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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.



Please add "cyberpunk" to the OP of >>>/hobby/1782


Why? That changes the meaning.


Have sex with me.


Do mods ever have sex?


Yes but I can only get hard after I ban someone. So you see the predicament.


Cyberpunk is part of dystopian sci fi and not including it makes it hard to find in the catalog search.


What's the girthiest object you have ever put up your bumhole?


File: 1663505180671.webm (3.04 MB, 452x268, corrected_250.webm)

Jannies, where does it say in the rules that it is a bannable offense to mention warcrimes that western media alleges Russia of doing? "Boo hoo my source is biased!" I already hear you cry, but so is literally every single Russian source you biased dipshits. For 6 months straight I've been banging my head against the wall it seems but get no response when I accuse you fucks of Russian bias. I bet you fuckers would be banning me for calling out that the Germans used mustard gas in WW1 if this board operated in 1916.
How about you GROWUPS and realize that you are a paranoic schizoid if you think literally everything anti-Russian is from western glowies, HUH?


Also to add on, why are the Russian schizoids who peddle shit with absolutely zero proof like…
>Literally every time Russian warcrimes are shown it was actually Ukranians killing their own to make Russia look bad
>NATO was developing anti-Slav vaccine
They get to roam free and not also getting banned for "glowops"?

Oh yeah, because jannies have zero integrity and are not even leftists, but hyperonline greyzone readers who became anti-NATO cargocultists where the absolute height of any political action is to be anti-US online and jack off to any enemies of US, no matter how reactionary they are.


Agreed, it's honestly gotten to the point of complete absurdity and it was insufferable "tankie" bias shit like this that killed infinityleftypol when everyone got banned for not gobbling down Russian and Syrian propaganda against the PYD/YPG.
It's just the reality on leftypol at this moment, that Russian Nationalist Chauvinist retards can literally spout the most obscene Nationalist, rightoid, neocon shit without any repurcussions or evidence, and then even questioning them results in a "glow" ban. I mean for fuck sake come on, people in the Ukraine General thread are still arguing that the recent Ukrainian offensive didn't happen and it's just "natocel propaganda" and even questioning that bullshit gets them all screaming "glow glow" like that's an argument and you get banned. Z gang peddle outright rightoid conspiracy theories and don't get banned, yet again, questioning RIGHTOID conspiracy if it comes from a Vatnik's mouth is ban worthy?
The biggest irony here is, people literally posting, propaganda from outright Russian Glowies (confirmed FSB telegrams) is not "glowing", yet questioning that nonsense from a neutral position will 99% get you banned for Glowing.

Can the mods explain what rule is being breached by questioning Zgang bullshit? how is "glowing" determined? Is it a rule now you have to be a thin skinned Russian revanchist chuckefuck?


>I already hear you cry, but so is literally every single Russian source you biased dipshits.

Yeah this is the most absurd shit.
>Post Radiowarnerd episode, and despite RWN being clearly anti-Ukraine but also very realistic, get banned for "glowing"
>Vatnik posts shit from literal FSB spokespeople, everyone has to gobble it down as 100% fact or get banned for "glowing".


What the fuck are you even trying to say? Anyway, its nice to see another anon be in the same boat as me mentally half a year ago and asking questions about what sort of rule mandate outside of "I just don't like it >:(" you use for banning anti-Russian (or more accurately, not pro-Russian, because we are at the euther you are with me or against me stage) sourcess. So please, jannoid, how do you answer the charges of power abuse outlined here: >>22629 ? Well, I already know you will never fucking respond because you got nothing to say, but whatever.


Here to appeal my absurd ban on the site for "idpoling" even though by that logic you should be banning every person in the thread this ban occurred in, since the topic itself is by default about idpol. Bans are not your personal argument stopper, Mods.
>>>/games/22463 is the post I received said ban for. Also the mod that did this didn't know that you don't include /meta/ in the crossboard bans, since you're fucking up the ability to appeal, since your ban appeal box has a tiny character limit.


I'm just agreeing with you, the situation is absurd.
Most of the Z-retards are literally able to post actual propaganda from confirmed, admitted Russian glowies, and aren't banned for "glowing" despite posting little spook propaganda. While if you post anything that is based on the reality of the ground or the situation, even from an anti-Ukraine, but not Russian cocksucking Nationalist head in the sand position, you get banned for glowing.
Radio War Nerd in nobody's mind aside from the most deranged Z-cocksuckers is a "Natocel" or "pro-Ukraine", in fact, he is very much in Russia-camp being part of the eXile group yet they now call even RWN a "Natocel glowie" because he isn't spouting the most deranged Z-Gang propaganda and is talking about the war in a materialist, neutral, holistic analysis and the grim situation on the ground for the Russians rather than literal actual FSB glowing telegram talking points.
Perun "Natocel glowie" despite the guy having the most indepth, neutral analysis on Youtube and actually leans more towards a "ukraine is pretty much fucked and should negoitate" position.
It was obvious months ago the mods clearly picked a side when they said here "Go create your own Ukraine war thread then" and we did, we had decent neutral discussion in there despite all the Zgang spamming of it then we all got banned for "glowing" and the thread deleted.
Mayswell just change the background of leftypol to the Russian imperial eagle and play the Russian anthem as a MP3 in the background of that board at this point because Zgang retards are absolutely NOT socialists or Communists or care about the working class and actual communists and socialists are getting banned left and right for criticising or even just having a realistic outlook on Ukraine that isn't "Actually kiev has already fallen and Ukraine is completely conquered, Westoid glowie media just refuses to acknowledge it" or whatever nonsense Zgang spouts.


Ruthless criticism of all that exists (Except Russia which is perfect and a Communist Utopia beyond reproach in every way)


File: 1663514190076.png (150.98 KB, 537x585, both sides.png)

>schizo: the post
People criticize Russia all the time, the mods ban you for being an uppity faggot that uses bad faith argumentation and blatant misinformation
<I'm smart, unlike doze stupid russkies!
Self-awareness: 0
>confirmed, admitted Russian glowies
Confirmed and admitted where LMAO?
>yet they now call even RWN a "Natocel glowie"
Source: Your ass
>we did, we had decent neutral discussion in there despite all the Zgang spamming of it then we all got banned for "glowing" and the thread deleted
<Make your thread
<Post in it for a long time freely
<It gets deleted for glo-shit
<"could it be my fed-posting?"
<"no its the mods that ruined it!"
You took a calculated risk Mr. Langley, but man are you bad at math.
>Zgang retards are absolutely NOT socialists or Communists or care about the working class
As has been pointed out to you across dozens of threads at this point, they actually do care, a hell of a lot more than your dumb ass. In fact your posts have repeatedly demonstrated bourgeoisie disdain for the proletariat, and a complete dismissal for the opinions of people on the ground there. You are a faggot and have brainworms… must be the reason you do glowie work for free.



>People criticize Russia all the time
They absolutely do not, the Z retards go fucking apeshit and spam glowie the moment anyone states on the ground reality of the Ukraine war. I was being told day after day after day that the Ukrainian counter offensive was crushed day one when it was obvious the Ukrainians had broken through, Z retards were then goalpost moving to "It's was done on purpose to draw the Ukrainians in to cause a cauldron and the massive Russian forces will crush the Ukrainians trapped in there" then when it all collapsed, Z retards for days argued it was all fake news or aksually losing thousands of square kilometers was done on purpose. 1GTA, Russia's elite breakthrough force made of Moscow's finest soldiers literally abandoned their vehicles, tanks, weapons and let DPR conscripts and forces get crushed and caputured for 4D chess reasons. Totally fucking believable and not just retarded cope. Oh tell me how K:D ratio matters now suddenly (Though doesn't matter in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria) even though it's not even based on any evidence. Where in fuck are Z-tards posting evidence beyond cherry picked videos and literal FSB agent telegrams?
>Self-awareness: 0
Smarter than the Z-tards who claimed that both break throughs were fake and not real.
>Source: Your ass
Source multiple threads
>You took a calculated risk Mr. Langley, but man are you bad at math.
Jesus christ you vatniks are literally full of fucking shit. Guess what retard, I AM NOT PRO UKRAINE. I just have a fucking realistic outlook on this war and am disgusted by how fucking retard incompetent the RAF are. This war should have been over in 2 weeks, instead, Russia can't even fucking assert air dominance over ITS OWN BORDER and is getting steamrolled by Ukraine.
>As has been pointed out to you across dozens of threads at this point, they actually do care, a hell of a lot more than your dumb ass.
Yeah man, circlejerking over Russian rightoid revanchism and celebrating civilians being massacred because of their nationality is totally what Socialists do.
> In fact your posts have repeatedly demonstrated bourgeoisie disdain for the proletariat, and a complete dismissal for the opinions of people on the ground there. You are a faggot and have brainworms… must be the reason you do glowie work for free.
Most of the worlds population doesn't support the War in Ukraine, or Russia's invasion. Literal facts based on polling everywhere. Just keep cherry picking extremely specific UN votes or pretending that countries buying Russian gas and oil far below market value is somehow 100% unanimous support for Russia and all it's actions for the entire global population outside of the west.

Fact is, You Z-chuckefucks are actual literal glow adjacent/glowies (FSB are glowies retard) and you're literally the most insufferable, thin skinned, bad faith retards on this entire site who run to the mods any time anyone posts anything that is even 1% critical of Russia.


It ain't idpol to point out the reality of the situation, lol.


No shit; pointing out liberal idpol isn't idpol. The thread is discussing idpol drama on social media, so by default breaks the rules by the metric of "idpoling"


File: 1663516648181.mp4 (8.33 MB, 720x720, BIDEN BTFO.mp4)

>They absolutely do not
<N-no they don't
Yes they do
>bla bla bla muh Z-trigger bla bla bla Ukrain vinning! bla bla bla cope
Same NATOid rubbish that has been debunked by many people of varying ideologies on the Ukraine threads. You're a lazy fed aren't you?
>Smarter than the Z-tards
Every idiot thinks themselves a wiseman
Thanks for exposing yourself
>I AM NOT PRO UKRAINE I just shill pro-ukraine nonsense!
>Russia can't even fucking assert air dominance over ITS OWN BORDER and is getting steamrolled by Ukraine.
>Russian rightoid revanchism
Take meds schizo
>civilians being massacred because of their nationality
<Russkie orcs are massacring!
>Most of the worlds population doesn't support the War in Ukraine, or Russia's invasion
Except, as has been posted in the recent thread, the number of countries opposing Russia's actions in Ukraine dropped from 180+ countries to barely 50+ out of the entire UN. The only countries opposing Russia's actions are their direct enemies in NATO, so your nonsense is blatantly false
>keep cherry picking extremely specific UN votes
LMAO the hypocrisy of your nonsense. >countries buying Russian gas and oil far blow market value is somehow 100% unanimous support for Russia
Imagine being this ignorant of geopolitics and the meaning of such actions in the diplomatic and international stage.
>You Z-chuckefucks are actual literal glow adjacent/glowies
Projection because you got caught
>you're literally the most insufferable, thin skinned, bad faith retards on this entire site
Again, projection
>run to the mods any time anyone posts anything that is even 1% critical of Russia
No anon, you're just a retard that gets banned for being a retard.


trans people/characters existing is not idpol


File: 1663517755460.jpg (23.37 KB, 310x325, really.jpg)

But that's not the argument being made. It's taking a character canonically stated as a male, a male forced into crossdressing by the church from childhood and being called a "feminine male" in Japanese being mistranslated by liberal translators as being "female identifying" even though that is blatant retcon and is essentially reconfirming the concept of trans grooming in the story. Not to mention that there have existed trans characters in anime and vidya that people, including /pol/ have no problem over, and even in regards to bridget /pol/s response can be summarized as "lol no" contrast to a overbearing nitter liberal meltdown. People are point this out in that thread and debating it, nothing that I said is something other people in that very same thread, haven't posted before and after my post. wvobbly is just playing favorites and should be deleting the entire thread by his metric of "idpol" instead of banning an individual responding to existing replies.


The game creator said trans girl so I think its a definitively settled issue



Holy shit you Zfaggots are literally the most insufferable fucking schizo retards holy shit.
You don't even have arguments and anyone can just go into the Ukraine general and see everything you posted is just a load of fucking bullshit.
>Yes they do
Show me all the criticism retard. Show me even a single fucking post being realistically critical of Russia without everyone crying Glowie.
>Same NATOid rubbish that has been debunked by many people of varying ideologies on the Ukraine threads. You're a lazy fed aren't you?
Yeah dude, the Ukrainian breakthroughs never happened, Russia still controls Kupiansk and Izium right now don't they!
Zfaggots don't debunk shit. They just repeat literal FSB propaganda talking points and engage in ridiculous cope and goalpost moving. Explain for why literal days it was obvious Russia had collapsed in the North East, was I being told that Russia was just luring Ukraine into a caldron that was going to be shut any moment now, OH BOY RUSSIA HAS SENT 1GTA UKRAINE IS FUCKED NOW! oh actually 1GTA abandoned all their vehicles, weapons, supplies and DPR support to the Ukrainians on purpose, Actually there were no Russian troops there at all only Military police, actually Russia lost thousands of square kilometers and allowed their troop supply lines get cut on purpose.
Please Ukraine general is fucking cope central and you retards literally spout every piece of FSB glowie propaganda without any second thought or realistic evidence.
>Every idiot thinks themselves a wiseman
Not a wiseman, just smarter than a bunch of chuckefuck revanchist reactionaries who simply cockgobble Russian imperialist propaganda because they're a bunch of edgy ass self hating emos who love Russia for the exact same reason /pol/ does.
I've posted numerous times extremely indepth posts about how NATO lured Russia into this war and the extreme bad faith NATO has engaged with, in terms of Russia and European security architecture. Still not enough for you retards who think Russia is 100% winning this war and everything is going 100% according to plan. (which is why Putin now is dodging suicide attempts and the entire Russian media is in chaos with notable figures speaking out of line from Kremlin propaganda)
You know what's really LMFAO. Ukraine was about to rout Russia and 1GTA using light mechanised infantry right up to the Russian border, and Russia didn't even use it's airforce to cover it's own troops and DPR/LPR retreat because the planes were getting BTFO'ed within minutes of taking off, at the Russian fucking border.
>Take meds schizo
The guy who accuses literally everyone of being a glowie is calling other people Schizos, lol.
>The only countries opposing Russia's actions are their direct enemies in NATO, so your nonsense is blatantly false
>Imagine being this ignorant of geopolitics and the meaning of such actions in the diplomatic and international stage.
Both of these completely contradict eachother retard and cover by exactly what I said. Countries aren't supporting Russia in Ukraine, even China is outright "what the fuck are you doing?" and China is sending very clear signals it's extremely unhappy with Ukraine. What countries are doing is looting Russia of it's resources at a rate far below market value. Do you actually believe all these countries give a shit about Russia? What the fuck? It's called self-interest and playing both sides for gimmies.
>Projection because you got caught
Oh yeah man, totally caught for being a glowie, because I don't cocksuck every piece of literal FSB agent cope and I'm realistic about the situation on the ground in Ukraine. Meanwhile YOU FAGS LITERALLY POST INFORMATION 1:1 FROM CONFIRMED, ADMITTED, FSB AGENTS.
>Again, projection
Oh yeah man, I'm the one acting in bad faith, not the fucking retard vatnik who has literally no argument beyond "GLOWIE" and "MUH MULTIPOLARITY THAT MAKES NO SENSE AND NO GEOPOL EXPERT ON EARTH AGREES WITH"
man Russia looks so fucking strong and powerful after this war, is that why Putin as gone and hid in his Sochi villa from assassination attempts from the Bratva?
>No anon, you're just a retard that gets banned for being a retard.
Dude we can see Meta and the logs and the Ukraine general thread, its clear you Zfaggots literally report anyone who even questions you retards.


No it isn't, one can call Death of Author in this case because it retroactively changes established canon for the sake of changing the identity of the character, at that point just make another TRANS character instead. But they don't do that because drama is publicity.

Also you're ignoring my point, regardless of your opinion of the subject, being banned for this shit is hypocritical, I am not the only one to post an opinion regarding this subject, and if you're going to enforce a strict anti-idpol rule, than liberal idpol counts too.

Furthermore as I pointed out, pandering to corporate virtue signaling or defending it is cancer. If you see my first post in that thread I literally posted a screencap that includes trans people having an opinion about this and being told to "detransition" and attacked for their opinion.


Make a thread for "anti-ziggers" to post. Your posts are disruptive to the discussion.


File: 1663518544440.jpg (28.47 KB, 600x600, lmao.jpg)

Yeah nothing you've posted is of any merit and is just blatantly reposting CNN and BBC rubbish and projecting your retardation onto your boogieman. Your butthurt is fucking "what did you say to me" copy-pasta levels but unironic.
Oh, and


File: 1663518678222.jpg (52.53 KB, 826x550, laughing orcs.jpg)

>I've posted numerous times extremely indepth posts about how NATO lured Russia into this war and the extreme bad faith NATO has engaged with
No you haven't you've just admitted the facts but in a backhanded way, and then proceeded to continue on a line about 'muh evul russkiez'
You're convincing nobody but your Girllpill buttbuddy and nobody reading this that has any context of the actual threads is going to believe you for a moment.


File: 1663518692782.jpg (127.53 KB, 659x631, 1663442847470357.jpg)

We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread. Zfaggots spammed the entire thread then the mods banned all the non-Zfaggot posters for being "glow".
Literally still no argument.
Keep your head in the sand, pretty sure Putin will come suck your dick for your service to White Russia any day now.


Evidence please. Show all my posts where I went on about "Evil ruskies".
Oh wait, Zfaggots don't need evidence, just bad faith spamming, crying to hyper biased mods and spamming t.me/fsbagent t.me/UnitedRussia is proof enough.


Show a single post where I posted CNN or BBC or any Western media outlet retard?
Again, also, you faggots literally post LITERAL ADMITTED FSB AGENTS and Russian military spokespeople.
Man that fridge door is coming to close on Kupiansk and Izium any day now, totally 100%. Any day now!


>We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread
Yeah and you shat it up by having bad faith discussion
>le map
<2 different sources
<meme map that does not actually reflect actual Russian positions at any time during that time
Your manipulations may function on reddit, but not here.
>no argument
You have no argument, you're just spouting diatribe that I have no interest in engaging. Make a /meta/ thread to circlejerk yourself in about "de evul russkie mods" and stop shitting yourself here.
>Keep your head in the sand, pretty sure Putin will come suck your dick for your service to White Russia
Man you really are a schizo

>Oh you know I'm CIA? List all the CIA agents!
Fuck off you know your posts are mostly deleted, especially those that have the inflammatory remarks. But its already evident in your attitude about "le russkies" and "vatniks", typicl anti-communist shit.
>bad faith spamming
Oh the irony mr.kettle
>t.me/fsbagent t.me/UnitedRussi
N-noooo I'm not the glofag you arae, NO u!
You're really becoming deranged at being called out LOL.



Man how much drugs are you on when you’re too retarded to recognize that shit like picrel completely invalidates everything you said previously?



Go post!


File: 1663532705660.png (14.37 KB, 1438x136, ClipboardImage.png)

Just wanted to suggest to wordfilter "twitter.com" to either "nitter.net" or "nitter.it" so that anons can link Twitter posts, then others can view the post without using Twitter.


This is a good idea.


Requesting this, it makes it hard to look up the thread if you don't know the specific key search term "dystopia". and cyberpunk is the most prolific type of dystopia discussed in that thread.
Also thanks NATO-anon for fucking up Tor so much that my range got banned too. Cancerous fuck.


File: 1663538250061.jpg (670.12 KB, 950x1200, golden gaytime trap.jpg)

Can the mods explain the reason my appeal has been denied? I have not posted anything that other anons have not already opinionated, I have not violated the rules any more than anyone else in that thread discussing an already blatantly idpol topic and I have not stated any reactionary views, unless calling out liberals for blatant virtue signaling is suddenly 'bad'. Especially considering that I cited earlier trans people (in a screencap post) and cited the existence and lack of drama over Poison, a trans character that nobody has a problem with.

Retroactively confirming the idea that "you can groom a child into being another gender" and then changing the story so that "the character made this decision", is unironically similar to Dr.Money's experiments on the Reiner brothers, is gay erasure and also promotes the smear of trans grooming, not to mention the fact that this is defending corporate liberalism and deliberately misinterpreting Japanese cultural gender terms.

A three day ban is far in excess of the rule broken, especially compared to the 3 hour ban you gave that ban-evading NATO-shill; banning on Tor is just fucking it up for everyone else. I have no intention on continuing to post in that GuiltyG thread, the discussion already finished nearly a day before I got this arbitrary ban. Even if you're trying to get across the message of 'DO Not Continue This Idpol' then do a warning ban of an hour or two, not three days across the ENTIRE site.


Leftypol mods have become completely unhinged and reactionary.
Pro-capitalist (Russo-Ukraine conflict general), anti-revolutionary (seeing China as some vanguard), pro-idealist (TRA, furries), chauvinistic (rampant misogyny goes unchecked), anti-proletarian (doesn't give a shit about the proletariat, only fawning over the middle classes and how to satisfy them), pro-imperialist (loves it, frankly), pro-colonialist (it "doesn't exist anymore"! Just a meme, stupid!).


>We had a "neutral Ukraine general" thread. Zfaggots spammed the entire thread then the mods banned all the non-Zfaggot posters for being "glow".


based mods


t. mod


Requesting the pro-NATO Ukraine general to be merged with the standard Ukraine thread. If those fags can't hold their ground in a normal discussion they shouldn't make their own thread to weaken the Ukraine general so they unironically celebrate NAFO Twitter posts.


We'll be on a new Ukraine thread soon. The pro-nato one should be sage'd and discontinued. No need to merge it with the existing thread.


>The pro-nato one should be sage'd and discontinued.
It's just an unpoopular thread, why get mad?


It's a literal astroturf. Everyone discussed about imperialism on the ukraine thread since day one. Why there should be a literal Nato apology thread? If these retards turists want to debate, there is already a ukraine thread


All of this words just to say "only pro-nato" Agent Kochinskiite posters allowed


File: 1663621105875.png (3.7 MB, 1760x1168, ClipboardImage.png)

Triggered jannies unironically banned me for "wikipedia warrior" for *checks notes* posting wikipedia links that explain how socialist Vietnam was in the right to regime change Pol Pot's Cambodia since Cambodia started the war by attacking Vietnam and Pol Pot's regime was carrying out the Cambodian genocide that killed 2 million people.

And another set of wikipedia links that show China has a 2,000 year history of repeatedly invading Vietnam.

And one of the posters in that thread unironically called me a "glowie" and implied that I was posting "American propaganda". How unhinged of a tankie do you have to be to hold the cognitive dissonance to unironically deny the Cambodian genocide? And believe that supporting the defense policy of socialist Vietnam in the 1970's-1980's makes you pro-American imperialist?


>*checks notes*
You deserve it solely for this.




That's not being a Tankie, that's just the default of third-worldists.


File: 1663653691293.png (202.3 KB, 463x453, 1636647604376.png)

Hey mods, another LGBTQ anon and I were talking about how our discussions about LGBTQ issues are being side-lined because of idpol.

As much as I respect you lot, I'm actually dissapointed. I think we can have our discussions talked about in good faith on this board without radlibs and polyps coming to wreck it.

I'm thinking that the whole anti-idpol stance that leftypol has is waning thin, and I'd like to see a lot more of a neutral stance in the future of this board so anons can learn from queer theory and disagree/agree within reason i.e us not being tokenised/ brushed off as a product of bourgoise decadence.


For one, you crosslink like this
For two, they are dealt with


Wow, you actually deleted my response and banned me for responding to a post crying for your to permit idpol. Fuck you, for real wvobbly.


Also I should point out that the anon blatantly shitposting about Ukraine and promoting anti-communist talking points and ranting about Ukraine got a 3 hour ban despite ban evading multiple times, blatantly spamming threads and providing bad faith arguments… and you gave the guy a 3 hour ban.

Then someone posts a response stating that "no idpol is not conducive to leftypol and has devolved into shitflinging every single time it has been tried" and gets a ban for a week and the same shitty reason you've been spamming "idpoling" as if that's an argument.


Why was my thread deleted in /leftypol? I do not recall the id, but the subject was: Industrial production Vs Bullshit jobs -> policy


As I said, I do not know the id of the thread, I do not save browsing history. But here is the log for this time, my thread should be somewhere in this list. What I wrote was not against the rules. I've explained in details, since there is no industrial production, there is no workers organization tendency, a policy I was talking, might be a good thing to do.


If I were to guess it'd be for discounting service workers as non-proles, which is wrecker behavior.


I did not discount peope working in services from prols. I was talking on tendency and I've listed some points why the tendency is in decline.


report stuff! We want to keep threads clean of bullshit. Sometimes it's hard to tell what people want around in the thread, and with niche stuff personally i'll let ppl just argue with trolls if no one reports shit and it's not too egregious, since otherwise stuff won't get discussed outside said niche thread


it was just cause it was schizo rambling and no one even thought it was good enough to engage, so sorry but it didn't pass the quality filter

Also just the sheer quantity of inaccuracies and assumptions about the world based on, I assume, a post de-industrialzation first world POV. There's still tons of industry, tons of necessary work.

It's not easy to distinguish between schizo shit that just starts with false assumptions (honest mistakes) and advocates anti-revolutionary courses of action (and not even of the stupid outwardly communist reformist variety - just outright saying to not even pursue communism politically even though that's exactly the conclusions to draw from your starting points), and reactionary/glow shit which maliciously starts on false assumptions and tries to stir up shit and pushes anti-communism

TLDR; filtered
If you don't like it get a substack


Free Eugene you filthy bastards.


>There's still tons of industry, tons of necessary work.
<doesn't know what necessary labour even is
<tries to school others
pasquale, vwobbly and misato, the three stooges


everyone gets their notches eventually


OK. I will not argue, here the text that was deleted.

Industrial production Vs Bullshit jobs -> policy

Under industrial production there was tendency for workers to organize and take control of the factories, build city Soviets, then build the higher Soviet and produce by plan.

As you see, this tendency is bleak. I live in ex-USSR, I see remains of industrial production, huge factories that no longer operate.

The number of workers is declining and at the moment, depending on place, commodity production is done by 10-30% of workers, food, machinery, etc. 90-70% employed in services.

Not just the number of workers is declining, but it is no longer industrial production. I do not have numbers, but what I see is small companies with 10-100 workers.

Sometimes good percent of workers at a factory is formed from self-employed immigrants. In Poland, the immigrants, usually from Ukraine, is given a right to work for only 6 months, as I recall. So not just labor laws do not apply fully to them, since they work as self-employed, but they can't change this 6 months law by organizing at workplace.

The 70%-90% employed in services, although sometimes they can benefit from organizing, as nurses for example, but in many cases they will not benefit. How this affects they thinking, looking at everything as tiny individuals.

Note that it is irrelevant how many workers is there if they can organize. Since if they organize, they still can control the food supply and etc, so they can use this as power. But with declining number of workers, they less likely to organize on their own, so helping them is important.

All this and sure there is more, contribute to the decline in tendency.

So what do? Organize politically, but not for communism.

There was a referendum on UBI. UBI is a policy, it was not a party. UBI could change the workers to something new. But the policy was not accepted, I do not know why. But I've said it is not clear what is in heads of those who can't organize at work, may be this can be an example how their tiny individualistic mind can't grasp something like this.

The policy for less working time no wage cut, will not go. This is what workers should demand at their work places.

But policy: abandon right to decline a job at necessary production, sure for those who have qualification.. might be accepted.

What is necessary production? It is production or services necessary for modern biological living. A house of 3x3 meter is too small, 33 m^2, with heating, noise isolation, etc, good.

What is this policy? If you want to work at food production, in a hospital, etc necessary, you study and they can't decline you a job. It may reduce unemployment, allows more free time, allows old and disabled to work since some of them can't work 8 hours/day, but 2 hours/day or fewer days a week is ok, etc.

What will be the wage? Enough for modern biological living.

What will be the working time? 8-2 hours a day. Depends on how many people would like to work in a, f.e., hospital, more workers, less working hours, no wage cut. It may depend on work type, if work can be done in 2 hours/day shifts.

Will enough be produced? With number of people who want to work at these companies, the work time will be reducing individually, but working hours is not declining in sum. So the same number or more products is produced.

Can I work somewhere else and at the necessary production? Sure, this will be perfect.

How will company pay wages, sum(product prices) < sum(wages)? Companies that produce the same type of necessary product should form a monopoly and set prices so that they have enough money to pay the wages.

But supply and demand.. it is necessary production so demand will not be reduced.

But inflation.. production planning will help.

What do you think? If this looks like it can be implemented, may be work more on the policy, print it and distribute at meetings, etc. There is unlimited protest in my city.


File: 1663766533818.png (211.99 KB, 404x316, ClipboardImage.png)

Hi! Misato here!

I know it looks bad out of context but I mostly just delete bait, low-effort replies and replies to bait/posts that have been already deleted, just so the thread looks clean and not leave around isolated replies from bait/deleted posts without any context from said post prior

Hope that makes sense!


I don't think it looks like anything lol


File: 1663768723371.png (528.69 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Well thats good, I just remember another anon having similar complaints before regarding the mod log so I just wanted to make that clear again lol


Ah, so moderators are the arbiters of post quality!
Please explain to me, mods: what what are you NOT allowed to delete?


good posts


Sure, and who determines which posts are considered good?


nothing, didn't you read the fine print?
>15) Volunteers may remove other posts according to their own discretion which they feel do not contribute to the stated mission of /leftypol/, but they should try to adhere to the standards of the community and of their fellow moderators, and to refrain from arbitrary decisions. Where there is disagreement among moderators, the matter will be decided by informal consensus of currently active moderators. If there is still disagreement, the matter should be escalated to a formal vote.
This is highly subjective obviously. Sometimes mods delete posts I'd say are "good" (made me laugh) but were still bad faith, trolling, etc. and someone decides it's detracting from board quality.


also you know what after re-reading your post, i apologize for skimming it and deeming it a schizopost. It's stupid, misguided, difficult to read, a waste of time, dangerously revisionist, and your method is totally backwards (to imagine potential half-solutions - there are an infinite number btw, and ideas are cheap! - and try to implement it with 0 power, 0 analysis, 0 ambition), but it has heart and at least i see now it's not reactionary and not just ravings.

Repost it if you want. Though fr, get a substack or smth if u want to publish ur ideas, or just a text document, cause that's long as hell and you seem like you just need to get your ideas out in writing (to ponder on, amend, etc.). Those types of OPs don't tend to get much attention btw, and even less when it's "here's a political solution i thought up in my head - comments?"; cause no one cares, ideas are cheap. Analysis is hard. Learning is hard. If you have to ask, then the answer is probably that it's a bad idea.


>Having to edit in anime girls because the retards on /pol/4chan are more suggestible if there's coomer or pedo bait on the meme
As the kids say nowadays, "omegalul". I hope you guys get nice bonuses for your social media influence ops because idk how else you'd be able to stand losing your dignity in such a way.


no, he don't get money


Who watches the watchers?
Personally I don't care
I have neither time nor inclination to go over the same thing over and over and over again and that is also how I adjudicate things.
To me it's pretty easy and that's how I've always moderated, you can either be a lobotomite or hostile but you can't be both.
The schizo/glowies that spam this place, they think everyone is gullible as shit and some people are but they constitute a minority.
I think the people that act like that, trying to beat others over the head by spamming the same shit over and over, they are garbage people that have been treated like trash so they threw themselves into the trash.
In other words, liberals (or glowies).


Of course you don't care.


Of course I don't, naturally I don't. I am past that. What I want is people that do the work of making this site better. Why anyone else should be of any concern to me has never been demonstrated to me and I did ask.


Would someone please explain how sticking up for Iran in the face of a color revolution is “idpol” and worthy of a ban? Are we just supporters of westoid liberalism now?


Nobody here, neither poster nor moderator, can make this site better. The left is dead and the awful quality of discussion on leftypol is a symptom of it. What you want is fucking meaningless.


File: 1663891130601.png (46.03 KB, 938x258, ClipboardImage.png)

Crappy take, but no rules broken. Deleted 5 minutes ago from the stonetoss siberia thread.


Is it even that bad of a take?


>delete bait

Seriously, why? If this were a subreddit or serious forum, or even /edu/ and not /leftypol/, it might make sense, but on a website like this there is nothing wrong with people making jokes or posting bad takes. I'm not even complaining that 'bait' is completely arbitrary, I'm complaining that removing anything inflammatory or controversial is literally destroying the purpose of this website.

Half the moderating team at this point are people who are trying to put lipstick on a gun. People trying to sterilize this place when its entire rationale is the opposite. I am sincerely concerned for the future of this site.


You know what, no, it's not. It's not even 'red brown' stuff when you read it properly.


>Removing anything inflammatory or controversial is literally destroying the purpose of this website
Obviously theres a lot of factors to consider. Case by case basis, I suppose. Personally I dont think I am particularly picky, but theres always room for improvement!

I cant speak for the rest of the staff, though :)


I 100% disagree that this site should be given up to whatever bullshit ppl want to post since that just draws everything down to the lowest common denominator of edgy retards and ruins it for those who are not obnoxious and cynical. But I pretty much agree actually. Leftypol's format isn't very conducive to anything positive. Any good points about the site are basically accidental, and there's a constant push and pull between the people who want something less serious, and people who want to get something out of this site.

The nihilists piss me off but are basically right. My take is that leftypol only made sense in the context of opposing a /pol/. Outside of 8ch the idea of a 'leftist' imageboard (that tries to be large, accommodating, allow usual "chan culture" etc) doesnt make much sense. No leftist goals can be met with this format how it is now, and it fails to just be a place to chat and b comfy with other leftists, since the same people who claim to want that just so happen to think that arguing autistically about everything, taking sides on geopolitics like larping geeks, fantasizing about torture, complaining about women, and bitching at anyone who tells them to be better is comfy. It's a no-win situation. Pain is the only option.


I delete off topic pedo shit from time to time because it derails conversations with a high degree ofsuccess. I personally think your bloodthirst to hunt pedos is insane and your proposal to unite with nazis and the kkk on hunting pedos for sport is misguided, so I didn't think it was a huge loss to be honest.


File: 1663916486483.png (123.32 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

I do find the question of whether we should put "imageboard culture" or "socialist values" first quite interesting to think about


It's not meaningless cause I want it
>that just draws everything down to the lowest common denominator of edgy retards and ruins it for those who are not obnoxious and cynical.
Good take.


I know I've contributed to a lower level of dialogue but if everyone could chill the fuck out and post better that would be grand.
Imagine here the picture of Calvin saying "I'll spout simplistic opinions for hours on end, ridicule anyone who disagrees with me, and generally foster divisiveness, cynicism, and a lower level of public dialogue!" cause I can't upload right now


> I know I've contributed to a lower level of dialogue
its ok anon i still love you <3



File: 1664052985209.jpg (218.28 KB, 779x1024, 1663763556974635.jpg)

Just so you know I will be posting counter arguments in all the threads accusing anyone who posts something as being

A) Off topic
B) Reporting the post
C) Accusing them of not being leftist enough
D) Accusing them of being too leftist
E) Starting Nationality/Ethnicity battles
F) Telling them to read more theory and then posting links to something completely off topic
G) Telling them to take meds
H) Calling them a skitzo
I) Absolutely derailing the thread with discussion of sex workers or making the topic about gender
J) Accusing them of defending the state by saying "They lick boots" and also "They BACK THE BLUE"
K) Accusing them of being a Glowy
L) Re-linking deleted posts in green asking why the post was deleted, inserting ridiculous comments
M) Shitting up Meta as much as possible
N) Simply calling them a tanky
O) Pointing out as much hypocrisy as possible
P) Using the flags to appear as multiple different people and force people to pick a side in the argument based on their flag preference
Q) Where we go one, we go all
R) Retarded Gorilla Negros
S) Convincing people to attack the mods and jannies and blame them for the shits I take in the threads when the Jannies nuke everything and turn the thread into a wasteland

Watch for me in the threads and see if you can find me janny


File: 1664057680709.png (35.44 KB, 875x506, ban.png)

"False claims" meanwhile the Iran thread is full of bad faith accusations of "colour revolution" and how a theocracy with a secret police is preferable to globohomo


Yet most of the posts are supporting the protestors so you are just speaking fake bullshit.


Am I schizo for noticing that there is someone with a very distinct file naming scheme in multiple threads posting glowie things or it it just me?


look for `tag=` in the filename


no no you were onto something, probably some NAFO glowie or something else retarded like that.


that's probably from a twitter video downloaded through some website lol


I am just lazy and grabbed the first twitter video download link off the search engine.


It shits them out in that format.


misato-kun what the fuck are you doing?


File: 1664148154228.png (140.15 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)



think i already explained before but these are all leftover replies over already previously deleted posts (not deleted by me)

unfortunately its not automated by the system so i take care of it myself lol


why are you editing them out?


the ones i dont delete i just remove the post number of the already deleted post that was referenced in greentext, thats p much it lol


you're not just removing the post numbers, you're also editing out good responses to deleted posts, while making it seem like nothing changed.
and you made the board log useless because now we can't tell which posts were deleted.


I didn't see what you are referring too but some people find responses to deleted bait obnoxious and further disrupting


deleted bait can't disrupt anything because nobody can respond to it.
and deleting the responses isn't the same as censoring them while keeping the post up.


why did thedelete all of the videos and posts showing what was happening in irani dont understand why the mods would do that


me laddie, what does that even mean


To the user banned for 1 week for "glowops" and then 5 weeks for "ban evasion" in the Ukraine thread. Your bans have now been lifted and I apologize for the inappropriate mod actions taken. You are free to post as usual. Keep in mind this thread is always open to debate any bans that people (not literal spammers) wish to contest.


File: 1664236490309.png (8.89 KB, 475x110, ClipboardImage.png)

I disagree with the post, and it wasn't worth anything, but it's an entirely valid opinion on /leftypol/. People are allowed to not care about non-economic issues.
Banning for that is arbitrary, unconstructive and an abuse of privilege.


Can you please link the post in question? Or is it gone now?


>but some people find responses to deleted bait obnoxious and further disrupting
So what? What makes them so important?
When did being disrupted fucking matter? This is /leftypol/, not /edu/. Leftypol is not serious business, stop pretending it is.

And I want to second that, don't fucking edit posts just to change the post numbers. If that triggers your autism, that's a personal problem. You're in a position that isn't about your preferences.


It should still be there, there's not much context:
>>>/leftypol/1192738 (PS: you can use the search id: to find a living post from its number)


Ok. Thanks. I will mention it to the mod that made the ban. For your information the ban was only made for 15 minutes.


I didn't make the 15 minute ban you received, but you deserved a harsher ban for ironically, engaging in idpol. Homophobia is intrinsically tied to class society and class oppression, it is a vector of oppression of the proletariat. Thus, the LGBT struggle is a manifestation of the class struggle. Your vulgar anti-idpol is liberalism because it fails to address how capitalism has developed and manages to oppress the proletariat by arbitrary divisions, and how the proletariat might overcome those divisions, and eventually overcome the primary contradiction in unison.

Let's not forget these good slogans:
>Workers and oppressed people of the world unite!
>An injury to one is an injury to all!


>you deserved
just an aside, the guy bringing this here and the guy that made the post that you are replying to are in all likelihood different people


Please un sage the larouche thread, it has valuable info



File: 1664299277375.jpg (128.56 KB, 920x1128, Fdm-VIeXkAEdjvH.jpg)

>Sister also uses leftypol on her laptop
>Decides yesterday morning to screech in the Ukraine thread without reading into the subject
>Mods (correctly) ban her for flaming for 2 days

>I try to post at my desk

>Banned for flaming
>She explains what happened
>The entire IP was banned
I suppose I'm glad ya'll stopped her from being obnoxious on site but it sure is annoying IPs work like that. I get why it works like that, so someone can't just buy a bunch of old laptops and have free reign to spam, still annoying when you aren't the one who did it. Also thank you to whoever shortened it to 1 day.


offtopic: How I get the 4chan flags?


I am very open to the criticism as I discussed it with a few other people already, although I disagree with this picture of putting /leftypol/ as if it were some exceptional place above from custodial management.

>If that triggers your autism, that's a personal problem

As opposed to when the post number is deleted, it triggers yours? Look, if the funny green numbers being gone upsets you so much, thats fine. But honestly you can make a better argument that doing so will delete context, and we can discuss that. However, I do see the anger coming from you probably isn't worthwhile, so I will concede and deter from editing out the funny green numbers for your own peace and mind.


File: 1664340576457.mp4 (2.21 MB, 360x640, 16643079028162.mp4)


this is what happens when a newfag becomes a mod


By what method is a ban issued without showing up in the logs?


If it's done in the IP page directly, the ban doesn't appear in the logs.
This is a bug in vichan, not some nefarious plot or whatever, before anyone says anything.




>post you are racist against anglos
>receive a ban for "spam"
spam now literally means whatever the anglo jannies don't like.

fuck this place.

no, this isn't ban evasion, because this is the meta thread to discuss bans.


As much as I hate the Anglo you're on your own on this one, chief


why are people allowed to write racist slurs against blacks, jews, Russians, Ukrainians, slavs, and every other race, but when I say I'm racist against anglos (and Americans) that's a problem. How is that spam?

Britannia delenda est.


Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Cause that is not going to work.


What? No, I'm complaining about a ban.
This is me >>>leftypol/1197472 and I was banned for "spam" for this post >>>/leftypol/1197556 (which is now deleted). An anon called me a demon, in the deleted post I wrote that I'm not a demon, I'm just racist against anglos (and Americans), and then I was banned for "spam". I don't understand how that is spam.

Now I need clarification. We are allowed to make racist posts against every race, country and religion on the planet, except the anglos? Is this a rule?


make the links nice and clickable for you.


>Is this a rule?
No, there's your clarification


What was I banned for then?


Copypasting some post


Copypasting some post? If true, that could have been an accident because it may have been in my clipboard from before. In which case you could have just deleted it. It didn't deserve a MONTH ban. Be real.


It wasn't a month


File: 1664470018849.png (1.54 MB, 1919x1079, 16644310520290.png)

Americans aren't anglos, we are goblinos, in the same way that Russians are orcsies.


Hey dipshits I just fucking reported someone for posting Loli pedofaghot shit on b in the male consumerism thread do your fucking job


What rule did >>>/leftypol/1199062 break exactly?
And the followup regarding LTV?


Not even me. Please read the post chain.

>words words words

None of this is a basis for deleting or banning on /leftypol/.
This attitude is literally abusing your position to push your beliefs on what kind of posts you want to see in a place called /leftypol/, which in not incidentally but rather intentionally diverse in opinions.

Seriously, someone says 'i don't care about this issue' and you think it's justified for someone to give them a ban because you think they should care? Should we be banning every post that fails to address how capitalism developed or that isn't a perfect proletarian revolutionary opinion? Bad opinions shouldn't be banned, nor chilled by staff powers.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be a moderator on leftist forums, but I have no reason why you are a moderator of a /leftypol/ board. You clearly want to steer it in a direction it wasn't meant to go, it seems masochistic to stay here rather than go to a more constructive social forum.


I agree with you on some things I think but two things should be considered: Tradition is keeping alive the flame not worshiping the ash
We are dealing with a somewhat higher quality imageboard not the Dead Sea Scrolls


They mentioned "vulgar," which makes me think you did more than just say you simply don't care about the issue.


Ok, whoever gave that a ban needs a vacation sans salarie.

There is literally nothing wrong with someone making an obviously ironic joke rant in a porn thread. If you found that annoying, that's a personal problem.


>We are dealing with a somewhat higher quality imageboard not the Dead Sea Scrolls
Well, I say we should relax. It's gotten to an extreme where a small collection of the mods are pushing into personal preference boundary and sanitizing the place of things that annoy them personally, such that:
>it becomes a destructive echo-chamber
>it will struggle to grow or retain users
>the kinds of conflict that made this place entertaining and creative are extinguished (e.g. socdem gang, lolberts embarrassing themselves)
If this isn't reversed, /leftypol/ will become generic. And it shouldn't be trivialized that oh, it's only a couple of the mods, because that has a very real chilling effect on the site and what discussions happen.

There is a balance to be had. We don't want it too lenient like Bunkerchan post-split but we don't want this either. This is an existential issue.


>the kinds of conflict that made this place entertaining and creative
this shit is supposed to be funny?


No, it's not.
And if you don't realize that, you shouldn't be managing this community. You're clearly out of touch with the userbase.

Leftypol is not your personal org.


itd be cool if you retards would stop thinking anyone disagreeing with you is a mod
itd also be cool if mods would stop posting without a capcode so this would happen a lot less too


nothing says entertainment and creativity like having the same discussions with liberals over and over again


'ironic' flaming is still flaming.


if its annoying in 4chan's /gif/, its also annoying here

fuck off


That's not even flaming. It's a joke. Humor. Comedy. The image makes it clear that it's a joke. Anyone taking it seriously deserves to be mocked.

The thread thought it was funny. What right does moderation have to enforce their personal opinion in spite of the users?


what does /gif/ have to do with anything?


its a porn thread, dipshit. make the connection.

this is really entertaining, love it when retard lose their shit over their posts being knocked out of their pedestal


I don't use 4chan, aspie. Esoteric references need to be explained if you want anyone to understand you.


being annoying isn't in the rules, retard.

go read them newfag


>"Esoteric references"
>gets called a newfag anyways

oh boy lmao


The simple solution is to have two Ukraine threads, one for Z gang, one for not Z gang.
Then it becomes immediately clear who's disrupting whom.


Kinda surprised this approach hasn't been tried yet. Maybe it's a 'what to name it' issue.

/RAF/ - Russian Armed Forces (Z) General - Thing Edition
/Ukraine/ - Ukraine General - Thing Edition


That is retarded and none of you fags deserve a constantly revolving front page circlejerk thread for this spectacle


Is the red text just a joke or did the OP really get a ban? Sure, they asked a question with a simple answer in a dumb way, but feels like eggshells banning over misunderstanding, especially when it led to interesting coversations.

edit: needed a 3rd '>'


Do you know who the fuck I am lol
I don't relax and I don't trivialize but all I've seen is cutting things from the margins, like the most egregious and obnoxious shitposting.
I'll inquire


In other words, you can't control your disruptive instinct. I'd say mods are therefore making the right calls.

Unique IPs: 56

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