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File: 1672168570982-0.png (434.97 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-25_04.49.14.png)

File: 1672168570982-1.png (504.35 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-28_00.13.35.png)

File: 1672168570982-2.png (468.73 KB, 1366x705, 2022-12-28_00.14.04.png)


Since a lot of time has passed since the old thread was made and all the old servers apparently got nuked by the hosting service, I have decided to create a new one on the Aternos account that I have registered back in the Bunkerchan days. Just like the previous one, it runs on one of the newer versions (1.19.2) of the game with a simple custom modpack that contains tech mods like Mekanism and the Thermal series, as well as some that add new elements to the game world as a whole such as Biomes O' Plenty and Aquaculture. Some previous additions like Pam's Harvestcraft and Chisel had to be pruned however due to lack of a 1.19.x version or being too resource extensive.

Instructions on entering the new server:
>Download UltimMC https://nightly.link/UltimMC/Launcher/workflows/main/develop
>Download the modpack https://gofile.io/d/vQSpcg
>Extract the UltimMC archive anywhere you like
>Launch UltimMC
>Create an account record in the UltimMC accounts section in top right (no Microsoft account required)
>Install the modpack through Add instance > Import from .zip
>Launch the newly "LeftyCraft" created instance
>Add “leftycraftreborn.aternos.me” into your server list and join the game

To start up the server in case it is down:
>Log into aternos.org with account “leftypoluser” (password: solidarityforever)
>Press the “Start” button
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Should've been 1.7.10 with HBM's and Techguns.

File: 1610984327247.png (329.17 KB, 738x1139, 566574655.png)


It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/#leftypolgaming:matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>25060 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~

File: 1634745931933.png (103.6 KB, 500x544, ClipboardImage.png)

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of course most /pol/tards side with caser's legion but looking at it almost every single faction is awful one way or the other, The NCR is literally a reboot of America that is in the middle of a manifest destiny, House is a egotistical maniac and probably appeals to Musk bros and Yes man is just a libertarian wet dream
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File: 1713744336121.jpg (728.31 KB, 1160x935, 6hjat2.jpg)

>People in the NCR heartland are living the best lives in the whole USA in terms of basic needs.
wow, so not unlike the USA vs the rest of the world now. huh, I wonder if the creators meant anything by this


How are the NCR exploiting the rest of the wasteland? Their influence only extends to a few hundred miles outside their borders ie. the Mojave. They allow settlements to sign up to become part of the NCR if they want. Sure the people on the periphery have harder lives than the ones in the heartland but that's just the nature of the gradual economic development. Even if NCR is profoundly unequal (it is in a lot of ways) being a smallholder under the NCR where you're protected from raiders and slavers and having basic rights and living standards is better than living in the wasteland.


Living under the legion is just as well


Except the legion are deranged slavers who destroy every civilisation they come across and enslave most of the population that they don't exterminate.


the legion is anti-imperialist

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I have a weird fascination with this franchise, particularly its fans. How do they remain so loyal when there's been maybe one or two good games in the last two decades in a sea of average-to-terrible garbage released year after year? How did Sega manage to take all the wrong lessons away from their colossal fuckups of the mid-late 2000s?
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>2000's EA's favorite composer
>working on a Sonic movie
Imagine them hiring Andy Hunter too lmao. That would almost be a good replacement for Naganuma-san.


It's confirmed. I hope they use the song for the right scene.


>Keanu Reeves Joins 'Sonic 3' as Shadow
Lmaooooooooo. I would've preferred Nicolas Cage tbh.


wholesome shadow


Between Frontiers and Dream Team, I think Sega is determined to not let characters in this series sound good anymore for whatever reason.

File: 1701666506439.jpg (87.03 KB, 616x353, last train home.jpg)

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Has there been an uptick in anti-communist games/crypto-ethnonationalist anti-Russian ethnic grievance games coming out of former eastern bloc countries recently?

This game treats the Bolsheviks like they're cartoon villains and acts like the fucking retreating Czechoslovak Legion cared more about Soviet citizens than the Red Army.
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Not everyone has ideology-brain, there's millions of gamers that just want to play fun games. I've played schizo Ameribrain games and liked them and communist games and disliked them.

Ok fair, I guess it's a fine distinction, you can definitely call it cowardice.


>Ok fair, I guess it's a fine distinction, you can definitely call it cowardice.
And to clarify, I'm not saying that it's something they have much influence over without seriously risking their jobs or getting into legal trouble. Capitalism, yadda yadda. But they're still getting punked.


>and [played] communist games and disliked them.


Literally name 3 (three) communist games other than Disco Elysium and Night in the Woods.


>Disco Elysium and Night in the Woods.
Lol wut.

File: 1696912184109.jpeg (79.24 KB, 828x444, IMG_0368.jpeg)


I’m playing far cry 2 with redux+ realism and I’m amazed by the level of immersion and sense of control I have over my time with it. The mod fully disables all in-game features to assist the players availing to navigate the map meaning your paper map and some screens showcasing your location is all you get to figure out where to go. I’ve navigated my way through several missions off my own accord, having to learn to be patient with outposts, run the fuck away from anything that looks like trouble and fight with barely any ammo is such a unique experience you can’t create in so many games. The world itself even without mods is beautiful and every hour I spend playing makes me feel like I’m genuinely apart of it, something you wouldn’t typically get from a non roleplaying game.
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<"it's because the game was to easy"


File: 1713700510102-0.png (2.82 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0003.png)

File: 1713700510102-1.png (3.74 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0009.png)

File: 1713700510102-2.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0012.png)

File: 1713700510102-3.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0016.png)

File: 1713700510102-4.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0021.png)

And I am back with another attempt at permadeath playthrough of Far Cry 2 Redux+Realism mod (and Cleanlight ENB), on the highest difficulty. Had to buy the game on GOG this time, as the GOG pirate site is down, right now its on sale for 3€ if anyones interested.

Playing as anonymous mercenary. Love the shirt and matching camo pants, actually am currently looking for this outfit IRL.

During prologue attempted to flee from Pala by going left, got rescued by the slavic UFLL lieutenant.


File: 1713710464432-0.png (3.8 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0001.png)

File: 1713710464432-1.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0009.png)

File: 1713710464432-2.png (2.69 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0012.png)

File: 1713710464432-3.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0024.png)

File: 1713710464432-4.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0025.png)

And finished prologue, started first mission for UFLL, killing the spec-ops team in the Oasis.


File: 1713726735759-0.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0028.png)

File: 1713726735759-1.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0029.png)

File: 1713726735759-2.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0039.png)

File: 1713726735759-3.png (3.15 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0041.png)

File: 1713726735759-4.png (4.07 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot0044.png)

My BFF Josif called me because he wanted to meet at the safehouse, took a bus to the desert and made my way to the meeting. On my way there I cleaned a small outpost where I found some info relating to previous guy send to kill Jackal (pre-order or XBox exclusive or something like that bonus mission). Also found golden AK, but didnt even had a chance to try it out, as I swapped it with grenade launcher from Josifs safehouse. Cleaned the nearby hacienda on his orders, convince guy there to give spec-ops team coordinates to nearby shanty town, clean up shanty town, run to Josif rescue, accidently blow him with with grenade launcher (yet again). Took a bus back to Pala.

And thats enough Far Cry 2 for me for foreseeable future, as I am out of gaming time-budget.


its 3 bucks on steam too, thanks for the heads up been wanting to play this since you made the thread

File: 1685864637003.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


based wholesome kulak bisexual harem isekai
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Good game. Played a lot on the ps4 release, really did take me back to harvest moon days.


>i have a lot going on and still manage to not squander all my free time playing flappy bird and angry birds, wonder why that is
it's because you come here to brag about how you manage to not squander all your free time playing flappy bird and angry birds, instead


Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever have children but if I didn't have any time for videogames (which I barely have nowadays) I'd rather watch a film or read a book instead of lobotomizing myself with the glorified Cookie Clicker. Get a grip.


Your mom's a glorified Cookie Clicker.


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There's going to be a Fallout TV show and it looks like a yoghurt ad. It's also solely based on Fallout 4 and it's going to have even more BOS wank. Thanks Todd!
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I'm saying that if Tim Cain had shitted on the show you would be cheering because an OG Fallout guy validated your opinion.


Not really. I don't like Tim Cain in the first place. Or Avellone. Maybe Josh.


pretty sure he wrote the "war never changes" speech, and he had the final say on everything that went into the first game


Tim Cain is a good programmer/coder but a terrible writer and designer. Trapped in the past in all the most boring ways possible and thinks all games should be inperceptibly minute variations of GURPs. You won't find anything of value in a game he himself has any control over, and The Outer Worlds is one of them.


File: 1713716436686.jpg (49.98 KB, 600x600, FOTV_Season1_ep1_Dane.jpg)

>Respects the non-binary recruit's pronouns and even promotes their rank in the army
Is the BOS actually existing woke fascism?

File: 1656914308691.png (8.53 KB, 449x209, ClipboardImage.png)

 No.19851[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Is Dwarf Fortress the most Historical Materialist game of all time?

>Simulates thousands of years of history

>Simulates individual lives
>Simulates entire economies
>Simulates private property, families, cities, states
>does not privilege the player with any kind of protagonism. You are simply an entity in a larger civilization
>any entity can be wiped out at any given moment and replaced with a similar one.
>deep physics simluation that includes erosion, precipitation, and the formation of continents
>can instantaneously generate an entire encyclopedia of interconnected occurences spanning thousands of years
>simulates marriage, divorce, courtship, cheating, betrayal, coups, assassinations, persecutions, and purges
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You should go make this case on their forums. It's not like Toady and bro are completely unresponsive to feedback, you just need to popularize it. Hit em with the David Graeber and Michael Hudson ancient monetary histories. If you refuse this call, tell me, I feel like doing it now. I already troll like 57 forums. One more is nothin


Oh God forbid they start taking community feedback and compensation after like 100 years of doing it for the art.


>the toady one had fallen
>billions must die


Bitch: the steam version STILL IS NOT FINISHED. They released early.

>Money grubbing freaks

It's inexhaustibly funny to me how myopia is a plague on all blackflags.

This but unironically.


There was an interview where there's upcoming features for adventure mode that's supposed to help further lay the foundation for myth and magic (things like magic potions), but honestly even before the steam version myth and magic was kinda a "never ever." I just hope Tarn brings on more programmers beyond Putnam. That's the only way I see development not taking 2 decades to get out the "Graphics & UI" arc.

File: 1614681809737.png (394.59 KB, 616x353, ClipboardImage.png)

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Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!
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Has anyone tried the new DLC yet?


Yeah it's pretty good, I was a bit pissed off over certain things that can't really explain without spoilers but overall a fun time. The new war system seems incomprehensible at first but eventually makes sense. Overall good fun and much like the base game.


You didn't really think the funny guy would make this easy, did you?


Actually he was fine, it was stuff with Pales and the arbitration that pissed me off.


Ya didn't suck up and didn't want to go to war? Got couped like the weak king you are?

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