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Welcome to /roulette/, leftypol's roulette board! This board will be used for testing out new board ideas. The guidelines are as follows:

- The countdown will begin as soon as the board is added to the announcement bar and will last for one month.
- After a month, if the board has garnered enough posts on that month's topic, it will be made into a new board (barring any legitimate objections by the moderation team) and the threads will be moved there. Off-topic and spam posts will not count. Board ideas that do not meet this requirement will be shelved, with the possibility of being revisited later.
- New board ideas can be suggested in the /meta/ thread for /roulette/.

This month's board topic is: /babel/ - Languages, creoles and dialects
­Last month's board topic /spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult.

- /babel/ is a board for discussing anything without English!
- You can discuss anything but English is prohibited.
- Brief comments can be made in English as long as it is spoilered
- General rules of the site apply, see : https://leftypol.org/rules.html(该用户被禁止发送此条评论)
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>>2329 Daće Allah




Ĉu iu ajn tie ĉi parolas la internacian lingvon?
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Ankaŭ mi, hehe, mi komencis lerni la lingvon, sed nun mi memoras nenian pri tio :(


Plej gravas uzi ĝin.


Ni parolu pri io, tie ĉi. Sed mi ne havas amikojn do mi ne scias pri kion homoj kutime parolas.


Mi pensas ke vi povas paroli esperanton kun homo en matrix, mi ankaŭ havas konto en tion, sed ne konas multajn homojn kiu parolas Do ni povas paroli :))


File: 1694823794709.gif (133.9 KB, 400x280, smw.gif)


デッド ボード

File: 1675282078181.gif (93.66 KB, 510x600, 1147912108131.gif)


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En mis clases universitarias usamos Genki, pero no me atrae en verdad. Tal vez estos sean mejores.


俺の大学も。しかし高校は「Adventures In Japanese」を使用した。






File: 1675280385603.jpg (382.47 KB, 1761x1373, 8dbh4tc90qa51.jpg)


Como estas amigos? Ustedes pueden leer espanol, o estan aprendiendo?
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Idea para la idioma:
>Yo tambien

Otra Ejemplo:
>Yo estoy teniendo sexo
<Yo séx-ó!

Buena idea o buena idea?
Tal vez solo por escrito…


si la idea es remplazar el pronombre por un sufijo al verbo, el segundo ejemplo sería
>el está teniendo sexo
<estaé teniendo sexo
pero ya es difícil escribir con una única tilde por palabra. hay una reforma pendiente hace siglos y es remover las tildes pero la rae tiene una obsesión autista con evitar las homofonías


Sorry, I'm writing this in english to be more clear.

The idea is to add a conjugation to make a noun, adjective, or a adjective-verb.
Not as some proper español, but rather in a cute informal way.

In the spanish example:
>Yo tambien
Adding the yo present conjugation to tambien to

An example of this in english was around the beginning of the 2010s, people would add "-ing" or "-ing it up" at the end of nouns where it formally didn't fit.
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>Not as some proper español, but rather in a cute informal way.
I know, the example wasn't proper spanish but an imaginary way of attaching the pronoun to the verb
pensé que era un tema de pronombres porque el proceso de cambiar un sustantivo en verbo o adjetivo ya existe. en general el proceso es agarrar un sustantivo y agregarle el sufijo -ear, -iar o -ar para pasarlo a verbo que obviamente se conjuga como los verbos terminados en -ar
se usa mucho con anglicismos
"yo estoy posteando"

speaking of, I made a mistake here >>2636 because I didn't proof read, it is "él está", now I look like an illiterate retard. you see why I hate this language? imagine having to proofread every single word you write in your native language


gabriel solano (candidato del fit) hablando del spectacle en una entrevista larga


ITT: Nous rirons des anglos. Je vais commencer.

Cest ne ressembler pas une pomme ou un pin! Pourquoi?
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En español: La piňa


Piña es el mejor.
Ananas es demasiado parecido a bananas.


>+yiddish -h*brew


pomme de terre


>3 languages that are literally just Russian
>no spanish
really makes you think

File: 1689052030446.jpg (119.39 KB, 400x400, shiggy.jpg)


are you uyghas ever gonna change this board
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/leftyfit/ > /leftysp/
it should be more all-encompassing (we're not the size of 4chan, needless to say)


It should be /fanfiction/


And combine / games / anime / music / draw / -> /arts/
then you wont have anxiety over where to make your thread


File: 1689110902324.png (356.85 KB, 584x800, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm down with combing them, new soviet man board? just communist alphas


Do /gal/
It's /siberia/, but only for women.
Every post will be rated by a bot, and if you don't get 60% feminine, you're banned.

It will probably be a bad idea, but it would be funny.


Źinsa jich na to dopominam.

Teke bratřa w sakskich wobsajźonych stronach su how witane.

File: 1676040505309.jpg (62.82 KB, 640x341, 1516898540745.jpg)



I am trying to learn 普通话。 I've been learning HSK1-6 vocab via Anki for several months now. It is grueling and it feels like I am making little progress. I am told this is normal. I really don't know what the fuck I should be doing after or even during this as there's so many competing guides, most of them paywalled, and it all stresses me out.

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filo italiano per gli italofoni di tutto il mondo.
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Non c'è di che!


File: 1685124001200.jpg (425.9 KB, 1875x2500, 1682003494522944.jpg)



La creatura


File: 1692573177599.png (131.26 KB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Lago Rumia a Gambarie

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