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My question isn't here. What do I do ?

Make a post in the /meta/ board or ask via our Matrix Congress chat

What are the rules ?

Please click here

I'm new here and learned politics from memes would like to learn about leftism! Where should I start ?

There are some beginner lists in the reading thread. Meanwhile, consider asking your questions in /edu/ or in a relevant /leftypol/ thread, such as QTDDTOT.

What is the purpose of leftypol.org ?

The mission of /leftypol/ at leftypol.org is to provide a fun and enjoyable space for the working masses around the world, as an anonymous community of non-sectarian leftists united in common cause against the forces of capitalism, fascism, and liberalism. Our goal is to act as a centre for serious political discourse and less serious informal discussions on various topics related to leftist thought.

We aim to be the negation of /pol/; anti-fascist, materialist, better read. Our mission, above all, is to learn, and help others learn, the philosophical tools necessary to elucidate the interrelated and ever-increasingly complex space of self, society, and politics, from the local to the global scale.

An important part of /leftypol/’s unique character is our opposition to identity politics. We believe that conflicts between genders, races, sexualities, and so on are distractions from the wider class struggle that are intentionally fanned by the ruling class. This does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but that it should be approached from an egalitarian perspective which is not personally accusatory and does not assign ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’ groups. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism.

More broadly, leftism is defined as; “A broad set of ideological forces which are dedicated to, by one form or another, dismantling the current material way of things in capitalism and building a new egalitarian system to replace it.” If a point of view or ideology claims to represent socialism or communism, yet is so divisive and anti-egalitarian that it fails to offer a reasonable alternative to the current order, it may be considered as non-leftist.

Further information can be found in our /leftypol/ Manifesto

I don't like the colors. Where can I change my options ?

If you are using a normal browser, there should be an [Options] button in the top right corner when viewing a board. The bottom right of the popup is for choosing themes. Try Jungle.

How does post formatting work ?

It is standard vichan post formatting.

>text makes it a greentext quote: >text

<text makes it an orangetext response: <text

''text'' makes it italic: text

'''text''' makes it bold: text

__text__ makes it underline: text

~~text~~ makes it strikethrough: text

==text== makes it a heading: text

**text** makes it spoiler: text

[code]text[/code] makes it code:


Why are my posts being changed / word-filtered ?

leftypol has a language enhancer. It's mostly just there to mess with bad-faith posters. /pol/ users often get surprisingly triggered when you don't let them say their favorite slurs...

I don't like the mobile site. Do you have a mobile app ?

We do. There's a thread for it here.

How can I suggest or submit fixes to the site ?

There is a /meta/ thread for this, and our Gitea repo.

I don't trust Tor exit nodes. Do you have an .onion site ?

Yes, here it is.

How do I search for things ?

Use the form on each board page or visit the search page here

Where did my post go ?

Either you never posted it, or it felt off the board due to old age, or it was deleted by you or by /leftypol/ staff as a moderation action, typically for breaking the rules.

I want to submit a banner to leftypol.org

See the banner thread or if there is no such thread, then make a replacement thread.

What are the supported file types?

What are the maximum filesize for attachments ?

Maximum file size in megabytes for attachments to a single post is 80MB (e.g. 5 * 16MB), as most boards support uploading 5 attachments by default. Maximum file size in pixels for images is currently set to 20000 by 20000.