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R: 75 / I: 16 (sticky)

Minecraft /leftypol/ server thread

Since a lot of time has passed since the old thread was made and all the old servers apparently got nuked by the hosting service, I have decided to create a new one on the Aternos account that I have registered back in the Bunkerchan days. Just like the previous one, it runs on one of the newer versions (1.19.2) of the game with a simple custom modpack that contains tech mods like Mekanism and the Thermal series, as well as some that add new elements to the game world as a whole such as Biomes O' Plenty and Aquaculture. Some previous additions like Pam's Harvestcraft and Chisel had to be pruned however due to lack of a 1.19.x version or being too resource extensive.

Instructions on entering the new server:
>Download UltimMC https://nightly.link/UltimMC/Launcher/workflows/main/develop
>Download the modpack https://gofile.io/d/vQSpcg
>Extract the UltimMC archive anywhere you like
>Launch UltimMC
>Create an account record in the UltimMC accounts section in top right (no Microsoft account required)
>Install the modpack through Add instance > Import from .zip
>Launch the newly "LeftyCraft" created instance
>Add “leftycraftreborn.aternos.me” into your server list and join the game

To start up the server in case it is down:
>Log into aternos.org with account “leftypoluser” (password: solidarityforever)
>Press the “Start” button
>Wait until the server status bar becomes green and says "Online"

Matrix space:
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Hello /games/

It has recently come to our attention that the users of /games/ are seeking a reliable method of communication for online play and general conversation about games. I am unsure if anyone is aware, but, there currently exists and unoffical matrix room specifically for this located at: https://matrix.to/#/#leftypolgaming:matrix.org

Leftycraft community ( >>25060 ):

If anyone is interested in gaming discussion, or, online discourse please feel free to join. That is all. Thank you~
R: 381 / I: 80

Fallout General - What side is do you choose in Fallout new Vegas ?

of course most /pol/tards side with caser's legion but looking at it almost every single faction is awful one way or the other, The NCR is literally a reboot of America that is in the middle of a manifest destiny, House is a egotistical maniac and probably appeals to Musk bros and Yes man is just a libertarian wet dream
R: 456 / I: 100

HoI4 + HoI4 modding thread

By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc

R: 46 / I: 25

Anti-Communist Games

Has there been an uptick in anti-communist games/crypto-ethnonationalist anti-Russian ethnic grievance games coming out of former eastern bloc countries recently?

This game treats the Bolsheviks like they're cartoon villains and acts like the fucking retreating Czechoslovak Legion cared more about Soviet citizens than the Red Army.
R: 3 / I: 1
it's kind of sad how much money AAA devs pour into tiny improvements in graphics when there's barely any blood left to be squeezed out of that stone. This game for example is 20 years old. 2004. I played it as a teenager. Now compare that with 1984, 20 years before that. A world of difference. But this game holds up graphically after 20 years because everything since then is just slight improvements to textures and shaders and poly count, and changes in standard tv/monitor resolution. And yeah. I know this is pre-rendered cutscene but the gameplay itself is also pretty good for the time, and stands head and shoulders above a lot of 3D indie games made today. What's the deal with graphics obsession still being a thing?
R: 6 / I: 0

Alunya Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart 3D Model

I made a 3D model for SRB2k a while ago. It's cool. Thought I should share it
R: 83 / I: 20

Disco Elysium(spoilers)

I just beat this game, I remember seeing another discussion thread about this game but I can't find it, but I want to talk about the game, full spoilers.
R: 11 / I: 1
Can I still be a communist if I play Helldivers 2?
R: 132 / I: 27
It is better than a marker but the fact that it is so obvious it ruins immersion is an issue. Good game and map design naturally leads you to the ladder.
AAA slop is incredibly simplistic in terms of game design anyway. Both the marker and the yellow paint are there to make the slop assembly process more straightforward, neither of them is for the player's benefit. There's no good answer because the question is wrong.
R: 47 / I: 11

Fanmods, total conversions, and independent projects

I was kind of intending this thread to be a storehouse of replies for

<hurrr but who would work without profit motive???? you ever thought about that commie?

where fans have for one reason or another put in a great deal of time and effort to maintain or recreate digital experiences.

For example, I stumbled on some videos for a fan recreation of TIE fighter which, from the clips of it, looks really neat. It seems like video related is a mod based off of another mod for the million year old X-wing Alliance engine. I need to look further into it and see if it's built off of the original game, or its own standalone deal meant to mimic it.

Then there's also Tamriel Reborn that seems like it isn't just a remake of the original, but actually expands on the original Morrowind, I guess to add back in all of the content that had to be cut. Apparently they've been going at it since 2001.


Then there's DOOM, which has just had an insane amount of work done on it and with it since it was released. It's actually pretty amazing to see what people are capable of doing with it after so long.

R: 3 / I: 1


I woyld say this is probably one of the more interesting singleplayer shooters of the last decade. I loved the weapon and firing mode synergies, bosses with complex movesets that require you to utilize the movement techs and various weapon abilities to the max, badass voice acting by Stefan Weyte and Gianni Matragano, style combo system akin to DMC and Bulletstorm and a rather cool low-poly art style combined with detailed textures that really does remind of 90's-early 2000's games. On the bad side, I found level design to be kinda meh most of the time and I am kinda worry what will happen of it all with the recent Unity install fee shitstorm, since of the final act only the first level was finished as of now.
R: 133 / I: 43

/leftytesg/ - Elder Scrolls General

Always wanted to make this thread, but could never find time for it until now. Discuss lore, art, modding, headcanons, C0DA and other stuff related to the games.
R: 1 / I: 0

Based Skyrim mod recommendation pls

Chat, chat. Is this real?
R: 137 / I: 15
Is Dwarf Fortress the most Historical Materialist game of all time?

>Simulates thousands of years of history

>Simulates individual lives
>Simulates entire economies
>Simulates private property, families, cities, states
>does not privilege the player with any kind of protagonism. You are simply an entity in a larger civilization
>any entity can be wiped out at any given moment and replaced with a similar one.
>deep physics simluation that includes erosion, precipitation, and the formation of continents
>can instantaneously generate an entire encyclopedia of interconnected occurences spanning thousands of years
>simulates marriage, divorce, courtship, cheating, betrayal, coups, assassinations, persecutions, and purges
R: 5 / I: 0

Game Recommendations Thread

Hello fellas, I thought we could use this to share ideas for games to play.

Right now I want a post-apocalyptic RTS or strategy war game in general, I tried playing Cuban Missile Crisis just because I love the concept of a final war between the survivors of the various superpowers, but the actual game is pretty bad and definitely doesn't hold up today. I tried even playing this weird I think Russian old-ass RTS also set after the end of the world which was alright but again basic. I dunno anyone have any ideas?

Will also answer anyone else's questions obviously. Oh yeah and I also want a new XCOM style game to play but I doubt anyone will be able to suggest one I haven't already tried or looked at and deemed too garbage to play (seriously try me).
R: 201 / I: 67

Baldur's Gate 3 Thread

Is it any good? I haven't played it myself
Also do I have to play the previous games to understand what's going on?
R: 11 / I: 11
I'm curious to see what would happen if a game with a phenomenal story and great combat, but with PS2-era graphics, got released. I wonder how well it would hold up against modern AAA games
R: 23 / I: 3
Right-wing games?

I'll start:

Every CD Projekt Red game (Pole company, the most reactionary, racist country on Earth, will always put chinlet propaganda in their games, such as that caricature queer guy in Cyberpunk who's a rapist and smuggler), every TES game (lore is basically about humans, the white ppl of the setting, genociding elves and others and being portraited as good guys, Skyrim is the worst offender), every Paradox game (literal map painters made for chinlets to larp as crusaders, nazis, conquistadors and others who killed BIPOC worldwide)
R: 12 / I: 2

Yakuza / Like A Dragon

What do you think of the Yakuza / Like A Dragon series? I love it!
Thread for everything Ryu Ga Gotoku
R: 1 / I: 0

New Elden Ring DLC

R: 1 / I: 0
<sniper ghost warrior 2
Honestly everything about this game looked bad and usual racist Americans shit but I happen upon this trailer:
<A lawless terrorist region of the middle east
<..situated between Syria and Lebanon
<… your mission is to assassinate president Bibi
Has anyone played it? Do you really get to shoot bibi? Is this a secret anti zionist game?
R: 145 / I: 15
There's no proper word to describe just how cultish and odious Nintendo fanboys are. There's a weird game of telephone going on because I've seen people accusing Palworld of being made with AIs or stealing from artists when it's not and at worst they are obvious parodies of pokeymans.
R: 22 / I: 2

Microsoft games division lays off nearly 2000 people

Blizzard had a survival game in the works for more than 6 years and just gutted the entire team. Anything that isn't an established IP is out, but even successful teams have been hit pretty badly by the layoffs. Hope everyone likes endless sequels and remasters!
R: 363 / I: 66

/gamedev/ - Game Development General (SHARE YOUR VIDEOGAME IDEAS ITT)

So I'm not an experienced game developer or anything, but I figured we should have a general dedicated to this sort of thing, especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make.
I've been using Blender since I was 11 or 12 years old (I'm 20 now) so I'm pretty much at a level now where I can model any game asset I want. I'm also in school for Computer Engineering, and have been a hobby programmer since I was around 14 working with Python, C, and GLSL shaders, so I can script pretty much anything as well. I would say my main weaknesses when approaching a task like this are Sculpting, Spriting, and Painting, so to any drawfags/artfags with skills: I invite you to contribute on whatever projects we end up embarking on.



Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Kritas: https://krita.org/en/
>Game Development
Godot: https://godotengine.org/
R: 44 / I: 27

Arknights Thread

Thoughts on Arknights?
Kinda surprised there's not already a thread about this, there's so much politics crammed into this game's story I'd imagine people here would have interesting takes on.
R: 38 / I: 35

Mount & Blade

A thread for discussing Mount & Blade series.
Which game do you play? Do you have favorite mods? Are you active in multiplayer? Do you roleplay? Tell us about your characters and their adventures!
R: 38 / I: 4

SMT and Turn-Based General

Sorry if this exist already but I didnt see it anywhere and Id like to discuss
R: 21 / I: 4

The state of the gaming industry

Do corporations just hate people? Once I used to think that sure you have big bourgeoisie who act in their class interests but you still has creatives who could flex their muscles and produce something great and then it would make a shit ton of money for publishers. But it seems that publishers these days just absolutely hate developers and moreso despise the consumers and now you have what the modern gaming industry is today, record profits with absolute gutted and half made releases with microtransactions to "buy" the full game. Also physical copies aren't useful anymore and digital copies can basically be "erased" at any time. All of these problems make me think that they just hate, like actually hate their consumers.
R: 45 / I: 2
Surprised that there hasn't been a thread about the halo franchise in all the years of this site being up, so I thought I'd make one so that we can discuss it
R: 2 / I: 0
>proprietary launcher
>running inside of library software
>you don't own the files

how did this become the norm for consumption of vidya?
R: 25 / I: 4
based wholesome kulak bisexual harem isekai
R: 460 / I: 172

Sonic the Hedgehog

I have a weird fascination with this franchise, particularly its fans. How do they remain so loyal when there's been maybe one or two good games in the last two decades in a sea of average-to-terrible garbage released year after year? How did Sega manage to take all the wrong lessons away from their colossal fuckups of the mid-late 2000s?
R: 48 / I: 21

Indie games recommendation

please post your favorite indie games and tell us something about them,
any description will do, all are welcome

presenting: The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is a narrative-driven RPG that comes to life on the pages of the protagonist's journal. Set in a ruthless world where any form of dissent is mercilessly crushed, the story follows a man who has dared to challenge the existing order. Set out on a lifelong journey and become an individual able to carve out their own destiny… But remember that freedom never comes cheap.

Life in the Great Arknian Empire is harsh and its hardest Lot is yours by the circumstance of birth. You are a commoner, holding no rights and no title. To seize your fate and become the rightful heir to the legacy of the Brante family you will have to come to grips with ossified tradition and prejudice. Embarking on a life-long journey from one's birth until true death, you will have to endure great upheavals, face adversity, and make many difficult choices. Every decision will affect not only the protagonist, his family, and loved ones, but may even topple the foundation of the Empire itself.
Key features

At the turn of time
Every imperial citizen's life is predetermined by their estate. The deities known as the Twin Gods have bestowed this truth to the world, dividing mortals into Lots. The nobles lead and rule over others, while the clergy guides people on the one true path, and the lowborn suffer, toiling away for the glory of the Empire. You may accept your fate without question, but it is also in your power to change the cosmic order that governs all.

Your choice is not an illusion
Divided into chapters, the game keeps track of the player's deeds, the skills they acquired, as well as other overlapping circumstances that shape a unique plotline for each playthrough. Every decision has its consequences and you will be held accountable throughout the entire journey. To protect your family and loved ones, to impose the rule of the Emperor and make a fortune, or to try and change the world as you see fit… Make your choice, but beware of the follies of pride and ambition.

Find your own path
The first complete walkthrough can take you upwards of 15 hours! The unpredictable conclusion to the game's story hinges solely on your actions: the fates of your character and members of his family, their friends and rivals, as well as the outcome of the monumental events that shall determine the future of the Empire – you can decide it all!
R: 25 / I: 3
if you had to live the rest of your life (with your family and loved ones) in the world of a videogame, which one would you choose
R: 49 / I: 9

Raising funds and recruiting developers

Let's say i have a couple pet projects, one of which involves paying people involved in said projects:

what would be a good way for us to raise funds for this which in itself also becomes an investment so we can cooncentrate in working full time in said project?

Also if any of you are interested just drop some of what ya'll know or want to learn and i'll invite ya'll to a chatroom thing; part of the project involves educating aspiring workforce that can help in the project(s) as opposed to the current game development industry which is made up entirely by college clubs.
R: 214 / I: 47


It actually looks like a pretty good game after skimming this video. I hope the combat will be more dangerous and punchy though and that the quest/dialogue aspect of the game which wasn't the focus the vid will be good.
Planned to release for September 6th, I think I'll pirate it on day one, or whenever empress does her magic if it's under Denuvo.
Well I would need a better PC, whenever I thought about upgrading my decade old machine to play releasing AAA titles such as Cyberpunk or Callisto Protocol I ended up not doing it because those games were shit, most of the big games recently were shit actually, hope Starfield breaks the trend.
R: 12 / I: 3

Roblox Neo-Nazi Rabbithole

I always heard that genuine neo-nazi groups were active on Roblox and using it as a method for recruiting and simulating real-world activism, but damn, I didn't know how easy it was going to be to find accounts in Klan robes and fascist accelerationsist these easily.
R: 141 / I: 31
It's 2022 and TF2 still slaps.
R: 14 / I: 1
Someone on the art team really thought giving this bigger more teeth would somehow make these ogres scary. Pftaahahahaha they’re adorable regardless
R: 14 / I: 1
Which of these old janky cheesy adventure games are the best?
R: 85 / I: 34

Kart Racing General

Kart racing general

You may now play as Alunya in SuperTuxKart.gentooGentoo
R: 4 / I: 1
First they took Snake's ass and now they took Raiden's child-bearing hips and bulge. Fortnite sucks!
R: 51 / I: 11
The more i am exposed to reactionnaries, no matter what they politically identify as, the more i come to the conclusion that these guys pic related were right.
Don't you also think a programmed nuclear aramageddon done by enlightened genocidal progressives is the only way to save humanity from a descent into the regressive abyss? Normally i would bank on a global chinese style culturerev but let's be honest it aint gonna happen.
R: 35 / I: 5

Oppan Emulation Style!

Retroarch for everything or standalone for some stuff?
How do you #retrogame?

I like beauty, customization and ease of use but also understand how much performance and smoothness matters

So which systems you shouldn't go for a retroarch core and download the standalones?

Also, please post your setups and how you decide the play old games
R: 29 / I: 11

Game recommendation thread

A thread where you can describe what are you looking for and others give you recommendations, or just recommend an interesting game you found.
R: 22 / I: 8
PLEASE recommend me GREAT, FUN games that i can play on: a kinda weak notebook which is able to run AT BEST ps3 x360 gen games reasonably well; can play ps1/n64 emulators perfectly; can play SOME games on ps2/gamecube emulators

thanks in advance ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
R: 128 / I: 46

Visual Novels

Im making a thread about VNs because there isnt one on the catalogue and i wanna talk about my experience. I just finished danganronpa 2, which im not certain counts as a VN or if it's a point and click murder mystery social deduction game, and i think im pretty confident to say that it presents a pretty interesting moral dilemma. On one hand, the hope faction is pretty clearly a technocratic organization who obsesses over "Ultimates", or people who possess immense talent in a particular field or study, for example the world's best scientist, or the world's best doctor. It is revealed in the story of goodbye despair that before despair took over, hope's peak academy created a method of artificially forcing someone to become extremely talented, which dialectically had the potential to equalize mankind and develop the talents of anyone, which would make the idea of meritocracy, or ruling over others due to better talents or knowledge, completely obsolete. Despair on the other hand spawned as a result of the mass movement of reserve students, malcontents who became disaffected with the idea that people with talent mattered more than the rest, since hope's peak academy was formed to research peoples' talents and how to cultivate them.
I think it would be pretty easy to side with the latter out of frustration, especially if you're talentless like i am, but i think the idea that talent could be forcibly cultivated out of someone who never realized it before would be the "productive forces" argument. Not to mention that junko destroyed civilization, which is dialectically bad.
Your turn to die is a great game too, very similar to danganronpa on a surface level, i finished it a while ago and im glad i played it. Free btw. Anyone got visual novel recommendations? I need a weeb fix.
R: 39 / I: 2

Grand Strategy Thread

I really wish this game had been good but it isn't, the design is completely boring. I just want a good game where I can run a country (preferably in the modern day) that isn't yet another HOI mod. Any suggestions outside of the obvious Paradox fare?
R: 0 / I: 0
This was in a normie game in 2010. Let that sink in.

R: 6 / I: 0


Hello comrades.

I have noticed steam published this garbage (wall of shame):

Link I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWUOa55s8Pw&t=44s

Link II: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/marketing/upcoming_events/themed_sales/economy_2024 .


Godot is an good game engine: https://godotengine.org/

Sorry if I have sent this post in an wrong place. I am new here.
R: 1 / I: 0
RIP NOELLE. POST YOUR FUNNY 4chan fanfics related to games here. DOESN't HAVE TO BE DELTARUNE
R: 60 / I: 30


A thread about Elder scrolls 3 Morrowind
R: 10 / I: 0

Crisis in the kremlin, Ostalgie: the berlin wall and China: Maos Legacy

Can someone tell me if any of them are worth playing? I bought them while they were on steam sale so they were like two dollars each, are they any fun or are they just standard libshit stuff
R: 19 / I: 12

Goofy armours and weapons

I think art designers run out of creativity when designing high level gear in games that don’t look out of place because they’d have to imagine that gear being functionally better than all the rest but don’t know what it would have physically that would suggest that so they end up making armour and weapon sets look absolutely ridiculous to make them stand out and you end up with the OP

My suggestion to fix this is just base weapon and armour progression to crafting so you can visualize what the gear should have and cap off how good gear can get
R: 1 / I: 0

Squad ICO

For those of you unaware squad is a tactical shooter like arma whose main focus for its gameplay is its infantry combat. Recently the developers launched a controversial but cool update called the infantry combat overhaul or ICO. The update brings realistic recoil physics, depth of field of effects to simulate the eyes focusing on certain objects, altered ADS time, improved weapon inertia and a lot of other QOL features. This update was controversial for the amount of things changed, more specifically changes away from being an arcade shooter to reaching closer towards a simulation of real infantry level combat. I think it was a good update, it brought a lot of new ideas to what FPS games can be and currently the game plays as if your actually controlling a person and not two floating hands with a hitscanned gun, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay.

I’m assuming real force vectors are used in this update because the current procedural weapon animations play out in a way that feels responsive to the players movement and inputs rather than being predetermined like in other shooters.
R: 22 / I: 0

OpenSource Victoria 2: Project Alice


Getting Started
Please consult docs/contributing.md for more information! it contains information on how to compile the project on both Windows AND Linux

Picking up where Open V2 left off
The goal of Project Alice (named after Alice Roosevelt Longworth) is essentially to create a new version of open v2 – my earlier project to create a Victoria 2 clone – and then to finish a working, feature complete, version of the game. This means that, at least initially, there will be few departures from doing things as Victoria 2 did them, simply to keep the project focused and on track. Once a 1.0 is complete, we can then use it as a playground for new experiments. As of July 2023, I have basically caught up to where open v2 was, minus some deficiencies in the ui.

I hope to find a few people to form an art team that can recreate the assets that Victoria 2 uses to give this project its own distinctive visual identity. I know that is a big ask, but on the other hand, there will be no 3d modeling required. We already have access to a set of new flags that we can use, courtesy of the SOE project.

In comparison to other projects
In comparison to SOE (Symphony of Empires) this project is a more direct Victoria 2 clone, while SOE is its own game. Nevertheless, I tend to think of it as a sister project. We do have some people here involved with both (I myself make the occasional suggestion there), and if you see something that we make that they could use, I am sure that they would appreciate the contribution. Likewise, we will be using at least some of their work.

With regards to the OpenVic2 project, although it "marketed" as a Victoria 2 "clone," that isn't what they are working towards creating. Instead, they intend to provide an entirely new set of assets, including events, decisions, etc., which will make their project more of a Victoria 2-ish game. It is also run with a very different managerial style. If you are interested in both Project Alice and OpenVic2, I suggest spending time with both teams or even joining both projects.

All code produced as part of this project will be released under the GPL3 license (as was open v2). The license for art assets will be up to the art team, but I would prefer some form of Creative Commons.

Genossen - it lives. OpenSource Vicky lives and I have ignored it
R: 4 / I: 1
> Toby Fox has asked us to relay this message on his behalf

Context: Undertale Yellow was blocked from sharing most of their soundtrack because the company in charge of Undertale's music stopped them, which Toby doesn't want, but the CEO himself decided to be obnoxious about it by publicly making a 10k bet and then refusing to take the L and doubling down.

Toby Fox straight up said "hey, sorry about the actions of the company I hired to be in charge of Undertale's music, here's a statement from me you can post about what a manchild the nepo baby is being, also about those 10k…"
R: 10 / I: 1


I recently completed this rubbish game. I played it to completion expecting some story reveal later on but there was nothing. I am very, very dissapointed. How can people love this game where you can't fail and where gameplay is just pressing rmb lmb or right trigger left trigger. I don't get it, I wish the 4 hours I spent in this game could be spent watching video essays instead since that would be unquantifiably more worth my time.
R: 29 / I: 2

Cyberpunk spam

Anyone notice a massive flood of Cyberpunk spam on every gaming site and forum over the last 2 months? The worst part is that I did play it post patch and I know for a fact that claims that the writing/story are good and that the game is "fixed" are pure bullshit. Normally the game is super forgettable but holy shit is the fanbase incessant on spamming it everywhere, even in discussions for completely unrelated games.
R: 4 / I: 0

Final Fantasy XVI analysis and resources needed

Strange request but I would like to deepen my analysis of the game and one aspect I'd like to tackle is structural mechanics of oppression, its radical means of dismantlement and historical comparisons from communist and anarchist movements (preferably small communes). Zapatistas for example
I would also like resources to create comparisons to slavery in America through economics, social movement and moral decay so I can contrast it with the ways social progress is motivated through change in production that the protagonist and his commune put into effect.
To top it off, this would have to be somewhat digestible in a way that even (neo)liberal leftists can understand, which means it would have to go against idpol and optics (focusing on the work being problematic instead of the work itself), as well as a complete disregard or ignorance of historical materialism.
I'm also deeply uneducated in the subject so I need to deepen my vocabulary as I just wing it from common sense and my own set of beliefs.
Also if someone wants to argue the game with me, I'd be glad to do so.

Move thread if wrong place
R: 21 / I: 2
Incredible how 1 gay couple + 1 bisexual woman in a video game is enough for rightoid chinletdies to start sperging out and making hour long essays about "wokeness"
R: 256 / I: 47
Get in the hype train Communism simulator is coming in 3 days. Which will be your starting nation?
R: 14 / I: 0

Gaming on GNU/Linux

What do you use to run Windows games on Linux? Vanilla Wine, Bottles, Steam?
R: 10 / I: 1

A list of things I wish for the new wow expansion

- level shrink again back to 60, I know they did this with shadowlands but raising it again in dragon flight goes against what they were trying o do to avoid pissing off fans
- making gold useful again. Seriously retail wow has a fuck load of materials and random currencies I can’t be bothered to look into the lore for or care about. Please blizzard if any employee is reading this, simplify the fucking economy, only hardcore players are gonna be able to understand what the fuck is going in progression considering the amount of shit your casually expected to pick up on mid game.
- keep dragonflights talent tree system, I get not everyone liked it but I appreciate the fact that isn’t was readable for the average new player even if the skills had borderline cryptic levels of complexity behind their function.
- simplify the UI again, add a mouse lock button and an interact button. Simplifying the UI once was an amazing decision that did alot for new and casual players like me, the addition of a mouse lock button built in game and not in an add-on would make moving around way easier, coupled with an actual dialogue/interact key would make the game easy to handle enough for controller/console players.

I don’t care that much about the content at this point, there’s well more than enough of it, I just want the game to feel a lot smoother to play like what you’d find in a single player title.
R: 27 / I: 13

Virtual Divegrass General

A general permanent thread for the ICUP and /pol/eague meme tournaments.
Previous thread: >>10211
Note that during a cup, a thread will be made on /leftypol/, then merged into here after the end.

>ICUP: Infinity Cup, a competition between a wide range of small imageboards.

info - https://anon.cafe/icup/
vids - https://archive.org/details/@icuparchive
>/pol/eague: A 4chan Cup invitational league for /pol/ generals.
info - https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague
vids - https://implying.fun

Aesthetics files: https://git.leftypol.org/comrade/divegrass_aesthetics/
R: 18 / I: 4
Undertale is primarily a commentary on the ways people approach media. Genocide route, in that context, is a response to playing through games in the increasingly prevalent mechanical and consumptive way. While there's enough in there to support Toby exalting authorial intent, I think he's noticing trends in the ways people approach games (consumptive and completionist), but hasn't really diagnosed the cause, which is why he condemns the player for playing through genocide (or choosing to see it without playing themselves) as a personal failing rather than getting at things like the culture industry or trends in game design and marketing that encourage that kind of approach. As not a great fan of authorial intent I still see a lot of value in a game (or anything really) having the guts to resist people who only want to engage with it in a boring or distanced way.
R: 15 / I: 3
Mass Effect 1 having Shepard being an antivaxxer as a paragon option was so funny, same with Liara bringing up she's considered a child in her society right before having sex with Shepard. The most neocon game of all time. The whole Paragon/Renegade thing in Mass Effect 1 boils down to 'America gets UN approval before Iraq' vs 'America goes it alone (still morally correct)'.
R: 16 / I: 1

Hacker behind GTA 6 leak will be confined to "a secure hospital" for life

Another instance where the security system is a tool for those in power to opress those below. dude shouldnt earn a life sentence over fucking leaking a video game, rockstar lost 0 money on this shit (if you count youtube views ofc, but even then 99% of people use adblockers, so no ad money) why should someone who leaked a video game trailer (not the game itself) recieve such a harsh punishment while there are people out there with money and status committing crimes way more deserving of such punishment?

R: 37 / I: 1

VG soundtrack thread

I have looked all over the catalog both on /games/ and /music/ and have not found the VG OST thread so I guess it got wiped by the bumplimit, so here we go again.
R: 5 / I: 0

im confessing

I play Swat 4 and Ready or not religiously not because I like them, but to train myself on how to prepare if a police team raided my apartment
R: 112 / I: 25
GTA VI trailer just dropped
R: 7 / I: 1
looking at those insomniac leaks, its hilarious. over half a billion dollars to make a game because of capeshit licensing and they wanted to do another one for 2030, "Console Gaming" is donezo
R: 27 / I: 1


Which console is better if im looking into getting a gaming console?
R: 0 / I: 0

God of War PS2 edition was the peak of gaming.

great mechanics, entertaining storyline, fun gameplay and above all titties. What more can one want out of a Video game? God of War PS2 edition was peak of gaming.
R: 17 / I: 2

Console FPS games were a mistake BUT

If only Dreamcast didn't die prematurely, it could have been better.

There's still hope that Switch will normalize gyro but I do wonder what could have been if KB+M on consoles was the norm. Regenerating health, ADS and cover shooters might have been way less ubiquitous, the aim assist would have almost disappeared, and many PC FPSs would have gotten ports and remasters on consoles (and vice versa). At least we can experience what could have been through emulation but ofc the change in controls demands the change in game design and core gameplay mechanics.
R: 15 / I: 2
>3 years into the ps5's existence
>still no games
R: 4 / I: 2

who's your favorite voice actor in gaming?

btw, the guy who did the voice for Max Payne, James McCaffrey died yesterday.
R: 9 / I: 1
> Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 introduces the four playable vampire clans
This is your reminder that a complete, playable and finished version of Bloodlines 2 exists with all clans playable, and Paradox threw it out because of insane corporate politics and had a new developer start over from scratch. Bloodlines 2 was in a playable state start to end years ago when Paradox had some corporate restructuring, moved all the assets to a new company and had them start over. Paradox burned a complete video game because of decisions made behind closed doors by people who have never touched a video game in their life.
R: 10 / I: 0
looking at the old guilty gear sprites you realize wow those games kinda look like ass now in comparison. de-toonification of this magnitude. everything must be genshin now
R: 53 / I: 20
There's going to be a Fallout TV show and it looks like a yoghurt ad. It's also solely based on Fallout 4 and it's going to have even more BOS wank. Thanks Todd!
R: 21 / I: 0
Is the Steam Deck worth it or should I just build a proper gaming rig? Portability sounds nice.
R: 21 / I: 3
i was a few hours into the game, but it got kinda boring, and i sucked at sneaking by BTS, i feel kinda bad about not beating it since my brother told me it is the kind of game that i like, and just now i discovered i could sneak past BTS…
im at this part
R: 156 / I: 40


Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.
What are you playing/running/home-brewing? What do you have to recommend or criticize?
R: 16 / I: 6


everybody's favorite corporate rigged event that chinletjaks complain about, cheers.
R: 8 / I: 4


<wow typical NEW Kojima showing us the Hollywood stars and no gameplay
None of those people are Hollywood stars… If he was going to sell out and market a game on star power he wouldn't be using Hunter Schafer.
R: 31 / I: 5

Seriously why do MMO RPGs still exist at this point

They’re not profitable
They’re not good no none of them are fun at all especially not in comparison to single player coop games
And they’re also outdated mechanically and literally considering how old the genre is

Outside of how fucking retarded companies like nexon, blizzard, Amazon, and BioWare are there’s legitimate reasons for why this genre seriously should’ve went the way of club penguin at this point and it’s that MMOs have stayed functionally the same since EverQuest 2 was a thing. I mean the closest thing you have to a “modern” level example of these games is new world because it has collisions and basic as shit combat mechanics you’d see in action games from over a decade ago, rather than the lazily shoehorned tab target spam keys to win nonsense you’d have fun with on your dads shitty probably broken janky as shit pc you’d use in your kid years and those aspects of that game are still badly implemented and complained about to this day

There’s no fucking hope for these games even the technically popular MMOs like WoW and ff14 struggle to maintain server counts that aren’t community servers(or the fact that some of their servers are shutting down completely) and any attempt at a revolutionary change that’ll bring what’s seen everywhere else in gaming to the mmo seen in Asian countries is laughably bad or insidiously implemented with layers and layers of microtransactions like BDO. I don’t get why there’s still whales for these trash games when there’s so much else to play you could be having fun with that don’t require an entire communities worth of people to pair up with(ignoring how most people that played these games have already moved on to other aspects of their lives)

I don’t understand this at all at how long they’ve lives
R: 25 / I: 5
Sega trying to hype up… something sending these lame cards to popular streamers.
I can't remember the last time a company had a "big announcement" that wasn't a monumental disappointment.
R: 19 / I: 3
why the fuck do idiots get excited about mergers and acquisitions when this always happens
R: 9 / I: 0


Disco Elysium only works because it had a team of really strong writers. I feel like this is a game style you can't "pull off" even consistently because even a mediocre Disco Elysium-like would be terrible. Horrible to play, even.
R: 272 / I: 112

/games/ meme thread

R: 18 / I: 6
the aggression casuals have towards people who actually want to learn a game well, let alone those people who can learn it inside out, is insane and has been consistent across every game i've played so far and i still don't really understand why
R: 0 / I: 0

RPG Design

Turn based RPGs with interesting mechanics?
From my non super indepth knowledge we have
which are not too fundamentally different from DnD itself. I've never really played DnD much so I'm not too expert on it. Characters move in turns and to random checks based on their stats and what skill they used. Typically a JRPG doesn't have movement on a landscape very much at all, typically the characters position either doesn't matter (classic FF or Pokemon) or very little like Persona/Shin Megami(at least once you're actually engaged in battle)
>Strat RPGs
With either a tile system or more of a war gaming distance system.
>Card battle RPGs
These are like Yuigoh or Pokemon or Magic The Gathering where you have a deck of cards and each card has some kind of complex set of rules that are delineated on each card.

I like strat RPGs but at the same time I think the movement can be an unnecessary complication. I think card games can be kind of ugly visually, trying to represent a non video game type game in a format that doesn't need it, also having to memorize the rules on 50 different cards is needlessly complex. JRPGs can be way to simplistic and just matter more on stats and grinding but this can kind of apply to all RPGs.

I kind of have a halfway idea for an original game. I think since RPGs kind of inherently rely on RNG I think the gambling aspect of them is kind of underutilized, so maybe if there was a way to take the fun of traditional card games and betting like Poker and etc. and translate that to an RPG.

What do you think?
R: 131 / I: 23

Suzerain General - Uphold Sollism edition

Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!
R: 0 / I: 0
anyone played this? its pretty great
verm was very relatable
R: 0 / I: 0

Final Fantasy XVI analysis and resources needed

Strange request but I would like to deepen my analysis of the game and one aspect I'd like to tackle is structural mechanics of oppression, its radical means of dismantlement and historical comparisons from communist and anarchist movements (preferably small communes). Zapatistas for example
I would also like resources to create comparisons to slavery in America through economics, social movement and moral decay so I can contrast it with the ways social progress is motivated through change in production that the protagonist and his commune put into effect.
To top it off, this would have to be somewhat digestible in a way that even (neo)liberal leftists can understand, which means it would have to go against idpol and optics (focusing on the work being problematic instead of the work itself), as well as a complete disregard or ignorance of historical materialism.
I'm also deeply uneducated in the subject so I need to deepen my vocabulary as I just wing it from common sense and my own set of beliefs.
Also if someone wants to argue the game with me, I'd be glad to do so.
R: 4 / I: 0

Autism Minecraft Server

Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: 1.20.2)

Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/
Overview map: dev-urandom.eu:8123
IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat, currently disconnected), #int
Pirate-friendly client: https://tlauncher.org/en/

Basic commands:
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
/home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed).
/lb tb - Provides a melonblock that can show block changes.
/co i - Lets you use coreprotect inspection in whichever block you hold

Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! You can make your clan and engage in Nation Autism. Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players may help you.

Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free, players, you'll be free!

Note: If you forgot your password, join in IRC and we'll reset, assuming we can confirm the identity of the user.
R: 86 / I: 7

The Incest Game

Have you played it yet?
R: 19 / I: 4

Free market in vidya

I love it when video games have a free market of some kind. It’s really enjoyable to exploit the economy in some way and to watch it crash and burn after a few years.

Recently I tried to revisit some games I used to play, the game had a player based market system. In few years the entire economy was ruined and huge inflation happened where items grew in prices and newer players lost the ability to even participate since everything became overpriced and the stunted player base was not growing thus creating a rift between older player who have been playing for a long time and new player who either came back or just started and thus have nothing to offer the older players and thus cannot really participate in the economy in any meaningful way.

Do you enjoy having a free market in games?
R: 26 / I: 1
An indie dev pointed out that you get basically no coverage unless you pay youtubers to make videos about your game (didn't even make a moral judgement about it, only brought up every youtuber asked them for money) and they got shat on by everyone in the replies, oh how the times change. I thought I was going crazy reading the replies, not many years ago everyone would agree that paying for reviews is a shitty thing to do. Collusion is good now I guess.
R: 3 / I: 0
>Showcases the rot of the Rust Belt after all the corporations outsourced to cheaper countries.
>The main antagonist is a rich millionaire who is responsible for most of Carcer City's deterioration and corruption, making money off of murder and bribes the police and his PMCs to do his bidding.
>Carcer City's police are corrupt and are obsessed with arresting homeless people.
>Ending has you kill the millionaire that took advantage of you, with the possibility of Carcer City potentially getting better.
>Literally get to kill Neo-Nazis.
Why don't we get leftist ludo like this anymore?
R: 17 / I: 1

I'm gonna do terrorism in minecraft

Man these recent events have me really frustrated, I totally don't want to commit terrorism since I still have a few plans with my career and don't want to get imprisoned, but let me see some games were I can be a downright terrorist and shoot "innocent" fascists and settlers
R: 14 / I: 4


Anybody here play DayZ?

PC or console?

Could make a bunker base
R: 24 / I: 1

Apparently the Escapist just imploded

No more Zero Punctuation and… whatever else they had on there.
R: 4 / I: 0

Does Dead By Daylight ever get fun?

So, im almost 30 years old,until this year i just played singleplayer games since the ps1, then i decided if it was worth to play something with people in it, and its not fun, not just as a killer but also as a survivor, as a killer i win some matches, i play with the spirit character, but most of the time is just SWF squads that just makes the game more unbalanced, im no pro player but i know how to play my killer from both experience and study, as a survivor since i dont have any friends to play with, im thrown into a game with random people that dont do gens, dont save dont do nothing, i bring team based perks, to do gens faster, to heal them faster after an unhook, most of the times they refuse getting healed and theres an icon that says i have the healing speed buff to them. but the worse of all of these things is: if you play killer to win, be prepared to recieve death threats, insulted, bullied, you name it, now even when i win i dont feel happy, because at the end of the match if i used the strategies that the game mechanics encourage me as killer to get my win, im just treated like shit, and this happens every single game. its tiresome, i think im done with multiplayer games and im going back to Death stranding.
R: 11 / I: 1

Ahaha wtf, fucking 3 years already remastered

Full fucking price for a console exclusive update? God damn Sony, oh man tlou has had more remasters at this point than actual games… if they’re gonna pull this shit I hope they at least bring back the deleted rattler content from the game so I can semi tolerate this annoying shit.
R: 181 / I: 49

Pokemon general

ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)
R: 39 / I: 8
>post your face when GTA 6 is probably gonna come to pc a year later than PS quintuple and xbox sex
R: 8 / I: 3

Small town urbanism in sc4

I tried “the suburban experiment” well sort of in sc4 and it’s jarring knowing how hard it is to zone an American Midwest style small town without resorting to deforestation or diversifying zoning and public transport so sims won’t complain about piss awful commutes and poor access to amenities. I can’t tell if I just suck at the game or if it’s truly impossible to build spread out cities on a small scale. I just know I want to build a structure like nobisco and not a Tokyo like metropolis where it’s impossible to see a tree for kilometres out.
R: 20 / I: 1
Why do people cling onto this shitty storefront instead of freely using multiples for the games they want?
Every new game that comes out on pc is exclusive to the epic games store and the first 10 pages of any section on steam is literally filled with shovelware pixelshit and porn games.
Despite the influx of indie shovelware on the PSN store you can atleast get a curation of good games on any page you visit. It feels like Valve literally does nothing to moderate their own fucking property. just sits there and collects income from gaymer cattle
R: 2 / I: 0

/trophy/hunting general

What was the last game you platinumed?
What's the current one you're planning to finish?


Come on anon, tell us how many platinums you have in total
R: 18 / I: 2

switch will support denuvo

nintendo switch owners are going to have their games even more laggish than usual now LOL
R: 26 / I: 9
most proletariat videogame genre:
most bourgeois videogame genre:
R: 5 / I: 1

Most Video Game Artwork Will Never Be Seen

> There is never an official statue of limitations because the implicit expectation is a studio will own the work you make forever. One particularly hostile contract stated they would own my work in perpetuity for the rest of my life, or my children's lives. Not sure if that one will hold up in court.
R: 56 / I: 13

Why are there so many FNV fanboys the game is like every other 3d fallout title

Obviously my opinions are gonna be biased since I work with bethesdas engine often and know a lot of the mechanics present in how their games function but I really am honest when I say that gameplay wise FNV is about as awful as your standard 3d Fallout game on top of being horribly under developed

Level scaling is still thing
Enemies just have random weapons some don’t have any at all including the enemies you’d think should be armed like NCR
R: 9 / I: 1

Mw3 has again, no real player choice

Why tf did they even bother keeping the dialogue options of mw19 if they weren’t gonna bother creating different outcomes for mw3? Oh wait, I know why and it’s the same reasons for why the player barely has a choice in tlou2 and half life. The games supposed to have a sequel with a specific story that the player gets 0 choice on.

This annoying aspect about linear games, again.
R: 3 / I: 1

DS3 behind the scenes knowledge

>Do you love your dead space son? Your franchise? Your money?
The ending of DS3 was specifically designed to make a sequel impossible because the franchise was bought by EA and they were going down the microtransaction rabbit hole at the time so the creators heroically sacrificed the dead space games in order to tank the company.
R: 5 / I: 2

Bro's still mad about YouTube cutscene compilations

Nintendo has a very “pick up their toys and go home” approach to anything they don’t have complete control over, huh. Absolutely pretentious.
R: 96 / I: 18
quick, name a communist video game that is NOT disco elysium
R: 19 / I: 5

Cities Skylines 2

Anyone played it? I have gamepass so it's free for me, the performance is impressively terrible. On default settings for me the main menu was running at about 1 FPS, which is just crazy, there isn't even anything animated on it. Had to turn everything to low to get decent performance, apparently there's ways to tweak the settings to get it to look okay and run okay but I shouldn't have to do that in the first place. It's obvious now why it was delayed for consoles until next year, I have a 3090 so I would be surprised if it even run at all on consoles in this state.

As for the actual game, it's okay, I like how citizen economics are simulated a bit more in this instalment, but it feels pretty bland to be honest. There's a bunch of little things they didn't fix that annoy me, for example a cemetery is a huge plot of land and if you place it on a slight incline, instead of being stretched to fit over the incline it just remains perfectly flat and there's a huge terrain wall at the edges of the lot. Just lazy. I'm also not a huge fan of how you have to unlock everything super slowly, not even by population this time as in the last game but by 'XP' which you get for just placing buildings and doing stuff, which feels really silly and casualised/gamified. You also get a huge amount of money each time you level up so there's no incentive to run a balanced budget except for I guess RP reasons, you can just place every service in order to level up even though you can't afford the upkeep.

This is just a personal note but I feel very inadequate about creativity, I just end up making an American style grid city which is efficient but looks soulless, and I don't even really plan out my high density buildings to make them look nice and realistic-ish. I was never one to make the super aesthetic cities you see online but I feel like I used to be more meticulous than this. I guess I'm just tired in general and just play games to veg out and not think about things. Oh well.
R: 9 / I: 1

Last Train Home

RTS set during Russia civil war. Comes out on November 28th, demo currently available on Steam.

I played the demo, havent finished it because its kind of boring. Doesnt seem to have any choices that would affect story, or meaningfully impact gameplay, only random events along the lines of "pay 20 resource or get -10 morale". Performance issues as well. Despite being Czech game, the Czech voice acting is awful, I recommend selecting English if you want to give it a try. Dialogue as well is very anachronistic, there is no effort to make people talk appropriately for early 20th century. Instead they banter like they would in contemporary Hollywood movie. Its not quite Marvel level of quipiness, but veering dangerously close to that territory.

On the ideological front, its laughably anti-communist. To the point where it undermines itself as a propaganda tool. Reds keep committing atrocities for shit and giggles, like right in the first mission you come across homestead burned by them, because peasants refused to hand over food, so they shoot them, which is fine, horrible stuff like that was carried out by Reds irl, but then they also set food on fire just to be dicks. Your soldiers even comment that they havent actually come for food, they just like murder. In another missions you help villagers with random labours around the village, and then Reds show up, and your soldiers proclaim "They are here to murder everyone, we must stop them!", with absolutely no explanation why would they do such a thing, they just do, they are not even looting, just spreading destruction for the glory of the Blood God. And dont get me started on who I assume is supposed to be the main antagonist, this Red Army general that talks and acts like a James Bond villain.
R: 2 / I: 0
Gaymers really lost their minds with this, huh?
R: 29 / I: 5
Thoughts on the jc141 crack scene? They attempt to bring pirated Windows games to Loonix in an easy way to use.

>The motivation behind the project is based on the communist and anti-capitalist ideology. We re-distribute games on the GNU/Linux operating system which is not directly controlled by a corporation such as Microsoft and provide blocking internet access from prying eyes in an environment where the user is viewed as a target for marketing schemes.

R: 11 / I: 1

Okay, I think this is the best part 2 review I’ve assn

Shay already talked about this but this is just that but way more comprehensive. I found the story enjoyable, I found the gameplay enjoyable, the way the gameplay was mixed with the story just fucking wasn’t. It’s the same problem as interactive TWD games, and part of the same problems seen in undertake. Ludonarrative dissonance, it’s such a fucking strong as shit aspect of the game it’s hard to ignore or focus when you can go from shooting slavers mercilessly to seeing Ellie contemplate Abby. Granted there’s lore specific reasons for this that actually do make sense in context, but gameplay to story transition wise the way the game overall progresses is bizarre as shit and fucks with my mind due to the complete lack of choice the player has.

Worse this still happens if you decide not to be a piece of shit with Ellie and run past everything. Literally beratting the player for being evil even if they haven’t done shit just because the game is that linear with its story.
R: 10 / I: 3
This is exactly what I look for in the Silent Hill series, thank you.
Silent Hill fans are always having to learn that it can get worse. Might actually be the most punished fandom there is.
R: 1 / I: 0
The cancelled, almost-finished Daredevil PS2 game has been shared online by an anonymous developer who worked on it, almost 20 years later:
R: 35 / I: 2
lol yup thats a cyber"punk" 2077 moment right there brought to you by the average polish fiction writer
R: 12 / I: 5

Another gamer has left us

RIP Matthew "Many of you have asked what klonoa game I am playing. It's the new one on the wii. I'm at level six. I play with my pants around my ankles." Perry. Dude liked FO3 so much that he talked about it on TV unprompted so they gave him one of the best roles in New Vegas.
R: 4 / I: 0
the problem is capitalism
R: 4 / I: 1

The walking death final season

I'm feeling legit depressed
made a wrong choice and my girlfriend died, and that stupid black kid who betrayed me before would died instead if I made it right. This is ruining the happy ending for me, clem should be there with her GF having a perfect happy live raising a kid and finally having someone who loves her and wont live, and now she will be a lonely virgin cripple until the day she dies. I feel like I wasted 10 hour playing this fucking game, I wish she just died so I would now I couldn't give her a happier ending.
Fuck me.
R: 10 / I: 1

Why do people buy Games?

I used to buy a lot of games, but it came to a point that is unsustainable for me, idk how's the situation in NA and EU, but here in south america is pure hell, games usually cost 30% of the minimum wage + most games come with paid dlc, no localization and are released in a total broken stage, and lets not forget, we dont actually own any of these games, we just have a license for them.
why do people accept this kinda of shit that would never fly 10-20 years ago? better yet, why do some people even DEFEND IT?
R: 34 / I: 5
what are some games with interesting girl characters?

i'm rly bothered by how women in the videogames i've played are all either 9999I.Q girlbosses with no negative qualities (99% of the women in cyberpunk 2077) or le hysterical feminist stereotype (99% of women in grand theft auto). I have yet to see a videogame girl character that's the funny + dumb + lovable character that we identify with
R: 66 / I: 67

African pmc simulator is cozy

I’m playing far cry 2 with redux+ realism and I’m amazed by the level of immersion and sense of control I have over my time with it. The mod fully disables all in-game features to assist the players availing to navigate the map meaning your paper map and some screens showcasing your location is all you get to figure out where to go. I’ve navigated my way through several missions off my own accord, having to learn to be patient with outposts, run the fuck away from anything that looks like trouble and fight with barely any ammo is such a unique experience you can’t create in so many games. The world itself even without mods is beautiful and every hour I spend playing makes me feel like I’m genuinely apart of it, something you wouldn’t typically get from a non roleplaying game.
R: 7 / I: 1

Lies of P

im actually impressed they managed to wring out an entire souls knock off game from the story of pinocchio, thats a testament to korean innovation. americans wouldve simply turned "sexy final fantasy pinocchio" into a series of YA airport novels
R: 19 / I: 4

/CINEMATIC/ general

Post game animations, both official and fan made
R: 4 / I: 0


How the fuck were you supposed to aim in this game?
R: 16 / I: 2

I don’t understand the pathological disliking for tlou2s writing

I’m going through part 1 again and there are several sections of the game that are almost cringeworthy in terms of writing that feel even more forced than what I got from part 2. Like the Pittsburg sequence that sees Henry and Sam randomly killed off because the writers didn’t know what to do with their characters beyond being helpers for Joel and Ellie, or the fact that the hunters don’t exist as anything more than mindless henchmen for something I guess. Marlene being a dick and not telling Joel anything about what could happen to Ellie, Joel pointing a gun at Henry and refusing to calm down even with the awareness that he and his brother went out of their way to keep him and Ellie from drowning, the fact that Joel’s relationship with Ellie goes from completely hostile to caring during the bills town segment with little transition etc. like fuck I can get some people not being able to handle Joel’s death, or part 2 in general feeling way more emotionally draining but I didn’t encounter anywhere near the same amount of disbelief from the kind of things that happened in part 2 as I did in part 1.

I’m guessing it’s due to screenwriters getting more experience in the sequel because holy fuck, there’s a lot of segments in the first game where it’s obvious that the leading protagonists are untouchable to the point where several sections of the game play out like what you’d find in an uncharted level or left 4 dead. Examples include the horde shootout in bills town, Joel firing a sniper in the suburbs against the hunters with infinite ammo, Joel and Ellie surviving jumping off a bridge with no immediate injury, the opening chase sequence with FEDRA officers surrounding Tess, Joel and Ellie, or just the side character deaths that often feel completely random like Sam dying to some random runner in seconds after outrunning a tank over several days.

I get shit like this was in part 2 like what happened in hillcrest, or Joel being a fucking idiot by letting someone he just met follow him in an abondoned house, but fuck it didn’t happen anywhere near at the same rate as much as it did in part 1 to the point where it became distracting to the games overall tone and pacing for me.
R: 62 / I: 24

Disco Elysium Spoilers

I like how these two characters reflected each other. I like how sad Dros is when he finds out that Rene died and that he'll never have a chance to shoot Rene
R: 23 / I: 3
are you legitimately good at any game? The only games I'm actually good at are Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle League. I love racing games and strategy shooters, but I'm probably below average at those even though I have thousands of hours playing these games.
R: 43 / I: 12
How do you guys feel about Unity planning to murder the indie games market and Genshin for profit
R: 4 / I: 0

Cyberpunk 2077 and anthem

I think this image is the best way to describe how I felt about anthem compared to how I felt about cyberpunk. Most games with terrible releases typically have absolutely nothing going for them and cyberpunk on release wasn’t different as it offered nothing new. Anthem actually had the foundations of a genuinely original gameplay experience that could’ve brought a lot to modern gaming but never got anywhere due to a mix of issues from Casey Hudson’s departure from the studio and EA just being awful and it hurts. I didn’t feel that kind of pain from cyberpunk flopping and taking ages to become mediocre. It hurts more seeing cyberpunk fans call this game good now even though it’s a far cry away from being anywhere original, revolutionary or important to AAA gaming as a whole. How long is it gonna be before we get a major game from a big studio with a lot of resources that actually tries something that hasn’t been done before? Like fuck I can still remember seeing the star field teaser in 18’ and hoping it wouldn’t just turn out like any generic Bethesda title and here we are.
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where the fuck do i download the 1.13 update for hoi4 im not buying it and i want to crack it nobody has it yet someone help me out give it to me for free
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>clantag HAMA not allowed: Profanity filter
Does anyone play warzone 2? I like it is a low skill level entry.
Any ps4 bros wanna play together?
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Pop sci fi is so lazy

Every empire in popular sci fi games/franchises are always portrayed as these nationalistic or facistic entity. In a real empire on that kind of a scale, most people in it would be fully atomized. There would be no family structure, internal hierarchy, sense of glory or even identity with whatever faction any member partakes. Everyone in it would be too busy doing their designated roles like little cogs while bureaucratic divisions take charge of promoting the never ending expansion of their faction purely to better their own situation.
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do u like any of my juiced up cars
do you hate any of my juiced up cars
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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Any fans? Anyone still playing? Thoughts on the setting?
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screen ratios of 8bit/16bit games

Been thinking about how to change the screen ratio in emulation without distorting the pixel shapes. There is a mod for Super Mario World doing this: https://github.com/VitorVilela7/wide-snes
The mod works because the unmodified game already simulates a wider playfield than the screen and the player can move the view left or right with the shoulder buttons, but making the mod still required a ton of tweaks. There is no general method of simply expanding the view port of old games since they usually don't simulate a bigger area than what the player sees in the moment.

It occurred to me that it is not necessary to reverse-engineer game code to rearrange where the HUD appears. In principle an emulator can just modify the screen output based on registering certain pixel patterns. This can also be used to change illustrations on the frame around the playfield based on the level the player is in.

It's also possible to implement achievements with that as long as the game has unambiguous pixel patterns for that, think the score in the HUD reaching X digits or a cutscene playing. There are already achievements modded into old games, see: https://retroachievements.org/ …but these seem to be hard to program. What I'm thinking about could be "programmed" by playing and marking a section of the screen when a particular event is triggered that makes that screen section look like that.

Now this seems like an obvious idea. Does it already exist?
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Yet another movement study

I’ve been coding some more in vscode and learned a few important things about coding player movement for really any 3d game. I then went to test and compare results to both movement shooters like ultrakill, apex and titanfall and with games with generally pretty good movement overall but aren’t as free like mw2022, insurgency sandstorm and the latest version of arma 3

It’s hard and complicated, and should be treated with a lot of care. Generally the players overall speed should never, under any conditions be set to a specific value. What do I mean? It’s simple, just make sure the players net velocity is always open to change and isn’t locked into a set speed under any given moment(unless they’re attacking or preforming an interaction that’s a little tricker to handle) since it gives the player the inertia they need to quickly transition into other forms of movement or interaction they wouldn’t be able to preform if it was locked completely on frame one. Why locking in movement causes this is because of startup frames, if your speed ever gets locked in to a set value then every time you try to preform any other action you have to wait for the startup frame duration to end before you have the speed to preform any other action. For example transitioning rapidly between ADS while sprinting. From what I could gather if the player quickly decelerates but doesn’t lock immediately into their aiming speed they have the momentum to cancel out of that speed and go back into a full sprint without stopping. If there speed and movement were locked frames they would aim but they’d have to wait slightly longer for the end lag of the ADS animation to start and then finish before they can move at a faster speed again. There’s many more interactions that handle way better with a little acceleration like this and it’s part of why it’s important to allow some level of inertia for the players character available at all times, helps make movement feel faster even in games that don’t have necessarily strong movement in comparison to others.
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Traditional Roguelikes /games/

A thread for traditional roguelikes.

Many of these games are free.

Traditional Roguelikes:
DCSS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup)
ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery)
TOME (Tales of Maj'Eyal)
CoQ (Caves of Qud)
CDDA (Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead)
Dwarf Fortress (Adventure Mode)
Infra Arcana (HP Lovecraft inspired roguelike)
TGGW (The Ground Gives Way)

Lazy Newb Pack for Dwarf Fortress:
I recommend using the Mayday tileset.








Infra Arcana (HP Lovecraft inspired roguelike):

TGGW (The Ground Gives Way):


Starters / Beginners Recommendations:
+ Brogue

Brogue & Dungeon Crawler Stone Soup & TGGW & DOOM RL are recommended for beginners.

Intermediate would be ADOM and CDDA. (But they're okay for beginners also).

Caves of Qud and Cogmind aren't free.

& for CDDA, in the options menu, you can go to Graphics and change tilesets. I recommend Chibi UltiCa or MSXotto.

BONUS: Since many of these you can add a name (except Brogue). Make a character named Alunya / Rodina / NKVD chan or Stirner or Grace or Political Ideology Catgirls or Porky & tell us their story.
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The sequel to all star brawls failure

I feel like it’s important to recognize how this platform fighter both failed to compete with smash bros, it’s biggest competitor brawlhalla, and managed to go through the same player base loss as Nickelodeon all star brawl.
This game had a lot of problems at launch and still does now. It was never finished at launch, the bugs were obvious and the lack of clear physics seen in smash bros and brawl in the movement made the issue way worse for its accessibility. The game doesn’t have many playable characters and most don’t work at all when played in the same setting as others mechanically or visually.
When you throw that in with the fact that it somehow runs worse than smash, isn’t ported over to the switch and multiple other consoles for the sake of backwards compatibility and accessibility like brawlhalla, had issues with server stability and a disagreeable monetization policy, the game was simultaneously having issues pulling in players, and even more retaining them since plenty just couldn’t play the game at all even if graphically speaking it’s not anything special.

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It’s been that long…

I saw gameplay of gta 5 and found myself confused seeing the player fail to drive safely and use their signals. It was then I remembered that the person was playing a gta title. In the time since gta 5 released I graduated high school, got a license, learned to drive, got 2+ years of experience, and am finding a first job, yet the only game released by rockstar was from over half a decade ago, and that’s just the release schedule of one major game company out of like 5-6 others whom we only got one star field game out of…
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Best games like XCOM

Here's the caveat: MISS me with games that don't have an overworld layer because IMO that's more fun than the actual battles half the time. Games like Gears Tactics feel very halfassed due to not having that layer where you can do research and get immersed.

My favourites are the 'After'X series, very underrated, but eager to see if there's any unsung gems I missed. Doesn't necessarily have to be modern day vs aliens.
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Joel’s isolating death and it’s significance to his character

I’ve been thinking about part 1 again and I’ve felt even more indifferent towards Joel’s death than I did than I was coming into part 2. I can see why his death pissed the living shit off so many players but I can’t see what about him specifically made it seem like it wasn’t something inevitably coming to him by his characters setup.
It’s obvious that his relationships with Tess, Ellie and later on with tommy after reuniting with him made him a significantly better person, the problem, he also spent 2 decades attacking both innocents and criminals, not just attacking, but often attacking completely isolated, to ensure his own survival that caused his loved ones to separate from him to begin with and fucked over an entire faction. It wouldn’t have mattered if Abby was even born plot wise, the amount of damage his character has inflicted onto everything around him even before he met Ellie along with the new damage he brought out with his time with her against the fireflies, and Fedra would’ve had him killed by anyone else, whether far more sadistically or gracefully the result would’ve been the same.
It’s a symptom of how isolated he was for so many years. other characters like Marlene, Abby, Tess, that guy fat Geralt, and David, they had people to fall back on for support and defence against confrontation. Joel didn’t, he only had whatever scraps were available from FEDRA and whatever he could get running around the USA with Tess as his only occasional alternative for support. You can’t survive in the real world behaving like that, you wouldn’t survive even if you didn’t if you had that little support from anyone, definitely not in a world like tlou.
For this I feel like his death was the most tragic but most appropriately done because it highlighted what his character fundamentally was like. An isolated man with little support from those around him who’ve been emotionally pushed away from his past actions. He never got to repair his relationship with Ellie because he never did enough to justify what he did to her fast enough, not to tommy either despite the progress he’s made.
Coming back, it’s also why I’m so happy knowing Ellie didn’t turn out like him in the end( for the most part). She still has a life ahead of here where she can fix things with Dina, she still has the opportunity to not spend god knows how many years isolated and constantly miserable over the family that was taken from her by others, she still has a chance at life to find new happiness soon where the man couldn’t.

God this sequel really is a special game for me in my heart.
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Cod is unkillable and it’s the gaming industries fault

After playing so many different fps titles made recently along with older ones I’ve come to the conclusion that the fucking giant that is call of duty is unkillable for the same reasons for why WoW hasn’t been annihilated when games like gw2 and oars exist. Outside of having larger player bases the games are mechanically better than the vast majority of their competition.

I hate to say this but it’s correct, I’ve noticed most fps titles that come out have horrible issues relating to the pacing of gameplay and responsiveness. Tactical shooters are a monument to this, crawling around for scraps of ammunition in stalker or leaning every second in a game like r6 or arma simply isn’t fun. I don’t know how they did it but infinity ward and trey arch found through years of play testing and redesigning how to craft a game that has a balance between the free movement and action of a game like half life/doom while having the restrictions and sense of weight you’d find in a game like counter strike or the last of us 2 and it just works, too well. I fucking despise the monetization and managing practices of activision by I’d be lying if I said a game like xdefiant or mw2022 wasn’t legitimately enjoyable for me to play through after waiting for a game that felt like half life 2 or far cry 2. The only games I can think of that have even done anything to bring attention away from the franchise are ADS free shooters like ultra kill or battle it remastered and phantom forces, both games that function more like battlefield alternatives than cod killers. Maybe there will be change maybe…
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I already hate shows and movies, I haven’t fuckjng watched one in years because all of the ones they keep pumping out are shit, but come on. This is gonna be what the halo show was for fallout. The games already are notorious(yes even the black isle ones) for deviating so heavily from their inspiration a boy and his dog to the point where the games barely feel like they’re related to a nuclear war at all, but this? This is is somehow even worse when it comes to writing and I haven’t even seen what this piece of shit is beyond a trailer in 240p
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Elden rings combat is so bad

I hate to say anything good about dark souls 2, but elden rings combat is considerably worse. The only good thing about it is the lack of enemy spam and that’s it. AOE attacks, environmental hazards and gank squads in boss fights, projectile spamming, enemies that exist as ai variants of the player character, unusually high poise enemies, and unpredictable delayed swings make running a melee play through even more painful than it is in dark souls. I’m not asking the game to have sekiros combat pacing, quite the opposite. I like the feeling of weight the souls trilogy had with their combat, it feels sluggish, fair and brutal like the world you were in. Only a few large enemies were actually fast and that’s if they were more lean than large like yhorm or gundyr. Every fucking enemy in elden ring has so much cheese attached to the way they attack that it’s meta to spam jump attacks and rolls which is even worse than the r1 and estus mashing of ds3, also poise is meaningless against spells unlike DS2. It’s a shame knowing DS2 and 3 still have the best pvp that’s far more aggressive with much less of people straight up running away, spamming spells/summons and constantly fishing for jump attacks, parries and backstabs like in DeS and DS1.
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i'm gonna get a VA monitor with (probably?) much better blacks than my current one just so i can play darker games without the immersion-breaking glowy blacks of my IPS monitor

recommend me dark games, preferably horror games pls (thx in advance ❤)
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Game design study: visibility and camera design

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a web game directly coded through JavaScript than relying on an engine to get anything to learn how to make games, so I can start getting back to making even better mods. In that time I learned a bit more about camera movement but what I found fascinating is how much of a role visibility plays into the accessibility and quality of gameplay in any title.

I’ve made complaints before about cluttered MMO UI design that makes it impossible for any newcomer or casual player understand wtf is happening if they’re seeing gameplay they’re not responsible for. I learned something from this and it’s also the role auras and camera placements play into this as well. Auras are often a bigger visual distraction to players more than a useful indicator over the status of a player if they’re overused. Take the resin buffs you’d get in the souls trilogy compared to the effects you’d get off an enchanted piece of gear in wow or Minecraft, the former effect tells you directly what to expect from the weapon you’re using while the ladder can quickly be confused with any other buff. The purpose of an Aura is to temporarily provide information to players about the state their avatar, tool or gear is in. If it’s constantly glowing it becomes a distraction more than an indicator because it fails to serve its temporary function and becomes a passive element of gameplay, one whose nature impairs player vision.

Another major way games can harm the players vision is through how they place their cameras. Most third person games place their cameras an offset away from the player character, however games focused primarily on combat like for honour and GOWR or large worlds like in WoW, rain world and la noire keep the camera centred and the reason is pretty smart. A shoulder offset is great for keeping gameplay cinematic and great for shooters since it provides space for the player to see any incoming targets, however a centred camera is much better in general for third person gameplay because it provides clear context to the player characters position relative to their surroundings at all time. This also allows for traversal through larger set pieces or even fights with large enemies in combat oriented games.

However it’s important for the sake of accessibility to keep cameras a maximum distance away from the player avatar at all times, and preferably not let the player have full control over the cameras displacement from their avatar. If it were, players could often be introduced to too much information that wasn’t intended by players to see(see RuneScape 2 with the draw distance extended) or completely irrelevant to a moment gameplay where such visibility would be a bigger drawback than a benefit(1v1 duels in wow is a great example since the cameras far enough from each player that it can occasionally be harder to see what your opponent is doing or get distracted by something irrelevant in the background). Having the cameras view be manually adjusted by the player makes the problem worse as now they’d have to simultaneously manually adjust the camera to serve their needs while trying to preform potential multitudes of other tasks.
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VLAN thread

Anybody here plays games over VLAN? I played Terraria over Radmin for some time before and would like to have some more players on board for my modded run. Also, what other games you would like to try also?
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Why could starfield and Elder scrolls get consistent worldbuilding but fallout couldn’t

It struck me how inconsistent thematically the fallout series is from its inspiration “a boy and his dog” and og wasteland. I don’t even know why Bethesda kept the goofy as shit world building elements from fallout 2 and stuck with it for 3,4 and 76. New Vegas could’ve been a fix but throws everything away with the sci fi nonsense and making the legion look like goodwill discount of ancient Rome. When I play TES games I feel like I’m on a separate province with consistent world building and geography containing familiar faces in familiar places, when I play star field I feel like I’m a star treck dystopia where there’s increased conflict, political discourse but most of all hope and love for a technologically advanced humanity. When I play fallout I barely can tell wtf is going on, not a single game throughout the franchise barely even feels like an acknowledgement of the realities of a post nuclear world. It feels like I’m entering another cowboy world with nuclear aesthetics to make even reference it.
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Skyrim: Beyond Reach

I've just finished playing the Skyrim mod Beyond Reach and thought i'd post some of my thoughts here. I'd played through the mod once before many years ago back when it was a quite a bit smaller in scope and it's questline pretty much ended at reaching Evermore and being knighted. The first time I played it because the mod author had posted about it in a thread on /leftypol/ and i decided to check it out and came away very impressed, but am even more so now seeing the progress and development made over the years since. So if by any chance you still visit /leftypol/ and see this razorkid then love to you and everyone who worked on the mod, it's an amazing and remarkable achievement <3

Anyone else who enjoys playing Skyrim and hasn't tried Beyond Reach I heartily recommend.
10/10 would save Tamriel from Ur-Dra/Ur-Fascism again
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How did capcom fuck up the movement so bad

The major thing keeping me from getting interested in the RE remakes and village is the movement. Compared to other third person games, it’s really unresponsive. Like I can pick up a game like fallout 4 hell even 3, the last of us 2, or gears of war and get on the move immediately. The movement of re village and the remakes feel really sluggish: you can’t sprint forwards properly, you can’t sprint backwards or to the side, the guns feel like they have trillions of years of end lag between shots, guns themselves have weird recoil physics compared to other shooters, melee combat is awful never use it and the levels are designed in a cramped fashion for lazy scares. I can’t feel scared playing resident evil because the horror element isn’t genuine. I feel weak in a game like far cry 2 because the player isn’t made a god but not unreasonably powerful either meaning actual threats feel like actual threats, like a sniper or a car patrolling the roads. Tlou2 made the infected intimidating by giving them buffs that justified the games difficulty like increased movement speed, instakills, detection + patrolling and mini bosses like shamblers and bloaters. Those things are crazy fast, faster than the player whose moving at reasonable speeds.
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>he Never played the game about the Irish man in nazi occupied paris who helps the resistance by blowing shit , climbing buildings, wearing disguises, carbombing checkpoints, panzerfausting blimps,grand theft tank,and worst of all, punching nazoids.
What's your excuse?
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NSFW games

What is your opinion on proliferation of porn games on mainstream gaming platforms?

Like when I first saw shit that I am used to downloading off F95zone popping up on Steam and GoG I got weirded out, but then I though about it and its probably for the best, maybe this will encourage higher quality games rather than shovelware trash dominating the industry currently.
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VRchat /games/
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micro games like WarioWare

Everybody should play such a thing at least once. A new WarioWare will release November 2023.

Just played through WarioWare Get It Together for Switch and it's not bad, but WarioWare Gold on the 3DS was massively better. And not because the number of micro games is now smaller, as some people are saying. WWGIT has the twist that you visit a micro game as one of several characters with drastically different abilities (some can fly, one can teleport etc.) and it makes such a huge difference that it practically amounts to a much higher number of different micro games than what a direct count tells you. Another thing some people say is Gold was better because it had variety in controls like touch screen stuff and this one is only analog stick plus one button, but it seems just as many people found the constant change in controls in Gold annoying (though it had modes available limited to specific schemes).

What makes WWGIT the lesser entry compared to Gold by a significant margin are mainly two things:
1. The relatively low amount of bonus stuff and game modes, especially in single player. You unlock a "Variety Pack" of ten games, six of which are multiplayer only for no particular reason.
2. The high randomness even by WW standards which makes playing for score extremely frustrating. It shouldn't be a surprise that they did not tightly balance the difficulty of the several thousand possible combinations of this character & that micro game, but what is remarkable is the size of the discrepancy.
It would have been trivial to mitigate both problems.

Space-taxi guys can shoot in one direction sideways & fly around freely. Ninja girls can shoot in one direction sideways & constantly jump and can only be steered left and right. Take a guess who does worse on average (should have a charge-up ability for the shot to make up for that). 9-Volt zips around automatically and you can't make him change direction unless you hang on to something. Couldn't they have made it so that the stick modifies his movement just a little bit to make him bearable, jeez. Wouldn't even use him if he had a 1-up mushroom in his pocket. Penny has a cumbersome control concept made even worse because it uses button toggling to hover in place instead of button holding. (Oh and why doesn't any character know how to duck? Clumsy bunch.)

The game makes you select characters for a team and then one of them gets randomly chosen to do this or that micro game. They should have put in a mode for tackling a mix of all micro games with just one character (with each character having their own high-score table). Another nice mode would have been to keep the random selection from five characters or so to tackle all micro games, but to allow the player to temper the randomness by marking a team leader who then gets drawn twice as often plus a limited number of options to throw away an ongoing micro game and have the current character go at another or throw the character out of the ongoing micro game and restart it with another.

Even with all these hypothetical improvements it would only become a WarioWare Silver. Gold is sooo much better with its extra modes. Gold got a mode where you can change the speed of the micro game you are playing by angling the 3DS. Gold also got a mode where you are a kid secretly playing games at night and you have to pretend to be asleep whenever your mom checks on you and it's absolutely brilliant with random noises faking you out and stuff. Oh my God, it even has an autograph-writing simulator. So Gold set a high bar this one doesn't even come close to touching, never mind clearing. One day of fun, now I am already done.

WarioWare Move It will release early November and will have motion controls.
R: 11 / I: 1
It's better than Fallout 3 in almost every way except the world itself. Bland and mostly empty space, no random encounters or anything worth exploring that made the capital wasteland fun and unpredictable. The New Vegas Strip is too small and boring. I'll admit that Obsidian has nothing on Bethesda in terms of immersive and atmospheric worlds (Ahem, The Outer Worlds). Yeah, yeah it was made in only 18 months. We need a remake of the game for this reason.

Oh yeah, pic related.
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the ray tracing mod for Half Life 1 has been released! Not gonna post a link because it's gonna look like spam(?), but you can find it easily. i'm really enjoying playing the game again with a new coat of paint
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To display some of the ingenuity of Ohshima, and his unfortunately scorned cohort Naka, we must look at the Box Fox. The Box Fox is a powerup from Balan Wonderworld that has gained infamy; yet, the source of its infamy is entirely the incompetence and slow-mindedness of e-celebs.
The player will acquire the Box Fox powerup in the 4th level on a cliffside abound with slopes, at which point they will be told that the Box Fox will randomly transform them into a box. Almost all players will then start walking backwards down the slope, at which point they will be turned into a box and slide off the cliff to their death.
The humor of the moment is unmistakable. The Box Fox is based on the shapeshifting kitsune of Japanese myth, known for their pranks and mischief. To kill the player in such a comical manner is befitting of their nature. The player will lose, at the very most, 30 seconds of progress, due to the Box Fox being discovered very shortly after a checkpoint. The player will lose nothing but the Box Fox powerup itself.
So why did the internet at large mock Balan Wonderworld for the Box Fox? It's simple. Low IQ people don't like a joke being made at their expense. The concept of a game killing them for a joke is too far, especially in a game like Balan Wonderworld which most of them were already predisposed to hate because of its reputation and dogpiling at the time of release. Rather than identifying the Box Fox as a clear joke, they instead ascribed it to poor design, due to the aforementioned low IQ. That being said, if a powerup like the Box Fox were in Mario Odyssey or some other Nintendobab game, they would have posted about it on Reddit on mass numbers praising it for its wittiness. Herein lies the idiocy of Balan Wonderworld's critics.
R: 11 / I: 4


I’ve beat
Just finished Dark souls 2
Far cry 2
MW 1 and 2, (the originals)
Sly cooper
Fancy pants, (every game)
And the first infamous game with my uncle
How many games have you finished?
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Shouldn’t vault tec been the enclave?

I don’t get the writers decision to keep vault tec and the enclave as separate factions, or even not make the first antagonists of the first games explicitly the corporation. They’re the first roadblock to the health and longevity to a substantial portion of humanity, they’re responsible for most of the major innovations used by settlers, raiders and officers alike, they should’ve been the first major faction.
R: 6 / I: 1
Ken-Xi Jinping?
R: 33 / I: 7

I hate game over screens

David Cage was 100% right on this one, they are failure of game design. Both immersion braking and challenge trivializing, because what are you going to do when you loose the game? Hit the reload button and continue like nothing happened.
I recently finished Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, and just now rage-uninstalled its sequel, and these two games perfectly illustrate why game over screens are bullshit. In the first game, you loose the game when you loose 50 systems to enemy (and also final mission I guess), other than that you can fail any single mission and continue the game, but of course, now having to deal with consequences of your failure. You failed to protect a system? You get debuff until you reclaim it. You failed to protect a system in one of the story missions against Planet Killer? You get debuff, but no way to remove it because there is no longer a system to reclaim. Failed to keep artifact out of hands of Chaos? They are more aggressive now. Got your ship damaged? Pay to speed-repair then or make do for couple turns without it. Even if the story is basically linear, it still lets player build their own narrative this way.
Now in Battlefleet Gothic 2, whats that, enemy decided to focus fire and blow up your admiral? Eat shit, game over, reload. Nothing, no consequences, just bad taste in your mouth. And there is no reason it had to be this way. Even if he just respawns, you still at very least get punished by loosing a ship. Or have player pay for having him respawn, of reset his level, give him some negative trait, anything.
Anyway, because I am a retard with no self control, I am currently trying to recover the deleted save files so I can reinstall the game and continue. I am going to make my own "game over" free houserule, reload right before the battle, delete my fleet, and continue from there.
R: 6 / I: 3

Fires of rubicon can’t fix the hole left by anthem

For a studio like from software that has so much experience with visually interesting world design it’s astounding knowing they couldn’t beat anthem. This isn’t an issue with FOR its just a reality of how much potential was wasted on the ladder. It’s crazy knowing how much was just fucking lost the day BioWare fully pulled the plug on their own game, and even crazier knowing the closest title to come close to fulfilling what the game was trying to be still couldn’t hit it almost half a decade after it launched. Fuck fuck, I’ll still look into playing rubicon but man the pang of sadness felt knowing there was a game just like it that could’ve been so much fucking better and in some ways is in comparison to the one released today hurts, so much.
R: 19 / I: 6

Games where you kill cops

Hard mode: no GTA games
<specially GTA V where you're more likely to just end up fighting 12 year old in oppressor bikes

right now i'm playing:


<you fight corporate cops there's nothing more cool than cornering them into cover at the end and blasting their asses with all my modded guns

>Red Dead Redemption

<Literal illegalist-pilled game every heist mission is such a thrill even if they start a bit slow


<old game with mods i love making blursed weapons and blasting cops with them then making them surrender and executing them anyway
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Jesus the older version of Abby was brutal

From the concept art it’s clear ND toned this character down from what they were going for by like a lot. Abby was way skinnier, used guns and blades like Ellie but she was as vicious as her when it came to kills, protagonists no exceptions. The fact that the first encounter she has with Ellie after straight up slicing off Joel’s arm happens when the several members of Jackson are captured by WLF soldiers and executed collectively, only to have Abby fully armed against Ellie is really dark. I don’t fucking know what happened during the writing phase that saw her have such a drastic change in character but man, this version is horrifying and I’d hate having her in the game wether or not she gets killed by Ellie just for how terrifying she is. Hell her post enslaved concept is so brutal I’d question if the game would get straight up banned like mw2 for being too violent.
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Light attacks

I know to so many animators this doesn’t and shouldn’t matter at all but I feel Iike it’s something worth the effort to acknowledge for hack and slash titles. (I’m not a professional so take this with some level of criticism) typically most attacks meant to come out fast, barefisted or with a blade/blunt don’t involve the any part of the body moving backwards at all. In fact the entire point of faster attacks is to use the individuals body to quickly throw out a generally short but swift attack. This typically means these kinds of attacks wether it’s a basic jab, thrust or swing ends up covering little area but enough that it’s not entirely reactable for the person receiving the hit. In nearly all hack and slash titles this doesn’t happen, monster hunter, Witcher, Skyrim, dark souls, I could keep going. It makes the combat feel a lot less brutal and a lot less difficult when every normal attack has someone taking ages to throw something out in the most overly dramatic fashion possible. If there was a mix between fast, and swift attacks followed by highly telegraphed swings covering a large area, attacks you’d find with some of the lothric knights in dark souls 3, or basic jabs in tekken, it would help make these titles feel just a little more interesting.
R: 30 / I: 3

Warhammer and Leftypol

There was an abortion of a thread in the main leftypol. This is for discussing W40k from a leftist reading, sort of Sigmarxist lite.

Interestingly enough, first, the Imperium is actually a great deconstruction of how booj and sheeple in the first world can justify their imperialism and inhumanity. Basically, you have folk justifying child soldiers, lobotomizing dissidents, etc, just because if they didn't do it, either AI or Xenos would overrun the Imperium.

A second focus of conversation might be Genestealer Cults as a deconstruction of proletarian revolts.
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Truxton, Truxton, we want Truxton.
R: 49 / I: 7

now you can make your own epic memes in Disco Elysium

>Create the Disco scenes of your dreams.
>Introducing Collage Mode: the new functionality that gives you the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.
lmao ZA/UM usurpers come up with worst possible choices for the franchise now that they kicked out the creators and have become just an Amazon subsidiary now, expecting to see Disco Elysium NFTs soon
R: 13 / I: 2

A document on why Skyrim’s combat sucks in comparison to other games and TES as a whole

Have fun reading to anyone here that does that.
R: 18 / I: 3

World of Warcraft

Old thread fell off at some point. I've been trying out the hardcore addon for classic and it's been a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Only level 20 so far on my warrior but it makes what's usually a long slog to max a lot more dramatic with trackers for its own achievements like only using certain gear or not using professions. It's pretty sobering seeing all the death alerts too, knowing what a huge time investment it is for someone to get to the 50-60 range only to die from fall damage or something. There's also a big sense of community with all the hardcore guilds and people tend to look out for each other even if they're not "officially" allowed to, which is cool.

Not being able to trade (even if to hand off things you can't use), no grouping unless in a duo/trio or in a dungeon, and only being allowed to run each dungeon once before max is annoying, but I'm hoping the official servers will be able to smooth out the rough edges whenever they come out. I don't think they should make trading/dungeons unrestricted, maybe just put a level band on grouping (no group member can be more than 4 levels apart from anyone else, for example) and prevent trading gold before max level while making traded items soulbound so they can't get passed around.
R: 16 / I: 2
Guy undergoes failed blood transfusion gets crazy hallucinations and starts murdering randos and wild animals in southern Britain
R: 1 / I: 1
anyone play Cyberchinlet?
R: 18 / I: 2

Build design and mechanics

Do you advocate for classless societies or do you prefer classes in your games? What about advancing skills/attributes on use vs a point buy system?
R: 2 / I: 0

I don’t get this aspect about ubisoft

During the development of splinter cell and AC unity, Ubisoft was developing their still widely used methods of node based animation. It’s why the games feel so smooth and responsive movement wise to this day, but there’s an issue. Shortly after the conclusion of splinter cell the studio would go onto develop another technology, motion matching. Basically it’s a similar technology to uncharteds physics animation system, but it’s specifically links the movements of an actual person to any character. The difference between it and NDs techniques aren’t huge but it does bring a question. Why exactly does AC mirage and Valhalla not use this tech they just made. Mirage is especially weird for this, the animations are fine but they lack the physics based transitions the team made for splinter cell and previous AC games. I want to feel like this was a deliberate choice for the sake of improving responsiveness to the player, similar to what the studio did by downgrading physics from far cry 2 after the Dunia upgrades. But that still doesn’t explain to me why the animation transitions had to die with those downgrades. Was it budget? Did the team have collision issues with the anime? What happened.
R: 10 / I: 2

I think tlou2 would’ve been worse if it started off with Abby

I’ve seen some anons on community forums and mainstream social media sites like Reddit, YouTube or 4chan suggest the story wouldn’t have gotten as much backlash if it started off with Abby and not when players would hate her the most. I don’t believe that’s wrong, but I don’t think the story and the experience would’ve been better as a result.

It was clear on druckmanns end that starting off with Abby right after Jessie gets shot was fully intentional, and was supposed to piss off the player. The entire first half of the game is specifically setup to get you to hate Abby as much as possible, having it suddenly transition to her perspective at such a specific moment would be considered suicidal by any other director if that wasn’t the goal. By having the story start off with Ellie, a character the fan base already connected with and ending off with her resolution with Joel, the story feels more closely connected to her as a character and Abbys impact on her. Letting the game conclude with Ellie stating how she felt about Joel’s actions and then not being able to state what she wanted to do with her relationship with him at the same period when Ellie is moving on with her life past Abby makes it way easier to understand not just why she was so angry, but how she was such in a miserable state of mind well past the death of Joel. It’s not just the fact that Joel died horribly, it’s the fact that he died at a point in her life where she wasn’t able to let him know that she forgave him and wanted to make sure he wasn’t completely abondoned by those that loved him during what were his final days. If the game introduced abbys arc just after that, it wouldn’t have hit right. I wouldn’t have felt as angry, I wouldn’t have as much of an understanding of Ellie as a character, I wouldn’t have been as open to understanding the conditions required for Abby to even go after Joel to start. Obviously the way the game was paced pissed the living shit out of so many players, but I think it was a risk worth taking if it meant getting a new, and in my own opinion, thoughtful and experimental way of concluding a character arc.
R: 26 / I: 17

What are your "Fuck you I liked it" games?

Babylon's Fall was done dirty.
Friday the 13th isn't anywhere near one of the worst NES games.
R: 12 / I: 2

Spectacles in game design

I’ve been thinking about the last of us 2, a lot and something stuck out to me for why the game felt so different from so many others; there aren’t any spectacles at all throughout the entire game. For those that didn’t ready debords book, a spectacle is a thing to stare at, a thing to grab your attention. They exist everywhere, as billboard ads, celebrities, online variants of click bait, exaggeration in news headlines etc. Games have them too but they’re designed in a much subtler ways, typically through UI pop ups to reward the player with something they did. Achievements, damage text, shaky cam during action scenes, flashy combat effects, epic music. Tlou2 feels different, outside of a minimalist hud design the gameplay never feels like it’s trying to grab the players attention in anyway, similar to how dark souls 1 makes no attempts to impress the player with anything outside of what exists in the game world. It feels brutal, the music is subtle and is synced with the emotions felt by all characters in it, takedowns and fights aren’t overly flashy or stealthy like in far cry, they’re fast, vicious and filled with flaws. It’s strange for me to play something that makes me feel physically and emotionally exhausted, but I want more spectacle free games like dark souls, far cry 2, tlou2, and more barren in visual and auditory rewards. It makes me feel a lot more connected to the game as a game and helps sympathize with the crushing realities of the characters in them as they grow past their own problems.
R: 4 / I: 1

Worst souls 2

Dark souls 2 sucks mainly because of the health management and world design. The ladder is bad for a lot of reasons but the former is cartoonishly awful for much simpler ones. I don’t think the hit boxes are a problem in comparison to other souls titles considering hit boxes in general weren’t that great until ds3 anyways. What I do find infuriating is the health management of ds2. I feel like the development team was trying their hardest to address estus and roll spamming found in DeS and ds1 but addressed it in the shittiest way possible. Like wtf is point of effigies? New players just get punished and will quit for how shit it is and veterans will never use it because they don’t suck or farm it brainlessly because it’s farmable, and none of that shit matters because they made healing fucking infinite for no reason and without consequence. Fucking blood vials in bloodborne at least got nerfed by making them progressively more expensive and making blood vial farming unfun, and pointless. In ds2 it’s so fucking easy to blast through the game entirely by spamming this shit and even worse on NG+ its way more efficient to start mashing shrooms since they’re the even more OP version of life gems.
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Can't think of anything else to do, so I'm voicefagging. Anyone want me to say some stupid junk as Papyrus? I've attempted Soldier in the past, but people haven't been happy with that so don't choose that unless you're okay with it being terrible.
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stalin shouldn't have stopped at berlin
trotsky wouldn't have stopped at berlin
according to the world's most accurate history simulator
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Damb, epic should release a third fortnite title

The engine and qol updates in present fortnite are really impressive. The game looks so much better to me than when it first released, and I’m glad the studio has put so much effort to bring it to where it is now. It would be wonderful to see a third fortnite title with all these features.
R: 10 / I: 4

Is kojima a marxist

Yes or no?
R: 7 / I: 0

Why not just spam support turrets

They’re easy to produce, last long, can fuckup thousands of other aliens and even humans, cost little to maintain and can be deployed anywhere. Why not skip the process of training, educating and deploying tau soldiers and just automate defensive lines to preserve the taus existence in the most pragmatic way possible. It’s not even like the tau aren’t politically inclined to rely on automated warfare
R: 50 / I: 16
My game is about to come out! For those who don't know, Demolish or Die is like Red Faction: Guerilla meets Infamous, meets Ratchet & Clank, meets Zelda. I have improved it drastically since my reveal here (>>22346), in all aspects.

It's out in early access, but it's actually already finished. The release date (June 16) is for marketing reasons. I completely butchered the marketing, by the way. Really should've hired a marketing agency or something… Wish me luck!

Anyway, here it is in case you're interested: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2147890/Demolish_or_Die/
R: 5 / I: 1

I hate the world design of world of warcraft

I dunno how there art team managed to do so much but fuck up something so simple. Most games don’t fuckup world design as badly as wow has. What I’m referring to is the dramatic changing of biomes and climates over laughably short distances, the fact that the games lore and aesthetics is based on “the lost Vikings” and Tolkien’s work yet barely features any coniferous trees, Southern and eastern European style infrastructure or the fact that you can have East Asian inspired tigers and dragon like mounts occupying the same space as African and indigenous American buffalos and bulls and on occasion, cybernetic elephants. I dunno wtf happened after mists of pandaria that just saw what the games sense of place eradicate completely but I’m not liking it. Azeroth is the size of a continent not a planet as large as earths that can have so many different identities all in the same place at the same time and make any consistent sense.
It’s like the world design of dark souls 2 to an extreme
R: 3 / I: 0
>persona 3 official design works interview with the developers
>the reasoning behind the mechanism of social links differing based on the characters gender

every time this gets posted it conveniently excludes the part directly following this where they say "yeah so that's why we had a woman in charge of writing the social links"
R: 601 / I: 192 (full)

Leftypol gaming

What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
R: 2 / I: 0

Cruis'n Blast sucks

🎶 Cruuuuuuuwuuisan DAS RITE come mong go cruisaaaaaaan AWYEAH Lesbo Cruuuuuuisan 🎶

Cruis'n Blast for Nintendo Switch is colorful fast food. First time you race a course feels like your life turning into an amazing action movie. Second time you race the same course is also movie-like, but in a bad way. You suspect that explosions and stuff are rigidly scripted to coincide exactly with where the player is. In time trial you can slow down and see how the game falls apart: Animals slow down just like you, rockets and even falling rocks idle in the air.

Worst of all is how rarely collision detection happens. No experienced gamer expects the collision geometry to be as complex as what you see, especially in a racer that doesn't present itself as a very serious affair, but here the amount of things you just pass through almost touches the negative record for a game made this century (still your the winner, Big Rigs). Massive monsters and explosions can't ever hurt you as human-controlled cars take no damage from anything, which is a tolerable design choice for a 90s style arcade racer IMHO, but you don't even slow down and just clip through. Most of the chaos is just purely optical. Do you like the squid item in Mario Kart that does nothing but obstruct your view a bit? Would you love a racer to throw many variations of the squid idea at you? Well that's what you get here with the rockets & and explosions & dinos & UFOs and nothing else. 30 years before this Switch game F-Zero on the SNES had tracks with wind coming from the side you had to steer against, in Cruis'n Blast you have a storm or torrent of water crossing the track and there is no effect whatsoever on the steering.

You play a course for the first time on the lowest difficulty and in the last few seconds you make it from third place to first place. Then you practice and practice and practice and level up your car and what not, play the same course on the lowest difficulty and… in the last few seconds you make it from third place to first place. The amount of rubberbanding is off the charts here. The beloved Mario Kart is notorious for rubberbanding too, but most people playing that can achieve an early and persistent lead in first place on the lowest difficulty and better gamers can do it on higher difficulty as well. Here it is impossible even on lowest difficulty. Buy five extra "blasts" (nitros) to add to your default three. Use them all up at the beginning of a longer track and see that this does not put you in the top three for even a moment. Do the first half of a race without steering at all and then put in some effort and see how much rubberbanding happens. This is just asinine. (I've even seen one play a hacked version with infinite blasting reaching 1st place on normal mode only in the last 10 seconds of a 1:38 race.) Hey game designers, if you don't like the thought of a player getting the lead early, just spread out the starting positions.

There is a mode that demands you do four races in a row and it gives you an infinite amount of race retry options. Money to win literally lies on the street and you collect it even if you don't quite manage to touch it. It is all too easy to make CPU-controlled cars explode and then doing it isn't useful unless the end of the track is in sight because they immediately respawn (sometimes in front of you). You can do a side wheelie, but where are the narrow openings for shortcuts that would make this move really useful? Falling off the track doesn't lead to a game over or a restart of the race or even the loss of two seconds and a teleport back because… falling off the track simply cannot happen since your car bumps into invisible walls or just floats in the air above a chasm. What these design decisions add up to is this: There is no feeling of mastery here and no thrill of pushing your luck.

So is this game a solid 10 or what? HAHA. No slipstream effect, no other game modes beyond the basics, no ghost data in time trial, no option to watch a race replay, no sexy people waving flags and handing me awards, no message from the makers telling me I'm a good boy or girl or robot for collecting all the keys on the tracks. There are loading times even for just getting to the main menu or redoing the same race (there were games on PS1 like Wip3out that avoided this). All courses are A to B only (unlike Cruis'n World on the N64). What else can I moan about? Oh yeah, for a game with such a goofy over-the-top style, there is a remarkable lack of air control. But if you only play it for half an hour, it feels like one of the KOOLEST GAMES EVER M8. So despite everything I said above, it's an excellent choice for kids having a party. No need to tell them that the odds for getting pushed down a cliff or destroyed by a meteor or eaten by a giant ape are zero ;) Let them sweat in terror I say. I rate this a 3/10 for serious gamers such as myself since it has so much rubberbanding and so much stuff you just clip through it almost ceases to be a game! With a few simple tweaks it could have easily been a solid 7. Oh well.
R: 12 / I: 4

Man fuck Amazon for blue protocol

This game learned nothing off ff16 or isekai anime. Overly flashy combat effects, endless screaming, unnecessarily high pitched voice acting, anime faces that don’t look like faces all stacked on top of the most generic fucking world building design that I would expect from any generic isekai slop. God I can’t fucking illustrate how much I loved the worlds of made in abyss, Tamriel and avatar for how much care went into making those places feel organic.
R: 7 / I: 0

Spec Ops: The Line

>Still the only game in this generation that had american soldiers as the main baddies you kill.
R: 4 / I: 0

I can’t get over anthem. I CANT GET OVER IT

I don’t think there’s any case in gaming history where a game this large and this ambitious managed to not just have a shit launch but end up completely abondoned even with having core elements of its gameplay finished. I know the development cycle for this was fucked up, I know EA and BioWare could give a rats ass for this title but knowing they just flat out gave up, not just move on to another IP like it but give up on everything they wanted with it and never bring any of the concepts suggested by what could’ve been one of the most unique third person shooters to date, it hurts. I’ve been waiting for another game since elden ring that could make me feel the same way about open worlds as anthem during its trailers could. God damb what could’ve happened with this…
R: 92 / I: 13

Escape from Catalunya

This is a thread about a third-person shooter game featuring Alunya.

It is a free-and-open-source game made using Godot and Blender. Contributions are welcome.
R: 4 / I: 2

A pretty simple solution to first person hitscan

For those not familiar with the term, hitscan refers to a design choice game developers of first person shooters use to make sure the projectile ends up hitting the target and not the environment around them. What’s important about this is that rather than having the bullet eject out of the ingame muzzle the bullet itself auto hits a target based on a position vector from the center of the players monitor/screen to the target. Thus bullets may occasionally pass through objects clearly obstructing the position of the firearm being used by the player but still hit the opponent because of this, an easy example is with a box in front of an opponent while the player is angled just enough so that the position vector still points towards their target even if the gun itself visibly is colliding with the object in front of them.

Here’s an easy fix, just do what modern warfare 2022 did by adding leaning and mounting guns on fixed edges. Similar to third person leaning in the first gears of war titles, having the gun simply go into ads and pivot as the player stops and aims near a wall can allow developers a way to keep projectiles eject out of the muzzle of the gun without relying on hitscan to make sure those rounds end up where they should be. It’s also semi realistic and adds new styles of gameplay by offering the player multiple positions they can fire in to keep themselves protected without having to rely on leaning seen in games like r6 where the mechanic at a high level can be abused
R: 12 / I: 3
Thank fuck Nintendo never made an edgy "realistic" copy-cat of Ocarina/Twilight Princess Zelda again. That Wii U demo they showed decades ago looked like ass.
R: 8 / I: 2

So what happens to all those metro cops and soldiers?

Since 3 isn’t out and after finishing episode 1 I’ve been thinking about where combine troops are after the transmission got cut. After all, with no advisor or threat of annihalation by the rest of the combine some of the combines human members like the metro cops have the opportunity to flee for the first time in 2 decades. My best guess offers three cases

Former metrocops joined the resistance for two reasons: to fight back against xens wildlife and the remaining combines alien forces, or to rebuild society. Overwatch soldiers stopped finding a reason to fighting and simply came to either wander the planet, without memory of the world before the 7 hour war. They simply roam without purpose and may have been abducted by either the remaining forces of the combine to resume their war, or taken captive by the resistance to be studied and potentially regain their memories and humanity. Case three, the combine now operate similarly to the aliens and still continue fighting against the resistance. Here they would be at their most vulnerable without clear coordination from advisors or any other leaders and may be overwhelmed by earths remaining human population, seeing their conclusion as the last remaining threat the combine offered before humanity comes to restore itself and the planet.
R: 0 / I: 0

Margaret Thatcher's Techbase

>A mini documentary about the little Doom WAD that could - and did!

I had no idea this was a thing. Someone should make a sequel, Ronald Reagan's Techbase or something idk
R: 14 / I: 0
is it ok to skip the first games before playing the following games (?):
-Resident evil 4;
-Metal gear solid 5;
-Diablo 4;

I want to play these games, but I'm afraid that not playing the games that came before them is going to hurt the experience and make me a poser + cringe
additionally, is playing the remake of resident evil games first instead of the originals morally wrong? Thanks in advance ❤
R: 15 / I: 9

I'm modding new Vegas now

Been fidling with the geck and decided modding new Vegas's overworld to feel less empty and it's components to be ever slightly more balanced. currently starting small with revamping some locations in good springs, gonna learn how to create new cells later.

Just like with the skyrim thread all updates will be posted here
R: 73 / I: 11

when will the game industry crash?

i am hoping for an industry crash, a reset of this whole mess, gaming as it is now its bad, you have to look outside the whole mainstream media and sites for good releases of indie games, triple A games are mostly generic, boring copy pasted versions of each other or remakes that capitalize on nostalgia, and lets not forget, multiplayer games, its good to have some uncompromised fun from time to time, but where are the mainstream single player, rich in story and world games? im not asking for the 50th open barren world, im asking for something creative, captivating, for me gaming is not a passtime its something that can teach us, like a book or a movie
R: 28 / I: 11

Final Fantasy XVI

The graphics and combat look fucking incredible in my opinion. What do you all think?
R: 3 / I: 1
Cleveland irl vs hillcrest in the tlou2 🥴
R: 6 / I: 1

Starbound source code leak

It has been a long time since Chucklefish pretty much abandoned further development of it, but as it turned out the source code leaked month ago from Steam's Git and was cloned to several repos since. Here it is:
Clone, fork and compile it at your leisure.
R: 2 / I: 2

Todd was right. Simpler games are better

I used to hate the idea of major game studios simplifying their IPS to appeal to new players but coming back to those games and older titles. He’ll even older RPGs makes me understand why these decisions were made. I feel it’s because on the developer end, game designers can do a lot more with less systems ingame because having less systems and mechanics to constantly account for is far easier to manage than a game with many.

Take wow for example. If you tried explaining how the game works to someone that’s never played it, it take you hours or even days before they fully understood the base aspects of the game; coincidentally if you told someone that played it in the mid 2000s and left they still wouldn’t understand what’s going on ingame after several hours. Simpler games are easier to understand, they’re approachable to a wider audience. They don’t have to be easy by any means, just meaningfully complex in the sense that their mechanics are understood with a lot of depth for anybody that’s played the game for a reasonable amount of time - typically it’s 10 hours - before going to do other stuff in life they want to do. I guess that’s why I liked oblivion, far cry 2, half life, rain world, tlou2, diablo 1 and 2, fallout 3 and many more simple games so much. They were unique, short, understandable and I didn’t have to do much to see why they were fun compared to heavier titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, wow, d3, Poe, warframe, apex. I can understand why some would disagree but those are my reasons for why I think Bethesda had the right idea to simplify their RPGs
R: 18 / I: 1


>game made by 3 people
>has features at launch that battlefield added months after release
What isn't there to love?
R: 10 / I: 0
I recently replayed the trilogy and tried out Andromeda for the first time. I don't want to talk about the ending of 3 because it's been discussed to death, but more about the direction of the series and some of the underlying themes.

In Mass Effect 1, the central idea is about humanity's place in the galaxy: will they work together with the council species or advance their own interests at the expense of everyone else? The framing itself is (although not that unusual for fantasy/scifi) worth commenting on because every species is governed by an ethnostate, and representation on the council is through a representative from each ethnostate deemed worthy of joining its ranks. The games never reject the framing either, only examining some of its consequences like the sterilization of the krogan. Humanity's government is expansionist, militaristic, and dominated by corporate interests, with entire planets handed to corporations for colonial settlement. Other species have corporate worlds as well, the asari in Mass Effect 2 are even shown to have a world with legalized slavery. Mass Effect 2 drops Mass Effect 1's theme and goes for a "grittier", action movie/heist story. Andromeda tries to address them but they lose all salience when the conflicts are an entire galaxy away and 600 years in the past. 1, 2, 3, and Andromeda all bring up AI and organic/synthetic conflict but they take it in 20 different directions and use it as a convenient plot device more than something to explore.

The art and music for each game is great, and the combat and level design gets progressively better with the series, but it really feels like they lost the sense of exploration the first game had. Not as in exploring with the Mako, which sucked, but reading planet descriptions for interesting tidbits and getting the sense that the galaxy is much bigger and more mysterious than the player will ever realize. With each installment the galaxy feels progressively smaller as the overall stories get more focused, but the pacing isn't any better for it. Looking back, the Reaper invasion seems like the wrong direction for the series, and I sincerely hope they aren't setting up for another synthetic vs organic storyline but that seems like all they can write about anymore. I expect they'll lean even more into action movie explosions-and-narrow-escapes stuff with 4 as well.

Hot take: half the squadmates in ME2 didn't even belong in the story.
R: 1 / I: 1

Let's come up with the ideal and worst possible game out of different genre features

Along the lines of the following joke: "in Heaven the cooks are French, the policemen are English, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and the bankers are Swiss - whereas in Hell the cooks are English, the policemen are German, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss and the bankers are Italian."

I'll start, we can do it one genre at a time

Heaven: JRPG music
Hell: JRPG combat system
R: 129 / I: 26

Late Capitalism Simulator

Lately I’ve seen a huge influx of good games that try to update the outdated capitalist realist Cyberpunk genre to the current political and economic landscape. Stuff like Disco Elysium is getting more and more recognition they rightfully deserve for depicting the hopeless and bleak death of modern revolution. However they’re still have some semblance of hope like with Ghostrunner having the corporation being destroyed by a revolution in contrast to the sad oppression of the system.

Another great but obscure example is whatever the fuck Cruelty Squad is. It’s fully embraced the boring drug fueled dystopia aesthetic while delivering basically Deus Ex but without the stealth. Compared to the faux shell of a Cyberpunk game 2077 was (full of cyber but nothing about the societal implications of such technologies other than some edgy infantile “message” about “soul”), this game have everything and everyone be miserable using the cyber-enhancements. Space colonization and AI being pipe dreams. Corporations are not knowingly malicious but only apart of the rot of capitalism.
R: 25 / I: 6

whats the best ending for disco elysium?

i think lefty harry with cuno, if you see that idle animations with cuno they seem to be bonding, also cuno deserves a second shot at life, what do you think friends?
R: 4 / I: 0
Did any of y'all buy any games during this steam summer sale? I wanna get something, but I have no idea what I want, and the sale is about to end. I think I want to buy something indie, since I usually pirate AAA games.
R: 40 / I: 7

Why YOU should pirate Paradox's game and products

As a latin american, its always good when these companies care about localization,regional prices etc, back in 2022 if im not wrong the Latin american representative was fired, the reason? latin america is not "profitable" enough so they will focus on NA and EU, mind you these are the same people that say they value equality, if they arent getting money you aint worth a rat's ass to them.
Second, Matthew Dawkins a Freelance Writer and Developer for Vampire: The Masquerade, is racist prick, who thinks and writes all native people as "Savages" ( he is writing about the Abya Yala ) ill add the prints

TLDR: dont give money to fascist pricks who only care for money and parade you like a prize
R: 22 / I: 1


Holy shit holy shit did you know comrade Xi Jinping is childhood friends w/ Nie Weiping and plays Go

Holy shit the great helmsman plays Go wow

Also a Go game general
R: 1 / I: 0
your favorite niche IP finally gets a new title….but its a musou game
R: 5 / I: 3
Ngl, I'm kinda excited for this
R: 5 / I: 1

I dont have high hopes for silent hill 2 remake

i dont have my hopes up for this remake
Even tho the story of the game is already stablished, Bloober seems to not understand what psychological horror means, take for example the blair witch game, in the good ending you kill yourself, to bloober team people with trauma are so dangerous, they're better off dead, the solution to mental health issues to them is bullet to the frontal lobe, if this game is a "re-interpretation" of Silent hill 2, we can expect the most shallow portrail of mental health issues, that game has good portrayal of menetal health issues, and dont even get me started on the medium game and their portrayal of a survivor of sexual assault and how they handle that narrative.
and before people say "oh what about the in water ending"
Difference is that In Water is never stated to be the definitive solution to the Jame's situation.

In The Medium, you only have one option and the game tries to hammer it in your face that its the only """""logical""""" way out. Even the achievement for beating that game acts like its a definitive solution to the topic, which is gross and irresponsible.

Considering Bloober Team already doesnt understand, or willfully changed the main character's behavior just from the trailers alone, do you REALLY think theyll handle the other characters and endings well?
R: 8 / I: 1

Little Big Planet thread

Does anyone remember this gem?
R: 3 / I: 0  
Hi, My name is Zachary Zacharias, and I am the zookeeper at the zoo here in Goron City, and I'm here today participating in the fundraiser. Our zoo is greatly in need of some additional resources to help house and feed the animals, and continue to provide a wonderful opportunity for the children in the city of Goron. To help me here today, I've brought one of our animals with me. This is Tommy Turtle, from the zoo. Tommy is one of the outstanding attractions that many children come to see here. Obviously, they feed Tommy, you can see how large he is. He is far beyond the size of an ordinary turtle. In spite of the fact that he seems well fed, most of our animals are not, and we do need addition help buying food and helping to shelter the animals. So I'd ask you, please, if you're here in Goron City, just stop by the zoo, say hello to Tommy and some of our other fine animals, and we'd appreciate very much a donation to help us keep the zoo going. Thank you!
R: 1 / I: 0
For anyone who's played it…How many parents can you murder right in front of their children? I really need to know, realism is a big thing for me in games like these…
R: 15 / I: 1

Diablo 4 was a step forward for blizzard

The game in some ways does feel like d2 or even like d1 in some moments. What matters for diablo, well really for blizzard in general, is a shift away from power creep and convoluted rpg progression.

Bethesda did this with oblivion and Skyrim and now blizzard is doing this with dragonflies reduced level cap and diablo 4s progression and combat mechanics. Things like 100+ level caps, damage in the millions being seen casually in endgame content for either games listed, enemy spam, and more are visibly gaining attention from the studio as legitimate problems to these games and I'm hopeful for where they go. Personally I hope they fix the awful crafting and profession system of wow to make gold a primary resource for crafting materials and just scrap professions all together since even hardcore players barely understand their purpose
R: 17 / I: 3

Rdr2 and tlou2 are technical marvels

I can’t get over these games years after release they’re just really that well put together. Nearly every single action of these games is animated and with a noticeable amount of detail.

These animations can include limb specific hit reactions when an npc gets burnt in a specific section of their body, transitions from gameplay to cutscenes being seem less, weapon upgrades, looting animations, or simply just having NPCs and the player have their foot properly match up to the terrain they’re standing on the list of small details that build up to provide a super immersive experience for the player just goes on and on. It’s so so easy to pass by these qualities when you’re used to playing games made with this much love. Oh man I really truly do hope the technology that goes into engines like euphoria physics, or proprietary or even just the things both studios have made with havoc directly become more available for smaller studios. These games show a better direction for games overall and what they can be
R: 22 / I: 1

This is E3 2023

This is E3. You know it. You love it. Come and get your slop, gamers.
R: 5 / I: 2
/games/ does anyone want to start an online tabletop RPG group with other anons? what games would you want to play? What games would you want to run?
R: 4 / I: 0

Space Station 13

Is it possible for this type of game to have a good playerbase? The concept is amazing but it has possibly the worst online community I’ve seen in a game. I just want a comfy co-op space outpost autism simulator without dealing with uncreative griefers or admin abuse.

Goonstation was the closest thing to this back I the glory days
R: 8 / I: 0

AI implications for gamedev

AI will be good for games, actually.

It will allow games like Morrowind to have fully voiced characters without needing to have either the hours put into voicing or the many audio files. Voice work will no longer consist of doing hours and hours of reading lines. It will instead consist of creating a distinct voice characterization with the most important lines and for the AI to read the rest (including procedurally generated ones). That is good news for voice actors because it will make it easier to voice characters, especially the more demanding ones. The actor will only need to read a small percentage of lines where the character screams and shouts for example, and the AI voice model will be able to use that for a wide variety of lines in the game. Since voiced characters has become standard (and creates bottlenecks with games like Skyrim), meaning that with similar amounts of effort from actors, there can be much more content in the game. If you combine that with chatbot-like systems to flesh out the dialogue, it means the writers can create more content with the same effort. It will allow much bigger and richer games with a much more efficient use of people's labor.

The same will also apply to all other assets once dynamic generation is good enough. There will be better dynamic models and textures, lighting systems, etc.
R: 22 / I: 4
Once you find out that the same people own both the grading houses, and the auction houses, it all just clicks into place.
R: 0 / I: 0
What are the geopolitical implications of elite gamers from China, France, and America competing for the fastest Only Up! speedrun?
R: 5 / I: 0
The FNAF trailer just dropped. Need it or keep it?
R: 3 / I: 0

I brought cyberpunk phantom liberty, but i have one concern

The story will make V a federal agent of a corrupt government and that NUSA will try to annex night city, i think it will be a battle between who's worse the corporations or the NUSA
R: 6 / I: 2
I just found out that H. G. Wells was the original manchild
I was looking for his "russia in the shadows" book on libgen when I found this book he wrote about a tabletop strategy game he was inventing
there it goes, the only science fiction author I didn't consider cringe
R: 2 / I: 2

Gaming daddies

Post some gaming daddies
R: 10 / I: 2

Daggerfall, Skyrim, and new Vegas: a problem with scale

Fallout 3 is my favourite Bethesda title to have ever been released and even after beating nearly every dlc I still feel like I haven't truly finished the game with all of it's quests and discovered locations. One thing that hit different about 3 that I didn't feel while playing daggerfall, Skyrim and new Vegas was a proper feeling of scale. All three of those games have larger worlds but they feel emptier to me because their structures are too small or not densely packed together.

Most towns and locations in new Vegas and Skyrim rarely go on past a single room for a building about the height of the player and everything is too far apart in daggerfall for me to appreciate anything in the game world without spamming fast travel, I think Bethesda should stick with their world design choices they made in 3 and apply them to starfields worlds. It would make travelling not just between planets but in them alot more enjoyable - at least for me, if it means there's something to explore through even if it's not entirely interesting.
R: 6 / I: 2
>ass creed puts marx in one of their games
>chinlets get to have it both ways
>they get to say "our society is literally marxist they put him in the mainstream bibeo gam!!! i'm oppressed!!!"
>they also get to upload videos of themselves killing marx where every comment is the same upvoted soyfaced reddit joke of "you sir have saved ten gorrillions"
R: 9 / I: 2
Babe wake up, it's time for your new anti-communist survival rpg rts train game.
R: 9 / I: 6

The Screen

All video games must have the same UI now. There's a lot of western devs that think game design isn't about creating unique experiences, but about reaching the singularity of game design, the one true correct way to make a game. You see this every time a game doesn't follow the formula and they get mad.
R: 45 / I: 8

bad games thread

Inspired by Lord of the Rings: Gollum.
somebody get the franchise out of Amazon's hands
R: 18 / I: 1

Star wars: outlaws

what's everyone think???
R: 17 / I: 0


New trailer dropped. Cringe chosen one narration, but gameplay looks really fun. The vibe I get from it is trying to be to Skyrim what New Vegas is to Fallout 3 (i.e. hopefully making it good).
Also its rather striking how pretty and intriguing the world looks, despite being generic fantasy, in sharp contrast with Bethesdas Starfield, which is sci-fi filled with the most boring alien planet designs imaginable.
R: 15 / I: 1

witcher 3: 10 year anniversary of gameplay debut

debut gameplay trailer of witcher 3 turns 10 this day depending on your time zone. one of the most famous and influential rpgs of all time, now time to talk about your views on it in this thread, whether positive or negative
R: 5 / I: 0
I really don't care about 30 fps. And if the game pushes software, hardware or gameplay boundaries, I specially don't care.
R: 102 / I: 7
The gameplay just looks like morrowind if it was third person and didn’t have absolutely abysmal combat
R: 30 / I: 6

Xeno- thread

I want you to look past the big titty anime women and gags and tell me this isn't the most dialectical game of all time

No xenoblade 3 spoilers I haven't finished it yet
R: 7 / I: 0


Post-Apocalyptic retro-futuristic cyberpunk/western hybrid game about being a bounty hunter. Basically the Mandalorian but cyberpunk.

Anyone else looking forward to this? Is this the next Cyberpunk 2077 but with (hopefully) a better release?
R: 60 / I: 6

Sims is a nightmare

Wake up, get ready, go to work, come back, level up some skill for a bit, eat some shitty food and shower, go to sleep, repeat until you receive paycheck to spend on AESTHETICS, do it all over again.

Why did I find this fun when I was younger? What's the POINT? Earn virtual money to CONSUME virtual decorations? For what purpose? Nice """escapism""" Will Wright
R: 2 / I: 1
Today is the 17th anniversary of the Falador Massacre in runescape

R: 29 / I: 7

in search of lost time

>drop $100 on diablo 4
>become bored after an hour two
>skip all the story
>feel no pleasure from the gameplay
>feel annoyed the dialogue is preventing me from absorbing podcasts
>feel annoyed that i can't follow the story because they didn't make it engaging enough for me to bother.

maybe ff16 will be a better experience. afterall, i enjoyed playing ff7.
R: 17 / I: 0

Elysian Eclipse

It seems that someone is finally up to making something akin to Spore, 15 years since the game's release. Not only the devs are making considerable progress over time, but it also seems that its stages would have more gameplay to them rather than be just window dressing to the editors.
R: 5 / I: 2

Mega Man

What are your favorite Mega Man games? Me, I like MM Zero series the best. The first game is pretty rough, but the fundamentals are already in place. It has some of the most fun 2D combat I ever experienced. 2-4 are just pure greatness.
Classic Mega Man I'm not attached to as much, but I'd say the first 6 are all very consistent. 5 & 6 is when it started getting a bit old maybe, but they are still good games.
Mega Man X though, that's where it gets wonky for me. I only REALLY like 1 and 4. 2 and 3 are fine, just not very exciting. Everything past 4 feels pretty bad.
Never played much Battle Network, just not my thing.
Legends, that's another great short series. First one is better in my opinion, especially the way the overworld is structured. 2 is still very cool, fuck Capcom for letting this series die.
R: 23 / I: 3
>Stop making games for your handheld
>Most of its online games are dead aside from Pokemon
>Discontinue it
>Kill the eshop so you can't buy games
>Only effective way to use it at this point is to hack it and pirate games
<A few months later spend time and resources to put out a "stability update" that prevents people from putting CFW on it if they don't already have it, making it a virtual brick unless you pay insane prices for physical copies from some guy on ebay that wants you to pay $60+ for nearly decade old pokemon games

What's even the point? I get porky wants to maximize the hecking profits but they're not making a single cent off the 3DS anymore. I doubt there's a significant amount of people who own a 3DS but don't want to get a Switch.
R: 98 / I: 27
What is your personal best game of all time?

To me it's Portal. I think it's a flawless game:
>beautifully elegant execution of innovative gameplay mechanics
>beautifully elegant level-design
>beautifully elegant storytelling and dialogue
>beautifully elegant audio and soundtrack
>haunting liminal spaces and magic I can't describe

if a 10/10 game is possible, I believe it's Portal. I really wish I could unplay it, so I could play it again for the first time. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm an elderly man with dementia :C
R: 6 / I: 2
A new Marathon game by Bungie has been announced… but it's a PVP extraction shooter. Who even wants this shit? With Bungie's experience they surely could have made a Doom 2016 or Wolfenstein New Order style re-imagining and pulled it off, but instead it's a cashgrab. Honestly what was I expecting considering all they've been making for the last decade is a franchise so shit it makes me want to blow my brains out playing it. It's a shame because the original Marathon games were great. Porky is going to be porky.
R: 24 / I: 3

Games set in communist/socialist nations

Check this out. An erotic visual novel set in a Soviet pioneer camp. WTF.
R: 9 / I: 0

Atari2600 games

A place to talk about Atari2600 games
R: 42 / I: 6
The game has now come out, what are your thoughts on this comrades
R: 3 / I: 1

Tetris Movie

So how bad are they going to butcher this?
R: 73 / I: 18
Are Undertale and Deltarune leftist games?
R: 10 / I: 2

Is fallout 3s engine actually bad?

For bethesdas first real shooter this actually turned out to be a pretty good game on a such a “dated” engine. Yet things like real time shadowing for objects, actors and items is fully possible, the team did have cinematic camera animations(admittedly for first person but there’s some rare 3rd person ones aswell). They even got a pseudo train by attaching a train to an NPCs head which just makes me ask, how much of the constraints behind this engine really a victim of its age and how much of this was to avoid save bloat and wasting time before release?
R: 8 / I: 0
the game cube world apparently is getting an update on it called cube world omega which has been shown recently in a blogpost from the game's creator

so if anyone is interested in talking about the game then this thread is here
R: 12 / I: 0
So what's our opinion on myhouse.wad?
R: 3 / I: 1

Texture splatting and procedural modeling

I’ve been walking out more often and coming back to some of my pc games and found that a lot of them look fake, granted a lot of my favourites are games like oblivion, fc2 and fallout 3 which are old but some are also new games. I took some images of nature and my city and came to the conclusion that video game graphics still look fake because they’re fake in nature

In real life, materials are never consistent. Similar in qualities yes but multifarious when observed on a larger scale. Grass is constantly deviating in colours, types and scale, cracks and bumps on alloys always come in different patterns and frequencies of their appearance. Same goes for objects, you can work around this but it’s really taxing on computers to implement a sort of procedural/splatting technique for modeling 3d objects and texturing everything to make games feel a lot more believable than solely rely on rearranging meshes and cover ground textures with instances grass
R: 8 / I: 0

Harvest moon... home...

the remake is comming soon
R: 13 / I: 3
post in this thread if you ever lost girthy saves

i just lost a TEN HOUR long save from the game Dredge because of some bullshit bug it has. and that's a massive amt of hours considering i barely have any entertainment time :C. the game's spectacular though, i highly recommend it, but buy it from like a month from now when they fix this
R: 17 / I: 3
Favorite racing game:
Favorite action game:
Favorite adventure game:
Favorite shooter:
Favorite RPG:
Favorite puzzle game:
Favorite strategy game:
Favorite (other genre here) game:

Ignore the genres you don't like, and don't think too much, just answer with whatever game in the genre that you'd want to be playing
R: 0 / I: 0

Anthems aesthetics

I can’t believe knowing that after it was abondoned so many years ago that I’m still torn over it. I’ve never seen a game in my life that looks distinctly like anthem, the sense of scale that brings back memories of morrowind, the unique geometry of the terrain similar to earths or Minecraft’s new caves that makes you want to explore every inch of terrain out there, the fact that unlike most games that keep you grounded in anthem you become airborne as a core element of gameplay.

I NEED a game that has these kinds of mechanics and aesthetics so bad. Every time I come back to this game I get hit with a pang of sadness knowing what could’ve been, it’s like seeing rdr2 and tlou2 or kill zone 3. You always wonder where games could’ve been if that level of quality and uniqueness in game design became a standard for the industry
R: 23 / I: 5

Horrible disappointments

ITT we complain about overrated games or games we were looking forward to but ended up not living to our expectations.

My number 1 spot would go to Witcher 3. I was a fan of books and games, played Witcher 2 on lowest setting at like 10fps because thats the best my old computer could handle. When Witcher 3 came out it swept the awards, everybody was praising it a the greatest RPG of all time, so when years later I finally got a new laptop I was so excited to play it. And then I was greeted with a generic ubisoft-tier open world gameplay, repetitive combat, lacking RPG mechanics, god-awful progression system, and frankly a bastardization of Gerald as a character for the same of making him into the Elder Scrolls protagonist. Even the quality of writing ended up squandered because every quest just boiled down to blindly following a quest marker.

Warhammer: Total War is a contender though. Again, was stuck playing Medieval 2 because computer couldnt run newer titles, picked the specs for the new one based on Warhammer 3 requirements, only to finally get to play it and realize how much that series regressed over the years. Even fucking visuals got in some ways worse.
R: 6 / I: 1
>the timeline has been reset three (3) times so far
This is getting ridiculous. Ed Boon seriously needs to learn about story roadmapping and pre-planning. Don't turn every game into an Ultimate Showdown of The Ultimate Destiny where there's no further room for anything, save that for the last one.
R: 7 / I: 1

My inference for why Ellie couldn’t kill abby

She was tired of killing and seeker revenge again as a way to deal with her inability to resolve all the grief she’s endured throughout her life since she met Joel. Based off the story it’s known to the player that she didn’t hunt down abby a second time out of a want but to make peace with her own trauma she felt from the death of Joel, the murder of Nora, the mass casualties she’s caused in her hunt for Abby, the motivation to hunt for Abby once again did not come from her directly but out of a heated argument Dina and Tommy had with Ellie nearby. Thus the second attempt at revenge wasn’t truly off a want for vengeance, something she demonstrates by saving abby instead of killing her and almost contemplating leaving Jackson for a life of isolation before another flare of her trauma comes back to motivate her to try and fulfill her initial goal. Ellie doesn’t truly want abby dead, she wants some way to come to terms with the pain she’s experienced, something she wasn’t able to find when she was with her family and friends and something she’s now having to dealing with by the ending as she leaves her home one last time.
R: 31 / I: 4


Best Game of 2012?

Def BO2
The black ops series in general is amazing
The action
The Characters
Also some really iconic weapons like the DSR 50 and the Peacekeeper
I recently finished Black Ops 1 and i loved the campaign but BO2 has better multiplayer by far

I love reznov
R: 0 / I: 0
We are not `hostile'. Hostility is unwarranted aggression! SNORT!

If you want to know about hostility, let us tell you about Culture Twelve!
R: 23 / I: 4

Point lookout shows hope for the post atomic world of fallout

Based on the lore most of the damage dealt from the mass bombings took place between cities and not the vast amounts of and occupying earth. Granted a lot of land isn’t good to farm on either due to deficiencies of nutrients like nitrates or being too far from convenient water sources, the list keeps going but it does show that people could sort of thrive in a post atomic world with minimal repercussions and that’s sweet lore wise because it sets up a lot of questions about the world outside of the USA.

What’s the NCR doing in Mexico that makes travel there worthwhile enough to establish new territory, how’s china doing with all the infrastructure it’s built today and will build from 2076 to the years after the bombs, is the only region that still couldn’t get past the war just the USA? Is the rest of the planet just fine from all the years and since then people have gotten a lot better. Interesting
R: 14 / I: 11

Political simulation

Anyone else into games centered on political simulation? A fav of mine is The New Campaign Trail, which is focused on the campaign - the mods included on the website are the bread and butter. Recs are 1864, 1972d, and 1996Powell.
Can be played here: https://www.newcampaigntrail.com/campaign-trail/index.html
I've been trying to get into The Political Process but my eyes glaze over trying to parse it.
R: 6 / I: 2
I beat Celeste for the second time
R: 5 / I: 1

Average Nintendo Switch Enjoyer

It's funny how the advertisement for "Tears of the Kingdom" featuring a sad man playing the game after his wife goes to bed and on the bus, syncs perfectly with Gary Jules version of "Mad World".
R: 10 / I: 0

How realistically does it portray violence

I understand that in real life modern wars are generally slow due to the time it takes to actually schedule, strategize, mobilize and actually give commands to troops before any actual time is spent fighting and also the time it takes to do all of that once each firefight ends but in arma it feels noticeably slow compared to the violence seen in wars like the Tigray thing and Ukraine. Are wars really that slow paced or does it really depend on the region?
R: 11 / I: 0
In Reggie’s autobiography, he talks about his time at Panda Express, and how he was excited to push the chain to compete against small family-run Chinese food restaurants. He left the company after they decided to pull back on expanding.
The book is a real eye-opener, because he just comes off as a vapid, asshole business guy who kept failing upwards until he lucked into working at Wii-era Nintendo and became famous on the internet because of e3 banter memes.
Anyway, the new Zelda has leaked onto the internet and it is incredibly easy to find and emulate.
R: 11 / I: 3

It’s pretty scary knowing there’s more runners and stalkers than bloaters

Due to the lore most of the infected should ideally be bloaters due to how long the games take place in after the outbreak but based off demographics of the infected it’s obvious there’s way more runners and at times clickers than the fully blown mutated shamblers and bloaters running about indicating most of the infected are fresh victims, not casualties that got bit when the cordyceps started spreading for the first time. And that also means that in the timespan the last of us games actually take place in the spread of the fungi has actually gotten worse not weakened with time
R: 3 / I: 8

Ambient lighting ruins games

Dark souls 2
And rainbow 6 look so much better in the trailer for one reason, the lighting. Same goes for unrecorded. Games use ambient lighting way to fucking much and rarely will you be in any space that’s genuinely dark in a natural sense since that hides shit the player needs to see for gameplay purposes but in the end games look generally way fucking worse no matter how advanced the graphics are. Which makes me question how can games use ambient lighting less to make games look significantly better…

R: 72 / I: 10
>Create a video game
>it's an RPG where you're basically a Lenin-type figure
>you're trying to lead a revolution
>the main quest is class struggle
>all the side quests and distractions are idpol and culture war nonsense, where you're trying to get people off that path and back onto the main questline
>this is the message of the game, as conveyed through its structure

good idea or bad idea?
R: 6 / I: 2

ITT: we discuss actually obscure games / 'hidden gems'

What unknown games are you playing that you think are worth talking about? And I mean actually obscure not EYE Divine Cybermancy obscure.

I just finished through playing Kandria, which is a very small indie open world platformer. The gameplay is a lot like Celeste most of the time except much more difficult, and this is applied to a metroidvania like open world, except there isn't anything that unlocks new areas like that and you've got your entire arsenal at the beginnin of the game. The platforming is fun but as I said it is incredibly difficult in later areas, though in earlier areas they added a bunch of pointless underground office blocks to like make it an open world or something. Those areas are very tedious and pointless. It also has a combat system which sucks and I try to avoid it except when you can use it for platforming. The game is very open as to how you approach obstacles, there are often different ways of getting past a room or you can go a different way through the map. The most standout thing for me was the story, which I wasn't expecting to be sort of good even if the twist is predictable. It also has a good soundtrack. All in all its a heavily flawed and rough indie passion project that nevertheless managed to fulfill my need for open 2D platforming.
R: 3 / I: 3
kriselle is based and you cant change my mind
R: 11 / I: 1
why do we call them video games?
Theyre not video, theyre realtime graphics. Video is something thats playing prerecorded.
R: 9 / I: 3

Back 4 blood vampire edition

Seriously why was it so bad on release? Oh wait I figured out why it was both made on unreal instead of bethesdas creation engine and also only had 2 years of development which for a modern game is satirically low when you need typically 4 - 6 years of development time just to finish anything.
R: 5 / I: 2
Who is your favorite civ leader?
R: 9 / I: 4

weird tie-in vidya

I miss tie-in videogames
Sure, shallow porky merchandising

But man, there was always potential for fun
Has there ever been a rom com tie in videogame?
R: 2 / I: 0

Is real time loading actually hard to implement?

You know how some games separate interior from exterior world spaces so games run better hence why there’s random loading screens when you enter a building or some new zone?

Yeah why not just load in all that information based on the players position and not off some trigger for the purpose of keeping the player immersed in the game world? I don’t think it’s hard to implement as it would prevent instances of players being stuck on loading screens, sudden crashes or lag spikes being attributed to suddenly unloading and reloading shitloads of assets all at once in one area, issues with dynamic entities like ai or physics being reloaded upon entering a scene then list of shit wrong with the standard loading system goes on for me
R: 7 / I: 0
I misread the title, thought the game was a remaster or sequel of sim city 4. Realized what it was and frowned :|
R: 3 / I: 0

Just beat cod 4 on hardened

What should I expect from veteran difficulty from both of mw and mw2?
R: 2 / I: 0

Violence in hotline Miami, tlou2, and far cry 3

I was thinking about how these games approached violence and just came to the following conclusions on what these games had to say about it.

Violence is multifarious.
Violence is expensive.
The disposition of someone may not necessarily be directly tied to how violent they’re within a given period of time nor how much they’ve suffered.

>violence is multifarious

I think tlou2 and to a lesser extent hotline Miami 2 do a the best at expressing this idea. Throughout tlou2 you play as both Ellie and Abby and how each character kills is influenced by how much they view their targets. Generally these games take a realistic approach to how humans rationalize violence towards one another by using factionalism as a tool the protagonist’s use to justify their actions. You see it all the time, the WLF vs the fanatic seraphites(whom were not initially violent lore wise oddly enough without the WLFs influence), how the residents of Jackson justify the killing of WF soldiers under the guise that they’re harming their communities despite only one group, a group consisting mostly of fireflies actually causing real damage to Ellie and her friends. With the infected they’re always the prime targets no matter what, NPCs, the characters and sometimes even other infected recognize that they’re creatures with convulsive motion, easily and desperate to infect anything and anyone near them and likewise no one feels any remorse for killing them despite some also being aware of how much pain victims of the fungi go through and how you can observe them ingame showing sadness over their inability to control their actions. In hotline Miami factionalism again plays a role in the justification behind the mass deaths seen in game with the Russian mafias tenacity to maintain their control over the drug distribution in Florida up until jacket comes into play without knowledge of what he’s doing to the country he shows so much love for. These games through how violence is setup and how the reasons for it are explored show to the player that how people kill and why people killed shares a direct relationship to how much people are willing to distance themselves emotionally to their targets. It’s quite powerful for the tlou2 to show every npc including seraphites will beg for mercy for themselves or loved ones only when they became vulnerable to one another’s violence as a guaranteed outcome of every encounter
R: 8 / I: 2
anyone playing marvel snap?
i love this guy's design

shame it's money hungry as usual and no friends feature or i would add you guys
still in early beta, so idk

fucked up how like this and multiversus, they use it to fund now
R: 4 / I: 2

Tech demo games

Apparently during the development of games like half life 2, gta 4, far cry 2, la noire, the last of us 1 and 2, halo, well this list can keep going for games that pushed the technological limits of the tools available for developers to use and gamers to experience the teams behind them had one universal goal. Connect the player to the game world as much as possible. The reason for this was simplistic, by having games be generally more immersive and responsive to the players actions said players could directly play test new features developers implemented and help the studios they worked at understand what to do with the technologies available and produce the games that are made today.

This is why the UI and environment art for so many old games is noticeably minimalistic and for the case of UIs it was almost nonexistent compared to the constant tags and indicators seen on todays screens. Or why the physics were much more detailed before clashes would game designers would have them removed due to interrupting the handling of a game. Or even why developers stopped prioritizing adding a lot of detail to games upon realization that most players would never actually play long enough to see them. Pretty interesting
R: 9 / I: 4

Active ragdolls and animated rigid bodies

Thanks to this lovely presentation from naughty dog I found their tech interesting and it explained a lot about how their present day releases function so well when it comes to realistic animation.

To summarize the most important sections of the video the developers at naughty dog animate rigid bodies by first giving characters like Joel, or Nathan real ragdolls that simulate human behaviour as closely as possible, and then have certain collisions of those ragdolls stay active while keyframed animations play. For animations that are used to transition between other animations ragdolls are only active in the instance that the animation itself has an event requiring one. What ends up happening are the characters of naughty dog titles having natural looking motion and playing these games communicate a sense of weight to the player because that weight is real in the game world than doing what most developers do by not giving the players avatar physics but random objects and vehicles. It’s beautiful how many emergent details come up because of this, Nathan and Sam will bounce in response to ruff terrain while driving, NPCs slump over but don’t twist in weird ways when shot at, while climbing certain objects Nathan will move said objects along with his own body, the list goes on and I wish more developers had the time to implement and appreciate and implement such details in their own games.
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Rightoids are suddenly getting mad at Red Dead Redemption 2

Naturally all of their critiques basically amount to "I can't be a confederate revanchist and hate crime former slaves and natives".
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WotC sends Pinkertons after "leaker"

Wizards of the Coast sent Pinkertons to a youtuber's house because he made a video about promotional materials for Magic: The Gathering, which he received early probably due to a clerical error (happens all the time). Wizards is currently trying to cover up and censor any discussion of this, including on subreddits about their products that they control.

This comes not very long after Wizards tried to update an existing license for their Dungeons and Dragons products, which would effectively make any home-brew content published by the community retroactively the property of Wizards. They publicly backed down and claimed the new license was only an internal proposal (it was leaked by an employee), but this was almost certainly fake damage control because the controversy was causing them terrible PR just before the release of the Dungeons and Dragons movie which the community was threatening to boycott.

the youtuber discussing it:
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I'm making this thread here, because the other boards are practically dead. If a mod chooses to move it to /hobby/, that's cool, I just wanted some exposure on /leftypol/.

As you might now, chess played a large role in the Soviet Union. They outright dominated the game for decades and it was commonly played ever since the inception of the union.

I think chess does possess the potential to develop and train the strategic thinking skills of players, if they abstract from the game and attempt to apply it to the real world.

But it's also a fun game. Because of that I made a /leftypol/ club on chess.com, which is a great website with a nice UI and plenty of resources to learn and improve at chess. I've been using it for months now and got far better at chess and I even do the puzzles on it for fun every day. The way the website is designed makes learning chess and improving really, really easy. Making an account is free and would be quick. I know this sounded like an ad, lol.

So, I'm inviting you comrades to start learning chess or improve whatever skill level you are at and join the /leftypol/ chess club. We could play against each other. Perhaps even organize tournaments. I think it would be really cool if we could get something like this going and make it the community wide hobby. If only 3 people join that would be good enough honestly.

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which is the most likely to help a person successfully evade a police chase by car:
-if this person played 1000 hours of a need for speed game with police chases;
-if this same person played 1000 hours of gran turismo;

which is the most likely to help a person successfully survive in the wild:
-the person played 1000 hours of minecraft;
-the person played 1000 hours of skyrim;
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Do we all agree that they should ban these nazi rp servers from GMOD?

or not?
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Scrolls > mana

Mana systems are stupid and make magic in games feel common and uninteresting. Scroll systems as a requirement for spells make magic both scarce and feel both like a choice in games and rewarding to use
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Can the emergence of a gameplay meta be avoided? Should it?

Metas emerge as players learn more about the game's mechanics, both through datamining game files and trial and error within the game itself. Once good practices are found, guides are made and continually iterated upon as the game (and its playerbase) evolves. A common complaint is that players feel pigeonholed into certain playstyles, because the fastest, easiest, or most effective way to play becomes the expected way to play, and the developers in turn cater to the players who follow the meta. It doesn't matter if a player in an MMO can easily clear the vast majority of content without a meta build, other players expect them to follow the meta and not doing so is considered bad etiquette in group content. This mostly comes down to risk aversion on the part of the other group members, as people are more willing to group with someone they know put in the time to get their character geared up and using the "right" build.

Metas aren't restricted to character builds either; there are guides for leveling efficiently or gaming mechanics for the best possible rewards. In the former case you have old-school MMOs like Everquest or Final Fantasy XI where they're essentially solved games and it would be difficult to find anyone willing to just explore the world, since farming mobs in one spot for hours at a time with a group will always be the most efficient way to play.

Back to the question in the title, if you wanted to encourage more playstyles how would you go about it? Some games (or players acting on their own accord) do it by reframing the game, adding in rules like hardcore/ironman modes in WoW or Runescape. It keeps things fresh for a time, but even those have extensive guides now aimed at minimizing effort and risk and maximizing rewards.
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Every expansion world of Warcraft sees an engine update

Istill how the team managed to make the flying physics for dragons legitimately good in dragon flight but now I’m wondering why they didn’t fix the base movement. And by that I mean being able to keep the mouse hidden and move backwards without backpedaling, it wouldn’t be a huge change, I don’t think it would even require any new features. Just a tweak to make the base game play better…
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Cod devs left for ubisoft and made a game with them

This actually plays really well and the movement is fast paced enough to allow for cool plays without being so overly jumpy you get a slide spam fest like in mw19. What a pleasant game and I’m interested to see where the team goes with this….

Also it would be pretty funny if this ends up hampering activisions success with cod considering the circumstances for how this game came out
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Balancing skyrim with my own mods

I’m going through the effort to do something I never thought I’d do and it’s patching out all the broken and busted shit you’d find in a TES game. I mean specifically the meta

I am
>patching out all the health magicka and stamina offsets that make certain enemies unkillable without exploits and magic
>patching enemy stats so they scales with the players armoury and not their level as the player progresses through the game
>patching out projectile speeds and magic damage so that projectiles are easier to dodge and armour rating matters to the effects of how much damage magic will deal to you than getting one shotted by level one NPCs spamming ice bolts
>patching out the effects of all hidden damage multipliers ingame the player can’t use(I actually finished this)
>patching out nondedicated attacks so the player can dodge out of certain attacks
>patching out attack speeds for certain enemies like ogres whom barely have any recovery on their attacks
>and rebalancing the inventories, and appearance of enemy tiers so they aren’t just copycats with a slightly different name
>and patching out everything else like health regeneration, stacked effects, potion scarcity, etc

Wish me luck because I’m gonna be fucking exhausted after all these patches but satisfied knowing I’ll finally force this game to be more than a chaotic mess of an rpg but a playable boring rpg with a simple meta anyone new can easily work and have fun with :)
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Seriously the writers for the game could’ve given her way better circumstances for killing Joel. Like literally at the start of the game she has legitimate reasons to not shoot the guy considering he saved her life like several times which only partially erodes any inclination to kill along with the fact that upon meeting him she could’ve also just talked to him to understand wtf happened and decided to kill him based on Joel’s response or simply just leave which would make way more sense considering how violent both characters were in nature.

Like fuck I couldn’t be the only one to think how fucking idiot it is knowing the writers wanted players to sympathize with Abby and her reasons for killing Joel despite literally having their first experience with Abby be her having reasons not to kill joel
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A list of technologies and techniques that made games more immersive

>3rd person bodycams
>locomotion based animations
>procedural animations based off the above parameters
>active ragdolls physics for enemy’s upon being collision with objects having a lot of momentum
>diegetic user interfaces seen in games like far cry 2 and dead space
>dynamic and minimalistic 2d user interfaces for accessibility
>destruction physics for randomly placed objects and infrastructure
>enemies/allies as factionized NPCs players had the option to side with seen in classical rpgs to today
>interaction animations seen in games like rdr2 and again far cry 2
>water physics
>LOD’s for rendering at high distances
>volumetric clouds over skyboxes
>dynamic foliage(grass and plants that fold and burn, trees that break or bend in response to winds)
>weather systems

Keep adding to this list
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Minimalistic vs diegetic

I was playing fallout 3 with most of the ui disabled then I played wow in similar conditions and then went back to far cry 2 and came to the conclusion that having a minimalistic ui doesn’t necessarily mean that a game is minimalistic in nature. Why I feel like that’s wrong is because it can end up harming how fun(at least for casual gamers like me) games can be

Minimalistic UIs are preferred because of two reasons, they keep the players screen generally clear of distractions and show information that’s relevant but with diegetic UIs they take a step further by integrating elements of the UI directly into gameplay. I find the minimalistic approach is bad for games coming in the future because it doesn’t fix one problem, how complicated a games systems are. In far cry 2 there’s barely a UI because the game fundamentally isn’t complex in nature and that means the developers can use the games base mechanics to their fullest to create a memorable experience. A minimalistic UI wouldn’t work for a game like world of Warcraft(or just any mmo really) because there’s so many systems interacting with one another all at once with little responsiveness from the game world to tell the player what’s happening especially in moments where such responsiveness would be fervent. Because of this it’s easy to find yourself in constant need of several tabs onscreen at all times and as a result the gameplay of world of Warcraft just isn’t as deep gameplay wise as you’d find in games that came after it.

In my opinion it’s great that games like the last of us, rdr2 and the Callisto protocol have done more to ensure games become more responsive to the players actions. I hope as time passes a greater transition to diegetic UI and minimalistic game design will be found among major studios and also the possibilities of games without UIs can come with it for a much more immersive and in depth experience for gamers like me

That’s all thank you for reading
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Bethesda Game Studios

What are the issues that make their games end up so glaringly flawed? Is it Todd Howard sniffing his own farts too much, shitty workplace practices, general lack of competence among the staff and/or their parent Zenimax corporation's meddling? Or maybe it is something else?
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Huh would you look at that
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Atomic sisters

Isn't this lazy? Titties and ass with no face. Will the game have good gameplay and story to compensate?
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I am creating a gta san andreas with ideas of punk and oi music, I changed the grove street gang for skinheads s.h.r.p.s, the enemies, that is, the ballas, I changed for hammerskins/boneheads/ the pistols I changed for bats, mitts, by little I am adding gangs, I also plan to change the radio,I post some photos of my project
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What a piece of shit. I get there’s plenty of freaks like him all over the capital wasteland but fuck Vance anyways for being that organized about it
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Resident Evil

Do you like the series? Which one is your favorite? Did you enjoy RE4 Remake?
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you might think the reason Rockstar Games have been so slow to make GTA 6 is that they're still making money off of online DLC for GTA 5…. but the real reason they haven't released GTA 6 is because Amerikkkan society has become so insane that GTA's attempts at parodying it would be tame by comparison
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Far cry 6’s guerrilla mode after 2 on infamous difficulty

This was an experience for me after playing 2. this entry by far the weirdest one being its considerably easier even on harder difficulties most notably guerilla mode due to how easily exploitable the game is, similar to what Bethesda and obsidian did with fallouts difficulty curve. In far cry 2 on infamous difficulty you kind of have to know how to get around without a map to guide you since enemies do just spawn in cars or isolated on roadways and not paying attention to where your going could easily get you killed immediately, this can’t be said for 6 beyond enemy spawn placements and even then
<I’m guessing due to the engine switch this was actually a preformance issue due to script lag on top of new graphics
The ai of far cry 6 was drastically nerfed thanks impart to the whole detection meter thing 3 introduced on top of enemies in general not having the same level of mobility, sense of self preservation and resourcefulness they have in 2. Another major thing is resource management in 2, I actually didn’t have a problem with being constantly low on ammo on infamous as I already got somewhat decent at the game after beating it on hardcore which made running out of ammo for poor sim frequent but not impossible to get over with good positioning. This just doesn’t matter at all in guerrilla mode because Ubisoft gave the player way too many guns and gadgets they can carry at any given time to the point where I felt like I was playing doom at times due to how little thought I could give towards stealth in favour of just rushing through outposts. What a difference in time and game design
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I’m kind of amazed knowing this was released this year. This feels like a 2000s game idk, maybe I was expecting too much of what gaming would look like in the future than accept that living in a vr fantasy or playing some super well animated and detailed physics based masterpiece of a pc game would be common in the 2020s
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Wow needs an activate button. Games since the mid 2000s have been implementing a designated hotkey to interact with NPCs, objects, and items and it’s a shame wow doesn’t despite all the accessibility features it’s given to its users paired with the addon support. Same goes for osrs. Also I find it weird how they still don’t have an option to keep the mouse locked with the camera to move around like again nearly every other game has since the mid 2010s
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War, Commericilzation & Video games

It is crazy how CoD and these other games are basically help train and reframe the US military's image

Are there people who play CoD games that are still anti-us military?
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The Chinese assault rifle from fallout 3 is literally just a rusty version of the ak74 wtf how is it Chinese????
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Losing my mind over first person physics

while modifying skyrims movement behaviour files I discovered something really awful about bethesda titles I thought was only an issue from morrowind to new Vegas. Bethesda doesn’t attach grounded momentum to movement, whenever you walk or sprint in a bethesda made game you will always without a shadow of a doubt always immediately move at full speed on frame one. This is also why the games feel noticeably janky and dated despite having their graphics and animations updated each release and why npc and third person movement tend to feel like you’re controlling a character with absolutely zero weight. Turns out it’s not just Bethesda a lot of game developers for first person titles will pull this same kind of trick aswell here’s some recent examples of this

Dying light 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Modern warfare 2
Ultra kill
Not just that even third person games especially the pvp ones don’t hide this or even try to
The division 2 pvp
Literally every 3d MMO
Nearly every assassins creed title has this same issue of weightlessness

This doesn’t sound bad but play any souls game, naughty dog, Bandai rpg, rockstar title or any game with half decent physics and it becomes way more obvious how much better movement in those types of games handle, it’s also why those games feel so much more advanced
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Post TES IV Oblivion memes
R: 18 / I: 6

Minetest thread

Since joining to my Minecraft server has proven to be quite a headache for a lot of players, I want to propose the board admins to host a server for its free, open-source alternative: Minetest (minetest.net).

The prime upsides of this would be:
- Much less resource consumption on both client and server end due to Minetest using an engine written C++ rather than Java.
- Extremely deep and wide maps compared to Minecraft, with the estimated maximum size being 60000 chunks on every axis. Minetest's terrain generator also creates caves and mountains much larger than any seen in MC even after the Caves & Cliffs update.
- Ease of moddability due to the game's modular nature and a built-in modding API based using the Lua language, as well as automatic mod fetching from the server eliminating the need for players to download mods beforehand. Also, the game does not need to be quit from when editing mod files, just for the world to be reentered.
- No need for third-party plugins for stuff like sethome and logins as this functionality is already built into the base game.

R: 6 / I: 1

🤡 🤡🤡

Pfffftahahahahahaha on par with the definitive edition of gta
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Ok last screenshot
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Diablo 2 invented grind in gaming

Slow progression in older games feels way less brutal than in contemporary ones and I finally understand why. It’s diablo 2s fault, and the reason is balance. Progression based off understanding vs progression based off a players stats is what makes grind feel terrible, in the case of the former the effect is far less severe as you can still progress through the game you play without interruption but for the ladder suddenly the gear you have on you, or your items, or your team if your playing a turn based games becomes everything about the games progression itself and suddenly when that gear isn’t constantly coming the game feels like shit

Diablo warrior didn’t have this problem despite progression being even slower and more painful because it was closer in its setup to a classic rpg, diablo 2 made the original generally more casual and soon after it caused hordes of titles inspired by it to emerge including the even bigger grind fest that is d3 and this cancerous component of game design that used to be ignorable is now what greedier game devs abuse to push micro transactions in the form of boosts and p2w bs in their games
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Please be different. Please be good PLEASE DONT SUCK

I can’t take bethesdas morrowind like philosophy attached to how they balance their popular titles, all it creates are broken highly exploitable and simultaneously highly difficult games that feel horrible to play and completely reliant on cheese and mashing to succeed in. I don’t want this for a completely new untouched IP

Ubisofts art and writing teams have no understanding of the concept of character development and worldbuilding at all and consistently make boring open worlds with terribly put together content that only the power of half decent gameplay can hide that grow less and less immersive as detail and physics is cut out of them

D4 I am hoping turns out like D1 if something happens where blizzard actually listens to veterans of their community, and dont overbloat its progression completely over the other elements of its environment and lore purely to appeal to casual gamers. I don’t want to spend hours coming up with trillion DPS builds while loot falls from the sky while basic elements of open world design in an open world game are ignored

I fucking love these IPS and really want to see genuine change for the better for them. They don’t have to suck as much in their current state as much as they do, please be different
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all that was once directly power-washed has receded into dirty
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African pmc simulator is shockingly alot of fun

This is by far the most grounded and consistently enjoyable game I’ve ever played and that’s by fps standards where they’re either over the top completely with their movement aesthetics or are so fucking slow and overly tactical to the point where unless you have thousands of hours clocked in do they feel aggressive and enjoyable. This game with its simplistic design, actually good gunplay that still holds up pretty well as old as it is, aesthetics and consistency of its environment setup make it so enjoyable for me so consistently that I can pick it up expecting I’m gonna have alot of fun without ever feeling like the game is getting ridiculous with its content that it becomes immersion breaking.

Oh man what a game
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Republic Commando

Anyone else love this game? I played it so much on the Xbox in like 2011-2012 along with Battlefront until my familly got a 360 and I could play Halo 3 and Halo 4, though I never finished it. Replaying it has been an absolute blast, the gameplay loop of it is good fun if a little tough on higher difficulties. Just dealing with Super Battle droids can be a challenge if you don't have enough explosives, but its satisfying killing them and seeing their armour fall off. The weapon diversity is good and you can approach most encounters in a number of ways. The squad manages to be useful even if the command system is a bit primitive, and I'd say that the droid generators actually help this since you basically need your squad to blow them up or to cover you or you'll die by your self. Its just a good tactical shooter that I think we need to see more of today rather than COD clones and Doom clones. The game is also SO immersive, its one of the most immersive shooters I have ever played. The HUD was perfectly integrated as your own helmet's HUD and it just works so well. Missions were designed so immersively as well and the dialogue was good if a little cheesy.
R: 16 / I: 6
Name a game where the following isn’t a problem
R: 22 / I: 3
valve releases a new game………and its just a semi-better looking version of cs go….(the mod/map tools will be nice still, i guess)
R: 1 / I: 0
Video game protagonists be like
R: 6 / I: 0
I was playing fallout 3 with mods equipped to make the game way harder since I was used to the insane inventory space and weapons barely dealing damage to me and found myself dying as you can imagine often. Despite the experience the reasons for why o died werent different from how I would die in other fps titles
>running past edges where I could easily get myself at a frame disadvantage against enemies
>only reloading after wasting a ton of ammo or running out
>reloading in bad positions
It’s those kinds of things but it also made me realize how much movement can impact all these things because if a player has access to multiple techniques to enhance how well they can avoid getting hit as a relief for making these mistakes, while gaining the benefits of having extra options of positioning themselves to shoot their opponent with themselves at advantage in their position then an fps become way to how do I phrase it “jumpy” where the entire skill expression ingame is reduced to who aims the best and nothing else and I’m guessing that would actually make gameplay worse because what ends up happening is no one hitting anything and reliance on camping and abusing ingame traps becomes common. To me this is why casual fps titles are so much more grounded, why they prioritize tactics and team decision making and also why they’re way more commonly played than arena shooters. Those are just my thoughts on movement
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the unbeatable problem with MMO world design

They’re functionally too big to actually create

When I say that I don’t mean in the sense that someone can’t just create a map for players to relax in I mean in the sense that creating all the levels and ways for players to interact in every sector of the map on the scale servers provide is functionally impossible for any modern sized team to accomplish

Reasons established in post 2
R: 7 / I: 3

D4 beta review

Summary: it’s not hard enough

Explanation: it’s not balanced in a way that makes progression feel as meaningful as it was in diablo 1. That’s not to say that the scaling back of power and feature creep from d3 wasn’t a massive improvement on top of the shift in aesthetics for the game but the implementation of health globes, low damage dealt from common enemies and too an extent bosses even against ranged builds that should be vulnerable for poor zoning to compensate for the range of their attacks, on top of mandatory minimaps and other accessibility features that waste the effort animators and level designers put into this don’t still make this game feel really casual like d2 does take me out of the sense of grounded-ness and genuine feelings of anxiety over how my performance would dictate wether or not I could complete an area/boss with how I was playing I felt from d1. That’s all I gotta say beyond the fact that sorcerers are completely busted
R: 5 / I: 1
I just finished this game and holy shit the historical revisionism in here was insane. While I love the setting, the whole thing with the assassin's was so horribly done. Remember when the assassin's actually had an interesting philosophy and didn't pick any side of the christian vs muslim conflict and instead assassinated those who they perceived to be actual bringers of war only to realize that the Templars wanted something similar to the assassin's just going about it a different way. But in this game, or at least with the later games you actually are fuckin picking sides like Connor siding with the Patriots or Bayek and Aya siding with Cleopatra despite the fact that the Ptolemies were colonizers. They act like Cleo was this "true Egyptian" what the fuck? I remember this one side quest where there's this woman fighting because of Greek colonizers and you don't get any choice but to kill the Egyptians fighting to decolonize Egypt, a Medjay of all things. Also Medjay disappeared after the New Kingdom fell a thousand years before. Wouldn't it had made sense for Bayek to be an anti imperialist as well?
R: 10 / I: 0
I’m going to be genuinely surprised if they somehow manage to mess this up completely. I know that sounds weird but this time it really feels like noting bad should happen
R: 15 / I: 2

Truly she was…a Super Metroid…

Starting to understand why the best Metroid games have barely any dialogue. Great game but this made me lol when I saw it.
R: 10 / I: 6

ITT critically acclaimed games you hate and why

I have never played a game that felt like a bigger waste of time than Stardew Valley, and I've played my fair share of clickers and life sims in my youth.

A hilariously broken economy, that neither emulates real life agriculture nor attempts to create pros and cons for the sake of balance. Swathes of "content" for the sake of content. A plot (small business vs Amazon) I couldn't give less of a shit about, and funnily enough not because of my socialist leanings but rather because of how badly it's integrated with the game. Characters with the depth of random Elder Scrolls side NPCs. Basically I could go on but I'll spare you the suffering.

What about you?
R: 5 / I: 0

Overextended returns in game design

I was playing far cry 2 again and thought a bit about the healing system and compared it to other games. I came to the conclusion it was one of the most balanced forms of healing in games to date but how it was implemented matters more to me than what it simply is.

There’s a tendency in games to make components of them at the start scarce in quantity for the player only to then be trivial in later stages as the player progresses essentially rendering that component pointless to even include in. for the player this can take the form of stamina attached to sprinting in games like blood borne and fallout 4 only to then become trivial as the player levels stamina with time. Another example could include high tier loot of diablo 3 that becomes increasingly worthless as it starts dropping in excess once the player is either high level enough or is already too strong for any of it to significantly affect their playstyle.

When sub components of a game are implemented to stay scarce or have their supply scale logarithmically not only is their impact on gameplay more meaningful, it also provides a basis for a far more consistently fair game overall. Take sekiros resurrection mechanic, unlike a simple potion healing system seen in standard rpgs how often you can save yourself in the middle of combat much like far cry 2 has an established limit that doesn’t change regardless of how much time you have ingame, when your allowed to gain the option to save yourself again depends directly on your performance as a player and in the end it allows for fights to last for reasonably long periods of time against generally tougher enemies without having those fights take ages to end. This both encourages the player to play aggressively but also rewards them for skillful play simultaneously. A highlight of such of a mechanic that directly contrasts the “run and chug after a direct hit” mechanics of estus healing of its predecessor’s that worked against such a level of consistent fairness in combat.

Theres plenty more examples I could list right off the bat about how to use elements of a game world with a level of consideration over its supply and how it could impact how people would play but this post is too long. That’s all for now, thanks for reading
R: 4 / I: 3

That is rather strange

I’m aware that during fallout 3s development the development of the gunplay was strangely enough not done by bethesda(the parent studio) but by ID software. The creation of the areas, story, and DLC however was done by bethesda directly. What I’m trying to understand was where was ID, experience wise that somehow led to Bethesda creating generally better developed gunplay mechanics for fallout 4 that the both the teams for new Vegas and fallout 3 failed to achieve

I’m looking for any responses due to the fact that ID has worked on FPS, titles like wolfenstien and doom, while obsidian has the outer worlds whose gunplay mirrors again fallout 4s
R: 6 / I: 2
Are the Sabbat the good guys or the bad guys in Vampire the Masquerade? On one hand, they're a reactionary organization that values vampire supremacy, but on the other hand, they're the only ones that promote communial solidarity, want to stop the apocalypse, and they expose the corruption of the anarchs and the Camrilla. The anarchs always take a side alongside the Camrilla whenever things get serious like with the introduction of the Sabbat or the Keul Jin as threats.
R: 13 / I: 3

Bethesda is an amazing studio, Skyrim is shit and the mods are worse

I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say bethesda games are buggy and unstable
Why because I’ve played a lot of their games especially creation ones and generally the bugs I do find are rarely game breaking, hard to find and dissapear as fast as they come

Skyrim on the other hand is where I think most of the criticism towards the studio comes from. The games objective garbage, you can’t readjust texture detail because the game launched several times without low res textures for in game assets. Bugs are fucking everywhere to the point where it’s noticeably bad, the game is horrendously optimized to the point where my game crashed over and over again several times and sometimes wouldn’t open at all and when it was running it ran at a terrible frame rate compared to any Bethesda game I’ve played(yes even fo76). This game solidified the belief that the entire studio doesn’t have to give a shit at all about actually trying to produce finished, stable, mostly bug free well made games and it shows in any game they’ve made post Skyrim

No the mods don’t fix the issues with Skyrim often they make everything worse as mods can be divided into three categories for this game
>mods requiring files from mods completely unrelated to it causing save bloat and adding more bugs to the base game
>mods that just straight up don’t work and are as buggy as the base game
>mods that are so disconnected from TES as a franchise lore and gameplay wise you’d question if the modder even opened any file from Skyrim other than the creation kit

I can’t say Bethesda’s a bad studio I’ve played enough to know they can do so much better but the community surrounding the studio is making things so much worse for any room for genuine improvement. God damb
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I was thinking for a bit about this and I’m beginning to realize how hard this aspect of gaming is to actually design properly, and it’s because shooters are foundationally flawed. Shooters aren’t like other games.
In hack and slash, action or even fighting games you have a mix of movement, blocking, attacking, maybe even dodging, and some projectiles in some scenarios. With shooters you only well shoot and move around and that’s it, when these games work they feel about as fast paced as any other fun game, wether or not that level of pacing translates into quick and smart decisions being made consistently is up to debate on the game your playing but generally it’s rare just to even make a shooter feel fast(I think that’s also why dealing with bullet sponges in these games often feels unusually worse compared to other genres of games). Some shooters like the doom remakes tried making gunplay feel fun by implementing bash and kick mechanics while introducing the player to hordes of players meant to be killed quickly which had varying but well recieved results, others like far cry tried implementing stealth mechanics so even if a player didn’t have the skill to quickly take on a barrage of enemies they could still use their understanding of the levels they were in to clear areas swiftly. There’s plenty more I can say but generally I don’t think there’s any way to make these games as consistently enjoyable for a casual audience as much as 2d and 3rd person titles
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Is there a chance it will be good?
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Joe Rogan Interviews the Mighty Caesar (ai)

Joe Rogan discusses the Burned Man, radscorpion attacks and more with Caesar and Legate Lanius.
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genshin impact is still really boring for me

I forced myself to play this boring game again on my shit phone and it’s about as boring as a remember it here’s why
>pop ups and the game being way way to flashy
The games developers think their players are completely incapable of thinking for themselves and constantly flood the screen with endless UI elements and popups distracting anyone like me trying to find anything interesting about the game world. Not to mention the VFx and sound effects are cranked to overdrive for absolutely no reason whatsoever it’s hard to go longer than five seconds in any quest or combat related scenario before the screen again gets flooded with damage text, flashy explosions and weapon trails pointlessly added everywhere, it feels like playing an mmo at times with how hard it is to pay attention to anything. Then there’s quests, I hate unskippable cutscenes and this game is full of them every few seconds in the main campaign. I genuinely and I can be confident that others wouldn’t care if there was just ordinary dialogue mixed in with ordinary gameplay between interactions or even just plain text with a lot of dialogue options like in morrowind than whatever the devs are doing. It feels horrible, I wanna play and go on an adventure not listen to some white haired midget screaming about generic isekai nonsense
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Kingdom Hearts 3

Why did they have to put smartphones in this game? It kind of threw the vibe off for me personally, compared to a lot of the previous games. Especially that scene where they scan a fucking QR code. I know it's not really relevant to the plot, but the vibe of this series just gave me the idea they would communicate using magic or something, instead of this imitation of reality. It kind of threw everything off for me. What do you think?
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Are health bars unnecessary?

In Minecraft and home front damage is communicated through stun or watching enemies flash red upon being hit. Generally most players work fine with this and throughout the years these 2 games along with games like cod in their campaigns also have not needed to implement this visual indicator in their games. In my opinion health bars for enemies are unnecessary and ruin immersion because health bars distract the player from the entity they’re dealing damage towards as it’s likely that they’ll be having to pay attention to their own, and their enemies bars over their actions.

I imagine I could be wrong about this when taking into account groups of enemies where it can become less clear what the player should prioritize attacking
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operation harsh doorstop

anyone heard of this? its f2p will all features. Love the guy complaining about no season pass lol
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Anyone here play yugioh?
also tcg general.