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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Everytime you visit /edu/, post in this thread. Tell us about what you're thinking about, what you're reading, an interesting thing you have learned today, anything! Just be sure to pop in and say hi.

Previous thread >>>/leftypol_archive/580500
Archive of previous thread

Excuse me coming through
A quick note on the video @ >>>/leftypol/1538283
Also [vid related] for archival purposes

Around the 29 minute mark Peterson criticizes Marx and Engel's for assuming that workers would magically become more productive once they took over.

This actually happened historically, most of the actually effective productivity tricks work places use now were developed by Stakhanovites.

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Now answer the question; why is liberalism so vapid that men consider this a better alternative?


Finished I've Been Thinking, the 2023 autobiography by the materialist philosopher (though not Marxist) Daniel C. Dennett (born in 1942, died in 2024). A massive cast flashes by, mostly academics, but also Silicon Valley types and even Hollywood.

Early on, Dennett says:
<[John] Searle’s world is full of philosophical nincompoops; mine is full of philosophers who are learned, intelligent, hard-working but often self-defeating presenters of their best ideas. Why would anybody want to be a philosopher if philosophers in general were as stupid as Searle seems to think? (Sir Karl Popper is another philosopher whose low opinion of those who disagreed with him has made me wonder how he could stand being a philosopher.)
A significant part of what follows is cringe anecdotes about his colleagues. (I especially like the bit where he asks himself whether he should openly tell another philosopher about his atrocious sense of fashion and decides against it, so to not make an embarrassing scene for that guy, naming him so people from all continents will know about that guy's atrocious sense of fashion a hundred years from now.)

If you can't decide on what to read and are bad at concentrating, this book is for you. The chapters are short and the topics change between shooting documentaries, dabbling in music and sculpture, sailing, farming, and trips all over the world. I'm green with envy. It's an entertaining book for sure, but did I get wiser? He drops tons of references to interesting stuff. I think for wisdom I'll better take up his collection of handy analogies and fallacies (Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking).

Hypocrisy: Dennett claims religion is mumbo jumbo, yet he talks about meeting the Antichrist at the TED brain-trust lunch. If you care to know what I mean by that, you can find the book on libgen.

File: 1641518209587.png (801.25 KB, 468x660, ClipboardImage.png)

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ITT: resources and tips about navigating the Internet and researching topics

Feel free to post your own resources and tips too.

I'm going to post a lot of my own that I have gathered over the years.
I ask that random chit-chat in this thread is kept to a minimum except regarding technical questions & answers on the topic matter.
This is so that resources are kept as compact as possible, and so, readable.

First I'll dump resources and tips for researching various topics.
Note: I don't even have access to or use some of these myself (e.g. LexisNexis which seems to be pay-to-use), but I figure they could be helpful in some narrow cases. I use most of these myself. If the initial things I post don't interest you, keep reading anyway. I'm going to be dumping a lot of content.

Find key terms in newspapers and magazines.
I would say this is more helpful for finding sources that do exist rather than for reading them, per se. You can try to read the articles elsewhere than PressReader if you know their titles or part of their body text. The site appears to brand itself as pay-to-use, however you can use the search tool anyway and even read some resulting articles.
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Does anyone got the book "Anarchism, Organization and Management: Critical Perspectives for Students" pdf?


>>22276 (me)
Found a book that is quite close to that, did someone already read it? It looks exactly like what i was looking for:
"ephemera: theory & politics in organization management business anarchism"



A list of reading groups and their schedules that have chosen to advertise themselves here. Take a minute to check them out. If you would like to promote your reading group, feel free to leave a comment telling people where they can go.

>>5912 /read/

>>6162 Continental Floppa
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not to mention the repressed anti de-stalinization protests that khrushev also repressed


File: 1686449203950.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1120, ClipboardImage.png)

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the way i explain the labor to people is very simple. I cut straight to the chase.

I say these things, usually not all at once. I let people chew on each one:

> 1 If you’re a boss, and you own a business, you have to pay the worker less than their work is worth.

> 2 If you pay them exactly what their work is worth, you don’t make any money, your business won’t grow, and you’ll get bought out by some asshole who pays workers less.
> 3 If you pay a worker more than their work is worth, you’re losing money, your business will shrink, and you’ll go out of business.
> 4 the problem is the system, because the way the system is set up, workers have to beg for a job from people who own the places we work at, and the bosses only give the job to the lowest bidder, the people willing to do the most in exchange for the least in return.
> 5 everybody who can't get a job has to keep looking for a job until they get so desperate they start selling themselves for less and less
> 6 even with how little they pay us they think it's too much. so they constantly look for ways to make more money and pay less money.
> 7 they send our jobs overseas to where the labor is cheaper, and they want us to blame the people overseas even though they're the ones sending the jobs off and calling themselves job creators while they do it
> 8 they hire a bunch of overeducated nerds to make machines and programs to do our jobs for us, so they can fire us, and then they take credit for what those nerds make
> 9 they give the jobs to people who just got here and are usually running away from some fucked up shit like war and are therefore more desperate than even the average schmuck here is
> 10 despite all this shit they do to get rid of us or make us work for less money, they still need to sell the stuff they make, and if everyone's too poor to buy that shit, then they gotta lower the price
> 11 the faster they make stuff, the cheaper that stuff is because less work goes into makin it, and money is just a piece of paper that says some work got done
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if you don't want to read capital, then just read "Wage Labour and Capital" which was specifically made for working people to have a brief idea


>When people demand higher wages prices go up anyways
<he hasn't read Value, Price and Profit


File: 1708173036065.jpg (71.49 KB, 741x900, 1707440662205.jpg)

I've been on this board for like 6 years and never read anything but the manifesto, you'll be fine :^)


File: 1717360630092.png (536.83 KB, 762x726, ClipboardImage.png)


Someone once wrote that if you just read the first chapter of Capital I, II, III, and "IV", as well as Grundrisse, that you'd have enough to really be useful at a boot-on-ground level.

I've been tasked with creating a primary sources "introductory beginner" short course for new members, and there is no fucking way Capital in full is making it in…

File: 1717345158292.jpg (60.52 KB, 700x420, 2701.jpg)


I live in the third world, there is relative lawlessness in the country as the central authority is weak and there exist many bourgeois militias.

The left has been virtually dead for decades and all what the current "leftist" parties care about is electoralism.

Me and my comrades are looking to fill this vacuum and start a revolutionary movement that cares less about electoralism and more about winning the direct support of the people while pursuing revolutionary change. Having an armed wing is essential as we will no doubt be under attack by reactionary militias but we also want to be close to the people and win their support before beginning a full on armed struggle.

I personally have no experience with organising or the military. So I'm looking for resources that can aid me with this. Especially the financial aspect.

Please share as much as you can everything from movement building to cyber security, including the classics.

Thanks comrades


File: 1718042418749-0.pdf (982.37 KB, 174x255, onguerrillawarfare.pdf)

File: 1718042418749-1.pdf (415.61 KB, 180x255, Guerrilla-Warfare.pdf)


You should not say that you are "for real", since it applies fed posting, you know…


File: 1718043494138.jpeg (156.97 KB, 1200x1183, 1xeszehe6u4d1.jpeg)

Are these strategically valid in the modern world though ?
I mean you have to fight against way different things when encountering a modern military tech, things that would be unfathomable back when these were written? something more modern perhaps ?


yes. true. i don't have any.
the guerilla will always be outmatched in tech and weapons, and that doesn't matter. read them and you will understand.


Read up about insurgency and, more specifically as most militaries have manuals online for it, counter-insurgency and unconventional (or asymmetric) warfare.

Also consider the classics; Tsun Tzu and Cao Cao, Napoleon, Xenophon, that indian and arabic dude, Julius Caesar, von Clavowitz, etc.

File: 1645843540784.jfif (193.18 KB, 822x537, azov.jfif)

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Thread dedicated to debunking western propaganda and information relating to the NATO encirclement of Russia, Ukrainian government's mistreatment of ethnic Russian minorities and support of fascist militias to do its bidding. Criticism of Russia and its occupation is welcomed aswell.
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Всегда пожалуйста!


File: 1698682580176-1.png (440.07 KB, 572x1042, Ivan Katchanovski.png)

Long thread with links and info on the Euromaidan snipers:

>Wow! Unreported 1,000,000-word Maidan massacre trial verdict corroborates my academic studies by stating as its “categorical conclusion” that there were snipers shooting from Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & that it cannot be ruled out that 8 protesters were killed & 20 wounded by “unknown persons,” who were not "law enforcement officers." This implies Maidan snipers since the verdict states that the trial disproved claims about presence of Russian snipers.

>The verdict also confirms my study findings that there is no evidence of order given by Yanukovych or his ministers to massacre Maidan protesters and that 4 police officers were killed & 39 wounded by Maidan-snipers. In addition to acquitting two Berkut policemen for killing and wounding protesters, it states that all accused Berkut members were baselessly blamed for killing 13 & wounding 29 Maidan protesters. As usual there are zero media reports.

>Prosecution, Maidan lawyers, media with some exceptions, self-proclaimed experts & propaganda peddlers denied shooting by snipers located in Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & called it conspiracy theory.



File: 1711388429714-0.mp4 (4.27 MB, 1280x720, basedzpow.mp4)

File: 1711388429714-1.jpg (128.87 KB, 1022x681, Z POWs.jpg)

<Inside the PoW camp where Ukraine ‘re-educates’ Russians
>“I grew up in the Soviet Union so I feel that we are one country,” he said, sitting in the camp’s sick bay where he is recovering from a bullet wound in his arm.
>It is this neo-imperialist ideology, famously expounded by President Putin in a 7,000-word essay, that the camp authorities are trying to deprogramme from their charges before they are returned home.
>“Russians have been subjected to propaganda their whole lives,” said Petro Yatsenko, spokesman for Ukraine’s co-ordination headquarters for the treatment of PoWs, during a tour of the camp at an undisclosed location in western Ukraine. “It’s like trying to pull someone out of a religious sect.”
<To get from their living quarters to the canteen, prisoners must pass along an alleyway lined with photographs of figures from Ukraine’s past, such as Stepan Bandera, the divisive and controversial leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) during and after the Second World War, and Taras Shevchenko, the 19th-century national bard.


It doesn't seem to be working either however, although I suppose it's preferable to prior Ukrainian treatment of POWs (torture, murder, etc.)


File: 1711678764625.jpg (194.64 KB, 1490x1080, 1677204482139.jpg)

I know their ilk all too well living in Alberta. This is interesting shit


File: 1716661270628.png (212.6 KB, 319x323, 1711491998300.png)


If you guys had to pick 4 short books as the ultimate starter pack on /leftypol/itics, which ones would you pick?

Which ones are the best combination of being essential, uncomplicated and short?
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The Communist Manifesto (read Fight for Socialism by Max Shachtman if it's too hard for you, ignore all the nonsense he says about state capitalism)

State and Revolution


Lessons of October by Trotsky


It's also wrong/liberal analysis


Start with Rousseau's Discourse On Inequality and The Social Contract. Then move on to the Economic and Political Manuscripts of 1844 and the Manifesto.

Then read Baudrillard's Mirror of Production and Passwords along with Foucault's History of Sexuality. You will have ceased to be a Marxist and ascend to post-leftism. Then this site will become totally useless to you and you will find yourself coming here less and less.


Good list. For Direct Action it seems like someone search and replaced every instance of "man" or male pronouns for "woman" and female pronouns for some reason; it uses the wrong pronouns for Moritz Rittinghausen, for example. Made me kek when I realized it, what a strange thing for someone to do.


I'd add the Lenin three component parts of marxism one

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ITT post information about the history and anthropology of the New World. A lot of new anthropological work has been done in this field in recent decades that has not yet entered public consciousness.
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please don't go off the rails with this stuff and keep it to things that are substantiated. there's a Hancock thread for more open speculation about the topic >>>/hobby/36674

>However, mainstream scholars remain skeptical, and they do not see the results of these tests as proof of ancient contact between Africa and the Americas, especially because there may be possible Old World sources of cocaine and nicotine

>Two attempts to replicate Balabanova's findings of cocaine failed, suggesting "that either Balabanova and her associates are misinterpreting their results or that the samples of mummies tested by them have been mysteriously exposed to cocaine".
>a study in the journal Antiquity suggested that reports of both tobacco and cocaine in mummies "ignored their post-excavation histories" and pointed out that the mummy of Ramesses II had been moved five times between 1883 and 1975.
It's a very interesting line of evidence and while this seems like a pretty implausible explanation, there isn't as significant a body of evidence or an assurance of the evidence's legitimacy as seen here >>21814

However, the evidence of contact between South America and Rapa Nui does lend a lot of credence to the possibility of contact elsewhere and suggests more research should be done in that direction.


File: 1712080043540.png (395.16 KB, 540x414, 9.png)

>>However, mainstream scholars
stopped reading there


Werent these mummies previously displayed openly in a museum at a time when people were smoking inside?


And probably openly doing cocaine too lol


More Mayan artifacts

File: 1608528375091.jpg (101.2 KB, 1200x1114, who shills the USSR.jpg)

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Since /leftypol/ is downright autistic at times I decided to make a Debunk thread where anticommunist arguments are presented with their debunks by users.
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No need to debunk shit when the USSR dropped their marxist program under Stalin lol.


>"Muh evul Stalin dropped le marxism" strawman #43251
Read a book or go back, liberal
>Dialectical and Historical Materialism: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1938/09.htm



loser cope


File: 1717981829459.png (44.83 KB, 400x273, Trotsky wojak fag.png)

>ad hom

File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)

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Drop those PDF's or else
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Anyone got a good PDF dl for Dialectic of Enlightenment? Anna's Archive has failed me…


something comical about the lincoln head underneath the exit sign and the comically large boobs


I have one. Some pages have some marks on them (like a highlighter pen) but you can still read what it says.


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