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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1714516086734.jpg (3.29 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)


i’m from >>>/pol/. my assumption would be AK larps, but i am genuinely intrigued.
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neat ak variant tho. i'm hitting the sack. ty 4 posting anon.


it is certainly well made, the belgians did a wonderful job designing and refining the fal. it kicks like a mule and has enough power to turn a skull into pink mist. not to mention if you are adept with the rifle it can be accurate past 800 meters. it is a fine semiautomatic marksman rifle. fun fact it also came in a fully automatic configuration, but i wouldn’t bother with it. you can smack a 30rd mag on the weapon, but with the added weight i’d rather sick with the 20rd box. i feel the weapon would be best suited for not assault use, but more in line with support and distance fire. i want to steel my capability with distance shots as i feel that use case best suits the weapon. some day i’d like to assemble an m4 pattern rifle. i want a shorter barrel for the prospect of room clearing. if you try doing it with the FAL, you can’t maneuver worth a damn. the weapon is too long at 43 in and too bulky at 10-11 pounds loaded with 20+1.


you can acquire a short barrel fal para, but i’d rather stick with the one and only in my possession and get another weapon to fit the bill. there’s plenty. the FN PS90 SBR is a really neat one with a severely compact package and a great caliber (5.7mm). gen ones are also readily convertible to fully automatic, but you most certainly didn’t hear that from me.


Good point. It's more of a Battle Rifle desu.

As a side note I always found the Ruger Mini-14 to be pretty well made and ergonomic. Modern rifles and all the tacticool stuff on them just doesn't appeal to me.


you've got good taste in weaponry, anon. a rifle only needs bear minimum. some additions can be useful, such as a tac light or a fore grip, but i find the rifles i click with the most are simple: irons, innate controls, and reliable. you don't need more weight than necessary, or extra bullshit that serves no operational purpose. just a weapon and nothing more.

File: 1717487753613.png (1.09 MB, 1053x1068, tripod.png)


I'm looking for weapon advice. I want to destroy or temporarily shut down a local factory making ordnance for the genocide in Gaza. I want to avoid explosives because they're hard to test and easy to kill yourself with. I think incendiary is a good idea. Because this is an ordnance factory, the fire department might evacuate instead of trying to put out a fire. I also have access to firearms.

I'd like this to be lightweight so that I can deliver it by air and avoid climbing onto the roof myself. My first plan was a road flare pointed at the roof with a tripod, the idea being to hit it with a long sustained flame. But two tests on a wood platform covered in roofing material charred the wood underneath without actually igniting the platform. Commercial roofing is going to be thicker and more fire resistant than what I've got. What should I do?
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thermite or guzzoline. both can be set off electrically quite easily. for thermite:
>mix thermite
>use r-candy (melt and mix sugar + kno3 + 1-2% Fe2O3) as a "booster"
>stick an electric igniter in the r-candy
I've successfully used a combination like that to set off thermite with a simple fuse
gasoline is even easier to set off
since you say you have access to firearms, you could use smokeless powder for something. the obvious choice is a bomb. using commercial rifle powder means you skip the synthesis step. if buying pure powder grabs too much attention, get it from rifle cartridges
be sure to leave a note in your terror drone thanking leftypol.org for the help :^)


remember to post from tor itt, gentlemen


Could probably do thermite with my existing igniter (which I will share if there's interest). I just doubt small quantities of thermite have the penetrating power.

Firearm purchases are tied to my license so I can't use them in bulk. Anyway, powder deflagration probably wouldn't impact enough to break the roof and wouldn't have enough energy to set it on fire.

High explosives would. But I would not trust a homemade primary explosive not to go off during transport (especially via drone). Has anyone made an electric det cap from commercial firearm primers? Can confined primers detonate HE or are they only enough to deflagrate gunpowder?


gunpowder can't set off HE?


Smokeless powder is designed to deflagrate, not detonate. Some blends can be confined and detonated, but it is not commonly used for improvised det caps. Likely too unreliable or low-velocity.

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Thread to talk about drone warfare in general.

There are many ways drones can be used but I would like to talk about their potential use in protests and riots in the west.

In my experience something that is sorely lacking in protests going wild is intelligence about police postions, while the bad guys usually have a QG with plenty of operators gathering and distributing intelligence to police officers trough cameras, helicopters and, you guessed it, drones.

So, what's keeping us from using drones? Those for kids which are 50 bucks on amazon could do the trick, it would take a team of two, one pilot and one operative relaying intel trough a phone or a radio to someone in the front of the protest.

I know there are anti drone weapons, but they don't work that well and these aren't well established yet. In case of capture though it's good to prevent or render difficult a trace, so it would be smart to buy those drones trough proxies and false adresses, and scratch whatever number they have on them.
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File: 1716355202066.mp4 (6.36 MB, 1280x720, reaper down.mp4)

>Yemen guerillas have downed a 4th Reaper Drone
Make that a 5th drone - it was done using Home-Made versions of the Buk M1 missiles they have.


Fair enough.


File: 1716737686338.png (226.79 KB, 1000x700, ClipboardImage.png)

6 Counter Drone Methods and their solutions at the moment:
1 - Jamming (over loading the drone with false radio-signals so it can no longer 'hear' instructions from the remote controller).
2 - Hacking (riding the radio signal and exploiting holes in the software to take over and reroute control)
To get around these 2, using different radio frequencies and having firewalls or even using drones that don't require frequencies to begin with.
3 - High Power Lasers (damage cameras and burn outer casing of the Drone if its plastic)
This can be countered by using a reflective metal material held at an offset from the drone which means that it will take much more energy to burn through before reaching the drone.
4 - Focused Microwave EMP (induces an extremely high electric current within the drone that would cause short-circuiting and fries its electronics).
This can be avoided simply by using copper tape lining the drone's body, muffling such microwave signals
5 - Drone to drone net-guns (Drone chases enemy drone and fires net, tangling and downing it)
Nets are bulky and require larger, less maneuverable drones, so they can be avoided
6 - Physical Force (using physical impact as a direct anti-drone action)
The flaw is obvious; being able to actually hit the drone. Automatic trackers would definitely help (Anduril Anvil for example) but enemy drones will probably mount counter-measures at some point.

Magneto-weapons against drones:


New anti-drone air-defense system:
>Type-625E Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Missile System SHORAD, is China's cutting-edge air defense gun-missile system engineered to tackle drones and various aerial threats. Featuring six 25mm gun barrels and eight surface-to-air FB-10 missiles with a maximum range of 10 kilometers, the Type 625E represents a formidable asset in modern warfare. With the increasing threat of drones, this system offers rapid response capabilities and can fire air-burst 25mm rounds for enhanced effectiveness. Equipped with a 360-degree scanning radar mounted on the turret and augmented by thermal imagers, the Type 625E ensures comprehensive aerial surveillance and defense.

This feels like a take from Soviet gun-missile Air-Defense systems, Western militaries are only just reaching this idea. China's design reminds me of the Kashtan CIWS visually and conceptually. It's equipped with a six barrel 25mm rotary cannon, Eight FB-10 surface-to-air missiles possessing a 10-kilometer missile range. The important part is its Air-burst 25mm rounds, basically it's combining a machine-gun with controlled shot-gun buckshot/slug , making it immensely deadly, and effective against drones. It has 360-degree radar scanning and uses thermal imagers for enhanced detection and back-up.


File: 1717955132396.png (520.3 KB, 560x441, ClipboardImage.png)

China's joint Golden Dragon 2024 exercise with Cambodia recently included drone dogs with armament: https://topwar.ru/243371-v-odnom-stroju-s-bronevikami-kitajskaja-armija-pokazala-kadry-primenenija-sobak-robotov-na-uchenijah.html


File: 1717980475440.png (48.73 MB, 6845x4564, ClipboardImage.png)

On a similar note, US troops did training with special drones during African Lion 2024 which were used in assisting the clearance of tunnels. Considering how this came out relatively soon after this recent Israel-Palestine war began, I have a feeling the USA may be preparing for involvement or for similar combat situations and opponents.



 No.3080[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Navy thread
Thread for all naval, maritime, ship, submarine & water craft discussion, seas, oceans, lakes, rivers & other bodies of water. Soviet & American shipping alike is welcome, as are civilian vessels. Video & images encouraged. Ekranoplanes & other marine aircraft also count.

Russian / USSR Naval sites: https://flot.com/

US / Western Navy sites (consume with copious amounts of table salt): https://www.naval-technology.com/

P.S. Be civil on this Polynesian raft-roping forum.
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Several of the drones involved in this and some more recent attacks washed up ashore Crimea. Mi-35Ms with 23mm cannons and Mi-8s have joined the Ka-29s in anti-drone operations, destroying dozens of Unmanned suicide boat drones.



Video related is operations of the Mi-35M
>Footage of an attack by a Russian Mi-35M helicopter on a Ukrainian maritime drone MAGURA V5 has been published. The Mi-35M helicopter fires at the drone from an NPPU-23 installation with a GSh-23L double-barreled aviacannon of 23 mm caliber. The GSh-23L air cannon is liquid-cooled, which allows it to fire in long bursts without high-speed air flow blowing over the gun; the GSh-23L's rate of fire is 3,400 rounds per minute. Reportedly, a total of 15 maritime drones were destroyed in the Black Sea, but only one was shown on video.


File: 1716148057554.mp4 (17.46 MB, 1280x720, bsd.mp4)

Another video of the drones destroyed


>Shoigu issued an order for constant, daily counter-drone drills in the Black Fleet
The same is now being done for the Pacific and Baltic fleets. footage is from a daytime exercise of the Russian Pacific Fleet, repelling an attack by UAVs and sea drones
>Fifteen ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet conducted an exercise to combat unmanned boats and UAVs in Peter the Great Bay. In the exercises, a Russian experimental naval aviation UAV was used as a mock enemy, which can take off and land on the helicopter deck of a ship. UAVs and unmanned boats simulating naval drones were hit from standard AK-630 and AK-630M anti-aircraft artillery systems, as well as from Kord and DShK heavy machine guns. The corvettes “Sovershenny”, “Gromky” and “Rezkiy”, the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Panteleev”, large landing ships, small anti-submarine ships and other ships of the Pacific Fleet took part in the exercise to repel attacks by unmanned vehicles.


File: 1716421096425.mp4 (13.8 MB, 1280x720, BeyondTheFogs20_1.mp4)

In following the mounting of missiles on drones, a larger unmanned boat series called Sea Baby have had MLRS systems mounted on them.


One such unit was used to barrage the Russian EW fortified positions on the Kinburn Spit located in the Dnepr-Buk Estuary.


File: 1717980095293.png (621.58 KB, 996x748, ClipboardImage.png)

The US Navy's newest planned Frigate, the Constellation class, is delayed again due to more plan changes that result in enlarged size which will change placement of equipment and most importantly have an impact on the power-plant, speed, maneuverability and range. The increased size means the ships will either be below the original specifications for characteristics in speed, maneuverability and range, (as well as power-plant life) or require a redesigned power-plant/engine with more horsepower which will likely take up more space, and certainly take up more time to redesign for the ship's purposes.

File: 1638244931152.jpg (200.22 KB, 508x350, plncol9[1].jpg)

 No.201[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Alright, so I won't go too much into it, but as I'm sure you've all noticed, there is a distinct lack of competent organizations and combat readiness in the left. While it may just be a stereotype, the idea of the skinny and weak anarchist can sum up most of the left that wishes to engage in direct action, mostly by using outdated manuals and romanticized ideas of war. As such, I had, a few years ago, taken it upon myself to release training videos to some of you in order to get you up to speed on the basics of the basics. That, unfortunately, seems to have fallen through on the account of my job, which often has me traveling and doing other things that I won't go into because they are totally uninteresting and unrelated to the topic at hand. As such, we will go into a few key steps you should be taking in order to prepare yourself for introductory training, should it ever be offered to you. Yes, you read that correctly, you must train yourself to be trained. You do not have the luxury of being part of an organized military force, though I would not critique you if that is the route you are wanting to take, as it would be hypocritical. I will limit the topic to individual training, equipment, and self-selection because the whole of military science is a broad topic that is not wholly known by any one individual. Please understand this so that my limitations do not become a hindrance to your growth as a potential combat soldier. Seek training from experienced individuals, even if you have to hide your power level. Consider me just another voice on the internet. I do not intend to use credentials or authority on the subject to get you to do as I say, but I would appreciate it if you thought about a few things. Thank you for reading.
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To make it painful, if you die, you get no dinner for the evening, because dead men don't eat dinner.


tactical larpers and gun people on yt say airsoft can be useful to train small unit tactics and basic weapon handling etc. i guess there is a difference between "speedsoft" and "mil-sim" type of play. i have no experience in either but i guess that learning to work with a team on the field could be a good thing.


>Paintballs and airsoft really hurt
don't hurt enough to emulate getting shot.


File: 1717979812421.png (49.37 KB, 702x402, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1717980029815.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1920x1080, shotgun headshot executio….webm)

Sometimes getting shot doesn't hurt at all.

File: 1685048727614-0.png (306.59 KB, 602x371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685048727614-2.pdf (198.45 KB, 206x255, F-35 mishap rate.pdf)

 No.3151[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for hating on the F-35 "Lightning II" stealth turkey a.k.a the most expensive military project in history to date.

The USAF declared it ready for service in 2016
As of that date the following problems I can list just off the top of my head
- Vulnerable to lightning; it's practically a lightning rod https://archive.is/QSIii
- 0 redundancies in the cyber or mechanical aggregates; any malfunction
- RADAR glitches means it literally ahs to be turned off and on again https://archive.ph/EEd9y
- Ejection seat is banned for anyone 136 pounds or below and anyone not above 150 pounds has significant injury risk, it literally can break your neck.
- F-35 helmets glow too brightly for air-to-air refueling https://archive.is/pKE0Y
- F-35 helmets are so heavy at nearly 5 kilograms so that maneuvers cause them to bang their heads on the inside of the cockpit https://archive.ph/WsRxA https://archive.ph/dE1gP
(keep in mind these helmets are 400,000 dollars each).
- The oxygen system is unreliable (something that the F-22 shares) https://archive.ph/kGGKq

The Plane was supposed to be ready by 2010-12 having been projected in the early 2000s
the list of problems in its past and that are remaining in various levels of urgency number over 800.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>first paragraph
Did you actually reword Pierre Sprey's F-35 rant? You (or rather he) aren't wrong, but LMAO.
>The only value in the F-35 is duping countries like Australia or Denmark into buying it so these countries chain themselves to the US defense industry and by extension US foreign policy and make them slaves to Uncle Sam.
They already are, it's just another boondoggle of the MiC, as usual.
>Why do you think the French opted out of buying them?
The frogs always did have an independent streak in them, besides they have Rafale and other industries, it wouldn't do their economy any good to accept the F-35.


>F-35 haters are wrong.
F thirdy fibe is good.
Arrow-dye-namigs is wrong.


The most patriotic thing an American can do is profit obscenely at the expense of the government.


File: 1717444341043.png (2.47 MB, 1980x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Not even a week later and not 1 but TWO Japanese F-35s had landing accidents.

This isn't one off either. Previously mentioned ITT was debris falling off a Japanese F-35 and another had a nose-landing-gear break in 2022.


>Not even a week later and not 1 but TWO Japanese F-35s had landing accidents.
honestly this is the funniest thread on the site

 No.1345[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What can we learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this example of relatively modern warfare? Strategy, tactics, operations, geopolitical responses, information warfare, civilian pov and response. Anything related. Not the thread to talk about "who is in the right".
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File: 1717006571269.png (714.35 KB, 685x654, ClipboardImage.png)

>British Sky News reports and as previously mentioned ITT, Russia is producing 3x more artillery than Europe, for about 4x lower cost.
Some sauce: https://southfront.press/russia-produces-artillery-cheaper-and-three-times-faster-than-kievs-western-allies/


>look inside
>it's refurbished north korean shells


>It's all those North Koreans! They're starving commies that can't make anything!
>but are also somehow producing more than Russia!
I hope you're making a joke, because you are grossly incorrect.


Gavin's all grown up


File: 1717441751214.png (510.8 KB, 871x245, ClipboardImage.png)

A stryker was destroyed along with a crossing bridge recently. It proves a point made in >>2374 - the lack of amphibious capability. The BTR-80 series or BMPs could have forded that little stream on the fly, no bridge needed. Such bridges are ample targets, I'm more than willinvg to bet that Russian drone surveillance saw the bridge but decided to not destroy it and wait for a bigger target to come, killing 2 targets with one strike. And yet redditors and /k/opers will claim that "amphibious capability isn't useful anymore" because some amphibious APCs got taken out during combat near a river.


As a side note, there's ZOV sites popping up for different Ukrainian cities: https://news-kharkov.ru//society/2024/06/02/105601.html

File: 1716651939677.png (613.26 KB, 1000x931, ClipboardImage.png)


>Sir, we forgot to give the bad guys in our first person shootie game an assault rifle
<we did? which ones? whatever, just use this.
>for all the levels?
>does it matter? everyone knows the african tribalists, the arab terrorist jihadists and the russian autocrats all use rusty aks with no modifications, oh and don't forget to give cool gimmicks to the M16s of our good guy
>the grenade launcher, the dual mag or the Infrared vision optics?
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They even still use them in the 26th century in the Halo canon lol.


File: 1716691928675-0.png (448.96 KB, 640x410, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716691928675-1.png (586.61 KB, 736x712, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716691928675-2.png (1.16 MB, 1286x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

> african tribalists
>the arab terrorist jihadistsand
>the russian autocrats


File: 1717255893248.png (205.21 KB, 850x478, ClipboardImage.png)

litsen here bud, around here we call them by fake names like Kastov or Vaznev, don't wanna get a lawsuit.


wouldn't be surprised if that happened assuming that warfare didn't become complete transcendental or something. people still use the 1911 and it's over 110 years old now.


File: 1717261179896.png (478.58 KB, 1200x390, ClipboardImage.png)

i get this feeling around india and pakistan, some families, probably ones with grandparents in the colonial army are still using grandpa's old pre 1900s rifle from the raj era for hunting because, why buy a new thing when the old thing works just fine?


I am planning on getting a pistol I can hopefully concealed carry when get a permit for that. Currently, I’m considering the H&K VP9SK because I’m an H&K shill, but I am open to suggestions.


What about the hkp30?


>Carry pistol suggestions?
Steyr C9-A2 MF

Don't think you can go wrong with any of the top brands anyways. Beretta, CZ, Glock, etc.


And the best thing about it is that it has a very low bore axis and angled grip work to signigicantly reduce recoil because the more offset the barrel is from the axis of your arm the more it will rotate your arm upwards.

File: 1636316173319-0.jpg (150.75 KB, 640x480, t-34.jpg)

File: 1636316173319-1.webm (4.03 MB, 1280x720, 1635835333667.webm)


The engineers behind the t-34 understood the logistical struggles of maintaining entire battalions of tanks where before they only existed in handfuls. Such an exponential expansion of the deployment of tanks, in tandem with the increasing complexity of tank parts and intricacies of tank design, meant that the modern war effort would require logistical feats never before preformed by any army. Innovations of the t-34 would include everything from sloping armor to increase deflection and grazing rates from enemy shells without substantially increasing production cost to simplifying turret design while not stripping functionality to maintain the maximal performance and accessibility while cutting down on logistical profile. The general design ethos of the USSR was to think smarter so they could fight harder, and longer. One of the innovations was its tank treads - rather than being fully bolted on both sides, only one side was bolted, and a raised metal plate was installed to prevent these bolts from slipping out from their position, decreasing the work needed to replace tank tracks while still maintaining full functionality.

This industrious and pragmatic design philosophy is what drove the war machine of the Red Army, making its constituent components consistent and interchangeable, and to make such work easy to preform. Any man or woman, from Siberian tribespeople to West Russian urbanites, could fight with equal skill and capability under the red banner. Meanwhile every German vehicle or weapon required specially trained crews, specially trained engineers, specially trained gunsmiths, all required to jump through the hoops of different corporate designs and methods to keep their weapons of war functional. Where the Germans had tanks so finnicky that only 50% of spare parts would be accepted in any given German tank, you could disassemble 100 T-34s, mix up the parts, and assemble 100 of them again, and they'd all run equally well. In a war of logistics, this streamlining and accessibility is what allowed for the USSR's tanks to stand against the Germans even with numerical inferiority, because of shorter time out of action for logistical or repair work. As the number of T-34s increased, they started to geometrically outnumber them. then, exponentially outnumber them.

Simplified and streamlined designs with accessibility and consistency will win out against the most "advanced" and "complex" of designs, because war is not waged in a way thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1681837910882.png (402.37 KB, 700x507, ClipboardImage.png)

Uralvagnzavod responded to the mocking about T-55s & T-62 & the T-34 being next (such as pic rel) by "proposing" a T-34 upgrade that will make it a Leo II killer.


Танк Т-34, установленный возле городского дома культуры имени Ленина в память об освободителях Антрацита от немецко-фашистских захватчиков, был отреставрирован специалистами Казачьей Национальной Гвардии. Боевой единице спустя 70 лет вернули возможность снова стать на защиту народа от фашистов. Эта та самая площадь где Укры заметили российскую технику. Т-34 действительно русский,а точнее-советский танк.


T-34 schematics


Т-34 это символ победы Советского Народа и Социалистической Системой над Фашизмом!


>Finally the tank STILL operates in combat to this day in its original form (i.e. not a T-34 chassis mounting a larger gun or new engine, like the Israeli M4 upgrades), a feat no other armored vehicle of WW2 can claim.
I need to amend my statement to "a feat no other TANK of WW2 can claim" because there is at least 1 other armored vehicle from WW-2 operating to this day - usually in the same areas as the T-34-85 for that matter - the SU-100 tank destroyer. the Су-100 is a casemate self-propelled gun mounting a 100mm D-10S anti-tank gun (Д-10С is also known as the 2A48 and was later mounted on the T-54/55 series). The cannon remains quite powerful even to this day and unlike the 85mm D-5 / Д5 gun used by the T-34-85 (and SU-85 the SU-100 was based on, and which in turn was based on the T-34's chassis and hull) has a lot more ready ammunition today that can be used.

Production began in 1944 and was produced in the USSR and Warsaw Pact up until 1956, with post-war models having updated electronics and being more 'refined' due to less rushed production in post-war conditions, as well as using T-44 road wheels, however the basic design remained unchanged.

It's currently used in Yemen and is in the arsenals of several countries today and took part in Cold War and 21st Century conflicts.
Yemen Su-100s: https://rg.ru/2019/02/12/legendy-v-boiu-su-100-prodolzhaiut-voevat-v-jemene-naravne-s-t-34.html



https://files.catbox.moe/oiirr9.mp4 720p version, 1080p is the Embed

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