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File: 1670557138177.png (630.36 KB, 538x459, guy.PNG)


>yfw you're filthy cinephile scum, you like anime and some of your favorite directors are anime directors but you also acknowledge there's a lot of bad anime and how obnoxious otaku culture can be, and all your weeb friends think all japanese movies and culture are like the incredibly santized view of the world that 90% of anime presents

how do I get weebs to broaden their horizons and watch like, a single kurosawa or nagisa oshima movie, let alone somebody like tsukamoto or miike? Japanese cinema when you dig deep is as rich as french or 70s hollywood stuff, but people in the anglosphere only know the kind of stuff that funko pop collectors watch


i don't watch movies in general, i literally just watch anime and play vidya

File: 1608529079327.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1500, JAPAN DOES IT FOR FREE.png)

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/jp/ , Otaku and weeb thread.

This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it
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Ever heard of Stakhanovites? You might have you fringe anti-work communist theory but that's not how most people know communism.


>we don't
Everyday there is some faggot telling us we need to "build the productive forces" and repeat the Bible quote about "thou shall not work, shall not eat" here. That's why communists are so fucking useless, you just want to be better managers of capital than capitalists and nothing else. Even fucking Stalin envisioned a 5-hour work day by the mid 20th-century, and here we have morons like Leninhat (Phil Greaves) who say "you will work at gunpoint because communism is when le ebin workers do epic shit dude lmao", and you all silently agree. You are fucking useless, that's why most NEETs think you are a joke, and nobody cares about anything you have to say. Keep discussing some obscure historical trivia and geopolitics as if you had any real weight on the matter, maybe Lenin will ressurect from his mausoleum one day, keep praying.


File: 1670496563820.jpg (88.44 KB, 917x516, 皆の幸せ.jpg)

Is it that difficult to comprehend how come many nihilistic consoomers, who are often lumpen-petty-bourgeois, just sufficiently financially endowed to be able to go become hikkiNEETs, or prone to the fetishization of Japanese imperialism and the encouragement of misogyny, aren't very receptive to communist ideologies?

Yes indeed, and, like, basically every explicitly socialist state had historically the obligation to work for all who are able written into their constitutions.
Also, Marx himself remarked similarly that, to paraphrase, the aim of Communist society is to make it such that to labor is considered nigh sacred. Labor, that power to transform the world, is a special, perhaps divine, gift of humanity and should be celebrated and joyful under Communism. It shouldn't have to be work that is all drudgery, obviously. But even the gradual extension of humanity's time for leisure, as one goal that Communists have supported, is ultimately for the sake of the replacement of the domination of the burdensome necessary labor, which is what toil is necessary work for merely human survival, with the primacy of labor that is done for the sake of fulfillment for each and every, the realization of the felicitous and blessed destiny of humanity and the realization of justice and salvation; as Communists, for our goals' sake the productive forces, yes, must be developed, so that the burdens of necessity are no more the yokes which upon the masses cruelly weigh.


Escapism is something to be sympathied with not made fun of. People who do that probably have pretty boring or depressing lives.


Most otaku NEETs I know are either apolitical or anticapitalist.

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PV for the adaptation is finally out.
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Best girl


File: 1670186068107.jpg (168.97 KB, 960x1200, FizYgukaMAEZYR0.jpg)

Intriguing image


God I wish that were me


Cursed image


Fuck chapter 2 keeps getting better and better.

File: 1608528765601.jpg (528.07 KB, 1118x1486, her face when.jpg)

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itt hueg fricken 2d oppai
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perky ^_^


File: 1670191275370.jpg (46.66 KB, 525x589, 1670163984692.jpg)




she beeg
look at the size of those teets though


How is that loli?

File: 1608528886005.jpg (86.56 KB, 385x371, 1594525847172.jpg)

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Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
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That humor was the norm for 2012 and before, which obviously is seen as cringe because our humor developed. If the series were allowed to
live and not just taken down, then the standards would've gone up. Ytps for example got better over time, (granted they did see oppression).

Also adamwestslapdog, little kuribohs abridged series, and yugioh-gx hold up without doing anything you said – (well maybe the asshole character).


>That humor was the norm for 2012 and before

Something I saw a lot on the early internet was that a lot of the humor was stolen from The Simpsons. Early 2000s, it was still a huge cultural force, and most of the people actively making stuff on the internet had at least seen it, especially if they were artists, animators, whatever. Sometimes it was lines cribbed word for word, or scenes copied directly, or even just references to this or that funny Simpsons joke. Later on, the Simpsons were replaced by Family Guy, Adult Swim, etc.

But anyway, the point being that for a lot of these people that maybe knew how to draw but didn't really know how to be funny, copying the Simpsons was just the start. Sure, a lot of people probably never got past the copy-stage, but the copy-stage is an integral stage for learning anything. Ideally the people trying to master skills, you know, like comedy, move beyond the copying stage of learning, but stuff made within that category is still completely valid.

> little kuribohs abridged series

Can't spell ONGOING woutout OG


sonic x came out in 2003 you fucker


The only good Isekai is one with John Brown blasting those slaver scum's brains out.





>rejects conventional morality
>disrespects bourgeois property rights
>die-hard individualist
>theft is cool
>does shit for others simply because he wants to, not out of any spooky obligation
>kind of a dandy
>long face
>tacky sideburns
>prominent widow's peak
>dysfunctional relationships with women
>kind of a loser when you really get down to it
>noticeable popularity among Italians

<never seen in the same room together
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There is a theory/meme that argues that Engels created Stirner to troll Marx, the only proof is that the only images of Stirner we have are drawings made by Engels.


I suppose we're talking about anime lupin,and not the sociopath that is manga lupin right ?


What’s the difference?


straight up murdering people,steal shit because he can and actual SEX on-screen for a start
it's the lupin from Goemon's Blood Spray and Fujiko's Lie basically,and the Takeshi Koike specials (you know the anime gif with a woman hitting a bong ? it's from that)


I wouldn't say Koike's characterization is the manga characterization. It definitely leans in a darker direction akin to the manga, but Lupin's actions in the Koike specials still aren't anywhere near as openly monstrous as the manga - he doesn't rape people and he doesn't really kill without being provoked

Lupin's an interesting IP because the way different creators characterize Lupin always seems to say more about them than the character, like just compare Koike's characterization to Miyazaki's

File: 1670191823691.png (121.32 KB, 263x375, ClipboardImage.png)


What's your least favorite little girl Chinese cartoon? Mine is Gantz. Has some of the most unlikeable characters I've ever seen. The rapey creep vibe the MC gives off doesn't help either.
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>The rapey creep vibe the MC gives off doesn't help either.
You're fucking stupid OP. Go read your shonen.

Do you know what a character arc is? For one he's worse than "rapey creep vibe" because he tries to blackmail a desperate girl into letting him have sex with her. But that's actually the best part of Gantz is just how much of an scumbag he is at the start of the story and the slow transformation he makes to being a noble person who cares about other people.

I'll kind of give you that but the mystery of Gantz is pretty clearly a macguffin. It's about the journey not the destination. I'd actually compare it more to Eva and how the very end is some woo woo philosophical thing.

I love Gantz and how they kept it fresh not following the same dynamics over and over again for the whole series. So many cool subplots that could've been their own whole manga like the suicidal kid who learns telepathy and etc.


remember how gantz introduces vampires as a major plot point and then just forgets about them


Imagine being willing to forgive a rapist lmao


Goblin Slayer trailer tricked me into believing the show is going to be fun. I was deaperate for an action anime, and kept excusing how bad that fucking garbage was for 6 episode until finally give up any hope that the show will do 180 and turn into something remotely watchable. Just edgy rape fetishistic weeb wishfulfillment fantasy with bad animation, bad dialogue, bad humor, no plot nor originality to speak of. Oh, and its fans keep comparing it to Berserk, because both are dark and have rape in them, and these absolute cretins think thats what makea Berserk good.


OP is the type of guy to watch American History X and say "omg it's about a Nazi!"


It seems as if the right is going against anime now if it hasn't been for the longest time.
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File: 1666927584554.jpg (16.22 KB, 500x418, manga-500x418.jpg)

It's another "American protectionism is disguised as idpol racism in order to sell it to the average ameritard" episode


japanese consumerism is usually superior and more dedicated since they rank artisans above merchants but it's still the same shit at the end of the day, most westerners seem to be more self conscious about it though. this is my general impression.


Japanese stuff is also just fucking adorable. Looks good in most spaces.


I remember checking in on 4chan to see what they've been about lately, and they seemed to chant about "tranime" whenever someone posted anime related stuff.
So yeah I guess the left owns anime as a medium now.


fuck yeah comrades we did it. Now we gotta release a 52 episodes anime about the Russian Revolution

File: 1608528777155.gif (1.04 MB, 418x454, Tastetherainbow.gif)

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How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation?
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File: 1669912255323.png (7.16 MB, 2765x2074, ClipboardImage.png)

Isekai where guy who was born in fantasy land with his harem and all that dies and then is reborn as an incel in our world.


like isekai ojisan but from the start of his life then ?
he would probably be happier and have more friends than most incel anyway,if you're just looking for a meta revenge fantasy.


Someone from an a high fantasy world (no magic except from gods) with a late stage communist like society that feudalism and capitalism never happened in gets isekaied to be in our world working for a large corporation. A lot of it would focus on just learning how things work here and getting horrified and confused.


File: 1670036819207.jpg (153.2 KB, 800x1257, anime.jpg)

Perhaps with use of computers' artificial art generation, future isekai-type anime could almost literally be self-insert; there could be one basic template which the customized character derived from the viewer is placed into, keyframes automatically modified.


>a hero from fantasy land suddenly finds himself as a hikikimori and is forced to overcome the depression of being thrusted into a life where everything is disappointing by becoming a passionate firebrand who manages to become a real modern hero

File: 1668674071305.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x1806, 1668378811692936.jpg)


Can we get a seasonal anime thread? I really like Bocchi the Rock this season. The comedic timing is on-point and it feels like a lot of care was put into it.
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File: 1668697253048.jpg (404.49 KB, 1536x2048, miku.jpg)

i'm watching
>kage no jitsuryokusha
>that time i reincarnated as a sword
>noumin something
>yuusha party ni something something
>golden kamuy 4
yes i am an isekaitard. i will stop this season i promise. golden kamuy is the shit as always though


yes but i forgot her name


the board mods didn't merge the seasonal duplicates?


bocchi bocchi bocchiiiii


File: 1670188285168.jpg (197.41 KB, 790x572, chinese cartoon.jpg)

There is a donghua about a Japanese colonizer joining the PLA during Chinese civil war, strange you are unaware seemingly.

Xue Yu Xin

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