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File: 1619942123710.png (68.81 KB, 1366x568, East Med 2.PNG)


Post Copy pastas, videos and books which debunk common Fascist, Liberal talking points which are repeated often.
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amerikaner sind so lost lol

File: 1626768276992.jpg (146.59 KB, 856x1662, cecf993689bba2afb82b2dee01….jpg)


Where is it possible to find modern and materialist history of things?
Why everytime i search for something I always have to to through pile of positivist brainlets?
I want a library full of Materialist Analysis of history. Why i cannot find out history of the Mongol Empire and Lamaism without reading through some micky mouse shit about
>lmao they chinks they think like dat
>lmao das tradition mane
>lmao religion says x therfore y happen
why there is no fucking historian who explain the material basis of these thoughts of tradition in the first place? No wonder people are geographically and historically illiterate
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I'm also interested in this


Thank you




Dead board


bumping on /edu/, maybe it will get more responses here

File: 1620372213661.jpeg (26.33 KB, 369x500, 2EDD4C66-7AD6-4D45-9402-F….jpeg)


Can anyone recommend me literature on strategies in war? From an officers perspective. Preferably something broad. I don‘t have any knowledge on the subject matter so something that is introductory material would be great as well, but it doesn‘t have to be.
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>I have one question about the enemies with the same knowledge and tactics
>Who comes out on top? Would it be just a flip coin's chance of either one's victory?

war could be seen as a game of imperfect information. Both sides are seeking for more information to strategize and exploit around.
Sometimes the information is bad, and you really can't account for that.

Even if a general knew whole armies could fit into a swamp, would he really put forward resources to scout it?


>Who comes out on top?
The one with the superior logistics and resources.


sure those two are important but it's not just one or two things.
Anon I suggest you read up on asymmetric and guerilla warfare, as well as insurrections and other smaller and other more niche topics. There are plenty of ways in which a small and poorly equipped army can defeat a larger and stronger foe


I meant to say smaller and niche types of conflict


>The one with the superior logistics and resources.
"Captains think tactics, colonels think strategy, generals think logistics."
(To which one might be tempted to add something like "ministers think diplomacy.")

File: 1626780285154.png (137.45 KB, 261x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Post Military, Insurgency, General warfare and Military history and Insurgency history books and miscellaneous guides, preferably in pdf format, ZIP Files or torrents of these would also be apricated
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Napoleon's Art of War is also good.




File: 1627042647137.pdf (17.89 MB, 67x118, marxismleninismonwarandarm….pdf)

Ismail just dropped this


File: 1627043134445-0.pdf (2.15 MB, 197x300, Carl von Clausewitz - On W….pdf)

File: 1627043134445-1.pdf (6.5 MB, 200x300, Jomini - Summary of the Ar….pdf)

File: 1627043134445-2.pdf (1.16 MB, 67x118, Alexander the Great - Less….pdf)

Some classics.


File: 1627047684844.pdf (4.22 MB, 179x300, The Gentleman's Tutor for ….pdf)

Only thing you shall need

File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)


Drop those PDF's or else
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File: 1626267351896-0.pdf (3.36 MB, 191x300, David Harvey-A Companion t….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-1.pdf (5.35 MB, 200x300, Ellen Meiksins Wood-Democr….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-2.pdf (31.56 MB, 388x300, Henri_Lefebvre_The_Urban_R….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-3.pdf (32.63 MB, 223x300, Henri_Lefebvre_Writings_on….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-4.pdf (1.64 MB, 198x300, Historical Materialism Boo….pdf)



File: 1626267519990-0.pdf (38.07 MB, 187x300, Michael Hudson - Trade, De….pdf)

File: 1626267519990-1.pdf (16.94 MB, 212x300, Michael Hudson-Super Imper….pdf)



If anyone has any Artaud, Bataille, or Deleuze please giv


File: 1626786844939-0.pdf (8.28 MB, 212x300, Soviet Academy of Sciences….pdf)

File: 1626786844939-1.pdf (3.31 MB, 67x118, Академия наук СССР - Полит….pdf)

Here's an official Soviet textbook about political economy, in English and the original Russian.


File: 1627043540712.pdf (5.89 MB, 300x300, Kwame Nkrumah - Conscienci….pdf)

File: 1608528239306.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1360x765, iu copy.jpeg)

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Hello comrades. I propose a general thread in an attempt to get the /edu/ ball rolling again. Everytime you visit /edu/, post in this thread. Tell us about what you're thinking about, what you're reading, an interesting thing you have learned today, anything! Just be sure to pop in and say hi.
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trying to learn to code something


What are you trying to code?


Finished two books, Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI by Dave Mark (2009), a very easy read and rather superficial. I don't remember how I encountered it, probably some thread about how terrible Yandere Dev is. It completely omits path-finding and the author gets a bit too obsessed with randomness in the end IMHO, but it's an OK book for absolute noobs (Yandere Dev would surely benefit). It lead me to another book published by the same company, Video Game Design Revealed by Guy W. Lecky-Thompson (2008) and that book is, well… something else.

The author claims Smash TV introduced dual-stick controls in top-down shooters, even though Robotron already had implemented that years earlier. The author mentions Crazy Taxi (written Crazi Taxi) in the same sentence with GTA as an example of violent games. The author claims Mario Sunshine to be the first 3D Mario and classifies it as a puzzle game. The author claims that the release of the Sony PSP "prompted Nintendo to combine the GameBoy Advance and GameCube into a similar kind of gaming system" and he means the Nintendo DS by that. The author seems to believes that the original Doom used polygons and that CryTek invented variable level of detail in polygon models (and he calls Far Cry "Cry Freedom") and he says bump mapping is when you recycle a monochrome texture by mixing in different colors to represent sand and asphalt. The author says that in Doom episode is the term for a level, that modern shmups use momentum in their control schemes, that the d-pad came about with the 16-bit generation, and that R-Type got 2D top-down scrolling. This thing is so terrible I'm going tinfoil mode: Was that on purpose?

Here's a representative excerpt:
<There may not actually be an on-screen character. Puzzle games such as Tetris do not actually have a lead character or even enemies. The idea is to beat the machine, which becomes the “enemy.” The blocks falling from the top of the screen, and which need to be arranged in order to complete lines and thus win points, can be seen as enemies or heroes—you can be either with them or against them, depending on your point of view. Puzzle games rely on a recognizable screen layout, the game environment, and its dynamics to achieve success.
The author likes above paragraph so much that he reminds you of it later in the book, and by later I mean literally tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1626989611098.jpg (136.7 KB, 768x574, soon hegel.jpg)

>imminent critique


I been contiplating why I always seem to get stuck on learning a new language. I think I understand now why after having been reading through a book I recently picked up. Fluent Forever it was called, and since it was an ebook version I was about to read it for a few hours be realizing I what I had been doing wrong. I wasn't making the language stick because our brains have these filters out any foreign words that it doesn't deem important.

That's when I realized that I wasn't making the progress I wanted because first I was forgetting everything. I wasn't making memorable and meaningful connections to the words. I was also trying to just translate everything rather than actually learning. It also showed that I should try and learn how to pronounce words properly than to sound like a dumb burger speaking in a broken language. It also I was bored with the methods i was doing as it wasn't engaging and as such well. There are three main languages I am wanting to get a handle on. Spanish. German, Chinese. Chinese of course will the the one to take the most time but is one that is very interesting with its character system. Though its tonal system for speaking is a pain in the ass to do correctly. Spanish mostly LatAm spanish since I am a burger and that is the Spanish I am exposed to everyday when I hear spanish speakers. German well its one of those languages that seems funny having extremely long words to mean small things and I kinda like that about it.

So I plan on learning one of those three first and just stop being a monolingual burger and actually connect with more people.

File: 1626290309377.jpg (1014.45 KB, 1500x933, fatality.jpg)


I want to get into indian history that isn't just british colonialism. muslims, hindus and sikhs waring over each other sounds way more exciting but you rarely hear anything about the era and the place.
recommend any books to easilly get me into the settings, both books about the cultures and politics.


cool swords


This book is sort of related. Tamerlane was the progenitor of the Mughal dynasty. I can't vouch for this book because I haven't read it yet. but I intend to order it with my next paycheck. It's not a history of empires and states though, it's just focused on the biography and myth that surrounded Tamerlane in his own time and the time after he died. Might be of interest to you as it represents the stories of a culture that was very influential over India before the British came.


>It's not a history of empires and states though, it's just focused on the biography and myth that surrounded Tamerlane
that's how I like it.


May as well post pocahontas you son of a bitch, how dare you post that shit on a materialist board. Fuck you liberal.
then you are a retard


You seem really upset. Maybe you should dilate?

File: 1626409554903.jpg (2.97 MB, 2181x2979, mises.jpg)


Hey friends, I am looking for some good PDFs, videos and takes from you on why the economic calculation problem is incorrect and not a damning critique of socialism.

Please note I am not a libertarian, I am relativley new to Marxism and given what I know as far as I can tell other than the world regressing into barbarism the ECP seems to be the only thing posing a true existential threat to socialism.
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I actually think the Austrians bring up some good points about tacit knowledge. the calculation part of the ECP is obviously bunk with modern computers. the tricky part we have to figure out is how to get people to interact with the planning system so that their tacit knowledge can be made use of. this is something that I, Cockshott and Dave Zachariah have discussed recently.


Oh you have interacted with the two?


yes anon, people in academia talk to each other


How the fuck should I know that you are in academia?



File: 1608528029712.jpg (808.47 KB, 1700x2151, Hegel_by_Schlesinger.jpg)


I'm trying to learn and understand dialectics, but I think getting some direction for this would be helpful.

Which works should I read to understand dialectical (Hegelian, materialist) thinking and in what order?
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long winded rightoid garbage


>4 hours
I think I'll pass, thanks. lol


hilarious. I miss him, comrades. Is he still being insane?

Also, unashamed bump.


best explaination of hegelian dialectics so far
It's in German but with English subtitles just turn them on


>Daoism is the ideology of primitive tribal chieftains, who want to return to the simple time of primitive communism. It's not a accident that the more communist you are, the more dialectical you become

I like to think that about Jesus and his Christianity, but I don't see any evidence of dialectical thinking on his part, except maybe for the gospel of thomas, but I'll have to read that one again.

File: 1622410712951.png (3.2 KB, 310x704, read-marx.png)


Hello and welcome comrades! This is the new /read/ thread.

>What is /read/?

</read/ is a collective of marxist reading groups, hailing from /edu/ and /GET/. We are split into various different reading groups, each with different interests, goals and schedules.

We're making a new thread to let everyone know that /read/ is still very much alive. In fact, we're inviting everyone to join in for our new batch of readings! Our groups are done with previous readings, so this is the perfect time for new members to join up!

As of today, May 30th 2021, the /sniff/ group is done reading volume 1 of Capital. We have a new batch of readings planned (more on that in the post below), and all are invited to join. Meanwhile, the /tilmeeth/ group is gearing up to read Capital, so if anyone missed out on the first round, this is your chance.

As always, our website, containing our library and reading lists is: https://leftyread.neocities.org
And our Matrix Community, where all discussion happens, can be found at: https://matrix.to/#/+leftyread:matrix.org
Old thread: >>3624

Come /read/ with us!
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One more book to add:
>Dictatorship in History and Theory: Bonapartism, Caesarism, and Totalitarianism (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
c. pages 117-135 there is discussion of Marx and his ideas of bonapartism. some of the other essays look interesting


Quick update: for anyone using Matrix's new feature of Spaces, we've made a /read/ Space. This will, in the future, replace our community, as Matrix will deprecate communities in favor of spaces.

Link is https://matrix.to/#/#leftyreadmain:matrix.org


File: 1626722709159.png (386.66 KB, 1041x789, civil-war-in-france.png)

Update: We have finished reading and discussing The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte at the /sniff/ group. This week we will be reading and discussing Civil War in France, also by Marx. It's a fairly short work so we'll be doing it in a single week. If anyone wants to join and discuss with us, go to our chatroom, meeting is on sunday.

Ebooks are at https://leftyread.neocities.org/library/marx/civil-war-france.html

Note that the above ebooks include more than just the main body of text known as Civil War in France. There are two earlier addresses to the International Workers Association and a later Introduction by Engels. Treat these as optional, the main text starts on the third address.


why don't you uyghas join an IRL bookclub


File: 1626778378783.png (152.38 KB, 492x345, 0aaee785f0aee09f74305f09f5….png)

>going outside

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