.


I delete off topic pedo shit from time to time because it derails conversations with a high degree ofsuccess. I personally think your bloodthirst to hunt pedos is insane and your proposal to unite with nazis and the kkk on hunting pedos for sport is misguided, so I didn't think it was a huge loss to be honest.


File: 1663916486483.png (123.32 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

I do find the question of whether we should put "imageboard culture" or "socialist values" first quite interesting to think about


It's not meaningless cause I want it
>that just draws everything down to the lowest common denominator of edgy retards and ruins it for those who are not obnoxious and cynical.
Good take.


I know I've contributed to a lower level of dialogue but if everyone could chill the fuck out and post better that would be grand.
Imagine here the picture of Calvin saying "I'll spout simplistic opinions for hours on end, ridicule anyone who disagrees with me, and generally foster divisiveness, cynicism, and a lower level of public dialogue!" cause I can't upload right now


> I know I've contributed to a lower level of dialogue
its ok anon i still love you <3



File: 1664057680709.png (35.44 KB, 875x506, ban.png)

"False claims" meanwhile the Iran thread is full of bad faith accusations of "colour revolution" and how a theocracy with a secret police is preferable to globohomo


Yet most of the posts are supporting the protestors so you are just speaking fake bullshit.


Am I schizo for noticing that there is someone with a very distinct file naming scheme in multiple threads posting glowie things or it it just me?


look for `tag=` in the filename


no no you were onto something, probably some NAFO glowie or something else retarded like that.


that's probably from a twitter video downloaded through some website lol


I am just lazy and grabbed the first twitter video download link off the search engine.


It shits them out in that format.


misato-kun what the fuck are you doing?


File: 1664148154228.png (140.15 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)



think i already explained before but these are all leftover replies over already previously deleted posts (not deleted by me)

unfortunately its not automated by the system so i take care of it myself lol


why are you editing them out?


the ones i dont delete i just remove the post number of the already deleted post that was referenced in greentext, thats p much it lol


you're not just removing the post numbers, you're also editing out good responses to deleted posts, while making it seem like nothing changed.
and you made the board log useless because now we can't tell which posts were deleted.


I didn't see what you are referring too but some people find responses to deleted bait obnoxious and further disrupting


deleted bait can't disrupt anything because nobody can respond to it.
and deleting the responses isn't the same as censoring them while keeping the post up.


me laddie, what does that even mean


To the user banned for 1 week for "glowops" and then 5 weeks for "ban evasion" in the Ukraine thread. Your bans have now been lifted and I apologize for the inappropriate mod actions taken. You are free to post as usual. Keep in mind this thread is always open to debate any bans that people (not literal spammers) wish to contest.


File: 1664236490309.png (8.89 KB, 475x110, ClipboardImage.png)

I disagree with the post, and it wasn't worth anything, but it's an entirely valid opinion on /leftypol/. People are allowed to not care about non-economic issues.
Banning for that is arbitrary, unconstructive and an abuse of privilege.


Can you please link the post in question? Or is it gone now?


>but some people find responses to deleted bait obnoxious and further disrupting
So what? What makes them so important?
When did being disrupted fucking matter? This is /leftypol/, not /edu/. Leftypol is not serious business, stop pretending it is.

And I want to second that, don't fucking edit posts just to change the post numbers. If that triggers your autism, that's a personal problem. You're in a position that isn't about your preferences.


It should still be there, there's not much context:
>>>/leftypol/1192738 (PS: you can use the search id: to find a living post from its number)


Ok. Thanks. I will mention it to the mod that made the ban. For your information the ban was only made for 15 minutes.


I didn't make the 15 minute ban you received, but you deserved a harsher ban for ironically, engaging in idpol. Homophobia is intrinsically tied to class society and class oppression, it is a vector of oppression of the proletariat. Thus, the LGBT struggle is a manifestation of the class struggle. Your vulgar anti-idpol is liberalism because it fails to address how capitalism has developed and manages to oppress the proletariat by arbitrary divisions, and how the proletariat might overcome those divisions, and eventually overcome the primary contradiction in unison.

Let's not forget these good slogans:
>Workers and oppressed people of the world unite!
>An injury to one is an injury to all!


>you deserved
just an aside, the guy bringing this here and the guy that made the post that you are replying to are in all likelihood different people


Please un sage the larouche thread, it has valuable info



File: 1664299277375.jpg (128.56 KB, 920x1128, Fdm-VIeXkAEdjvH.jpg)

>Sister also uses leftypol on her laptop
>Decides yesterday morning to screech in the Ukraine thread without reading into the subject
>Mods (correctly) ban her for flaming for 2 days

>I try to post at my desk

>Banned for flaming
>She explains what happened
>The entire IP was banned
I suppose I'm glad ya'll stopped her from being obnoxious on site but it sure is annoying IPs work like that. I get why it works like that, so someone can't just buy a bunch of old laptops and have free reign to spam, still annoying when you aren't the one who did it. Also thank you to whoever shortened it to 1 day.


offtopic: How I get the 4chan flags?


I am very open to the criticism as I discussed it with a few other people already, although I disagree with this picture of putting /leftypol/ as if it were some exceptional place above from custodial management.

>If that triggers your autism, that's a personal problem

As opposed to when the post number is deleted, it triggers yours? Look, if the funny green numbers being gone upsets you so much, thats fine. But honestly you can make a better argument that doing so will delete context, and we can discuss that. However, I do see the anger coming from you probably isn't worthwhile, so I will concede and deter from editing out the funny green numbers for your own peace and mind.


this is what happens when a newfag becomes a mod


By what method is a ban issued without showing up in the logs?


If it's done in the IP page directly, the ban doesn't appear in the logs.
This is a bug in vichan, not some nefarious plot or whatever, before anyone says anything.




>post you are racist against anglos
>receive a ban for "spam"
spam now literally means whatever the anglo jannies don't like.

fuck this place.

no, this isn't ban evasion, because this is the meta thread to discuss bans.


As much as I hate the Anglo you're on your own on this one, chief


why are people allowed to write racist slurs against blacks, jews, Russians, Ukrainians, slavs, and every other race, but when I say I'm racist against anglos (and Americans) that's a problem. How is that spam?

Britannia delenda est.


Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Cause that is not going to work.


What? No, I'm complaining about a ban.
This is me >>>leftypol/1197472 and I was banned for "spam" for this post >>>/leftypol/1197556 (which is now deleted). An anon called me a demon, in the deleted post I wrote that I'm not a demon, I'm just racist against anglos (and Americans), and then I was banned for "spam". I don't understand how that is spam.

Now I need clarification. We are allowed to make racist posts against every race, country and religion on the planet, except the anglos? Is this a rule?


make the links nice and clickable for you.


>Is this a rule?
No, there's your clarification


What was I banned for then?


Copypasting some post


Copypasting some post? If true, that could have been an accident because it may have been in my clipboard from before. In which case you could have just deleted it. It didn't deserve a MONTH ban. Be real.


It wasn't a month


Hey dipshits I just fucking reported someone for posting Loli pedofaghot shit on b in the male consumerism thread do your fucking job


What rule did >>>/leftypol/1199062 break exactly?
And the followup regarding LTV?


Not even me. Please read the post chain.

>words words words

None of this is a basis for deleting or banning on /leftypol/.
This attitude is literally abusing your position to push your beliefs on what kind of posts you want to see in a place called /leftypol/, which in not incidentally but rather intentionally diverse in opinions.

Seriously, someone says 'i don't care about this issue' and you think it's justified for someone to give them a ban because you think they should care? Should we be banning every post that fails to address how capitalism developed or that isn't a perfect proletarian revolutionary opinion? Bad opinions shouldn't be banned, nor chilled by staff powers.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be a moderator on leftist forums, but I have no reason why you are a moderator of a /leftypol/ board. You clearly want to steer it in a direction it wasn't meant to go, it seems masochistic to stay here rather than go to a more constructive social forum.


I agree with you on some things I think but two things should be considered: Tradition is keeping alive the flame not worshiping the ash
We are dealing with a somewhat higher quality imageboard not the Dead Sea Scrolls


They mentioned "vulgar," which makes me think you did more than just say you simply don't care about the issue.


Ok, whoever gave that a ban needs a vacation sans salarie.

There is literally nothing wrong with someone making an obviously ironic joke rant in a porn thread. If you found that annoying, that's a personal problem.


>We are dealing with a somewhat higher quality imageboard not the Dead Sea Scrolls
Well, I say we should relax. It's gotten to an extreme where a small collection of the mods are pushing into personal preference boundary and sanitizing the place of things that annoy them personally, such that:
>it becomes a destructive echo-chamber
>it will struggle to grow or retain users
>the kinds of conflict that made this place entertaining and creative are extinguished (e.g. socdem gang, lolberts embarrassing themselves)
If this isn't reversed, /leftypol/ will become generic. And it shouldn't be trivialized that oh, it's only a couple of the mods, because that has a very real chilling effect on the site and what discussions happen.

There is a balance to be had. We don't want it too lenient like Bunkerchan post-split but we don't want this either. This is an existential issue.


>the kinds of conflict that made this place entertaining and creative
this shit is supposed to be funny?


No, it's not.
And if you don't realize that, you shouldn't be managing this community. You're clearly out of touch with the userbase.

Leftypol is not your personal org.


itd be cool if you retards would stop thinking anyone disagreeing with you is a mod
itd also be cool if mods would stop posting without a capcode so this would happen a lot less too


nothing says entertainment and creativity like having the same discussions with liberals over and over again


'ironic' flaming is still flaming.


if its annoying in 4chan's /gif/, its also annoying here

fuck off


That's not even flaming. It's a joke. Humor. Comedy. The image makes it clear that it's a joke. Anyone taking it seriously deserves to be mocked.

The thread thought it was funny. What right does moderation have to enforce their personal opinion in spite of the users?


what does /gif/ have to do with anything?


its a porn thread, dipshit. make the connection.

this is really entertaining, love it when retard lose their shit over their posts being knocked out of their pedestal


I don't use 4chan, aspie. Esoteric references need to be explained if you want anyone to understand you.


being annoying isn't in the rules, retard.

go read them newfag


>"Esoteric references"
>gets called a newfag anyways

oh boy lmao


The simple solution is to have two Ukraine threads, one for Z gang, one for not Z gang.
Then it becomes immediately clear who's disrupting whom.


Kinda surprised this approach hasn't been tried yet. Maybe it's a 'what to name it' issue.

/RAF/ - Russian Armed Forces (Z) General - Thing Edition
/Ukraine/ - Ukraine General - Thing Edition


That is retarded and none of you fags deserve a constantly revolving front page circlejerk thread for this spectacle


Is the red text just a joke or did the OP really get a ban? Sure, they asked a question with a simple answer in a dumb way, but feels like eggshells banning over misunderstanding, especially when it led to interesting coversations.

edit: needed a 3rd '>'


Do you know who the fuck I am lol
I don't relax and I don't trivialize but all I've seen is cutting things from the margins, like the most egregious and obnoxious shitposting.
I'll inquire


In other words, you can't control your disruptive instinct. I'd say mods are therefore making the right calls.


>Kinda surprised this approach hasn't been tried yet
It has been tried. No one posted in the "no zcels allowed" thread besides the very same people who would repost nafo memes and kyiv post twitter screencaps in both threads.


Why'd a siberia thread get deleted for no reason? I was using it to accumulate screencaps for an effort post about a CIA Psyop through RP pr0n.


it's in /gulag/


oh… thanks


Why the hell is >>>/hobby/38 locked? It's a much larger and comprehensive thread about cooking and has a lot of stuff in it. It makes no sense for it to be anchored and a new thread made since its not even close to bump limit. Unanchor my OG cooking thread!


I had no idea what was that about or what it had to do with the thread, I genuinely thought it was someone being on the wrong thread and spamming some schizo shit lol


Yeah i guess that could be interpreted as such. I just use anchored siberia threads to dump clipboard images sometimes so that I can organize my thoughts and sage them so that I don't randomly bump or use up actually posted in threads.



*Sigh* do we really have to point this out to you? Here you are flaunting banquets, feast of plenty, wasteful capitalist food growing and consumption. As a comrade you should be consuming the state approved amount of government ration meal packets and meal can provisions. If that means we do not grow enough and some go without food, so be it. What we wont do is the food orgy levels of westernism. Many many of our African comrades are eating bugs right now, and here you are posting fat bourgeois porky food porn? Literally read some theory before you come back here again.


Thats okay, anon lol that makes sense

did you found the original thread? lmk if u need a direct link to it


Yeah I found it, no problem. It's kinda obscure, but there's really A SHITTON of CIA psyops in the furry/porn/cartoon sphere. It really makes you wonder about their goals, though Ukraine's reddit battalion (cannon fodder) seems to be the most likely thing.


no no no no NO NO NO! You told me we were winning and not to panic!
You told me we were the good guys!
You told me Putin would send Strevlok in to reinforce!


your life is so pathetic


Well that's because it's framed as a containment thread rather than having two generals.
Well, I know bunch of e621's mods and admins are /pol/ users, (perhaps /mlpol/) so it probably propagates through e621 somehow.


>Well that's because it's framed as a containment thread rather than having two generals.
Because it IS a containment thread. Posters like >>22941 can't even contain their autism to a single board, hence the need for containment. Hope you understand now.


Both need separate containment threads though, but only one is framed as such, so both post in the one that isn't framed as such.


Russophobes don’t need their own special thread, they already get enough protection from the mods as it is. Ideally they’d be banned on sight


>only one is framed as such
The OP of that thread framed it as such by including "no ziggas allowed" in his post. Like I said, it eventually devolved to a couple of spammers just shitposting twitter screencaps followed by "ziggas… zbros… zizterz how could a, b, z do this???? what did z mean by this???" then reposting the same shit in the /ukraine/ thread. Not only is it against the rules to post low quality bait like that, but it's impossible to have a discussion with someone not interested in having one.


cry more little Russian piss baby


>cry more
Pretty ironic considering you go on little spamming tirades lol.


how is my lyman comment a pol spam. I was just making fun of that one user who constantly claimed lyman wasnt going to be captured while making fun of others that thought it was.


nvm i got unbanned


You need to be over 18 and not a nazi larper to post here.


either nazi or troll


Without reading it, that's a prototypical american nazi


File: 1664806819102.mp4 (2.24 MB, 326x326, YUM.mp4)

>that shitpost

But for real I'd like to know the reason it got locked.


why did my post asking on this very thread meant for moderation why threads are getting deleted without showing up on the logs get deleted too


>why threads are getting deleted without showing up on the logs get deleted too
deletion of all posts by IP most likely


File: 1664885126904.png (158.2 KB, 952x830, Screenshot.png)

This is almost as bad as removing the references altogether. Now we can't see which are replying to the same post and which are replying to different posts.

Just don't edit them, or better yet, don't even delete the posts that they replied to. We're not 5 year olds that need to be protected from shitposts. Just loudban the offending post so users can see what is inappropriate instead of playing a guessing game. If it's something as blatant as shock images or thing noncer, that's one thing, but shit arguments in reply to someone shouldn't need to be deleted. Just ban.


The Russo-Ukrainian war is a reactionary war no matter which side one roots for. Either side should be allowed to duke it out freely and ridiculed accordingly instead of protecting the Z side. If you can't handle the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen.


>[deleted post]
reddit moderation


we've been reddit for years now
what's next, shadow bans?


They’ve been at that for a while. Any post that isn’t overtly pro-hohol is at risk of deletion


Personally I love it


We know sweetie, but put your moderator tag the next time you make such an abhorrent post.


What you want bitch? My ID?


Defending yourself against a genocide is reactionary now?


>Defending yourself against a genocide is reactionary now?
<During a reactionary war a revolutionary class cannot but desire the defeat of its government. This is axiomatic, and disputed only by conscious partisans or helpless satellites of the social-chauvinists.
<A “revolutionary struggle against the war” is merely an empty and meaning less exclamation, something at which the heroes of the Second International excel, unless it means revolutionary action against one’s own government even in wartime. One has only to do some thinking in order to understand this. Wartime revolutionary action against one’s own government indubitably means, not only desiring its defeat, but really facilitating such a defeat.
>A genocide
Of Ukrainians or of Russians? Both are asserted to be the case and a basis for support towards each side.


Of the Russians you tard, the US was literally developing bioweapons for that purpose. And I’m what way does Lenin’s revolutionary defeatism apply when one of the nations is a progressive force in the world?


I wonder what's worse, the Ukraine thread or the e-celeb one.


guessing whichever you are in at any given time


both duh


File: 1664929746802.jpg (446.37 KB, 1080x2032, mod_abuse.jpg)

Let's talk about mod abuse.


Oh, you did get a ban. >>22926 mentioned you.


The OP was only the post which I banned from so it got the ban message applied, but the user was acting in bad faith in the replies (obnoxiously claiming to not be the person replied to, while being that person) and in general causing a disturbance. Shitposting and arguing is OK obviously, but when u make OPs just to shitfling in bad faith in the replies that gets more attention from mods, and if that's all it seems like you're doing based on IP history then a ban is warranted imo (and according to the rules, low quality posting) if only to cool that individual off and stop them shitting up the board temporarily. It was a combination of factors. The OP is ok and that's why it wasn't deleted, tampered with, or moved. It was the individual.

The only contentious thing i can see is the 3d instead of 1d ban, but that's because it was a pattern with them.



>>Muh lenin said this!
<Ignores lenin saying other things regarding the peripheral bourgeoisie and movements during their reign
People in the Ukraine thread have BTFO this shitty cherrypicked argument repeatedly. Just stop.


>obnoxiously claiming to not be the person replied to, while being that person
I was not the eco-socialist that posted the utopia image. I was the anon who posted "I'm not that anon" and "I'm the OP", in response to the anon or two who for some reason believed I was the eco-socialist. How that created a disturbance is beyond me. If you actually checked IPs you would see that the eco-socialist does not have the same IP as OP. It's impossible.
I do not recall "shitting up" any threads on that IP. Like I'm thinking and I'm drawing a total blank. I was mostly from memory passively participating in the /ukraine/ threads. Don't remember shitposting or arguing or anything. Just doomposting and asking questions.


Hmm there's nothing that would tell the users from the ban message that the user was being a fuckwit in the replies, so the ban message makes it look like the thread topic itself is the problem. Not an issue with the moderation (vis a vis the ban) but with mod communication since the message sends a confusing signal.

Something like (USER IS ARGUING IN BAD FAITH BELOW) would be clearer.

>I do not recall "shitting up" any threads on that IP.
>on that IP.


woah half the thread just got deleted wtf happened? its literally just a graveyard of green deleted responses


even the responses to the posts that were deleted are getting deleted, this is wild its like being on Reddit


What are you loling for?


wvobbly, pasquale and misato, those are the three kids responsible for the death of /leftypol/.


dude you need to go out and suck a dick


Yeah those names show up on the logs all the fucking time, leftypol can't have threads that aren't just replies to generals these days.


can you faggots stop deleting everything on /leftypol/ that could easily be moved to /siberia/


Sankyuu, it's great when your work is appreciated
gosh I'm getting all sappy


Took me a second. You even write like a child.


I assure you I've lived a lot more than you


Don't doubt it, I'm sure you had to grow up quick in your American urban shithole, lest you be shot by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. It also explains your lack of education, hard to learn how to spell when your brain is nutritionally impoverished from junk food and tired from sleepless nights because of all the gun shots. Hell, I'd also probably retreat into a coping fantasy like anime and an infantile understanding of the world.


File: 1664968735124.jpg (93.43 KB, 620x670, 1462228845062.jpg)

You're a riot


Did I make this post?


>>23008 Misato appears a fairly balanced mod IMO. The other 2 tend to put their personal opinions into their "moderation" too much.


Can mods merge the 2 vehicle-mounted military laser threads on >>>/AKM/ ? They're kinda redundant and small so unifying them could be beneficial to discussion.


File: 1665002228172.png (118.66 KB, 1250x877, wobbles is a tranny.png)

Wobbles you will never be a woman


posting is now a bannable offense. get with the program, schizo


the level of reddit tier astroturfing is just awful


ok done


Honestly this new batch of jannies had made me stop posting altogether, good job I guess


spurgo, don't ban the damn tor node over minor shitposts. it's happening every day and it's not even over CP or other intolerable things, it's just some dumb ukraine thread tourism.


coming from the loopback IP, the biggest source of actual astroturf material lmao
this is the only post on that IP, but i'm sure your posts in the past were really enlightening
Anyways your choice is probably a healthy one. I hope you're not spending too much time on other websites instead. Get outside, hang with friends, get active politically, read books, etc.
Sorry, i gave a 30 min ban, it's been lifted
I've never banned the tor node more than an hour. I also post over tor, and when the node is banned, i just wait and do something else until the ban lifts…
I've found short bans can get spammers to fuck off and move on to other things


I notice that mods don't ban it for more than an hour, but when it's happening almost every day during peak traffic, it's a pain.
Like the kind of spam that was is not even worth banning, no-one here is dumb enough to take it seriously or have that ruin their day.


I'll keep that in mind.
I agree that the spam is basically harmless, but at the same time i don't think it's right to let people shit up the place with whatever ukranian propaganda they got off twitter, like it's not a person here to talk, it's someone every day coming and dumping shit, posting copypastas from /pol/ and otherwise not engaging. It's an astroturf attempt and it's dead weight on the thread, even if no one takes it seriously. I opted not to delete it this time cause it wasn't so egregious, but i felt smth should be done, if only just stem the flow a little bit.

I'll talk it over with other mods and you could raise the problem in the Congress matrix room, I know some mods are pretty proactive and opinionated about the /ukraine/ thread, so it might not matter what I choose if someone else is more proactive than me.


me (keep forgetting mod tag)


>I'll talk it over with other mods and you could raise the problem in the Congress matrix room, I know some mods are pretty proactive and opinionated about the /ukraine/ thread, so it might not matter what I choose if someone else is more proactive than me.
Does that room still get used? I stopped checking about half a year ago because it seemed to just be used as a second chat room, I'll check it out.


File: 1665035303986.png (808.44 KB, 807x508, dino laser wars.png)



>Get outside, hang with friends, get active politically, read books, etc.
says the terminally online janny to whom those things are abstract concepts. like receiving advice from an ice cream dispenser. an ice cream dispenser is at least useful.


your mom, my ice cream dispenser


>no-one here is dumb enough to take it seriously or have that ruin their day
It's not that I disagree
but let me repeat quantity has its own quality
some mega obsessed NEET shitting up the place is a problem, it's not about whether he is taken serious


File: 1665041799958.jpg (38.72 KB, 640x579, yuiHandBinoculars.jpg)

post genocider has logged on
Why censor ppl asking about moderation choices in the thread to ask those questions?


File: 1665042309091.png (238.28 KB, 1507x1188, 1444255263802.png)


File: 1665067110312.jpg (198.59 KB, 1080x1183, IMG_20221006_163620.jpg)

>It wasn't a month


I'm like 99% sure that's a different ban
and as always no harm no foul


Why is the email field removed? Is it no longer possible to sage?


replaced with a drop down that's:
- [blank]
- don't bump thread
I think it should be:
- bump
- don't bump (sage)
That would be easier to see and understand for newfriends.


Ok so long /leftypol/ I'll say you're better than reddit or twitter but still to faggoty for my tastes. Hopefully I can reinvest the time wasted here to something productive. So long and thanks for all the fish.


Not to mention how easy it is to switch VPNS here. If I wanted to keep posting I could. But I'll take the mods message. For faggots, by faggots. So long.


I'd say maybe what I appreciated most about the place was the internationalism without being /pol/ But all the mods are Anglo faggots. Hmmm…


>thinks this is better.
>implying they use reddit to compare it.
Okay bye.


Ehh give me a suggestion then. I just want to talk about politics without tip toeing around sensitive faggots.


It really doesn't seem hard to have an abrasive sense of humor on here without breaking the rules. What did you even post? The problem likely isn't "other users are too sensitive."


Well apparently from my experience. Trans are a no go for jokes period. You best not have a sense of humor when it comes to trans. Islam you best not criticize anyways (on a Marxist board no less, curious)


I've seen plenty of good jokes about trans people on here.
My rule of thumb is "does this seem like the sort of joke someone of this marginalized group would make?" That's not a very limiting prompt, but it does mean you gotta take a moment to make sure there's a joke there and not just 'ironic' edginess.


What's the mods policy on deliberate necrobumping? I'm asking because I saw some shitter randomly bumping a dozen old threads within minutes.


not a mod, but what would that even mean on a modestly sized imageboard? If someone has something to say on a particular subject there's already a thread for, just bump the existing thread.
A thread is dead once it falls off the edge of the board.


See the catalog for yourself, dumbass.
He's still going at it
The question if it's being used as a form of raid.


Oh, the pepe guy. Yeah he's been at it for a few days now.


Necrobumping without a good post is a surefire way to get that thread saged, locked, or deleted.


>t. spammers


Schizo mods have their work cut out for them.


File: 1665209215750.png (114.23 KB, 1411x881, ClipboardImage.png)


But real talk, maybe it would help if you the mods would clarify what's the non-bannable position on every topic.


That wouldn't work, since one topic can have hundreds of non-bannable positions, as well as topics themselves being uncountable.


good eye


Or just plain "Is it funny?"


Rambling incoming, not necessarily related to the site I just want to get it off my chest.

I got banned for "nazi apologia" and both-sideism". I wrote that war rape is real (true), that all sides did it (true), and the part I apparently fucked up is writing "except PERHAPS the Germans" (they did it too, as part of the Holocaust even, I just never heard of it until anons posted links). I'm like, OK I'm not happy but whatever, I'll sit out the ban.

But it occurred to me that you could make up the wildest shit about Nazi Germany and "some" would find it taboo to debunk it. That in "some" minds Nazis are cartoon villains. I'm autistically innocent to a fault apparently, as I operate under the assumption when it comes to history that feelings don't get in the way of the good science.

It's not about the Nazis however, screw them they're in the dustbin of history. Hitler had no testicles. Prove me wrong.

It's about the problematic thought process. Mainstream examples today are the 1619 Project and the rightoid conspiracies about certain billionaires like George Soros. "Some" find it taboo to debunk the rightoid conspiracies because it makes the billionaires "look good' or whatever. "Some" find it taboo to debunk the 1619 Project because slavery is a sensitive subject.

Is there an answer to this conundrum? Because the way I see it, if we cannot agree to stick to the facts no matter how politically "inconvenient" and fall for cheap populism (Critique of the Gotha Programme is relevant here), we implicitly reject the legacy of Marx & Engels thought and by extension the path to communism.



your ban is already lifted
Otherwise, it's an interesting question for some, maybe too interesting for this place (/meta/ that is)


the post was still very dumb


Is it just me or there's no point in posting anymore? Pretty much every post gets deleted or gets a ban if it slightly deviates from whatever mods consider acceptable, what is going on


Be more specific about the complaint, we can't do much with this post.


Holy shit, I don't wanna be rude but are you that oblivious?
People that are serious will make specific complaints


Yeah, I'd like to dispute my ban on /leftypol/ for being a 4chan spammer. I have not spammed ever, I do not post image macros, and I believe most of my post are well thought out. I appealed and it was apparently denied without looking at my post history. I believe I'm making good contributions to the UKR thread. If I'm to be categorized as spam, then I guess anything can fit that definition.


Spam is just a catch all term for "you offended the jannies."


I'll undo it for now
Sometimes intelligent things get caught in a net like dolphins


I appreciate it.


yeah it was a rangeban meant for a known actual spammer, sorry you got caught in it


just report


sufferers of a rare disorder?
None of this makes sense but ok


Albinism= whitness. What do you think albino means? What do you think Albion means,? Whitness is a birth defect.


The preferred nomenclature around these parts is "cumskin".


File: 1665326426347.png (217.53 KB, 625x451, 1662280131431.png)



The onion's asking me to sign in or something, why?


comrade janitor dislikes being unable to see your post history and your accumulated karma


There's been constant spam on the tor node. We're looking into alternatives. Unfortunately, due to how it works, if the node is abused then that spoils it for everyone.


Mods should go on strike for a week. Let the site reach a state of equilibrium re:spam, nazis, nazbols, and other schizos, so that the fruits of our labor are obvious and we finally get a wage raise.


/leftpol/ moment


File: 1665359671480.mp4 (368.44 KB, 1280x720, Rogal Dorn No.mp4)



This website is lagging the fuck out of my entire computer. Do you guys got a CPUMiner or some shit in it?


I'm hacking the mainframe


don't keep cyclicals open for long periods of time, past a certain number of posts on one page lainchan shits itself


>argue that leftists who individualize responsibility for incel pathology are cowards
<get immediately banned for "incel spam"
The arbiters of truth have spoken! I must be pro-incel, there's no other explanation!
Hey galaxy brained jannie, have you ever heard of a man named Mark Fisher? He argued that "mental illness" ought to be politicized precisely because it's a social problem and not an individual one. I guess he must also be pro-incel, right? I never knew that pro-incel Marxists existed until today! Nuanced opinions? What's that? Nah, I'm pretty sure he's just pro-incel.


Jokes on you. You went to all that effort and I always just posted with my naked ip anyways.


Mods you have re-saged the larouche thread, could you please unsage it again. Why is it saged?


Because you think about your mum when you touch yourself.


gonna just unsage it please thanks


I have been banned for being a "4chan spammer" please desist


Dear Jannies,
Stop bumplocking good threads just because you disagree with its contents. It's not a good look


We can't just let every thread stay up. Post specific examples that are objectionable.


>We can't just let every thread stay up
there's already a mechanism for this- it's called lack of interest/participation.


listen schizo, if a mod bumplocks a thread that means there's no interest in the topic any more. there's a reason they're jannies and you're just a screeching tardo on /meta/(bitch)


Let's do a round of "extremely obvious answers" but don't expect it again lol
We had to step on VPN IPs, nothing to do with you.


larouche thread is well watched owing to the fact that it's a literal cult, and if it gets artificially bumped again i'll sage it again (or just delete it). Add content or fuck off, no free advertising space here.

Claims about mods determining there's no interest in smth falls flat on its face when a thread gets no meaningful engagement, and has to be kept alive with periodic bumps and off topic nonsense. What's the interest in this thread, if you're not engaging in the topic? Otherwise i'll just treat this as shilling for the larouche cult.


Sage confirmed for LaRouche cultist and shill.


>post specific examples
Ok, what was wrong with https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/320931.html?
220 replies, mostly civil. No evidence of a raid.



A day, two, even a week is going to deter a spammer, that's fine. But right now I tried to use a VPN IP that was banned in fucking September. It's safe to say that the spammer is gone or at least not using the same IP by now.


its literally a thread linking them to the far right. There is one (meme) positive post about them. I bumped it by asking a question about how they are connected the fucking KKK

I am engaging with the topic, you lunatic, its right there in the post for anybody to read


Stop visiting this site Sage. It's simply not welcome for people like you to use.


File: 1666074706648.png (452.93 KB, 512x512, monstergirl archive.png)

I ask again that mods create a >>>/hobby_archive/ and >>>/anime_archive/ for threads that reach bump limit and have large amounts of posts. There are several threads on both boards that are old and unused, but have interesting discussion that is interesting to re-read or refer to and should be available to everyone to peruse, even if they no longer can comment. It shouldn't take up much server space as you're literally just transfering a thread from one board to another, and can help boards get cleaner without arbitrarily deleting decent content outright.


Seconding this, can a mod explain the bumplock?


far as I can tell, something happened what fucked up the thread (images are borked)


Mods please archive >>>/leftypol/1015618


Remove my ban on /siberia/ - it is hypocritical and too damn long for a warning when you give Nazi posters 1 hour bans for blatant "muh sub-humans" rhetoric

Rape: unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person's will

Nothing in that siberia thread OP describes this, I only talked about the OP subject and the only thing I denied is the unlikeliness of female rape considering the physical and social power men have over women, things other anons mostly agree on. Excluding blatant drugs, maiming violence, pedoshit and other non-consent from being involved - most "female rape" is typically men being ashamed for letting their dick think for them, and projecting that shame onto their sexual partners.

The supposed rape anon in that thread has only claimed to be a victim, but has provided no explanation, nor how it correlates to the OP situation - a coach (not even a teacher) having a consensual relationship with an of-age teen that then snitched her out to the police. The Anon then proceeded to gaslight about fat older men, displaying blatant misandry and poor-faith argument, called everyone they didn't like pedos, continuing with a shit-post tier rant about fat chick raping through vanilla sex - a laughable idea considering that to get the point of sex you'd have to consent into actually stripping and getting into bed, because there is no goddamn way some fat chick
A) is going to catch you if you run
B) People are going to stand idly by as she kidnaps you screaming and kicking, no matter her strength.
All this is just bad-faith argumentation, hysteria and concern trolling.

Also being an asshole is not a bannable offense on this site, and although I didn't engage in that at all, rape apologia is not actually a bannable offense on /siberia/ either. Moreover I have seen multiple posts about rape fantasies involving monarchs, white chicks, nazis and gays on /siberia/ and nobody banned those posters for that. Double standards much?

Finally I've been an avid anti-pedo and anti-rape activist for a long time, just because I'm not jumping to break out the torches and #Cancel a woman over her personal affairs that aren't even actual rape, isn't pro-rape.(Rape apologia is right wing retardation and that IS bannable)


Ban lifted.


Sincerely thank you.


what is a person like me exactly?


21st century George Orwell.


Hi Jannies,

An anon in this thread >>>/leftypol/1229276 said:
>Apparently if you say united nations intervening in Haiti was bad in 2004 mods will censor you. What a stance to take

Then his post got deleted! How the fuck do you justify banning criticism of an imperialist invasion by the UN???


Also, the RULES say:
>9) Due to derailing, COVID denialism outside the COVID-19 thread will be deleted.

However, even when I post COVID-skeptic takes (AKA the truth) IN THE COVID THREAD, they get deleted. How do you justify this?


Judging by your arrogance, you probably argued in bad faith / were seen as flaming.
Doesn't a nearby college have an electron microscope you could use? Just go look at a Covid.


for the record
This tard (the one crying about censorship not the covidiot) was all over the place
You may notice a lot being wiped in several boards
Evidently trying very hard to fuck with the place


They are the same guy


File: 1666238130034.jpg (104.16 KB, 900x600, mopdog.jpg)

i guess the IP i'm posting from with this post was used by some spammer from 4chan; it's a Windscribe VPN ip and i'm not a 4chan spammer.

I'm just going to hop to a different ip, but maybe consider shorter ban times for VPN ip's (if you're able to discern VPN ip ranges). this one was banned for 3 weeks


>discern VPN ip ranges
Jein. There is two ways to identify VPNs. You can look them up or deduce it from context.


Wvobbly is abusing mod privileges again, banning across the site including meta to prevent his ban from being disputed and his reasoning is "idpoling" even though my entire post consisted of a silly meme and calling out the hypocrisy of saying that " pro lgbfhfgd idpol" doesn't go against leftypol rules. Not to mention its a siberia thread, and almost anything is supposed to be permitted there outside blatant nazi rhetoric and gore spam. I have broken no rules for the board or site.
Moreover a 7 day ban is retarded bullshit when actual nazi posters get less than day long bans.

/meta/ should be exempt from bans outside the /meta/ board and banning for BS reasons is cancer.


Also he's been banning people for posting Stonehouse again in /siberia/ that isn't my post, but again that is a blatant abuse of power: there is no ban of stonetoss and discussing it, nor should there, especially on fucking si/b/eria


Update, my ban appeal got denied by wvobbly immediately, reign in your ideologue of a moderator.


Shit son, would you like a t-shirt?
>I went to /leftypol/ and all I got was a ban and this shitty t-shirt.


I've been a leftypol poster since before the leftpol split on 8ch. The only times I have been banned unfairly is by wvobbly.. I have gotten other bans occasionally, it's unavoidable, but all of those I either accepted as actually valid, or had the ability to dispute freely, and either have it lifted or get a proper mod response that I found fair reasoning. Wvobbly is just going on his weekly binge-ban on anything he personally dislikes.


File: 1666302329142.jpg (13.41 KB, 237x237, FNXAULcX0AUF5xy.jpg)

Well I hate to tell you, but the person you were responding to was correct. That thread was explicitly asked for by anons and approved by the mod team, and its not idpol to be pro LGBTQIAZD4Q or whatever else as per enforcement of the idpol rule.

Is there anything else?


OK and that's still not a reason to ban someone, especially for a week, when an actual bait poster on the main board only got a day long ban by the same mod. I got 0 warning, especially since my post was barely offensive at all. I only stated my opinion, that idpol is idpol. And posted a silly meme. That did not break ANY site rules and therefore should not be banned. Users should and can defend themselves in an argument. Unless it is blatant right-wing spam, there should be no reason to delete and ban posts like that so arbitrarily and heavily. Not to mention site-wide.


That individual post wasn't the only criteria for your (site-wide) ban, its that plus your continued idpoling/ban evasion in /games/ as well. You just generally seem to have some kind of hysteric problem around trans people, and it's not anyone's duty here to tolerate it. Were it not for your known track record, it wouldn't be week-long or site-wide.


>your continued idpoling/ban evasion in /games/
What in the everloving fuck are you talking about? I'm sorry to burst your bubble m8 but not everyone posting in the Bridget thread (that you clearly refer to) is the same person, nor did anything I post have anti trans sentiments, I specifically have anti liberal sentiments. Please explain to me how retroactively changing a character that got abused and GROOMED to be trans s a positive representation of them? That's literally playing into a /pol/ narrative about "le trans pedos"! How is that a bad thing to point out? And toxic behavior by anyone is bad, including from trans people, being a certain identity should not be shield for criticism, FFS.


Addendum, if people are safe from criticism for being a minority, or are 'ists'or 'phobws'fir pointing it out, then the moderation is racist because I'm a person of color. Not a very valid argument, is it?


My brethren in christ you are posting images of her beating someone's head in with a pipe for saying she is, indeed, trans. You will go on wall-of-text screeds about how its not in the Japanese version when thats just demonstrably not the case and also just generally meme-worthy. I couldn't make a bad faith strawman for that topic without just recreating you.


> text wall
A paragraph or 2 is not text walling. This is leftypol right? Where you can post at length and have people READ instead of going TL;DR Constantly?
Also you could just delete the image instead of the entire valid post. Or spoiler it. As an aside, the caricature of the translation poster isn't just SAYING they're trans, but being an asshole, and the text is lifted from an actual liberal twitter profile that made a post attacking people for liking male brodget, as if rule 63 hasn't existed for decades. I posted a link to as proof.


>how its not in the Japanese version when thats just demonstrably not the case
Except it is, and I explained that. Literal trans people and Japanese people and Japanese publications do not like the change, and it doesn't match the previous games narrative.
>couldn't make a bad faith strawman for that topic without just recreating you
The hell does this mean?


Also I just realized, is this an argument for not banning racism? I'm just confused now.


The fact that you're confused means you ought to eeasses. I'm not posting in bad faith, if you think I've done a wrong, WARN me first because I'm not intentionally trying to shit things up outside of casual banter and/or posting things I think are relevant or interesting. I don't hate Trans people, I have Trans friends, I hate the abuse and exploitation they get for social clout, and the general shittiness of idpol.

As for your question, no I do think blatant racism ought to be banned, my point is that people shouldn't use race, gender or anything else as a shield from criticism, of a method of influencing moderator decisions.


Reasses, I mean, fuck.


>Were it not for your known track record, it wouldn't be week-long or site-wide.
you don't judge posts on their own, you judge posters. nice, this place has finally become reddit.



It is indeed good to take into account context. Being information deficient is not a good thing.


I wish I had gold to give you!! Please accept my wholesome chungus Keanu award instead.

Some might say that point of an (anonymous) imageboard is that posts are judged on an individual basis, rather than on karma or post history. but those people are stupid doodoo heads who probably don't even own a Nintendo Switch, the losers.


I think you should make a blog and whine about it on there


>user anonimity means mods shouldn't see post history
Doesn't follow. A moderator has elevated privileges that are used to take informed decisions, to increase accuracy and performance.
>b-b-but context shouldn't matter!!
Oh so you're a lib.


>so you're a lib.
We're talking about imageboards, you terminally online dweeb.

And no, context for imageboard posts doesn't matter. There are people who make shitposts on /siberia/ and then effortpost on /leftypol/. The anonymous imageboard format was created as an alternative to forums where your username, your "reputation" mattered and those who racked up posts had more "social capital" on the forum.

Imageboards do away with reputation, karma, post counts and your contribution, ideas, arguments are judged on their merits alone. I'm not surprised you don't understand this.

Now you're adding accounts, logins for TOR. Why does this website still use imageboard software, a classic forum like phpbb has all the stuff you want: post history, accounts, TOR filtering, etc. It doesn't make sense to take imageboard software and turn it into forum software by adding everything that forums have that makes them different.


>>b-b-but context shouldn't matter!!
>Oh so you're a lib.
One more thing. I took this statement at face value, but it just hit me: you don't know what context means hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm genuinely embarrassed for you.

If a person posts in a /leftypol/ thread, their posts from /games/, /tech/, other /leftypol/ threads do not add context to their latest post because they are unrelated. The only "context" they provide is about the person making the post, which as I said before is irrelevant if you judge posts and arguments on their own merits. Dismissing an argument based on the person making it is a logical fallacy anyway.

So in an attempt to catch me with a gotcha (which I'm sure you thought was very clever) you made yourself look like a fool.


As I said above, if you have an alternative you're willing to implement, then share it. Your comments are good, it's not that I disagree, but at some point you need to address the problems, not just talk about ideals and values.
What is your problem? Context is everything that informs a mod about a user. When I see a post that is ban worthy, I check the history and read whether the poster has been doing nothing but flaming and trolling, or if it's a one off. Quality degrades very quickly when the lowest common denominator is allowed to post whateve they want as long as they don't cross the line on any individual post, but instead shit, fart, and cum all over the place in many small posts. Giving bad posts the benefit of the doubt very frequently gives bad results, and benefits crypto-reactionaries. Those edgy comments that are borderline bigoted or imperialist frequently turn out to be someone who is actually bigoted or some form of right winger.

You're angry that your post history aggravated your ban, but it could've just as well absolved you. More information means the mod team can make more informed decisions. This information isn't part of discussions per se, each post is judged individually by other posters. This is about bans. A ban is judged with as much context as possible.


You literally keep little lists of other leftists like he did. In this scenario, I’m Paul Robeson, you grass


i was just banned for "anti communism" because i said the holodomor was real and it was a genocide
this is nonsense


>You're angry that your post history aggravated your ban
That isn't me you dumbass, that is another poster entirely.
>but it could've just as well absolved you.
LOL, LMAO even.

>Quality degrades very quickly when the lowest common denominator is allowed to post whateve they want as long as they don't cross the line on any individual post, but instead shit, fart, and cum all over the place in many small posts

So you admit that none of it is actually rule breaking, but because it makes your personal feels hurt, you make a collective ban content. Nevermind that this still ignores the fact that /meta/ is supposed to be exempt, never mind that by that metric nazi posters should be getting much, much longer bans instead of shorter bans and never mind that this is literally what reddit mods do to users, by banning by adding up unrelated small things and creating an arbitrary "rules broken" claim to ban on.
> edgy comments are totally /pol/
This is LEFTYPOL you fucktard the entire point is that people don't need to pussyfoot around. Moreover that's not a breaking of the rules, as the rules YOU WROTE clearly state that only blatantly bad faith shit ought to be banned on the main boards AND that this is far less enforced on /siberia/. Your entire decision is based off of 2 posts I made out of hundreds, and ones that can barely be construed as offensive, and cannot in good faith be called right-wing. Being generally anti-idpol and anti-rainbow-capitalist is not bigotry, idiot.


Nice bait desu


wasnt even bait im serious



fuck you mean read a book
you should read something other than authoritarian propaganda



Given the mod statement about poster history and 'context'I did an overview of all my posts of my banned IP. Out of ALL my posts only 5 are related to idpol and only 3 in the past week. This is out of roughly 100-120 posts, most of which are on /AKM/ and /anime/ and the Ukraine general. My opinions on idpol consist of 2 harmless shitposts saying idpol is idpol regardless of side, and a detailed review of Bridget and the corporate liberalism and toxicity of the character change. This is all at worst a controversial opinion and if you're going to use all my poster history as a reference then you ought to consider the small amount of posts I've made regarding idpol.

So I state again, there are no grounds for a week long ban given that nazi posters get day long bans
I got no warning for my posts prior to ban, and I have not broken any rules for a site wide ban to be given.


I mean exactly that
>authoritarian propaganda
Ahahaha are you TRYING to make me laugh? The fucktard.creator of Victims of Communism and wife to an author debunked a decade ago, is fucking comedy.


Jannies need to start enforcing their own rules. zfag containment thread is ful l of peole whining about anarchists like little bitches even though we have clear rules on this with regards to rules 13 and 14.
Usually i wouldn't care but it's clearly leaking out into the rest of the website and when brought up with janies they make some weak excuses about how it's just eople arguing with eachother reporting each other, which A, theyh ave no way to know because that's not how the report function works and B I know is atl ast partially untrue because I report posts despite barely actually particiating in the thread.
We already had some dark times on /leftypol/ of certain people trying to make it their ideological echo chamber and pushing everyone else out and I dont think anyone over 18+ and not severely autistic really wants this again.
Please fix your shit and actually apply your own rules you enforce on us.


Anarchotards should be thankful they’re even allowed to post here, by any definition anarchists aren’t socialists and aren’t aligned with our goals at all yet somehow get away with spreading NATO propaganda


I don't know your particular case. I was commenting on post history more generally.


Why'd you delete the Kanye post the anti semitism was mild it was just one anon calling everyone else a nazi.


Nobody asked faggot you should be thankful you're allowed here, nobody likes you and you ruin every thread you touch.
jannie-pet uyghur.


are you Agent Kochinski?


What are you talking about you autist?
The fact remains that if i spammed threads saying ML's were fascists and etc etc etc we both know I would be 10 day site banned in minutes.


When will anarchists stop supporting ukronazis?


I would like to contest an unjust ban. I wrote a detailed analysis on the Romanovs, the synthesis of monarchy with socialism, and on how fanatical republicanism is a recent development. I got my post deleted and slapped with a weeklong ban for “Tsar apologia” when I have done no such thing, unless you mean acknowledging how well liked the Romanovs were is “apologia” in which case you’d have to ban every Russian communist. Anybody mind explaining themselves?


Opposing something doesn't mean supporting anything that claims to also oppose it. Russia isn't going to do anything about Ukraine's nazi problem, they haven't done anything about their own nazi problem. It's just a territory war between two factions of glowies. It isn't both-side-ism to recognize this.


>they haven't done anything about their own nazi problem
This is a lie. Russia spent several year cracking down on neo-nazi groups. They will do the same in Ukraine. Why do you deny this? Do you not want this to happen? Are you upset that Russian neo-nazis were wiped out by the authorities? You anarchists really harbor a lot of sympathy for the far right.


If they didn't know that was the case, then how would that be sympathy for the alt-right? They probably just saw some article about the few nazis that Russia hasn't managed to shake off yet, and assumed that there hasn't been sufficient effort.
Like the other anon said, there's been a lot of effort that's been done in Russia to handle their nazi problem. Just because there's a few here and there doesn't mean there's nothing being done. Extending those effort to Ukraine too would help in that cause, since they tend to take refuge in Ukraine.


>acknowledging how well liked the Romanovs were is “apologia”

lol what, the country had a liberal revolution and then a socialist one 6 months later because the liberals were too soft, how exactly were the romanovs well liked


>acknowledging how well liked the Romanovs were is “apologia” in which case you’d have to ban every Russian communist
Is this a joke?


>They will do the same in Ukraine
you retard. they've been releasing them in prisoner swaps.
Just how dumb do you gotta be?


Half the Ukraine thread right now is discussing LGBT rights which have nothing to do with the happening in Ukraine. Mods do your jobs.


blanquiism isn't popular revolution


Yes, the monarchy was overthrown and replaced by a liberal puppet government that caved to the Germans the first chance they got. The February Revolution was little more than a coup by the bourgeoisie against the few elements of tradition that stood between them and absolute power, much like they would do in Germany a couple years later. And much like in Germany, the outraged working class rose up in rebellion against the corrupt and decadent government that sought pleasure over national prosperity. The grievances of the Bolsheviks had little to do at all with the Romanovs themselves, and when rogue agents had them killed against Lenin’s orders it cost the Bolsheviks a large amount of international support, due to giving the impression that the newly formed Soviet Union sought to abolish all stability in society in favor of mass hives of faceless slaves with no culture to call their own, which couldn’t be further from the truth

Seeing as a mod has yet to respond I will take this as tantamount admittance that my ban was unjustified


wtf, I got banned yesterday for being too handsome.


can fellow mods reign in the chihuahuaposter?


the fucking what now





lol, it's kinda cute


File: 1666757388933.gif (27.06 KB, 158x132, 1516541711160.gif)

Lmao big if true and ironic that the mods you supported during the last split were the ones keeping lists of who to purge among the mod team (and did so for two mods IIRC).


Nah, that would be mod abuse. I just tell them to kill themselves.


>Lmao big if true
Haven't you already admitted to A. keeping notes attached to the IPs you ban and B. banning a large number of genuine leftists during the initial Ukraine "anti-glowops" sprees?
>ironic that the mods you supported during the last split were the ones keeping lists of who to purge among the mod team
How is that comparable to profiling literally hundreds of users based on their posts?


>Haven't you already admitted to A. keeping notes attached to the IPs you ban and B. banning a large number of genuine leftists during the initial Ukraine "anti-glowops" sprees?
The notes are not compiled into a list retard. You have to click an IP to see the note attached to it.

>How is that comparable to profiling literally hundreds of users based on their posts?

Even without notes that is still possible to 'profile' someone because we can see user history and previous ban. How can we moderate users if we can't 'profile' them?


I accidentally messed up and put the subject line in the name line, can a mod change it
its >>>1240398 and it was supposed to read 'CPUSA Question'


> How can we moderate users if we can't 'profile' them?
By removing posts that are illegal or spam on a post bt post basis and otherwise doing very little moderation in fact


Literally no site on the web does that cause you would instantly get overrun by bad-faith actors. To moderate you need access to IPs, and to have access to IPs is already the capacity to profile (through ban and deletion histories, through knowing IP ranges, so on). Notes on the IP are small potatoes considering we could just do the same with custom ban messages anyways. It just shows how utterly disjointed the "oppositional" points are and how little they understand of how the system works (or how much they purposefully misrepresent it to make their points seem less insane).


Why was I banned for infraspam when I agreed on literally one point with Haz.


this is just lazy modding, any look at my post history would confirm this.



But the worst faith actors are almost always the mods, proven over and over. One step above cp spammers,


The funniest part is this started with accusations of list making and here you are justifying your lists.

Point proven. Well done mr Orwell :)


Every time there has been an unmoderated or "less" moderated leftypol, it quickly turns into a cesspit of the worst posters, nazbols, edgy reactionary leftists, incels, people obsessed with bizarre culture shit.


You're the one crying about 'muh 1984'.


the poster you are replying to isn't a real person but a long-standing running gag


Pickle man tricked me again…


apart from the time there was the original leftypol which was growing and converting, until the great freakout from which we have never recovered.

Its got nothing to do with 1984. Haven't said a word about it.


yeh, its not like the current leftypol moderation staff literally created Haz or anything like that


>the worst posters, nazbols, edgy reactionary leftists, incels, people obsessed with bizarre culture shit.
But those are all the things mods allow


Wildly utopian. Imagine if a Thingnoticer or a Hazbot started posting, you prefer we delete one post at a time instead of just delete post by IP?

They are at leftychan right now.

It is pretty mid tbh


You literally created the hazbots. I don’t care about the thing noticer


This isn't the time or place to have a discussion abt Haz. Obv the ability of moderation to "create hazbots" is way overstated, whatever that even means.
It's nice to not care, isn't it. Very comfortable.


>This isn't the time or place to have a discussion abt Haz. Obv the ability of moderation to "create hazbots" is way overstated, whatever that even means.
>It's nice to not care, isn't it. Very comfortable.


Yes but it is, isn't it?


It's not tankies, tankies have exposed Pol Pot for being a primitive that befriended the Kampuchean monarchy, it's the third-worldist schizos that defend Potty.


Okay but that didn't answer my question


Can someone be so kind as to explain to me how criticizing Nancy Pelosi is worthy of a ban for being a “schizo”? Forgive my insolence but I was under the impression this was a communist website, not a DNC circlejerk, and if that is indeed the case now the least you could do is some rebranding. As it stands, with a name like “leftypol” newcomers will arrive with the mistaken impression that this website is for communists when it’s actually intended to be a liberal hugbox. Perhaps a name like DNCpol or Liberalpol to get the point across


You made an outrageous claim that Paul Pelosi was attacked by his gay prostitute based on nothing but schizo rightoid blogs and when challenged said 'uuuhhh it's not my job to educate you', that is basically just trolling.


Lol, who appointed you as Pelosi’s lawyer? I’m sorry your honor, I’ll be sure to provide documented evidence through the proper channels in court the next time I dare malign the Pelosi family’s spotless character


>noooooo you have to get your info from MSNBC and CNN!! everything else is disinformation!!
>your claims have been fact checked and deboonked!
>my source you ask? politifact, the arbiters of truth


File: 1667371327712.png (117.85 KB, 337x362, copy.png)

Fun fact for the handful of retards here still doing the rightwing idpozz thing, the two biggest shills for rightwing chauvinism and "patsoc" shit on leftypol are
1.an american man-child that I'm pretty sure has some kind of medical condition that makes him perpetually think and speak like a 13 year old boy
2.A british pedophile neet


>everyone who disagrees with me is one person two people
meds, schizo


Mods & Jannies, how active do you consider the curent moderation? Do you want more mods? More Jannies? If someone spammed gore how long would it stay up for?


What am I even banned for I don't even post here


sorry but if you want to assert some claim you need to provide evidence


you libs are incorrigible. whatever the MSM says, whatever the dominant narrative is, that's what you accept without question or asking for evidence covid comes to mind also anyone providing a counter narrative must provide evidence so they wouldn't get banned and their posts deleted.

this place has turned to shit. I only come here for the Ukraine thread, don't even bother with anything else any more.


Guess what, you can be a communist and still not believe every dumb shit you read online and wallow in your anti-intellectualism.


why carry water for libs? who cares if "fake news" make libs feel bad. this site is full of them, make them defend their own.


Allowing bullshit to run rampant is corrosive to having any good conversation or establishing the truth about anything.


>he thinks truth matters in today's political landscape
you sweet summer child…


I like this post
but if you don't post then it doesn't matter


File: 1667410065858.jpg (378.9 KB, 1080x1704, IMG_20221102_212637.jpg)


We should laugh at the story itself, we don't need to make up dumb shit about it and enable rightoids.


Why does the fact that the Pelosi family is full of sexual freaks so surprising to you? I’m willing to bet most high ranking deep state politicians participate in this sort of behavior regularly, the only difference here being that this orgy went bad and Nancy Pelosi decided to use it to play victim. Even after it’s been confirmed that Paul Pelosi’s lover was a registered Green Party voter and BLM militant you’re still clinging to the obviously false narrative that those mean evil Nazi Tankies are out to get you


confirmed by the drudge report i'm sure


debunked by Washington Post fact checkers


The fact that it’s being so heavily censored and so much effort is being put into “debunking” it by the MSM is proof enough. If the powers that be want to censor information it’s usually because there’s something incriminating. Also the Drudge Report broke the Lewinsky scandal long before MSM was willing to admit it, so that’s an unintentionally apt comparison


>literally everything the non-mainstream news says is correct

holy shit get brainworm treatment


your guideline seems to be
>if it is not picked up by mainstream media, it's bullshit
good luck in life with that


Tell you what, how about you at least post socialist publications agreeing with your schizo takes? This is not a site for irony poisoned rightists.


I think if you guys banned any post with tru.it / whatever other sites the pedo poster is using in it, that would make them go away. Because I think their operation is to make people pay to access those files, so if they run out of websites to do that on they'll probably go away.


Good point, will convey this to the devs, however these spammers probably change site every week or so anyway.


Listen, Satan. I'm not the anon who posted that stuff. I don't even believe the gay prostitute narrative. All I'm saying is that mods shouldn't be deleting content that makes libs seethe. As I said before, make the libs argue against it. Every post they spend deboonking narratives, is one less post they spend spreading their own narrative. Get it now?

>There are many factual details about the violent assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, early Friday morning in their San Francisco home, which remain to be determined: what security system was in effect and why Pelosi was entirely unguarded; how the attacker was able to gain entry without setting off an alarm; whether the man arrested for the assault, David DePape, had any accomplices or assistance.

How did he gain access? Why was Pelosi unguarded that night? The liberal media narrative doesn't address these. Answering them might push liberals to come up with a story early on, that they change later. It's all about cornering them. Political discourse is no longer about truth. We live in a post-truth political landscape.


Why the fuck did I get banned? All what it said was /pol/. I think the mod meant to ban a different anon. I wasn’t the one who was transphobic at all.
Earlier, I was arguing that it’s possible to be a fascist and push for liberal values at the same time. That isn’t anything related to whatever you see on /pol/.


looks like you were caught in a rangeban, unbanned now.


Thanks. The other guy was just going full on /pol/. Perhaps we should color code different IP addresses that are displayed so the mods won’t get confused.


Am I really the only one here who sees the real problem? What happens when a malicious actor gains access to our IPs and associated posting histories? Does the entirety of leftypol get doxxed?


yes, it's just you
1. you should assume anything you post on the open internet is public (don't dox yourself!)
2. you should assume server owners can see all IPs, all packets, etc. Even if the server didn't have this functionality, it could be trivially created by anyone with access to the server.
2.5 I'll agree that 2 doesnt imply that all moderators should be assumed to have access to all IPs. A hash situation instead of showing the IPs would be preferable, tho rangebans would still require mods to know IP.

Use a VPN if you're worried, or never post personally identifying information (or anything the government would be obliged to follow up on like terrorist threats). Individuals don't have access to ISP knowledge of who owns what IP. If you're worried about a government employee infiltrating the staff, searching all IPs (which itself would be difficult, since there's no 'list' available of what IPs have posted, without server access at least) and scraping the posts, in order to subpoena all of our ISPs (assuming it's the US gov, and u live in a 14 eyes country and also not the EU) just to put us on their shitlist - i think you should re-evaluate your threat model.

Besides that tho posting histories are necessary for understanding the difference between a single post, and spam, or bait and disruption, or sarcasm and /pol/ shit. It not only helps us decide to ban, but it helps us decide to not ban if we see evidence that a person isn't a bad faith actor.


>post with a VPN if you're paranoid
>oh and we actively penalise IPs with no post history


Also it really isn't just him who can see the problem with the way you're moderating the site. I remember when you made the janny recruitment thread on the main board a bunch of people called you out for it, which lead to you deleting all their posts, banning a large number of users, nuking much of the thread and creating the privacy policy page to cover your asses.

Maybe if you listened to the concerns of users instead of just dismissing them as schizos and glowies you wouldn't end up making huge mistakes, like the absurd way the Ukraine thread was moderated for the first 3 months.


>you should assume anything you post on the open internet is public (don't dox yourself!)
haha yeah bro just be lonely bro gotta accelerate dat atomization shits
>Use a VPN if you're worried, or never post personally identifying information (or anything the government would be obliged to follow up on like terrorist threats).
dude I posted reaction pics on leftypol that I've used outside leftypol, I didn't even know mods were keeping tabs. fuck me, right? add a pixel here, a crop there, erryting's gonna be alllriiiight


i think other mods should weigh in on this too, but personally my approach to this is: who and where do you think you are? This is not a supersecret underground members-only encrypted chat. It's also not a forum with accounts needed in order to post, so moderation and moderation based on IP is needed, as we regularly get automated spam. You are using a free platform for conversing and arguing with other leftists (and rabble), and all the mods believe in the (limited) mission of helping this space exist, and be clean and usable for the average poster. So while we do value the posters here, you are not a customer, and you have no ability to demand anything. We have pretty close to 0 ability to make changes to the backend right now btw, we have a dev, and they have a life outside of this. We appreciate the genuine constructive criticism, and we try to avoid stepping on the toes of good faith posters, but we have little ability to give any kinds of reforms to the site right now. Banners and flags are about it.

And please remember, this is an albanian tunnel-digging forum, so don't take things too seriously, have fun, learn some, and chill with the semi-likeminded autists here.

I legit can't tell with these posts, if it's just concern trolling, or if you're a normal poster who's paranoid. If you're not someone posting idpol, right-wing stuff, vitriol, and the like constantly, u have nothing to worry about. We're not combing through all the posts looking to see who's sus. It's only in the case that someone's shitting up the place that their post history becomes relevant. Obviously though one mod-action-worthy post will be dealt with, the same as a whole bunch of them. Just to reiterate, you're not penalized for having no post history - it only helps us make a decision when mod action consideration has already been triggered. If a single post is ambiguous, I leave it. If it's an ambiguous post but there's a history of nothing but flaming, then action might be taken. No history is not a strike against you.

touch grass, have sex, and so on
if you're this paranoid about…. whatever it is you're worried about, yet you're not so paranoid that you assume a website is "good" and completely free of internal logging, you gotta up your game.


We neither have the personal time to invest nor the width of membership needed to be a posting Stasi, sadly. IPs will only ever get checked if they are already being sussy anyways, and at that point someone who is readily switching IPs with every post is going to be clearly seen as trying to dodge and weave through getting banned hoping we don't know how to give out rangebans (we do). Other than the possibility of them being banned because of these spammers, there is basically no further consideration for people who use VPNs.
The private policy page has been there I think since the literal beginning. If it hasn't the knowledge contained therein is so commonplace to just chans generally you'd have to be a redditor to not know. Regardless we have our own internal verification process behind recruiting new mods and people aren't just instantly given the keys to everyone's IP just because they are brought on as a janny, they have got to have proven some ability to moderate reasonably as determined by the existing mods. There is nothing unique to /leftypol/'s conduct relative to other chan-like sites.


File: 1667639435352.jpg (96.23 KB, 890x656, so stupid.jpg)

>if it's just concern trolling, or if you're a normal poster
Not in this case but I've run into that problem.
I think it's a good thing to remember that one does not have to understand everything.


>new mods and people aren't just instantly given the keys to everyone's IP just because they are brought on as a janny, they have got to have proven some ability to moderate reasonably as determined by the existing mods.
You have libs as mods and mods have been caught banning/deleting posters/posts who disagree with them in discussions. You're a fucking joke, your life is a joke, and your parents are disappointed in you.
>I think it's a good thing to remember that one does not have to understand everything.
janny destroyed


/meta/ is what 0 rhetoric does to a motherfucker


>(Rape apologia is right wing retardation and that IS bannable)
1) No it is not right-wing, it has nothing to do with political leanings, the world isn't divided into Good = Leftist & Bad Rightist you ideologue.
2) No that is not bannable on /siberia/ nor on leftypol, as stated in the rules discussion is permitted, only blatant nazi rhetoric and other stuff is outright bannable.
See >>23418
Finally this is a 2 week old ban appeal post… a ban appeal post that got said ban lifted by another mod Your ban is pointless and schizophrenic.


>>>/anime/ and >>>/hobby/ have several decent or outright good threads at bump limit and that should get archived in an >>>/anime_archive/ and >>>/hobby_archive/
The same for >>>/edu/ should be done >>>/edu_archive/
There's no loss in storage, since you're transferring threads from one board to another. Also there should be a list of the hidden boards for people to see
>>>/dead/ and >>>/gulag/ are known, and I recall some others vaguely, but there's no way to find it otherwise.

Please move
to >>>/AKM/

>>>/hobby/4991 should go in >>>/draw/

>>>/hobby/19565 is dead and ought to be merged into the existing and more active LOTR thread >>>/hobby/11615

>>>/siberia/329352 should be moved and merged into the existing The Boys thread >>>/hobby/10810


Mods why the fuck did you delete my fucking link in the Diverse Phenotypes thread on /siberia/
This is the archive.is of the link that I literally told people to use if they're leery about it. The fuck?!
https://archive.ph/lXLiU (archive of

Stop deleting shit that you don't even read closely or confirm.


why is it http with no domain name lmao
(i checked the archive - just post that smdh) (not the one who deleted the link btw)


>>>>/hobby/4991 should go in >>>/draw/
I've only been reaffirmed on this by the presence of >>>/draw/2672 Literally the same thread topic but less content.

It's http probably because of it being an obscure image mirror of twitter.


Is it reasonable of me to assume that /usapol/ in particular seem to be raided by a few specific individuals who work in tandem with one another? Like there is a guy who says reasonable shit and then right after that there is a flood of one-line responses indicating that they agree with his posts even if they don't reply to his points. It's just suspicious.


File: 1667931770183.png (528.92 KB, 1282x765, 1634574121163.png)

If you're going to ban for idpol on leftypol, then don't be hypocrites and ban everyone in the conversation. I'm not even the last person to respond. And on the topic, ban people for drama. Someone made a shitpost referencing a meme about Gorky, the reaction to this is blatant hysteria.

Just for context regarding >>>/leftypol/1257827
>when someone posts some obvious idpol bait
1) Neither of the posts are mine
2) That's not obvious idpol bait, that's a screencap of liberal retardation regarding Azov and Ukraine (thread relevant) and the response is a meme based on leftypol memes, no different to lasalle memes. If it offends you and you can't handle it, then you're on the incorrect site because this is leftist politically incorrect, the site made for casual discussion and shitposting about leftist politics. You're not supposed to be molly-coddled by mods.
>retards start dogwhistling about how the fash are all homos actually
No. Retards started overreacting to a 5 word shitpost, frothing at the mouth to defend gay people that aren't in any form impacted or harmed by said post.
>how there's no such thing as a commie homo
Said nobody in the thread
>ignoring the actual history
>fascists treating LGBT like shit
Funny they ignore the "akchual" history of said nazis being homos themselves and that "LGBT" as a movement being a blatant CIA co-opt. Or that the "sexuality studies" by liberals are pseudoscience based in the same eugenic origins as Nazi racial pseudoscience. Liberals are just another form of fascist and have NEVER been communist, screencap rel.
>communists being their greater allies
Communists are not about gays or women or race, the entire point of PROLETARIAT is that there are NO divisions that matter here outside of class, and after class is abolished then any issues of specific people can be addressed, not BEFORE.
>because they did throw gays int
This has NO relevance to the post or thread at hand.
>then the "gorkyposters" want to pretend LGBT are all fans of fascism
The point of those posts is that this kind of identarian division is inherently a reactionary trait, and fascists are reactionary.
>ecause some glowies on twitter are drawing anime pics of azovites with rainbow flags
Out of context gaslighting.

So mods, if I broke the rules by pointing out the hypocrisy of liberalism, then by all means ban others for defending it. Thanks and have a good day.


report it (and explain it in the explanation field) when u see it


File: 1668095537264.jpeg (7.74 KB, 263x192, snek.jpeg)

Please explain why I'm not even allowed to make threads in /siberia/. What is wrong with you mods?


shut up, namefag


Can a mod get rid of thethingnoticer shit in the USA thread


I have a post for /siberia/ but it might create a lot of work




Hahahahahahah. Maybe you shouldn’t have nuked the board and made redditoid moderating the norm you stupid fuck


File: 1668382647750-0.png (72.18 KB, 874x322, Screenshot1.png)

File: 1668382647750-1.png (136.4 KB, 968x721, Screenshot2.png)

Read the rules.

Shit opinions have never been a reason to ban someone.
This isn't identity politics (the stated ban reason). It literally isn't, and it's completely on-topic to the thread.
The role of a moderator isn't, and never has been, to rid the place of people you don't agree with or to protect /leftypol/ from responding to unpopular/non-conforming opinions.

No, this isn't just idealist whining, the attempts at sterilizing this site are actively killing its production and training newcomers to be dependent on mods to stop them feeding trolls instead of understanding their communal responsibility of self-management.

If you want places that thrive off being sterilized of anything non-conforming, there are far more pleasant, popular and friendly places than this site and I recommend you make the mutually-beneficial decision to move there instead. Leftypol.org is not one of those places, and trying to make it one is a destructive contradiction that has been killing this site since 2020.


Welcome to nuleftypol



Posting an archive link to this thread, especially since someone requested the mods read through the replies if they haven't already:

My deepest gratitude, and my bitterest condemnation


Does anyone else feel like the leftypol is way less active than half a year ago? Not even the big generals are very active anymore
what's happening?


File: 1668623649746.png (14.05 KB, 1024x768, 2021-05-02.png)

i wish we had that bar chart thing that bunkerchan had, then you could track daily PPH and get an idea of whether things were really slowing down, or whether you were just depressed during a slow hour.


Generally it seems like roughly the same amount of traffic through a larger pool of general threads. Oddly we've had more consistent activity during traditionally dead hours, which might signal a more international posterbase (like right now the /leftypol/ PPH is 36, used to it'd be sub-20).


leftypol always spikes during happenings, cause we're a relatively comfy place to watch the spectacle unfold

i think thats about it. Slow news quarter. Not enough apocalypse. Social failings are chronic, not acute, and somehow all the unionization stuff doesn't get people rowdy in the pants like stock collapse or war does… kinda sad tbh. Lots of the non-terminally-online-contrarian-anti-US-left stuff is on places like tiktok


since when is the email field gone?
did I miss something?


File: 1668752733588.jpg (318.51 KB, 822x796, feel.jpg)

This place is never gonna go big. I've been here since 2015 and I've accepted it. Some of us used to dream about the board becoming as big as /pol/ or reddit. But the only time it looked like /leftypol/ was growing sharply was in 2016-2017, before the split. The one long-term problem I've noticed is that the board seems to bleed well-read users and their spots are taken by newfags, in time leading to an irrecoverable decline in quality. I guess maybe we're just meant to move on and in the future /leftypol/ will have been just a phase.


Imageboards have high turnover


About a month and a half ago. It was an attempt to make saging more obvious to newfags.

Nah, it's more than just that. Popularity is exponential and various issues have made this place a mix of boring or aggravating as often as entertaining. I have little incentive to be creative here, even I've started weening off coming as often. Not even due to other things to do.

I could go into details on causation but it's stuff you've heard before.


Not much happening anyways. Tbh i think posters spent too much time chatting in Matrix rather than posting on the website itself


Someone explain to me how moderators (wvobbly) can get away with deleting more than 4/5 of a thread which didn't even break any rules and the only thing it possibly did it veered a bit more into reactionary idpol territory, which other anons kept in check. Most of the users were discussing in good faith, sans a socdem shitposter, and even though the topic was bit touchy, no one went into all out transphobia, at most some causal bigotism which shouldn't be excused but is understandable.

This is seriously killing leftypol. The moderator should have tried to steer the discussion in the proper way, not just nuke the thread. He deleted a bunch of my posts where I was expressing my concerns and thinking – what for? I don't think that I was breaking any rules. This is childish behavior from the moderators.


Thread in question. Just look in the logs, wvobbly went on a spree.


1. the thread was terrible
2. as i noticed very quickly, there's a 90% chance the mod hit like 1 button which banned a given poster and deleted all replies to their posts, rather than manually deciding which replies were deleted. (which you can still object to, but it's not like anyone was out to get you personally.)


File: 1669054827319.jpeg (115.54 KB, 1200x1080, security here.jpeg)

For one I hate to inform you, the thread was dead anyways because it was saged. Whatever action I was doing there after the fact was done mostly because another mod didn't have the time to clear it out, plus I like building up the ban list for idpolers cause it makes rangebanning them easier going into the future with a big example list to pull from.
For two we held a discussion about mod practices like a year ago and some users complained about leftover posts responding to deleted posts cluttering threads, so we adopted an initiative to delete those so long as it fell under a threshold of not effort-posty enough. The easiest way to not get your comments deleted is to not give b8ers and reactionaries (You)s, which is just something you should always be doing anyways. Like most things this is just how we've all been operating (sans cyclicals cause the dead link posts will just get recycled in time anyways), that thread was just particularly egregious cause you all decided to deep-throat some retards.


File: 1669055581188.png (11.55 KB, 1903x183, image.png)

Like, for example, thanks to my prudent banning and knowing your current IP, I can figure out which side of the argument you were on. Technically I have you by rights on ban evasion, but I'll be nice and assume you were just unaware that you aren't supposed to shit and fart about idpol all day and ignore that. But, if you ever act up on idpol again, I already have the capacity to build a rangeban against your IP to make it so you can't switch around IPs to constantly post more and more idpol.


Wtf all I said was “accurate” in response to a guy mocking anti-class IdPol. The reasoning behind this ban was “idpolling”. That’s not pro-IdPol at all. It’s not anti-IdPol either. The mod went on a ban spree and hammered everyone.


INB4 you are banned for questioning them in the meta thread.


Seriously? That happens?


>anti-class idpol
I don't know what that means, but describe the position that was mocked, what was said to mock it, and why you agreed with it. Without resorting to idpol yourself.


I cannot send an image on IOS for some reason but I took a screenshot. It said the following word-for-word as a green text. It was a reference to the Norf FC meme.
>don't care bout class politics (don't hate
em poors jus want em to be normal like
my upple mi el class frens)
> don't loik workin people
>don't loik communism in me identity
>just want me dick chopped off
>just want me 'ormones replaced
> just want a good society for raise me
gender-non-conformin' family in
>simple as
The guy who posted that was mocking anti-class IdPol.
My response to this was “accurate”. That’s it. That’s all I said.


"Idpoling" is lower on my ban hierarchy than idpol, usually only a few hours or a day and I'll accept whatever appeal they give because it was more a singular instance or enabling rather than constant posting.


I was banned for a week.


>>23782 (me)
Sorry, the greentext didn’t work out that well.


File: 1669057456683.png (3.52 KB, 542x170, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh, I think I see it in the logs. Sorry, the ban menu has a drop-down menu for ban lengths with commonly used timers, must've hit 1 week instead of 1 day.


Having been in that thread before it got nuked, that was clearly some guy samefagging a strawman position so they can idpol free reign. You were idpolling for saying "updoot" to it.


Alright. I’m fine with one day. It seems quite sensitive to me.


updated to 6 hr ban now, to account for time served


Alright. Thanks I guess


>But, if you ever act up on idpol again, I already have the capacity to build a rangeban against your IP to make it so you can't switch around IPs to constantly post more and more idpol.

Take your meds you stuck up asshole. This was my first time ever discussing gender and you can even see that my posts never go into idpol, but only about gender. Besides, ban my IP or not, it really does not matter for two reasons. First, the cope that this site shit anyway; and the other that I can just get a VPN or, you know, restart my router.


>restart my router
>doesn't know what a rangeban is


They rangebanned me from 4chan before. Didn't matter. 5-6 restarts and I'm back shitposting.


Then you just broaden the rangeban my guy


Did you guys ban Confederate Commie Mommy too? Why?



why does wvobbly call everything that hurts his feelings spam


So the Russian Duma recently passed a law against LGBT propaganda. This site should have a similar law as a mark of solidarity and to reduce the amount of LGBT derailment.


How about no.


Change >>>/leftypol/1287584 subject from @leftypoldotorg to @leftypol_org or whatever the official Twitter account is for leftypol. Also change it in the sticky while you are at it. And unsaturate that fucking icon for the pfp, my god


Mods have been strangely based these last couple of weeks, has anything happened?


I heard on the matrix that one of the more active mods is currently recovering from their bottom surgery.


Yeah I was testing out my new dick on your mom, works pretty good


Why did mods move the antireligious thread to /siberia/ but allow a thread about the holy bible on /leftypol/? Why do mods have a totally inconsistent policy on religion anyway?


I think no one cares enough about religion to have a policy


why is this site increasingly slow and unuseable on mobile

I never had problems when we were on bunkerchan but I get weird phantom scrolling and just general jankiness

I wish the old bunkerchan mobile site layout was here :(


i prefer 8leftypol mods
at least they were honest about banning what they don't like rather than concealing their intentions like spineless cowards


File: 1670473051944.gif (1.81 MB, 250x338, MEDS.gif)

>Make a Agent Kochinski shitpost in response to a NATOid shitpost
>Get accused of """samefagging"""
What the fuck? MEDS. NOW.


The IP aroused suspicion for various reasons involving relation to the banned IP in question. yes I am being intentionally vague Your ban has been lifted.


soyteens are raiding /leftypol/


It's not idpol so it's not breaking the rules. Sorry sweaty.


File: 1670621630066.png (30.6 KB, 783x409, ClipboardImage.png)

don't know if this fits here, but
>soyjak raiders idea of trying to be subtle


Is promoting class reductionism considered reactionary and will it warrant a ban?


strictly speaking, fed-jacketing is however


lmao rightoids are so stoopid


Why did you delete the thread titled "what did porky mean by this" and it had a video of freemason ritual dance?


There was a thread like this not long ago


File: 1670871935855.png (268.88 KB, 1554x1197, Untitled3.png)

Why was this thread anchored?


why do you think?


File: 1670877112887-0.png (5.26 KB, 553x48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670877112887-1.png (4.05 KB, 509x43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670877112887-2.png (26.35 KB, 535x257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670877112887-3.png (120.76 KB, 657x892, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670877112887-4.png (6.01 KB, 383x72, ClipboardImage.png)

There is systematic, normalized mod abuse. Namely, many mods don't enforce the rules. As in, don't even attempt to. Banning and saging for them is arbitrary.

These are bans I found on the first page of the log, so it's not cherry-picking some rarity, this is normal. All in the last three days.

These ban reasons are just nonsense. Unconstructive and arbitrary, many amounting to nothing more substantial than 'I don't like your post'.
Furthermore, many appear to contradict the entire concept of /leftypol/, treating it like other online leftism communities instead of what it is and always has been, and what the rules describe it as.

I'm even seeing posts like last picrel, asking why mods aren't enforcing a non-existent rule that I'm guessing they were banned for, to which a mod has explained that the rule doesn't exist. Seriously…

I'm not saying that every single possible violation has to be in the rules, I understand the need for occasional flexibility, but these ban reasons defeat the entire purpose of public ban logs, consistently cause complaints of abuse (see: this thread) and utterly confuse false-positives.

Shitpost when you're a user, don't abuse privileges for your own ends.

Concrete draft proposals:
>don't allow insult ban reason
>require that all ban reasons, outside extreme cases, reference a specific rule (even if something like 'low effort sectarianism' which refers to 14 f) )
>have pre-fill ban reasons for 'Commercial spam', 'Raid spam', and other actual rules, instead of just 'spam' bans which is FREQUENTLY accused of being abused by regular users.
>publicly revise the rules with the community if you're consistently deleting posts they don't cover
>kick mods who are constantly complained about, who are better suited to other, less permissive websites


File: 1670877337515.jpg (28.31 KB, 259x320, eh.jpg)

NTA but I think it's because a new mod confused it for something against the rules.

Why would you give a shitty answer like this? You're a moderator, it's not on users to justify the ban. Are you intentionally just trying to annoy people by not answering direct questions with a simple, useful answer?


Because it's not leftist? I really don't know considering it's /siberia/ and almost anything goes?


Taking the main point, the thing about a "/pol/ rule": to me /pol/ describes a reactionary who is also very obnoxious about it. It's a shorthand. The rules state reactionaries ought to behave, which in 90+% of cases they just don't.
>constantly complained about
beyond terrible metric (and this is an anonymous imageboard, hello)
as an aside it's been quiet the last couple weeks


Why does the bad faith Garveyist Black Nat have his own thread?


I guess i'll never know, why are mods such assholes?


Soyjakers are raiding again, specifically Siberia.


and they just posted CP


ok I will tell you the secret :)

The constitution says we have the right to remove any posts which we deem to be deleterious to the board. Siberia has been plagued with bad-faith threads about inceldom, racism, etc etc. This thread checks both boxes. There is a chance that OP is being sincere but I felt at the time that it was unlikely. They also have prior bans on their history.

I'm sorry if people feel I was too sarcastic but really can you use your brain to think why the topic might have been saged (not even deleted FFS).


>They also have prior bans on their history.
Ever since i was almost doxxed i have stopped posting with my bare IP on image boards, it's not very wise to do, and most people have some proxy or something in front of them when posting on image boards. The bans history are most likely from others using the same IP.


Gods speed, honestly.
I’ve been noticing a lot of the same and considering how raiders have talked openly about switching tactics to appear as seemingly innocuous or idpol libs to get their foot in the door, that seems fair.


Seriously though, you should check in on the black nat thread.


File: 1671023273411.png (Spoiler Image, 29.93 KB, 849x228, yet another jannie fail.png)

To advocate, against pessimism and the valorization of unnecessary drudgery as metric of worth, for the potential benefit technology can deliver to humanity is now bannable, as though the quality of moderation could not further degenerate.


This is a self proclaimed materialist website. They should have.


Historical Materialism isn't vulgar materialism nor does it prescribe atheism


LOL! Nice one
Maybe just accept that the mods r wack and all websites are dictatorships and ur definitely not changing anyone's minds by complaining about it?

My hunch for why this happens is that u have to be a techoid to run and do all the dev work and upkeep on a standalone site like this, so it selects for a certain class strata, who for whatever 'unknown reason' hold very liberal (or conservative if you consider them socialist) outlooks.

Consider this website an act of charity by some misguided troglodytes, thank them kindly, and use their gifts or walk away. Leftypol is just a name. Seeing as there are 2 leftypols currently, and some unofficial and semi-official leftypol spaces and accounts, it's probably not the best to regard the name as a promise of quality. (not that it ever was?)

The mods currently don't see themselves as users of the site or members of the 'community', they see themselves as objective administrators of a more or less static machine (only to intervene when it breaks, or a mod or dev goes rogue and - causes the machine to break down, metpahorically). To the mods the desires users of this site are not meant to be represented in any way - which is really weird considering you'd expect the mods to at least see themselves as users, and value their own input. Not so, it seems. Mods hate leftypol. Why it still runs is anyone's guess. Probably because it provides an ego boost. I mean we all knew jannies have to be mentally ill to do what they do, right?


mods there is literally images of bestiality on siberia. Come da fuck on


tell that un_dolphin uygha to stop engaging with trolls in the ban messages, we can see it in the logs and it's embarrassing


have to agree it's bloody weird


In what sense?


In what way am I ban evading? If you want to ban me for a month due to me being disruptive, go ahead, but no need to make up reasons.


Anyways, I have two possible explanations if I was indeed evading:
1) I have routerbanned leftypol on my router so I could only engage via my phone wifi, thus limiting my time being turbo-online. Its possible, but not probable, that this wifi IP somehow reset and I got banned for my anon posts without even knowing it, and evaded the ban without knowing.
2) Its possible some innocent troll larped as me, got banned, perhaps ban evaded afterward, and now its seen as if I am ban evading. In that case, look at my post history. It should be some posts under anon, and the last post that got me banned where I made a Sherlock meme
If my history is empty up to today, then its case 1) and I appologize for ban evading.


Mods sticky the Sison thread please + thanks


history empty, so the ban stays
on the bright side, you get help with being less online!


>give out random bans to anyone trying to use this as a normal board
>won't deal with one 2hu spammer
ahahaha how fucking useless are ya commie retards. I'm quite convinced you deserve to lose at this point.


Just gonna leave up the bestiality then


You could quote the thread / reply in question, if they haven't dealt with it yet.


Its in the thread "what is your opinion on 3D porn" and there is shitloads of it.


That's CGI. I think the mods would have to add a rule if they made a ruling on that. I imagine they'd opt to ban it since they banned loli. Currently it's not rule breaking tho.


I'm not gonna have some elongated several day argument with you mods, just plz


I'm not a mod, just saw the thread on overboard.


File: 1671344445058.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, laughingdeath.gif)



Dog fucker


Can you change the subject for >>Leftypol/1306538 to "Best State to revolt against the US" or something like that



dog fucker


bestiality is allowed on siberia? holy Caballo moment


Ah, okay, so it must be on my end with IP change. Do you even know if I was suppised to be banned at the time or did you just assume I was evading due to empty history? Because unless you banned me for more than a week when I was anon-posting, I shoud be free to post. Also my post history probably isn't coming back, so… you will keep banning me? Cuz all my posts got deleted now.


File: 1671711088931-0.png (33.15 KB, 953x106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671711088931-1.png (72.46 KB, 815x422, ClipboardImage.png)

40 reply thread just got merc'd
Can't see the post number in the log so I'm assuming it was a side effect of the… why are there 6 Deleted all posts by IP address logs this hour?
Nukes are a drastic measure and I can't tell if this is collateral damage or not.


>if this is collateral damage
It's not


Hey jannies, wake up, I think the Soy party raid is starting.


>>>/Siberia/350092 has exhausted it's potential for useful discussion and has become a cesspool. Pls ⚓.


Remember all the subjects which aren’t allowed, but dog porn is okay


Caballo wants to fuck dogs to complete his quest to be a white woman


Did you guys make sure to range ban the soy raiders? There's still a few posting.


>muh soy boogeyman


Who else was organizing a raid?


Neither me or my sister said anything remotely resembling idpol. Wvobbly, please be careful you're banning the right post before administering a ban.


See >>>/meta/23587 and any number of posts about that particular mod.


This please, /hobby/ has gotten clogged up by too many old and duplicate threads.


File: 1672025560198.jpg (43.6 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0023.jpg)

Is chew-wow-waa just Bee?


wvobbly, I don't ban evade, so you just clapped a joker.


Banned with picture deleted (lmao) for posting on Siberia with the lame reason > samefag when I was obviously just replying once to myself.

Try harder discomrade.


Did you remember to add "(me)" after the quote number?


No I reply to myself all the time and don't get accused of samefagging because it's obvious to anyone with a brain I'm just replying to myself.

I didn't violate any rule mod just didn't like my post and came up with the flimsiest reasoning to ban it.


Ah, well I always do the "(me)" thing just out of habit. If the jannies are gonna occasionally do that then may as well.
I wonder if they're gonna do that for people with the same IPs. My brother uses this site too.


Don't believe everything you read on the internet
This post is funny in an abstract sort of way


Find a janny to cover the 4am shift please.


>posting on Siberia
your first mistake


Would you like to cover the 4am shift?

Also, when is 4am. UTC?

Even if it wasn't a samefag (I've seen this troll samefagging for attention before), it would have just been rule 7 (bad-faith low-effort reactionary non-seq derailing fits the criteria) and rule 14 g), repeat offense.
It was a very obvious malicious troll post on the lines of "why does this whole thread all agree with this AI?" and then posted a GPT screencap about da blacks that had nothing to do with the thread.


This place would be a lot better if wvobbly died of a heart attack suddenly. Just sayin.


To bad you can't just vote him off the mod team


Are the timestamps on the posts UTC? Then yeah that 4am. And perhaps, gotta get my shit together first, but I might apply once I know what my school routine will be like.


They adjust to your local time zone.


Was it really neccesary to nuke king lear
Not a major complaint I don't really mind that you did kinda found the nuking as funny as his walls of text but y'know


I have been banned for shitposting in ISG, unhand me your curs


What did you post?


Why are you constantly banning anyone who voices pro-Ukrainian views in the /Ukraine/ general?


This lame spammed gore and thinks he's just voicing his views lol.


Can you give an example?


All of /isg/ is low-quality, not sure why I deserved a ban for my shitpost. You should have made it a 15 minute ban if it had to be done. The guy I was replying to is mentally ill anyway, how come his schizophreniac delusions get to remain if post quality is a concern?


Shitposts about Tony Blair being based and multi-polar pilled. Also shitposts about Saudi Arabia in the same vein.

There was a mod, who outted themselves as such by banning me, who was arguing strongly for multipolarism, they also knew who I was even though I didn't have a my trip on.


that was a shit thread and you should feel bad (tony blair)


it was a good thread and you should feel bad (you)


i dont understand why i was banned for the imperial way posts, like those were obviously troll posts


I don't know what that means but I can see it's undone



Lmao got banned for insulting jannies on the meta board. These people are shameless. Of course it was that psycho wobbly, what even is the point of having rules if it's just if a mod doesn't like your post.


File: 1673049723367.png (43.03 KB, 912x246, ClipboardImage.png)

>>24801 is probably a petty faggot who deserves it judging by this post,
but please use actual ban reasons and not this absolute garbage in picrel.
like seriously, this is useless. stop abusing the ban reason as a conversation feature and write the actual ban reason. I've seen a wide number of the most active mods doing this, not just wobbly.


Yea fuck you too janny cocksucker


Ban revoked.
Sounds like you deserved your ban.
No idea what you're talking about. Ban revoked.
Probably deserved it. Maybe don't be unproductive next time.


You're such a cowardly piece of shit.


Hey jannies, how about you do your job and ban the spamming Felix schizo calling every pro-Russian a pinochetistat instead of me for posting a soyjak mocking him? Everytime he posts, I'll post that soyjak if you lazy bums don't ban him quickly. And unban me and not the schizo that starts derailing.


The soyjak ban is still one of the most ridiculous things to come out of the mod team


So it is clear from the very active state of this thread that one of you has had a bad couple of days. An episode if you like. I am banned then unbanned literally every time I check the board, so clearly there is disagreement. I simply haven't spammed anything, and IHG is a safe space for shitposting.

Please desist, and reign in your errant friend. Perhaps a welfare check, they've gone off on one completely.


I like that the report screen on this site lets you type the rule broken instead of picking from some tree list. More sites should be like this. (I get it's a scale thing, bigger sites probably have mods specialized to specific rules.)


They should ban him and you for longer, given repeat offenses.
Nah it's based. Mods are Glegle gang.


How? Even outside of the context (constant soyjak.party raiding and generic flooders on /b/) it was a smart decision. Nothing of value was lost.
However, the correct course would be to do what 7chan (to a degree) and Ponychan did and ban all recycled 4chanite garbage. I doubt the mods have the guts for that.

Same shit.

It's great for adding context, or making simple requests like 'edit this OP because i did a typo'


>ban all recycled 4chanite garbage. I doubt the mods have the guts for that.
Micro-managing to this extent is usually done when real issues are sorted, as a rule.
Maybe it can be in the next five year plan starting 2026.


Why was this saged? >>>/siberia/356137
Better question: why don't mods use a capcoded reply to explain their reason for saging anymore, or for obvious shit like a malicious OP, the bluetext feature?


Misato, you're retarded.



>How? Even outside of the context (constant soyjak.party raiding and generic flooders on /b/) it was a smart decision. Nothing of value was lost.
You're punishing the whole community for something a bunch of outsiders/raiders did. Regular users don't "spam" the website with soyjak. It was always used as a form of banter between normal users, why turn it into a bannable offense? It's ridiculous.


Appearently I had reported something that was found to not actually be breaking the rules. If you have such records, what was it?


Just a question, if i posted a serious good faith argument against feminism, you would delete it right?


I think the mod ban/deletions have erased like a couple dozen Ukraine threads in the leftypol_archive through site-wide bans because there are several threads I know for a FACT got archived, but are gone now.


sorry for the loss
For threads you consider worth saving, remember that duplication+decentralization are unbeatable if you want to keep old shit around. This way the power can be in your hands, too. (server space is not unlimited)


we dont need regurgitated /pol/ memes anyways


>copying someone's post and adding an ugly face qualifies as banter these days
Yeah nah.


Not disagreeing (I don't give a shit about ukraine general) althought web.archive.org isn't showing any change since Nov 12 2022
Or any missing ukraine threads compared to April

What were you looking for? Are you sure you checked far enough down the catalog?


>legislating banter
Caaam on saaan


Hey mods is it possible to recover all the webms that show up as missing in this thread? >>>/music/130


If I just replied to every one of your posts with a racial slur and called it banter, it wouldn't make it banter.


File: 1673487159355.png (78.43 KB, 476x265, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh come on.
This is obviously a cheeky argument, and one which generated a good discussion no less. There's even a smug animated face attached.
Putting a sign on it telling people WARNING THIS IS BAIT is needlessly pathetic and extremely condescending to users. Incidentally, it's also not against any rule or policy, nor should it be discouraged. It's not like some rightoid saying some trite or offensive ragebait.

If you have a problem with a post and want to call it bait, you should reply to it with your opinion instead of misusing features to put your opinion inside the post. That's what HET images exist for.


Some or all of them (I only checked a couple) are archived on web.archive.org if you need them right now:
and we should also have a site backup containing them. We'll try recovering them.

A mod (back in 2021) moved the thread back onto /music/ without deleting the original /music/ thread first, and when the original was pruned a few months ago, its files were deleted too.


there's a mindset it seems like among some mods or just off and on with all of them (since its not consistent) of suppressing stuff that makes the site less fun (which is obviously subjective and will cause disputes like this - there's good reason to think bait has little to add, but personally i like the smug cartoon), instead of promoting stuff that they want.

You have some mods saying they are very hands off and don't want to impose top-down culture, and then you have the wobblys and misatos of the team who don't have any qualms, and so there's a different face for each accusation - under or over-moderation. I hope internally the mods can implement stricter adherence to the plain rules as stated, or stop trying to legislate every action altogether and allow the mods to have some fun, which is its own kind of positive contribution. The current state of the mod team, half deleting shit they dont like and suppressing, and half agreeing with the sentiment "sorry i just remove gore and nazis, i dont want to influence top-down", makes it highly dysfunctional for the users. I still applaud them for keeping the place CP-free and up and running though.

Mods: please just understand the actual demoralizing impact your actions can have on the boards. It only takes a few good people to make the place fun and lively. By the same token, it also only takes a few people leaving to make it dead and sterile. I think the natural oscillations in quality mask the fact that things are going downhill overall.

Think of it this way: what causes you to post? For me it's two things, either frustration (for lack of a better word), or genuine care to educate or be educated. With frustration, what's most enticing is good bait, or someone getting something just wrong enough to make it easy to jump in and feel good about answering a question, or someone making a challenge like "i'm x, i dont like communism cause [misunderstanding]". For being enticed to post for education, there have to be people who show their human side and not just be autistic, and show some real knowledge or desire to learn.

Considering the above, what happens when you remove bait threads or posts, is just that one source of interaction leaves. That's negative, quantitatively. Qualitatively i can't say, but personally everyone has their own view of what's tolerable and what's not. I know some people are more conflict averse than I am, I just laugh at weird trolls if theyre committed. If you do something to reduce interaction, you should then take a position on the opposite side to increase interaction, e.g. heavily promoting reading, praxis, etc. to the point of pinning the organizing thread for example, or even as a drastic measure moving the spectacle gawking to its own board, so more political things can be on leftypol (like about theory, or organizing, or just ppl complaining about life, or analysis of the current situation (lots of long OPs get close to 0 interaction before sliding off for "was [someone no one cares about] /ourguy/??)).

The other option is decide if you want to lean into allowing a more conflictual atmosphere, not moderating on ideology and just removing trash and really noxious stuff. But that would require binding the moderators to a code of conduct which has suspensions and eventually de-modding if not followed. Do you guys have the will and cohesion to be able to do that? Which way, leftypol jan?

(P.S. I love you all, i'm not trying to stir shit or trash anyone specifically, but please consider this)


Whoa uygha do you really expect me to read all that shit?
Here's my thoughts anyway: There's nothing (substantial) in the rules about warnings. Strictly going by the rules I could put a warning on every single post on this site. That said I think warnings are less than useless.


ok consider that instead of the post being deleted or the user banned, the post was just given a note for people to not get insanely mad over what is technically a very incendiary post

Technically, youre right. I personally just use the warning feature to make sure people just dont take the bait in the worst possible way (Indicate that the user is most likely satirical and/or bad faith, case by case scenario depending on their post history)


on another note, it is more than reasonable to not be charitable towards seemingly cop apologia on a leftist imageboard, even if ironic or not


yes, and think about it
its a monumental task, i know
mods are deep thinkers


>there's a mindset it seems like among some mods [snip] of suppressing stuff that makes the site less fun [snip], instead of promoting stuff that they want.
Usually, when I try to do things that are more fun, I do them anonymously. My philosophy is that this isn't the kind of imageboard where mod powertripping is considered fun by users so I only 'be a mod' when necessary (as opposed to other relaxed old-school sites where mods make banal user GETs flash rainbow and fake ban people sarcastically)
I mean, should I be using my capcode on my OC, projects or effortposts on the board? I assumed no, but shit it might just help this illusion that mods just do banning stuff, because that's almost the only time you'd ever know we're mods.


you are quite possibly the most retarded person on this website




the imperial japan thread was me mocking w.e.b du bois for his defense of imperial japan :/
can i be unbanned


done, sorry about the mix-up


its alright, thanks


something fishy looking on siberia nonce looking




halloa comrades of the board moderation team
You have a query @ >>>/leftypol/1337948


Why's this thread anchored?


admin theres a troll in the sino thread, i participated in the troll because i found it to be funny, but im unsure if the other guy is being ironic


the scat spam has been up for multiple hours


Any reason /gulag/ is inaccessible? It didn't use to be.


It is now only accessible to mods due to repeated abuse. Feel free to apply to be a janny in the next round of applications if you want to see the board again.


Misato is a woman irl


mods you banned the wrong person again. I didn't post the polspam. A different anon posted the link to /pol/. (Note: I am using a friend's computer because you guys won't let me dispute it)


appeal accepted


Thanks. You guys need to be careful on the similar looking numbers


The self-congratulatory thumbnail creates an inflated sense of accomplishment among the moderation team even when it is not warranted. The site moderation used to be better when the feedback thread had a critical theme instead of a self-congratulatory one.


File: 1675144293167.png (18.17 KB, 1711x84, ClipboardImage.png)

I'd like to be able see the replies OP has like on 4chan


link to the thread pls


Why. Sounds useless at worst and misleading at best, considering most replies to OP won't >>cite them.
Just Ctrl+F the OP post number.


So did the proposal to ban memes from 4chan pass or what? The mods haven't said anything more about it.


It is not a ban of "memes from 4chan" but closer to "soy associated spam". And yes, the soy ban is in effect.


Why did my thread get deleted? What rule did I break?


there is a generalized anti-incel tendency which is most explicitly enforced in /siberia/ because of their past tendency to raid the place


It didn't seem like people in that thread unanimously agreed on such ban. What's the point of asking for opinions on something when it's already been decided?


Why unanimous of all things? I don't think anything would ever get done here if anything needed to be unanimous. Anyway, it hadn't been decided, the proposal/vote were done concurrently to the consultation thread.


Just testing to see if I got banned or my post was just deleted.


Every post looks like chatGPT. My posts read like chatGPT, frankly. glowies rejoice. what are we going to do?


Someone just banned the Tor node for 3 hours (!!!) for the following post:
> >>>/siberia/369098
>All jews are citizens of Israel. Do you support the existence of Israel? If another war with the arabs broke out tomorrow who would you side with?
for the reason:

There's a lot to unpack here:
0) Don't 3 hour the Tor node.
1) That post was a dumb take, but that is all. They were literally clarifying in reply to a question. Dumb takes are not against the rules. Dumb takes have never been against the rules.
2) That post is anti-Zionist and maybe anti-Judaism at worst, not even anti-semetic.
3) Even if it was, anti-semitism is not a rule violation.
3a) inb4: Racism is not against the rules either.
3b) inb5: Nazism isn't even against the rules. If you think it is, you are not fit to moderate this site.
Seriously, is this a new hire from /r/socialism or do mods just not even know the rules or understand the basic concept of this site?

What the fuck.


Racism and Nazism is absolutely against the rules. It's virulent idpol.


ip range ban deleted all my posts way to go retards


did the relationship thead get deleted or am i just missing it?


It was wvobbly. Need I say more?


Lmao wvobbly banned me with no reason. Anyone else think he's an ugly troglodyte?


>wvobbly banned me with no reason
Welcome to the club


It's a big club and you ain't in it (if you aren't retarded)


It seems uploading jpgs from mobile doesn't work, have you looked into it mods?


File: 1676623889825-0.png (5.62 KB, 846x26, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676623889825-1.png (5.82 KB, 899x25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676623889825-2.png (5.9 KB, 835x33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676623889825-3.png (10.07 KB, 947x47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676623889825-4.png (5.74 KB, 858x30, ClipboardImage.png)

Stop doing nonsense ban reasons.
Go volunteer for a /b/ board if you want to power trip.


raging autism
The second to last one is a message (do you know how warnings work here, they don't)
schizopostin(g) is defined well enough


File: 1676624616320.jpg (6.68 KB, 130x148, wat.jpg)

Ban by IP is just being abused. I'm seeing swiss-cheesed threads a lot where people are clearly replying to arguments and not low effort junk.
It's not like we have slow timezones where a mod shows up and has to delete 20 flood posts on an IP. The more aggressive mods have abused it time and time again to unperson useful posters over subjective slights. Pretty sure we got a whole general deleted over del-by-IP multiple times before.

Honestly, the solution isn't removing the feature for mods, because the problem is that people reckless enough to misuse it are given the power to list posts by IP. They'd most likely just do it by hand if the feature was removed.


File: 1676626404008.png (192.16 KB, 545x335, confuscious.png)

From context, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're pasquale.

It's not 'raging autism' to be annoyed at authorities using indecipherable reasons when creating bans or deleting posts. The ban log is public by choice. with the intent of providing transparency.
I kind of assumed that someone choosing to be on a socialist imageboard would just intrinsically understand why the behavior of any privileged few is absolutely relevant and potentially dangerous. As you so used to identifying as a janny that you don't empathize with us anymore?
We have rules. The volunteers are expected to work within those rules, outside of rare unforeseen extreme exceptions. That's why they were written.
Both those two last reasons are nonsense. Neither are connectable to a rule. Neither violate expectations we have for posters using the site. One of them appears to be (because you didn't give any reason) is a 15 minute ban for someone saying they liked Eugene's post. Now, if it was something that actually deserved moderator action (protip: no) then you would make a mod capcode reply, not fucking ban them for disagreeing with you.

And if you think I'm misinterpreting the situation with my guess of what happened, then it's just proof that the ban reason was useless. You just abused the redtext feature to raise high your opinion that someone was boring……. what the fuck kind of reason is that anyway? Someone bored you? Just hide their post.

No, schizoposting is not defined. Nor is it something considered outside the expectations of /leftypol/, unless it's off-topic like the ANORECTAL VIOLENCE spammer. That's what schizoposting is. Given your warning for someone talking about someone else you found boring, schizoposting could be anything from cult O9A spam to an argument you felt wasn't explained well enough, or didn't fit your world view.

Critique of how a ruling class (and people who can delete our posts are absolutely privileged rulers) behaves and abuses its power isn't 'autism'. I shouldn't have to explain that to you. We're socialists.


let's agree to disagree


Addendum to this shit:
The fact you have "called me out" and dropped a whole lot of 'tells' (too much knowledge, familiar expression etc.) suggests you expect a certain reaction from me, does it not? Well, I am way too polite for that. I am so polite after I fuck your mom I inquire about your well-being.
There is a lot of questions I have about this behavior. Really what keeps me engaging is not primarily anger (euphemistically called aggression by you) but a morbid curiosity. However, I think trying to get answers from you is like trying to get water from a stone. So let me ask a final question. What is the endgame of the laissez-faire philosophy? Cause as far as I can see, what inevitably has happened and would happen again is that the field would be totally taken over by repetitive maniacal 24/7 online posters. So in the end any relevant distinction to other places of similar design is gone. Then I think you'd look around and say "wow that was a waste of time, might as well have stayed on 4chan". That's what I predict would happen and I believe it to be a well-founded prediction.


Also love the cajoling. After handwaving away any legitimate reason for my decisions ending with "we're both socialist". Are you sure you are rhetorically as skilled as you think yourself to be? Or that I have some fellow feeling with you? Maybe in ancient times when we were playing on the same team, as it were. As it is right now I really am barely invested.
"Think of me as evil but don't call me late for dinner", as the americans say (they are schizo).


NTA but it stuns me that pask manages to navigate daily life without getting his jaw broken, with an attitude like this. Unless he's a timid little mouse irl and only acts this way while moderating, which is thankfully the closest he will come to having any 'power'.


nod an argumendd :DDDD


I am having trouble creating a thread in Siberia on the tor node. IDK if it's just because of attachments or what's up?


Oh okay. Please allow attachments on tor


wvobbly you're a fucking retard that makes this whole site unusable you know that?


Note down: suspect IP, an idiot and most likely a reactionary degenerate as well


Why do mods keep deleting joke threads in /siberia/?


/ukraine/ is easily the most toxic thread on the website and it's protected by mods for some reason


I don't think we need to really have a discussion about other threads as long as /isg/ exists.
Everything is graded on a curve.


It still doesn't work.


I have no idea why fuckers think ISG is a place for them to be retarded without repercussions.


Bit of a philosophical question.
Why do people think it's ok to act like a shit in general? Something went wrong in their socialization.


Why was my Waco and MOVE sieges thread deleted?


Most of the replies were spam and your IP is sus


Wow super valid reason thank you mate.


mod-samas am i less cringe now


File: 1677368759529.png (51.72 KB, 1056x317, ClipboardImage.png)

is the no soyjak/pepe ban extended to chinletjak? If not explain this?


Kill yourself


It seems you relapsed into serious cringe
but whatever, I don't follow this shit close at all
My main issue with people here is not "cringe" but the boringness of some of you just constantly repeating yourself. Stop it.


I got a “ rotating spam ban range, appeal in meta if false positive”.
I think it might have been accidental.



Also this.



How many of us keep getting hit with these?
This is really annoying because besides these constant apparently accidental hits from range bans, whatever they're using also deletes a shit ton of posts. Like if I write anything longer than a paragraph, I basically have to back it up because otherwise it's just going to vanish from the site when whatever they're using autodeletes the posts again. Even if it's just sentences, I end up going back and rewriting it all if I reopen a thread and my reply is just missing now. This site is getting to be kind of a hassle!


Can someone tell me who banned me around February 21 and why? I couldn't find it on the board log. I received a one-month ban for "spam" last week without any reason whatsoever. And my appeal was denied too. Before I post a rant against the mods I wanted to know if maybe I got caught in some sort of rangeban or technical error.


is anyone else getting post errors


I'm >>25642 & >>25641
I still haven't heard back about this. I've never spammed, it's really obvious that this is a misfire, could someone unban me please?


>I'm >>25642 & >>25641
you fucked up with the IPs lol



But I'm on the same IP I've been on since the old 8ch days… are you a mod? Like why can't someone just put an exception in there for me? Is everyone in my zipcode just banned from leftypol.org?


Ya'll have hit me with like 3 of these I think in the past… 24 hours? Like the dates on these things keep changing, so it looks like they're hitting me then being undone, then being auto-redone again… meanwhile I've never spammed the site. If you guys just don't like me or something but can't find a rule I'm actually breaking, can you at least just say it?


My ban was supposed to end about an hour ago from this, but whatever you are using hit ne with a new ban. You guys might want to work out the kinks in whatever system you are using



Seriously, yeah. I'm >>25659 and it's really getting difficult for me to trust that this is just errors. If they don't want me around, honesty would do wonders. They're not in a position where they need to be passive aggressive and pretend like it's an accident if it's not.


not a mod but samefagging doesn't make you any less suspicious lol



I'm not samefagging. What are you talking about?
I'm not pretending to be different people. This is an imageboard, posting in the same thread anonymously more than once and samefagging are not the same thing. Learn what phrases mean.


I got banned for a month with zero explanations. The ban has been lifted so I suppose someone knows there's something wrong. Either some mod went on a massive power trip or the system is bugging out.

Also, I remember I made a /leftypol/ thread that was moved to Siberia and then randomly deleted, again without explanation. (I guess a thread about the bible is on topic but my thread about leftist quotes apparently wasn't)


I don't have time for schizo shit sorry


This is not just practically but technically impossible.


Hello I have a query, in what way is not sucking up to the French labor aristocracy, one of the most parasitic groups of people on earth and a blight upon the third world, insanity? Would a mod kindly explain what’s so insane about caring about the global proletariat more than the treats of some academic baguette munchers? Or are you just going to censor me, as you do everything that doesn’t cater to your privileged western sensibilities?


File: 1677592432022.jpg (439.6 KB, 750x1189, Banned.jpg)

Example of what I’m dealing with on my end.



That's wild. It's been acting really fucking weird for a while now.


Move >>>/anime/18570 to the Avatar thread in >>>/hobby/


What happened to my new thread about "anarcho-capitalism"?

There is literally nothing possibly rule-breaking or bad about it, and no reason to go out of your way and delete it.
Looking at the log, timing suggests it was by moody.


wasn't them
I just saw some incoherent mess (ancap is not cap) and deleted it
If there was some point to it, scusi but I remain skeptical


I think it banned me again


[my mistake, it wasn't moody, sorry, I was thinking of the original post time and not the delete time]

Why the fuck are you deleting threads based on your opinions?

/leftypol/ is not your personal board. No fucking fun allowed these days……. and for all the talk last month about why there's no culture any more


Look friendo, besides being a busy mf
You want the rules to be one way but they are the other way
It says in the rules that reaction is tolerated but has to have a certain quality, which I didn't see in this like three sentence thread.


>besides being a busy mf
But that's just it! You're doing work that doesn't need to be done, and that you aren't even supposed to be doing.
Be less busy, delete less. Everyone wins.

>It says in the rules that reaction is tolerated

ok, but the thread was a substantiated critique of so-called ancaps. It wasn't reactionary, at all.

And, even if it was, the rule you're referring too says:
>and thus will be removed if they prove a nuisance or disrupt the normal functioning of the site.
>Low-effort raiders will be banned.
>Opening posts with liberalism or reactionary topics will be treated with far more scrutiny to prevent them filling the catalog.
The rule is to stop the catalog being filled with 10 different threads of libs and lolberts saying "Marx didn't consider mudpies", "Sanders is better than AOC" and seriously unusable raid posts saying "SOCIALIST JOOS DID COVID9/11". The rule was made when we were getting constant raids and.visiting libs in the wake of the 2020 election, now it's basically just there for monthly raids.

So again, please don't put extra work on yourself. It's just confusing people.


Don't make more work, he says

I feel there is some great, great irony in this but I can't put my finger on it
Maybe I'm seeing things, eh, maybe we've all gone mental
But I'm usually never wrong, I am the guy that just isn't wrong. When people talk about me they say: He don't miss
you feel me?


Didn't delete it but the nicest thing I could say was that you need an editor. Or maybe post it in usapol (ancaps only have any real sway in America) then try it again after you get some feedback or something.


File: 1677874481015.jpg (237.41 KB, 716x1217, screenshot.jpg)

Well it certainly happened.
The only schizo shit here is whatever the fuck mods have been doing lately


Yo, Im still banned


janny you still havent answered my question
why was i banned


I've had "rotating range ban, appeal in meta if false positive" variations hitting me for days now.

I haven't broken any rules, and in this instance I haven't been able to get the admin's attention on this for some reason. In the past I was always told these were false positives, but now they keep hitting me for no apparent reason and no one is addressing it. If it's something else, can ya tell me?


Every time I try to make a thread about mahjong in /games/ it says there’s a flood. :(


Anon I'm not a mod but I'm gonna be honest with you.

The point of that rotating range ban is likely just to root out the users who try to appeal and it and kick up a fuss. A good user would trust the mod's judgement and wait out the ban. However a user who spams the /meta/ thread causing the mods a headache probably has something to hide or a pre-existing issue with the moderation. It's looking like you fall into the second category.


I have the same issue and this isn’t exactly true. The ban specifically says to “appeal in meta”. They want you to appeal it in case there was a mistake. Anyway, looks like they unbanned me again so we’re cool.


Can m00dy please stop deleting all post that they disagree with in the /ukraine/ thread


no. in this instance since "posts I disagree with" is what you are calling continued meta derail long after the topic was addressed in your case, and ban evading spam IPs (which fyi are just trying to stir shit, this guy "nafoposts" all the time in that thread



M8, I've had this happen multiple times over the past year and up to now they've kept telling me they were misfires when I asked and undoing them. This is the first time I haven't gotten any answers. Also, I quoted my ban - like half of the recent ones that have kept hitting me since several days ago specifically say "appeal in meta." If you're not a mod, maybe go take your Abraham & Isaac "mysterious ways" stuff elsewhere.

PS, learn what spam means.




Once again my posts are being censored, for what? For honoring Stalin?


Condemn Stalin's persecution of LGBTQ+ folks


File: 1678036161919.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x682, Shopping_cart_edit.mp4)

Not mine, but why did this thread get saged? Too high maintenance? People were giving interesting answers, and there wasn't anything wrong with the OP question.


Why would I do that? Homosexuality is disgusting and antithetical to a functional society. But I see the mods have no trouble letting anarchists shit up a thread dedicated to honoring Stalin, even while they delete posts like mine praising him


Enjoy your permaban.


Ok I'll unsage it since that webm is cool


Getting banned for posting idpol in an idpol thread that the mods tolerate is very ironic isn’t it?


70% right 30% wrong, deal with it


Thanks for removing wojaks and other nonsense can you guys get rid of greentexting next?


Nah, this isn't 7chan did ponychan remove it too? i never bothers checking that place


File: 1678259367920.jpg (190.04 KB, 1200x1413, I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK.jpg)

>all it takes to ruin society is a few people buttbumping


just make a custom CSS where greentext / orangetext is the same color as regular text


why was the international working women's day thread deleted? the "joke" in the second part was only because of the word limit. A mod could have edited it.

no wonder nobody comes here any more except children .


I don't know to what extent you are serious but two things.
I felt like we could have a better thread than that and I don't what that "joke" was supposed to mean, it sounded rather nonsensical.
Also it is usually not an excuse for shoddy work but I have really many things to do today.


Now you banned me as "Spam IP" for: making 1 (one) thread OP and asking 1 (one) question in /meta/ about why the thread is deleted.

I'm asking this in the most sincere way possible: what the fuck is wrong with you, you powertripping dweeb?


If you are sincere, I have a lot on my plate


Also that is a totally different IP
Guess I should say you almost got me


>I have a lot on my plate
Literally nobody cares. If you can't handle it then kill yourself instead of complaining like a little faggot.


File: 1678301073834.jpg (32.61 KB, 500x372, offended.jpg)

I may deign to kill myself (highly unlikely) or not.
Until such a time I am no longer here I continue my work. When I am no longer here, the work still continues.


When you do eventually decide to off yourself, please do let me know and I will happily buy you the rope.


You are absolutely unnecessary to anything, ever.


I am a valued and productive member of society with a skillset which allows me to not be easily replaced. I have a family and a few close friends who would deeply miss me if I was gone.
Whereas you… I don't think anyone would care very much if you died. It may sound harsh but that's the reality.


I am very skeptical of those claims but whatever


How come? Most people have these things, definitely at least the latter. You know not everybody is as pathetic as you are.


Guess I am going to say it one more time. I am exceedingly confident I have done more than you, seen more than you, had relationships with way more people than you.


Even if that was true, what would it matter? Here you are, whining about being unequipped to deal with what are almost certainly minor inconveniences, on a small internet forum you moderate for free.

To be brutally honest, all your post tells me is that deep down you know your life has peaked. It's really quite sad.


amusing little man/child


m00dy did you really IP ban someone for a transphobic haiku?? all their posts are gone and it didn't even seem that bad


just looking at the one thread looks like they did a lot more


The IP range ban is bullying me again and won’t let me post!



if you can't ban evade on this board, moderated by a flock of morons, don't know what to tell you. lol


why was the Graham Hancock thread saged/anchored? I thought mods had to explain their actions, or are you not doing that any more?

It's funny how human ice age history that can't be proven/disproven based on current evidence, is rejected in favour of the mainstream view, meanwhile Lysenko threads stay up, despite modern genetics disproving Lysenkoism once and for all.

At least move the thread to /siberia/ or /edu/ rather than anchoring it. I have responded to everyone in the thread, even those who came to mock and ridicule, rather than engage.

Why anchor it? It has more replies out of the top ~20 threads that aren't generals. It obviously strucka nerve with some and people were engaging with the topic.

Do you just anchor every popular thread or what?


What the hell?
So you mean I can get rid of any thread I don't like by giving it a few shit replies?


>Didn't read the second part
>Didn't understand the second part
>Deliberately ignored the second part
Either an utter incompetent or malicious at least.
I'll undo and put in a report/complaint or whatever


>I'll undo and put in a report/complaint or whatever
thank you.


Is “class reductionism” considered IdPol?


why are you ban evading


Are you still beating your mom?


He is not the ban evader.


When you think about it ban evasion doesn't actually exist. It's just a "construct". So how can there be ban evaders?


>construct = not real
ok /pol/


Wtf are you on about?


One anon claimed that class reductionism is considered IdPol. I corrected that class reductionism is not considered IdPol but the absence of it. Why was I banned for this?


anon say 'Black Trans Lives Matter'


Because you need to go back to /pol/


You are still most boring and predictable, little man


Hey, is there a way to retract a report? I reported something by mistake.


Hi thanks for not banning my dumb ass yet :)


Did the jannie army suppress some revolts recently?


I don't know what they did but I'm glad they did it.


Pathetic jannies self simping


Hello, mods, I come with another petition.

Can you move my thread back to /leftypol/? If anything, it should be moved to /hobby/, /tech/ or /edu/. (Yes, /edu/ because even if a topic starts with what you think is a wrong premise or statement, it is still an opportunity to educate. Not my fault the libs are failing at that.

Furthermore, the thread is not "off-topic" because:
>talks about how a lost civilisation relates to HistMat in the OP
>talks about liberals and their arguments against communism
>talks about liberal capitalist institutions and how they end up being gatekeepers
>talks about differences and measuring of scientific theories
>we even talked about Nazis and fascists, esoteric Nazism and stuff, that alone makes it "on-topic"
It is not reactionary either, even though the rules allow reactionary shit. No, going against liberal ideology does not make one a "reactionary".

The liberals in the thread posted the MiniMinuteman youtube "debunk" 3-4 times. The guy is obviously a fucking lib, complete with limp-wrists and lame jokes. I can't wait until he comes up with a youtube video why Marx was an idiot or how capitalism is actually super cool. Then posting his videos will be frowned upon, until then, let's all rally behind the fucking liberals, because that worked out for people in the past, right?

How do people on this board not get it by now that allying with liberals or carrying water for them does not help us one single bit?


oops forgot the link to thread in question (it is the Lost Civilisation "schizo" one)


To add, I don't think it's cash money that one lib came into the thread and shouted "Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!" then after a few days incredulously asked how the thread is still going. As if everyone has the attention span of a youtube addict with a fried brain. Then the libs practically bullied the jannies to move the thread to /siberia/, effectively killing it, because God forbid 1 thread out of 350 threads is about something they don't like or don't agree with.

Where is the person who cares about Nazism so much now? Where are the truth-seekers and arbiters of science and pseudoscience?

It is obvious I was discussing in good faith, and bringing up various topics relevant to politics and our communist project. Yet people couldn't get past the title, despite the effort.

Then people ask "but why is it only soyjaks and shitposting???" Cause any time anyone puts effort into a slightly different or novel thread, it gets anchored, deleted or moved to /siberia/. Every thread has to fulfill a million requirements, so catalog is left with generals, simple questions from rightoids that have been answered a million times before, or bait/shitposts.

Like fuck you, go make effort posts about the topics you want. Don't fucking hang there on a rope like a fucking lazy mussel, opening your mouth, filtering what comes through, waiting for a tasty morsel in the form of an effortpost.


your thread about owning da libs belongs on /siberia/ at best
cope + ratio


Why do Lysenkoism threads belong on /leftypol/?


Isn’t virgin shaming considered reactionary IdPol?


Banned for idpol in the idpol thread of siberia. I forgot what a kafkaesque 1984 gulag this place is. No fun allowed anywhere especially not the fun place.


>kafkaesque 1984 gulag
ok I like this combination of "ideas".
It's the style. We are doing a performance.


Stop thinking about idpol


Could we please get a /co/ board? I would like to discuss non-Japanese comics and cartoons on an image board that doesn't derail every thread with hate rants about queer and Black people.


there is a mildly active comic book thread in /hobby/ I think


Can we dox glowies on this website?


start with the mod team


Anyone else think the mods are a bit too harsh? I get wanted to enforce decent posting standards, but unholstering the ban-gun and summarily executing a poster point blank through the forehead the second they talk out of line is a bit excessive.


There needs to be a few warnings . I got banned for months once for literally no reason because I was somehow mistaken for another users. Had to reach out to the site admins to reverse it


Strident moderation standards are the only thing keeping this site from deteriorating into another creature-infested chan full of gibbering idiots and malodorous freaks.


> from deteriorating into another creature-infested chan full of gibbering idiots and malodorous freaks.
It already is at that point though. Just because you agree with the freak's political opinions doesn't mean that they aren't freaks.


This is nonce shit. It's an imageboard, a chan, the entire point is to freely & anonymously post content of interest. Mods cannot take sides on topics or let their interests dictate their bans, that's the reason vobbly is the most hated mod on the site.

>How do Mods & mod-stans on this board not get it by now that allying with liberals or carrying water for them does not help us one single bit?
Because radlibs took over ever since bunkerchan.xyz became leftypol.org.


Also mods can you actually do your job & ban the FUCKING Cheese Pizza being spammed?


>just don't care anymore
>lots of losers hate them
This sounds pretty hot right about now. Do you know if they are single?


very happy with the moderation


Rules suggestion: unironic GPT posting should be against the rules and receive a ban. And I mean when its clearly obvious


It's very telling that the only person giving positive feedback ITT is an anglo troon from reddit, who judging by their political beliefs is probably about 19 years old.


Hey can I give positive feedback too

Mods = gods

Never once had a bad experience with them


You sound like a white boomer talking about the police.


hey thanks for the 15 minute ban i appreciate it, it allowed me to step back and take a breather


Here to appeal my ban as nothing I've posted violates any of the rules, let alone for a site-wide ban, includig /meta/. I have argued in good faith, cited sources/proofs, including posts from /leftypol/ & as stated, nowhere have I dehumanized, attacked or hurt trans people. By deleting my pot you are just hiding this fact. If anything peple have argued in bad faith with me, screaming ad hom, or purposely misrepresenting my argument.

For example
>>>/leftypol/1412651 claims that "nobody sez' the thing in pic posted, except that I have seen it, & earlier I posted proof in the form of screencaps of a feminist being told that their right to refusal in having sex with trans people is phobic. Nobody is obligated to do anything for you romantically or sexually, hell no-one even owes you friendship and for any reason they so desire. This is like saying a woman being raped by a man is asking for it because the reason for not consenting was that she wasn't interested in white men or black men and she was racist for denying their sexual advances.

My point has been & remains socialist: Most identity based oppression was created by material conditions, and all identity based oppression is perpetuated by material conditions. Of course the easy example is blacks and the prison industrial complex; all set up through CIA-orchestrated drug trade and ghetto system. You also have stuff like the replication of class character by porky, where porky creates certain rules that limits social mobility so that their offspring are more likely to stay as porkies and anyone who becomes porky will be of a similar character to them, so the existing mechanisms become self-perpetuating. Of course this means along identity lines because of nationalistic and other kinds of pragmatic reasoning, which is something that has only recently been challenged by "woke" liberalism. Woke liberalism instead has the exact same mechanism but just replace identity traits with corporate loyalty and ideological purity. There is also the suppression of class mobility of the lower classes through a million different mechanisms like gentrification, ghettoification, so on, and you get the point. Even things like racism are harnessed, used, and promoted by either petite-bourg reactionaries or porky to secure the existing class mechanisms and replicate it with their own self-image. The idea that there is a distinction between "identity oppression" and class oppression is a foolish one, there is always a material basis for these oppressions, albeit sometimes abstract. Thus the true reason for "why not just focus on the idpol" is to retard the development of actual social change and instead allow for the liberal's performative liberation politics, where there will be "de jure" social liberation but the maintenance of that oppression through other means, often bureaucratic or material.

TL;DR: Identity Politics are rarely legitimate and when they are its almost always issues that can be solved with 1 thing, eliminate capitalism and institute socialism, done; 90% of identity problems solved, the rest are just attention whoring. I'm saying that because the movements were inherently about victimhood (and still are) that they will attract the worst people ever. (SJW's and spiteful losers) There needs to be some kind of quality control and self-criticism


Anyone can refuse sex to anyone for any reason. The implication of the opposite is more than a little problematic. Basically I don't know where you get off. And I'd thank you to not post such pictures, trying to figure out any message is actually painful. I don't know of anyone that would talk about these issues in mixed company or basically anyone they aren't close with.


>The implication of the opposite is more than a little problematic
Yeah no shit, that's my point.
>I don't know where you get off
>I'd thank you to not post such pictures
Pictures of what? a conversation wherein one person states that forcing a person of a specific sexuality (lesbian) consider trans people (including those that have penises) as sexual partners as a default because to refuse their advances is "transphobic"? I am not posting graphic sexual images, just examples of my point.
> don't know of anyone that would talk about these issues in mixed company or basically anyone they aren't close with.
Isn't that the point of an anonymous forum?


At this point what you are saying is "there is people doing things I don't like". I've been called all sorts of fucked-up shit by friends. That is part of what they are there for.


Ok now I'm really confused, how is anything that you've said relevant?
>you are saying is "there is people doing things I don't like"
Uh, no that's not it at all.


>that's the reason vobbly is the most hated mod on the site
>literally who in particular is evil and stole my bike and gang stalks me to turn me into a transhumanist sjew
you are one of three people mentally ill enough to know him by name and obsess about him lmao


you are literally white. kill yourself


I don't remember making this post. I 100% agree with this.
Uh yes


It is objectively already that, the creatures are the mods


I think Hancock is a dickhead but I also don't see why we need to move threads about him if comrades want to have a reasoned discussion. The Op of that thread laid out their own case perfectly fine.


Yesterday I was slapped with a 12 hour ban on /tech/ for 'spam'. and today on /hobby/ I was banned for 'daily spam' as well. I don't spam, and have been a longtime (albeit infrequent) poster here. Occasionally I'll necrobump interesting threads but that's it. Really bizarre moderation.


>Occasionally I'll necrobump interesting threads but that's it.
It heavily depends on how you "necrobump" - if you just post "bump" or something you'll get banned because necroing threads is a pretty common raid tactic, but if you revive the thread with a relatively good-effort post replying to an old comment or trying to restart the thread with a new topic, we tend to leave that alone.

As for the spam, you are likely just using the same VPN or are on the same IP range as spammers who are getting banned.


With /tech/ I just posted a link to Dan Olson's video on Decentraland; after 12 hours I was able to. With /hobby/ I was bumping the Solarpunk thread with screenshots of tw*tter discourse surrounding that one Chobani ad that was making the rounds again.
>As for the spam, you are likely just using the same VPN or are on the same IP range as spammers who are getting banned.
This seems to be the case.


Yeah that all seems pretty innocuous, dunno why it was banned. Will bring it up with the others.


I'm curious as to your reasoning for baleeting my posts?


says here idpol


File: 1680204760810.png (250.3 KB, 974x892, 20230330_143219.png)

Wait so y'all rejected my appeal and then banned me from all boards for 3 days? What the fuck? Why?


looking at the logs, its a rangeban for a persistent spammer you are caught up in. Your current IP is fine to post on, however, and has no bans on it.


File: 1680460603013.png (20.34 KB, 1047x339, randomly banned.png)

I had this problem before where I was banned for no reason (this is now the third time), now I have the screencap to show it. I don't post anywhere near enough for it to be considered spam. I had to wait a whole week just to show this.

same thing might be happening to me, though I don't use a VPN


your ban message said to appeal in /meta/ if false positive so you can be reinstated.


when I got the ban it said I had already appealed it


File: 1680462689554.png (9.09 KB, 935x91, ClipboardImage.png)

How do posts like this not fall under the idpol rule?


That's werid. You sure this is a private IP you are using?

Sounds like legit racism.


>Sounds like legit racism.
If someone said the same thing about Russians they would be banned. Why the double standard?


>If someone said the same thing about Russians they would be banned. Why the double standard?


Are you going to action the post I highlighted or not?


it should be, yeah


Have you tried reporting it?

And you didn't appeal this yourself before? Idk man, that means someone else posted on your behalf.


thing is, everytime I get the ban it says I already appealed and can't again. I guess maybe I should check my network security.


yea i will add a note on your IP to prevent others from banning you.




>Have you tried reporting it?
Yes, a few hours ago and it is still up >>>/leftypol/1420552




Us midwesterners are a menace.


10/10 design. compliments to the dev. special snowflake needed special css for their thread


>>>/hobby/1505 ought to be moved to >>>/AKM/ it's more relevant there.


To my knowledge, this site is allegedly multi tendency, right? Which means no tendency of leftism gets special treatment over another, right? So with this in mind, why is a mod coming in to the Bakunin thread to tell us we’re no longer allowed to say anything mean to anarchists? Is this not coddling one tendency at the expense of everyone else? Do you have anything to say for yourselves about this hypocrisy?


As one of the people in that thread defending anarchism, I agree. We can handle the MLs, their brains are very small, like baby's.


You are disrupting the thread such as to make it useless for its intended purpose, if it was a 'anarchism debate thread' then ok but OP was asking for resources not asking for commentary from MLs.


Hello mods, pls respond?


I was reluctant since AKM is a bit slow but since the thread is dead right now, ok done.


Thanks Caballo, you're the best.


File: 1680736164729.png (104 KB, 600x600, alunya thumbs up.png)

The greentext got fucked up though, if you, or misato got time later, could you fix it please?


Oops I forgot about this bug, sorry guys, I believe there's a script to fix it but the mod with the scrips is away right now so I'll wait for them to come back.


File: 1680822785124.jpg (37.47 KB, 512x279, submarine design look.jpg)

>I was reluctant since AKM is a bit slow
Took a look at the problem. TBH there's just too many threads that get 4-20 posts then stop as interest lags, I'm thinking of making a couple basic threads for overall military content
(Naval, Land, Air n' Space) to clean up some more general topics that have to many dead thread content, & letting other more esoteric topics (like specific tactics, tools etc.) being more free for all, keeping the catalog clean but not restraining people's ability to make threads otherwise.
For example, just made a naval thread for general use.
Thus threads >>>/AKM/1969 , >>>/AKM/405 , >>>/AKM/1328 can all be merged into #3080 for a collectively streamlined thread on the topic of ships & submarines. This might make >>>/AKM/ more user friendly & get people to post more often since its really slow ATM even for an alt board.


I report obvious spam. It disappears instantly and the site is made better. Nice work guys.


It still doesn't work, can mods look into this please?



Will take a look at this :)
Just a question, iOS or Android phone?




/ukraine/ killed this board and the only difference between Hazlerites and leftypolyps is that the latter doesn't think the Ottoman Empire was socialist.


File: 1681368798127.jpg (33.37 KB, 559x598, 1680911215934.jpg)

/ukraine/ killed the /meta/ board


I can post text over tor but when I try to attach a jpg I cannot post. Can I get through the filters for a moment?


File: 1681601420596-0.png (6.01 KB, 830x31, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681601420596-1.png (6.02 KB, 867x30, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1681650547233.png (18.33 KB, 1419x291, zz.png)

>le smug liberal civility demander face
Every day until you like it


Anybody want to explain to me how criticizing the Nazis is “idpol antisemitism”?


Your bizarre assertions about Esperanto veered into antisemitism, please provide evidence of your claims that the Nazis endorsed it if you want to be unbanned.


why is the euthanasia thread anchored?


It's being put down


what happened to mods explaining their actions? thread was anchored cause some d*tch nationalists got their feelings hurt.
>my country is great at mental health, nothing bad can happen here. mods!!
fucking matrix clique. bunch of kids who spend their days on imageboards and fbi.gov think they are arbiters of what is communism and what isn't. You're a fucking joke. YOUR ONLY CREDENTIAL AND ACHIEVEMENT IS THAT SOMEONE GAVE YOU A USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO THE MOD.PHP SCRIPT you fucking buffoons and losers. enjoy your sinking ship.


>One of the mods (an autistic child) seeing another one of the mods (also an autistic child) being executed:
>"Damn, that's crazy!"


It was anchored because your thread and post history was trash.


it's a free riseup vpn IP, Sherlock. I'm probably not the only person here who knows about it. fuck you're dumb


Is that why you banned thread creation over the tor node? Because you can't scrutinise a user's post history to decide whether their thread stays up?


File: 1682028051877.png (123.75 KB, 937x207, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, looks like another thread got dumped onto our board because a mod has no sense of humour and thinks "Off-topic" means "Anything which doesn't spoonfeed you into the implicit discussion".

Let me remind the moderator team that /leftypol/'s strength was that LEFTYPOL IS NOT SRSBSNS and shit like this is killing the site. Most of the funnest and active threads of 2020 would be deported if they were posted today, for being too indirect or open. Don't move them over to /siberia/ because that context doesn't suit them and makes them banal.


File: 1682029224434.png (471.18 KB, 500x637, ClipboardImage.png)

>my consistent abusive habits are ok, because sometimes I do them to people who deserve a ban too
Honestly, my complaints aren't to you.
They're to any other mod who thinks it's ok to tolerate your constant bad faith bullshit. It's no longer your fault, it's their responsibility to fix the problem.


Sorry man I just was not very jazzed by it. I mean the Xi meme is a bit played out. You're right I was too harsh though. I'll leave it next time.


Then you will be the first person to use it. Since its entire history is dedicated to euthanasia.

I mean the thread’s OP was already incendiary and hostile. There were reports on it. OP’s post history is what made the decision clear cut.


File: 1682051515039.jpeg (31.03 KB, 474x632, autism cat.jpeg)

Hello if I make a post on meta over tor can you please move it to siberia rq? Just trying to get around the current image ban


Nah, we have shitpost-y threads, like >>>/leftypol/1439851 and the taliban fighters experience alienation thread
they just actually have to be funny instead of sectarian rage-bait


yes also I will do this as a stopgap (within reason) while I am online


>Since its entire history is dedicated to euthanasia.
1) is talking about euthanasia against the rules?
3) It was anchored because there wasn't a post history?!

You call everyone schizo, yet it is all of you mods who need mental help.

I thought there was some /pol/ shit posted from it, but euthanasia?! Just call this Sovietchan and be done with it, because apparently Soviet Union, its history and its (former) satellite states are the only topics allowed.

I don't blame you though, just like I don't blame the down syndrome kid for not being a rocket scientist. The internet has turned your brain plastic, you can't think creatively, or abstractly, you're unable to make thematic connections between topics, everything must be spelled out for you.

Look at this thread, so many "false positives" because you've stopped looking at the merits of a thread and post, now it is a game to ban the reactionary. To you, every thread is made by a "cryptoreactionary" until proven otherwise. Your collective paranoia has turned the mod team into a bunch of ghouls who think their only purpose is to delete and ban.

When is the last time a mod wrote an effort post? When is the last time a mod contributed to the site? By your own admission there was only one "dev", who just recently quit. What the fuck do the other dozen mods do?

I don't need to see post IPs to recognise the same people thread to thread. And what is becoming obvious is that the IP numbers are inflated. You say this website gets 1000 visitors a month, I use 10-15 different IPs to post from, and I'm not the only one. This site is controlled by the matrix clique and I know my thread was anchored cause it offended dutch people.



>destroy Europe!
>Europe is fascist
>wait, not my European country, others, mine is wholesome and great
fuck your nationalism, bitch. Netherlands is one of the worst, if not the worst, country in Europe. I'd rather live alone, in a bunker in Antarctica, than live in fucking Netherlands. Country built on a swamp, all of the land is poured on. And how did they afford this? By pillaging, raping, killing around the world, buying, transporting and selling humans. And when you visit, the white dutch are the scummiest people alive. Even the language sounds like it is spoken by demons in Hell.

Fuck Netherlands. I actually like global warming. Rise, seas! and swallow the LOWERlands. Wash away the muck, the scum, and the dirt they call "Netherlands".


I am sorry but you are a failure
I am totally not dutch


>writes "Dutch mod"
>haha I'm not actually dutch
ok. fortunately what I've said in my post isn't contingent on you being dutch.

you however look stupid for identifying yourself as one thing then immediately saying that's not true in the next post.


File: 1682072370335.pdf (723.55 KB, 197x255, origin_family.pdf)

Comradely greetings democratic centralist volunteers of the imageboard

Could you update the OP of the reading group thread → >>>/leftypol/1431158 with the chosen text Engel's Origin of the Family and add a link to the .pdf https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/origin_family.pdf

If you can adding the .pdf to the OP would be nice also

Tankyoo muchly






Why doesn’t the archive work?


Daily reminder the delete button is now your downvote button mods and you will be alone talking to yourselves again after the war is over, just the way you like


Seethe honestly. I've never had a single issue with Pasq
Imagine getting this pissy with any other public facing volunteer because of their tone. If you aren't gonna put work in yourself then you can't both 1.whine constantly and attempt to create more work to be done or interpersonal conflict 2.be the good guy on the high horse just lookin out for the heckindowntrodden gulag archipelago unprivileged posters.

If there is a problem that need correcting point it out and if the system is working then it will be corrected. You can sometimes get a certain action changed by kicking up a stink for long enough but at a cetain point you are just stroking your own ego. A good janny can develop the ability to deduce in a moments time with minimal energy the difference between a real user offering constructive criticism in good faith even if it does not suit them well and creates more work for them. (Here complaining and public shaming can be useful sometimes)- a good janny can distinguish this within a sufficient lapse of time and energy from the dedicated spammers that will make the same complaints but without the focus on solutions and a pattern of behaviour that betrays ulterior motives. But as a legit person with legit concerns you wanna see resolved you gotta temper youself as well and if a janny is constantly stealing your bike and fucking your women and using nato psyops to hypnotize you to shove bottles up your ass, then you are making a you problem.Whether this is recognized as such by any given observer has consequences in the amount of butthurt and energy spent by all parties on arguing but it does not change the fundamental issues at hand, which are actually more simple than they+all the combined opinions people have on them are. Remember that you and me and everyone else are temporary actors on a public platform which interfaces with wider systems and novel creations. The focus in my understanding should be on fixing specific problems, not denouncing this person or that person or worshipping this person or that person. So why do I come to the defence of Pasq here? I am not an objective dr manhatten totally disconnected from the minutae of this leftypol system. Why would I be? I have my particular concerns as do you but anyways I think we both should be able to step back a minute and seriously consider the motives and consequences of our actions, in this case posting in this thread on leftypol,org. And yeah I say this as a person very much concerned with grander objectives and pinciples and critique of self and others, I am not attempting to flex or whatever.

More to the point I would suggest (in my opinion if you can believe that) do not complain about a volunteer on the site you use without a point, do not complain excessively, do not complain for any other reason than to solve a problem be it currently active or regularly recurring. To do otherwise is 1.to bite the hand that feeds you and 2.not going to solve the problem you wish to solve assuming that is why you are complaining
if it's not then it is up to the mod to deduce this and refuse to engage and invest energy and time into such an interaction. You see how this dynamic is bigger than one person?
Lastly this is not a salaried position. There is a dialectic between the interests of the moderator and the poster when common problems or divergent interests arise. Sometimes it is easily solved through mutual agreement, sometimes concessions from one or both parties are needed. But jannies are not paid in a customer service role. This is a volunteer position. Sometimes volunteers abuse positions of power given to them. Posters like I said are also volunteers. The point if I had one being that civility and a focus on solutions rather than personal character will usually lead to a more streamlined and perhaps satisfactory problem resolution. None of the current mods are set to be removed for unnacceptable behaviour so you are going to have to learn to live with them. If you refuse to do so and smugly change your ip to spout your righteous unfiltered and free speech then the ball is in the mods court and the dialectic of posting/removal comes into force in which the mods by design (as with any other site no?) have an advantage. It will cost you more energy and time and effort and in the end why are you bothering? I may be biased but imo volunteering with the motive of helping improve or maintain the quality of an online communication platform is 1 for 1 more meaningful than spending your time trying to undo that or decrease the quality of x place.


It is likely that 1 or more people will read this post and consider the information I am suggesting and either way I have gotten the chance to consider and cohere my thoughts on the matter. copesneedinflateengageinselfsoothingactivities etc


>daily reminder
now this I believe ;)


>I've never had a single issue with pasq
imagine that. do you not have any self-awareness?
>complain to a cop about another cop
>"what? ridiculous! I've never had a problem with him" says the cop
Like no shit you don't have a problem with him, he doesn't delete your posts, or ban you, cause you're a mod. I knew you were stupid moo, but not this stupid.

>If there is a problem that need correcting point it out and if the system is working then it will be corrected.

People have been pointing out problems for a while, the mod team collectively chooses to ignore them. The system isn't working, now what?

>A good janny can develop the ability to deduce in a moments time with minimal energy the difference between a real user offering constructive criticism in good faith even if it does not suit them well and creates more work for them.

Is this comedy? Dude, are you for real?
>a good janny can feel the flow
>a good janny is fast Iike an ASM program, stings like .NET bloatware
>"in a moments time with minimal energy"
>"a good janny can distinguish this within a sufficient lapse of time and energy"
HHAHAHAHAHAHA get over yourself you fucking dork, you're a forum mod, not Bruce Lee.

> if a janny is constantly stealing your bike and fucking your women and using nato psyops to hypnotize you to shove bottles up your ass then you are making a you problem.

Nice victim-blaming.
>if a janny takes out his frustration and accumulated impotent rage on you, that is YOUR fault.

>it does not change the fundamental issues at hand, which are actually more simple than they+all the combined opinions people have on them are.

And these fundamental issues are..?

>To do otherwise is 1.to bite the hand that feeds you

You arrogant piece of shit.

>Lastly this is not a salaried position.

Then quit. Holy shit, just because you do it for free doesn't make you better than the users, and it definitely does not give you the right to talk down to users and treat them like shit.

You think you're defending pasq, but all you have done is shown that problems with moderation are systemic. It's not just pasq, it's all of you.


Lol, when the war is over (and really, before the war is over) anons will find other happenings and topics to occupy themselves with. They, like the war, will draw in new posters and perpetuate the cycle, like a current pushing a water mill. Jannies just keep the whole thing lubricated so it keeps spinning smoothly, we can't specifically direct the tide and people who try to resist it tend to get swept away.
99.9% of all bans administered are pre-defined reasons if only because we have tweaked the system to be the path of least resistance - it's like 2 clicks to ban someone using the predefined ban list, versus all the keystrokes it takes to administer a custom ban. Any custom bans are either slaps on the wrist for non-serious offenders, or someone doing a silly. Fighting industrial-grade schizophrenics spamming the place requires the fine-tuning of your systems to optimize banning such that, as a war of attrition, jannies can always come out on top. And that we have - taking care of routine spam is easier than ever, and they have less prominence than they ever have. The mechanical system of moderation is working perfectly, and the social system of moderation is still functional for inter-mod communications, so long as everyone is willing to engage with it.

As far as we're concerned, most of the big moderation problems of the last while are pretty much solved, we're recruiting new jannies and a few techies to build up so that some of the more veteran or otherwise occupied mods can worry less about being constantly active. The system is being actively passed on to a new generation, who we believe will execute on it with good measure.


My point being, mods act upon the issues they see from their perspective. Is it possible there are things the mods cannot see from this perspective which are important? Sure, however if it is the case then you are not good at articulating what those things are. Like, people saying we should "ban less" is just - what? Ban less how? Ban less spamming schizos? Ban you less for being one such spamming schizo? The overwhelming amount of bans are just handfuls of chronic spammers. "Real users" have, on average, no bans on their history and will never need a ban because the rules are very lax and easy to comply to.

If there is some kind of systematic issue on the execution of moderation, now really is the time to voice them in an articulate and specific manner. There are bright-eyed recruits absorbing our procedures and practices to enforce it themselves, and saying something patently insane like "ban less" won't convince anyone to think about our practices because it just betrays how little the situation is understood.


>Like no shit you don't have a problem with him, he doesn't delete your posts, or ban you, cause you're a mod.
Actually I have been banned by him multiple times and appealed it and had the ban revoked both with and without mentioning I am a mod lol. I have taken exception with specific actions he has taken as with most people but never an issue of character nor have I ever felt the need to make one

>unsolicited ad hom

>mocking tone

>doesn't give you the right to
pick one

also for posterity I am muu the janny not moo whom is another person that has used this site

>People have been pointing out problems for a while, the mod team collectively chooses to ignore them. The system isn't working,

Who has? what problems? what problems have been ignored?
I am asking not out of defensiveness. I am asking both 1 as a critique of your argument but also 2.to give you the opportunity to express specific complaints of yours and how you see they may be resolved. I am not talking to you right now specifically with an interest in the personal character of whatever personas and human beings are interacting here. This is not a social club where social capital can be exchanged for this or that and I frankly do not have time i my one and only life for denouncing petty squabbling over this person or that being cringe or whatever to no end. I am of course swayed by the sheer heat of emotion at times as are most if not all people, but this is not one of those times. If you complain for the sake of complaining my ears are shut, I only wanna hear problems and solutions, that is why I volunteer time and energy here, beyond any personal biases of you or me or anyone else.
>now what?
you continue to complain and concern troll and effect no change whatsoever on vague and unactionable "criticisms" having expended energy and time that you cannot get back having not met any sort of goals you construct to yourself. And I reply with less energy and time replying to you but fundamentally in control of my emotions and actions and having fulfilled the duties of my volunteer position to a satisfactory (in my analysis/opinion) degree. Is it a waste of time? Perhaps, perhaps not.

>Nice victim-blaming.

I'm sorry you are such a victim anon

>You arrogant piece of shit

no actually the reason that comment makes you bristle is because it insinuates that you are beholden to power/agency beyond your own grasp. Whatever that's about, some insecurity or whatever it's only your business right? So don't make it mine, I have no desire to make you feel bad

>Then quit. Holy shit,

>just because you do it for free doesn't make you better than the users,
I implied via my "posters are also volunteers" comment that I do not see things in this way, jannies and non janny posters are both users. jannies have some duties that non posters do not have, to perform these duties they are trusted with certain powers and the work they must do is that which the non deputized posters and the site as a whole rely on to be healthy. this is why skilled interlopers trying to negatively effect a website will try and cause drama involving mods and aggravate relations between and within mods and non mod users. actually I wrote a thesis of sorts on this a long time ago before jannying here.
>and it definitely does not give you the right to talk down to users and treat them like shit
do you think you are jesus christ on the cross sent by the users to speak for them and be offended for them in the exact ways in which you yourself personally are offended and wish to speak? do you think anyone else believes that?

>You think you're defending pasq, but all you have done is shown that problems with moderation are systemic. It's not just pasq, it's all of you.

actually I think it's you and I would suggest you not pick fights with people that you can only "lose"
not that shitflinging via the internet is usually fruitful, which was my point


>And that we have - taking care of routine spam is easier than ever, and they have less prominence than they ever have. The mechanical system of moderation is working perfectly
>As far as we're concerned, most of the big moderation problems of the last while are pretty much solved
Pure delusion.
>If there is some kind of systematic issue on the execution of moderation, now really is the time to voice them in an articulate and specific manner.
Nah man, as you said, the system is perfect, don't change a thing.

> have taken exception with specific actions he has taken as with most people but never an issue of character nor have I ever felt the need to make one
maybe you're not a good judge of character, or you don't have the life experience necessary to recognise bad character. Regardless, you having a higher threshold for how much abuse you can take, doesn't mean he isn't abusive.
>his fists don't hurt me

>also for posterity I am muu the janny not moo

my mistake, I thought you were the same person. moo used to change the spelling of his name, moody, moo, etc.

>Who has? what problems? what problems have been ignored?

<mods using their tag/name in meta is not enforced
<mods don't give reasons for anchoring/deleting threads any more
<pasq was supposedly banned from meta, yet he is back
<overuse of the "delete by IP" function, which has deleted OPs of generals before
<your little list of "problematic" IPs and notes on them
<no accountability for mods, no way to make them take a break or remove them
<your matrix clique, I know for a fact users come on matrix and ask for pre-approval to make posts, what kind of fucked up "culture" is that?
<your overmoderation of /leftypol/ and "quality control" which is plain retarded, moving OPs with effort to siberia but allowing that shitty low effort anti-Marxism thread to stay up
At this point you're actively insulting users.
>bUt WhAt PrObLeMs? GeNuInELy CuRiOus!

>unactionable "criticisms"

Everything I have listed above is actionable. I can't wait to hear the excuses.

>concern troll

been on /leftypol/ longer than you, buddy. All of my criticism is to make this place better. It is becoming obvious that its historical moment has passed, and leftypol did not change with the times and circumstances, like I have been suggesting for years.

>that is why I volunteer time and energy here,

in its years of existence leftypol has had many admins and mods, you're not special.

>I'm sorry you are such a victim anon

Your quote: "If he stole your bike, that is a you problem."

>no actually the reason that comment makes you bristle is because it insinuates that you are beholden to power/agency beyond your own grasp.

I call you an arrogant piece of shit and in the next post you prove me right. Beautiful. You have no power and your agency is questionable when you just kowtow to pasq.

>Whatever that's about, some insecurity or whatever it's only your business right?

It's called being a communist.
<"Down with capitalism?" you only say that cause you can't accept a power over you. Insecurity!

>So don't make it mine, I have no desire to make you feel bad

You didn't make me feel bad. A dog biting me doesn't make me feel bad. A dog can't help himself any more than a forum moderator can.

>the work they must do

You mean the work they think they must do?

>this is why skilled interlopers trying to negatively effect a website will try and cause drama involving mods and aggravate relations between and within mods and non mod users.

Now you admit that you don't listen to criticism, it's all about WHO is saying it, not WHAT. And if you think mod drama is because of users then you are willfully ignorant or very new. You are aware that we have two leftypols, right? Do you think users did that? Mods cause mod drama, users are the victims of that drama.

>do you think you are jesus christ on the cross sent by the users to speak for them and be offended for them in the exact ways in which you yourself personally are offended and wish to speak? do you think anyone else believes that?

I'm saying that many users rather than write complaints that fall on deaf ears will just leave. Now I see I'm an idiot for staying and trying to be a positive influence.

>actually I think it's you and I would suggest you not pick fights with people that you can only "lose"

OK. Nobody is picking fights. You say things like "it's on you, I don't want to make you feel bad" and so on, yet you're the one who takes criticism personally. You're the only one talking about "losing" because of your adversarial attitude. It's the mods vs. "bad users", and all users could be bad users in disguise.

This is tiring. I gave you a list of specific issues. Act on them, or don't. No need to discuss further.


>the war is over
Genuinely confused what war this would be referring to. I guess the first assumption would be Ukraine-Russia.
There is that word.
I grew up a Systemkritiker and Ideologiekritiker from the age of five. Bitch, please. Basically I am pretty much perfect. Hit me with your best ideology.
But don't write posts that are several pages long. No one gonna read that. Try a fucking book first (this is real advice).
Even to a schizo hater like you I will give real advice.
No need to discuss.


Why was the fat thread anchored? Are the mods here actual fbi.gov mods?


idpol, try being actually constructive and not 'hurr hurr fatties need to be shamed' and you might have a good thread


>t. fatsoc


Can you still get banned on /siberia/ for saying transgirls don't have periods or are the radlibs still running that board?


To clarify, I got banned for literally a month for calmly stating that transwomen do not have periods. I've used the various iterations of /leftypol/ fairly regularly since 2015 but that was enough to make me take a several month long hiatus.


Did you guys just abandon Siberia? There’s like half a dozen threads from that same pedofaggot femdom addict spamming the catalogue. An entire thread dedicated to porn of a teenage anime girl, random beastialitt threeads and more garbage clogging up Siberia.

I’m not gonna say that the forum wasn’t already a porn landfill even before I took a break from social media but it was no where near this bad since I was actively on social media


We already agreed to not moderate too harsh on Siberia. If something is spam or against the rule just report it.


Idk if you managed to fix it but at least for me the problem is still there.


Can we change up the word filters a bit for certain terms. I feel like switching n!663r to something other than Uyghur is in order. Now I want it to be good, but I think the joke has run its course.


Pick one then


I don't think the girls only thread needed an ⚓, just nuke the TERF stuff. It has funposting potential.


File: 1683107866071-0.png (508.35 KB, 474x517, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683107866071-1.png (73.12 KB, 934x213, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683107866071-2.png (23.48 KB, 954x144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683107866071-3.png (99.15 KB, 672x654, ClipboardImage.png)

Pasquale deleting an obvious parody response to an OP which by the way, even if it somehow was unironic, isn't rule-breaking or against the spirit of the site and then deleting an objection telling them to re-examine it.
Allowing someone to do this every day, every week is a pretty silly and avoidable way to kill a site. They need to go before it's too late.


>Seethe honestly. I've never had a single issue with Pasq
And I haven't had a single problem with police brutality. Guess it's not a problem right, black people be seething.

>If you aren't gonna put work in yourself
Oh sorry I guess I should be undeleting those posts… or something.
What work do you suggest would be useful? I notice a problem in the community. I bring attention to it here. What's the next step? Anything more direct or active than that and I'll just get banned from chats or boards like Sage.

>If there is a problem that need correcting point it out and if the system is working then it will be corrected.

There is no shortage of evidence there are problems that need correcting. It hasn't been corrected in years. Therefore the system is therefore not working.
If you want proof, Zul didn't get kicked despite causing an admin to leave, Watermelon didn't get kicked despite blatant power fantasies, and look where that lead to.
I'm an anonymous fucking user. I'm not doing this because of ego, I'm doing this because I see a problem that needs correcting.

>A good janny can develop the ability to deduce in a moments time with minimal energy the difference between a real user offering constructive criticism in good faith even if it does not suit them well

jesus christ, let me guess, you're the good janny? And you were just talking about ego.
This is absolutely constructive. The site is being negatively impacted, we're posting evidence of rule violations from staff and explaining how they impact the site. You want bad faith? Look at any (and I mean approxiately 100%) of pasqs replies here. "Didn't read", "seethe", "im too busy to take feedback", those are textbook examples of bad faith.

By the way, you literally paraphrased "profiling".

>So why do I come to the defence of Pasq here?

I'd wager class solidarity, as a forum moderator who is interpreting criticisms of pask's behaviour as an attack on the staff's image as a whole.

>Lastly this is not a salaried position.

I know, I janny/mod three communities for years and haven't earned a dime. You ain't got the answers, Sway. I've been doing this more than you.

Work isn't automatically beneficial because it's done by volunteers.
If the person next to me serves raw chicken in a volunteer shelter and you complain its raw, you're not pointlessly complaining about something which isn't a problem, and if it keeps happening and you start shouting, you're not complaining excessively.


File: 1683110502220.png (219.94 KB, 474x309, ClipboardImage.png)

>>To do otherwise is 1.to bite the hand that feeds you
>You arrogant piece of shit.
It's not even that, it's straight-up porky shit. The whole post comes off as "stop whining, deal with what the authorities do, stop complaining about the system and pull yourself up by the bootstraps" (with a touch of not making any constructive suggestions).
To read someone talking like that on an anti-capitalist website is honestly just depressing.


Besides the obligatory "Didn't read lol".
I don't know how many ways there is to say this.
Yes it's all true, there is no SCP foundation, the Hard-To-Destroy Reptile is in control. Sorry kid. There is no bluff to call because there is no bluff.(Rule 11 lmao- but seriously you can't call my bluff)


Pasquale are you going to respond to this?


>They need to go before it's too late.
Honestly the most hateful thing I could do is resigning
So naturally I'm thinking of doing just that.


I think everyone would love if you resigned.


File: 1683444533588.png (199.25 KB, 474x270, ClipboardImage.png)

How does he do it? Literally the whole board tells him everyday they can't stand him but he manages to live in the delusion anybody likes him or appreciates what he does.


Well then I won't do it
Goddamn, you're stupid


LMAO. Only here to spite this website with your continued presence. Thongnoticer tier.


What I am saying is you can't even follow the most basic reasoning. My motivations are way beyond your comprehension.


File: 1683445095366.gif (673.79 KB, 220x164, stop it get help.gif)

No one cares.


Make a cyclical /post-marxism/ thread and redirect all post-Marxist threads there. leftypol is the last place I want to see this excrement, because it already poisoned every leftist space online. Promote threads discussing the classics of Marxism, of actual organizing tactics, of actual lived experiences.


Thread in question which really got under my skin btw, But I'm guessing most users saw the influx of these threads in the recent days. Yes, I'm admitting I got mad. It's human. You're not better than me because of that.


question: why was my thread saged? https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1458923.html


this is really the first decision by a mod I haven't been able to understand. other temp-bans of me ive understood, even if i didnt agree. But this I don't really get. Amidst a sea of shitposts everyday on this website you choose to sage the one thread that actually invites discussion of marxist theory because of a no-life stalker-poster?


>sage the one thread that actually invites discussion of marxist theory
No it doesn't. It's a fundamental misreading of Engels. It's just more masturbatory atomization of actual theory. It's sophism.


and lmao @ the simp mode who deleted other anon's post against anfem but not anfem's yesman


File: 1683624861503-0.png (202.15 KB, 983x323, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683624861503-1.png (299.44 KB, 1004x511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683624861503-2.png (168.64 KB, 989x282, ClipboardImage.png)

Just adding these to show that we are dealing a mentally ill subversive.


post 1 is a joke, which most people in that siberia thread grasped.
post 2 and 3 are serious, and not grounds for a ban, though I see you conveniently missed out posts that I know you saw where I mentioned that I am purposefully not consistent between threads (because idgaf about identity). Moreover disagreeing with you is not grounds for a ban.

In the case that you're being genuine, then I'm sorry that I made you feel weird, but your behaviour across threads is bordering on very ugly obsession and you're making the experience of the board a lot worse for other users who actually legitimately want to engage with my theory posts. I feel you're being very selfish and totalising in this regard by refusing to give other people space to engage. And I have to say your behaviour in many places comes across as pretty severe gaslighting, if not spamming.

I can tell that you're harbouring a pretty big grudge against me and I don't think it's justified, rational, or healthy. If it makes you feel better, I don't hold the same grudge back, I'm a pretty tolerant person. I think you'd feel differently if you took a breather and came back to my posts without this tension you've built up towards me.


saying i should be banned for 'being a subversive' (not following your specific party line) is telling by the way. I don't like to escalate 'conflict' to 'abuse' but I think you should dwell more on that.


(also weaponising mental illness)


>saying i should be banned
That's a lie. I said to make a cyclical thread for you, and your pears, in which you can discuss post-Marxism to your hearts extent and not fill the board with several threads worth of radical theory posting. What a disingenuous, pathetic person you are.

>lot worse for other users who actually legitimately want to engage with my theory posts

You, and your cult, are in the minority in this regard. Most of the posters abhor your theory (lol!) and vocally so. Look beyond your tunnel-vision of you as the perfect being. I cite your post (very indicative of how deluded you are)

<all true. and i make no apologies for this. there is no need for me to have self-same takes from thread to thread. my value is pedagogy. my existence transient. however, i always make sure my takes between them provide maximum value to the board. i want to make your lives harder; i do this because i love you all deeply and wish for you to be the best you can be. i wish your theory to be impregnable, your praxis to be impeccable, and i love you each in your fullness. the fact that global revolution will never happen does not preclude us from making meaningful attacks now. even capitalism has never been global. i love pure and infinite negation of all things. i wish to enlarge and expand pockets of anarchy and nurture the aristocracy of your Dasein wherever I can. one day God will call upon me to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to ascend us all to the next circle of existence. I love God. Pure love!! Pure immanence!!!

<It's so simple!!! Pure Love!!! uphold anfem poster thopught

Stop shitting up one of the few forums which could harbor discussion for the actually changing world, instead of your labor-aristocratic, post-Marxist, West European critical gender nonsense.

(You) are mentally ill. (You) admitted this with your posts.


Before anyone says
>but there's /dead/ for the post-left!!
I do not wish to see a site fractured in several subforums which are rarely visited, and even less known to newer users. Use leftypol for discussion organized into periodic generals and organic discussion. You could merge sooo many boards to get actual engagement between users (density always correlates with revolutionary theory).


this is the leftist board, not the ML board, however much youd like it to be.


i dont own a cult. anyone can respond to my threads. i am begging you to look in the mirror at your own behaviour. it is extremely unhinged.


That is right! And your post-Marxism is not leftism, nor anything 'to the left' but a (sexual) liberalism with red aesthetics. You don't see me complaining about well thought situationist threads (moreover I even began some) because I'm not a 'cultist' like you, but aim to be a communist.

Are you suggesting some kind of defect in me? You're on the verge of ableism, comrade.



are these the 'organic discussion' you're worried about me drawing attention away from?

situationism is an off-shoot pf post-marxism, what are you talking about, Castoriadis was the primary influence on Debord's Society of the Spectacle


Except the mucus thread (which is a /ck/ repost, btw) one of them is a general (which I advocate for, because it collects similar topics in one thread unlike you making the same thread but with three different variations), one is a general discussion thread, and the phone thread is neither worse than better than your threads (sans the guy draping his thoughts in red paint and claiming diamat praxis, like (You) do).


note here is concerned about ableism

but here has no issue with deriding me as 'mentally ill'. i think this is enough evidence to demonstrate the bad faith & narcissism of this poster


You are actually the cancer which prevents spontanoeus outbursts of popular opinion with over-moderation and ivory tower theory gatekeeping, accusing those who do not want to engage in philistine, fideistic behavior, to just 'not get it'.

I have presented (You) writing about your aristocratic, almost fascistic, reactionary tendencies which border on mental illness with their incoherence. My accusations are not without basis, and I am calling out your hypocrisy.


For the record to the anfem poster none of the responses you've gotten so far are official responses from the moderating team who when posting on /meta/ will turn their mod flag on and identify themselves so the post is clearly from the volunteer team

What you're getting is other anons spitballing about the reasons

My guess is it's because the argument in the thread is going in circles and due to it being on feminism requires more effort and attention moderating and they are tired and don't have time

For what It's worth I'd prefer it to be unbumplocked since I'd like to give it a serious response next weekend

I would also recommend easing up on the moderation of it just let jackarses be jackarses in it and let the conversation flow less work for you and if it flows more freely it might break out of the circle it's in and if it doesn't it'll autosage and anchor itself at the 500 or 600 post mark anyway


yeah im just gonna re-make the thread if it sages because a lot of people havent seen it yet and i think Firestone's work deserves engagement and recognition


If it is the exact same thread with the exact same shitposting, we may ban you for spam.


I think this might be a mod and this is an official response

Given they're volunteers the following of rules and procedures isn't as strict as it would be in a professional environment but given it's exactly what I'd expect the official response to be and given comet is one of the mods

Anfem poster I'd recommend if you're going to repost rewrite the OP attatch the .pdf of the book in question to the OP and engage in the thread in a way that avoids what lead to this since the topic is your baby

I'd also recommend a less conversational tone in your posting just respond to posts that seem substantive and engaging to you with substantive and engaging responses and if something seems too stupid or bad faith for words just leave it after all if you're correct in your assessment eventually someone else will find them so irritating that they'll respond

That's what works for me


U do what u have to do man. I think this is an important topic.

Dunno what else was expected. I broke down the points from the book, I even was highly critical of it I wasn’t just like ‘this is a good book’. It missed the title bc I had some issues while posting. It’s not my fault that a vocal minority of leftypol users are really autistic and samefag and post nonsense bc they see red where there’s magenta

I don’ t like the drama. I just want to talk about books and actually have a discussion sometimes.


>Argues that women being forced to do reproductive labor is exploitative
>Ignores EVERY SINGLE POST in the thread pointing out that the widespread availability of modern contraception means that if you so choose you will never have to go through reproduction, and that it is not forced upon women like wage labor is unless you live in some backwards religious shithole like Saudi Arabia or Poland
>Chooses instead to name call and attack others instead of actually addressing this point BTFOing the anfem ideological framework for 200+ posts
>Chooses to report to try to get others banned for only shitposting in response to her shitpost which even started out by posting anti-Marxist images and pretending that it was "materialist analysis" ("MIDDLE CLASS" LMAO)
kill yourself


Mods seriously if your trying to ge rid of the Pepe jak posts setup an image filter of some kind like what you guys did with the word filter


A pg rated site that compiles the effortposts and quality discussion could be good. It could be something that runs in parallel with the main site maybe. I've met a few earnest people recently that would be interested in the discussions but extremely repelled by imageboard culture.


We actually do already have one of those fwiw


I had a look at that but because I'm extremely attracted to imageboard culture it was just once lol. Thanks, I'll take another look.


Another option if there's specific discussions you want them to see would be to archive the thread with archive.is or archive.org etc and send them that link


huh. i would like to contribute but it seems like not just anyone can


Did you check the about page?

The editor of our journal may be slow to get back to you since they're fairly busy with life things especially lately


There's someone conservative I discuss politics with irl who would be interested in the /cybersoc/ threads. I'm just gonna make edited versions and email them. Just don't want to have any association to the nsfw stuff on the overboard tbh. I got enough red flags already lol.


When will tor users be allowed to make threads again?


never. tor is where most people who are mean to the mods come from. TOR IST VERBOTEN!!



given that https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1461988.html#q1462206 admits their thread is bot-produced, and it's pretty obvious that it is, maybe it should just be saged. it's just more drama ammunition.


in return u should unsage my shulamith firestone thread


Can I upload an mp3 with a post over tor? It's just a pretty normie podcast episode.


Why are anarchists such snitches despite supposedly being "anti-authoritarian"? Even the most successful anarchist, Adolf Hitler, was a snitch for the Weimar government for a while.


its a goddamn estonian snail-racing board