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Death toll update | 22 militiamen of Iraqi Hezbollah and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in US strikes on Syria-Iraq border
22 militiamen of the Iraqi Hezbollah and Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, mostly of the Iraqi Hezbollah, were killed in the US aerial attacks on their positions and a weapons shipment at the time when it was crossing from Iraq to Syria, via a military crossing near Al-Qa’em crossing in Al-Bokamal area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Iran-backed Iraqi factions seeking de-escalation after US attack
However, it is unlikely that the Iranian-backed armed factions will respond to this latest attack inside Iraq, commanders told MEE. The factions are ostensibly supposed to be observing an unofficial truce with US forces, which was ordered by Iran.

‘Compulsory vaccination’: Moscow Communist MP takes aim at mayor for ending pensioners' free transport until they get Covid-19 jab
“The mayor's decree violates the rights of citizens of the city of Moscow over 65 years of age to discount travel on public transport by blocking social cards,” Rashkin wrote in a letter to the General Prosecutor. “For a long time, pensioners have not been able to use public transport [making them] cut off from life, or are forced to buy a Troika card to pay their fare.”

China’s Communist Party revisits the past to regroup for future
A new campaign to educate China about Communist Party history is meant to be a rallying point to consolidate support for its policies and loyalty to the leadership, according to analysts. While the campaign covers the party’s history since its founding in 1921, it would focus on the “historic successes” achieved since 2012, the year Xi became the country’s leader.

Opposition to Putin’s Re-Election Hits Post-Crimea High – Poll
More Russians are opposed to President Vladimir Putin’s re-election today than at any other point since the 2014 annexation of Crimea, an independent survey said Friday. According to the Levada Center polling agency, 41% of Russian respondents said they would not like Putin, 68, to remain president beyond 2024, while 48% said they would.

Labour to state 'non-negotiable' support for UK's nuclear weapons
Labour’s commitment to maintaining the UK’s nuclear weapons is “non-negotiable”, the party’s shadow defence minister, John Healey, is expected to say in a speech on Friday, emphasising a deliberate shift in tone from the Jeremy Corbyn era.

Surge in Covid-related attacks on staff at London station must be stopped, says RMT
The union is demanding immediate steps from operator Southeastern following a string of assaults at Lewisham station, with one staff member left fearful of returning to work after being spat at twice and assaulted three times.

Myanmar envoy appeals to UN to stop coup as police break up protests
An envoy for Myanmar’s ousted government called on the United Nations to use “any means necessary” to stop a military coup on Friday, as police cracked down on anti-junta protesters with rubber bullets and stun grenades.

Arab man accused of passing Israeli missile defense information to Hamas
Hamas allegedly recruited Abu Adra to their military wing to provide them with “unique and high-quality access to Israeli territory and carrying out missions for them,” including having “collected and provided information” on Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile batteries.

Iraq: Protesters killed in clashes with security forces in Nasiriyah
Three Iraqi demonstrators were killed on Friday in clashes with security forces in the southern city of Nasiriyah, as anti-government protests continued for another day. Medics told AFP the deaths brought to five the number of demonstrators killed over the past week in the city, while dozens of people have also been injured in the violence.

Amnesty report describes Axum massacre in Ethiopia's Tigray
Soldiers from Eritrea systematically killed “many hundreds” of people, the large majority men, in a massacre late November in the Ethiopian city of Axum in the Tigray region, Amnesty International said Friday. The new report echoed the findings of an Associated Press story last week and cited more than 40 witnesses.

Gunmen kidnap more than 300 schoolgirls in increasingly lawless northwest Nigeria
It was the second such kidnapping in little over a week in a region increasingly targeted by militants and criminal gangs. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Police in Zamfara state said they had begun search-and-rescue operations with the army to find the “armed bandits” who took the 317 girls from the Government Girls Science Secondary School in the town of Jangebe.

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Xi Jinping declares China free of absolute poverty
He considered that China stands as a benchmark and contributes to the global crackdown on poverty, because 98.99 million individuals and the 832 most disadvantaged rural counties in the country have improved living conditions in the last eight years.

Armenia: Armed Forces Call for Resignation of Prime Minister
"Rumors are spreading that we intend to flee… But we are here," Pashinyan said as he walked down one of the main streets of the capital city Yerevan." The army is subordinate to the people and the Prime Minister. The people are in charge… That's why I invite you to gather in Republic Square. It will be as you say," he stressed.

Israel: Satellite images show secretive nuclear facility undergoing major revamp
A secretive nuclear facility at the centre of Israel's undeclared atomic weapons programme is undergoing what appears to be its biggest construction phase in decades, satellite photos analysed by the Associated Press (AP) have revealed.

Police pelted with stones, garbage dumpsters set alight in Catalonia’s 9th night of riots over jailed rapper Pablo Hasel (VIDEOS)
Police said protesters were brandishing fire extinguishers, and urged locals to stay away from “violent groups” near an art school in the town for their own safety. Protests also took place in the Catalan town of Manresa to the north of Barcelona, where crowds gathered near a police station and reportedly hurled firecrackers at officers’ vans.

Pro-army mob attacks anti-coup protesters in Myanmar
Protesters against the military takeover outside Yangon’s Central Railway station then began jeering the marchers, who attacked them with slingshots, stones, iron bars and knives. Phone footage shows a man being stabbed and police standing watching the violence without intervening.

Violence in Kiev sees 27 cops injured as protesters come out against court decision to lock up far-right nationalist Sternenko
Twenty-seven Ukrainian policemen were injured in clashes on Kiev’s central Bankova Street, on Tuesday night, after a demonstration against the imprisonment of far-right Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko descended into violence. According to media reports, more than a thousand people gathered near the Presidential Administration and were met with tear gas.

Venezuela expels head of EU delegation after new sanctions
Venezuela expelled the head of the European Union’s delegation in Caracas, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced on Wednesday, in response to fresh sanctions imposed by the EU. Speaking on national Venezuelan television, Arreaza said Isabel Brilhante had 72 hours to leave the country.

Chile: Top Court Overrides Decision Banning Police's Riot Guns
The Supreme Court ruled that the protection recourses filed by human rights defenders were not "the appropriate way" to rule on the legality of the police's actions, including the use of certain equipment to contain the demonstrations.

Gas to Gaza? The pipeline that might provide a lifeline
Talks on a gas pipeline that would cross political faultlines and deliver reliable energy to the impoverished Gaza Strip have moved from the abstract to the concrete in recent weeks, three officials with knowledge of the process told Reuters.

Electric workers occupy EDF Energy offices over plans to hire untrained workers
WORKERS across Britain occupied the offices of EDF energy today over its plan to hire untrained electricians to carry out work at Hinkley Point nuclear power station. The electricians have accused their bosses of “multi-skilling” at the site in Bridgwater, where the station is being built at an estimated cost of £22.5 billion.

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Rioters erect barricades & throw bottles at police during 8th night of Pablo Hasel protests in Barcelona (VIDEO)
Supporters of jailed rapper Pablo Hasel, who was charged with insulting the Spanish king and glorifying terrorism, have clashed with police in Barcelona, Spain. The protests demanding Hasel’s release have raged for over a week. Rioters used wheeled garbage bins to erect makeshift barricades and threw glass bottles at riot police on Tuesday.

PNP Troops Injured During Successful Ambush By NPA In Sorsogon Province
Celso Minguez Command – New People’s Army Sorsogon successfully ambushed elements of the 92nd Special Action Company-9th Special Action Force in Brgy. Putiao at 7:00 am, February 22nd, 2021. Among the PNP wounded in the NPA command-detonated explosive based operation are Osmer Edwin Apa, truck driver PSSgt. Arnel Aves and PCpl. Jeffrey Putian.

Massacres almost doubled in Colombia last year, says UN
The report will be presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva tomorrow. Despite the ceasefire, hundreds of former Farc guerillas have been murdered by paramilitaries as they seek to enter constitutional politics, while killings of trade unionists and human-rights activists continue.

Venezuela: Guaido Barred From Holding Public Posts for 15 Years
Amoroso stated that the decision is based on Guaido's refusal to submit an assets sworn declaration after ending his functions as a congressman."We know these people are involved in corruption acts and have stolen the money of all Venezuelans. They must have something to hide," he said.

Brazil's Lula Livre Campaign asks to annul Moro's trials of Lula
According to the digital newspaper Brasil 247, Moro, who was a former Minister of Justice, in collusion with the prosecutors of the deactivated Lava Jato Operation, violated the law and adopted abusive procedures to persecute and detain the founder of the Workers' Party.

Mexico: Lawmakers to Decide on Safe Abortion in Quintana Roo
In front of Congress, dozens of pro-abortion activists will accompany the debate with slogans and green flags, a symbol of the women's struggle for their rights. Early in the morning, the activists gathered next to a mural they painted in front of Congress several days ago that was vandalized by a group of hooded men on Tuesday.

Palestine action occupies Israeli arms factory halting production
PALESTINIAN-RIGHTS activists occupied the roof of an Israeli-owned arms factory in Staffordshire today, again halting the production of deadly weapons that have been used in Gaza. Palestine Action activists climbed onto the roof of Elbit Systems’ UAV Engines factory in Shenstone, smashed the windows and prevented the site from opening.

UK unemployment hits 5.1%, the highest in almost 5 years, as young workers bear brunt of Covid-19 restrictions
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that 1.74 million people were unemployed in the October to December period, an increase of 454,000 from the same quarter in 2019. Tuesday’s data also show that 726,000 fewer people are currently employed than there were before the start of the pandemic and that young people have disproportionately borne the brunt of the losses.

Right-wing defection intensifies Australian government instability
A vehement right-wing defender of Donald Trump quit the ruling Liberal Party yesterday, further destabilising the Liberal-National Coalition government and marking another push for the creation of a Trump-style fascistic movement in Australia.

Ahmad Erekat: Killing of Palestinian by Israel was ‘extrajudicial execution’
The killing of Palestinian Ahmad Erekat at an Israeli checkpoint on his sister’s wedding day last year was an “extrajudicial execution”, a human rights research group has said. Erekat’s killing sparked widespread outcry in June when a video of the incident showed him exiting his vehicle in the occupied West Bank and backing away from soldiers, with his hands up, when he was shot.

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Greek Police violently attacks university students' protest
Once again Greek riot police used excessive violence against protesters, attacking a peaceful student's demonstration at Thessaloniki's Aristotle University. The students were protesting for their right to free education and against the new law which aims to permit police presence in university campuses.

Nepal's top court orders reinstatement of parliament in blow to PM
Nepal’s top court on Tuesday ordered the reinstatement of parliament, dealing a blow to Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli two months after he dissolved the house and called for an early election amid squabbling within the ruling Communist party.

Belarus Communist Party accuse West of sewing disorder in the country
Senior Communist Party of Belarus official Nikolai Volovich reiterated support for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who faces increasing pressure following last week’s imposition of new sanctions by the European Union.

Nazi-saluting historian with far-right ties resigns as regional director of Polish institute tasked with probing Holocaust crimes
Tomasz Greniuch, a historian by training, has resigned his position as regional director of Poland’s influential Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). It came on Monday after weeks of pressure from politicians, activists and public figures, who saw him as an extremely inappropriate choice to hold the position given his past ties to the far-right.

The ethnic Chinese caught in Myanmar’s political turmoil
Footage and photos of Myanmese Chinese protesters opposing the coup have also appeared online. But that has not quelled doubts among the broader population about China’s role in the coup and whether the Chinese Myanmese were supporting Beijing. “Many people started to question whether the Chinese Myanmese were standing with Beijing. That made me very worried,” she said.

Erdogan slammed amid reports he will open a ‘Grey Wolves’ fascist school in occupied Artsakh
ANTI-FASCIST forces in Turkey blasted authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s links to right-wing paramilitary death squads today after reports that he will open a new Grey Wolves school in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh.He will lay the foundation for the building alongside Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in the city of Shushi, which was taken by Azeri forces in November 2020 after a three-day battle.

El Salvador to Hold Parliamentary Elections on Sunday
Since Bukele came into office, he has attacked the Parliament, which he accuses of "obstructing his efforts to govern." On Feb. 9, 2020, he stormed into its headquarters with soldiers to put pressure on lawmakers to pass a law. The incident was cataloged by lawmakers as "a violation of the Constitution and an attempted parliamentary coup."

A year on, India's riot victims say justice still unserved
Many of the Muslim victims of last year’s bloody violence say they have run repeatedly into a refusal by police to investigate complaints against Hindu rioters. Some hope the courts will still come to their help. But others now believe the justice system under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist government has become stacked against them.

Extinction threatens third of freshwater fish species, report finds
Nearly a third of all freshwater fish species are threatened by extinction, according to a new report released by 16 conservation groups on Tuesday. "The World’s Forgotten Fishes" says that 80 freshwater species — which make up more than half of all the world’s species — have already been declared extinct, with 16 disappearing in 2020 alone.

Bolivia will control drug and health service rates
The Vice Minister of Justice, Jorge Silva, in charge of the Defense of User and Consumer Rights, declared to the state channel Bolivia TV that the institutions that make up the National Council for the Supply and Control of Medicines Prices will carry out permanent inspections to protect health public.

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