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It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/!YWrRUKLasccyNpfbue:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>9389 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~


What are your favorite games for old consoles? The older the better, but if you are young as fuck I understand even PS3 might be retro for you.
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what is the context of your clickbait ?


megaman is dogshit, utter doo doo ass game
worthless, i'm glad the entire franchise is dead

don't ever compare that to the masterpiece that is pokemon the 2000 romhack



bruh the file doesn't even exist anymore, how are you seeing it?


it's rai
>>22970 d sh
adow legends for the comm
odore 64


File: 1664850718606.jpg (376.42 KB, 1000x1000, the office 64v2.jpg)

rate my photoshop!!!!!!!(?!?!?!)!!!!

I posted it on leddit and some ppl thought it was real lmao

File: 1655863876488-0.png (1.21 MB, 940x530, bloodalone.png)

File: 1655863876488-1.jpg (311.51 KB, 1920x1080, FarEastCollapse.JPG)

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By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

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Here is my summation of By Blood Alone, a potentially very good update that fails because of lack of polishing. Which is inexcusable do to the fact you have to pay for it.


File: 1664821007087.png (382.88 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Anon, please, just go to cs.rin.ru. I can help you.


I got mine from top-mods, I'm still on Collie, and they have old mod versions:


I suggest you also check out New Ways Mod, it gives (almost) every starting minor a focus tree, and replaces the shitty generic tree with a superior one. It also has the most dynamic anarchist tree.


>It also has the most dynamic anarchist tree.
for what country?

File: 1663634107176.jpg (150.05 KB, 1280x720, legion.jpg)


legit question, and who is the better choice for the wasteland?
i>inb4 ncr
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File: 1664797337817.mp4 (5.36 MB, 1280x720, No_Bones_In_My_Gun.mp4)

Their currency was stronger comparatively to the bottlecap but people still didn't really like using it. Basically everyone in NV complains about getting paid in NCR dollars, even NCR citizens, while the conversion rate between Legion currency and caps is much more favorable. A paper currency is only good once it has established itself as an economic standard, but a coin minted with rare and valuable metals are always at least somewhat valuable in any economy. Most NCR citizens use a mix of caps and barter where they can because the NCR dollar is massively inflationary with war spending, loss of gold reserves, and a heavy wealth disparity concentrating money at the top, which is kinda parallel to the early US during like the Whiskey rebellion where the lower class of the US actively rejected dollarization and stuck to local bartering economies with alcohol as the "standard" measurement for currency, in the same way caps are only valuable because they represent the value of a sealed bottle of clean water.
That is less a lack of vision on the part of Caesar and more his main point - in Fallout we have a literal canonical end to how America develops - nuclear war as their expansionism and imperialism finally gets halted by the Chinese and their economy collapses under the strain. If the NCR uses the US as a plan to the letter, them ending the world in nuclear fire in 200 odd years is basically an inevitability, a contention against the NCR which both Legion and the BoS hold. Shit like the OSI shows they are already playing with fire, getting the "growth enhancers" out of Vault 3 which literally killed everyone in it, and they are already approving of nuclear warfare cause if you nuke Legion in the end of Lonesome Road you get enough fame to be near-idolized by the NCR.


Wasn't the entire point of the game that the NCR was attempting to rebuild the world by imitating governments that destroyed it, whereas the Legion aped a mythical past that had no basis in the present, and both were doomed to fail because they never addressed why those systems failed?


Dude fallout has never had writing that intelligent the whole series was wasteland fanfic from the start. Questions like that explored in a game would be way to fucking intense on every studio that has worked on fallout to actually manage properly


kinda, but the NCR clearly has a better chance.

Meanwhile the alternatives are Mr House (Sinapore-fascism) or Yes Man which is kind of a wish fulfillment thing but the courier has no government expertise and it seems unlikely they could come up with anything better than the NCR.

I dunno I think the fact that both big factions are trying to ape the past is a fairly obvious take that the devs probably intended.


Gold as money makes no sense when it doesn't have to be mined. The fact that it must be dug from the earth and can only be found in limited (and progressively growing) quantites is the only way that it can function as an equivilent value to commodities. The Metro system of bullets as the money commodity makes more sense since they must be produced by human labor and can be produced at a progressively faster pace as industrial capacity develops.

File: 1608527889503.png (876.33 KB, 1280x646, L197L_sDsoo.png)

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goblin slayer moment


Based lad.

had to scroll up because I thought you meant Nerds for a sec



this is such a reddit anecdote, i have to assume the coconut is a random test texture for debugging the decal system or something, and the apocryphal "developer comment" is a completely fabricated unfunny lie a ledditor thought would be side splittingly hilarious


Nords are nerds.

File: 1662021880740.jpg (133.51 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)


Check this out. An erotic visual novel set in a Soviet pioneer camp. WTF.
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The zoomer need to be a puritan is retarded.


just downloaded this, the art looks amazing. i love how there's a gnu/linux version as well
kill yourself


>coom coomer coom coomer coom coomer coom coomer
Is this really what imageboards have devolved into?


we can't have good things because of /pol/tards and twitterites


everyone wants to be the censor nowadays. It must be a thrill to say "No" to things.


Do you share his criticisms?

I liked the 40-minute rant on Game Packaging
I don't believe in collecting video games as much as him tho,

What you own physically at least must be the best of the best, Creme-Da-La-Creme
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Didn't click.


I remember there was some place you can near me where you could rent a game, play it and get money back

We're all coasting off on the faith of pirate hoarders keeping every single videogame known to man on their 12PB drives

Man, I hope they never stop


i still have early 2000s games that my bro and dad bought, and they mostly still just werk. i've recently installed heroes v and iii from a disc


I like Scott even when I disagree with him. He mixes criticism and analysis with comedy pretty well and I like how his skits tend to crossover with previous videos.


shill thread

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Lately I’ve seen a huge influx of good games that try to update the outdated capitalist realist Cyberpunk genre to the current political and economic landscape. Stuff like Disco Elysium is getting more and more recognition they rightfully deserve for depicting the hopeless and bleak death of modern revolution. However they’re still have some semblance of hope like with Ghostrunner having the corporation being destroyed by a revolution in contrast to the sad oppression of the system.

Another great but obscure example is whatever the fuck Cruelty Squad is. It’s fully embraced the boring drug fueled dystopia aesthetic while delivering basically Deus Ex but without the stealth. Compared to the faux shell of a Cyberpunk game 2077 was (full of cyber but nothing about the societal implications of such technologies other than some edgy infantile “message” about “soul”), this game have everything and everyone be miserable using the cyber-enhancements. Space colonization and AI being pipe dreams. Corporations are not knowingly malicious but only apart of the rot of capitalism.
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The recent dev blogs revealed that the game basically became stuck in development he’ll for two years because they dev didn’t want to just make another arcade game like the first one. However the ebooks outlining the entire prelude to the sequel is already out.

They’re now trying to make something of a hybrid between GTA Chinatown war and the first Brigador with added armor penetration system. And from what the soundtrack is hinting at you’ll be hunting down all the loyalist traitors that got paid off by SNC.



Scifi shooters like Void Bastards and STRAFE make it clear from the very beginning that you're completely expendable to the corporate you're working for


disco party has ended. fuck zaum


Capitalism strikes again


Pyrocynical is actually going to be making a long-form review of cruelty squad soon. Wonder if he’ll touch on the Nick Land and George Battaile references.

File: 1663645162249.jpg (75.9 KB, 616x353, vtmb.jpg)


which one is more left leaning?
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the Sabbat cannot be seen as egoists in the human sense,they're inherently a menace that needs to be purged by every egoist union of humans,at least the unholy crusaders actively protected humans.
Also reminder that there was a Vampire : The Dark Ages video game,that sucks balls.


I like how every leftist space has an appreciation for VtM.


>human sense
Not seeing how that's relevant to vampchads my property


you will never be a fourth generation,little fledgling.


I pick anarch because of the badass rebel aesthetics.

File: 1664663821278.jpeg (130.09 KB, 1200x675, Gundam-Evolution.jpeg)


Anyone playing this? Its a pretty good game. The main problem is pay to win, you can get mechs through in game money but you can also just buy them. Balance is also a massive issue, Exia stomps everyone and can 1v6 since it appeals to teenagers the most, sort of like Yone in LoL. The Sazabi is pretty fun though and thats also one of the coolest designs.


I wanted to play the game where you play as some kids making actual Gundam models but it never came to PC (I think)


barbatos can suck my fucking balls


Me too, there was also that battlefield like one where you could get out of the mobile suit but that was JP only and shut down years ago unfortunately.
All the melee mobile suits are busted.


File: 1664727343863.jpg (86.03 KB, 861x1170, 1596288693739.jpg)

>free to play
>pay to win
All they had to do was do western hd release of the Gundam Battle Series… Fuck this timeline.

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