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File: 1642274035282.png (300.38 KB, 1395x611, 123.png)


Are you training? They are.
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where my leftypol runners at? lifting is a dumb meme. humans are creatures of the savannah, built for efficient bipedal movement.
t. did 12 miles yesterday


Yeah it feels so great to completely exhaust yourself by lifting some random iron pieces and then being in terrible pain afterwards, It's also awesome to waste money on a monthly gym membership, you totally don't do it to fit in shitty porkie standards dude


>Working out feels good
for the lucky few maybe, for me it feels like shit


Agreed, those who complain about working out just haven't done it enough or don't know how to work out in the first place. It clears the mind and gets me out of any mental ruts I'm in. Hell, at this point I get withdrawal if it looks like I'll miss a workout session. Plus, unless you just started or are doing your maxes, you shouldn't be sore the next day, you'll just have some fatigue that'll dissipate soon enough.


File: 1642763957558.png (63.42 KB, 250x250, frog6.png)

>walk all day through mountains
>feel good
>run a short distance
>immediately exhausted


The woman that i like called me "friend". Is there anyway out of the freindzone? I still haven't told her i liked her.
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>Is there anyway out of the freindzone? I still haven't told her i liked her.
profess your interest in her friends. since you're friends, tell her how you like one of her friends, compliment her, ask her what you should get her, etc. treat her as one of your guy friends and ask for relationship/dating advice. she'll get jealous and want you. is it manipulative? a little bit. everyone does it, though.


>The power dynamics in both cases are fucked and you should get out of there.
>power dynamics
go back to your PUA/redpill forums incel


If multiple women consistently lose interest in you because you're doing things they don't like, either work on yourself or stop dating women you have nothing in common with.

Not everyone does this, you sociopath. Not to mention, if she doesn't already like you, this won't make her jealous. And even if she does like you, it probably will make her more sad than anything. Also, what happens when she helps you out and then you go, "wait, I don't actually want to date your friend, I want to date you, and this was a trick to make you fall for me." How's that one gonna play out?


You can still get her. Just be prepared to lose that friendship.


You know, if you're going to go that way, eventually some incel is going to get the bright idea to start raping republican bitches in a no abortion state.


>when fascoids larps about being tough and eternal but never amount to anything and get destroyed in short order when they do start a fight, only managing to get into power because libs are even more spineless
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strong jojo character energy


did you know he actually helped write venom II and wrestled shia la boof naked?


what the fuck are you talking about moron?
we are talking about drip

fuck off to reddit


is that a carlist militia, the symbol is similar


File: 1642763048870.mp4 (7.6 MB, 1920x1080, 1633480325780.mp4)

The commies did it too in 1917-1922 and won lol
You will never have drip and you will never be a real man

File: 1642691112230.jpg (496.13 KB, 1280x1280, 1639783269370-4.jpg)


Do I have superhuman reflexes if I clapped a bug that was flying near me on first try?

Pls answer
Time urgent: I am going to try and fly
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>you want to be part of my internet superhero team i'm making?
I can read people's minds and also manipulate their minds and control them using mental powers, deceit, persuasion, charisma and general convincingness. I am ready to rid the world of evil-doers and imperialists! where do I sign up?


not OP, btw


iunno i got a knack for that when i had lizards and i liked capturing live flies for them to eat

it was fun seeing them capture the flies and eat them.


oh yeah mr mind mujaheeden (dope name btw)

what am i thinking about right now (it's not tittties)


were you trained as a child in expert fly catching combat?

File: 1627408387412-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 13.53 MB, 960x540, vkEwMFT.mp4)

File: 1627408387413-1.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.02 MB, 854x480, PinkMeekMite-mobile.mp4)

File: 1627408387413-2.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.65 MB, 971x728, samra-eejfv-6d0966.gif)

File: 1627408387413-3.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.97 MB, 534x300, 1621714588770.webm)

File: 1627408387413-4.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 484x527, r5vCDQY.gif)

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Post BBC kinonazbolNazbol
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Source tho


what did he say? i cant see it


Just a news article of a black dude who committed a crime


This is peak fertility christ


ironic how /pol/fags only care about crimes when black people commit them, this almost infatuation with a black man's violence and aggressiveness could be a factor towards their obsession with BBC porn.

File: 1642741468489.png (2.4 KB, 225x225, reddit.png)


I can't take it anymore. The endless amount of propaganda and shit takes on reddit has made me physically ill. Every single part of reddit fucking sucks and it's so ridiculous to be on that shithole of a website in 2022.

I cannot even begin to list the amount of greviances i have had with this website. The anti-China propaganda is even on neutral subreddits now. Every 1 million plus subreddit is filled with utter succ dem nonsense.


The final straw was arguing with a monarchist on a default subreddit in /r/popular and having tens of monarchists defending his position. How can someone be so stupid and anti-democratic?


why are you arguing with the masses with no support and in a den of reactionaries?

i use reddit to talk to small communities about niche topics

don't pick fights without comrades that is my only advice
doesn't matter who is wrong or right, you need support



File: 1642609956112.jpg (209.44 KB, 1080x1243, IMG_20220118_030818_009.jpg)


A copper just showed up to my door to conduct a wellness check because i havent showed up to therapy in 3 months after being hospitalized multiple times for suicidal ideation and a suicide attempt by bebadryl oversose
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File: 1642745982207.png (111.9 KB, 583x528, well of course.png)


as far as i know nobody under the age of 40 should feel distressed about anal wellness checks.


File: 1642750125494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.13 KB, 900x769, 7e9762121aa6eebc3e63a9c314….jpg)

So uhhhhh….. are they gonna go away once they verify my identity and that im alive? I didnt hear from them all day. Are they gonna come back? Should i stop wearing pants?
Ive decided that im going to wear a special shirt when im in bed so that itll soak up the smell of cum and sweat so that once i start transitioning again i'll be able to sniff them. I will not wear the shirt outside of my bedroom. Good idea? Im kind of addicted to the scent of sperm and boysmell rn


the death eaters are coming! they're coming!

must you post porn everytime you post



you can always eat your cum and get cum breathe for a while…
not that i would know about that.



File: 1642602865314.png (505.16 KB, 1242x1242, ClipboardImage.png)


how do i talk to people online

i know how to do it but like where?

every place is slow
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Also I forgot to ask ye

Do you use any kind of TV tracking software or website?

Like do you have list that you keep to make sure what you've watched or is it all memory that you use


It really depends on the series. There are some really great stories that do a lot with their characters and the idea of fighting and being a magical girl. But some of them are aimed at younger audiences, so the stories don't tend to be too deep or anything. It's still cute, though, and it's nice for watching between darker or more plot-driven shows.

The .gif you posted is from Mahoutsukai Precure, which is one season of an anthology franchise. That season has some really great designs, but the plot isn't the best, especially since the second half of the show is essentially the first half over again. It did really well for toy sales, though, so I'm sure Toei and Bandai were happy.

Kodi marks episodes as watched for me, and for anime, I just keep track of things on MAL. What about you?


Ha, all the shows in japan seem to end up in the toy sales paradigm

How are the regular non figurine drama shows even funded in Japan? How do they make money

The Kodi setup really is sweet, I've tried it sometimes but never got it to work with my laptop

I guess when I turn a 30-year-old dad, the genes will kick in
You ever notice how the tutorials for those kodi videos are always middle aged dad types? lol

I use trak.tv, I feel like a freak, cause I've to individually go and put in the time and date for each episode

It feels so robotic, I'm just thinking of fully watching a show and then adding the date for it on the day of finale as the day I watched the entire show


Most kids' shows everywhere are essentially toy commercials. The majority of money comes from toy and merch sales. Just look at something like Paw Patrol or any Disney franchise. You can find anything on earth with the mouse's face printed on it.

I haven't watched any kodi tutorials, but perhaps I didn't need to because I'm 31, hah.

I've considered putting my watched on a similar sort of site. Sometimes it's hard to find out when new shows start or get recommendations for similar things since I don't use any streaming services or have any ads targeted to me. I think adding a show entirely after you've watched it seems fine, especially if you're able to remember which episode you're on.

Do you have any other daily routines besides TV?


im a horny virgin

im a sucker for pain and heartbreak, sign my ass up!

File: 1641586280256.png (168.13 KB, 350x356, ClipboardImage.png)


they had no reason to make her this hot
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Shame there's no good statutory milf dr. ock on miles porn. C'mon get your shit together internet.


Cum, cum! I must cum!
<this is you


What is so attractive about her, she seems pretty mundane?


Dormammu I've cum


No. That is me.

File: 1642740707983.jpg (84.3 KB, 1500x601, 3.jpg)


I don't know if i admire or look down on those who can give up initial values and commit fully to either the left or right extremes, but at least you found a side that works for you, even if you had to compromise on something.

What was something you had to compromise on to reach your leftist status?
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There is no compromise. I have my own beliefs and ideals.


false dialectic perpetuated by glowies or pozzed fags


>What was something you had to compromise on to reach your leftist status?

I have a general distaste for authority common to petty bourgeois Westerners. This is something I've consciously had to train myself out of, and my natural instincts when I first became class conscious were anarchist.


it's fitting that nazis are directly opposed to sjws, but the griller in the middle should be a proletariat just wanting to make video games


I don't compromise. That's why I'm on the far left. Centrists, liberals, and libertarians compromise. Also those who don't actually stand by their beliefs.

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