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while modifying skyrims movement behaviour files I discovered something really awful about bethesda titles I thought was only an issue from morrowind to new Vegas. Bethesda doesn’t attach grounded momentum to movement, whenever you walk or sprint in a bethesda made game you will always without a shadow of a doubt always immediately move at full speed on frame one. This is also why the games feel noticeably janky and dated despite having their graphics and animations updated each release and why npc and third person movement tend to feel like you’re controlling a character with absolutely zero weight. Turns out it’s not just Bethesda a lot of game developers for first person titles will pull this same kind of trick aswell here’s some recent examples of this

Dying light 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Modern warfare 2
Ultra kill
Not just that even third person games especially the pvp ones don’t hide this or even try to
The division 2 pvp
Literally every 3d MMO
Nearly every assassins creed title has this same issue of weightlessness

This doesn’t sound bad but play any souls game, naughty dog, Bandai rpg, rockstar title or any game with half decent physics and it becomes way more obvious how much better movement in those types of games handle, it’s also why those games feel so much more advanced




Just use a controller lol


File: 1680266784733.png (612.01 KB, 894x894, ClipboardImage.png)

>no inertia to character movement
[laughs in 8 bit 2d game]


You mean a mod to add bartering to fallout 4? Aren’t there already mods for that type of roleplaying



Skyrim mod being the one that has a supply and demand mechanics changing prices based on how much you buy and sell
Meanwhile the new vegas mods simulates other aspects


Oh well that would require scripts and most of the mods I’ve made have been changes to certain parameters and statistics of certain objects in skyrims game world. I have been interested in script editing in Skyrim for a while so I will pursue taking greater interest in programming to make better mods since I don’t have much else to do beyond work


Pls do more complex mods are great


be warned that the scripting system in skyrim is pretty wack and easily gets bloated


I know plenty of mod authors need to clarify that their mods have 0 plugins or scripts since the endlag gets severe enough to start causing crashes past around 40 plug-ins even on high end systems


It’s the engines man. Games aren’t built with detailed physics automatically built into their engines unless your frostbite, naughty dog or rockstar you’re basically screwed. And considering how long and how many games keep getting released in an unfinished state no shit no one on the development team is gonna care about adding detail to anything


They do it because that's what FPS gamers want. Same reason they do the fake first person where the camera is in the chest. FPS gamers want that "responsive" kind of control where no kind of acceleration and decceleration is accounted for. There's lots of other tricks that they put in as well. If FPS gamers wanted realism they'd play ARMA or something.

It's trivial to program the kind of physics being discussed. I've done it many times from scratch.


Meant to include this vid of more tricks they use.


That’s horrible. Imagine trying to shoot at someone that can casually break into a full sprint or completely stop with zero acceleration while your hand is subject to the laws of physics, no wonder movement tech in cod is so hated when the physics for the games makes problems like these impossible to get to past


>you will always without a shadow of a doubt always immediately move at full speed on frame one
…this is supposed to be bad? why do you want fucking realism at the cost of making the gameplay worse


You're posting in a thread filled with people who conflate battle royale with FPS.


Making gameplay worse? This shouldn’t be in single player games period regardless of perspective because it makes it harder to control the movements of the avatar when it’s not adhering to the laws of physics but your inputs are. Also within pvp games it makes countering strafing and people that abuse that element of jank physics far harder for new players and turns high level play into a running simulation than anything that looks like grounded, and calculated gunplay.


Thanks for the laughs!


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