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It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/!YWrRUKLasccyNpfbue:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~

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Made by our favorite game developers, Kremlingames, the game will have you take on managing your own fictional country (called "Republic") right after the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union between 1992 and 2004. Diverting from the previous games' path, you will play not as the country's president, but as the leader of a party of your choosing. This means that you will be able to play as the opposition for the first time in a Kremlingames product.

You will get to shape the personality, sex and background of your party's leader as well as to be able to choose between seven different parties:
>the liberals
>the conservatives
>the social-democrats
>the "socialists"
>the communists
>the nazbols
>the fascists
Each of these parties are then divided between three different factions vying for power. You can go for a reformist or revolutionary path as the communists.
There are many other features, such as interactions with foreign powers, regional separatism, international integration, etc… I'm pretty intrigued by it tbh, I hope it won't be as hard and save-scummy as their previous games. It seems to be a better version of what Suzerain aims to be.

The game will release on tuesday the 23th.
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Hello, kremlincuck. Did you ever think about what would you get for producing such bug-ridden useless fantasy garbage and requring monies for that when the succialism comes? That is called sabotage.


>why am i losing party unity
>what does it mean to centralize and how can i do it
>where can i see the effects of implementing policies in my department
>what is going on
>what does half of this mean

oh yeah, its Kremlingames.


but seriously this games pretty neat so far i just have no idea how to play, and i was pretty good at Mao's Legacy and Ostalgie


Kek, because I accidentally linked him to the bittorrent download instead of qbittorrent and he installed it with loads of adware and shit.


It truly boggles the mind how the already appalling useability of Kremlingames has regressed even further

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We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.
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Anti-communist HOI4 players complain a lot about how Krasnacht is being developed by evil commies


lel, any examples, I could do with a laugh lmao




Please show us


Most HOIshitters are on Discord so that's prolly what he means

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ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)
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File: 1613244647179.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 1395690428831.gif)





Sinnoh remake looks lame and I feel like the open world game is going to have the same trappings the recent games have minus being linear.




In all seriousness, I admit I'm kinda hype for New Pokémon Snap. I'll definitely try to emulate it. Looking forward to the Sinnoh husbandos and waifus' redesigns. But damn, was that video disgusting.

I'm expecting the remake to be kind of the same as the original, but in 3D! like ORAS was, but I also think it could surprise me in a good way that we can't see now. Partly because another company is also working on it. What sort of infuriates me though (and it's something they also did in ORAS) is that the maps look exactly THE SAME as they did in the original games. Sword and Shield came out nearly two years ago, why can't they modernize the look of an old region for once? Shit, I'd say even Kanto in FireRed and LeafGreen looked more "updated" than the main entries of that generation, Ruby and Sapphire.
The fact that the Arceus game is apparently being developed solely by Game Freak/Creatures is sort of terrifying.
And speaking of Arceus

File: 1608527898354.jpg (36.67 KB, 500x500, artworks-000231712387-8rt3….jpg)


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I wonder how people who played the games in release order felt about the plot points that were revealed in 0, considering that everyone new keeps jumping into 0-1-2 instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6-0.


> and one moment where I gasped IRL
what was it?


I want Ishin to be released in English so bad

Also lemme share this article about real yakuza playing Yakuza 3, in case you haven't read it:

Some of my favorite bits:
>S: You got your salaryman in there, the delinquent school girl and her sugar daddy, Chinese people, and even those Nigerian touts. What's with all the fucking gaijin (foreigners) in the area anyway? It used to be just Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.
>M: Don't say gaijin. Say Gaikokujin. It's more polite. Jake's a gaijin.
>S: Yeah, I forget sometimes. What's with all the fucking gaikokujin in Kabukicho anyway?

>M: I like the fact that you power up by eating real food. Shio ramen gives you a lot of power — CC Lemon, not as much. It all makes sense.

>S: The breaded pork cutlet bento box is like mega power. More than ramen. That's accurate.
>K: If they had shabu (crystal meth) as a power-up item, that would be realistic. It's a yakuza game.

>S: I don't know any ex-yakuza running orphanages.

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Never played, but have watched some youtube gameplay clips. According to Yakuza, all you have to do to sleep with a thicc, booba-tier girl is share drinks and talk with her at a bar? And maybe win a bar fight?

This true?


Play Yakuza 0, or Yakuza Kiwami 1. You'll get to be a coomer inside the game.

File: 1613356984768-0.jpg (587.7 KB, 1440x1788, DutchWantedPoster.jpg)

File: 1613356984768-1.jpg (48.04 KB, 540x699, TIMEmagJuly1899.jpg)


Was he based? It seems like he was a flawed individual that did his best until he went mad. By the time of RDR2 the gang was already well past it's prime. To me Hosea seemed more so the wise one of the two. Sure Arthur understood the Pinkertons were pawns of the capitalists. Nonetheless he still thought the gang were the bad guys, maybe worse than the capitalists. He particularly despised the usury practices of Strauss and Micah's killing of innocents but went along anyways. There's also the influence the fictional writer Evelyn Miller had on Dutch's supposed ideology. Funny enough Miller admits he's an urbanite hack in side missions and ends up killing himself in the last one. The anti-civilization ideology Arthur and i assume Dutch hold is hardly expanded upon but I'm sure there's real world examples of the era the developers drew from. Despite this their gang seems to be the most civilized out of the enemy ones encountered in the game. So what's the conclusion? Was he just a caricature of leftism the same way Reyes was in the first game or something else?
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Arthur got tuberculosis from the farmer and after Downes dies his son ends up a miner. The Pinkertons were in town for the strike but also because the gang was in the area. It is unclear what happens after the shootout. Supposedly Cornwall only had investments in the mine and was more so in the oil business.


Right right. Yeah I wouldnt claim its a "leftist" game or anything so bold but it certainly is great in the tradition of "anti-westerns" that are critical of the western genre mythos, and is also just a great game.

Worst parts imo were the sort of shooed in indian portions and the chief being basically the same sad old indian in touch with nature that are an established and lame western trope


I think the whole chapter 6 story arc was meant to set Dutch up for the first game. To give reasoning for why he's leading a gang of vengeful natives in the first place.


I played Grand Theft Auto V. Wasn't impressed and found it very forgettable. Ignored Red Dead 2 as I assumed it was the same as GTA V until I got it as a gift.

Turns out to be one of the most compelling and awe-inspiring stories in the medium. I cannot believe this was by the same company. How did that happen?


the people who write GTA used up all their good plots by GTA 4 and even then they were starting to run out and putting in filler Niko my cousin lets go bowling!
Red Dead is a pretty fresh universe which lets them explore new topics and ideas

File: 1613695690243.png (148.57 KB, 256x294, X-COM_-_UFO_Defense_Covera….png)


For all those oldie goldies, cartridges, CDs, and games that you remember but have since been lost to planned redundancy, discontinued product lines, sites being shut down, just generally losing it, or you only caught a glimpse of it before it was swept away and now are seeking it again. AKA you want a game found that you can no longer get or one you kinda only vaguely remember and need help finding the SAUCE.

I'll start it off: Before the 2012 remake there was a fan made version of XCOM; it had mid 2000s 3D top down graphics, was more grounded in irl military equipment in terms of looks and effects, entirely free, and was rebranded as something else which I have entirely forgotten and why I need help finding it since these days searching for "Xcom fan game" usually nets all the spinoffs since the 2012 remake(which is kinda garbo in my opinion) or Xenonauts. So does anyone know which game I'm talking about? I remember it was very oversaturated with the colour green if that's any help at all.
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Dafuq. I remember it as the only shitty Wolfenstein installation (I'm a huge fan of both Return to Castle Wolfenstein and The New Order).

What do you like about it?


There was an arcade game that I emulated in my childhood and played with my siblings.
I always had trouble finding the name, but it turns out it was King of Monsters 2. The first game doesn't feature side-scrolling beat 'em up levels so I always ended up thinking this wasn't the game but yeah, that's the one. It was very fun to play in co-op mode.


1)Runs smooth on my pc
2) Return to Castle Wolfenstein was too early for me
3) Makes me remeber games when i was a child
4) Its so milquetoast brainless and generic i love it


Holy crap thanks. Turns out it is! Still as broken and full of jank as I remembered.


There was a free online car racing game from the mid to late 2000's. There were a bunch of big tracks, some of them had these ramps with rings you got to jump through. It was 3D. The music was pretty 80's synth and the whole aesthetic was very cool retro-futuristic, almost cyberpunk but not quite.

One of the tracks I remember was a desert track.

I tried to find this game on Miniclip, Armorgames but no luck so far (or maybe I actually scrolled through it by accident in the site catalogs/archives).

File: 1613602054256.jpg (1.57 MB, 1630x1600, 1404347027684.jpg)


What even is the point of them since it seems like the best games that get noticed is shit that you wouldn't find at those sorts of hype conventions.
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It's a giant media hype fest and shill gathering that only the big companies benefit from.


Not even devs like to attend the damn thing.


I liked the E3 spectacle.


If by "spectacle" you mean "suits hilariously faceplanting", then I am right there with you.


This. The presentations fucking up was the only good part of any e3.

File: 1612148361379.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


what happened to jim sterling?
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didn't he get youtube "famous" by reviewing and shitting on asset flipped steam games?


He was moderately successful before that IIRC but yeah basically, the dev of 'slaughtering grounds' trying to sue him was the best thing imaginable for his career. But it's really just punching down, this guy's game probably sold like 10 copies.


>What happened
For one he is a retarded #resistance tier lib, despite his anti corporate talks. Just look at his reaction to boomer Senate raid, he literally started shiting himself about "muh fascism, muh terrorism" and deffending both police and social media crackdown.

As for trans shit, I believe that he was openly NB for a long time, its just that in our current hyper specticalized consumerist shitculture being trans or NB also means you gotta look like a fucking retarded clown from the 80's.


he allready looked like a clown before, that was supposed to be kind of his thing


He got sucked into the Internet trans cult. I wouldn't really care but the general quality of his writing has gone down lately. I appreciate there's still someone with hundreds of thousands of views critiquing capitalism, but I've personally tuned out because it's gotten so repetitive.

I've been following him since his days at the escapist and I used to really like him. For years his episode would provide decent coverage and critique of something happening with the industry. I would learn some interesting news or tidbit or he would offer his personal take on the problems. Yes, capitalism is at the core of most of the game industry's problems but every video feels the same.

File: 1613275969034.mp4 (6.64 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4)


>Kapital: Sparks of Revolution is a sandbox economy simulation game about class struggle. You take the role of the new mayor of a 20th century city that was recently destroyed by the Great War. Your mission is to restore the city to its former glory. Manage limited resources to satisfy people’s needs, bring new laws and unlock new technologies. Fight crime and suppress protests. Resolve social conflicts and shape the future of your society!

>Key Features:

>DIVIDED SOCIETY - The population of your city consists of 3 classes: nobles, bourgeois and workers - all of them want a better tomorrow.

>CRISIS MANAGEMENT - Rebuilding the city is not an easy task. Your resources are limited, so you have to decide who will get food and shelter first. Be prepared to face new threats on a regular basis.
>PROTESTS AND RIOTS - There is no way you can make everyone in the city happy. People with unsatisfied needs will protest and riot. You have to decide which class to support and which to suppress.
>SHAPING THE FUTURE - As a ruler of the city, you have the power to bring new laws which shape your society. Which class will become dominant in a new political system? Only you have the answer.

Coming Fall 2021.
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can you play as the riots?


are the devs /ourguys/ ?


Seems so from the first glance, but I gotta say, its either my internet addled brain seeing shit and its just a sideburn, but the porky at the very end looka kinda sus


>The population of your city consists of 3 classes: nobles, bourgeoisie…
Comrade Robespierre, your turn!

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