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what are some good anime that i, a normalfag who doesnt watch anime, would possibly enjoy?
recommend me anything from retro to new that i missed out on, and i will watch it

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File: 1653444813915.png (1.64 MB, 1000x707, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just name what genres you normally are into
He's normal and also a fag. I'm assuming something with average homosexuals doing normal things. Yaoi/slice of life?


File: 1653445014353.jpg (92.53 KB, 877x620, 1449354331890.jpg)

guys recommend me som- BANG BANG BANG


File: 1653446094108.png (37.6 KB, 481x496, Oekaki.png)

I'm also a normalfaggot but Akira and Grave of the Fireflies are the ones I've seen and they were fantastic


File: 1653446188709.png (1.91 MB, 1280x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not worth it OP, watching anime only brings suffering

File: 1652191520791-0.jpg (296.9 KB, 1365x2048, FPDPMkzWUAIOob7.jpg)

File: 1652191520791-1.jpg (211.35 KB, 1064x1596, FPDPL_rWUAcgdl_.jpg)

File: 1652191520791-2.jpg (489.69 KB, 1365x2048, FPDPLuDXsAIYBvJ.jpg)


So aren't these anime basically just following the same formula as Seth Rogen or Adam Sandler movies which are considered by the public at large to be "normalfag" "cringe"?
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>anime by and for women for once
would ascendance of a bookworm fit this definition? it's the only anime in the last 3 years, and only isekai ever that made look forward to the next season.


>and only isekai ever that made look forward to the next season.
Was it really that bad?


I'm getting conflicting information, but my answer would be "kinda". It's written by a woman although the original LN's demographic was "male". But overall I would say that's a good example since it's clearly not made to pander to otaku coomer males like the series featured in the OP.
There are much better or clearer examples of series created by and for women, though.


Based adam sandler warrior

File: 1608529136567.jpg (557.65 KB, 1001x1373, Hanyō_no_Yashahime.jpg)


So what's your opinion on Inuyasha and Yashahime?
T. Lad who was born on the 2000 and doesn't know jack shit.
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I find it very amusing and fun to see that anime movies are free on youtube and are easily available to donload.


Does anyone even still remember Inuyasha, like actually remember it and not the memery of the 2000s?


I don't know what memery you're talking about, I just remember it airing often on TV


I think at some point Takahashi just mistook Koga for Ryoga.


Makes sense.

Inuyasha memery in regards to "le dog fucker" and some other stuff.

File: 1653357156874.jpg (355.91 KB, 1920x1080, 1642967335037.jpg)


why is it called trigun if hes only carrying a single gun


the second gun is his penis. the third gun is his mind


>cannon hidden in prosthetic arm
>real arm can morph into an energy beam shooter
See? Three guns…


his name reminds me of the obese amerimutt cia agent


He has 3 different ones they just look the same

File: 1653278203935.jpg (66.27 KB, 650x1029, 1652112072656.jpg)


Ok so here's the personality I'm thinking about adopting. Myself, the tall blonde mysterious man with deadly skills who goes by many names and has a lot of associates that are just as mysterious. She is a quiet and timid public servant whose beauty nobody notices because she dresses down and deflects attention but is actually an assassin martial artist with a murderous streak for men that are not myself.
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Its whatever you want it to be sweetie


When we are already on the topic whats with this spy family anime i hear alot of people talking about it recently is it worth watching?


Every positive comment I see about this show makes me want to watch it less


You will know if you like it by watching some. I was going to pass but decided to watch things I normally wouldn't and actually have been enjoying it.


The first episode was pure kino, but it has been getting progressively worse (for me at least). My main gripe with it is how slowly the plot progresses. If you want to watch it, do keep in mind, that it isn't really a spy story, it's more like a happy, slice of life kind of show.

File: 1653276110404.jpg (441.03 KB, 1280x2160, 1649377490805.jpg)


love shoujo anime from the early-mid 2010s


kek what anime is this


if saucenao fails (usually with crops or collages) yandex is fine too
source is wolf girl and black prince
half the humour is about the mc being made uncomfortable and the mc getting her expectations up and being made fun of for making assumptions

File: 1608528755012.jpg (885.75 KB, 2480x3507, otp.jpg)

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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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File: 1652870729754.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1920x3240, 599134895b78dc25d370e53fb9….jpg)

palutena >>14423 >>14735



Seen the first two episodes, and I'm liking it.


alice (in wonderland)


What's it about? Is it actually yuri or just yuri bait?

File: 1608528984653.jpeg (738.56 KB, 2894x4093, 899.jpeg)

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Not much of a vtuber fan, I only occasionally watch clips, but I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do. Is no form of escapism safe from politics anymore?
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this is my multiverse of madness


i'm a vtuber and i treat it as early transhumanism plus acting. it's fun to be my idealized self and get better at acting and being social to people. i'm building a small community where we talk about shit and play games, it's fun. i shut down the parasocial stuff/gfe stuff hard though, so i wont ever grow big but im okay with that.

when I can upload myself into a robotic body it'll be good


>i shut down the parasocial stuff/gfe stuff hard though, so i wont ever grow big but im okay with that.
good for you, unironically


That's good and all
But i really hope your avatar isn't an anime girl
I saw some vtubers unironically try to do the shitty whiny anime girl voice and one even faked a engrish accent
I can not fathom why people would like that


you dont need to act like an anime girl if your avatar is one you know

File: 1608528765601.jpg (528.07 KB, 1118x1486, her face when.jpg)

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itt hueg fricken 2d oppai
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File: 1653072164128.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1920x997, Kyonyuu Fantasy3_shamsiel.png)


are those balls?


File: 1653288618519.jpg (869.96 KB, 1906x3021, 1653286815441.jpg)


Is this from the 2nd season?


File: 1653301635587.png (1.28 MB, 910x1549, my gf.png)



PV for the adaptation is finally out.


makima is pure fucking evil but idk why i still like her


Bad girls are hot


File: 1653271863483.png (54.13 KB, 259x315, 1610310168294.png)

The lesbian is cooler.

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