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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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give it a bit. Rates have raised max 1 month ago


So after some finance fuckery; America may have put some Euro brokers at risk of bankruptcy.

It’s a long story and I’m at work, relates to this GameStop saga. But if y’all want a tale about mass international finance fraud I’d be happy to share it.


Those are probably all bullshit retail jobs that no one wants to work anymore or the jobs everyone quit from in the first place. The jobs numbers are just a farce trying to put lipstick on a pig, but this ship is still sinking


Not from you schizo you've literally been wrong about everything youve said


Lol. M8 I’ve backed up everything I’ve said. The people who disagree with me just spout “no it’s not” and you’re taking that at face value.


im a retard but can someone explains why this really matters? can the economy not go to shit if employment is high? its not like wages are going up or costs or arent skyrocketing so why does the media hold this up as the holy grail?


The media is clinging to anything it can to gaslight people into normalcy or to help Biden/dems win his 2nd term by not making it look like its his fault.

Other than that, with full employment its the difference between stagflation or true great depression tier hellscape


The leftypol prophecy will soon come to pass


well supposedly if unemployment id low people can still buy shit even though its expensive af. With unemployment added in, they wont be able even afford food/living and gdp will tank even more as demand will be nil


Sooner than you think man. I mean this is part of the reason I’m hyped to do a write up after work (gonna be a few hours) because the way things are looking, America is gonna cause a major financial crisis due to sheer corruption in our markets for the second major time in our lifetime.


File: 1659837460718.jpg (48.77 KB, 600x608, Laugh2.jpg)

>Founder of 'GAB social'
<My son will have been through the Classics, all of Greek Philosophy, the entire Bible, and know how to build things with his hands, shoot a gun, grow food, hunt, fish, lift weights, and start a business by the time he is 18.

<Their sons will be demoralized for 18 years in the DEMONIC schools, then sink into DEBT (probably 7 figures 18 years from now) to be intellectually CASTRATED by some Marxist whore college professor at which point 'he' will be hired by some globohomo corporation or beltway job where he can be lambasted with anti-White diversity training and ruled over by some low autism score idiot who hates him and his peoples existence.

Absolute state of the inside of the mind of rightoid's at this point.


fuck this was meant for /isg/ reposting their now.


File: 1659909248987-0.png (565.3 KB, 1200x1450, Splividend.png)

File: 1659909248987-1.jpg (142.12 KB, 960x1535, German Broker DTC.jpg)

File: 1659909248987-2.png (303.46 KB, 1741x1564, More_German_Brokerages.png)

Okay; so this thing I'm hyping up. I figure I ought to write out all I can as best I can.

The Gist of It: America just scammed Brokers across the world into cleaning up our shit. The consequences of this is that countless European markets have essentially been conned into fucking over their own investors and themselves so America can enjoy a few more days of financial stability.

Now for a little more detail.

I've been talking about GME for a while, because it presents a unique market risk. It's a bomb that is bound to go off eventually. If you don't believe me, here's the head of IBKR, Thomas Petterfy, basically saying GameStop was putting the entire market at risk


This isn't some rando; this is a guy with a $25 billion dollar networth and owns a major international brokerage. He lays out the basic problem with GameStop (back in January at least) succinctly:

Shorts had to deliver 270 million shares. Only 50 million existed.

This is what I've been screaming from the mountains, this is why GameStop is a unique market risk. If you need a metaphor; imagine you sell a single PS5 to 30 different people, they all show up the same day to collect and you owe each of these people a PS5: you've fucked yourself.

I'm not gonna describe the process of naked shorting further, I've done that a ton already and it'd be a post unto itself. So lemme just give y'all an update.

Recently, GameStop made a financial move known as "Stock Split via Dividend" or a "Splividend." While rare, it's not unique. Tesla did this ages ago to squeeze shorts who were suppressing the value of the stock.


Here's how it works: in a normal Stock Split, brokers are told to multiple everything by the number of shares being split. Let's keep it simple and say it's a 2-1 split. So you multiply all the shares on the market by 2, the shares in peoples accounts by 2, and divide the price by 2, simple right?

In a split-via-dividend scenario, a company produces a certain number of shares, they then give these shares to the DTC who distributes it to brokers, who then distribute it to investors.

Now the thing is, the DTC is a monopoly. A private, for-profit monopoly. Part of the reason naked shorting is allowed to happen has been because the DTC has allowed it to. Companies have figured this out before, but the reason the DTC is still the top dog in charge is that you can't withdraw from them and they've even barred members from advocating investors Directly Register their Shares after a previous company (some South African Diamond Scam) proved they were manipulating stocks by allowing trading of shares that didn't even exist.

In short. Picture a bank that won't ever let you close your account. All your money is in it. Another person figured out a way to "leave" the bank by asking their relatives and friends to withdraw all the money in their account one at a time, and now the bank is saying you can't even ask people to take money out for you.

So, GameStop issues a 4:1 Splividend. That means if you're a GameStop investor (like me) you would see the number of shares you have in your possession multiplied by 4. They added new shares, distributed them first to directly registered owners (again, me) via Computershare and then distributed the remaining amount (a little under half the supposedly free-floating shares) to the DTC to distribute to all their brokers.

And this is where the fraud happened.

GameStop investors in Europe and elsewhere didn't get their dividend shares. They were dealing with "phantom" shares appearing and disappearing from their brokerage accounts. Why was that?

Because the DTC couldn't give enough shares out to everyone.

The problem with Naked Shorting is it allowed for infinite liquidity, so retail investors, especially during the buying frenzy nearly 2 years ago, they bought more shares than they should've been able to because, again, Short Hedge Funds opened more short positions than they could ever fulfill. They basically said "We totally have the shares to pay back our obligations" and so they can't give the game up when retail starts buying those imaginary shares in their brokerage accounts.

In essence, even if you were rich enough to buy every goddamn share in a company via E*Trade or Robinhood or some other app, you'd still see the company's stocks being bought and sold because brokerages are just moving around the financial equivalent of IOUs.

So now it's obvious to everyone following this saga that the DTC is committing international market fraud. But they didn't just take the money and run.

They told brokerages to process the Splividend as a regular stock split.

In essence, they devalued GameStop by billions, again, by telling brokerages to create more imaginary shares.

Attached to this post should be pics of various Euro-Brokers being confronted by concerned investors asking if GameStop had a split-via-dividend or just a regular stock split. And you'll see the confusion as these brokerages are being told by the DTC one thing, while GameStop has reiterated that they're offering a stock dividend and confirmed all the legal jargon was correct on their end.

GameStop even said they're aware of the issues with the dividend and urging investors to contact their brokers.

Like I said, this isn't some unique finance thing. Splividends have happened before. Tesla is doing another one in a few months. So the odds of the DTC fucking this up unintentionally are slim to none.

So what does this mean? This means that an American megacorp basically tricked most global brokers into defrauding their own investors. It put them on the firing line to save its own skin. More than that, it essentially stole stocks from foreign investors.

America just blatantly robbed investors all across the planet to save its own ass. Because its own goddamn financial institutions got greedy and wrote a check they couldn't fucking pay.

If I was a European I'd be burning the stars and stripes in the streets.

And funny enough, now American and Euro brokerages are claiming that GameStop is merely "lying" about a split dividend, even though they'd gain nothing for doing so and Computershare already confirmed that it received the shares for a splividend and sent it to the DTC. So the question now is what happened to all those shares?

This is going to cause a lot of fuckery, the world over. Say hello to the next major financial crash, and only our goddamn country is to blame.


File: 1659909978237.png (2.43 MB, 1300x2400, ClipboardImage.png)


How many shares are in Europe and how many firms is it spread over? Enough for them to eat the losses and complain about it, or will it put them under?


I told you a long time ago there was no requirement for the shorts to pay the additional shares. Now you redditards didnt see the stock go anywhere and are coping some more after the stock split is just divided as usual.


File: 1659913095316-0.jpg (101.85 KB, 1080x1283, dpkv1j76l6g91.jpg)

>How many shares are in Europe and how many firms is it spread over? Enough for them to eat the losses and complain about it, or will it put them under?

That's the thing, we're all just normal people investing, so all the info we can find is by just communicating with each other and sharing our findings collectively. From what I understand on the German sub it's long been speculated that its within the realm of possibility for Germany alone to "technically" own the float.

Like this is a multinational group of investors here. GameStop investors are in China, Korea, the UAE, Poland, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and on and on and on. That's part of what makes this such a shitshow.

Pic attached is a German Broker stating that 3,251 of its users are holding GameStop in their account. That's just one broker.

If all of those accounts had 100 shares before the split, that'd mean that of the 50,000,000 shares in the entirety of the free float, individual investors in this one broker would own… about 15.4%

That's the thing, in that YouTube video you have a billionaire saying the entire market was at risk because shorts owed 270 million shares but there were only 50 million in existence. And they've only kept increasing that number of shares they owe. Who fucking knows how big the number of synthetic shares are?

As for whether it'll put them under, I'd have to say undeniably yes. Which is what makes this a financial bomb.

GameStop was not supposed to survive the massive number of shorts taken out against it. The only reason these idiots in billion dollar hedge funds took out that much was because it was supposed to fucking die.

Now it's alive and kicking. They can't close their short positions, and at any point this bomb can go off and take the brokers with it.

So the losses the DTC is trying to foist onto brokers is enough that I think a good number of them will be forced into bankruptcy.

You're a jackass watching a chess game and shouting from the sidelines that a pawn can't checkmate a king. Our opponent moved his king out of check by shoving him off into a corner to get himself a few more turns, and you're spouting "SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!"

If there was no risk from a split-via-dividend, they would've processed it as a split-via-dividend rather than a regular stock split.

I threw a little over $10k at this thing, most of what I had, because I saw it as a sound investment. Now I'm up double my money, you don't have the balls to raise a counterbet, and you're acting like I'm in trouble because I've "only" made double my money rather than quadruple.


Too long didn't read kill yourself


is it too late to make any money off gme or will that not even be processed



This does sound serious et al but I just feel nothing major will come out of it.


that's what everyone said about putler invading Ukraine


Don't listen to the GME bagholders. They come out with 20k word pasta every day to justify their purchases. Literally a cult.


may allah break the housing market for good


I mean the reason I'm hanging in is because I suspect I can make a lot more money than I already have on it. Once this is done, it's done; The sheer damage a successful GME squeeze would due to markets would manage to get even congress off its ass to make sure this shit never happens again.

What we've been seeing since the split is a bizarre step like pattern. Every day GameStop seemed to shoot up in price and stabilize. Maybe this is because Eurobrokers are trying to buy shares to cover the dividend. Maybe this is something else. Like I said, I don't know.

There really isn't any kind of parallel to this in finance. Will the government step in and place a cap on the stock price? I mean it's possible, though again that'd be America deliberately fucking over every other country on earth since that cap would negatively affect foreign investors.

Will it force selling? I mean maybe. I think brokerages definitely will. By directly registering shares, I've done everything short of physically had the shares printed and saved in a safe in my home, so it'd be difficult to get 'em.

No one knows what'll happen. Part of the fun will be finding out. This is a tangled mess that'll be written about in finance textbooks for years to come.

And even if the squeeze doesn't happen? GameStop paid off all its debts. It's reinvested the money that retail threw at it into expanding its warehouses and delivery services. It's got a marketplace selling actual fucking Television Shows as NFTs (something with far more use than just a fucking JPEG) and seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs.

Even know the college textbook industry, which I know firsthand exists to nickel and dime students for some extra cash, is looking at NFTs with royalties as a way to circumvent students buying used books. GME already has the infrastructure for it.

It's run by a CEO that took on a dying website, competed against Amazon, and won.

I think those are all bullish flags, even discounting the possibility of a short squeeze.

Fair enough. As with all things we'll see.
My reaction entirely. There's already people in the GME subreddit essentially saying the amount of fraud America's allowed to occur in finance, which has been revealed by the whole GME saga, has guaranteed they'll never invest in American markets ever again after this.


what if the DTC just decides not to fulfill their obligations, or worse, starts prosecuting GME on bunk charges of fraud. they already rewrote the rules once why do you think they wont do it again?


>Too Long Didn't Read
I got all the way to 'gamestop' before I stoped reading. You didn't miss anything.


>an American megacorp
>the DTC is a monopoly. A private, for-profit monopoly.

are they one of those "private" government institutions? are there alternatives or is this something like "the fed"? what exactly is their relationship with like the IRS and wall st or whatever?

>DTCC was established in 1999 as a holding company to combine The Depository Trust Company (DTC) and National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).

>In reaction to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, on March 3, 2022, DTCC blocked Russian securities from the Bank of Russia and The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.[28][29]

are you sure they are not just going to take your venezuela gold coins and give them to the victims of havana syndrome foundation?


I mean the thing is GME is an actual company with employees, real estate, it distributes commodities, and it has an army of near obsessive nutters loyal to it. After pouring over legal documents, some investors had a goddamn plane flying over Chicago with the banner "Ken Griffin Lied Under Oath", they turned this "private" billionaire into an official publicly representing fraud and corruption.

Point is, it's unlikely that the DTC would have anything resembling a "fraud" case given how these obsessive investors have already compiled evidence the world over that foreign brokers are processing the Splividend as a simple Split. If it tried to accuse GameStop of fraud, it opens the door for a very public litigation case and maybe even international prosecution.

>are you sure they are not just going to take your venezuela gold coins and give them to the victims of havana syndrome foundation?

That's why a lot of investors have been DRSing. The reason the DTC is able to get away with so much fraud is because it's the legal owner of your shares. Whenever you buy any shares through a broker like E*Trade, no matter how "trustworthy" they like to pretend they are, your shares are entrusted to the DTC via Cede & Co.

Directly registering basically means you're the sole owner of your shares. They're taken out of the DTC and your name is on the company books. As of a few weeks ago, GameStop investors directly registered more than half of the free float in shares. That number is shrinking every day. And those are shares that the DTC has zero financial control over.


>threw a little over $10k at this thing, most of what I had, because I saw it as a sound investment. Now I'm up double my money
Literally just got lucky. Literally any turd that invested money last year in anything would be up the same amount, it was the biggest bull run in near history.

Now you're just bagholding because of your FOMO for not selling when it initially spiked like all the other delusional redditards and hoping it goes back to 80$.


File: 1659919870295.png (49.09 KB, 900x558, stages_bubble.png)

Wowie where have I seen this before



Ah, so that's where the videos about China collapsing in 14-34-47 days come from


About fucking time.


>Cheap houses soon


>seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs
>is looking at NFTs with royalties as a way to circumvent students buying used books
fuck that


>It's got a marketplace selling actual fucking Television Shows as NFTs (something with far more use than just a fucking JPEG) and seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs.
Mate, why are you supporting this shit? You sound no different then a regular porky at this point. No wonder your communist party is going to shit.


The real draw of having the shares is because at some point they either make you rich or completely trash the financial system.


he isn't supporting it,and he already owns the damn shares before they even announced that,selling them off isn't going to make their business crumbles overnight (not that I expect the royalties system to work in the first place)


File: 1659981913264.png (68.76 KB, 1024x204, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't know if this is real but ouchies if true


Eh, I was already invested when it was announced. If this is gonna happen one way or another, at least I can make money off it.
I'm kinda curious to see what BlockBuster does with it; seeing as its Twitter has been latching onto Ryan Cohen, the CEO. Could be it'll try to be some digital retailer for movies or something. We'll see.

Seen it. Could be true. Could be bullshit. Interesting nontheless.


>tech and chip stocks down
>unrelated sectors shit the bed

I love how a handful of speculative rich kid assets dictate the flow of the entire rest of the economy. Thanks capitalism, very cool!


So I'm almost up 2500 today; we had a real battle for $45/share ($180 pre-split) which has been pretty consistent. That seems to be the big number that Hedge Funds can't tolerate.

We might see a dip in the price tomorrow. If it closes above $45 we're probably gonna see another runup. At $47 we'll surpass March's high. $62 we'll pass the November Peak. By that point I expect a growing momentum shooting up the price.

This saga could resolve itself in a few months' time, that seems to be the rumors. We'll see.


I bailed out of gamestop as soon as I saw them come out with an NFT marketplace and every single investor went bananas for it. made some ok money at least


Honestly I love the stock market so much, anyone else feel the same way? I don't want communism anymore because watching the drama of human life reified in numbers is so fun and exciting.


You're just a gambling addict anon. Seek help.


what do you think the CPI number will bee


so tired of it all, fuck this shit, im going broke from inflation cant even afford a place to stay anymore. Now the market isnt crashing and I cant even have the satisfaction of watching these porky fucks lose money.


market pretty much always crashes in september, be patient, porky will suffer soon



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