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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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The sky is the limit.



Reverse repo seems to be working out quite fine for asset and equity holders



Technicals are very bad; if you look at the chart, it looks similar to the way things went right before 2001 / 2008. Most likely, it'll be a correction, given a lack of a crucial blow-out (failure to raise debt ceiling and US default might be it), but a 50% blow-out is not unimaginable.


Only thing thats happening is my profits are BOOMIN BABY lmao stocks are so green today, made so much money
This system will never fail


uh oh

is it rice and beans time? They were actually out of rice near me in spring 2019 and I only have ~100 lbs left


It is GOLD and STONKS time 🤣🤑🤣🤑🤣🤑
btw just made more money today, im gonna take profit for now


Bitcoin is BOOMIN rn OMG making so much money 😃😃
Tell me again commies how its destuction is immenent?


why would you bother bragging here?


its funny watching you commies predict the end is near like a hundred times a month but the markets just flying up anyways 🤣


when/are you going to short 100x? we are reaching winter 2017 levels its almost time.


Well done on cashing in on a CIA operation to debase currency around the world and make it so every transaction can be recorded and every move surveyed.

I have money in Bitcoin. I’m a commie I think surveillance is cool


Money printer go brrrr
Inflation seems to be getting pretty bad lately lad

Are your gains outpacing it?


bruh sometimes i beat the yearly inflation in one day :D


>he doesn't beat capital gains on every trade


I find it funny too. I’m a communist myself but don’t adhere to dogmas like many of my fellow autists. Either way I take every little victory I can get from a half conscious mass to rising unionization and radicalization and strikes as generally positive whereas the dogmatists among my ranks are cowards that would break ranks over the smallest thing and are better servants of capitalists and bourgeoisie such as yourself porkie. Leftists would sooner betray their own than take down other porks over a small disagreement.


I know this post is made in jest, and this thread is just bantz, but there is legitimately a bubble right now of massive proportions. There is little doubt in my mind it will crash in 5 years or less. Probably much sooner, maybe 1-2 years. Glass-Steagull Act is still repealed and the banks are at it again. Why is the U.S. stock market, at $54.768 trillion, larger than the combined GDP of the United States, China, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK right now??


I swear this must be copypasta from 2018 cause you guys were calling bubble then too
>Why is the stock market so big
bc people are pricing in future gains lol, if the price was at GDP level then it would be an obvious buy since not only does the market grow, but other people will realize the same thing


Yes, because there was a bubble in 2018 and it's even bigger now. Retail is going to crash like the hindenburg eventually. I'm not asking you to explain why the value of the U.S. stock market does not exactly equal its GDP, that wasn't my point


You people underestimate the strategy of the Fed. They will keep repo agreements and other tools going until the economy adjusts to its previously "inflated" value. In fact it is already happening, P/E ratios are off their tops and resemble the middle of last year already. There will be no crash only a continuation to this epic bull run 😏


File: 1634487782081.png (28.07 KB, 412x450, fredgraph.png)

More and more money, but theres nowhere for the money to go because nobody trusts the market.



and we were right? the crash was bigger then the 70s oil crisis and the dotcom bubble and wiped out a shitload of mortgages and over leveraged retail to consolidate it in blackrock.


>You people underestimate the strategy of the Fed.
I don't think there is anything they wouldn't do including starting a nuclear war.

You underestimate the ability of the US to continue production without physical materials and labor.


Biden tries to tame inflation by having LA port open 24/7

The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop

Prices rise from groceries to car rentals due to supply chain problems

Buttigieg warns some supply chain problems will persist into 2022
(Really easy to have forgotten, but he's the transportation secretary, so he's probably been briefed on the supply chain shit as it pertains to transporting goods.)

Holiday Shoppers Already Feeling Effects Of Supply Chain Issues, Poll Finds


omg stonks are pumping again ❤️ love this system , it will never fail


>❤️ love this system , it will never fail
top ten sentences said just before disaster


>capitalism: Ongoing for half a millenium
>socialism: dead after 70 years 😂😂😂


good job porkyposter, someone has to larp what the nutjobs at wall street actually think


Where are the millions of homeless you guys said would be created by the eviction moratorium?


bitcoin at record highs, indices also pumpin and BOOMIN! tell me commies, when is this new depression supposed to hit? if your answer is just "sometime" then its worthless


What are you guys’ thoughts on crypto? https://leftypol.org/tech/res/12167.html#12168


Ponzi scheme


ponzis dont last this long bro


Where exactly does the money even come from? I get that people lose money when they’re left holding the bag, but the people profiting are usually able to sell exponentially more than what was lost by others. So what’s the deal?? how can they conjure money out of thin air like the federal reserve they hate so much?


It's the same mechanics as other speculative assets


Next year porky, we’re not at dotcom bubble peaks yet, almost there though. It will probably go a bit higher than that and crash, most likely mid to late next year.


The amount being traded is a tiny portion of the entire stock


let the lolbert invest in the bitcrap if xir wants but it is fundamentally worthless

at least with the stonks you own a small piece of the means of production even if it is very overpriced


File: 1634752031135.png (272.28 KB, 680x392, 1631891805287.png)

Helloooooo, nothingburger thread! What's not habbening today?


File: 1634752955777.png (333.43 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

If Yellowstone had a caldera eruption would that be good or bad for the market?


Both and good for the Earth.


Terrible for the market but it would be pretty epic


Giga based, but it won't happen in our lifetimes, because we can't have nice things, since this is the worst timeline.


It would mean disaster for the midterms, however, it could also he good


would annihilate the US economy and the rest of the world by proxy; still would probably be good long-term for all of us


Bitcoin can 4x from here and will lose 90% of its value anyway, just like it always does. That's how cycles work, even your own economists know this.


Should I sell bank stonks during inflation or hold them?


Madoff's scheme lasted around 20 years.


"The more developed capitalism," is writes Liefmann, an unblushing apologist of capitalism, "the more it resorts to risky enterprises, or to enterprises in other countries, to those which need a great amount of time to develop, or finally, to those of which are only of local importance." The increased risk is connected in the long run with the prodigious increase in capital, which, as it were, overflows to the brim, flows broad, etc. At the same time the extremely rapid rate of technological progress gives rise to increasing elements of disparity within the various spheres of the national economy, to anarchy and crises. Liefmann is obliged to admit that "in all probability mankind will see further important technological revolutions in the near future which will also affect the organisation of the economic system"… electricity and aviation…. "As a general rule, in such periods of radical ecomic change, speculation develops on a massive scale."


It depends on the type of inflation. Mild, yes. If inflation is spiraling out of control then no because banks will have trouble lending to people whose savings/investment funds are degrading. You also want to buy financial stocks if there is a rate hike anticipated.
False equivalency, we're talking about two very different structures here. They're not the same just because they involve money.

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