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File: 1630540800518.png (33.04 KB, 750x1080, Fenya.png)


Welcome to /roulette/, leftypol's roulette board!

This board will be used for testing out new board ideas. The guidelines are as follows:

- The countdown will begin as soon as the board is added to the announcement bar and will last for one month.
- After a month, if the board has garnered enough posts on that month's topic, it will be made into a new board (barring any legitimate objections by the moderation team) and the threads will be moved there. Off-topic and spam posts will not count. Board ideas that do not meet this requirement will be shelved, with the possibility of being revisited later.
- New board ideas can be suggested in the /meta/ thread for /roulette/.

This month's board topic is: /lounge/ - Socialization.

- /lounge/ is a board meant for more overt social threads, be it anonymous conversations or relating your lives to other anons. More generally it could be called a board of socialization for its own sake, whereas more overtly political threads go to /leftypol/, hobby-discussion related topics can go on their respective alt-board, and general shitposting or otherwise off-topic material goes to /siberia/.
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File: 1630557159427.jpg (86.71 KB, 503x640, fd19dee57d434144.jpg)


Post ITT if you have a gf or a bf
Tell us about her and your relationship if you dare
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File: 1631910756204.jpg (122.31 KB, 1076x1254, 10382470132.jpg)

For me, it was basically always like Picrel.
Having a long conversation with her (a friend or just somebody I knew for a while) and somehow ending up in a relationship.


File: 1631911524647.png (339.95 KB, 447x646, 1629150696787.png)

I have long hair and a feminine body. Its easy for me to pick to tomboys and and they/thems, but they're not the same as her :(


>>236 (me)
no I wont show you my bum



>completely alone
Even without friends and family?


Yeah, I have literally no friends. I only have one online friend from over a decade ago I talk to every couple of months. My mom will probably die from COVID because she refuses to get vaxxed, my dad wants to move back to his home country and my sister is estranged, older brother is going to live his own life and doesn't really seem to like me, and my younger bro will probably wind up homeless when my dad dies because he's a NEET

I do not talk with my extended family

basically going to be completely fucked once my immediate family evaporates

That shit is fucking wild lmao
I've met people weirder than me who have been in relationships but I guess I'm just boring


Is charity work worth it just to get some on-the-ground experience with talking to other people and being part of an organization in a non-alienating manner?
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Where's that photo from?


It's from the auspol thread.


ignore bait/negative losers


Have you ever been to a charity event? No one gives a shit about how awkward you are as long as you're helping. I will say that volunteering at a shelter requires decent social skills, the homeless have some sick bants.


>the homeless have some sick bants.
Not them but I'm super afraid of ever having to respond to something like that. I would get super awkward and not know what to say.

File: 1630547536290.jpeg (5.5 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)


>Withania somnifera, known commonly as ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry, is an annual evergreen shrub in the Solanaceae or nightshade family that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Several other species in the genus Withania are morphologically similar. Although thought to be useful as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda and sold in many countries as a dietary supplement, there is insufficient scientific evidence that it is safe or effective for treating any disease.

Anyone else try this? I've been taking it and it really helps overall health + coritsol levels. It saved my life and even though it hasn't been scientifically confirmed I still recommend taking this 100%. It even boosts test levels for guyts
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essentially, it makes sure too high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) don't wreck your body. High stress levels of cortisol can ruin your health cause weight gain, lower test. Too low levels of cortisol leads too tiredness, dizzyness, etc. I felt like I was dying every day tbh. I slept 12+ hours a day and still tired. Too high stress levels also drops your test due to flight or fight response


nice at first but it sucks after a while. makes you tired and complacent


can you cycle off and on?


NTA but you can. IME days that I don't take it seem to result in higher cortisol again and more stress. I would recommend taking not too high of a dose once daily and finding other ways to get energy and motivation, like exercise or caffeine if you need a substance. If you want to get over laziness you have to keep yourself active though. Either doing chores or working out or go for a walk w/e


whats a good daily dose? 1000mg?

File: 1631710977427.jpg (9.06 KB, 319x158, oldy but a goody.jpg)


I would in fact like to have a banana split someday but I am allergic to bananas. Thoughts? What is your forbidden /snack/ lounge?


My teacher's asshole :(


damn :(


why and to whom is it forbidden? to you or to your teacher


My teacher's dick for that matter :(

File: 1631181422684.png (208.07 KB, 351x400, animesmoking.png)


How do you fake work experience, education, etc. on a resume and not get caught?


You just do it, not many industries check.

Government work, they'll probably check. Stuff like certificates to handle dangerous equipment, or medical work.. Just use common sense.

For some mid-tier office job, no one cares.



Get a burner phone app and create 4 different burner phone numbers. Put down different names and use different burner numbers for each one as "references". If they call, don't pick up. Wait and then pay different people to speak on your behalf as this person and make them lie.

Work experience can be faked by just researching jobs and then posting details of other people's jobs expertise on your own resume. I would not recommend this if you can't show the skills irl or can't learn quick enough.

Education can be faked by lying but university education is harder to fake.

Government jobs are impossible to fake experience for. Even companies that work with the government are impossible if you choose this route. Any job that involves certification from a government body will be hard but not impossible to fake. You couldn't lie your way into being a beautician for example.

Most jobs don't really check education.


I'm a different anon but based, thanks.
I have heard of sites where you can pay someone to make a fake company for you to put down as a reference, has anyone tried one of them?


common sense. Dont put shit too easily verified or too important to not verify, have basic knowledge about what you claim, have a coherent and complete enough story.


what about work experience? do they look up companies? can you just make up a company? Or how do you find one that went out of business?

File: 1630582113058.jpeg (6.09 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)


What's your favorite alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage? basically, say what you would order at a bar
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Bell's or M-43 beer. I don't like water beer and I stopped drinking liquor


geuze boon or rodenbach. mariage parfait or grand cru (respectively) if im feeling feisty. stella when i want pils. guess which country im from


having some low ABV beer and waiting for a video conference




<strayan detected

File: 1630547207445.png (4.56 MB, 1920x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


/comfy/ thread

Share good feels. No politics or drama, in case it needed to be said.
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Comfy thread not on page 1? That's not comfy!

Remember to drink water.


File: 1631684609763.png (1.66 MB, 1280x820, ClipboardImage.png)

cocoa yum

people in cold countries see the snow and groan. others see the snow and smile


I totally understand how snow could be annoying to deal with every year.


nice place mr money bags ;_;
anon did you live in the DDR? What were those apartments like anyways? They look cool.

Here is my contribution: a comfy scene from stalker (1979).
No spoilers but you may want to avoid it to keep the image new if you haven't seen the film yet


did you ever do fun snow stuff anon?

File: 1631228913454.jpg (217.5 KB, 640x340, lepord.jpg)


Hey you guys! Do u liek aminals??????
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File: 1631432781626.jpg (194.26 KB, 590x393, dumbo squid.jpg)

do u liek squids tho?


Yes, they're also cool, but I prefer octopuses


looks like a ghost squib


I found smart octopuses for you boss
what is a ghost squid? I like both squids and ghosts as long as they aren't too spooky


embed pls

File: 1631496501159.png (736.16 KB, 800x800, Alienation.png)


How do you deal with feeling touch starved and for how long have you been in such a state?


File: 1631521294485.png (113.85 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't feel touch starved.
I also had a friend many years ago who was big on touches (partially a cultural thing plus charisma) and got be used to reciprocating them, so if I felt touch starved I could probably satisfy it in day-to-day life once current distance restrictions die down.



I have been "touch starved" for 24 years. I do not feel "touch starved" however because my body has gotten used to it. There was a old meme tagline about robots skin turning to steel unable to feel touch anymore and i think its fairly true if you go a long enough time without it.


What is "touch starved"? I got used to being kind of cold and not used to touching other people since I was a kid because my father was like that as well (and he got it from his father)


I avoided thinking about and dont think about it anymore

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